Sexy teeny blonde and fit mature baseball practice turns into a wild threesome

Sexy teeny blonde and fit mature baseball practice turns into a wild threesome
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Farrah is a television personality, author, musician, pornographic actress, and stripper. Age 23.

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Her agent faxed me her resume then called me to arrange a meeting. I agreed to meet with her, giving her agent the my office address to meet me.

Farrah entered the office tower around 9 PM. Farrah stood there for a moment, feeling unsure about where she needed to go. She feels nervous and lost. She knows I'm watching her, I had seen her face before, but she has yet to see mine. The picture her agent had sent did not do her justice, and this became more apparent to me fuck my ass and cum on my face telsev my eyes lingered over her body.

I thought she is beautiful: a young goddess. Her dark hair is pulled back at the base of her neck, not preened and pampered neatly, but instead, pinned loosely and provocatively, allowing certain pieces to hang free. Her face is attractive. Her eyes are big and innocent-looking as they search for me. I sent Manny my driver to bring her up to my office suite.

She is shorter than me, barely over five feet tall. She has gorgeous curves packed in that 5 foot frame though. Well, being rejected by Playboy is their loss my gain.

I finished tapping on a PADD and sat it down as I accessed the main computer core, I watched the information running up the screen for a moment then rubbed my eyes. Six hours of intense negoiations has worn on my mind, making me "desk numb," as many employees called it. I glance up to the door as it opens and smile as I see Farrah there, leaning back in my chair I said, " Benefit of working late number one.Nice to meet you." Farrah strolls in, already out of her clothes and smiling.

" I couldn't turn down this meeting.meeting you is a pleasure." Farrah perched one hip on the desk across from me peering at my stack of work. " Though if you're -really- busy, I can come back later." She looks up at me through lowered lashes and smiles suggestively. I smile up to her, letting my gaze travel the length of her body and finally settling on her eyes, I shook my head lightly, " No, that won't do.", I look down the length of her body, ".'cause I've got immediate plans for you." She slips off the desk and slowly walks around one end towards me, trailing one hand along the edge, " What.exactly.did you have in mind?" I grin as I turn my chair to face her, " At the moment?", my gaze rests on her hips, " I've got a long list." She eyes me, looking deceptively relaxed and still as I lean backwards in my office chair.

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Farrah thought through a few possible ways to get those muscles flexing.and her eyes twinkling mischievously. My veiled offer is enough of an invitation for her. " Computer, lock the doors to this office and mute the chime." The computer chirps in compliance, as Farrah draws closer to me, nearly within arm's reach. She suddenly feels a hand covering her mouth from behind as she is pulled back against a thick, warm chest, her body jerks back hard, her ass instantly feeling the hard thick bulge pressing tight against her ass.Her eyes widen as she begins to struggle, feeling my hand clutching over her mouth as she shrieks against my palm, free hand cupping her breast as I start to drag her backwards.she catches a glimpse of me in the mirror, dragging her backwards and begins to relax a bit, then starts to fight again as I drags her to another room.I tug open the buttons of her top as she struggles in my arm, bucking back against me, trying to get loose as her full breasts plunge out of the top in her sexy black lace bra.she gasps hungrily as she feels my hard thick bulge pushing tighter against her sexy ass as I rip off her blouse, pushing her forward over the back of the couch her hands fall to the cushions, gripping them tightly as she tries to squirm away from me, her pussy suddenly soaking wet as the struggle excites her, her breasts bouncing as she bucks and writhes back against me as my hand grips her back, holding her bent over the back of the couch, bucking frantically as she struggles against dahlia sky all access pov pornstars hardcore. She feels me yank her skirt down the back of her thighs as she pants raggedly, her legs tensing as she struggles, unable to move as I pin her over the back of the couch, her soaking swollen pussy lips quickly soaking the tiny thong as the fabric clings to her swollen lips.she gasps loudly as I wrap my hand between her legs, squeezing possessively as I grind the fabric down over her quivering swollen pussy lips as she writhes frantically, feeling the soaking fabric clinging to her swollen clit as jolts rip through her with each movement.her hands clutching at the couch cushions as she lets out a hungry moan as she hears me pushing my pants down, feeling my hard thick cock plunging out against her sexy ass, then she starts to fight again, throwing her hands back, trying to push my hips away as she feels my thick, throbbing cock rubbing hard against the back of her ass.she shrieks as my fists suddenly grip her hands pinning them to her lower back as she struggles frantically against me, my thick shaft rubbing harder up and down against the back of her tiny thong as she feels the veins pressing out against the tender skin of her tight ass.

I slide my arm underneath hers, clutching them both behind her with one arm as she struggles back against me, panting and gasping for breath as her arms flex wildly against my grip.she shrieks, her eyes darkening as she feels my free hand dragging her soaking thong down the back of her thighs as she tries to clench her legs together as tightly as she can, crossing her legs as I bend her deeper over the back of the couch.her eyes widen as she arches her back, letting out a wild scream as she suddenly feels me mount her.

My hairy thighs pressing hard against her thighs as I pull her back to me. My thick, hard cock grinding between her crossed legs, she struggles trying to pull away from me. Pressing my body harder against her her back preventing her from moving. Then I thrust forward and pull her back at the same time, then she feels intense pain as my thick shaft stretches her pussy so tight. It hurt so bad, her pussy feels like it is burning as my thick shaft continues stretching her as it slides deeper into her clenching pussy.

Her clenching pussy walls trying to accommodate to the lyla storm in i have a wife and thickness of my shaft as it slides in deeper. She feels like her lower half is being ripped in two separate pieces as her body tenses in a wild arch.

It happened so fast, her breasts heaving as she bites her lip, trying desperately not to scream as she feels every single vein grinding against her clenching walls as she grips my thick shaft so tight, squeezing her legs together tighter as my body tenses.Her hands opening and closing frantically as she tries to grasp anything she can as I clutche her hands behind her back, her head tossing from side to side as her screams come flowing out uncontrollably as she feels me dragging my thick cock back out, veins tugging against her clenching walls as she lifts herself onto her tip toes as they curl wildly.the pain is unbearable.

She screams as she writhes frantically feeling every movement as I pop my thick swollen head in and out of her clenching wet slit. Her body is shaking as the intense pain returns. She closes her eyes, hoping it will end soon or the pain will stop, as her mind races, the slowly subsides as her back arches as I slam my cock deeper inside her.

Impaling her cervix with my cock head, she screams as her pussy walls clamp down hard on my shaft. " Oh God.your soooo deep inside me.No man has ever been sooo deep inside me.I didn't think any man could go that deep." Her breasts thrust into the air as she feels me still stretching her, I seem to be swelling bigger and longer inside her and the pain increases as a powerful orgasm rips through her as my free hand suddenly squeezes her swollen clit tight as I slam my thick shaft deep inside her, impaling her tight pussy again as I grind her spasming clit wildly between my fingertips.

She squeals and shrieks as her body thrashes ferociously in my arms as eight powerful orgasms rip through her body violently, lifting one leg and kicking wildly as she feels her body tear in half with the massive orgasms.

Her pussy seizes my shaft as it throbs deep inside her. Her arms flexing hard as her breasts bounce wildly, her screams increasing in pitch as she feels my swollen head start bouncing rapidly against her cervix as her entire body jerks and spasms hard with each powerful stroke, pulling her body back against me as she feels my thick cock tensing inside her, stretching her so tight as she clenches her legs together again, her eyes rolling back in her head as a massive thrust slams into her.

The pain again is unbearable as my knot drives deep inside her, as deep as I can, it feels huge, it feels the size of her fist. Farrah has no idea what it was buried deep inside her, her pussy seems to want it inside her. I'm sucking and gasping as it made her orgasm again and again, I shoved my knot as deep as possible impaling my cock head in her cervix, it is huge and still swelling inside her.

She screams as she suddenly feels my hot cum blasting inside her cervix without animalistic grunts hot against the back of her ear as she feels me suddenly slamming into her roughly as powerful jets of hot cum shoots against her deepest walls as she starts to cum again, orgasms tearing through her body ferociously as she darksome hole of beauteous gal is nailed and bucks back against me.

Shrieking frantically as her screams echo in the room, her body jerking back hard, keeping herself impaled on my hard cock as she bends hard over the couch, unable to stand anymore. Farrah realizes she can't escape my assault, my cock wasn't letting her. She is now mine, mine alone, and mine forever. My cock and knot buried deep inside her and I wasn't going to let her get away.

She is mine to have and I'm making sure she knew it. She is stuck to me, my slave, she tries to pull off my cock but my knot prevents her, it hurt when she tries to force my knot out.

It must be the size of a basketball. She lifts her legs in the air behind her and lets me fuck her roughly as she balances herself on the back of the couch, shrieking with each powerful thrust as my hard cock impales her contracting pussy, vr box sex stories x full sex stories wave of powerful orgasms ripping through her violently as she screams " Oh God.John.John.OMG," her toes curling wildly as she kicks her legs frantically through her massive orgasms.milking my thick cock, gasping as she feels the last of my hot cum flooding into her cervix and pussy as she milks me dry, panting and whimpering as she collapses against the back of the couch.

Finally after thirty minutes, she tried again to pull off my cock. With a forceful jerk my cock pulls out making a loud popping noise. Cum mixed with blood oozes out running down her thighs, I release her arms as her hands drop to the couch, clutching at the cushions as she feels my hips pressing back against her and lifting up. Farrah isn't sure what is happening until the sudden blinding pain as I thrust again, shoving my cock into her tight virgin asshole.

Her asshole has never been touched by anyone until now. She wasn't prepared for that invasion, screaming in pain and surprise. I growl in her ear " Relax Farrah, let me push all the way into your tight virgin ass." Farrah feels me swelling bigger until I explode within her ass, my knot tight against her anus causing her to feel like her anus is on fire.

I stop moving, pausing until the swelling subsides and my limp cock falls out of her ass, I move back away from her. Her breasts heave against the couch.she hears me groaning behind her as I drag my hands slowly up and down her back as I whisper." That was an incredible start to night. Our night is just starting." Her body quivers and shakes hard as she relaxes against the back of the couch, her cheek pressed tight against the cushion, unable to move her exhausted sore body, she simply nods against the couch.

Farrah feels cum mixed with blood oozing out and running down her thighs, I grab a towel handing it to her. She stands up turning around to see standing there with my cock hanging limp. Farrah gasped seeing my penis was huge, completely unlike anything she has ever seen nearly 10 inches long and 3 inches thick. Reddish color with a cobweb pattern of blue veins, terrifying as it was, what was at the end of it was worse.

There twice the thickness of the shaft an angrier red - white color, was a horrendous round knot. Farrah grabs the towel from me and ran to the bathroom.

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She examined her vagina, it was ripped open oozing cum and blood mixture. She cried for thirty minutes, then took a shower. Once she was finished, she wrapped a towel around her body and came back into the room.

I had dressed and was sitting on the couch waiting for her. Farrah got dressed.