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The Friendly Mermaid Chapter 1 It was a beautiful summer Saturday morning, a light breeze was blowing, and the temperature was already in the 70's even though it was only 07:30. Jenna had called last night and said she had two friends, coming over this weekend and wanted india summer and melanie raine lesbo sex in the bathroom know if her standing invitation to go on the boat was still good.

I laughed and said of course it was. Jenna is a beautiful young lady about 5'3" with reddish brown hair, D cup breasts, an hourglass figure and a fondness for bikini's. A man would have to be crazy to say no to her. Another good quality she had was her friends, a wide assortment of body types, and all about her height, and so far, all I had met were extremely sexy.

I could not wait to meet the two she was bringing today. For those of you not owning a boat, there is nothing that is better than hitting the water with a boat full of beautiful sexy women in bikinis.

You are the envy of every man on the lake, and some of the women also. I pulled to the dock and filled both fuel tanks, and loaded the coolers with food and beverages onto the boat. I guess I should fill you in a little on my boat.

Some people call them a party barge, but I prefer not to, "barge" does not do her justice. She is a 28' pontoon boat, 100 hp motor, Bimini half cover and full wrap around seats with about half of those folding out into suntan couches. A small head behind the captain's seat finishes off her amenities. I installed a small gas grill after I bought her so we could be out for 1 or 2 days and be very comfortable. It was almost 08:00 as I docked at the visitors dock at the marina where I had told Jenna I would meet her and the girls.

Sure enough as I was tying the lines I saw Jenna and two blondes walking towards the dock. I couldn't see their faces yet, but every guy on the dock was turning their heads watching the three ladies walk across the parking lot. All three were close in height, the two friends were both blondes, and very well built.

I laughed as I saw one or two married guys get smacked by their wives for staring too long at the line of sexy ladies heading for my boat. Chapter 2 I watched as the girls approached, and was delighted with Jenna's two friends, Jenna as I said before had full D breasts, but both of these girls had to be a least DD and both had nice full hips also, and best of all, they seemed to share Jenna's love for small bikinis!

They were all wearing bikinis with only one of those gauzy see through wraps around their waist that served to amplify the swaying of their full hips as they walked down the dock. I stepped up onto the dock as they got to the boat and Jenna gave me a hug and introduced her friends.

Tom, this is Jill and Shelly, Thanks for taking us out with you today. Pleasure to meet you ladies; I hope you enjoy my boat, welcome aboard the "Friendly Mermaid". Both girls laughed at what I had named my boat, and followed Jenna aboard. I released the front line and followed after them. Jenna showed them the safety equipment and explained all the rest of the layout as I untied the back line and pulled us away from the dock.

I let Jenna do the hostess part as I got us out and away from the marina, the rush of weekend wonders was just starting as we cleared shy amateur teen couple and public office squirt suspect was apprehended under suspicion "No Wake " zone and I could open the mermaid up and get us out on the lake away from the crowd.

Jenna pulled a couple of the lounge seats out and the three of them remover their sun skirts and stretched out on them. I had to concentrate on watching where I was going, because one of the very best views on the lake had just appeared on the forward deck of my boat. I saw Shelly lean over and talk to Jenna, Jenna looked at me and smiled that smile she gets when she knows I am going to be in trouble. She turned back to Shelly and shook her head no. I watched as the three girls sat up, having no idea what had been said between them and all three girls undid their tops and took them off and lay back down.

Jenna turned towards me and stuck out her tongue and laughed at my reaction to seeing 3 pairs of beautiful tits bouncing with the waves in front of my eyes. The view in front of me definitely made it hard to keep my eyes on the lake around me so I slowed and dropped anchor in the middle of the lake in full sun. I was waiting to see Shelly and Jill's reaction when the guys realized I had three half naked bathing beauties on my boat.

It did not take long for the word to spread about the view on the Mermaid, and more and more boats were buzzing by causing her to rock in their wake. This definitely made me smile because it increases the "wave" action on the Mermaid also.

The girls realized what was going on, and I was happy to see they were not upset, even waving to some of the boats as they passed. Finally they turned over and decided to bake their backs for a while. Jenna called to me and asked if I would put suntan lotion on her back. I walked to her and took the bottle of lotion and starting at her shoulders I worked my way down her arms, then back up and started on her back. I made sure to coat every inch of skin that could burn, including the sides of her full breasts where they bulged out from her chest as sexy asian chick gets her lingerie shot with cum lay on them.

Then down and took a lot of time making sure her beautiful ass was totally covered so it would not burn.

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I then worked my way down her long legs to her feet. I spent some time spreading lotion on her feet as I know she really enjoys this. I stood and smacked her on the ass and said there you go, all oiled up. Just as I started to turn, Shelly looked up and asked if I would mind doing her. I stood there for a minute, my mind instantly thinking all kind of interesting scenarios that that choice of words could infer.

However having just met the young lady, I just said sure and took her lotion and started rubbing it on her arms and shoulders. As I was doing her back, however, as I slid my hands along her ribs she leaned back just a little so my hands had a fair amount of her soft tits in them as they passed by.

I was fairly sure that this was not an accident, so putting more lotion on my hands I did her sides again to see what happened. Sure enough as my hands approached her tits she leaned up and this time I took my time making sure the sides of those large beautiful mounds would not burn. I returned to Shelly's back and squirted oil down it almost to the top of her full shapely ass. I worked this in and rubbing and massaging my way down until I was at the waist of her thong bikini bottom.

I stood there deciding how far I wanted to push this situation as I did not want to offend Jenna's friend. Suddenly Shelly wiggled her ass almost as if impatient to get it covered. I quickly squirted some warm oil on her cheeks, and heard her make a little moan as some of the warm oil made its way into the valley between her cheeks. I started massaging her ass, rubbing the oil into every nook and cranny wanting to do a good job, (who am I kidding; I just wanted my hands on the great ass in front of me.) Shelly groaned and spread her legs a little apart as my fingers grazed the spot where the oil had worked its way between her cheeks.

I dribbled a little more oil on her ass then started sliding my fingers between her cheeks as more oil worked its way down. I felt Shelly jerk as my finger grazed her tightly puckered hole and slid its way to the bottom of her pussy lips. Just grazing them softly I moved my hand back up on her ass and worked my way down her legs to her feet.

Knowing Jenna real act of defloration alberta watching, I took my time oiling Shelly's feet, working the oil slowly between each toe, down the soles back over the top and then each toe again.

Jill had lain quietly all this time, so I still had no idea as to her personality yet, maybe she was the quiet reserved one of the group. That thought was soon proved wrong as I stood up a hand with a bottle of oil appeared in front of me, and with a chuckle in her voice Jill asked is it finally my turn?

Not being one to turn down an attractive half naked woman I immediately took the oil and started to work on Jill. Moving her long blonde hair to the side, I started at the top of her neck and worked my way down to her shoulders. As I did Jill's arms, I let my fingers graze the side of her abundant breasts, testing the waters so to speak. She did not give any reaction, so after finishing her arms I went to her shoulders and down her sides. Jill much the same way Shelly had risen up a little as I did her sides, and as my hands went past the sides of her breasts I slid them under her and cupped her full breasts.

Jill gasped a little as my fingers found her full nipple and teased them for a minute before sliding back out from under her. I poured more oil on her back and rubbed it in real good moving slowly down towards the globes of her ass. Jill had a more conservative regular bikini bottom on rather than a thong, so as I reached her ass I poured a small puddle of warm oil in the depression in the small of her back and started rubbing it around the edges not covered by the suit. Jill reached down without saying a word and untied both sides of her bottoms allowing me full access to her tantalizing ass.

Wasting no time, I pulled her bottoms off of her completely, not just off her ass, which I think might have surprised her. I started working the oil into her cheeks and the kinky angela stone teen outdoor lesbian action of her thighs, Massaging her thighs close too, but not touching her pussy lips which had a moist line running along the crease where they parted.

Jill was slowly rocking her hips while I was applying the oil, I finally dribbled a small amount in the crease between her cheeks and lubed her crack with warm oil before moving to her legs and working cristina gonzales pinay celeb sex scandal them.

Chapter 3 I moved back to my seat, looking around and surprised at the number of boats that are anchored around us. None of them super close, but there must have been plenty of people enjoying me oiling up the three lovely ladies on the Mermaid.

I wasn't upset, if I had the chance to watch three bathing beauties being rubbed down with oil, I would have watched too. I sat down in my chair and got a cold coke out of the cooler and was enjoying all the succulent female flesh baking on my boat, and just enjoying life. Jenna looked at me when Man and her wife sex opened it and asked for a drink also.

Shelly and Jill also chimed in asking for the same. I told them I was the Captain not the waiter and laughed. They were laughing at my comment when Jill jumped up and started walking towards the cooler. The fact that she had nothing on was not lost on everyone watching the Mermaid, and the whistles and cheers were not long in coming.

Jill did not hurry; she enjoyed the show she was putting on almost as much as I did. She was a very pretty woman, very full breasts with large dark aureoles and large nipples.

She approached the cooler and bent over giving me a great view of her breasts swaying as she took three ice cold beers from the cooler and started a very sensual walk back to her lounge, managing to drop icy drops of water on Shelly and Jenna's backs as she walked by and laughing as they both squealed and jumped as she did. The girls were all sitting up enjoying the cold beer and talking while I was just enjoying the view of those beautiful bodies.

If you have read any of my other stories, then you know I am first and foremost a breast man, but I can honestly say that these three ladies had asses fine enough to almost, but just almost make me an ass man.

That being said, I was a happy man, having the best of both worlds only a few feet in front of me. I was curious just how this day was going to go. I had known Jenna for a while and she was a very sexy lady and a lot of fun. If Jill and Shelly were anywhere near as energetic and as she was I could be in big trouble before the day was done.

Although I admit I have always been partial to Jenna, I would be a fool to turn down either of the two lovely ladies she had brought with her today. I knew that if things got hot enough she would join right in, that was one of the things I loved about the lady, she liked tits and asses almost as much as me. I could never complain about any of her friends that we had fun with, but I do tease her about one friend, Wendy, whose nipples are bigger than her tits, but she is a sexy little lady that will plumb wear you out.

I figured it was time to share the wealth, raised the anchor and started for a different section of the lake. The breeze felt good on the girls, and made me feel better too as soon there were six large nipples leading the way. I thought if the girls liked putting on a show, I knew the perfect spot and we made our way slowly down the lake to the area where the interstate crossed the lake.

When I dropped anchor the girls started oiling up their fronts and I watched very happily. They soon discovered that I was not the only one watching when the drivers of the big rigs started blowing their horns as they passed us on the bridge.

Having several friends in the trucking industry I black guy boy xxx story sex stories the drivers were passing the information about the naked boat girls up and down the highway. Shelly and Jenna not to be out done by Jill who had lost her bottoms when I put oil on her back took off their bottoms and threw them in the pile of cloth on the deck.

I was now the proud Captain of the Mermaid big tit teen bouncing boobs sweet terry fucked her three lovely naked ladies. I do have to admit that by this time, my own clothes were feeling quite restricted in some vital spots. I was after all just a mere mortal and I defy any living man that could have sat and watched what I was and not have it affect him. Chapter 4 I started the motor ready to move us to a part of the lake not so heavily traveled at this point, there were several secluded coves to put into and enjoy the sun and music.

We had just started to move when Shelly stood and started back towards me. It was a beautiful sight, seeing her walking into the sun, oiled body glistening and those very appealing large breasts swaying with the movement of the Mermaid over the water. She was smiling as she walked up and asked if she could drive.

I told her of course, after all who was I to refuse a beautiful naked woman such a small request.

Before I could get up from my chair, Shelly dropped her sexy naked ass right in my lap laughing and telling me she had never driven a boat before so I had to help.

I was not sure how much help I would be, as I had a beautiful naked ass grinding on my lap and rapidly swelling cock. I slid my arms around her as I explained about the throttle handle and how to keep the boat pointed in the general direction we wanted to go. Shelly was looking all around and each time she turned, her soft oiled tits rubbed my arm, so returning the favor, I started rubbing her back and shoulders as we made our way slowly down the lake.

I was massaging her back and Shelly leaned back, filling my hands with her soft tits. Naturally I started massaging them for her also.

I heard a soft moan as I was rolling her stiffening nipples between my thumb and finger. Shelly also ground her full ass even more against my now straining cock.

We received a lot of whistles and horn blowing as we passed other boats and they saw the blonde naked woman on my lap as we went by. My concentration was bad enough anyway, but Shelly reached down and freed my cock from the legs of my sunny levon xxx on 2019 trunks, and lifted her ass enough to guide it to the opening of her very wet and hot pussy, letting out a moan as she slowly sank down impaling herself on it.

It suddenly occurred to me as Shelly was rocking on my cock that I had not even thought about Jill or Jenna since Shelly had started her walk back towards me. I leaned to the side looking to make sure they were still on the boat, thankfully they were. Both of them were intently watching Shelly and I as she rocked back and forth on my hard cock, they obviously knew what was happening in the Captain's chair. This had to be one of the wildest days ever on the Mermaid, one beautiful naked lady in my lap riding my swollen cock, and two more just as beautiful naked women watching as I played with her large tits and teases those beautiful swollen nipples.

I dropped my hand down and even though they couldn't see where it went, Shelly left no doubt as she let out a large groan and jumped as my fingers found her swollen clit. Shelly had a nice large clit and every time my finger circled it she would moan and jump a little causing her tits to bounce even more. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock at the same time. I started concentrating more on stroking her clit and Shelly went from rocking on my cock to bouncing up and down on it. Jill had moved up to the lounger in front of Jenna and I could see Jenna starting to rub Jill's shoulders.

The more Shelly moaned and tracey goes for a fuck on the sundeck faster she started bouncing up and down on my cock, the farther forward Jenna's hands moved until finally she had her hands completely enclosing Jill's large dark aureoles and nipples twisting and rubbing them until Jill was moaning almost as loud as Shelly.

I knew I was not going to be able to hold out much longer as Shelly was bouncing hard on my cock, I was having a hard time keeping my fingers on her clit to keep stroking it although at that point I don't think it mattered.

Shelly let out a yelp as we both saw Jenna's hand drop down and two of her fingers slide into Jill's glistening pussy. Jill pushed back and was laying back against Jenna's large soft breasts allowing Jenna's fingers to work their magic on her pussy and tits. Shelly let out a long moan as her orgasm overtook her, I held onto her as she just leaned back against me and shook, her pussy milking my cock and throbbing around me.

Moaning myself, I couldn't hold any longer feeling Shelly spasming around me and watching Jenna work on Jill's beautiful body, I thrust upwards as deep inside Shelly as I could and shot my hot seed deep inside the grasping folds of her soft wet cunt. Chapter 5 Shelly and I both totally spent did not move except to shut the motor off.

We sat there my softening cock still inside her sexy body watching Jenna and Jill on the lounge seat in front of us. Jenna still had two fingers working inside Jill's cunt as they both slowly lay back on the seat, and Jill slowly twisted until she was facing Jenna. Jill put her left leg over Jenna's right leg so Jenna could keep fingering her dripping, glistening hole. Jill dropped her head and her soft lips found Jenna's as her hand moved over Jenna's breast and swollen nipple.

As Shelly and I watched the very pretty blonde haley reed recieves a hard anal fucking and erotic scene unfolding in front of us, I kept rubbing and massaging Shelly's breast and nipples. Shelly was softly moaning again and moving her upper body against my chest as the very erotic scene unfolded.

Shelly's legs were still spread on each side of mine as we sat there, so I dropped my hand down and put three fingers where my finally deflated cock had just been, teasing her pussy and clit. Shelly started moaning more as Jenna broke Lisa's hot long kiss and started kissing down her neck, working her way to those swollen mounds of tit flesh heaving on Jill's chest.

Jill let out a slow deep moan as we watched Jenna sane lyne xxx story sex stories blow her hot breath on Jill's already straining nipple, and then suck it between her lips into her hot wet mouth. My finger found Shelly's swollen nub as I watched my friend sucking on another woman's nipples.

I was rubbing faster we can do whatever we want pornstars hardcore I watched Jenna suck and nibble and tease Jill until her hips were lifting off the seat in anticipation of what was to come.

Shelly in response to my rubbing her swollen sensitive clit and the scene we were watching, had started bouncing her ass on my lap, driving my fingers even deeper inside her dripping wet hole. We watched as Jenna started kissing her way down Jill's stomach. The closer Jenna got to Jill's pussy, the faster Shelly bucked against my hand and the harder my finger rubbed her clit.

Just as Jenna's hot mouth latched onto Jill's glistening lips Shelly screamed and her back arched as she had another even stronger orgasm. I held her until it passed and her ass slowly sank into my lap as her muscles relaxed totally spent.

I don't think Jenna and Jill were even aware what we were doing, as Jenna licked and sucked on Jill's swollen pussy lips. Jill was groaning and thrusting her hips into Jenna's willing face, her own orgasm obviously building inside her as her vocal response to Jenna's ministrations built to a fever pitch.

Jill, I found out was a squirter as we saw when she suddenly arched her back, grabbed Jenna's hair and pulled her face tight against her pussy and screamed OH MY GOD as her whole body shook. Her juices were dripping down Jenna's face and dripping from between her still elevated ass onto the lounge seat. I could see Jenna's fingers between her own legs obviously stroking her own clit as her body shook and moved in time with Jill as she finally sank back down onto the seat and they both lay still in the heavenly afterglow of their orgasms.

We spent the next thirty minutes or so, aimlessly drifting on the lake as we all recovered from our recreational activities of the previous half hour or so, I was glad a patrol boat had not came around, as we had not been able to wait for a secluded cove, we had been floating in full view of anyone that might have happened by, and I was so involved in Shelly's heavenly body, I had lost all track of whether anyone had come by or not, and When Jenna had started rubbing Jill, I was not aware of anything except them, and the hot beautiful lady on my lap.

Chapter 6 Jenna stood and walked to the cooler. She reached in and got three ice cold beers and a cold coke for me. She turned around towards us and put the icy bottle against Shelly's tits causing her to yell and jump off my lap giving my eyes a treat as Shelly's heavy tits bounced with her movements. Jenna laughed and handed me my coke and smiled.

She turned back and I got to watch her sexy swaying ass as she took the other beer back to Jill still lying on the seat. Jenna leaned over and gave Jill a kiss before handing her the beer, treating me with a clear view of her full lipped shaved pussy. She looked back at me and smiled before shaking her sexy ass at me and turning to sit down by Jill. I was sitting in my chair very contentedly watching three pretty blonde masseuse cum showered all over her face hardcore massage naked women sitting on the front of the boat drinking cold beer, and enjoying the water and sun.

I saw Shelly talking to Jill and they both looked back towards me and smiled. Jill started to walk delicious honey pleasure boners in an orgy towards me her large breasts swaying with each step. Jill's hips were not as wide as Shelly's, but sexy in her own way also, and promised just as much pleasure as I had already experienced with Shelly.

Jill leaned over in front of me and asked me if she got to drive also since I had let shelly drive, as she asked she slowly slid her fingers up my thigh smiling as I jumped at her touch.

I had a hard time looking at her eyes as those large soft breasts swung hypnotically only inches from my face. Her aureoles were as large as Shelly's and just as dark. She had the nicest large nipples already swollen and just begging to be licked, touched, nibbled and sucked on. She laughed as I tried to focus on her question and come up with an intelligent answer. She conquering a taut fuck hole hardcore and blowjob just turned around and dropped her sexy ass on my lap leaned back against my chest and said, "What next"?

Talk about a loaded question, Jill was shifting her hips on my lap, and was quickly giving me the answer to what was going to be next. I reached around her and cupped a breast in each hand causing a little gasp as my thumb and finger found her taut nipple, Jill grasped the arms of my chair.

I rolled her nipples between my fingers as she leaned back against me. Jill was continuing to shift her hips on my thighs serving shift my shorts up my leg so her soft wet pussy lips were rubbing directly on my thigh. I shifted my right hand down over her stomach to her smooth shaven mound. Cupping her mound, I heard Jill moan as I played my fingers over the smooth skin, teasing her, running my finger along her wet slit, but not parting her lips.

Just a very light touch from the front clear back to her puckered star and then slowly back up again. Jill moaned again and tried to shift her hips to make my finger penetrate her swollen lips. I kept my touch light enough so that she was unable to achieve her goal.

I started nibbling on her neck and continued teasing her nipples with my hand. Jill started humping her hips faster as I teased, and I am sure she could feel my cock swelling and trying to force its way up between her exposed thighs. I moved my hand from Jill's soft pussy and pulled my cock up against it. I pulled it hard against her wet mound, and let it spread her swollen lips and rub against her clit as she rocked her pussy up and down my swollen shaft.

Jill finally groaned and reached down pushing my hand out of the way and grabbing my cock herself, guiding the head straight into her hot wet tunnel, tilting her hips to allow my cock to slide inside her hot depths. I could feel the head of my cock hit Jill's cervix as she bounced her ass up and down on my lap.

The velvety soft skin of her love tunnel was grasping and pulling at my cock as she worked me in and out of her soft body. Jill was slowly working my cock with her muscles; she was definitely a very talented lady.

She pointed at the front of xxx and story subscribe xxxxxw boat as she bounced on my lap, and we were treated to a very sexy scene there also. Shelly and Jenna were side by side on the lounge seat legs intertwined, in the depths of what was apparently a very hot deep and from Jill and my view, sexy kiss.

Their hands were rubbing and teasing the others breasts while they were kissing. Jill never missed a stroke as we watched Jenna and Shelly much the same way as Shelly and I had watched Jenna and Jill earlier. I can think of almost nothing as erotic as making love to one very soft sexy lady while watching to other very well built women groping each other.

I could feel Jill speeding up her thrusts and moaning louder as we watched Jenna and Shelly. I knew she was close, and I also knew I was very close to exploding inside her. Jill suddenly dropped straight down on my cock pulling me inside her as deep as possible. I felt her body tremble and shake as her pussy muscles gripped and massaged my aching cock.

I groaned myself as I lost it and shot several hot streams of cum deep inside Jill's wonderful pussy milking my cock for every last drop. We both collapsed back against the back of my seat and just watched as Jenna and Shelly were lost in their own world of bliss. Chapter 7 Jill and I both satisfied were happy to just sit and watch Shelly and Jenna on the lounge seat Shelly had Jenna on her back now, licking and nibbling on her neck as she worked her way down to Jenna's swollen nipples before sucking one into her mouth as Jenna squirmed on the seat.

Shelly slid her hand down Jenna's stomach to her gleaming wet pussy. Jenna spread her legs as Shelly's fingers inched closer to her soft lips and slowly worked their way inside her. Shelly slid her fingers inside Jenna and started rubbing them in and out of her pussy, making sure to pay attention to Jenna's clit as she did.

Jenna moved her hand to Shelly's leg and started sliding her hand up the inside of her thigh to Shelly's wet swollen lips and started rubbing them. Shelly moaned and started to lean down towards the soft lips her fingers had just been massaging. Jenna started sliding two of her fingers in and out of Shelly's pussy, Shelly moved her right leg up on the lounge allowing Jenna to have unrestricted ass to her throbbing pussy. Shelly moved her face towards Jenna's pussy lips, her tongue moistening her lips as she got closer and could smell the sweet smell of Jenna's arousal as her lips almost touched the objects of her attention.

She lightly kissed Jenna's pussy lips before running her tongue the length of the groove between them, lapping at the juices escaping as her tongue parted them. Jenna groaned as Shelly's lips kissed her pussy, and she felt Shelly's tongue slip between them.

Jenna reached up and pulled Shelly down on her body, helping Shelly move her leg over her face so she was staring at Shelly's wet pink pussy. Jenna only hesitated a second to appreciate the beauty of the object she was about to devour before locking her lips on Shelly's dripping pussy, and lapping at the juices freely flowing from it.

Using her fingers, Jenna spread Shelly's lips apart and ran her tongue around Shelly's clit making her moan and jump each time her tongue flicked across it.

Shelly yelled and jumped as Jenna's soft lips locked on her clit and she gently sucked on it. Jenna kept flicking the sensitive bud with her tongue as her lips formed a suction seal around its base. Shelly thrust her body back against Jenna's face, keeping her face tight against her dripping pussy as Jenna licked and sucked Shelly's already well used pussy to another glorious orgasm. Shelly's whole body sagged down on Jenna as she came down from her mind blowing orgasm.

Jenna carefully rolled Shelly onto the other lounge and lay there sensuously licking her lips still coated with Shelly's sweet nectar. Jill leaned her head back and placed her lips next to my ear. I looked at the lounge seats and smiled at what Jill had just suggested. I smiled ear to ear as I thought what a wonderful idea it was.

I got up from my seat and walked towards the two lovely exhausted ladies lying on the lounge seats. Jill stood leaning against the rail as I knelt beside Jenna, cupping one of her lovely breasts in my hand and leaned down and licked slowly around her still swollen nipple. Jenna looked at me and her eyes closed again as I continued to lick and nibble on both breasts. Jill was smiling as she could see I was completely happy to carry out her suggestion. Jill walked up behind me and pulled my swimming trunks down and I stepped out of them.

Jenna's eyes popped open as she felt the lounge shift when someone got on it. She looked up just in time to see me placing my cock in between her large tits and Jill liberally pouring suntan oil on it. Jenna's arms were between her body and my leg on each side, so Jill leaned forward and put her hands on each side of Jenna's breasts, holding them very nicely around my now swelling cock as I started rocking it back and forth in the warm oily tunnel that they created.

Chapter 8 I noticed that Jill had taken advantage of the fact that her hands were so close to Jenna's nipples that she started tweaking and teasing them as I pumped my cock between the soft mounds of flesh supporting them.

For my part, I could see no earthly reason for neglecting a perfectly beautiful pair of tits either, so I reached forward and grasped Jill's which had been swinging so enticingly in front of me as she held Jenna's firmly around my thrusting cock. Jill mom and san xxx com in at me and smiled as I played with her nipples.

She closed her eyes and was concentrating on the feelings, not; I am pretty sure just of me playing with her tits, but of what she was feeling as she played with Jenna's also. Jenna was quietly moaning and shifting her hips under me, apparently Jill's hands and my cock between her tits were starting to have an effect on her. I heard felt a movement beside us and noticed Shelly had moved on her side and was intently watching what was happening beside her. I saw her move one hand to her breast and the other slowly down her leg to her still dripping pussy.

Jill looked up at me and slowly licked her lips. I leaned down and kissed her, then kissed her harder and felt our tongues meet and start dueling.

I could sad way to earn a few bucks my well used cock starting to feel the urge to dump another load of my hot seed, the total erotic and exotic feel of the situation was the final straw.

Jill felt me starting to strain and just before I shot my hot cum, she let Jenna's tits separate and grabbed my cock. I watched as she pointed the head of my cock towards Jenna's face, and the first stream landed on Jenna's forehead and down between her eyes to her soft lips. Jill pushed me back a little and directed the next two streams on Jenna's well-oiled tits and nipples.

I was almost totally exhausted by these three beauties on my boat and leaned back on the opposite end of Jenna's lounger and just watched the three of them sit and relax with me. Chapter 9 We had finally gotten our second wind and made our way to the lagoon I wanted to anchor in for the afternoon.

I sat up the grill and got out the steaks as the girls got everything else together for an early afternoon dinner which at this point I really needed. I had not anticipated having three beautiful oversexed ladies on the boat today, not that I was complaining however. Something about steaks grilled on the lake and a salad just seems to relax everyone, and a couple of beers don't hurt either.

We relaxed after dinner the ladies broiling their delightful bodies in the hot sun, and me sitting in my chair and dividing my time between reading and watching the three sexy women sunning at the front of my boat. I let a couple of hours go by and got three beers out of the cooler and walked up to where the ladies were. Sitting down on the edge of Jenna's lounger I passed the beer around and asked what the three of them wanted to do now.

I was surprised when Jenna sat up, leaned forward, and pulled my shirt up over my head. She dropped it beside the seat and put her hands on my shoulders and pulled me back against her full soft breasts.

Shelly looked over and smiled reaching for my shorts, she pulled them down and I could feel her hot breath as she worked them over my ankles and threw them off to the side. She pulled my knees apart and leaned forward between them and looking me in the eyes, she slowly sucked my semi hard cock into her hot mouth.

I could feel Jenna shift on the lounge chair so she could see what Shelly was doing, Jill slid over onto the lounge that Shelly had just vacated and was also watching.

I was once again in heaven, leaning back against one warm soft woman's body, anal banging with sexy beauty girlfriend hardcore lying beside us watching a third with my rapidly stiffening cock in neat beautiful chick receives nailed doggy position mouth.

Shelly was starting to work her mouth up and down my shaft, causing it to swell even more in her hot mouth. The setting sun was glistening off of her well-oiled body as her head bounced andra college girls sex storys and down on my cock. Shelly slowed as her lips reached the head of my cock and I felt the suction increase as she slowly pulled her head up. Suddenly there was a popping sound as my cock pulled from her mouth.

Shelly smiled at me, leaned forward and kissed me with a slow deep searching kiss. I felt her pulling her large soft tits tight around my cock as we kissed. Shelly slowly started rocking her tits up and down my cock as we were kissing. Breaking the kiss Shelly leaned back a little and all of us could see my cock playing peek a boo in her soft breasts. Jill was leaning closer and I could feel Jenna breathing foxy lassie has her tight anus plowed little faster.

I reached down and grabbed a nice handful of Shelly's ass pulling her closer to us as she continued pumping her tits on my hard cock. Shelly's nipples had swollen and were standing out very prominently from the large dark aureoles coloring the front of her tits. When Shelly was close enough I slid my hand between the cheeks of her ass working my fingers slowly towards her wet honey pot between her legs.

Parting the soft lips of Shelly's wet pussy with my fingers, Lyla storm in i have a wife heard Shelly gasp as I insinuated my fingers deep inside her hot depths. Shelly never missed a beat as I started working my fingers in and out of her clenching sex.

I heard her gasps get muffled and saw Jill leaning down; her sexy tongue stuck out and licking one of Shelly's distended nipples every time she bobbed them down the shaft of my cock.

Jill was kneeling on the seat so it was easier to maintain her balance as she licked Shelly's nipples. This had the very nice effect of her full ass wiggling in the air in full view. I reached over and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh reaching her wet lips, and pushing my fingers inside her listening to her gasp as I did.

I could feel Jenna's hot breath on my shoulder as she had a bird's eye view of her two friends. Shelly working my cock with her big soft tits, and Jill licking Shelly's swollen nipples and being fingered as she did.

I could feel her shifting her nipples back and forth across my back as she watched. I heard Shelly moan as I flicked her clit with my finger grazing the swollen nub then rubbing circles around it.

Shelly was bouncing harder and I was fingering her faster as she did, Jill was ramming her pussy harder against my hand and let out a scream as I moved my thumb and her next thrust back she buried my thumb completely in her shapely tight ass. Jill froze and I could feel the tremors flowing through her body, and her pussy grasping my fingers as her orgasm swept through her.

Shelly had been moaning and pumping her tits on my shaft even harder and as my cum started shooting out of my cock and splashing on Shelly's face and tits, she slumped against my hand as she shook and ground herself against my hand.

The final spray started sliding down the slope of Shelly's tits back towards the head of my cock sticking from between them as she slowly sank against me and I sank against Jenna completely wore out by the group of sexy ladies surrounding me.

Darkness slowly found us getting ourselves together, we found our discarded clothes and managed to get ourselves back in them.

One more cold beer and I headed the "Mermaid" back towards the dock and the ending of a beautiful day on the lake. I made sure that my beautiful companions knew they were welcome aboard the "Mermaid" any time they wanted.

Chapter 10 We docked and got the "Mermaid" tied and covered for the night and headed for the cars. Jill insisted on helping carry one end of the cooler as we walked. There was a little talk among the four of us about how nice anya olsen offers her tight pussy as parting gift had been to be out on the lake all day.

I sort of laughed and said that for one, I was completely worn out. This got a laugh from all the ladies. I was loading the cooler into the back of the truck and Jenna, Jill, and Shelly were talking among themselves. I heard Jenna chuckle and knew somehow, some way I was in trouble. I walked to the side of the truck where the ladies were standing and Jenna asked me if I would mind dropping Jill and Shelly off at their place, they were not very far from my house and she said she was really tired.

I couldn't turn Jenna down, and besides spending a little more seachjapanese son mother sleeping sex story with these two didn't bother me in the least.

I said sure and Jill and Shelly climbed in the truck. Jenna gave me a hug and said we would talk in the morning, getting in her car she waved and pulled away. I got in the truck and started it up. Looking at Jill who sat in the middle next to me, I asked which way ladies? Jill said if we stopped by my place first they would help unload the coolers and help put the food away if I didn't mind. How could I mind an offer like that?

We arrived at the house and got the coolers out of the back of the truck and carried them into the kitchen. Setting them on the floor and opening them, I pulled out the beer and set it on the counter. Shelly quickly grabbed three of them and asked if I minded, to which I quickly replied of course not.

Opening the three bottles, Shelly handed Jill and I one and took a long drink on hers. While I was taking a drink from mine, Jill leaned over straight legged in front of me and picked the steaks out of the cooler and handed them to Shelly.

Shelly opened the refrigerator and put the steaks in the meat drawer. I did not see her do that of course, I was admiring Jill's full ass right in front of me, both cheeks making a valiant effort to escape the triangle of cloth containing them. Jill's mound, and her full pussy lips were very clearly visible in the thin material of her bikini bottoms. I quickly took another drink and then got very red faced as I saw Jill watching me from between her spread legs and smiling.

I looked over at Shelly and she was smiling almost as much as Jill was. I shook my head and turned to grab the now empty cooler from in front of Jill. I took it and put it in the closet and went back into the kitchen where the girls had finished emptying the second cooler and opening us up another beer. I led ebony sluts threesome sloppy blowjob big schlong down to the family room and sat down on the couch, Jill sat on one side right against me, and Shelly sat on the other side.

Jill asked if I wanted to find something on the TV which I was more than happy to do. While we were sitting there, I finished my beer and the girls snuggled up against me.

I saw Jill wink at Shelly as her hand moved over to my leg, and she started rubbing it. Shells did the same thing to the other leg. I sat there a minute, before saying "girls, I am not sure I can do anything else tonight, you two wore me out on the boat." Jill looked up at me and smiled, Let us worry about that she said.

Jill and Shelly both reached behind them and pulled their tops off rubbing their large breasts against my arms.

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I know I have probably already mentioned what a beautiful set of tits Jill has, large firm full breasts with large brown aureoles and big rubbery nipples standing proud on them. Shelly's were pretty much the same, though maybe a shade smaller than Jill's. Jill stood up and grabbed my hand and Shelly stood and grabbed the other and pulled me up.

Which way is the bed the asked in unison. I was speechless, Story mugeres sesi maestra duerme cama slowly told them upstairs at the end of the hall.

Giggling both girls pulled me towards the stairs. Shelly took the lead, and Jill following as we made our way upstairs and down the hall, my eyes never leaving Shelly's full hips swaying hypnotizing in front of me as we went.

Shelly turned and fell backwards on my king size bed pulling me down with her. Jill jumped on the bed beside us pulling me over on my back between them.

Jill bent down and planted her soft lips on mine as Shelly sat and took off first her bikini bottoms, then Jill's bottoms, and finally I felt her tugging my shorts off. Jill all this time had her tongue buried in my mouth, dueling with mine and her fingers were rubbing my chest, and sides. Shelly on the other hand was kissing my stomach and running her hands over my thighs.

Shelly slid her hand between my legs and cupped my balls in he warm hand. I groaned inti Women sexy story with black guy in ebony sex stories mouth as Shelly rolled my balls around with her fingers. Jill broke off our kiss and put her lips near my ear, I told you to let us worry about it she said with a smile.

Jill started kissing her way down my neck, and then down my stomach untilI could feel her hot breath on my cock. I could feel my cock twitching from the ministrations of these two sexy women. I would not have believed it, but after all, I was only worn out, not dead.

Jill slowly sucked my cock into her hot mouth and started running her tongue around the crown. Shelly in the meantime had slid between my legs and forced them wider apart as she continued playing with my aching balls as Jill sucked and licked my slowly responding cock. Suddenly I felt Shelly's lips suck my balls into her hot mouth, and start sucking on them as Jill sucked my cock. That was the final straw, I could feel my cock swelling in Jill's mouth as her head started bobbing up and down on it.

Reaching back I slid my hand in between Jill's legs and stuck two fingers into her wet steaming pussy and started fingering her in time with her mouth on my cock. Shelly let my balls drop from her mouth with a soft plopping sound, and was kissing up my stomach licking and kissing her way to my chest where she took my nipple in her mouth and was holding it lightly in her teeth and licking the tip with her tongue.

Jill had slowed down sucking my cock and had moved her big tits onto my cock, using her hands to keep my cock warmly enveloped in the smooth soft flesh of those amazing tits. She slowly rocked back and forth, groaning softly now and then as I used my thumb to graze her swollen clit. Shelly had found her way to my face and pressed her lips to mine for her own attention.

I used my other hand to find and then stroke her wet pussy, rubbing the tip of her sensitive clit gently and enjoying the feel of her moaning in my mouth when I did.

I was in heaven, two beautiful women giving me every mans dream, a sensuous tit fuck and the soft lips of the other woman at the same time, and two hot wet pussies for my enjoyment. My cock was as hard as granite after the attention Jill and Shelly had been showering on it, and I knew that I would not be cumming anytime xxxcy vidoes of dikhan boy with boy. With that thought, I gently removed my fingers from Jills pussy and pulled her down beside me.

I broke my kiss with Shelly and took my fingers from her dripping wet hole also. Rolling Jill onto her back, Mia lelani seduces london keyes into sex mounted her and with one solid thrust I buried my hard cock deep into her willing love tunnel. Jill groaned as the tip of my cock hit her cervix, her large breasts bouncing with the impact every time I slammed into her.

I reached down and pulled her ankles up on my shoulders and holding her hips I started a steady deep pounding of Jills hot pussy. Shelly had been lying beside us watching as I pounded Jill's body, She leaned over and placed a light kiss on Jill's lips. Jill kissed her back and Shelly started kissing her in earnest. I could see Shelly and Jill's tongues dueling as Shelly moved her hand onto Jill's bouncing breasts, rubbing their fullness, tweaking and pulling on her swollen nipples as I kept pounding into her deeply.

I watched as Shelly's hand slid down between our sweating bodies and her young stepmom is a cougar in sheeps clothing found the treasure they were searching for. Jill bucked like she had been shocked as Shelly's fingers found and then caressed her swollen tender clit.

I could feel Jill bucking under me, her hips pushing against mine as she moved closer and closer to her climax. I grabbed her shoulders and rammed my cock as deep into her squeezing pussy as I could get it, Jill moaning and screaming alternately as she bucked her ass against my stomach, still rocking her pussy on mu cock. Jill arched her back and shook and then dropped to the bed as her orgasm finally reach its peak and came crashing down around her. Shelly was lying there watching as Jill peaked and then came crashing to her completion, her fingers flying in and out of her wet snatch.

I pulled out of Jill and slid over on top of Shelly pulling her fingers out of her pussy as I did. I pulled her legs up on my shoulders and started pumping into her hot willing pussy as I had just finished doing to her friend. Shelly groaned as I found a tempo that pleased us both and kept pumping my cock into her body. I enjoyed watching Shelly's tits bounce and sway as I pushed deeply into her, feeling myself bottoming out inside her, hearing her grunts and groans as we continued natures oldest dance.

I could feel Shelly's pussy gripping my cock as I Plunged it in and out of her depths, and had no doubt that she would not last long as she had had the additional stimulation of watching Jill and myself in our marathon love making, as well as her self-stimulation as she had watched. I could feel her muscles tighten and her hips arching upwards at each thrust into her depths, Shelly suddenly let out a scream and arching her back just froze in that position as her body shook and quaked by the force of the orgasm racing through it.

My cock felt like it was going to be ripped out by the muscles in her pussy making it seem like her orgasm went on forever. Suddenly and without fanfare, Shelly just sort of moaned and sank onto the bed with a glazed content look in her eyes. As Shelly slipped off my still swollen cock I realized how close I finally was to cumming myself. Slipping away from Shelly, I straddled a now stirring Jill and slid my cock between her massive tits and held them mujra bhojpori nanga dans story against me as I started pumping het tits again, only from the top this time, Jill opened her eyes and smiled reaching up and taking over holding her tits around my stroking cock, watching its head play peek a boo with her as I slid it rapidly back and forth in the tight valley of those mounds of flesh.

I could feel myself getting close, and Jill must have seen it in my eyes, because suddenly I rammed forward and just froze as I felt the last few shots of hot cum left in my body shoot out and onto a smiling Jill's face as I slowly slid off of her and landed in between her and Shelly's soft warm bodies.