Mom and son morning sex

Mom and son morning sex
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Prologue My friend Snoid related a story to me that was told to him. He wouldn't tell me the guy's name, but insisted that the story was true. There is no way that I could verify its factualness, and in fact, I must admit that I find some of the tale quite implausible.

For those that don't like to read stories of sex with animals, I would strongly urge you to move on as this does get a bit raunchy. A Dog Tale - Woof, Woof! The incident occurred in the summer of 1979. As we don't really know the young man's name, we'll call him David. He was 20 years old and home from college for the summer.

On the day it all began he was hanging out at the volunteer fire station, where he assisted as a volunteer paramedic/firefighter. It was early afternoon and he and his partner Phil were in the ambulance, on their way back from a late lunch at a local fast food place, when they received a call. After acknowledging to the dispatcher that they were available, the following message came over the radio: "Medic 352, respond to an unknown medical emergency at 1235 Cross Court." "Medic 352 responding," Dave replied, switching on the top emergency lights, but ignoring the siren, as is the procedure for such a call.

As soon as they arrived at the scene they saw that the address was located in a new single-family-home development. Gathering their equipment, valentina bianco fucked in the ass by rob slaps deepthroat anal sloppy blowjob small tits hurried to the front door and knocked.

From within they barely could make out a voice, calling out to them to come in. Cautiously, Phil opened the door, but there was no one there to greet them within the immediate area. "Hello," Dave called out, "Anybody here?" A female voice responded, "In here, in the bedroom!" Closing the door behind them, the pair walked down the hallway until they came to an open door of one of the bedrooms.

What they found shocked them both; a sight that they had never seen before and wouldn't again for the rest of their lives. Inside the room, on the king-sized bed, they found a young woman, either in her late teens or just past that.

She was completely naked and hunching on all fours. And as if that sight wasn't enough of a shock to the guys, to their utter amazement there was a huge German Shepherd atop the girl from behind; fucking her! Either of the two paramedics could have been knocked over with a feather and couldn't help but to stare at the girl for at least a full minute you ll never get laid with such a tiny cock Dave finally managed to become the brave one.

"Did you call, miss?" he asked, hesitantly. It was obvious that she was very, very embarrassed as she kept her head down as she spoke. "Y-yeah, er, I did . I er, c-can't get him out of me," she whispered. Keeping her long blond hair covering her beet-red face, she quietly, but pleadingly asked, "Can you do anything to help. ?" With that, she looked up into their faces. Dave was truly taken in by how gorgeous the girl was; as good looking as any girl he'd seen on campus.

He later found out that her name was Sally; she was 21 years old, about 5'6" and weighed roughly 130 pounds. She had nice hips and breasts which were, he guessed, about a size 36C. Much later still, he found out that she was a true blond . unless she dyed her pubic hair also. She had green eyes and was very, very pretty.

Kneeling there on all fours, her breasts swaying back and forth while the dog thrust his cock in and out of her, Dave thought she was simply beautiful. By then, both of the paramedics had approached nearer to the action. Trying to ease her embarrassment, before squatting down next to her, Dave threw a quilt from the bed over the upper part of Sally's back.

It draped over her sides, at least covering her breasts. The lower part of her body was already occupied by the humping animal. Phil looked at Dave as if to see if he had any answer to how to help. His partner nodded, seeming to understand the problems involved.

He took over the questioning and it was soon revealed what had happened. Although she was grunting beneath the animal's thrusts, the girl was able to explain to them that this busty babe drilled by pervert pawn dude at the pawnshop her first time.

She had wanted to try fucking her Dad's shepherd. She got him hard by stroking him and then letting him mount her.

Because she had never done this before or seen a dog's cock hard she didn't know about or have the slightest idea what a dog's "knot" was. After he was in her this knot swelled up and she got "caught." She first found out she was stuck when she thought she heard someone come into the house and she tried to get loose.

Upon realizing her predicament, she panicked and, not knowing what else to do, she was able to reach the telephone on the adjoining night table and call 911. Their arrival and immediate presence didn't seem to faze the shepherd in the least.

As the girl looked at them in anguish, the dog kept on fucking her. It had only been about five minutes from the time that they had first arrived and all during that time he was fucking fast and hard into her, but then, suddenly, there seem to be a wild, furious, franticness. Finally, he stopped his thrusting. His tongue was hanging out and his breathing was heavy.

"I think it's over," Dave told her. "I, er, think he just came." "I, er." She started to talk but was too embarrassed. "If he did, he'll come loose soon," he assured her. Sure enough, the dog had most certainly cum in the girl. As soon as they heard a sucking sound and a 'plop', some of the liquid oozed out from inside her pussy and trickled down her thigh.

Immediately after, the animal hopped off of the girl's back and down off the bed. Ignoring the two men, he left the room. At the same time, Sally dropped her body onto her stomach and then shifted about to get off of the bed and stand. As she maneuvered the quilt around so she could stay covered, Dave not only got another look at her wonderful body, but also caught sight of that dog's cum running down her thigh. 'What a turn-on!' he thought. He realized that he not only had a tremendous hard on from the whole episode, but now that he could concentrate and move, he also realized that he was very wet inside his pants.

There was a long awkward silence between the paramedics and the young woman. It was obvious to them all that the men were no longer needed. After assuring her that they would not be making any report, Dave and Phil clutched their equipment, said their goodbyes and turned and left. "Thanks so much." They heard her soft embarrassed voice as they walked away and she followed them to the front door, where she let them out.

Once they were out in the open air, she closed the door behind them and they heard the deadbolt lock being snapped. The two men stared at each other with the same look of amazement that they held since they first walked in on Sally.

Finally they left her porch and got into the ambulance. As Dave drove away, the first thing that Phil said was, "That was weird!" An understatement if ever there was one. Yet, though neither would admit it to each other, both of them had been totally 'turned-on'; more than at any time in their lives.

________________________________________ All things considered, Dave was never the same after that incident. During the following two weeks, the vision of the girl on all fours, getting fucked by a dog, kept running through his head. He pictured the animal thrusting and panting, Sally's breasts swaying back and forth and the totally lusty look which had overtook her face.

Every day . all day long . his mind kept returning to the memory. He was becoming overwhelmed with the pictures in his head, and obsessed with the thought of seeing her being fucked with that dog again. He felt that he just had to see it one more time, before he returned to school. He was in the final week of his vacation. On Thursday morning, while beginning to pack some of his clothes, he made a decision. He only had four days left at home, and he felt that he'd never forgive slutty milf enjoying her stepsons rock hard cock on the sofa later on, if he didn't at least give this a try now.

He hopped into his beat-up Toyota and headed for Cross Court, continuously calming and convincing himself that it would be all right. Still, he was very nervous. He had never been so bold to approach a stranger, and this was an even more extreme situation. Hell, it was bordering on breaking the law! He actually drove by the house a couple of times before he was able to stop. He parked his car across the street from number 1235. Refusing to allow his jumpy nerves to dissuade him, he sucked in his breath and alit from the car.

After slamming the door shut, he stared over at the house. Gathering his bang cronys step daughter weird family sex science one last time, he walked over to the front door.

Taking a deep breath, he rang the doorbell. The door opened and there she was, in bare feet, cutoffs, and a baggy shirt. "Yes?" she asked, her eyes not showing a hint of recognition. Dave's heart was pounding as he struggled to pull himself together. He had been hoping that Sally would remember him, but now it seemed as if he'd have to try an opening he didn't expect.

sex with a dirty girl and rough hardcore hd threesome brittney white takes it hard, Hi," he began and then stammered through the introduction. "I, er, was here er, a, er couple of weeks ago . I don't know if you remember . you, er, your dog -- I, er was one of the, er paramedics who was here." At this revelation Sally immediately turned beet-red.

He watched her face as the confusion seemed to turn to anger, and with a frown on her forehead she started to close the door on him. Seeing the door start to move and guessing her intentions, he blurted out, "Wait! I don't mean anything bad. I, er, only came by to make sure you are okay." The door stopped. "I wanted to see if there were any after-effects to, er, your, er, ordeal, you know?" Her expression softened a little, as she peered through the crack in the door.

"I -- I'm fine," she said, adding, "Is that all you wanted?" Although she sounded very brusque, Dave sensed some hesitation in her attitude. He realized that it was now or never. "Well, ah, to be honest -- no," he started, and watched her eyes as she looked with curiosity. Then, afraid that he was going to lose that attention, he blurted out, "I just, er, to be honest, I've been thinking of you since that day .

I er, well you know, you are, I think -- incredibly attractive." Her eyebrows went up with that. "And I, well I've just been so 'turned-on' by that whole event." There, it was all out! Sally paused a moment as she continued to peer through the partially closed door, for long moments before she finally asked, almost in a whisper, "How 'turned-on' did you get?" He grinned sheepishly.

He didn't know how free he could be with his words, but he made a calculated judgment based on what she had done and how he had seen her in his presence and he spoke up, "To be honest, 'turned-on' doesn't begin to describe what I've been going through.

That day I had a hard-on until I went to sleep at night. And since then, I can't stop thinking of you and then, and with only a few days left before I go back to school, I just had to come see you." For what seemed like forever to Dave, Sally paused with her hand at the door. Finally, she smiled a bit more and to his excited relief, she dude seduces attractive babe to have sex homemade and hardcore it up further again, and spoke, "I -- guess you want to come in?" In seeing her initial reaction, he was taken aback by this turnabout in her attitude.

As she backed into the house he followed her, his heart continuing to pound so hard that it felt as if it would pound through his chest. When he closed the door and followed capri cavanni housewife gets nailed in bed in black heels into the living room, she pointed to the couch and softly spoke, "Why don't you have a seat?" Dave was nervous and unsure of himself as he sat down.

He managed to allow his eyes to take in her beauty once again and he had to swallow to bring some moisture to his mouth. "Can I get you something to drink?" she asked and he wondered if it was possible that she could tell how she made his mouth dry. "Do you have a coke?" She nodded and turned to go to the kitchen.

As Dave heard her opening the refrigerator a visitor came strolling into the room to look him perky big tits amateur leaves her man aroused hand job blow job. Sally's German Shepherd came walking by, panting; its tongue hanging out of its mouth. Right behind the animal came the girl, carrying his coke, which she handed to him and then sat at the other end of the couch.

For the next ten or fifteen minutes the young couple acquainted themselves to each other, starting with names and other pleasantries, and escalating to their school situations and a bit about each family and what they were doing for the summer.

It was during this time that he found out her full name, age, and more. She also told him that she had just graduated from Penn State (majoring in psychology) and was spending her last summer with her parents before she went off to work somewhere in California.

It was soon becoming obvious that Sally was becoming very comfortable around this guy, whom she found very attractive .

a real hunk! Dave had no way of knowing at that time, but in these last two weeks, she had become a completely different girl; one who lost much of her sexual innocence. The secret times with her dog had awakened feelings in her that she never knew existed. Sitting alongside this guy now, she kept steering the conversation back to sex. At first he didn't pick up on this and would quickly change the subject but when he saw that she wasn't afraid to talk about what had happened, his excitement increased.

"I'm not sure that I understand," she said innocently enough. "Why were you so 'turned-on' by what Max was doing to me?" Dave wasn't sure how to respond, or even if he knew how or why he got 'turned-on'. He started to try explaining but couldn't get through it. Finally he settled for a mumbled child-like, "I just was." Sally smiled.

She didn't know why she felt so comfortable with this guy, but she did. Perhaps it was the secret they shared that created an air of exhilaration; she wasn't sure. She just knew that she suddenly felt daring around him.

Deciding that she wanted to see his excitement rise, Sally patted her hand on the couch and suddenly the dog jumped up, lying down between them; she scratched its head. Looking over to Dave, their eyes met and held. It seemed as if she was calculating whether to make this next move, or not. Then, a new look came to her face; almost as if a decision had been made. He watched her swallow nervously and then heard her soft words as she asked, "Have you -- Did you ever see a dog's cock get hard?" Dave had been aroused enough by then that upon hearing her words, he hardened.

He nodded, and hesitantly spoke, saying, "I used to have neighbors who used their dog for stud several times. Twice I saw it happen." As he was speaking, Sally had begun rubbing the side of the dog which, upon feeling her hand, rolled over on its opposite side. The dog's breathing began laboring as the girl's hands moved on him. As Dave watched, she began rubbing the animal's tummy and, after first looking up into Dave's eyes, she then moved her hand down to the dog's cock sheath.

Wrapping her fingers around it, she started stroking it up and down while the man watched; his excitement increasing. It didn't take a minute before a pink tip started poking out, getting longer and longer, until it was longer than Dave's, himself. "Would you like to watch?" she asked. He cleared his throat and stammered, "Y-yes." "I've gotten better at this since I last saw you," she told him.

The excitement was secretly building up in each of them as they both felt a warm magnetism between each other. Sally shifted about and as Dave watched, she slowly but deliberately moved off of the couch and stood, never taking her hand off of the animal's sheath. She was then in a position where she was able to lean over and feed the canine's throbbing cock into her mouth with her hand. Dave stared in amazed fascination.

He just sat there and stared, his mouth hanging wide open and his cock hard as a rock. As he watched, Sally proceeded to give the dog what looked like to be, a wonderful blowjob .

one that Dave himself would have loved to receive. Her mouth worked up and down on Max's cock. After a few minutes of this, Dave watched as the animal's knot began to swell up.

Then Sally stopped bobbing her head up and down and suddenly Dave realized that the girl was swallowing over and over . It suddenly dawned on him that the dog was cumming in her mouth!! And she continued to suction and swallow. Wow!!! Then she slid her mouth up off of the prick and looked over at Dave, at his hard-on, which was clearly visible through the jeans.

In the meantime, Max immediately seemed to lose interest and sort of dropped from the couch to the floor; then he quietly shifted away. Sally straightened up into a standing position. Grinning mischievously, she whispered to Dave, "I see that french sluts in boat orgy gets seamen you on! This was something that I learned these past two weeks.

As long as I suck Max off first his knot will swell and won't go inside me later on; and he lasts longer the second time." Seeing the look of astonishment mixed with excitement on Dave's face only fueled her wanton feelings. Smiling wickedly at him, she reached down with her hands and grasped the bottom edge of her shirt and then, as their eyes met, she slowly pulled it up and over her head; tossing it daintily over the back top of the couch.

His eyes focused on her chest where her breasts bubbled within the confines of her bra. He was afraid to make a move for fear that he would be too forward and would break this spell that seemed to overtake her.

His cock was pushing hard in his pants as Sally reached behind her and unfastened her bra. As it came off her, her ripe breasts burst free. No longer able to contain his excitement, he reached out and pulled her toward him. Her hands immediately went to the side of his face, the palms covering his ears and the fingers clutching at the back of his head, as he moved his mouth to her chest, where he began to lick and nuzzle her wonderful breasts. Moans of pleasure and excitement were quickly emanating from both of them.

She clutched tighter to him and he flicked her nipples with the tip of his tongue, alternating from one to the other, and when he finally settled on one, taking it into his mouth and sucking on it, she gasped and pulled his face closer to her. Sally's sexual excitement continued to increase as he suckled on her, switching breasts from time to time. Finally, this was no longer enough to satisfy her.

Grabbing him tightly, she eagerly, yet reluctantly, pulled her tit from his mouth and raised his face up toward hers. Looking only momentarily at his almost swollen mouth, she bent to kiss him. Again the moans were continuous, this time into each other's mouths as their tongues wrestled with one another's. Dave tasted a strangeness on her tongue and as he sucked it into his mouth, he suddenly realized that it was dog cum. Until that moment, he had never tasted anyone's cum, not even his own, yet as the taste permeated his senses, the thought of his tasting cum turned him on.

His feelings of lust had never been so out of control. Until that moment the thought of 'eating pussy' was unappealing, even disgusting to him. Now these feelings of lust had totally taken over his brain. Withdrawing his mouth from Sally's, he hurriedly moved the girl's body so that her legs were touching the couch and he hurriedly unfastened her shorts. With the button undone and the zipper pulled down, it eased the way for him to slowly push both the shorts and her panties down her smooth thighs and legs to the floor, where she stepped out sexy teen pussy streched taylor whyte 4 43 tube porn them.

Then his eyes took in the wonder of her naked beauty. Never had he seen such perfection. Reaching out, he held her hands, urging her to the couch, where he sat her down, while at the same time he slipped his own body off and he went to the floor on his knees before her. He guided Sally to spread her legs so that he could crawl in between, and when that happened he looked in awe at her nearly bald pussy.

She kept it totally shaved, save for the trim blond strip just above the puffy mound. Dave had never spent the time to appreciate the beauty of a pussy and this sight was completely fascinating; so exciting. He actually wanted to taste her, to put his mouth IN her. God he was so horny at that moment. Looking up to her face, he saw a look that gave an impression of desperation.

She wanted to be eaten as much as he wanted to taste her. Sally reached out with her arms, her hands calling for him to devour her. Eagerly he lowered his mouth to the waiting slit and her hands immediately touched the sides of his face and began guiding him into her. "Oooommmm, Dave." she whispered hotly, "Ooooooo yeah, taste me . e-eat me!!!" "Mmmmmm," he buried his mouth into the goodness that was called pussy, teasing her by licking on the lips and then gently sucking on them, moving his mouth down and licking the area between her pussy and her anus and then kissing the crease where her inner upper thighs meet her body.

Sally began to frantically squirm her torso about, trying to force his mouth and tongue to concentrate into her pussy. Her hands on his head tried to assist in the guidance as anguished whimpers were coming from her throat. Finally his fingers gently parted her pussy's lips and his tongue brushed the skin, never penetrating, just s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y licking upwards along her pussy lips to the top . never entering between her lips or touching her clit.

If Dave was able to think at all he would have hated himself for avoiding this all of his life. This had to be the most exciting and pleasurable experience in his life; working this beauty into such a frenzy that she would have done anything he asked at that moment, if he would just give her total satisfaction.

Her movements to make him satisfy her, the awesome aroma of her pussy, and the taste of this girl all combined to scramble his lust-filled head. He continued his teasing and sniffing of her cunt until she could stand no more and started to frantically pull his face deeper into her, forcing him so that she could feel his breath and tongue in his excitement.

He continued licking at her but now with a greater urgency, now letting the tip of his tongue dip deeper and deeper into her pussy with his upward lick.

She was now bucking her hips up to him, her pussy fucking his face. Sally was groaning and muttering words of pleasure and Dave moaned as he licked and sucked her goodness. When his tongue moved in her pussy and worked its way up to the hardened clit, she gasped and her exploding body jumped.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" A faraway mournful sound came from deep within the frantic girl and Dave started licking her clit with more force, stopping occasionally to tongue her pussy as deep as he could.

She was bucking as if her body had a mind of its own while explosions of pleasure kristina rose all anal xxx her insides. Sally felt totally wanton at that time. Anything for lustful pleasure!

She didn't care what Dave or anyone else thought.

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She just wanted that total experience. Suddenly she was pushing him away from her pussy, while her voice sounded forlorn when she called, "Maxxxxx!!! Here Max!" Almost as if he was awaiting her call, the dog sauntered back into the living room and, as if knowing his mistress' needs, he walked directly between her legs, ignoring Dave, who backed away at this happening.

The canine immediately placed his cold nose at the girl's pussy and sniffed her. Sally gasped at the knowledge that her lover was there and about to drive his tongue into her. She then spread her legs wantonly and reached her hands down to the top of the animal's head and guided him. Max stuck out his long tongue and began to lick on her pussy.

Again she gasped, this time louder and with more suddenness, and she started shaking almost immediately. It was obvious to Dave that the blond beauty liked the doggie tongue better than his. It could have given him an inferiority complex, but instead it turned him on. As he watched in awe, he could kinky teenager rides on a massive dick why it so excited her as he watched the animal's long tongue snake its way deep inside the girl's pussy.

This went on for a few minutes until she had a series of massive orgasms. She was shaking, arching her hips up and down to meet the dog's tongue, her feet arched on her tiptoes, the cushion from the couch she was sitting on was held tightly in each hand, and she was rocking her face from side to side with her eyes shut tight. She was cumming onto his rapidly working tongue and she shuddered with pleasure as he lapped up her juices and sucked them into his mouth, tasting all of her honey.

When she stopped bucking, she pushed Max away and she began to calm down again. After a minute, she opened her eyes and smiled at Dave, who still looked as if he thought that this was all a dream. She then slid her butt down off the couch and lowered herself to the floor, her back against the sofa.

She then reached out a hand to him and he crawled over to her, he too with his back to the sofa as he sat alongside her. They simply sat holding hands for a couple of minutes as she caught her breath. Dave couldn't have imagined the thoughts going through the girl's head, when he heard her call out again, "Max!" Once again the animal trotted back to his mistress.

This time he came into the living room already sporting a hard-on, his knot still partially swollen. "Here boy," she urged, making the canine get between her legs.

Sally then placed his front paws on the couch cushion. His tummy was resting against her head, and this position placed the animal's large, pink, cock in her face. Almost deliberately, she purposely began sucking him again and his knot swelled up once more. Dave was fascinated; not only in seeing this arousing action, but also from hearing the slurping of the blonde's mouth on the doggie cock. A minute or so of this and she pulled away, and there was now an air of excitement again on the girl's face.

Looking over at Dave with a mischievous grin on her face she whispered, hotly, "Try it." This wasn't anything that he ever could have imagined himself doing, yet seeing her face and realizing that she wanted him to do it as much for her own excitement than whatever he might get out of it, seemed to cause him to remember his own excitement at seeing her. This was turning into total depravity, each of them wanting to turn the other on to the utmost.

His eyes ran frantically from Sally's to the doggie cock, and back again. His heart was pounding in his chest from the fear and secret excitement running rampant throughout his body. Slowly, he leaned over next to her face and stuck out his tongue, touching the tip of it against the canine's cock. He licked a little and then pulled his tongue back into his mouth so that he could taste.

Then he swallowed. 'Damn, that's not too bad, ' he told himself. His excitement was imploding within. He was going to suck jojkiss full sex stories brazzers A doggie cock! "Suck it," Sally was continuously whispering, urging him on with the hotness in her voice. This was almost like a 'triple dare' from his childhood, only he now secretly knew that he wanted this.

His mouth story lesbianas lesbians mexicanas mujeres mexican amateurs peludas casercasting senora gritona sexy moved to the animal and soon his lips and tongue were running up and down on the long, throbbing, pinkness.

It was generating heat! As he was licking the animal, Sally then grasped Max's cock, pointing the head to Dave's mouth. He paused, again not too sure, but in the convincing of all convincing, she slowly but deliberately dipped two fingers into her pussy and brought them up to Dave's mouth to taste, reminding him that he needed to do this if he wanted to fuck her.

"Suck . go ahead .

suck it." she sunny leone fuck by black negro, again pointing the animal's cock to his mouth. Just the way that she whispered the words so hotly to him inflamed him further. Naughty teen kari k spreads her legs wide for the cameraman and starts own cock was throbbing from the excitement.

Her other hand now nudged at the back of his head and that was all the encouragement that he needed. Moving to the doggie cock, Dave slowly took a few inches of it into his mouth.

He could taste the canine's sticky cum that was leaking from the red tip. The whole experience was exciting the hell out of him now. Without any further urging he began bobbing his mouth up and down on Max's hot prick, just as he had seen Sally do earlier.

As he got into it, he suddenly realized that he was thoroughly enjoying doing it. "Suck him . oh yeah, David . Suck him, swallow him, taste him." All the while she was issuing the words of encouragement a constant moan was coming from within Dave's sucking mouth, which was tightly sealed around the dog-flesh.

Finally, just as his jaws were getting tired, Sally moved over and pushed him away. Then, as if making a space, she pushed the dog away too. Moving hurriedly, she urged Dave, "Help me get Maxie on me." Quickly, she was in position on all fours.

Both of the humans seemed to be hotter than the dog from the excitement. Dave moved Max behind his mistress and urged him upon her, assisting to see that he went gently with his paws on her back and around her sides.

When the animal was mounted atop the blonde, Dave grasped its cock and guided it into her pussy. "Ahhhhh, oh yeah, yes, yes. Mmmmmmnnnnnggggghhhh." she thrilled. As soon as the head of his prick was inside, the canine lunged forward and buried himself all the way to his knot. He immediately started fucking his eager mistress; very, very fast. Every now and then his cock would slip out of her pussy and she would groan her frustration and reach back between her legs to guide him back into her.

This was becoming the greatest thing in her life, to be fucked by this animal. "Oh yeah, fuck me Maxie, fuck . OHHHHH!!!" Once again Dave watched in amazement. This dog was fucking a person!!!

The dog loved giving it . and Sally loved it taking it . and even Dave loved watching it. He just sat there and watched Max fuck Sally. It must have been a good five minutes before the blonde looked over her shoulder at him and between gasps she managed to say, "Hurry, take your things off . I want you!!!!" He quickly stood to ease the removal of his clothes and, as the last piece fell, she motioned him to move himself to her face.

"Lay down here," she panted, while Max continued pounding into her. Hurriedly Dave did as requested, lying on the rug and positioning himself for this beauty to be able to suck him. He gasped as she took him all the way into her mouth. She managed to swallow the length and her lips met his pubic hair. "NNNNNNGGGG!!!!" No one had ever sucked him that deeply before. He was fighting himself, trying to be careful not to cum right away. Meanwhile, as her hot wet mouth sucked up and down, sucking beautifully on his throbbing cock, behind her the dog started humping more forcefully, with a few short, quick strokes.

Dave figured that the dog was again cumming inside her because Sally had stopped sucking on him and reached between her legs to help the animal out. As soon as his cock was out of her, a clump of cum fell from her pussy and landed on the carpet. Max tried to lick her pussy again but she pushed him away. He didn't seem to have any fight left, he simply turned and left the room.

The girl stood up and rolled up onto the couch, pulling Dave after her. She couldn't get enough! Whatever it was that the dog had, seemed to have made her into a wanton slut. Before Dave could move upon her she was pushing his face down between her legs again.

She wanted him to eat her out!!! Dave was still at jesse jane fode evan stone height of his own excitement.

He surrendered to her pussy . the lips were red and swollen, the small patch of hair was matted with cum as were her pussy lips and inner thighs, and cum was oozing out from between her cunt-lips and flowing down to her ass. Again not too sure of this, (until today he had never even tasted a woman) Dave at first hesitated, but then threw caution to the wind and stuck his tongue out to touch her pussy lips.

He could taste the dog's cum mixed with hers. It was salty and intoxicating to him. Hungrily he plunged his mouth into her again, licking her puffed pussy-lips and her gooey slit, and then thrusting his tongue deep inside of the girl's cunt.

Each time that he did that and he drew his tongue back, it had gobs of cum on it, which he swallowed eagerly. Her sluttiness was more than matched by his. "Swallow . nnnn . lick . oooooo yeah . you're gooooood." she murmured. Dave continued to eat her pussy and moan into her goodness for another ten minutes as she twisted about under his tongue lashing.

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Finally, as if neither of them could take any more kinkiness, Sally pulled him up on top of her. As he beautiful latina filly has her beaver plowed above her, their eyes met and held. Lust and love were intermingled. Spreading her legs wider and wrapping her ankles around his thighs, she guided his still rock hard cock into her sloppy wet pussy.

He slid in with ease and immediately began to fuck her. To Dave, it was a strange but wonderful feeling, to fuck someone with cum already inside them, to feel it on his cock as it slid in and out. "Fuck me . cum . cum." she cried as she clutched her arms and hands around his back and bucked madly up into his pounding forces. "NNNNggggg, yeah baby, ohhhh yeah yeah." Dave had no reserves of restraint.

He had to cum, and cum badly. It was only a few minutes later when both of them were totally out of their minds, with lustful explosions ripping through their being.

As soon as she started bucking as if she were out of control, he came, and boy what an orgasm! It was as none he ever had or would ever have again. He came and came, seemingly endless, spurting deep inside of her, adding those many spurts of cum to the pool that was already there from Max.

Finally it was over. After a few minutes of rest Dave pulled out of her. Sally sat up, bent down and pulled his cock to her mouth and sucked on it again, cleaning all the cum from him . hers, Max's and Dave's. About fifteen minutes later they had managed to calm down. She got up to get dressed and at her direction, Dave did the same. She told him that he needed to leave, since her mother was due home at any time. It was then that she also told him that she was leaving the next day for California.

Dave gave her his mailing address at college and asked her to write with her new phone number and she said she would. At the door they kissed and said goodbye . for now.