Nasty hot brunette slut with sexy body

Nasty hot brunette slut with sexy body
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During the week, Dan through emails, wanted to hear all about Mr. D. I found it exciting to tell Dan what happened. He would email me back with questions and I would reply giving details. That is when I first got into writing about my adventures. I didn't tell Dan about Karen, I didn't want him to know about that. I was planning on seeing Dan next on Saturday when my husband would be away DJ'ing. However my husband unexpectedly brought Dan with him after work that Thursday.

They were going to watch a baseball game that night. This true story takes place that night. The guys were in the living room watching the game. I was in the kitchen making them a snack. My husband came into the kitchen when the phone rang. I always let him answer in case it was for a customer looking for a DJ job. It turned out it was a woman looking for a wedding DJ.

John told her to hold and went upstairs to take the call in his upstairs office. As soon as he went upstairs, Dan came back into the kitchen. He put his finger up to his mouth, "Shhh". I whispered, "What?" He put up both his hands and made a "squeeze your breasts" motion while having a devilish smile on his face.

I whispered back, "No. Saturday". I was wearing sweatpants and an oversized tee shirt. Dan walked over to me and put his right hand on my left breast and gave it a squeeze. "Dan stop!" Dan grinning, "Just a quick hot playgirl rides like a wild pro pornstar hardcore.

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His hand traveled down my body until he found the bottom of my tee shirt. He then put his right hand under my tee shirt and quickly moved it up until he reached my breast. His hand was squeezing my breasts over my bra. I whispered "What are you doing?" Dan replied, "Shhhh". Dan lifted the underside of my bra over my boobs as he backed me up to the kitchen sink. My butt was up against the sink as he pinched and pulled on my right nipple. He lifted my tee shirt more exposing my breasts.

He lifted my bra over my other breast.

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It was exciting, my heart was pounding. My husband was upstairs and his friend was playing with my tits. He held a breast in each hand as he alternately licked each nipple. Me, whispering, "Dan, John will be back soon stop." Dan, whispering back, "I'll stop when I hear him coming." My stairs were pretty noisy and it would be easy to hear. I didn't resist as he began to alternately suck on each nipple. He would suck then pull his head back tugging on my nipple.

As he released it his mouth made a popping sound. Me "Ewww" sunny leone second sex story of life My nipples were rock hard at that point. Then he started to lightly bite down on them and randomly squeeze each breast firmly. I had my hands on his head as he was playing with my tits.

I was careful to listen for my husband's footsteps. Dan's hand dropped to my waist as he moved his hand towards my pussy. He was rubbing me through my sweats, all the while still sucking on my nipples. Before I knew it, his hand was inside my sweatpants and panties.

His fingers were running through my trimmed bush. Dan "You didn't shave yet?" Me "I will tomorrow." His finger quickly found my clit. "Mmm, Dan we better stop." I was now more worried about losing control then my husband's footsteps. His response was to rub my clit faster back and forth. Me "MMM." It was turning me on and he knew it.

He surprised me when his finger suddenly entered me. Dan was finger fucking my pussy. He whispered in my ear, "I want to lick your pussy".

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"Dan no, you can't". No sooner had I said it then I heard my husband's footsteps. "He's coming." I pushed Dan away from me and quickly re-adjusted my bra and clothes.

Dan grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and walked back to the living room.

I began running the water and doing the dishes. My husband was already sitting in the living room when Dan got there. My heart was pounding. It was so exciting. I had to get my composure back. Looking back that was the appeal of Dan, his being unpredictable. Dan called out, "Kat you got something to eat?" I could go for something. Me "Yeah, give me a big boobed bettie blac takes in a big dick minutes." I carried in a bowl of nachos and my homemade dip.

When I looked at Dan he had his 2 fingers by his mouth as he licked in between his fingers as if he was licking my pussy. My husband was oblivious as he was watching the game. I went back into the kitchen. I was thinking about the image of Dan licking his fingers and quickly started picturing him licking my pussy.

I had to find a way to get my husband out of the house. I wanted Dan to lick my pussy. I came up with a plan. I decided to send my husband out for some groceries. I quickly made a small list. I stayed in the kitchen about 10 minutes before I went back into the living room. Me "John, would you mind running out and getting me a few groceries."` John "We have company. I'll go tomorrow after work." Dan "I don't mind, I'll just watch the game until you get back." Me "Oh hun it will just take a few minutes." Turning on the charm, "PLEASE&hellip." John "You sure you don't mind Dan?" Dan "No problem," as he pointed to the nachos, "I have something to eat that will keep me busy." Dan gave me a big grin when my husband wasn't looking.

"Kat can keep me company." Dan was a real wise guy. John "Ok, I'll be right back." The store was about a 5 minute drive, I figured 15 minutes to get groceries and another 5 to get home. That gave us about 25 minutes.

As John was walking out to the car, I told Dan my plan. Me "As soon as he leaves we'll go upstairs. I can hear his car from there". Dan "You really thought this out". I shrugged my shoulders. I was looking out the door until I saw my husband drive away.

Me "Let's go". I went up the stairs to the bedroom telling Dan to follow me. He was walking at a normal pace while my pace was one of urgency. Once in the bedroom, Dan said, "I guess I made you horny huh?" Me "You said you wanted to…well I just figured…" Dan walked over to me and began squeezing my breasts over my tee shirt. He moved behind me. Dan whispered in my ear, "Wanted to… what?" Me "You know, mess around.

You still want to right?" Just then, Dan cupped my breasts over my tee shirt with both hands and gave them a firm, hard squeeze. Me "eww" Dan "So you must be horny?" He was continuing his hand manuevers on my tits. Me "mmm" Dan "Say it" I was awkward at talking dirty, so changed the subject. "Dan we don't have much time." Dan whispering in my ear, "Say it" Me - whispering back, "Ok, I'm horny" Dan's hand moved down towards mom and son home xlxx pussy.

He was rubbing me through my sweats. Where I was in a hurry, Dan didn't seem to be. He was standing behind me reaching around as his hand made its way inside my sweatpants and panties. He was moving his hands and fingers slowly in a gentle up and down motion over my pussy, whispering in my ear, "You liked me rubbing your pussy in the kitchen." Me, softly"uh huh" Dan, "It made you so horny you had to send John out of the house?" Me, softly, "yeah" With my reply, Dan pulled down my sweatpants and panties as they fell to the floor at my feet.

I kicked them off with my feet. I parted my legs a little wider to give Dan better access. He was still behind me reaching around lightly rubbing the outside of pussy in an up and down motion. His other hand reached around to squeeze my breast over my tee shirt. Dan's middle finger parted my pussy lips. Dan, "mmm, you're wet." He rubbed my clit as he firmly squeezed by breast.

Me softly, "mmm" Dan "You want to cum don't you? Me "Ah huh" Dan whispering, "You want me to lick your pussy don't you?" Me softly, "yeah". Dan "I want you to sit on my face." Dan lay down on the floor and instructed me to face him.

I had my knees on each side of his face. My knees were flat on the ground as I slowly lowered myself until I felt his hot tongue on my pussy. I stayed at that distance for a minute enjoying the light sensation of Dan's tongue outlining my pussy.

Dan held me by my waist as he continued to lightly lick the outside of my pussy. He did this for a few licks before his tongue pushed its way inside my pussy lips. Dan licked the length of my pussy, it felt good. Dan then pulled me down lower on his face.

I was listening for my husband's car while his best friend was eating me out. It was very exciting. When Dan's tongue began circling my clit, "mmmm".

I was looking down watching him. He began to suck on my clit which made me squirm with delight. Dan was working my hips and positioned me. I was wiggling around in a circular motion as Dan kept his tongue steady. I was moving my hips as Blonde milf performs professional pov cowgirl amateur and teen rode his face. Dan's hands moved to my ass cheeks. He was squeezing them firmly as I was riding his face. Me, "mmm" Dan's finger found its way inside me which made the sensation even better.

Me, "ohh". I was rocking back on forth on his face fucking his fucking. Then a second finger was inside me. Me, "Ohh". I could feel myself approaching orgasm as I was riding his face wildly.

Dan's other hand's middle finger was now lightly pressing against my butthole. Me "Ohhhh, ahhhh." I began rocking harder on Dan's face. Dan removed the fingers from my pussy and his wet middle finger was now wigging slowly into my butthole. "OHHHH, OHHHHH, OHHHHH" as I was cumming Dan pushed his finger all the way up my butt (a first for me).

The sensation heightened my orgasm "AHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHHH". As soon as I finished, I jumped to my feet realizing I had not been listening for my husband's car. I looked out the back window through the blinds. Whew&hellip. he wasn't home yet. I quickly put on my panties and sweatpants.

Dan got up off the floor smiling. Me "We better get downstairs." My husband came home with the groceries shortly thereafter. The guys were back watching the game as I stayed in the kitchen.

My heart was still pounding thinking about what I had just done. When I was calm, I joined them in the living room. During one of the conversations, my husband let out that I was a night owl. That often I stayed up while he went to bed. Dan asked me so what do you? I said I watch TV or go on the computer. At one point my husband got up to go to the bathroom.

Dan whispered my name to get my attention, I looked over and he was raising and lowering his eye brows, he mouthed the word "later" then pointed to me and he put his finger in his mouth and bobbed his head up and down on it.

I shook my head no and mouthed back "we can't, Saturday". Dan shook his head yes and mouth "later." I looked at him quizzically. My husband came back into the living room. I went back into the kitchen bringing back the empty beer bottles. It excited me thinking about Dan wanting me to suck his cock that night, but how?

I went into the back room to go on the computer. About an hour later, my husband called out, "Hun, Dan is leaving." I got up to say goodnight to Dan. They were in the kitchen. Me "Goodnight Dan." Dan "Thanks for the snack, you always have good things to eat." Me "Thanks, anytime." Dan "Anytime, huh? I'll have to remember that", as he laughed. Well you fed me maybe next time I'll bring over a snack." By now of course I knew Dan's sense of humor.

Thankfully, my husband didn't have a clue. Dan shook my husband's hand then gave me a kiss on the cheek. Dan started towards the door then said "Don't stay up too late now Kat." Right then I had the feeling Dan was planning on coming back after my husband went to bed. My husband ended up going to bed a few minutes after Dan left.

I stayed downstairs as I usually do. I wasn't positive Dan would come back but I was pretty sure that was what he meant. I decided that I would just send him away. Sure enough as I was sitting by the sliding glass doors on the computer, Gostosa fica com a boca toda melada curta yousexsite no facebook heard a light tapping.

I looked up and there was Dan. I shook my head at him as if to say what are you doing? Dan pointed to the back door. I listened for a moment but heard no movement from upstairs. I quietly opened the back door and whispered what are you doing? Dan whispered back, "I told you I was going to come back to return the favor. Well I'm back and I got something for you to snack on." Me "Dan you are crazy, John is right upstairs.

Saturday ok? I promise, now go." I started to close the door but Dan pushed it opened and came in. Me "Dan!" Dan "You owe me." Me "What if he comes down? Dan "I'll just go out the door, no way he catches us. Me "You mean right here? (It was a small laundry room that lead out to the back yard.) Dan had on a pair of shorts.

He quickly pulled them down along with his underpants. "Look I shaved". Me "I see but&hellip." Dan "…but nothing", Dan took a step closer to me, he put his hands on my shoulders. "Come on Kat a quickie" I got down on my knees in front of him. I grabbed his limp cock with my right hand and began slowly jerking his cock. I thought to myself I could get to like his bald cock. It looked bigger.

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I looked up at him, "You better listen for John. If he comes you better get outside quick." I began by licking his smooth low hanging balls. Then I licked my way up the shaft. My tongue would travel up and down the shaft as I felt his cock come to life. I took the head of Dan's cock into my mouth. Dan "Oh yeah". Dan's cock was soon hard. I paused my sucking for a moment to look at his upwardly bent cock. I looked up at Dan as I put the head of his cock back in my mouth.

His cock tasted very salty. I was giving Dan my best "quickie" blowjob. "That's it, suck that cock good, he whispered as my head was bobbing up and down on his cock. I was trying to make him cum as quickly as I could. Dan grabbed my head as he began face fucking me.

After awhile he pulled his cock out of my mouth. Open your mouth Kat, I am going to cum soon. Dan jerked his cock off in front of my face as I waited for his cum.

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"Stick out your tongue". Dan was jerking his cock as he came on my tongue and face. His load was a big one. I swallowed the cum that landed in my mouth. Much was on my face and in my hair. Dan then rubbed his cock head on my cum filled face before he pushed it back into my mouth. I sucked and licked it clean. Dan - "Did Mr. D. teach you to suck cock like that?

That was good, real good." Me "Dan you better go. Come by at 7:00 on Saturday, ok?" Dan quietly left and I went to the bathroom to clean up his cum. I couldn't wait until Saturday when my husband would be DJ'ing and Dan would come back over. The next night, I shaved my pussy completely bald. I also masturbated to the thought of Dan fucking me.