You ll never get laid with such a tiny cock

You ll never get laid with such a tiny cock
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Hello all, Sorry for the long absence from this story but I'm back and posting the second installment of this story. This is a direct continuation of the first part so if you haven't read the first part please do so here As always please enjoy and I always appreciate feedback. Thanks for reading, Gratalis *************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I saw my next mate and I almost died of excitement.

The girl in this pod was black, had a huge ass, very thick thighs, and trimmed pussy hairs. I thought to myself "Damn, I'd love to see her tits." I have never seen a black girl naked let alone slept with one, and I have never slept with a big girl hot brunette gets her hairy cunt drilled. I awed at the thought of killing two birds with one stone in my sexual escapades. The sight made me rock hard again and I was ready to give this big black girl my baby cream.

I walked up to the platform and studied this girl intently. She looked to be in her mid-twenties. I put my hand on her big ass and she shifted in the pod.

I spread her pussy lips apart and knelt down to get a look inside of her. Seeing her enlarged clit I said aloud "Oh my god what a beautiful clit." Instantly over an intercom, Lisa spoke "Have you never seen one that big before?

Because I haven't." I chuckled and said "No actually I have never seen a black pussy before but I'm afraid it will take a little longer to inseminate this girl." "Why is that Jon?" Lisa asked. I stood up, put the tip of my rod at her opening and with little resistance I entered her soft, wet pussy.

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"Just as I thought, she's not very tight unlike the last girl." I said. "What would help you in achieving an orgasm?" "Maybe if I could see her breasts?" I suggested thinking that the pod would make it impossible to see her massive rack. "Consider it done Jon." Her voice boomed over the loud speaker. I turned to see a projector being lowered from the ceiling and turn on.

I then looked straight ahead at the dark wall in front of me and to my surprise I saw a huge pair of black breasts with even blacker nipples and areolas. They had cameras in the pods and this one was pointed at her rack! I wondered if the girl inside knew she was being broadcasted, projector style, for me to see. My cock, still buried deep in her very wet hole, throbbed at the sight of her hangers. I withdrew my rod and slammed it back in very hard, curious as to what I would see.

I watched her massive jugs jiggle on the screen and I knew watching this was going to be enough to make me spew ten times over. I continued to pound her wet hole and watch the reaction on the screen. Her pussy was getting loose but the sights and the sloshing sounds coming from between her legs were exciting enough. At this point I didn't care if she came or not I was going to pump her full of my baby batter. I thrusted one more time and held my exploding cock deep in her pussy. I came more than the first time and I felt my orgasm last longer too.

My orgasm finally ended and I withdrew my completely soft cock from her big wet hole. Very little cum dribbled out of her pussy and I assumed that she had a lot staying in her womb. I stepped off the platform and the pod turned and lifted her into the ceiling like the last one.

The projector turned off as well and the loudspeaker paged "Alright Jon, you did better than expected today, that's all for today." I scratched my head and asked "What about the other 8 women?" No response.

"Hello? Lisa?" Then a door from the other side of the room opened and Lisa was standing there "2 women is enough for today Jon, we don't want the quality of the sperm to diminish and the medication we gave you wasn't strong enough this round. Consider this a test run." She said. I walked over to the doorway and exited the room with her.

A nurse gave me a very comfortable robe with my name on it in the hallway. I wanted to know more about the process and what was going to happen to me now. "I'm sure you have questions Jon and I am willing to answer them," Lisa said, like she was reading my mind" but for now you need to rest. Sleep miss alice webcam getig fucked the most important for sperm production.

We have a specially designed diet for you to maximize your sperm count. Are you hungry Jon?" Every time she said sperm I smiled on the inside. I was thinking of the drugs they gave my dick and how I wish I could plow Lisa but I was brought back to reality with her question. "Um…yea I could stand to cute college girl was tempted and banged by older tutor right now." Shaking the thoughts of banging Lisa from my head.

She led me down a long corridor to another room that looked like a cafeteria. As we walked in the people behind the counter lined up on the food line, ready to serve us as we walked to the start of the line.

There was no one else eating here, but there was enough food prepped to feed about 400 people. "First and foremost Jon everything on this line is specially designed for maximum protein gain and special vitamin combinations for your body's sperm production. Fortunately for us women here it's edible and highly nutritious for our reproductive organs as well." Lisa said as she grabbed a tray from the counter. I followed suit and surveyed the food behind the glass display window. "You are welcome to eat sexy teeny blonde and fit mature baseball practice turns into a wild threesome much as you like Jon, please don't be timid." She said smiling at me.

"Oh believe me I definitely won't be." I said thinking about how hungry I suddenly felt. "You're probably feeling starved aren't you?" "As a matter of fact I am, is it because of the so called "medication" you gave me?" "Yes Jon, unfortunately that is one of the side-effects of the penile enlargement serum and the sperm enhancement combined." Lisa said as she piled her tray with a few items.

We continued to the end of the line and to the area with large tables and sat. She looked at me and said "There are more side-effects you might have already noticed, for example, lusting over the sight of me?" I looked at her with a surprised look on my face asking myself how she knew that. "It's very common to want to lust over the sight of a beautiful woman," She said, being modest of herself, "although all the women here on staff are under strict orders not to engage in any sexual relations with you and as you are not to initiate with them.

We have to strictly monitor your production rate and birth rate, especially for the first year. It's important that we do so we can create a unbiased result and extrapolate the population increase in a years' time, then multiply that by the term of your contract and we will be able to see if your eligible to sign another term with us or if we have to release you back into society." "Release me back into society huh?

Sounds like you consider me an animal." I said smiling a seductive smile. Lisa smiled back as said cooley "Well from the performance I saw today you have quite a long ways before you can be classified as an 'animal'." I looked at her and thought to myself if only she could see how I am when I'm not infused with drugs and forced to screw a pod woman. Lisa and I finished up our meal and we headed out of the cafeteria.

She walked me down another long hallway, turning down random corridors and continuing on. I was so lost I wouldn't be able to find anything even if I tried. "So tell me more about this system you have going on here. Obviously you pick these healthy women and ask me to inseminate them, then what?" "After the insemination process they are lifted from the depository room and taken out of the pods. They are then seated in a special chair and instructed to sit for one hour.

After that they are dressed in a robe much like yours and escorted to a common area where they can coexist with other women either already inseminated or waiting to be inseminated." Lisa responded. "Oh, very interesting, I assume they are on a floor above us?" I asked "Yes they are, there are about 50 in the dormitory currently and there is about 300 more waiting to be moved in once the women currently there become pregnant.

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We move the pregnant women out of the dorm and onto the birthing floor. There they are under strict supervision and careful monitoring until birth. Then they are medically treated until discharge." "What happens to them after they are discharged? Do they take the baby home with them?" I asked.

"Oh heavens no! Every child that is birthed here is assigned to a pre- registered couple on a waiting list. These fabricated families are inspected and undergo a thorough back ground check.

If they pass they are well compensated to raise and care for the child. The birth mothers never get to see the child until a certain time in the childes life." "Which is?" I asked eagerly. "When the child reaches 18 they are informed of their lineage and they have the option to visit with the birth mother. Once contact has been made the choice is up to them whether they want to continue to have a relationship with the birth mother or not. However they won't know of you until your contract is up with us and are no longer eligible to sign up again.

Then we will notify all of your offspring of your existence to which point they will initiate contact with you at their discretion." Lisa explained, stopping in front of a closed door. "Do I ever get to see the birth mothers by chance?" I asked thinking of wanting to meet the women I impregnated today.

"As a matter of fact Jon you do, but only if the woman wants to meet you. The best part about this job Jon is when the birth mothers give birth and are medically discharged they have an option to re-enlist.

The re-enlistment bonus is very great and definitely worth the time. At the point of re-enlistment they are medically examined once more and if cleared to give birth a second time, they start the cycle all over again only this time they can exist on your floor. We anticipated that you would be lonely so to limit the amount of temptations to fuck our staff we are going to have a select few of re-enlisted women live with you on your floor. However, tomorrow we are going to select a few part-time companions instead sorry you have cum on ya face re-enlisted women.

You are the first man we have had doing this repopulation project so naturally we want to treat you to the best." Lisa explained with a beaming smile. "Sounds like I'm really going to love it here." I said thinking aloud. "I know you're going to love it here Jon, you're going to do very well for us I can feel it." Lisa said grabbing onto the door handle behind her. She swung the door open and to my surprise all of my stuff from my apartment was in this great room.

It must have been the size of a presidential suite in a five star hotel. We walk in together and all I can do is look up at the vaulted ceiling and beautiful chandelier hanging above a beautiful sitting area with my couch and a fireplace along the far wall. My bed, or what looked like my bed, was on an elevated platform facing the entire room with a great view of the fireplace.

My bathroom was walled in with glass and was the only private room. I had windows that looked out upon downtown. "Home sweet home?" Lisa asked in a semi sarcastic tone. "More than home Ms. Tarek, this is absolutely beautiful. Is this where I'll be living?" I asked looking around the room still. "Of course Jon, no expense spared for our number one employee.

Let me show you a couple things." She said grabbing a tablet from the table behind the couch. "What we have here is a tablet that is specifically designed to control every aspect of your room.

For starters we have the climate control, lighting adjustments, ambient music from our overhead speaker system, and fireplace control. We did not retrieve your bed from home, instead we replaced it with a king size fully adjustable vibrating bed for maximum comfort. Go ahead and try it out Jon." She said pointing to the bed. I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. It was way more comfortable than my last bed.

I laid out on it and suddenly it began to vibrate on my lower back and butt. "See? Very comfortable huh?" Lisa asked as she messed with the controls a little more.

"Yes very nice, what else can that thing do?" I asked sitting up off the bed and walking towards her. She turned towards the windows and tapped the screen on the tablet. Suddenly the windows changed to a beautiful view of the rocky mountains! I stood there mesmerized by the view when it changed again to a majestic waterfall petite gina gerson takes a leak and sucks and fuck hard cock what looked like the Amazon.

"The windows can change to whatever view you want. There are endless possibilities to what view and what season you're wanting the view in." Lisa explained.

I was so taken aback at the amount of detail that I didn't notice her set the tablet on the table and return to the doorway. "I will return in the morning Jon and we can go to breakfast, in the meantime please follow this one very important rule. Do not under any circumstances masturbate to ejaculation. If you feel the need to release yourself please page us on that tablet and we will escort you to the depository room. The way I see it you will never have to or want to masturbate again.

Your sexual needs will be completely taken care of for the next five years, a little food for thought." Lisa said smiling to herself. Before I could respond to her she said "On that note, good night Jon.

I will see you tomorrow. She exited the room and closed the door behind her. I had a strange feeling of omnipotence as I watched her ass leave the room. I felt as if I knew for certain that I was eventually going to have sex with her, but I quickly dispelled thoughts of sex remembering that I shouldn't masturbate.

Realizing how tired I became I used the bathroom admiring the detail and glasswork, disrobed and went to sleep. I had no idea how my day was gonna end when Aletta ocean sex with the goodess started it, and I sure as hell didn't expect to end it where I'm at now. Life was good, very very good I thought to myself as I drifted off to a well-deserved sleep.

February 13th 2017 I woke up to the sound of wind and what felt like a light breeze brushing across my face. It was such a peaceful way to wake up and the windows made it much better. I rolled over and looked out the window to what appeared to be a beach with flowing white digital curtains.

I could smell ocean air and thought wow this is so real I actually feel like I'm at a beach house. I sat up and stretched, pulling the covers off my naked body. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. The water was instantly hot and very inviting. Once I showered I dried myself off and walked over to the tablet on the table. There was a very easy display of all the controls and one panel to page with. I tapped the panel and the screen said paging. I set the tablet down and continued to dry my hair when I heard Lisa's voice on husband tapes his wife fucking college students overhead speaker system.

"Good morning Jon, how orgasms beautiful natural girl enjoys romantic foreplay and sensual sex you sleep?" "Very well thank you, how about you?" I asked returning the courtesy.

"I can't complain, are you ready to start your day?" She asked. "Indeed I am Lisa, looking forward to breakfast with you." I said looking up at the ceiling as if talking to her face to face. "I hate to disappoint you Jon but you will be eating alone this morning.

I have tons of work to catch up on from yesterday but I will see you at the depository room. Petite girl likes his big black cock your robe and head left down the hallway.

One of my staff will escort you to the cafeteria." Lisa said. Nodding in acknowledgement I set my towel on the bed, grabbed my robe, and put it on not tying the front as I exit my room. The sound and smell of beach and ocean cease as I enter the bland cold hallway.

I walk down to the end and find a dark haired woman dressed corporate casual standing there with a clip board. "Good morning." I said as I smiled at her. "Good morning Mr. Bartnet, right this way please." Ushering me down the hallway. I followed her to the cafeteria where several people were still eating breakfast. They stared at me and whispered amongst each other as all conversation stopped. I knew they were talking about me and I paid no attention to them as I queued up in line.

Once I got my breakfast picked out and plated I turned to the dining area and not a soul was in sight. It's like they avoided me as if I had the plague or something. Not even my dark haired escort was present. I decided that I really didn't like to be by myself and that I was going to address that issue with Lisa when I saw her. Having an un-eventful breakfast I put my tray in the proper bin and exited the cafeteria. I find my dark haired escort walking back to meet me. "Have a nice breakfast Mr.

Bartnet?" she asked. "Please, call me Jon, and yes it was delicious. I assume we are headed to the depository room now right?" I asked. She removed a little Ziploc baggie from her breast pocket with a small pill in it. "Once you take this you will be ready to go to the depository room." She said handing me the baggie. I opened the baggie and removed the pill and examined it. It had no letters or discernible markings on it. "What is this?" I asked holding the pill closer to further examine it.

"It's your daily dose of penile enlargement and sperm enhancement in pill form. We're going to have you take this and see if it gives you the same performance as yesterday." Without further questions I took the pill and swallowed it easily.

My escort smiled and waved me to follow her. We get to the same big door as yesterday but Lisa was nowhere to be seen. I attempted to ask my escort where she was but before I could she said "Ms. Tarek will meet you on the other side. Good luck today…Jon." I nodded my head and handed her my robe.

I entered the pitch black room and heard the door close behind me with a loud boom, echoing throughout like an empty warehouse. Lights came on above three platforms but there weren't any pods. Just then Lisa's voice came on over the loud speaker "Alright Jon I assume you took your pill, we are going to lower three pods down to you. What I want you to do is choose the pod that attracts you the most.

We're not concerned with inseminating as much right now as we are with what turns you on. When were done here today, the top three women that attract you the most will be asked if they want to meet you.

If all goes right you should have a companion in your room tonight that you can mingle with. Is that understood Jon?" I nodded my head yes and turned to face the three empty platforms. "Just tell us which pod attracts you the most." Lisa re-iterated. I heard a loud click as three pods began to lower to the floor.

All three were right side up so I couldn't see any good features yet. Once they were at platform level they stopped descending and began to level out. I immediately noticed the pod in the middle. It was the big black girl from yesterday, only she didn't look as big. Her thighs were a little thinner, her ass wasn't as round, and her pussy from what I could tell was bald. I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't her. I liked those meaty thighs on her and her trimmed pubic hair.

The pod on my right was a very thin white girl with a full on bush and small feet. I assumed she was an Asian girl because of her furry pussy and tiny feet. The pod on my left was a dark skinned girl with a neatly trimmed pussy and small ass. Her legs were decent size along with her feet. I assumed she was an Indian girl from India. I pointed to the pod in the middle and said "I like her the best out of the three here Lisa." "Go ahead and do your thing Jon, were going to remove the other two and replace them with women closer to what you like.

What is it you like about her Jon if you don't mind me asking?" Lisa asked over the loud speaker. "I like the fact that she's the biggest out of the three, I'm looking for a chubby girl, don't care what race she is. but she has to be big." I responded as I stepped up to the middle platform with my rock solid cock.

I didn't grow as much as I did yesterday but the feeling of my balls exploding was there and I was eager to release my hot jizz into this pink and black hole. I put my hand on her ass and she jumped at my touch.

I ran my index finger down the crack of her ass and through her moistening slit. I confirmed that she was completely shaven and it felt nice in my hand. I continued to rub my index finger up and down her slit and I prodded her hole with my thumb.

She shivered at my penetration and I felt how tight she was. I thought to myself that this was gonna be over pretty fast as I removed my thumb and replaced it with the head of my throbbing cock. I rubbed the tip across her clit and felt her buck at the sensation. I wasted no more time with teasing her and I entered her pussy with some difficulty. I pulled back slightly and pushed pretty thief gets fucked by lp officer for felony theft brunette reality further but not fully.

I put both hands on her ass and pushed even harder. I felt something resisting my entrance until I withdrew one last time and pushed as hard as I could. Suddenly she became wet and I pushed all the way in to the hilt.

I stopped as a horrid realization hit me like a ton of bricks. She was a virgin! I kept still not wanting to hurt her any more than I did and waited for some kind of approval to continue. "What are you waiting for Jon? You need to inseminate her soon." Lisa said over the intercom. She was right; the feeling was so painful I needed to act fast so my balls didn't explode in my sack.

I whispered "Sorry." To myself and began fucking this un-virginized girl like crazy. I thought of things that would make me cum as fast as possible as to expedite the process and it didn't take much.

Within thirty seconds I was shooting my cum into this freshly fucked girl. I unloaded as much as I could, thinking it would be a few minutes before my next insemination. I stayed in her for another 30 seconds and I could tell she was enjoying it.

I asked aloud to Lisa "Can I fuck this girl again?" "If she doesn't end up pregnant, adorable teens get legal age teenager twats licked hardcore and blowjob yes you can Jon." Lisa responded somewhat puzzled. "No, I mean right now, can I fuck her again right now?" I asked with a little annoyance in my voice. "I'm afraid that's against the rules Jon, we can't let you double inseminate in one sitting…" I cut her off mid-sentence "Is it against the rules to de-virginize a girl without my knowledge beforehand?

This girl has not had the sexual experience a first timer should have. I want to fuck her again only this time do it right so that she can possibly orgasm and have a better chance of becoming pregnant." I said with anger.

There was silence and I waited for a response. I remained inside her with my rock solid cock tickling her cervix. I felt my juices running down my balls and hitting the floor. "Okay Jon, just this one time, then we need to move on to another selection." Lisa said with a sympathetic tone. "Thank you." I muttered as I began to slowly fuck her again. This time I could feel more of her and she of me.

We were connecting on a sexual level I haven't felt before. I never wanted it to end but I knew our time was short. To my surprise she orgasmed fairly quickly and multiple times at that. Mine was not far behind as I felt the familiar feeling of pressure at the base of my cock. The second before I came her tight pussy clamped down on me and pointed my tip directly at her cervix.

With one last thrust I felt my head penetrate her vital opening and unleash a torrent of baby cream into her waiting womb. The feeling was so electric I squeezed her ass hard and spurted the last few spurts of cum into her. I groaned as I removed my softening cock from her with a distinct *pop* sound. The pod immediately tilted forward and began rising. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** Part 3 I will post soon.

Thanks for reading and feedback is always appreciated. Gratalis