Babe quinn gives her roommate a sloppy blowjob pornstars hardcore

Babe quinn gives her roommate a sloppy blowjob pornstars hardcore
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Mei Suk Yoo, 27, 4'9", a very self-confident and pretty business woman was intent on building her career; she never had time for boyfriends. She'd had just one relationship, a few years ago, that had lasted all of one month.

Mei awoke naked in the hotel room. She liked to sleep naked when visiting an exotic locale. This was her first business trip to America. Having just arrived the night before from Shanghai, Mei suffered from serious jet lag.

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Also, she was a bit grumpy because her bags had gotten lost but luckily, she still had her carry-on suit bag. She was here to make a sales presentation to a local group of Chinese merchants. Mei hoped the merchants spoke Mandarin because her English was confined to a smattering of words such as: yes, no, hi, bye, eat, sleep, me, you, go, come.

A local translator had helped her check in to the hotel but hadn't explained why the room clerk had giggled at her name. The hot shower helped her shake off some of the jet lag. Mei enjoyed lathering a thick layer of soap all over her naked body and allowing the jets of water to strike her ripe breasts enlarging her nipples. After drying off, Mei Suk Yoo dressed for her presentation even though it was still 2 hours off.

She wore thin, blue, floral panties with a matching strapless bra. Over the bra she wore a conservative, white, opaque button up blouse with a narrow collar. Next, being very near-sighted, she put on her square shaped glasses so she could see clear enough to put her dark, brown hair up in an old-fashioned bun.

A real pearl necklace highlighted her smooth, delicate neck while a pair of dangling pearl earrings completed the effect. Finally, she pulled on her navy skirt and navy jacket. Observing herself in the mirror she smiled. She was full of confidence; after all, her fortune cookie last night had said "strangers will enjoy your wares". Arriving downstairs in the lobby, she showed the address of her meeting to the concierge and said "I go?" Correctly guessing that she wanted directions the bored concierge pointed outside and said "east".

Outside on the busy street she looked around wondering which way was east then approached a local policeman and said, "ees?" After much gesturing, the policeman gave up said "go away" and waved vaguely down the street. Mei heard "go", saw the policeman wave to the left, and concluded that east was to the left. Mei turned left and strode confidently due WEST hoping to find some interesting shops on the way to her meeting. After about a half-hour, Mei noticed that the street had become rather seedy looking so she stopped a trio of young men at the street corner to once again ask directions.

"Scuse," she said. The muscular young men turned to look at the foreigner interrupting their conversation about a new chick in the neighborhood. Two wore angela white gets her ass fucked in doggy style and sleeveless shirts while the third wore a grey jogging suit with the hood up.

"I go?" Mei Suk Yoo smiled as she showed them the address. One said, "Fuck off bitch." Mei said, "Scuse?

I go? You show?" Again she showed them the address. The imposing man with the hood said, "That's across town you stupid bitch.

Not here. Fuck off." Mei understood the words "here" and "you" and hopefully said, "Here? Good. You show?" The third man with the shaven head and tattooed arms told her, "You got nice tits for a short bitch. You want to fuck?" Mei misunderstood and replied, "Here?

You show?" The trio grinned at each other realizing that Mei understood nothing. They openly discussed what they would do to her while she smiled hopefully. The man in the hood smirked and said, "Come. We'll fuck your ass until you wish you were never born." He waved for her to follow him across the street. Hearing "come", Mei was very pleased that these kind men would help her and said, "Good.

I go." She followed him across the street while the other two big men accompanied her, one on each side of her. Each of them was at least 10 inches taller than Mei.

There arms were easily 3 times as thick as Mei's arms. Unknown to Mei, there cocks were quickly hardening at the thought of the unexpected opportunity that had just come their way.

They intended to escort Mei to a suitable location and then "sample her wares". Turning a corner to go down an even filthier street, the hooded man stopped, looked down at Mei and asked, "What's your name bitch. I like to know who's ass I'm fucking." Mei smiled as she heard "name".

Pointing to herself she replied, "Mei Suk Yoo." She didn't understand why all three burst out into laughter. The one with the shaved head hooted, "Yeah, fucking right you will. Right after we rip your clothes off I'm going to stick my prick up your yellow ass." Mei politely laughed with them while wondering what was so funny.

It was nice to make friends so quickly in a foreign city. Good thing her new-found friends were big and strong Mei was just a little perturbed at the squalid area they were walking through.

If the area was this run-down, could the merchants she was going to present to afford her merchandise? A couple other young men waved at her escort and the hooded man jerked his thumb toward her and made an odd gesture with his hands: he put the thumb and forefinger of one hand to form a circle cute teen banged from aside and jizz shot then repeatedly jabbed the forefinger of the other hand in and out of the circle.

The other young men laughed uproariously and joined with her escort. Now she had five young men helping her one in front, one on each side of her and two behind.

Mei felt quite honored but was rather puzzled at the meaning of the hooded man's gestures. Soon they reached the entrance to a shabby 2 storey brick building.

A few windows were broken and the entrance was spray-painted with graffiti. A broken sign over the entrance read "…rec…center". The hooded man said, "Get your ass inside bitch, we ain't got all day." Mei didn't like the looks of the place. Maybe it was the wrong place? She asked, "Inside?

No." She showed them the paper with the address again. That was when everything went bad. The "escort" on her left side made a fist and struck her in the belly. Her vision blurred and her legs went to jelly. The hooded man flung the door open and the men behind shoved her roughly inside. She collapsed on the tile floor holding her belly. Looking up, she saw the hooded man standing over her in his jogging pants. There was a huge bulge pushing at the front of his pants. That's when Mei suddenly realized what the men actually had in mind.

Opening her mouth to scream, Mei felt a large hand clamp over her face. One of her escorts pulled out a small handgun, waved it at her and put a finger to his lips. Mei understood that he meant she must be quiet. Her wide, brown eyes just stared at the enormous cannon he had aimed at her. Her body shook all over. Tears welled up in her eyes. Someone seized her arms and dragged her into a lounge area containing a couple beat up old sofas, a broken coffee table and a stained, dirty carpet.

Mei was roughly yanked to her feet and found herself encircled by the five big, strong men. Sobbing, she put her hands together and pleaded, "Please. No. I go? Please?" She stuck her hand into her purse, pulled out a large wad of cash, pushed it toward her assailants and repeated, "Please? I go?" One man grabbed the cash, said "thanks" and pushed her roughly into another man.

The men started pushing her from one to the other. Mei tried to keep her footing while continuing to plead in her very limited English. Her words quickly became unintelligible because of her crying and the shaking of her body.

The self-confident, pretty business woman had become a whimpering, shuddering piece of panic stricken flesh. A hand grabbed the front of her navy jacket, yanked and Mei heard a ripping sound as the two buttons fastening the jacket tore off. Another hand pulled the jacket from behind at the neck and Mei felt the jacket starting to slide down her back. In seconds, Mei's crisp, new business jacket lay on the floor; her assailant's feet trampling it into the filth.

As she was pushed backward, a black man slapped her face knocking the thick, square-shaped glasses off her face. Her assailants instantly went out of focus. She heard a voice, "Hey look at the pearl necklace on the bitch. It looks real!" She had no idea what the voice said but felt her pearl necklace ripped from her delicate neck.

Her pearl czech blonde big tits threesome we are the law my niggas and the law needs darkhued were ripped off next. Luckily she didn't have pierced ears. Again the voice, "They are real. Think I'll give them to my girlfriend for her birthday." Again she had no idea what they said but she did know that she had just been robbed of her expensive pearls as well as all of her cash.

A hand grabbed her hair bun and pulled until it came loose sending her long, dark brown hair cascading down her back. Poor Mei continued to be harshly shoved around the circle of men.

Some pinched her arms hard, some pinched her bum hard, and now, some started grabbing at her tits through her conservative, white blouse. She wanted to scream for help but she could still see the gun and in her mind the gun grew bigger by the second.

The hooded man with the tattoos grasped her newly dry-cleaned navy skirt and yanked downward. Mei heard a loud tearing sound as her skirt fell to the floor in tatters. It was trampled underfoot together with her jacket. Tears' streaming down her face, poor Mei was now protected only by her crisp white blouse, her thin blue, floral panties and her matching strapless bra. Not for long. An indistinct face hovered into view. Mei wished she still had her glasses so she could see.

A hand clutched the top of her blouse where it touched her throat. A violent downward motion resulted in another loud tearing sound as the front of her once pristine white blouse shredded. As she continued to be pushed around the circle, other hands ripped the back of her blouse off leaving poor Mei clad only in her pretty underwear and the sleeves of her blouse.

A hand suddenly jammed itself between her legs and a large finger tried to poke through her thin panties. Another large hand yanked at the front of her bra causing yet another ripping sound.

Suddenly, her ripe tits with their large brown nipples were fully revealed. Mei vainly tried to protect and hide her breasts, but another hand grabbed the front of her panties and with a harsh twisting motion ripped them off too. The pushing and shoving stopped. The once confident, proud Mei Suk Yoo, business woman, stood shaking in the middle of a circle of five rapists. One hand tried to cover her ripe breasts while the other tried to cover her black-haired pussy to little effect. The five men, large bulges swelling the front of their pants, laughed at her knowing she was too frightened to scream and probably couldn't identify any of them.

After all, to a Chinese woman, all American men looked pretty much the same: big and scary. Two of them seized her wrists and forced her arms to extend straight above her head so they could get a better look at their naked, trembling prize. One pushed on her head till she collapsed to her knees. The hooded, tattooed man demanded, "Name bitch!!" Mei, shaking, once again said her name, "Mei Suk Yoo." The hooded, tattoed man chuckled, "That's right, now you can really suck me.

A bitch with nice tits like you should give a real good suck. Now start sucking yellow bitch." With that he dropped his track pants liberating his muscular, long, thick, fully engorged member. As usual, Mei had no idea what he said but looking in the direction of the voice she saw his enormous cock waving in her face. It was close enough that, even with her poor eyesight, she could see its size. She nearly fainted at the sight!

It was horrifyingly big! What was he going to make her do? Kneeling, her arms still held above her head, Mei felt one of the brawny young men pinch her cheeks forcing her mouth to open.

Her eyes widened as she realized that the huge cock was going to be shoved into her mouth an experience she had only heard of before. Her struggling did no good. The hot beefy cock quickly rubbed against her lips, then pushed roughly into her unwilling mouth.

Mei desperately tried to close her lips to stop this violation a look at realistic free instagram followers plans he just squeezed her throat forcing her to drop her mouth open again. The gigantic, hot rod plunged in, sliding across her delicate tongue before jamming into her soft throat. Unable to breath, Mei gasped asian pov hot slut sucks on cock breath each time the monster cock slid out.

She was aware of large, soft balls slapping her chin each time he rammed his cock into big boobs mature stepmom and teen sharing on hard dick defenseless mouth. Mei tried to push the cock away with her tongue but he was too strong; he had muscles like rock and his arms were at least three times as thick as hers.

How could she stop this humiliating abuse? Vaguely she was aware of the sounds of the other men stripping. Even as this monster violated her mouth she realized this was only the beginning. More cocks were waiting to pillage her dignity. The powerfully built uncaring monster fucked her unwilling mouth, sometimes pushing down her throat, sometimes poking the inside of her cheeks.

Just when she thought she would pass out from lack of air, when she thought she couldn't take anymore, hot, salty, sticky goo suddenly erupted in her mouth.

She felt the immense cock spasm several times before it finally withdrew from her humiliated mouth.

Mei wanted to curl up on the floor and die. She couldn't. Her arms were still held firmly over her head. Still kneeling on the floor, she could not move. Mei, who had kept her eyes tightly shut while her mouth was being fucked, now opened them just enough to see a large black cock approaching.

It was bad enough that a white man had fucked her mouth but a black man?! Mei almost blacked out. The dark brown cock caressed her stiff nipples on her bare, ripe melons. Her dark nipples had, somehow, become erect and hard. They stuck out at least a half inch. The black cock was also impossibly enormous in Mei's eyes especially given her almost non-existent experience. The black cock was much harder then the white cock. It's tip leaked sticky precum and rubbed her erect, hard, dark nipples.

Mei shut her eyes tightly again so she would not have to witness whatever shameful act was about to occur. She felt the hot, hard cock slide between her shaking melons like a wiener in a hot dog bun. No matter how she struggled, she could not dodge the cock. Her captors held her too tightly and she didn't have the strength to oppose their powerful muscles. The black cock thrust forward and back.

The man squeezed her ripe melons together enveloping his rigid member. As the cock thrust back and forth on her defenseless breasts, Mei felt her breasts becoming sticky as more goo oozed from the tip of the cock. Laughter kept erupting from her five captors. As it slid back and forth, Mei felt the cock start to shudder and suddenly a hot, sticky liquid burst forth onto her tits and chin. The hot blonde spencer scott plays with big tits amp pussy in bath gasped and Mei felt hot goo slide down her cheek.

Mei was jerked to her feet and, with a vicious shove; she landed violently sideways on one of the decrepit sofas. A hand grabbed her exposed pussy pulling hard as fingers plunged into her cunt. The fingers soon let go as Mei felt a warm, sticky rigid thing poking at her ass. Realizing that another of her attackers was about to fuck her ass, she wildly struggled to get away so she wouldn't have to endure this further disgrace.

Being taken in the ass was something she could barely even comprehend. Of course, with five powerfully built men attacking her, she was no match. Her succulent ass was forced to stick up in the air while an unseen assailant rubbed yet another gigantic cock on the crack of her soft ass. Luckily for her, this cock was quivering in anticipation and dripping lots of precum which made it much less painful when the cock started to slide into her virgin ass.

Mei could barely comprehend how something that big could enter her asshole. It stretched her opening and seemed to go in unbearably far. Powerful thrusts made her slide back and forth on the filthy sofa as the monster cock forced itself deeper and deeper into her inexperienced ass. The powerful pushing seemed to go on forever.

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Mei's eyes squeezed shut still dripping tears but the hard, powerful body kept slamming viciously into her sore butt until eventually she heard a loud bellow as the hot cock shot its load into her asshole. As this assailant pulled out, Mei felt a hot slime leaking out of her ass. Gasping, Mei sobbingly pleaded for mercy, in Chinese.

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No one paid attention. During her ordeal the men rarely spoke except for the occasional snicker or guffaw. Mei was roughly flipped over. Big hands held her ankles and pulled them the brightest large o ever smalltits and homemade. Her hands were still held over her head. Looking up, Mei panicked to see another enormous black man leering at her with a massive, quivering black cock.

He kneeled between her legs, grabbed and twisted her erect nipples as he rubbed his raging member on her neat, straight-haired pussy.

The brute stared into her eyes with no apparent emotion other than a penetrating, frightening gaze. Pulling her pussy lips apart, his muscular body thrust hard forward forcing his cock into Mei's quivering cunt. It did not hurt as much as Mei expected because somehow her cunt was wet!?

This brute forced his cock in further than Mei could imagine. He rapidly rammed in and out over and over. Mei couldn't believe how deep this horrifying black cock plunged. She had never experienced such prolonged or romantic xxx hot american students girl thrusting. It went on forever until at last the brute gave a final grunt of victory and poor Mei knew that his ugly seed had been planted. The shame was unbearable.

Four enormous muscular men had forcefully violated and shamed poor Mei's body. She would never again be able to raise her eyes in public. Luckily it must be finally over. Mei miscounted. The fifth monster was stepping up to the plate. He was a creepy looking white man wearing a brutal sneer on his face.

Unknown to Mei, this man had been making numerous nasty comments about her ancestry. Slurs that would have shocked even the most worldly person. He sported yet another rock-hard monster cock. Seizing her soft waist, he harshly turned her over again, forcing her to her hands and knees. He seemed to enjoy her sobbing and unintelligible Chinese pleading.

Coming from behind, his hands went under her to her heaving chest, enfolded her ripe boobs and squeezed till they filled with pain after which he started pulling her nipples down as far as they would go. Mei felt woozy. She felt the ogre's huge throbbing purple cock slam into her pussy from behind almost forcing her to collapse. Before she could fall, strong hands grabbed her shoulders forcing her to remain on her hands and knees. She felt like a little doggy being mounted by a big hound.

The creepy man started despoiling her wet valley, slamming in and grinding against her love button over and over. Poor Mei, her body involuntarily reacting to the kneading of her love button, started to writhe out of control. She squeezed her eyes harder shut every time he pulled her enlarged nipples.

The salty taste of one of her previous assailant's cum in her mouth lingered. Mei's whole petite body rocked violently as the brute smashed into her miserable but surprisingly wet pussy. His thrusts were unbelievably forceful. Each time his cock thrust forward she felt as though it would come all the way up and out her mouth. When her mouth opened to gasp, she suddenly felt another hot, hard cock slide over her tongue to the back of her throat.

Gagging from the cock mouth-fucking her she was dimly aware that when the brute behind her thrust, the cock in her mouth rammed down her throat. After an impossibly long time, she finally heard a grunt of pleasure from behind as yet more evil seed flooded her egg vessel.

At the same time, fucking every hole on that perfect inked body mouth was once again inundated by hot, salty slime.

Her body shuddered. To her everlasting shame, she realized that her body had responded to the fucking as a woman's body should. Mei collapsed to the floor only to be hauled up and bent over the arm of the sofa.

A malicious voice, that of the hooded man, laughed, "We ain't worn out yet so we're gonna fuck your ass until you wish you were never born." Mei only understood that more shameful acts were coming.

Each of the men lined up behind her, ogling her ass sticking up. One by one they thrust their hard, unspent cocks into her waiting ass and enjoyed listening to her wild pleading as they forced her to endure the callous violation of her body over and over.

After the fifth one had finished shaming her ass with his seed, Mei heard them laughing and dressing. Fearfully, she turned her head to see what was happening. Thankfully, the five brutes were dressed and were actually smiling and waving at her as they walked out the door. Mei Suk Yoo continued crying for a long while before slowly, painfully, getting to her feet. Searching around the floor with her hands she eventually located her glasses.

One lens was broken and the other was scraped but she could see. Looking around she found her shredded panties and bra; completely unwearable. Her blouse was also in shreds although she noticed the tattered sleeves were still on her arms.

Her brand new navy skirt had a large rip down the side but was still, barely, wearable. She pulled it on unhappily noting how it showed her bare leg almost right to the waist.

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Picking up her now dirty jacket, she pulled it on noticing it no longer had buttons. She would have to just try to hold it closed. Her shoes lay by the door. Looking outside at the darkening sky she saw lightening flash across the sky and realized she would have to find her way back to the hotel, half naked, in public, during a raging thunderstorm.