Cutie teen cece capella gets her hairy pussy creampied

Cutie teen cece capella gets her hairy pussy creampied
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my name is john wolfe. i am seventeen years old and i live in california.

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this story takes place a few years ago when i fourteen years old. it all began one summer when i was staying with my grandma.

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i have blonde hair,i stand six feet tall and weigh one hundread and thirty puonds. i have hazel eyes. i woke up one mornig to the smell of lunch.

i could smell the fried chicken of a sunday afternoon. i look down at my eight inch cock and decide to releive the pressure. i was laying in my bed stroking my cock when my bedroom door burst open.

i could see my twelve year old cousin venessa. "hey cuz" was all i could muster just a perfect fuck with velicity von i tried to hid my hard on. "aunt edith." my cousin began untill she saw my pulsing cock."jake why are you playing with that?" before i could answer my grandma called to us.

my cousin had long brown hair. she was five nine and weighed ninty-five pounds. she had big brown eyes. "kids get up here and eat before you go to the pool." my cousin gave me this weird look and walked up stairs swinging her ass all the way.

after my cock deflated i was right behing her wearing only my swimming trunks.

"grandma, i'm not hungry i'll eat later at the pool. i'm working on my tan anyway." my grandma just shrugged. why my cousin ate with my uncle and grandmother i was out side on the porch.

as soon as my cousin ran by i herd her yell. "i call shotgun!!" i ran for my uncle's truck and caught my cousin. while we waited for my uncle i felt something squese my crotch. i looked at my cousin but she showed nothing at all. the drive was short. i got out and hurried to the entrance i payed my way in and waited on the other side for my cousin.

about five minutes later my cousin came into view and grabbed my arm she dragged to the changing room. there was no reason for me to into there but she pulled me in behind her. she made sure noone saw then she shut sex xxx story sany levan redwap com locked the nearly sound proof changing room.she stripped down in front of untill her large c-cup tits came into view.

as i stared i could not help but reach out and grab her tits. "oh god. finally you get the hints." i heard my cousin's small voice moan out. my little cousion did not say anything else instead she pulled my trunks down and grabbed a hold of my cock.

"cuz, wat are you doing?" she did not answer me but instead she kissed the tip of my cock. it was not much but then i could feel her tounge run down my shaft. her hand began to stroke my shaft slowly at first then began to pick up pace. then as my head leaned back in bliis i felt the warm entrapment of her mouth on my cock. i began to move my hip in unison of her and and mouth.

it was not long before i felt a prssure build blowjob videos at onedollarblowjob 10 tube porn in my shaft. "vanessa, im gonna blow." in response vaneesa took my cockout of her mouth with a pop and began to stroke it even faster.

i groan as my cock spasmed in her soft delicate hands. my cum land first on her fase and tounge then the last couple of spurts landed on her tits. vannesa's face looked shock as i began to comes down from the bliss that had entailed the blow job from my cousin gave me. "wow." that was all i could manage to say. i looked at her and decide that i should return the favor.

i pulled my cousin up to her feet. she looked at me as if she was in a daze. i knelt before her mound. the naked pink flesh had a little hair. i had no clue what i was doing so i grabbed a hold of her great ass.

i licked her cunt from top to bottom. when i hit the top i discovered her clit and i began to nibble on it her sweet pussy juice filled my mouth.

i could not help but wonder if i could make her cum.i let go of one of her ass cheeks to insert my fore finger into her pussy. the moans that came from her mouth made fuck her faster and harder with my finger.

vanessa's moans began to grow louder and louder untill they were svreams. two of my fingers were pushing in and out of het cunt untill her body became rigid and still. her pusssy grabbed a hld on my fingers and refused to let go of them. i wait with my hand caught by her mound as she began to come down from the bliss i gave her from her orgasm. i smiled as i pulled my fingers from her hugry cunt. "so cuz, is there anything you think we will be able to get away with while your here." my little cousin asked me.

i stood outside the changing room thinking about all we could do when she whispered to me one of her plans. "you want get your older sisterinvolved to!!!" i yelled out. a few people turened to looked at me but none stayed looking at me. "yeah. we are heading back to my house after this.

you could spend the night and my dad will leave you inchargesince yopu are the oldest. we would have to do watever you say." my cousins words tempted me.

hey this is my first story but i am not afraid of any comments so give wat you got. i will give you some more when i got the time but fot now i need to go because i got school in a few hours.