Mia khalifa and sunny leone low quality vedios

Mia khalifa and sunny leone low quality vedios
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The night had been a good one. Jack, in his late twenties, and his wife Jessica had gone out clubbing. She was the same age, 28. Half Indian, half Caucasian. She was a rare beauty, caramel skin, perfectly sized DD breasts and a face that turned most heads. Jack was no slouch, dark hair and handsome, the two had met in their last year of collage, and had married a few years later.

Tonight Jess had a tight dress on, it was short, it barely covered her tight pert ass. She was pretty wasted, her dancing had become more slutty as the night wore on. She stumbled towards Jack, who wasn't so steady on his feet himself. "Lets go home!" she whispered into his ear. Jack noticed men looking, her dress had ridden up slightly, allowing the bottom of her ass to be seen. He moved his hands to cover her up, but she spoke before he could. "Don't, I like them looking." she said as she forced her tongue into Jacks mouth.

"Someone's horny" Jack said with a grin. Jess's fantasies always seemed to come out when she was drunk. "come on." Jess said pulling Jack towards the exit. "I'm so wet, I need you inside me." She elles se gouinent et baisent avec mecs french amateur not so quietly. They found their way onto the street, and Jack hailed a taxi. Jess jumped into the front seat, leaving Jack alone to clamber into the back.

"Where to?" the driver asked, stealing a look at Jess as he did so.

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Jack gave him the address, and the driver set off. Jess looked around and licked her lips seductively. He knew what she was going to do. Sometimes she'd flirt with other men whilst Jack was there, he enjoyed it, it had always been a turn on. Nothing had ever come of it, and it had always made Jess super horny. Jess moved in her seat, she hitched her dress up slightly so her small purple thong was exposed. The driver didn't seem to notice, Jess had been subtle in her movements.

Jack was shocked, her flirting had never lead to anything like this before. Jack peeked at the driver. He looked to be Jack's age, but better built, in fact he was all muscle. Jack was slightly uncomfortable with this, but the booze had numbed his senses and he wasn't about to cause an argument with Jess. She spread her legs slightly " aww why am I so wet" She purred. The driver took note. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Well me and my husband have been out clubbing, and I lifted my skirt up so other guys could see my ass. It turned me on, as you can see" Jess opened her legs even further. "Damn, your thongs wet" the driver said as he looked down.

"my pussy is wetter" Jess replied. She could be filthy, it was something Jack loved about her. But that was reserved for him, he felt angry at her behaviour, but he couldn't deny the erection growing between his legs. "Does your husband mind you acting like this?" the driver asked with a grin. "No, he doesn't. This is my night now, I've decided. It turns me on to act like this.

Besides, he knows he'll get to have me when we get home" Jack smiled at that. Jess fumbled in her seat once more. Then she turned around and threw her soaked thon in Jacks face. "Go along with this, for me baby" she cooed. Jack ebony babe gets anal and dp pounding, he couldn't stop her now, whatever she had planned.

She put a hand between her legs, and started slowly rubbing her clit. She inserted her middle finger into her sopping wet pussy, then rubbed it across the drivers lips. Jack was stunned, but so hard, his dick was starting to hurt now. "Careful, I'll crash." The driver said. "Pull over, somewhere quiet." Jess said The driver didn't have to be told twice. He found a narrow dark alley and parked the car.

Jess grabbed his hand and placed it on her wet pussy. "wow, you're so wet." He exclaimed. "Your wife is a real slut buddy" He said Jack smiled thinly, he had pulled his dick out and had started jacking. "Don't you dare cum, I'm warning you" Jess said sternly. Jack nodded. "Lets see what you've got" She said to the driver. As the driver pulled police officer sex while standing jeans down jess stripped completely.

Jack was slowly coming to terms with the fact that his wife was about to fuck a total stranger, he felt humiliated, but he couldn't deny how horny it made him feel. The drivers cock sprung loose. It was pretty big, bigger than Jacks 6 inches.

It was at least 8, and thicker. "mmmm. Look at this Jack. Kristeen chan fucking audition akira hco on your knees" She told the driver. She leant forward and took the tip of his penis into her wet mouth.

She started sucking his dick as hard and quick as she could, whilst trying to make sure Jack could see everything she did. She could deep throat Jack with ease, but this dick was different.

It was to thick. "I need that monster inside me." she said. The driver looked pleased. "okay baby, I haven't cum in three days so I wont last to long." The drive sat down, and Jess prepared to mount him in his seat.

"That's okay, I'll still get another cock tonight." Jess said flashing Jack a wicked grin. She mounted the driver, and quivered when the tip pressed into her folds. Her tits pressed into the drivers face. Jess licked her lips and smiled at Jack. "He's going to fuck your wife tonight Jack, he's going to force his big fat prick into my tight little wet pussy. Its going to feel sooooo good. I can feel him now, he's aching to be inside me. The tip black guy boy xxx story sex stories his cock is just inside, no more.

I'm so wet. I can feel my pussy dripping onto his shaft. Do you want me to stop? IF you want me to I will, I promise?" Jack looked on in awe. His dick was hard in his hand. Jess looked so good there in front of him about to sink onto a strangers fat dick. He couldn't stop it now. He wanted it as much as her.

"Do whatever you'd like baby." Jack said. Jess smiled. "put my thong in your mouth." Jack crammed the soaked purple thong into his mouth, he could taste the sweet juices. "okay, here goes." Jess said. She pushed down ever so slightly, taking an inch of the drivers dick. He groaned into her tits. "your so fucking tight." he said. "not for much longer" Jess said. She slipped down further, taking another inch of the drivers thick dick. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

"It feels amazing Jack, its so fucking hard and thick. Its stretching me out. Fuuuuuuuuuuck" Jess screamed as she impaled herself fully.

She pulled herself back up and slammed back down. Jack was masturbating furiously. "Don't you dare cum, I'm warning you." Jess screamed as she slammed her wet cunt back onto the hard dick. The driver held her in place and slammed up into her, again and again. Jess held onto the seat as the driver relentlessly reamed her pussy.

He grabbed her ass hard. Suddenly he reached around and started playing with her asshole. It was well lubricated from her pussy, and he forced a finger right gorgeous gf fucked slowly before a climax pussyrubbing eatingpussy way in.

Jess shrieked in pain and pleasure. The invasion gave her an orgasm. She squirted her juices all over the driver as he pummelled her little pussy. "I'm close" the driver said. Jack didn't want him to cum in his wife. But he couldn't stop it.

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He was sat in the back seat wanking whilst sucking his wifes wet thong. "Cum in me." Jess said as she recovered from her orgasm.

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The driver kept pounding, and Jess started meeting his thrusts, she was sopping wet now. "Jack, he's going to cum inside your wife, watch his thick dick cum inside me baby. He's stretched me so bad, I love you so much Jack, I love you, I'm gonna fuck you so hard." she screamed in hysteria as another orgasm racked her body.

"I'm going to cum" The driver said between clenched teeth. "Yes, Yes I can feel it. Oh my god its so hot, fuck yes." Jess screamed as she slammed down onto his dick.

He seemed to cum for an age. He squirted rope after rope of hot sperm into Jess, she stared at Jack the whole time, never breaking eye contact. "My thong, now." Jess said breathlessly. Jack passed her the thong, she pulled herself off the cock with one last groan and my dirty hobby tanned brunette plays with her dildo amateur and french pulled her thong back on.

"I'm going to keep it all in my pussy for you Jack." She said with a smirk. The driver pulled his trousers back up and drove them home. The trip was in silence. Jack felt he could explode. He never came and his cock was ready to burst. "This is the place. No charge." The driver said. "Thank you, your dick tattooed girl craves for a big dick amazing, I already feel empty." Jess said.

The married couple entered there house without a word. Jess ran straight up the stairs. Jack followed after locking up. He was angry and horny at the same time. He didn't know what to say. The sight when he reached the bedroom shocked him. Jess was naked again, laying on the bed with the legs open wide. "I'm sorry that went so far Jack, I just couldn't help myself. Will you do one more thing for me baby?" She looked stunning. Her big pert tits looked perfect, her nipples hard with desire.

"What? I'm going to cum, I need to." Jack said almost pleadingly. "Of course you can baby. But I'm a mess. You won't feel anything with the amount he's cum inside me, to much lubrication.

Come here, take my thong off for me." Jack stripped off, his 6inch dick stood hard to attention. It looked so small compared to the drivers. He climbed onto the bed and awkwardly pulled Jess's thong off. Her pussy was slightly agape, and it was so full of cum. "He's ruined my pussy, can you help me repair it Jack.

Please, lick my clit, put it in your mouth." Jess said.

He didn't want to. It was to close to the cum filled hole, but he obediently sucked her clit into her mouth. She arched her back suddenly and Jack's mouth slipped down to her wet hole. It didn't taste bad. Jack was surprised. "Oh, I'm sorry Jack. Clean me up baby. Clean my dirty little pussy." She looked so good, her face was full of slutty lust. Her pussy looked inviting, a thin little landing strip led down to a warm tight pit of cum.

Her vagina had tightened somewhat already, but it brunette hottie abigail mac teases the camera wasn't the same. He didn't say anything. He just inserted his tongue into her hole. "MMM OHHHH. That feels amazing. Clean me Jack, make sure he isn't left inside me baby." Jess grabbed Jacks hair and pulled him into her pussy.

She clenched her muscles and sent a torrent of hot cum into his mouth. He spat it over her stomach and went back to work. She clenched again. "Swallow it you stupid cunt." She leant forward and slapped him hard in the face. Jack kept lapping at the hot cum soaked pussy. His dick was aching so much. He'd had enough. "Get on your hands and knees" He demanded. Jess smiled. She turned around and climbed onto her quivering limbs.

She poked her ass into the air and looked behind expectantly. "You're a fucking whore." Jack said playfully. Another gout of cum dribbled from her pussy. "mmm fuck you baby. Come on, lets see what you can do. It'll have to be something special after that big dick." Jess said.

James grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. She gasped in pain. He lined his cock up with her loose hole and pressed his cockhead into her opening. "ooooo that's it. Make me yours baby, I want to be yours." Jess said.

James pushed his cock into her. Cum bubbled around the edges and she felt so loose. "you loose little slut." he said. "Come on, fuck me." James slammed into her as hard as he could.

He didn't care if he hurt her. She squealed in delight. It took about 18 solid hard pumps before he cum. "Yesss, that's it. I'm yours now again." Jess said weekly.

He rolled over, exhausted. Jess pulled her thong back on. "Thanks James, I love you so much. I really enjoyed tonight, such a turn on fucking that guy. I'll never do it without you being there, I never want to lose you." For the first time since leaving the club she kissed him. He could taste the drivers dick on her tongue but he didn't care. She laid across his chest and prepared to go to sleep. "Jack, my thongs going to hold all your cum inside me. In the morning I want you to wake me up by sucking me clean.

I love you." Jack fell asleep.