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Stunning brunette beauty veronica vice filmed fucking by her bf
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It was Friday afternoon. Last period of the day at Marshall Middle School. Montgomery Sade was adorable gal gives unfathomable throat hardcore and massage 8th grade American History Class.- I walked in to Mr.C room.

Mr.C, was my American history teacher. His first name Carl and last name Fernan. I absolutely hated Mr.C, but had heart for him way down deep inside. I knew he was a good man, I had just hate him because he was always so sarcastic.

He wanted a friendly relationship between all his students but still picked on all them. For me, I was always getting picked on. You see, Mr.C is hispanic, I'm country. So, Mr.C is always making fun of my country accent.

I always want to get back at him but I don't know any Cuban jokes to throw back at him. Walking in I saw that Mr.C had re-arranged the desks again. 'Oh great' I thought looking at them. All of them were faced to the front. The were four groups of two rows. My seat, I knew it was way in the far right corner. This I was thankful for, I was in the back, and since Mr.C put his desk in the back left corner I wouldn't feel his eyes on me the whole time.

I went back to my desk scooted in from the second desk paired with mine. I threw all my books on the floor and got out a pencil. We weren't allowed to use pencils in Mr.C class, but I didn't give a fuck, so I used pencil instead of pen. "Montgomery" Mr.C said standing in the middle of the isle looking down at me. Mr.C was very tall, over my 5feet.

He was about 6feet and 2 inches. He had short black hair, that was slick but a few hairs throwing themselves were, ever the wanted. Mr.C wasn't fat but big boned and had more muscle than fat. I looked up to him, pissed that he was talking to me so early in the class. "You aren't allowed to use pencil in my class. Come one its the third month of school" Mr.C said strictly. "I didn't have a pen" I snapped back to him.

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Mr.C looked at me, "Like every other day?" he asked back. Before I had to reply Jon, the boy who sat next to me came pushing past Mr.C, "Oh sorry Mr.C" Jon apologized as he bumped into him. "That's fine" Mr.C told Jon and walked up to the front of the class. Jon sat down next to me. Jon had flunked twice so he was already 15 and had hit puberty. He was quite tall and very hot.

I was glad to sit next to him but embarrased at the same time. I was very short and very skinny. I had shoulder lenth black hair. My ribs were visible but I had 36b's to cover up some of the ribs. I had skinny legs and arms. "What was that all about" Jon asked as I had lost my self looking at him. I snapped back into reality. "Shit" I sexy some with a lusty mum momsandteens threesome to Jon.

He mouthed 'oh' as Mr.C started his lecture. "We're watching a movie on the westward expansion.

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Manifest Destiny. No you don't have to take notes. But if you aren't paying attention then I'll give you a detention. So pay attention" he said. And with that he turned on the movie turned off the lights and went back to his desk. My eyes followed him and saw him pick up the book and started reading.

My eyes drifted down to a sheet of paper Jon was writing on. He wrote 'I know you were staring at me earlier. Think I'm hot?' I flushed with embarrasment. I slid the paper over to my desk and picked my pencil up. 'So. What does it matter to you'. He slid the paper back to his side and wrote 'I like it. I think its hot you were staring at me so intensly. Were you staring at my dick?' and with that he slid it back over to my desk. I giggled a bit to myself.

'Okay. Yes I was looking at your dick' and slide it back to his side of the realtor sucking dick before doggystyle reality and blowjob. Jon read it, with wide eyes he looked to me and smiled. "Jon" Mr.C said. "Get your eyes off of Montgomery and put them on the screen." I absolutely flushed with hatred for Mr.C, saying that out loud to the whole class.

Jon smiled and looked to the screen, so did I. It was five minutes and the whole class was so bored now. I was about to put my head down when I felt Jon's hand slide up my inner thigh. I sharply inhaled a breath suprised. I looked to Jon, who was smiling, then looked to Mr.C to notice anything. The Jon moved his hand more. I smiled and moved my hand to his. Jon then removed his hand from my thigh, grabbed my hand and moved it to his leg.

He let go and I knew what that meant. I moved my hand to find his hard dick. I could feel it through his jeans. It was so large, making a pertruding spot in his jeans. I smiled and rubbed around on it and squeezed it. Suddenly he removed my hand and drew his hand between my legs. I breathed heavily in then sharply out. He sat there squeezing between my legs.

I had sweatpants on so I could feel his hand rubbing my shaven pussy. This went on until 5 minutes before class. I was pretty sure my underwear was soaking wet by now. Mr.C turned on the lights which hurt all of our eyes. When the bell rang, Mr.C would dismiss sunby leone xxx full story ever he wanted whenever he wanted.

I hated this because I would always be the last one out, and since this was the end of the day I would never get to see my friends before they got in their cars.

"Everyone may go" he said, i grabbed my books then he said "Except Montgomery". I was pissed now. So very much.

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Jon smiled stroking my hair one more time then leaving. "What do you want" I asked Mr.C as he shut the door and locked it. The blinds on the windows were all shut because of the movie, now I was getting worried. Mr.C came back to his desk and sat down.

"Put you books down" he said as I set them down. He pulled up a chair infront of his. "Sit" he comanded. "I saw you and Jon today.

What the hell do you think I am? Bad wab xxx storybig story he asked me. I was so embarrased. My teacher saw me touching a guy, and reacting a guys touch. Then I was even more suprised because he cussed. "I don't know what your talking about" I lied. With that he got furious he got up and pushed back all the stuff on his desk. "Get onto the desk" he said. I trembled and looked to him, then saw the bulge in his pants.

'shit' I thought. "No" I squeaked. With that he threw me ontop of the desk. I fought him to get out, squeezing every way I can. I felt his hands caress my stomach and pull my shirt off. Then my bra. I still fought him. Suddenly he slammed me down with his chest. "Stop" I screamed, then I felt his hands slide my sweatpants off and rub my pussy. "Oh" I moaned in all my struggles. "See You like it you little bitch" he smiled ripping my underwear off. "No. No stop" I said.

I felt his finger rub against my clitors. "Sto. ohh.

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nooo. uuhhh." I moaned and fought still. Mr.C realeased my but still fingered me. My pussy drooling all of his fingers. He ripped off his shirt with one hand to reveal abs.

"Damn" I moaned.

Then his hand moved to his pants. "No" I yelled moving back. He grabbed my shoulder and slid me back causing his whole fist to come into me.

"Oh shit" I screamed. His hand slapped my mouth and caused me to moan in pain but pleasure as he fisted me. After 5 minutes of exceeding pleasure from his hand he slipped his dick into me. I hated it but loved it. He went fast then slow then fast. "Ima.oooooooooo uuuhhhh cummmmmmmmmmm" i yelled as I squirted his dick with my liquid. He did everything to me.

He pinched and played with my boobs. He rubbed my asscheeks as he fucked me. After ten minutes of him fucking me he collasped and I struggled to get away. He grabbed me by the hair and brought my face close to him. "Now you know the real messing around. Never mess around in my class again.

Or I will fuck you senseless" he told me. With that I threw on all my clothes leaving his class immeaditly ready for the walk home. I loved the feeling of his dick in me, but terrified how he had just fucked her that way. (Thanks for reading. I might make a part 2. Soccer team? Maybe. Give me a comment)