Perfect body teen brunette showing off all her curves

Perfect body teen brunette showing off all her curves
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My mom and her sister, Regina, had always been close. So, after my dad died, it was no surprise when Aunt Gina sold her beauty salon in the city and moved in to our house. A year later, Aunt Gina had opened a new salon in town and I left for college. I came home as often as I could but, I was glad Aunt Gina was there with my mom. I graduated in three years and, with money I had saved, rented an apartment two blocks from my mom's house.

I began to land jobs working freelance, sometimes traveling, other times working from home. I wasn't getting rich but, my bills were paid, I got to see my mom and Aunt Gina all the time and, I was happy. I finished a two week job three days early and was headed home to surprise my mom and Aunt. It was Sunday afternoon so, I went to their house.

I pulled in the driveway, got out of my car and ran up the steps to chanel preston in fishnets and a strapon back door. I opened the door, excited to see them. The kitchen was empty but, I could hear music coming from the living room. I shut the kitchen door and walked through the house. I turned into the living room, a cry of "surprise" dying in my chest as I took in the scene.

Aunt Gina sat on the couch naked, her head laying back and her eyes closed. One of her hands massaged her big, fake breasts. The other, lay on the back of my mom's head. My mom knelt on the floor between Aunt Gina's legs, also naked. Her head moved up and down under Aunt Gina's hand. For a moment, her hair covered what she was doing. She raised her head and I saw a cock in her mouth.

Aunt Regina's cock. "Oh my God," I blurted as my shocked mind registered what I was witnessing. "Oh fuck, Abby," Aunt Gina said in a rush as they both jumped and scrambled. "Oh my God. Oh my God," I repeated rapidly as my shocked paralysis wore off. I turned and walked into the kitchen on legs that felt like jello.

"Abby wait," my mom called from behind me as I walked toward the door, weaving like a drunken sailor. "Abby please stop," she pleaded behind me. "Mom, I don't, I'm sorry I just. Oh my God," I stammered, stopping with my back to her and my hand on the door.

"Abby, I can explain," she said, embarrassment in her voice. "Just calm down and look at me, Abby." I didn't want to turn around but, I did.

She stood just inside the kitchen, clutching a throw around her slender, naked body. I looked at her, speechless.

"Will you listen," she asked, nearly begging. "Mom, I can't right now," I said, managing to sound calmer than I felt. Seeing her tousled hair and knowing she was naked under the throw made the scene I had witnessed run through my mind in a loop. "Later. I gotta.just, call me later. Tomorrow mom," I said, turning and bolting out the door. I went in my apartment and directly to my bed.

I lay down and let the emotions run through me. The memory replayed in my mind. I let it play, trying to make sense of it. I slept fitfully that night but, felt better the next morning. "Hi mom," I answered my phone at ten a.m. "Hi baby," she said, sounding grateful that I answered. "If your Aunt Gina and I come over, can we talk about this," she asked in a voice near tears in hopeful desperation.

"I'll come to you if you prefer," I said, feeling it was the proper thing to do. "That would be great," she said relieved. "See you in a minute?" "Yeah," I answered. We said goodbye and hung up. I took a moment to clear my head, went downstairs, got in my car and drove to my mom's house. She greeted me on the back steps with a tentative hug. I hugged her back and she ushered me to a chair at the kitchen table where my Aunt Regina and a cup of my favorite tea waited.

My mom sat and we spent a moment in awkward silence. "Okay, I'll start," Aunt Gina said, thankfully breaking the silence. "You may have noticed I have a few, extra parts." I nodded, grinning a little at the comical understatement.

"Well," she continued, "that's because I was born Reginald, not Regina. I became Regina after nineteen years hentai anime cartoon free hentai movie besthentaipassport com tube porn feeling like I was born in the wrong body.

When that happened, the only member of my family that didn't disown me was my little sister." "Okay," I said nodding. "That's why we have always been close and why I moved in after your dad died," she added "I kind of guessed all that," I said. "But, it doesn't explain…what I saw." They exchanged a glance and my mom picked up the story.

"Your Aunt Gina heard me crying late one night," she said, hesitant but determined. "You had been away at college for about six months at the time. Anyway, she came into my room and crawled into my bed and held me. We fell asleep. When I woke up, well…" "My thing was awake and ready on it's own," Aunt Gina said for her. "Right," my mom continued. "I don't blonde alexa grace gets her pussy loaded with creampie why but, I started rubbing it.

Do you want me to go on," she asked me. "Yes, I need to hear all of it," I replied, knowing it was true. Even if I didn't want to hear, I had to. "It felt nice to feel a feel one again," she blushed. "I started getting excited. I pulled it out of her shorts and looked at it. I started touching myself and put it in my mouth. Your Aunt Gina woke up just in time to finish. She was shocked and I was embarrassed but, long story short, we had both enjoyed it and saw no reason not to keep doing it and, everything else," she finished and waited for me to respond.

Admittedly, it made sense. Twisted, dirty sense but, sense. I looked at them and felt only love. "Okay," I said simply. "That's it? Okay," my mom said in shocked disbelief. "I love you both and, if it makes you happy, who am I to judge," I said, glad to realize I meant it. We hugged and cried, all of us relieved. We spent the rest of the day together, having lunch, getting icecream and just being together. Everything was great until I went home and to bed. I lay in bed, picturing my mom and Aunt having sex.

Over and over I pushed the thought away, just to have it return. I pictured it, seeing it not as a disgusting act but, as an act of love between two desiring people. It started arousing me. I tried to ignore it but, the images kept playing and the heat between my legs built. Finally, I gave in. I pulled off my pajama bottoms and panties and tossed them on the floor. I leaned to the edge of my bed and took out one of my vibrators. I opened my legs and closed my eyes, letting myself imagine my mom and Aunt having sex as I slid the vibrator into myself.

My orgasm came quickly. I put my toy away and rolled over to go to sleep, hoping I had gotten it out of my system. I woke the next morning, still thinking about it and still aroused. I tried to ignore it but, all that day I would find the thoughts creeping in. Just like the night before, I masturbated myself to sleep. The next week passed in the same manner until I found myself watching tranny porn at three in the afternoon. My hand had crept down my pants on it's own and my fingers were rubbing my slippery clit, making me gush with orgasm.

I stopped trying to ignore my thoughts, embracing them instead. Instantly, I knew what I wanted to do. "I want to at least watch," I said to my mom and Aunt Gina that evening. "Are you sure," my mom asked. "Absolutely," I replied. "What do you think," my mom asked Gina. "I am deffinetely in," Aunt Gina said, smiling brightly. "Watch, participate, whatever you want. I think it would complete our circle." "Okay," my mom agreed starting to smile "Whatever you want." They recommended we meet back at their big titted pregnant sluts sharing a good fuck after lunch later.

I agreed and went back to my apartment to get ready. I showered, did my hair and makeup and put on a short black dress and heels. I grew more nervous and excited with every minute that passed.

When it was time, I went back to my mom's house. My heart pounded in my chest and butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I walked into the house.

Mom greeted me in the kitchen, she wore a sheer pink nighty that came down just to her thighs. We hugged exclusive european babe aletta ocean loves sex told each other how good we looked. She took my hand and led me to the living room.

Aunt Gina stood, to hug me. She was dressed in a school girl outfit, her white button down shirt undone and tied under her breasts. "Shall we," my mom asked, taking our hands and leading up the stairs to her bedroom.

I sat in the high back chair next to the bed as they climbed in. "Ready," Aunt Gina asked.

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"Oh yes," I replied. She smiled at me, turned and kissed her sister. They kissed passionately, letting it build and drive their actions. Soon, they were touching each other, caressing each other's skin, cupping each other's breasts.

Aunt Gina grasped the hem of my mom's nighty and lifted it over her head. My mom glanced at me and smiled. I smiled back, growing even wetter as I looked at her naked body. I had always known we looked alike and were built alike but, I didn't realize the extent. Other than being a little less perky and having slightly bigger nipples, our breasts were identical.

Both of us has fat pussy lips, shaved bald. I uncrossed and spread my legs, lifting my dress to my hips as I did. My mom and Aunt looked at my pantiless pussy with desire. I touched myself, turned on by the naughtiness. Mom untied Aunt Gina's shirt, shoved it off her shoulders and grabbed her round, fake, beautiful breasts.

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Aunt Gina's breathing grew more rapid as my mom massaged and caressed. On impulse, I leaned forward and grabbed Aunt Gina's tit. I massaged it, feeling the heavy firmness. I took my kitty jane gangbang in public with random guys away and cupped my mom's much smaller, softer breast. I leaned back and pulled my dress down, rubbing my own breasts as I fingered myself and watched.

My mom pushed Aunt Gina back, laying her against the headboard. She looked at me, making sure she had my attention as she reached under Aunt Gina's skirt and pulled off her panties. She bit her lower lip seductively and pulled up the skirt. I moaned as Aunt Gina's cock was revealed to me fully. It wasn't very bug, maybe six inches long but, it was the sexiest cock I had ever seen. Both of them smiled at me, pleased I was enjoying myself. My mom began to stroke Aunt Gina's cock, shifting so Aunt Gina could finger her.

Aunt Gina put two fingers in my mom, my mom put Aunt Gina's cock in her mouth. I stood, dropped my dress to the floor and crawled onto the bed in my heels. I lay next to Aunt Gina, put her free hand between my legs and began playing with her breasts. Her fingers slipped between my lips, caressing my pussy as we watched my mom suck. After a few minutes, I sat up.

"Can I have a turn," I asked my mom. She took her mouth off Aunt Gina's cock and smiled. "Of course," she said, moving out of the way as I leaned down and wrapped my lips around her hard little cock. My pussy throbbed as the naughtiness sank in and throbbed more as I felt my mom's fingers slid into my slit. I freed my mouth. "Mommy, that feels so good," I said, taking Aunt Gina's cock inside again.

"Lay over and spread your legs and I'll make it feel even better," she said thickly. With her guidance, I lay on my side and spread my legs, Aunt Gina's cock still in my mouth. I looked down as I sucked, watching as my mom positioned herself between my legs and stuck her tongue in my pussy.

I moaned in pleasure, the sound muffled against my aunt's cock.

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The feeling and the naughtiness combined, making me cum a little. My mom kept licking my pussy. "Aunt Gina, can I ride you," I asked, suddenly wanting to fuck my Aunt. "Whatever you want baby," she answered. I straddled Aunt Gina and sank slowly onto her cock. Slowly I began to rock my hips, fucking my tranny aunt. My mom lay down next to Aunt Gina, fingering herself as she watched me. I leaned down and began touching them. They did the same to me.

Soon, we rubbed and touched and kissed in chaotic passion. Aunt Gina began moaning, I fucked faster. Soon, I was moaning, my pussy soaking intense hot and scary scene hardcore bondage and dripping.

Mommy was moaning too, holding back a building orgasm. "Oh fuck," Aunt Gina cried, her cock beginning to pulse as my tranny aunt came in my pussy. I screamed as my own orgasm ripped through my body in waves of pleasure. I felt my pussy flood and heard my mom cry out in pleasure I looked down just in time to see a fountain of her squirt spray between her fingers.

We collapsed in a heap, panting, sweating, smiling.

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"So, how was it," my mom asked, brushing my hair off my face tenderly. "That was great," I replied panting. "Think you will want to do it again," Aunt Gina asked. "Maybe after I catch my breath," I answered. We shared the laugh and fell silent, dozing in cuddled content.

That night, and many after, we slept in my mom's king size bed, wrapped up together naked. Satisfied in both love and sex.