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Ebony milf white teen and pale blonde amateur the treat trade pt
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I'm Ryan and I've never been anything special with women. I'm 40 now and most people would consider me a nerd. But, I am a really, really rich nerd. This is a story about how even a nerd like me can score if he tries hard enough. I graduated college with a B.S.

in computer science, specializing in software design. My doctoral thesis at Tech—oh, yeah, only the students at MIT call it that—dealt with new algorithms for online transactional security. Translated into English-when you go to a bank or store online you want to know that the transaction is secure.

My software encrypted all the account horny amateur milf fisted till she squirts in orgasm in such a way that it was impossible to decipher it. Each code was only used once and there were literally trillions of combinations in the algorithm. When I started my company I borrowed money from my folks to hire Cray Labs to unravel the encryption.

They use super computers thousands of times more powerful and faster than even the best server available to the public.

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After two weeks of non-stop work they quit the project, telling me it was impossible for a hacker to break the code. That was all I needed. Banks and online retailers flocked to buy my product, knowing their customers' (and their) information would be secure. I was a multi-millionaire by the time I was 28, and so were most of my employees.

I used profit sharing--my staff splitting forty percent of the profits. Last year Microsoft offered me $200 million to buy me out but I wasn't interested. Eventually they gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. I split $80 million among my twenty employees and kept the rest. Technically, I'm still a "consultant"; they're paying me $500,000 a year, but realistically, I'm retired.

I moved school girl sex ebony me the south for the weather, golf, and fishing, buying a home on the Intracoastal Waterway in southeastern North Carolina. Here's where my story really begins. I'm not much of a cook so I go out to eat often. One night last week I stopped by a low priced chain restaurant. I'd never been there before and I wasn't expecting much of a meal but it was a case of right place at the right time.

Once I was seated my waitress came for my drink order. I was really taken by her. She had to be twenty-one because she was serving alcohol, but she looked much younger with a girlish body.

She couldn't have been more than 5'3" tall, thin young girl turns into an anal trooper small breasts and the most wonderful tight ass I'd seen in years. I could just make out her camel toe through her tight jeans. Her name was Morgan, "I'll be your server tonight, " she said. She was really cute—dark hair in a pony tail, freckles, and enchanting green eyes-- and as I ordered I wondered what I could do to get into those sexy jeans she was wearing.

I figured this was a time to be really direct; the worst that could happen would be that they'd throw me out. The restaurant was crowded so I couldn't take her aside and talk to her. I decided to let my wallet do the talking. I paid the bill in cash, leaving a generous tip and a piece of a hundred with a note written on it—"If you'd like the rest, hairy overweight pussy asian in red japanese and hardcore maybe more call me when you get off." My cell number followed.

I figured I had about a 20 percent chance that she'd call. If she didn't I still had more than half of the hundred that I could turn in at the bank for a new whole bill, so there wasn't much risk. My biggest concern was that she'd have a really big boyfriend or brother who'd want to kill me.

It was just after 11 when my phone vibrated. "Hi, Morgan," I said when I answered, "I'm glad you accepted my invitation." "Yeah, well you're either the craziest guy I've met at work or the weirdest.

I don't know which. What do I have to do to get the rest of the hundred?" "You just did it. I only wanted the chance to talk with you and I couldn't do it at dinner. Damn, that place was crowded." "It's always that way at dinner time. Good thing, too. I really need the money." "Oh?" I queried. "Yeah, I totaled my deepthroat anal of carter cruise by john strong mark wood manuel ferrara last year and I didn't have enough insurance to cover it.

I owe a fortune on my new one. That's a laugh—new. Its six years old and has over a hundred thousand miles on it. But it's the best one I could afford." "Listen, is there a chance we could meet tonight—like a bar or club?

I'd like to see you and maybe talk a while. You don't really know me so I figure someplace public where you'd feel safe…" I didn't get a chance to finish when she interrupted. "OK, but no funny business and you'd better have the rest of that hundred or I'm out of there." She gave me the name of a bar about 10 minutes away.

She'd be able to get there a few minutes later. "How will I know you're there?" "Just look for a high-end Porsche—red metallic. I'll be inside it waiting for you." I hung up before she could change her mind. I got to the bar and found a parking spot almost by the door.

It mammy and son xxx fack look very crowded—not what I expected. I sat back and enjoyed the stereo. Just a few minutes later there was a knock on my window. I lowered it to find Morgan in the same outfit she had worn to work.

"Boy, this is some car, especially compared to mine. Is it fast? Stupid question—it's a Porsche." "Zero to sixty in 3.4—I've actually done that but on a track, not on the road. If you're going that fast you'll be dong a hundred before you can react to slow down.

Too dangerous! And speaking of a hundred…" I passed the rest of the bill out the window.

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"Don't worry its still good. Just give both parts to a bank and they'll honor it." She put the money into her pocket, looked at me questioningly, "OK, why me? There are plenty of women around here who are much hotter than me." I looked up at her.

"You want to get in or maybe we should go in for a drink?" She looked around then slowly walked around the back of the car to the passenger's door. I unlocked it and she got in, savoring the bucket seat that would hold you in solidly during a 130 mph turn. She looked at me, "So I guess you want to fuck me." I laughed so hard I almost hurt myself. "That thought did occur to me but let's see if we like each other first.

I introduced myself and told her the essentials—name, age, occupation (OK, no occupation), where I lived—all that bullshit.

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She just looked around the car. "How much did this cost?" "With tax, about $270,000, but I bought it when I lived in New York where the tax is much higher than it is here." "Wow, you must have some payments," she exclaimed.

I laughed again. "I paid cash—actually a bank check, but the same thing." "You must be rich. You wanna fuck me?" "Yes, I do. Feel better, now?" I checked my watch.

"Do you have to be home anytime soon?" No, but I should call my folks. Damn, that sounds so childish. I have to live with my parents.

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You must think I'm a real loser." "Actually, no—I had to live with my folks after I finished grad school and I was older than you. Lots of young people have to live with their parents, especially these days. The economy sucks." "Well, I want to stay for a while so I guess I should call and let them know I'll be late." I passed her my cell and tried not to listen in on her call.

She passed it back to me when she was done, then leaned over the console to kiss me. "I don't think I've ever been out with a real gentleman before. Thank you." Then she kissed me again. The first was just a little peck; this one was different. She moved her tiny body onto the console, hooked her arm behind my neck pulling me to her and kissed me.

It was long, wet, and really hot. Her tongue pushed into my mouth where it mingled eagerly with mine. When she finally broke the kiss she looked into my eyes, "Can we go for a ride?" I started the car, its tuned exhaust rumbled threateningly; the turbocharged 620 HP V6 yearning to show its stuff. I backed out and headed for the highway. It was late and traffic was light, quite a change from my years in New York and Massachusetts where you would find crowded roads any time of day or night.

I stopped at a light before entering the ramp. I showed Morgan the paddles designed for really fast shifting. The light turned green and I opened it up, reaching the speed limit of 65 almost immediately. I throttled back so we wouldn't be speeding and headed out of town. I had no destination in mind when she suddenly said, "Let's go to your place." "You know, we really don't have to. We could just drive around for a while and…" Again she interrupted, "No, I want to.

People look at me and think I'm just a little kid. I'm not. I'm a woman with a woman's needs and wants. What I want now is some hot sex. I shouldn't tell you this but it's been a long time since I got laid, and that was just a one night stand. I've never really had a boy friend. Oh, I'm talking too much. You probably think I'm a real loser now!" "No, Morgan, when most people look at me they see a nerd—a computer genius who's lousy with women. In most cases I don't even get a chance, even though the few girls I've been with have said I'm pretty good." We rode silently, each of us thinking of what was to come.

Eventually we reached my place. I stopped at the gate and keyed in the code. It opened silently and we drove through. It's about a hundred feet to the turn around in front of the house. We got out and walked hand-in-hand up to the door. There's no key, just a palm pad. I placed my right hand on the pad and waited as the scan proceeded.

The light turned green and the door opened. A woman's voice startled Morgan, "Welcome home, sir. Oh, I see you have a guest. Shall I set up the living room or the den?" "Neither," I replied, "just shut yourself off.

I won't need you any more this evening." Morgan looked around. Who was I talking to? "It's OK," I laughed. "You just met my computer. This whole house is controlled by it. I thought it would be more fun if it had a voice interface.

It's a lot easier to give it commands that way, too. I'm working on a holographic body for her but I haven't found anyone to use as a model yet." She looked up at me, smiled, and led me into the living room. There was a view of the ICW and the marsh beyond illuminated by a near-full moon.

I thought it was romantic and I er fickt mit der freundin seiner neuen frau geiler sex she agreed. She turned to give me another really hot kiss. She tiptoed up and I leaned down, my hands squarely on her tight ass. Her hand, however, found my growing erection.

"Hmmmm, not bad—not bad, at all." Using both hands she unbuckled and opened my pants, allowing them to fall to the floor. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of my briefs (I told you I was a nerd) causing my cock to spring forth.

Physically I'm average at best, but my cock was built for a bigger man—almost eight inches long and two inches thick. She tried to wrap her tiny fingers around it, finding she needed both hands to reach all the way around.

She stroked me slowly bringing an appreciative groan to my lips. Looking directly into my eyes she slowly lowered herself so she could bring me into her waiting wanting mouth. She licked me expertly. "I thought you said you didn't have any experience," I whispered between moans.

Saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth as blond asian fisher girl is fucking fun grinned.

"I said I didn't have a lot, and that's true. But that doesn't mean I don't want to try my best. Listening to amateurs cocksuckingin ffm threeway pov trimmedpussy oldvsyoung I guess my best is pretty good." "Oh, yeah, I guess you could say that.

But right now I have another idea." I pulled her up and scooped her into my arms. Once she was settled in I headed straight to the bedroom. Playfully I dumped her right into the center of my king sized bed. I picked up a remote and pressed a button to open the drapes, revealing the same spectacular view we had seen in the living room.

Another button produced soft mood music; a third opened a small refrigerator with a bottle of Dom and several iced glasses. I looked at her sheepishly as she spun around, "Didn't you say you were no good with women," she said accusingly. I just shrugged my shoulders. "I like to be prepared—that's all.

This bottle has been in there for months." "Yeah, right!" But she was smiling as she said it. "OK, open the damn bottle and let's see if it's any good." "It better be for what it cost." I reached for the corkscrew, opened it, and poured us each a glass. We toasted silently and took our first drink together as we started to undress each other. Naked at last I couldn't take my eyes off her youthful yet ripe body—hairless from her neck to her toes, making her look even more vulnerable.

But I was to learn she was anything but. She downed he glass, put it aside, and led me by the penis to the bed. "I want to make sure you get your money's worth." "I got that forty minutes ago.

You're the first woman I've ever had here and the way I feel right now I don't think I want anyone else." "You know, for a nerd you say all the right things. Now come here, shut up and fuck me." I reached into the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a condom. I desperately wanted to feel her pussy against my skin.

I was pretty sure it would be safe based on what she had told me, but better safe than sorry. She lay back and pulled her legs up with her hands until her feet were crossed behind her head. Her bare pussy was straight below my throbbing dick. "You do know where to put it, don't you, Mr. 'Inexperienced?' Let me help you just to be sure." Considering that I hadn't even rubbed her pussy she was dripping in anticipation. She was really tight but I slid right in with only a little effort.

Whenever I tried to slow down to let her adjust she pushed her cunt up to take more of me into her. Soon I was balls deep. I slowly started to hump into her. Looking into her beautiful face I could see her mouth the words, "Faster, harder. I like it rough." I started a rapid rhythm, moving faster and faster—harder and harder. On one stroke I pulled out of her but she quickly realigned cock and cunt so I didn't sunny loney red xxx vdo a beat.

It was only after a few rushed strokes that I realized she had removed the condom. Before I could react the whispered, "It's OK, I'm on the pill and I really want to feel you because I'm going to cum really, really soon." She started panting, her body jerking around with abandon. Suddenly, her legs wrapped around my waist as she lifted her hips, releasing a guttural yell. That was all it took to push me over the top.

I pushed stream after stream hot mom fucked in adult video store hot semen deep into her. I slowly lowered my self onto her, still sustaining my weight with my arms until I moved next to her onto the bed. We embraced for many minutes, kissing tenderly. I raised my head, "Can you stay the night?

"I thought you'd never ask." Then she kissed me again and pulled up the blanket before we drifted in a delicious sleep.