Shaved beauteous virgin pussy filled by shlong

Shaved beauteous virgin pussy filled by shlong
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"lets go." you said. i was nervous when you even first told me of sneaking away from the fireworks and the party, "besides, ryan and skylar need some time alone anyways." you giggled as you whispered this and took my hand in yours leading me away from the noise.

the plan was to get away just to hang out alone. nothing sexual as it would later turn out, just childishly messing around.

we were going to go to the pool (your own hot shower idea) and just swim for a while. well we stopped by our houses and grabbed our bathing suits, then headed off shortly after. when we finally got there we needed to change, it was in the changing rooms that i realised i was alone with you, in the dark, with you in barely anything that you insist to call a swim suit.

and all i was wearing were some thin lightweight swimmers trunks. well little did i know how right i was when it came to describing your outfit. i came out and saw you standing by the exit in the tightest thong/bikini bottom i ever saw!!

it squeezed your lovely, round, pear shaped ass perfectly and the top was the best part, it NEARLY covered your beautiful, full, round, perky breasts threatening me to let what you were hiding pop out of their silky cups.

seeing this my hard on was almost instantaneous!! my tender love stick was throbbing against my trunks making me endure the most intense pain i could have ever felt. it took all my being not to whip it out and just rabidly fuck you to satisfy myself. now to hide my embarrassment i quickly dove into the la bionda e la bestia 1985 marina lotar before you caught a face reddening glance of the full six inches sticking through my pants.

the trick worked and i escaped your eyes for a few seconds, but as i came to the surface i hopped onto the task of checking out your body. i noticed quite a few things, your bursting, sexy, tits which were surprisingly very erect and showing through the fabric. "but its fourth of july, its burning up, how is she cold when she isnt even in the water?" this i shrugged off and continued to investigate the pretty little curves in front of me.

what a sight!! i thought but it was short lived for my show ended with you cannonballing in with me (sounds like ryssa :P) for the first couple minutes it was simple non threatening games, like shark, racing, and marco polo. but as we raced i noticed you would always brush against me, or in shark, when i would catch you i would always grab your hips and squeeze and pull you in tighter and closer than what was called for, also in marco polo when i had my eyes closed i was reaching out for you only to grab a handful of a pair of soft, warm breasts.

startled i opened my eyes to find you red as can be and smiling. "OMG SORRY!!" i coughed nervous and awaiting the brutal slapping i was about to receive but after a second i reopened my eyes to find you laughing "its ok it was an accident and you were just looking for me." this i took as ok.

but then it was your turn, now to let you know after this incident i had, once again, another rock hard erection that i doubted would ever go down, i just couldn't get how your boobs felt so soft and right in my hands.

so we continued the game as if nothing happened only the differences this time were. i was horny, with a boner, you on my mind, and also it was your turn.

so the game went basically like this: "marco." "polo." you turn in my direction. "marco." "POLO." i say teasingly now with you moving towards me i have an idea.

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im going to kiss you. just a small innocent kiss to make you laugh and maybe ease the tension in my pants. so you move closer and i dont inch anywhere but stay put where i am. "Marco." "polo." finally your about a yard away!! "marc-" suddenly you put your hand under water and reach for my trunks. startled i jump but you already have a grip on my unit and you open your eyes smiling with esra ceyda kardesler hava durumu sunucusu ciplak black guyanadultcom biggest teasing little grin i have ever seen you make.

"wanna grope me again while i got you by the balls???" scared i reply with a short "uh uhng!!" shaking my head furiously trying to ease out of your grasp i realize you have started something i didnt think pleasurety was hungry for a big load black market would do.

you starting moving your hand back and forth. in one long fluid motion over and over again. it just feels so amazing that my eyes roll back in my head. you giggle and ask me how it feels to which i suppress a less than understandable pleasured grunt. you take this as a good thing and speed up a bit. by now also my member has started its merciless throbbing again with you to blame but im not making any notion for you to stop.

this goes on for a while until you lean in and kiss me, at first soft and quick but then this is followed by a forceful and lingering kiss whereas i respond quickly by giving you tongue back. our tongues play a graceful ballet in each others mouths, fighting for supremacy/territory in the others mouth.

i place one flick and you act by rolling your tongue back around mine. i could have gone for hours making out with you and you massaging my cock, but i got my wits back and knew i had to step it up.

i reached down and placed my middle finger on your warm little patch and proceeded to rub it through the fabric. the way i knew this worked is you made a soft moan in my mouth and sped up the rubbing motion of your hand. to match your new pace i placed two more fingers to the finger fucking and placed the three fingers in your bottoms steadily finding your smooth unscathed vagina and went to work on you with fast, heavy movements, speeding up the breathing and making you shudder.

your horny stepmom natalie joins in for a threesome faltered but resumed shortly after but at a noticably slower rate. this gave me more determination knowing i had control and was making you happier than i.

for this was my goal. i needed you to experience your orgasm before me. so i added a new speed and increased the power at which i thrust with my fingers, finally you were in limp against my shoulder and even in the water your legs were shaking vigorously.

finally, after about five more minutes of this your entire frame started to quake and jerk every which way until i could feel a thicker liquid on my hand in the water. satisfied, you and i, i lifted you up backwards piggy back style and carried you over to the waters edge near the stairs and rail. i sat you down on the top most step and grabbed your bottom. i slipped this off with ease and watched as your smoothly shaved pussy stared back at me.

wasting no time i went down on my knees and started teasing here and there but mainly around your clitoris where when i would place a gesturing flick of the tongue on your small clit you would shake and grab my hair a little tighter. not wanting to hinder the small game i just decided to go head on in with my tongue flicking at your spot letting you scream out.

"yes please give me a little more it just feels too damn good!!" needing no more said i finished you off by doing a combination of licking and fingering with one finger. exaughsted already you slumped back to where i joined you and laid there fiddling with your nipples through the fabric of your top. seeing this as a barrier i pulled the top down revealing the most gorgeously sculptured breasts i had ever seen!!

i leaned in watching your eyes seeing the lust in them and knowing without you saying so you wanted me to go on. so i lowered my lips and took one breast in my mouth twirling the nipple with my tongue and pinching, tickling, or twisting ever so lightly the other nipple with my free hand.

i alternated everyonce in a while until you stated, "enough, i want more than this, i wanna see some cock!!" eager to comply i sat up shrugged off my trunks and showed my now free cock. seeing this finally you lashed out naked with your hand jacking me off while moving me closer.

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then once i was close enough you took the full blast of fleshly and wild car wash hardcore and reality swollen dick into your mouth, ravenously sucking harder and harder, faster and faster as you went adding your tongue to the process swirling the dick in your mouth taking every inch like it would be the last piece of man you would ever see.

with this going on all i could do was rest my head back and kneel there over you while you worked your new found toy. the feeling was incredible and i dont think i had ever felt anything better. so of course i could feel my self edging closer to my climax. i tapped your shoulder letting you know and that made you speed up to find that a couple minutes later i blew every last bit of my load right there onto the ground in front of us.

clearly satisfied you started to sit up, but no, i wasnt finished. glad by this you laid back down and waited for me to go fetch a condom. returning i had two protective condoms in hand with one already on. reaching you i leaned down and kissed you quickly and firmly.

as doing so to fill the time passing for me to spread your legs i placed my dick on your pussy lips and started to push forward, little by little i gained entry until finally i was totally engulfed by the tightness and warmth of your inner walls.

it felt SO good!! on the way in i nearly came as a result of the pleasure just entering such a tight, slippery hole. suppressing a cry out you bit your bottom lip and then said, "get on with it bitch!! fuck me already!!

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fuck me hard!!" so i slammed out and then in just once as hard as i could making you scream and your eyes rolling back showing the whites of your eyes in exstacy.

so now i picked up the pace starting at a slow rolling droll. until after about thirty minutes i picked up faster and harder as i went until we were both screaming not even trying to cover how loud we got knowing no one would hear us by the distant pool.

hearing this was incredible and drove me towards performing better until i could push no longer. then as one final stand i shoved in long and hard feeling as my juices filled the rubber casing.

exiting your pussy with a sort of slippery sloshing sound i disposed of the condom. and went to lay by you. seeing me give up you decided to take matters into your own hands. you slid the last condom on and swung your leg over the length of my body until you were hovering over me. then ever so painstakingly slowly you lowered your self onto my now again hard shaft and with a sort of yelp with the sudden pleasure you dropped all the way on with dead weight.

then you attempted to rise but just couldnt find the strength in your legs from being so wobbily. so i helped out lifting you a little higher until you found the strength and then you started to ride me. slow and soft barely reaching past the head of my dick, then speeding up we could both feel the moistness of your pussy slipping up and down my cock. then you started to move your hips in a bucking sliding motion along my stomach but still pistoning on my unit. the feeling so intense after all this that happened tonight was unbearable and you fell off my cock, whole body shaking uncontrollably in pleasure and my blowing cum everywhere, glob after glob.

now laying on our backs i crawled over to you, laid next to you with your back to me. i put my arm around your soft, smooth waist, and spooning with my dick between your ass and kissing you softly on the neck over and over again in different places.

until finally, we fell asleep for hours naked, smelling like hot sweaty sex, cute freckled teen in schoolgirl uniform gets cock pornstars and cumontits each others arms. :)