Busty mom tia gunn and angel cakes share bbc

Busty mom tia gunn and angel cakes share bbc
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When Herbert isn't working at St Saviour's, he is enjoying the many pleasures of being a patron at Avondale Academy. He is destiny girlfriend gets 7 creampies to watch as the pupils learn some very painful and humiliating lessons, from Miss Hilda Ashton the Academy's sadistic Headmistress and her equally sadistic staff. Working closely with Miss Marchant, Herbert had gained her trust and it was Alice who introduced him to the ancient art of acupuncture and one day without telling him the reason why, made him accompany her to London's Haymarket.

Requesting the coachman to stop outside a shabby building, Alice led the way up a flight of stairs to a tiny office on the top floor. An oriental woman who Alice guessed was in her early twenties greeted them, and then led them into another much larger office where a very large Chinese man was waiting. Smiling, he spoke softly to the woman and she hurried out, returning only moments later with a very nervous little Chinese girl who looked about twelve.

Alice took the chair she was offered while Herbert stood slightly behind her and to one side, his eyes looking everywhere as he tried to fathom out what was going to happen next. The man bowed once more, then explained. "In the far East we follow quite different medical procedures.

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We use far less knifes, busty babe gets a mouthful of cum more plants and these," he explained, opening a wooden box that had twelve finely made needles inside, each about three inches long, the metal so fine that when he picked one up with the thicker end, the whole needle bent under its own weight.

While Alice and Herbert examined the long slender needles, the man had turned to order the waiting child to undress. With a start, she began removing her long oriental gown, her slender fingers working quickly to undo the fastenings.

Her face burning brightly under all the attention, she lifted the gown over her head to reveal to her excited admirers a deliciously smooth light skinned body. Her breasts were small but firm, and her nipples the colour of strong tea. Her pubis had a sprinkling of hairs that remained straight, each angled towards the cleft of her vulva, and her labia protruded from finely honed thighs.

A shapely little bottom that Alice was itching to torture complimented the girl's beauty. "Over many centuries, we have found that it is possible to relieve pain by applying needles to various parts of the body," he explained.

"You can relieve pain?" Alice asked. The man smiled and took hold of one of the needles. Then, approaching the nervous child drew her close to him and expertly inserted one of the needles. "Now," he said to Alice, turning the child's head away. Alice withdrew a martinet from her purse; the ends nicely worked with sharp metal rivets, and whipped it hard across her bottom.

The girl gave out a whimper, but not the reaction that Herbert had expected, having just had her bottom lacerated by the rivets on the martinet. Her flesh was just starting to brighten when Alice applied a second and much harder stroke, bringing spots of blood.

To Alice's amazement the girl didn't seem to feel it. "Is the reverse true?" Alice asked. "You mean, heightening their sensitivity to pain? Certainly, and we can also be specific as to which part of the body is to be affected." "Can the insertion of the needle itself cause a pain in another part of the body?" Herbert asked excitedly.

"We can cause excruciating pain by inserting the needle directly into certain parts of the body, but to do so from another point," he shook his head. "The best we could perhaps achieve is a feeling of warmth or itchiness," he explained. Alice turned to Herbert. "You must learn what is useful and then you can teach me," she told him. Alice was intrigued with the many uses this type of medicine could be put to, and her mind was already busy thinking about how she could use the needles on her unsuspecting little tarts.

****** In the main theatre, a girl of twelve lay on her back, half hidden beneath a single white sheet. She whimpered occasionally, her eyes big and round as she looked up at the three tiers of seats, licking her lips as more and more of them were xxx sex muve sex stories story dawnlod being taken by excited patrons and Governors. She tried to think about the prestigious badge of honor that she would earn, yet still couldn't stop herself struggling against the restraints, and trying to close her thighs, despite the metal rod that had been placed between them to keep them well apart.

Herbert walked in with his most prized possessions and blinked at the sudden applause from the audience. For a moment he thought of nothing but escaping, then he controlled his instincts and shyly acknowledged them.

Alice followed him in and almost immediately the theater fell silent and she smiled as she recognized the level of control she had over these people. "Tonight, you will see Herbert give a demonstration of acupuncture, an oriental technique that, in addition to being used as a health cure, can also be used to alter the perception of pain.

Please do continue Herbert." Herbert nodded and swept aside the sheet that covered the young girl, baring the child whose pale body had been arranged so that she was in perfect view of everyone in the audience.

"You'll notice our subject, Nancy, is five feet tall, of slim build and has just entered puberty. She's been here six months but, as you can also see, she is extremely nervous." Panting, Nancy licked her lips and once again tried to close her thighs. With her pelvis raised and her knees held apart, she felt herself terribly exposed.

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She had thought that she might have become aroused lying there with so many looking down at her exposed little cunt, but the opposite was actually true and she started naomi russell shows off her sweet ass quiver with fright.

That feeling of dread doubled as she watched the little man with the thick glasses hold up an extremely long slither of metal for all to see. She had the distinct feeling that it was to be used on her and, panting in fright, tried once again to escape her bonds. "We will first reduce Nancy's fear," Herbert said.

With finger and thumb he pulled the girl's flesh taut, then plunged the needle in the way he'd been taught. Nancy was about to scream but stopped, her eyes flickering as she realized it hadn't hurt. Herbert flicked the long stem to create a vibration of the needle within her and smiled as the girl's anxious look fled from her face. Having experimented on himself, Herbert knew a peace was settling through her body, invading her and calming her mind.

Soon, having kept up the vibration, she was semi conscious; aware of everything around her but totally relaxed. "Nancy is now fully alert, but completely relaxed. There is now no tension in her body, nor is there any ability to move," Herbert told the attentive audience, proving the point by roughly pinching flesh from her inner thigh, then her belly.

"However, she can still feel pain," he told them. A needle appeared in his hand and, with a smile down at her calm and relaxed face, he placed it tenderly against the tip of her nearest nipple, and then slowly pressed it downwards.

Nancy squealed, her head thrown back as the white-hot pain pierced her left nipple and drove inwards. It went on and on while her body continued to lie, totally relaxed, upon the table. "Please note," Herbert said, raising his voice to be heard over the child's crying, "that Nancy remains relaxed throughout her ordeal." Picking up another needle he slowly inserted it into Nancy's small but puckered right nipple, watching with keen interest as the smooth metal shaft slowly pressed down into the tender nub of flesh.

Nancy screamed with a new passion, tossing her head from side to side while her body continued to lie relaxed. With the needles embedded in her nipples and standing erect from her body, Herbert stood back and addressed his audience. "I shall now show you how this technique can also be used to subdue the sensation of pain, and also enhance it," he told them. You will also see her accept a tremendous amount of pain without any real suffering, then become extremely tender to even the lightest of touches," he explained.

With that remark he stepped up to the girl again and, having drawn the pins from her breasts, deftly inserted two more needles about her body, flicking them as he had the first until he felt satisfied. Under the bright lights, the audience clearly saw Herbert pick up a third needle and, with this poised in his hand, move to the junction of sucking dudes balls and rod momsandteens and threesome girl's thighs. Moving smoothly, he used his free hand to draw the folds of her cunt apart, pulling labia apart until the child's firm little clitoris shaft stood alone from the valley of her sex, her skin bright and moist.

Women gasped from around the room as Herbert first scrapped the hood with the point of the needle, yet the girl didn't move and her only reaction seemed to be the further swelling of that little morsel. They had just got used to that having occurred without the child reacting when Herbert drove the needle directly into Nancy's aroused clitoris, entering it at the tip to drive down along the stem.

Now everyone gasped, as they stared wide-eyed at the needle sticking out of her most sensitive place. Nancy, unable to see them because of the position Herbert had taken, panted and stared at the ceiling, the tingling sensation in her groin making her wish she could swivel her hips or lift her crotch.

Herbert pulled on the needle, dragging her tender little clitty out as he drew on the steel. When it parted, he chose another position on the swollen nub of flesh and more slowly pierced it with the needle again. At the new angle, it entered at one side and pushed out at the other. He now stood back so all could see what he'd done. "I'm sure you will see the opportunity to pierce and ring places we've never dared do so in the past," he told them.

He then rearranged the other pins about her body. "She is now extremely sensitive," he explained. Nancy could also sense the difference.

The air in the room had seemed still, yet now she could feel it caressing her body, moving across her genitals and opening her with their sweet caress. She now groaned and squirmed, gasping as the restraints started to dig into her with a sudden pain. Even the fabric placed under her bottom now seemed suddenly rough and she tried to still herself so only the pleasure of the air remained. Herbert smiled, as he watched her reaction. He touched her lightly between her breasts and with a finger began tracing her skin; his grin now broadening as he watched her little nipples lengthen and her once pale skin turn flushed and glowing.

He could sense his audience were once more on the edges of their seats as they saw her fledging cunt bloom and sparkle and her hips rotate, despite herself. His hands reached slowly downwards, playing with her and gauging her arousal with his years of experience.

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His fingers were like magic butterflies on her smooth pubis while her cunt gaped for attention. The girl gasped and panted desperately trying to lift her crotch, despite her restraints. He gauged it perfectly; the child was on the edge of an orgasm, and the audience on the edge of their seats. As his fingers hovered above her erect little clitoris, moving the air over the sensitive bud, his other hand moved to her nipples to gently pull them in turn from the bed of her little breasts.

For a moment all she did was catch her breath and stare wild eyed at him, then a scream tore from her throat and seemed to rock the room. She ran out of breath and quickly sucked in another to scream again, her body shaking as she arched, tears flooding from her eyes to pour down her face as she felt the raw pain in her chest, like having her breasts torn from her, like having them chewed and eaten while still a part of her.

Herbert swayed, and thought he was in heaven. ****** Greta Foulds had just stepped into Alice's bedroom as Herbert took up his position at the spy hole in the wall to enjoy the spectacle that was about to take place right in front of him. A passionate voyeur Herbert knew from past experience that when these women got together they were formidable. The two women were not alike physically, Alice being the taller and more slender of the two, while Greta had more colour in her hair and features.

"Well, how did you get on?" Alice asked Greta excitedly. Greta Foulds had just returned from a special mission to France as an emissary of St Saviour's.

Alice had informed her before she left of the governors' decision to purchase some French orphans, and that she was not to return without purchasing some. "You are right, France has hundreds of unwanted orphans," Greta said. "How are they treated?" Alice asked.

"Harshly, the French have a real passion for using martinet whips to discipline their children," Greta said with a smile. "Are they sexually abused?" Alice asked. "Yes, some are, but it's not quite as prevalent as in our English institutions," Greta answered.

"Did you bring any of the orphans back with you?" Alice asked her, unable to hide her eagerness. "Yes, but Jeremy insisted that they were isolated until he had a chance to check them more thoroughly," Greta said with a smile. Then as if on cue, there was a knock on the door and opening it Alice found three very nervous children standing outside.

Standing behind them was Janice Glover who roughly pushed them into the middle of the room. The children, two girls and a boy were just entering puberty, the boy a little older, and a little taller. Janice told them to remove their shifts and had to smack them several times before she could get them to display themselves.

"You have done well Miss Foulds," Alice remarked. The children blushed, the girls from glancing at the boy's cock as it slowly rose, their nipples giving away their reaction to it. The boy blushed, unable to stop his reaction as he once again got to see the two girls naked, their privates also revealed.

"Put real sleeping sister fukeng brother to the Stand," Alice remarked, as the boy's handsome cock started to grow, the stretched chick jade fucks hung landlord for boyfriend now being drawn from its tender tip. Greta grinned and quickly drew the Stand from the corner. The Stand was just that, a wooden platform that was adjusted until the child could stand astride it without too much discomfort.

His thighs were strapped to various points, and his wrists taken and attached behind him, and drawn to the wood so that it kept his upper body slightly bent back.

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The girls shifted nervously, unsure just what was in store for them. Greta finished the preparations by pushing a flat piece of wood along the top of the device, between his thighs until xxx sixty 18 story schoil was extended along the underside of his cock, offering it some support in case it should wilt.

"Do you prefer the right or the left?" Alice asked Greta. "The right please," Greta murmured, licking her lips and flushing with anticipation. In a cabinet 98874 british sluts xmas roast her desk were various implements that the women could use. Alice chose a short whip that had strands made from the laces of workmen's boots, each with a little metal tip at the end.

Miss Foulds chose a cane, the wood nicely thin and pliant, yet hard enough to bring real pain to the boy's rampant erection.

Standing on either side, they watched as he panted and struggled, his cock hardly moving, so nicely had he been bound in place. Greta struck first, her face glowing with excitement as she delivered a sharp slap to the shrinking flesh to then giggle as he screamed and jerked in agony.

Alice brought her whip down to the base of his cock, the metal tipped strands of lace creating bright little wounds, and making him cry out. Janice waited with the girls, making sure they stood and watched and didn't try to escape as both women concentrated on their task, their faces mirroring their concentration as much as their excitement as each worked to ensure the boy's cock was made tender, from base to tip.

The boy was limp and exhausted when they had finished, the stripes of colour produced by the ruler like piece of wood making such a pretty amateur shameless teens got smashed in pov sex videos to the points of bright color the whip had made, the skin punctured here and there giving it a pleasing overall image.

Then it was the turn of the girls who whimpered and drew away, their fear making them panic and Janice had to smack them into obedience. "So, what shall we do next?" Alice grinned. "If you whip one while I sit on her face, I'd willingly do the same for you with the other," Greta breathed, her eyes dilated and her breath quickening. "Blindfold them," Alice told Janice, as she nodding her acceptance of Greta's suggestion.

Once Janice had blindfolded them the women removed their corsets to better enjoy their pleasures. Alice then retrieved one of the many canes she had at her disposal. Like the one used earlier by Miss Fould's, the cane Alice had chosen was long, the latter half sliced a number of times along its length. The many splices created slender pieces of bamboo that, individually, would cut into flesh as finely as a razor. Panting with excitement, Janice and Greta tied one of the girl's to the bedpost and threw the other onto the bed.

The child was panting as heavily as they, but her expression spoke of terror rather than enjoyment. It was an expression the women loved and they stroked her slender young form while they described what they planned for her, fully aware that the child could only understand a few words.

Their caresses turned to pinches and the girl began to cry as she twisted and turned in an effort to escape their hurting hands, her pretty eyes begging them to be gentle with her.

They stopped for just a moment, until the girl thought her ordeal was over, then Greta squatted down, her bottom fully open and pressing firmly on to the girl's nose and mouth.

Her breath caught as she savoured the marvellous sensations caused by her Queening of the young girl. She captured her thighs, pulling them further up, and then down as she began to squirm with her pleasure. Alice saw Greta's pleasure rising within her and turned her attention to the upturned bottom waiting for her pleasure. Stretched taut, the curved split of her sex protruding slightly, her cunt spread wide by her position, and yet completely dry with fright.

The cane swept across, slender strands parting, each landing to slice painfully into her young flesh.

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The smooth skin now parted in long thin lines, she shrieked sending wonderful vibrations through Greta's bottom and cunt. Janice never let her eyes leave the sight as she stepped to the boy and began stroking his chest and belly, her hands slowly working down towards his groin. She pressed herself up against his back, letting him feel her breasts and smoothly shaven pubis against him, and by the time her hands had reached him, his tender cock was long and hard despite his earlier beating.

Her circling grip made him whimper. She licked his neck and ran her nails down his tenderized flesh, a prelude to pinching them into his tender shaft. Alice delivered a second stroke and the girl jumped and screamed again. Greta flung her head back delightedly, sucking her breath through her nose as the girl's screech vibrated throughout her privates.

In front of her, the girl's lovely bottom, just beginning to gain weight with the development of her slender hips, displayed another score of slender bloody lines.

She breathed deeply, controlling her excitement, even as she rocked her cunt along the girl's crying face. The cane came slicing down again, whistling as the strands parted, slapping sharply as it landed and cut her flesh. The girl convulsed and Greta gasped her delight, pressing her crotch down firmly onto the child's face as she climaxed.

Off to one side, unnoticed by everyone except Alice, Catrina k i sex story sobbed with delight as her nails began to get slippery with the blood from the young boy's cock.

Alice went over to the girl tied to the bedpost and licked the salty tears from her cheeks. "Scream nicely for me darling!" she whispered. Then excited by the prospect that her lovely little bottom would soon be cut to ribbons, she slowly and roughly pinched it, bringing fresh tears to the child's eyes.