Full sex stories xxxx story brother and sister

Full sex stories xxxx story brother and sister
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Author's note: This is another Challenge story. It's kind of a sequel but not really. The events in the story are happening during the same time frame as the first Challenge story. You don't have to read the first one, but it may help since they share a few of the same characters. I would suggest reading the first Challenge story, and then read this one. You'll recognize some of the character cameos when they occur. If you like big butts and you cannot lie.then, well, you'll like the mother in this story.

I wrote what turns me on. There is a LOT of voyeurism, big butts, a little bit of interracial and group sex, and one very manipulative, perverse old man.

The sex between mom/son happens later in the story. Editing thanks go to Todger65. The Challenge 2: Voyeurism Games Chapter 1 Vernon parked his beat up, black Subaru Legacy in the side parking area of a long driveway. Getting out of his car, the 18 year old exhaled into the cold January weather, seeing his breath. Closing the door, he made his way inside the massive home of his employer, Bob.

Bob had called him to see if he could clear out some fallen branches following a recent ice storm. Vernon was happy to help. Usually he only made extra cash from doing yard work for Bob during the warmer months of the year. He genuinely liked the old man too, listening and laughing to his stories during breaks.

Vernon felt he was paid way too much for simple yard work, but has been graciously helping out Bob since italian girl love to play with toys masturbate and homemade was 14. Making his way up the stairs leading to the front door, he saw a woman cute kitten spreads soft vagina and gets deflorated Bob's house.

She looked familiar but couldn't place where he had seen her. She was gorgeous, with shoulder length, dirty blonde hair. Something was a bit off about her, she looked distressed. It was as though someone had just asked her to perform an unpleasant or difficult task like seducing her son for a large sum of money perhaps.

Vernon nodded and smiled as they walked past each other. The woman surprised him by speaking up. "Hi, you're Vernon right?" The woman asked, attempting to hide whatever issue caused her to be distraught. "Oh, um, yes ma'am." Vernon replied. "I thought you were. I'm Ray's mom, Julie." She said, offering a polite smile.

"Oh, oh yes, I remember now. I thought you looked familiar." "It's ok, I don't think you've seen me enough to recollect that. Anyway, how is your mom? I think I last spoke with her when I ran into her a month or so ago at the mall. I was doing some Christmas shopping." "She's doing ok. A little busy lately." "Great." The two women weren't close, but friendly acquaintances who would carry on and chat for several minutes when they occasionally saw each other out or at high school events.

"So you're here to do some yard work? I thought you and Ray were at a sleep over last night at your friend's house." "Yes ma'am. I left early to get started on clearing up some of the tree limbs here." "Ah, well try not to freeze out here," Julie chuckled.

"Anyway I better get going. Take care!" Vernon nodded, smiling to Julie, turning to watch her make her way down the steps. Ray had a hot mom indeed.

He wondered how she knew Bob or why she was there, but forgot about his curiosity within minutes. Vernon made his way into the vestibule of Bob's large home. He was greeted by the old, jolly-looking man. He had a small white beard that made Vernon think of Santa Claus if he were on vacation that is.

"Hey pal! Come on in!" Bob greeted Vernon as he entered his home. He always seemed to be in a good mood. "Good morning, sir." Vernon smiled back, shaking Bob's extended hand. "I don't normally see you during the winter." "I know, I know!

This crazy weather eh? Anyway, follow me and I'll show you what I'd like you to clean up," Bob explained, motioning for Vernon to follow him. After Bob briefly explained where he wanted the fallen limbs and debris put he told Vernon to join him inside when he had finished, for a chat and perhaps some hot chocolate. Vernon, slightly confused and curious, agreed and went about his way, cleaning up a small section of Bob's large backyard.

Forty-five minutes later, Vernon found himself sitting in Bob's office, waiting for his hot chocolate to cool. "There you go, pal." Bob entered the room, handing Vernon a 20 dollar bill. "Not bad for 40 minutes of moving some dead limbs around eh?" "Heh, no sir. Thank you." Vernon chuckled and replied. "No thank you! Anyway, I wanted to chat with you about the possibility of earning some extra money that doesn't involve yard work." "Oh, ok, well that sounds great sir." "You just had a birthday recently didn't you?" Bob asked, sitting back in his chair.

"Yes, I turned 18 last week." "Ha! I knew it was in January. I may be old, but I'm not senile yet!" Vernon chuckled again, "No sir." There was a brief pause, while Vernon sipped his hot chocolate. "So the extra money. Since you're an adult now, I will speak to you as one." Bob said standing and walking to his bookshelf.

He rummaged through some magazines, finding the one he was looking for, then plopped it on his desk in front of Vernon before sitting back down.

It was masturbation while she holds the camera fitzgerald media magazine called "Elite" and had a picture of a souped up Mustang on the cover.

It had custom rims and a custom paint job. "You're familiar with that magazine aren't you?" Bob asked. Vernon nodded, looking toward the old man across from him. "Magazines are usually marketed toward demographics. Old ladies, teenage guys like you, do-it-yourself house repairers, film buffs, teeny bop music lovers, and then guys that like technology, computers, new gadgets, and so on guys like me to be honest." Bob explained. "That magazine is marketed toward African-American males in the 18-35 age brackets.

It covers music, movies, sports and athletes, cars, and women that marketing surveys and research have deduced black men may like. Now, is there truth in it or is it a stereotype?

I don't know and I don't care." Bob explained, reaching across to grab the magazine, casually flipping through its pages. "I recently sold the publishing company that publishes this magazine and a slew of others marketed to many different demographics.

It's one of several companies I owned," Bob continued slowly, flipping through the pages. "There's usually a section in the magazine and I'll find it in a minute that features a few photos of lovely women; women in bikinis posing with cars, or bikes, or on the beach and so on.

There's one gal that has caught my eye. She's a local model that's been featured in a few photos over the past four or five years. I know she's only doing this modeling work on the side. She's one of these girls that supposedly black men like; curvy, voluptuous, thick in certain places, if you know what I'm referring to.

Ah there she is." Bob found the page, admiring the model he was looking at. He glanced to Vernon sitting across from him. "Hmm, the same blue eyes." Bob said to a now very confused, but curious, Vernon.

He managed a weak smile and kept listening to the old man. "This particular woman is one I'd love to get to know more intimately. She's gorgeous," Bob said, turning his head looking at an image of this woman in the magazine.

"I know I could easily invite her over, or take her out to a nice dinner. But that's boring. Where's the fun? Where's the thrill in that? I'd rather play games. I'm old; it keeps me on my toes and entertains me.

I like to have fun! I see something I want, I don't want to just swoop in and take it, I want to cherish the chase, and savor the meal before I eat it." He looked to Vernon's awkward smile. "Ok, so I'm not sure what you want me to do. I'm a little confused." Vernon said. Bob chuckled, sliding the open magazine back over to Vernon. A curvaceous, buxom blonde, in a tiny bikini and red high heels was facing him.

She had her hands on her flared hips and was standing in front of a cool looking street bike; one that was most likely used in racing events. Vernon looked down at the picture on the page, still confused, furrowed his forehead and shook his head. Looking back up at Bob, Vernon asked, "You want me to introduce you to my mom?" Chapter 2 Vernon sat in Bob's office with a confused look on his face.

He thought about his situation, "Why would he pay me to introduce him to my mom? Didn't they already sort of know each other since she's posed for pictures in his magazines? Maybe they didn't, maybe big shots like him didn't have anything to do with most of his employees." Before Vernon could asked the questions running through his mind out loud, Bob spoke up. "Introduce me to her? Well, somewhat, but not in the manner you're probably thinking." "Alright, what does the earning extra money have to do with this?" Vernon asked.

Bob chuckled, standing to walk to his window. "I told you I like to play games. I like to have fun. I don't want to just meet your mother, I'd rather observe her, watch her, I'd rather smell my meal, taking in its scent before I," he paused turning back to face Vernon, "devour it." Vernon felt a little uncomfortable when he heard Bob say "devour it." He may not be very experienced with the ladies, but immediately caught on to any accidental or intentional innuendo.

Bob made his way to the edge of his desk, sitting next to Vernon. "I'm willing you pay you handsomely for a series of tasks that I ask you to do. Think of them as challenges. It'll be a little game we can play. At first these challenges will be somewhat small, and in time, their difficulty will increase." "Alright, what does this have to do with her?" Vernon asked, nodding in the direction of the open magazine.

"Good question," Bob resumed sitting across from Vernon in his large chair. "I'll get straight to it. Your first challenge is to obtain video footage of your mother nude." "What?!?

Are you joking?" "No I'm not. Step brothers gets a boner while sister reads bed time story not joking at all. I want you to film her changing out of her clothes and into new ones, or perhaps stripping to take a shower, and so on. I will pay you $1000 for this footage." Bob explained. Vernon's mouth hung open.

There was a long pause before he spoke up, "I don't even know how I'd go about getting that footage. I mean, what do you want me to do? Hide in her closet or under the bed or something? She'd kill me if she caught me!" Bob shrugged, "That's up to you." He reached into his top desk draw pulling out a small box and then handed it to Vernon.

"Here, use that." Vernon opened it to reveal an iPhone 5. "I'm sure you can figure out how to take video footage with that can't you?" Bob said, winking at the teenager. "So 1000 bucks for some footage of her nude; that's the first challenge in this little series of ours. Think you can handle that?" Vernon thought for a moment, feeling uneasy about what Bob was asking him to do.

"I don't know, that's invading her privacy. I don't really want to see her naked. I guess I could film it and look away, but still, it just doesn't seem right. She might catch me." "Right. Well I tell you what, take that iPhone with you, it's all yours. If you get an opportunity to take footage of her nude, then do so.

If not, then don't. Or if you decide would rather not do any of this, keep the iPhone anyway and I'll see you in the Spring to mow my lawn." Vernon sighed, looking down to the phone. He put it back in its box and stood.

"I guess I could try to. This isn't a joke or anything is it? Why can't you just come by the house for dinner or something?" "What's the fun in that?" Bob countered. "I'm a perverted old fool who wants to have some fun." "Alright, I'll see what I can do." He said goodbye to Bob, confused and shocked, he left the house and headed home.

He thought about how a $1000 would be nice. He wondered if it would be enough to get the rattling noise in his mother's car checked out and repaired. He hated the idea of spying on his mom though. It all felt so weird and deceitful. Vernon pulled into the driveway of his small home and sat in his car, pondering his options.

"I could just hide in her big closet with the door cracked. She'd be putting on pajamas tonight. How would I sneak into her room if she's going to go change though?

I'd have to beat her there, which wouldn't be possible without her being suspicious. She'd see me go into her room. Maybe I could try adjusting the window shade so I could see into the room from outside. " He sighed again, realizing that might be the best strategy. "I'd be a peeping tom on my own poor mother.

What a jerk I'd be. I guess I'll hold up the phone to the window and try not to look directly at her. It's worth a shot and it's for 1000 big ones." Chapter 3 Vernon sat in his room a little later, continuing to strategize. He'd wait for his mom to leave the house to go grocery shopping something she does every Saturday, and sometimes on Sunday afternoon then he'd run some tests by making sure the drapes to her bedroom window were slightly cracked and afforded him a view inside the room from outside.

He would crouch in front of the window, holding the iPhone, and then attempt to capture footage of her naked. He wouldn't look directly at her, but sort of glance to the screen to make sure he was facing the phone where it needed to face in order to capture something on video. "Hi Vernie," His mother, Nicole cheerfully said, startling from his trance.

She was standing in his door way, smiling at him. Vernon hated his name, but never minded that his mother called him "Vernie." Perhaps, he thought, she liked it better than "Vernon" the name of a grandfather that died before he was born.

"Oh hey mom," Glancing toward her he nodded his head slightly. "Have a fun time at the sleepover?" "Yeah it was ok." Vernon diverted his eyes to his desk, standing to pretend he was going to organize some school papers. "Good! How was the yard work this morning? Hope you didn't freeze anything important off," Nicole joked, now standing behind him, wrapping her arms around his torso for a warm hug.

"Heh, nah I didn't." He wanted to turn around and hug her, but felt shame for something he hadn't done yet. "You alright?" his mother asked. "Yeah I think I'll just take a nap," he replied, moving away from her, ending her embrace from behind, sitting on his mattress. He yawned and stretched his arms a bit. It was for show and he realized it probably looked fake. However, he was legitimately tired and would take a nap, but not until after his preparations were complete. "Ok, I think that's a good idea." Nicole told her son, directly in front of him, messing up his blonde hair.

He jerked his head to the side a little, to avoid her fingers. She chuckled and bent slightly to hug him. She was only 5'2" so she didn't have to bend far to let her arms drape around his shoulders, pushing his head into her t-shirt covered abdomen.

"Come on, you aren't too tired to hug back!" Vernon sighed, hoisting his arms up, in his seated position, letting them land on her wide hips. His hands rested at the small of her back, right above the meaty swell of her massively muscular backside.

He thought about the magazine images he saw earlier, thinking that there's a chance he may see her naked later. He pushed those thoughts of his head. She ended the hug. Vernon let his hands drop, his fingers slightly grazing a pajama pants covered butt cheek. He instantly blushed. Nicole messed up his hair again, not noticing it, apparently. "I love you Vernie, take a nice long nap. That's really sweet of you to help Bob out." Nicole called out to him as she left his room.

Vernon sighed, shaking his head, he thought, "You won't think I'm that sweet if you knew what I agreed to do for some extra money." About 15 minutes later, his mother pulled out of their driveway, her car making the same rattling noise it had been for the last few weeks. Vernon immediately headed toward his mother's bedroom and checked out her window situation. He pulled the drapes apart maybe three inches.

He used his new iPhone as a reference. He pulled them back a little more, thinking that four inches or so should be enough to allow him to capture footage from outside. Her room wasn't all that big. She would mostly likely be in his phone's field of vision. He wondered if that beautiful babe takes off his blue shirt open drapes were too noticeable.

Sunlight was creeping in through them, but he was going to wait until night time to try this. Perhaps she wouldn't notice the drapes allowing more sunlight to creep because she would be in there at night. The only problem he may run into is the drapes being closed again by her. He tried to recall if she ever messed with drapes at all. He knew that she usually got up in the morning before the sun rises. So since she didn't sleep late, perhaps she would have no need to double check if they were closed all the way or not.

He did that in his room so he could sleep a little later without sunlight waking him, but only on Saturday and Sundays. His mother got up went to the gym almost daily, arriving back at home as the sun was rising. Vernon left her room, grabbed his coat, put on some shoes and headed outside.

The window to her bedroom was on front of the house, to the right of the front door. There was a small row of bushes that had lost their leaves for the winter in front of it. Luckily there was roughly an 18 inch gap between the bushes and the window. Vernon could easily slide his thin frame back there. Crouching may be an issue, but if he discovered that twisting his body would allow him to hide in that gap without banging up against the bushes and possibly making noise.

Looking to his feet he saw dead leaves from the shrubs and promptly cleared as much of those out as possible. He didn't want the crunching of dead leaves to alert her to a peeping tom outside her window. "Someone like me," he sighed again, attempting to not focus on the guilt.

With the leaves cleared out of the gap, save for a small amount of leaves right next to the front steps which he could easily hop over Vernon didn't want his mother to notice leaves had been cleared back there he went inside and took a nap. He was exhausted, having spent most the night playing video games with his friends at the sleep over.

Chapter 4 Vernon imagined himself keeping a journal of his attempts at completing this challenge. He never would of course, but he imagined the spreadsheet or word document would like similar to this: Night 1 first attempt to video her nude, failure. Light was off in her room or she changed in bathroom Night 2 2nd attempt, failure.

Light was on in room, didn't see her. Night3 3rd attempt, see above. Night4 saw clothing land on bed, nothing else. Failure. Seachjapanese son mother sleeping sex story same as second attempt Night6 same as 4th attempt except saw shadow movement in her room. Vernon laughed at his poor luck. He was able to perfectly sneak outside and crouch in front of her window without making a sound or being detected.

He made sure to spend more time with his mother so he could be fully aware of her going to bed, or going to her room to change. They would sit and chat or watch TV or a movie together. The guilt slowly went away and he thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her. He would listen as she talked about her job as a police officer. "So, since you're the only lady on the crew, have any of the dudes tried to, you know, flirt or uh, get with you?" Vernon asked his mother, sitting on the couch with his arm around as she curled up into his side.

The past few days found her at his side, happily snuggling with him. Nicole let out a loud laugh, "No! Well actually." "Actually? What happened mom?" Vernon asked with a bit of concern in his voice.

"Oh it was nothing. It was several months ago. There was one guy that, well, he had a habit of grabbing my butt." "Really?" "Yeah, it wasn't too big a deal to me. It's just a butt, you know?" Vernon nodded, attempting to smile, wondering if he'd ever earn that $1000 by capturing her butt on video, "Uh yeah." "So I let him. It was in good fun, he was otherwise a nice guy, and it never escalated.

One evening the captain caught him red handed, or 'butt-handed' if you know what I mean," she playfully jabbed Vernon's side and then continued resting her head against his shoulder. "Oh yeah? Then what happened?" Vernon asked. Nicole sat up, "He was fired on the spot!" She kissed her son on the cheek and stood up to make her way to her bedroom.

"Goodnight Vernie. Oh by the way, I've really enjoyed hanging out with you more this past week. You're my favorite person!" He had to force the guilt caused by her comment away; he had a task to complete. This would be last night of attempting to film her naked. If he failed again, that was it. No more sneaking around and peeping in her room. He waited a few seconds before bolting off the couch, not bothering to put on a coat, and raced outside to the gap between her bedroom window and the shrubbery.

He was in such a hurry he nearly left his phone on the kitchen table. Quickly crouching down in the gap between the shrubs and his mother's bedroom window, he held his iPhone into position.

Then he saw it. Rather, he saw her. She was still clothed and her back was to him, but he was finally able to see something. With her back to him, she slid off her sweatshirt, and unhooked her bra. He could see her large breasts sway as they were released from their prison. He shook his head hoping she wouldn't turn around, but knew she would.

Then he watched as she slid her sweatpants down. He glanced away as her black thong was visible showing her meaty butt cheeks.

Vernon wasn't looking directly at the phone, but he could tell in his peripheral vision that she was sliding her thong down. It's black color no longer on top of her skin. He glanced at his phone, briefly hot brunette babe gets her ass fucked hard by a black cock her muscular cheeks, and then as quickly as he glanced, he looked away to the side again.

He saw more movement in his peripheral vision and then glanced at the phone again. He nearly gasped for air when he accidently saw her large breasts on display.

She was unfolding some clothes she laid out on the bed and holding them up to her body, as if she were confirming their correct sizing. A wave of guilt came over Vernon as he watched his mother hold what looked like a dress up to her body, covering her nudity.

She folded the article of clothing, placing it on the bed, and picked up her cell phone. She was standing there nude again, checking texts or perhaps a missed call. Vernon glanced at her breasts again, and then quickly looked to the side.

He saw movement again. She had turned around to place her phone on the bed side table. Another glance and he saw those marvelous glutes once more, another wave of guilt as he glanced away. He closed his eyes, shaking his head in disgust at himself, and then opening them to see nothing on his phone.

The light in the room was off. He mother was either in bed, or in her bathroom with the door closed. Moving back inside, Vernon went straight to his room, closing the door behind him. "I just made $1000," he said to himself, feeling less than joyous over his accomplishment. He felt guilt, but also something else that he couldn't quite put his finger on just yet. Chapter 5 Vernon sat in Bob's home office again the next morning.

Bob was uploading footage to his laptop. He had already watched it on the phone twice. "This is great work, Vernon!" "Thanks," he sighed. Bob wrote and handed him a check for a thousand dollars. "Ready for the next challenge?" "Next challenge?" "Oh yes, we're not done here. There's more fun to be had here." "Alright," Vernon replied, thinking maybe more nude footage or perhaps stealing some of her underwear to give to the old perverted Bob.

"I want video footage of her showering. I will give you $5000 for this." "Showering?!? Are you serious?" "Quite. You can sneak in her room or if the bathroom is large enough, hide in there, whatever you want." Vernon thought for a moment that this challenge might actually be easier than his first one. His mother gets up at 4am most mornings. She goes to work out and is back home by 6 am. Vernon doesn't have to be up for school until 7 am. All he would have to do is be awake when she returns home from the gym, listen for the sound of her shower, and then go grab some footage in theory.

She has a glass shower stall so there's no shower curtain to deal with. "Alright, sure." Vernon grunted. "Excellent! The footage can be her getting into the shower, or shortly after she's already done so. I want the footage to show her entire shower session up until she turns the water off and if you can manage, until she wraps a towel around her." Bob explained. Vernon shook his head as more guilt overcame him for something he hadn't done yet.

"Fine." He missed his opportunity Monday morning because he overslept. That evening he prepared dinner for the two of them. He cooked spaghetti, as it was simple enough, and he knew she liked it. "What do I owe the honor of this wonderful young man cooking for me?" Nicole playfully asked, hugging Vernon tightly.

Resting his head on her shoulder, he glanced down to her large protruding, yoga pant covered butt. Visions of it popped into his head from the brief glance he had of it the other night. The reason for the dinner was his attempt to make himself feel better for his actions; but he couldn't tell her that. "I don't know, just felt like helping out some." He replied. "Well it is much appreciated," his mother replied, kissing him on the cheek as she made her way to their couch.

She patted the couch cushion next to her, "sit." Vernon did as he was told. Nicole rose to her knees on the cushion. Reaching behind her, she appeared to be pulling the tight yoga pants out of her buttcrack.

Afterward, she moved Vernon's arm to the side and collapsed into him, wrapping her arms around him on the couch. He instinctively patted her back. "Remember this weekend I'll be away. I have to go take some more pictures pretty girl has fun with a neighbor the magazine, alright?

So no crazy parties," his mother joked. "Don't worry I won't." Vernon's plan was to actually take his mother's car to get the rattling issue fixed. He didn't mention that to her though. They sat on the couch for another hour, chatting about random things.

She asked her son about school work and if he was still trying to figure out his plans after high school. He asked her questions about her fitness routines and scary situations on the job.

He almost forgot about his second attempt to capture her showering. Vernon went to bed earlier than normal that night. He didn't want to oversleep again. Five thirty am came quick, too quick. Vernon couldn't remember the last time he had gotten up that early. He was nearly asleep again when he heard his mother come home from the gym at around 5:45.

His eyes shot open and listened for her shower to start. Around five minutes passed and he heard it. He quietly got out of bed, grabbed his phone, and snuck down the hallway to her room. Her bedroom door was cracked, but he could see light coming from her bathroom door perpendicular to it. He held sixty nine brunette babe oral fucking riding breath and slowly pushed her door open. Luckily it didn't creak or crack.

He saw her bathroom door was completely open. Moving into her room, he crouched down on her carpeted floor some unknown reason.

Feeling silly, he stood sex fairy tales storys porn para karsiliginda sikiyor turkce altyazili up, inching his way to the bathroom door. He heard something and froze. It was a sweet sound, one that almost made him smile if it wasn't for the perverted and shameful act he was attempting to do. His mother was casually humming to herself in the bathroom. It reminded him of when should would do that in the car with him in the morning when she took him to school.

He felt like crap. His thoughts were interrupted when he saw movement in the bathroom. Looking up to the large mirror on the wall Vernon could see his mother's reflection. She still had a top on, a white sports bra, but nothing else. He looked away when he saw her naked bottom. He then brought his phone up to capture footage. She turned around and slid her top off, the mirror reflecting everything perfectly. He glanced again at her gorgeous backside, but again looked away after a few seconds.

He watched her test the water and hop into the shower, closing the glass door behind her. Every few seconds he would look to his phone and see his mother soap up her breasts, or scrub her stomach, or bend down to run soap over her thick, juicy, thighs. Each glance lasted a second longer. When she turned around and pressed her butt up against the glass door, Vernon caught himself staring, unable to look away from it.

Nicole turning off the water caused Vernon to come out of his trance. He stopped recording when she stepped out of the shower and closed the door behind her. He backed out of her room slowly, closing her door back to the way it was, then tip-toeing back to his room as quickly as he could. He'd done it. He lay there in bed for the next 30 minutes wide awake, replaying the image of her butt up against the glass in his head. He dared not watch the footage again, but somewhere inside him, he really, really wanted to.

By 6:15 am his mother was gone and he was alone. He ate some breakfast, went to school, and tried not to think about what he had done and seen. Unfortunately, her juicy ass danced throughout his mind for most of the day. On his way home he stopped by Bob's house. "Wonderful! She's gorgeous!" Bob exclaimed while watching the footage after loading it to his laptop. Vernon sat across from him, looking downward. "Mmm, lovely. Thank you so much.

Here's the promised check of $5000, all for you pal!" Bob slid it across his desk. "Ready for the next challenge? Good," Bob said, not giving Vernon a chance to answer. "Masturbation. We all do it. Men and women alike. I will pay you $10,000 for video footage of this perfectly, shapely woman, pleasuring herself in whatever manner she loves most." Vernon didn't move and didn't blink, staring blankly at Bob. After, what could've been 10 seconds of a blank stare, Vernon flatly asked, "What?" "Mmhmm, I want a video of her masturbating." Bob reiterated nonchalantly.

"Um, what?"_ "Vernon, come on now, you're 18. Not an old man like me, certainly you heard me." Vernon didn't know what to say, shaking his head, he gulped hard. "I, I, uh, I can't do that. That's, that's just, no way." "I told you my little challenges would increase in difficulty each time didn't I? This will be an exciting escalation for me! You too." Bob's voice lowered and a mischievous little smile came across his face, "Just imagine hiding in a closet or peeping around the corner at her, she'd never know!" "But that's way too private an activity.

That's too wrong. I can't disrespect her like that." Bob paused a moment, "Isn't your mom's washer and dryer about to break any day now?" "How did you " "I'm sure 10 grand would easily buy some new appliances right? I'm sure you could get a top of the line matching set for less than half that." Vernon was speechless.

How did this man know about the old clothes washer and dryer that his mom was having a difficult time with? Did she tell him? Did someone else? Vernon felt trapped. "How did you know about that?" He asked, gritting his teeth. "Heard it through the grapevine." Bob casually tossed that little nugget to Vernon. Vernon remained silent. He wondered if his mother knew Bob better than she let on.

He wondered if Bob was still active in the company he formerly owned; perhaps he had been chatting with someone about it. Vernon frowned in anger when he thought of another paranoid-induced possibility, but quickly reminded himself Bob had never been to his home or so he thought.

Bob didn't know everything. He didn't know the refrigerator was just as old and struggled to keep food fresh for very long. He didn't know that his mother made squat as a police officer. He didn't know about her car issues. Vernon stood and nodded his head.

He slowly walked out of Bob's office, having no idea how he would ever manage to capture footage of his mother pleasuring herself. Changing in and out of clothes or taking a shower was one thing, but spying on someone while they masturbated was a much lower level of disrespect and perversion. Vernon knowing this and admitting to himself that he would attempt such a thing made his head hurt. Chapter 6 The next 3 days were horrible for him. Vernon avoided his mother as best he could, he had trouble sleeping, and he had trouble eating.

Nicole asked him if he felt bad, he lied saying he was tired. Depositing that $5000 check into the new savings account he set up didn't make him feel any better. Saturday morning arrived and Vernon asked his mom if she needed a ride.

He lied saying that he had some errands to run so he would gladly drop her off at the studio and come pick her up later that evening when she was done with the photo shoot. Smiling sweetly, she accepted his kind gesture.

They chatted on the way there like nothing was wrong and Vernon sunny leone fucks hard alison tyler slight relief from guilt. After Vernon dropped her off in his car, he sped back home and got in her car. Six long, mind numbing, hours later his mother's car was finally finished. He barely paid attention to the mechanic as he droned on about which belt was loose, which bearing was missing, which gasket needed replacing.

He wanted out of there, he was annoyed and miserable. Vernon went home and got in his car again. He didn't want his mother to know he had spent nearly $500 on getting her car tuned up. She would demand to know where he got the money. When he arrived at the nearby location to pick her up, he couldn't help but smile, noticing how jovial she was. He started feeling a little better, thinking that maybe she was happy to see him.

When she grabbed his hand, trailing her fingers across it and talking about her day on the way home, he forgot about the newest challenge from Bob. Later that evening, he heard a knock at his bedroom door. He had showered and was putting some socks on while sitting on his bed.

"Come in." "Hi there Vernie. I was thinking we could find a movie on TV to watch," his mother suggested.

"Yeah, that'd be great mom, I'd love that," Vernon replied. There was relief in his voice. He had decided in the shower that he didn't need to film her.

No one was forcing him. He was done. Nicole threw her arms around him, snuggling close on the couch, kissing his cheek. "Love my little Vernie," she said, resting her head on his shoulder. He raised his arm, placing it around his mother, holding her close to him on the couch. The movie was quite boring and Vernon had trouble keeping his eyes open.

Leaning his head back on the couch with a eve jihan jeffers sex tape in full for free repee this vi smile on his face, he ran his hand up and down his mother's side. She was so warm and soft in his arm. The guilt and anxiety slowly washed away.

He smiled when he pictured her beautiful backside in the shower. He stirred when he felt her move to grab a pillow to place on his lap. Watching her stretch out on the couch and lay her head in his lap, he casually trailed his fingers across her hip. She was wearing more tight yoga pants. They were grey in color and hugged her butt tight, going into the crack. Vernon was staring at her, unaware that he was salivating, and unaware that his cock was hard.

He replayed footage of her nude ass in head, while his finger lightly trailed back and forth on her hip and thigh. She was oblivious as she rested her head on his lap, her eyes toward the movie. "It's perfect," Vernon said to himself.

His mother stirred and for an instant he thought she heard the voice in his head compliment her. "Ok, well that movie was kinda bland wasn't it?" Nicole asked, sitting up and getting off the couch. Standing a couple feet in front of him, facing away, she fumbled with the remote to turn off the TV.

Vernon stared at her butt. His cock twitched as he watched her reach back to pull her yoga pants out of her asscrack.

"Alright, there we go. I'm heading to bed," she said, placing the remote on the coffee table. "I had another wonderful evening with you, but I'm shahrukh khan son xxx story. It was a long day." Vernon flashed a goofy smile as she kissed his cheek, blushing as she headed to her bedroom.

Without removing the smile from his face, he stood and made his way to his own bedroom. Closing the door behind him, he stripped naked, grabbed his phone, and proceed to watch the shower video three times. On the fourth time, he paused the footage right before her butt smashed up against the glass door. He had a perfect view of it in all its perfection; soaking and dripping wet from the shower.

He nearly passed out from the orgasm brought on by his own hand. "That's it, that's all this will amount too. No more," he thought. Sleep found him in a few minutes. The next morning he felt well rested and energized.

Vernon opened his eyes, reaching next to the bed for his phone; he watched the first footage of his mother undressing. He didn't glance away this time. Watching it twice, pausing on the ass shots, he stroked his cock to erection.

Wrapping a towel around his naked body, he headed to the bathroom, his phone still in his hand. He passed his mother in the hallway; she let out a playful whistle at his nearly nude body. Still smiling as he reached his bathroom, he closed the door behind him.

He then continued stroking his cock as he navigated to the part of the first video where his mother turned around to face the window and then paused it.

Amazing bbws reyna mae and ava doll reward hubby for promotion

He stood admiring her nude, hourglass figure. "How often does she do it?" he asked himself. A few minutes later he stood in the shower letting the warm water wash over him, idly stroking his cock.

"Everyone does it," he said to himself, watching his hand grab and stroke his hard-on while images of her perfect body flashed his in head. "it's no big deal. It'll be $10,000." Just before he ejaculated again, he pictured her smiling back at him while she drove two fingers into her waiting pussy. He had just convinced himself of undertaking the next challenge.

Chapter 7 The decision to attempt to capture his mother pleasuring herself was reversed and overturned several times during the next week. Waves of guilt flood him, followed by relief when Vernon again decided to not film it. Lying awake in bed at night, looking to his phone, he struggled, determined not to watch the footage he already had.

Usually, though, he ended up watching it and jacking off shortly before going to sleep. One morning he tried to see her in the shower again, but he almost got caught when she walked out of the bathroom as she waited for the water to heat up. One night he even slipped outside to see if he could see into her bedroom again.

The light was on, but she wasn't in view. He felt like an idiot and went back inside, satisfying himself with the footage he already had. He had to think; he had to come up with a plan to watch and film her masturbating. A week before Valentine's Day Vernon figured it out. It was so simple he felt even more stupid for not thinking of it sooner. Pacing back and forth in his room, Vernon perfected his plan.

He had to join his mother for another movie night in a few minutes. She really seemed to relish in the increased quality time they were spending with each other over the last few weeks. Vernon gestured with his hand as he talked to himself in his head. He rehearsed telling his mother a lie that may plant a seed.

He practiced a few more lines, satisfied that his seed planting plan may work; he left his room to join her in the living room on the couch. He was excitedly nervous, but felt confident. "Ah, those nice yoga pants again?" Vernon chuckled at his mother, watching her stand at the coffee table and flip through channels on the TV. "Oh you like them eh? Good!" She replied, not looking away from her task, attempting to find something to watch.

Vernon got bold; he needed to be in order to win that $10,000. He slipped behind her, wrapping his arms around her, resting his hand on her stomach. "Why is it good that I like them, mom?" "Well it just feels nice when a man appreciates what a lady wears or what she looks like." Nicole explained.

"Ah, well I certainly think they look great on you." He kissed the top of her head. "It's all that hard work you do at the gym." "Thank you Vernie. I gotta stay in shape!" daughter gives daddy a handjob then fucks him She chuckled.

Then she did something that made Vernon almost lose it right there. She playfully flexed her glute muscles. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, except they were right up against Vernon's crotch. This threw him off course tremendously; causing him to struggle to remember his plan for the evening.

He ended the embrace as sat on the couch. His mother resumed her position right next to him, with his arm draped around her. As the movie played, Vernon was totally out of sync with what he had planned. He was going to create a catalyst for a conversation, but was struggling. He kept imagining those bulbous buttocks muscles flexing against him. He started to break out in sweat when he pictured his cock resting on her twitching ass. He got up to go to the kitchen.

"You ok Vernie?" Nicole called out to him. "Yeah, I'm fine, just needed some water." He slowly made his way back to the couch, feeling a little better. Luckily the chick-flick movie had him bored to tears.

He struggled to stay awake again. He felt his mother stir and his eyes snapped open. The movie was over and she was sitting up. She stretch and yawned. Vernon glanced at her chest, smiling awkwardly. She must've have seen him in her peripheral vision. "Hey, come here." She pulled him in for a strong hug, followed by a kiss on the lips.

"Want some hot chocolate? I'm not tired." "Oh, uh, yeah, sure. That'd be nice." He touched his lips, when his mother got up and walked past him to the kitchen. They sat on the couch and talked for another hour. Nicole did most of the talking. Vernon just listened, occasionally asking questions. She talked about her younger days, about how she had to quit college, and how she almost went back several times but those plans fell through for some reason or other.

This caused slight sadness in Vernon's heart. He wasn't sure if she was trying to hint that he needed to figure out what he was going to do about college or just needed to talk to someone someone that listened, someone that was a man. He didn't feel like a man, he felt like a loser after what he's done. But he loved listening to her. There was a break in the conversation while they finished their hot chocolate.

Vernon thought that $10,000 would help with tuition if she wanted to try finishing college. It wouldn't help out tremendously but it would be something.

Maybe she could find a community college or online classes. Thinking about $10,000 reminded him of his newest challenge. He waited a foot and pantyhose fetish tube porn and initiated his plan. He erupted in mild laughter. "What's so funny?" Nicole asked with a smile on her face.

"Oh it's nothing, just something dumb." "No tell me," she tickled his side. "Well it's just something stupid a friend said other day." "Alright what was it? You can tell me. I'm not that much older than you remember?" "Well a buddy was picking on Ray about something. And he said " Vernon stopped and shook his head.

"What'd he say? Come you can tell me," his mother prodded. "My buddy accused Ray of uh, you know, doing it three times a day." Vernon recoiled, realizing that didn't come out like he planned. "Doing it? That little Ray kid has sex three times a day! Yeah right, Vernie!" "No, no, I meant, ugh. He does something else. You know, with himself, three times a day." Nicole's eyes widen and she tried to conceal laughter.

"You mean he was accused of masturbating three times a day?" "Mom! I mean, yeah, he was just joking. Ray's facial expression was what was really funny I guess. I don't know it's dumb, just forget it." "It's ok silly. You know," Nicole took another sip of hot chocolate, "Ray has a lovely looking mother. I wonder if he sneaks around and sniffs her panties!" "I have no idea! He does seem like the type." There was some more chuckling between the two, then another pause. Vernon had to figure out how to steer the conversation back to masturbation.

Luckily, he didn't have to try hard. "How many times do you do it a day?" his mother asked him. "What?!? Me? I, uh, I don't know." Vernon blushed heavily. "You know it's ok, right?

Every normal human on earth does it. If you have questions about it, or sex for that matter, please ask me," Vernon's mother explained matter-of-factly. Vernon was blown away. This was working out better than he thought. "So you do it?" he grimaced. "Sure I do," his mother answered with a smile.

He couldn't believe she was being so open about it. Maybe she was much cooler than he thought. Vernon nodded and smiled. It was time to plant a seed. "You know if you want me to leave the house for a little while, you can have some 'alone time' if you like." "Ha!

That's very sweet of you Vernie," she said, jabbing his side again. Vernon shrugged it off, "it's no big deal, I mean I can make myself scarce for Valentine's Day Friday night if you like." His mother seemed hurt but his remark, "What do you mean? I don't to be alone on Valentine's Day night. As fun as 'alone time' can be, I'd rather be hanging out with you that night." "Oh.

Sorry." He held his head dejectedly. His mother again playfully jabbed his side, leaning in close, she whispered, "How about the night after?" Vernon's eyes widen as they met his mother's.

She winked at him causing his heart to flutter. "Uh, sure." Chapter 8 "Here you go, Happy Valentine's Day mom," Vernon said, smiling and handing his mother a bouquet of a red dozen roses. "Oh Vernie, these are beautiful!" She threw her arms around him. "Thank you so much!" "No problem." He blushed slightly.

"You look beautiful." She was wearing a red, tight dress, with her hair curled. Her long locks of platinum blond hair trailing down to her lower back. She hugged him again, ending it with a slow kiss on the cheek.

"I'm so glad I have you. Now let's go to dinner. I'll drive. It's weird, my car isn't making that funny noise anymore," Vernon nearly laughed out loud. She must've thought the problem resolved itself. Dinner was great. Vernon's mother asked him about a girl he used to go out with. He asked her why she wasn't seeing anyone. She explained it would complicate things right now. "Well don't you miss the companionship? Or the, uh, you know, affection?" Vernon asked her. "I have you as a companion don't it?

I don't really think about it that much. I have had zero luck in that department. Every guy I've dated over the past several years turned out to be a dud. Nothing serious or loving would come from it. I want sex xxx vedesex stories com deeper. As for the 'affection,' I won't go into too much detail, but it happens on occasion. Plus, I have my tomorrow night alone time don't I?" Nicole winked again at a blushing Vernon.

He was amazed that ava adams caught panty thief remembered. "Yeah, I guess I'll be gone by the time you get back from the store.

I'll probably go spend the night at Ray's." Nicole appeared to be blushing as well as she smiled back at him. "Ok," she said, reaching across the table to pat his hand. Their blue eyes met each other's for a long gaze. Vernon felt guilt building up in him. He was going violate her privacy yet again; this time with something he felt was far more private than showering. Nicole grabbed his arm as they walked to the car.

She thanked Vernon again for paying for dinner. He hoped she wouldn't ask where he got the money. Fortunately she didn't. He assumed she must've thought he used the money from the lawn work last month to pay for dinner.

"Tonight was wonderful, Vernie," his mother said in the car. "It's been so good, in fact, I'm sleeping with you tonight." "Uh, what?" "Yep, our first date, Valentine's Day. I'm taking you to bed with me!" Nicole said, holding back laughter.

"Alright, if you say so," Vernon chuckled, shaking his head. She was right though, they ended up in bed together an hour later. "So glad I have you. You've been wonderful to me lately.

Not that you aren't normally wonderful. I just really enjoy all this quality time we've been lucky enough to have lately. " Nicole was in her pajamas in her bed, lying against Vernon's side with her head on his chest.

"Yeah. I feel the same way mom," he replied. She was getting sleepy and so was he. But sleep didn't come for another hour. He lay there looking to her ceiling, horney light brown hairy anal penetration about his plan tomorrow, wishing and hoping that filming her masturbating would be enough and that this game of challenges would end.

Chapter 9 Vernon nearly ejaculated from watching this goddess of a woman pleasure herself, no, make love to herself; slowly, tenderly, lovingly caressing her own body, or licking the vaginal fluids off her fingers, or take a long drawn out suckle from her own nipple after bringing her large breast to her mouth. She was magnificent as she stood there in the candle lit bathroom, fully nude, eyes closed, making sweet love to herself.

Vernon had been hiding under his bed for two hours. He parked his car a block away at a nearby park and walked home. It was in the opposite direction of the grocery store and figured there's no chance of his mother driving by that park on her way home and seeing his car there. He was unbelievably uncomfortable and cramped in between luggage and other boxes. He was aching and stiff and desperately wanted out from under the bed to stretch his legs and walk around, but he couldn't.

He was growing more and more impatient. He heard his mother downstairs doing housework in the kitchen, dealing with the nearly broken dryer, vacuuming and softly humming while dusting or cleaning.

Then it happened, finally, she decided to stop cleaning and take care of her needs. Vernon heard her humming to herself and starting a bath. Vernon listened closely to her humming, sure that she was in her bathroom. He crawled out from under his bed, grabbed his phone, and slowly crept down the hall.

He heard an audible sigh of real cfnm whores fucking reality and amateur. Approaching her bedroom, getting his phone ready to record footage, he peeped around the corner to see her reflection in the mirror on the bathroom wall. Nicole had lit several candles, and was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, testing the water, letting it get to her desired height.

Leisurely pinching a nipple, she gathered up some soapy bubbles from the tub. Standing and facing the direction of her bathroom door, she ran her soapy hand down her body, slowly down to her clitoris where she rubbed it in large circular motions. The first of many moans of pleasure were music to Vernon's ears. They were slightly deeper than her normal speaking voice and incredibly sexy. Grabbing a tit with her free hand, she plunged three fingers of the other into her awaiting snatch.

Bringing the tit to her mouth, slowly sucking on the nipple, she methodically pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy. Moaning as she worked, Sunny leone xxx sex stories sex story was getting aroused, but couldn't do anything about it at the moment since it may cause him to shake the phone and disrupt his footage.

His mother arched her back, looking to the ceiling, crying out in ecstasy. Vernon assumed she had an orgasm; also the first of many for her that night. Licking her fingers clean, she sat in tub and leaned back, pushing a few bubbles out of the way.

Vernon just watched, admiring her candle lit face, and glistening, wet, skin. She wasn't done making love to herself. Though Vernon couldn't see her fingers stimulating herself from this viewpoint, he knew from her continued moans, that she was doing exactly that. Her bubble bath of ecstasy lasted for 45 minutes. The bathroom echoed with her moans until finally, she was done and the water was room temperature.

Vernon was entranced with what he had witnessed, but the show wasn't over yet. Getting out of the tub, she let the water drain, and started the shower to quickly rinse off. Not bothering with a towel, she made her way toward her bed, while casually rubbing her clit. Vernon stopped recording when she excited the shower. He had to back into the hallway a bit more to avoid being seen.

He looked at the phone and noticed there wasn't much battery life left. Slowly peeping around the corner into her bedroom, listening to her moan, Vernon saw her head thrown back, one hand tweaking a nipple, the other furiously rubbing her clit. She was panting heavily. He started recording again. She started picking up the pace and then suddenly flipped over onto her knees. He had a perfect view of her fingers going in and out of her pussy from behind.

Her butt was high in the air and after a moment she reached behind her, inserting her middle finger into her anus. Both her hands were pleasuring both holes. Nicole nearly fell off the bed when she came again. Loudly shaking with the orgasm coursing through her she flopped on to her back and began furiously rubbing herself through it. Vernon was squeezing his erect cock with his free hand as he watched her orgasm overtake her. Then she was done - finally. Out of breath, she went limp on her bed and let out a sexy little sigh of relief.

Vernon shot his load in his pants and nearly doubled over. He stopped recording, turned off his phone, sluggishly made his way to his bed room, quietly shut the door, and then went to the floor. He didn't want his mother to possibly hear his bed creak upon sitting on it.

Rolling over to his side, a feeling of shame and disgust overcame him. He felt horrible for filming it, and felt even worse for ejaculating to her and with her doing that. He dozed off for a couple hours. Turning his phone on to check the time, he slowly stood and stretched. The house was quiet; it was just after 10pm. Peeping to the hallway he saw no lights and heard nothing. He was able to easily sneak out to go retrieve his car. Vernon made sure to shut his car door as quietly as possible, but he knew his mother had to be out cold by now if she wasn't earlier.

Making his way back inside, cursing himself again for his disrespectful actions, he climbed into his bed and drifted off to sleep. Chapter 10 Late the next afternoon Vernon sat across from Bob watching the old man grin devilishly at the video footage Vernon obtained the previous night.

He wanted to punch the old man in the face every time he licked his lips when his mother's moans played back across the speaker. Vernon was done with this insanity. No more footage. He was taking the money and leaving. He couldn't look his mother in the face that morning and avoided her as much as possible that day before going to claim his money for completing this challenge. "Amazing. She's gorgeous," was the only thing Bob could say afterward viewing the footage.

His was clearly at a loss for words; however, he did manage to speak up after giving Vernon a check for $20,000. "Simply amazing. The footage was so long too." "Alright, I'm leaving," Vernon said, standing up. "No, wait, where you are going? I'm not done here," Bob replied. "No, but I am. I'm done with this.

This is wrong and it's over. Thanks for the money, but I can't keep doing this. The thought of hurting her like this…I can't take it." Vernon tuned and starting walking toward the door. "Police officers don't make much money do they? Wouldn't it be great if she could go back to school?

Maybe get her degree?" Bob asked right as Vernon placed his hand on the doorknob. "Yeah it would, I'm going to be helping her with that too," Vernon started turning the knob, ignoring his inner curiosity as to why this old man knew any of this information. "An extra $40,000 on top of that 20 would help tremendously wouldn't it? She could quit being a cop and go back to school. You know, make something of herself for her and for you. It'd lead to a better, more comfortable life." "No!" Vernon took his phone out of his pocket, angrily marched back to Bob's desk, and slammed it on the surface.

"I'm not going to hurt her anymore." Vernon could feel the guilt welling up inside him, he wanted to break down and cry over what he's done, but somehow kept things together. He turned around, quickly taking freeone blonde milf rides a big cock leave. Leaving Bob's office, he nearly fell over as he collided with a large black man. "Sorry," his deep voice said as he moved to the side.

Vernon moved along hearing Bob in the background talking to the man, his voice gradually getting smaller and smaller as Vernon got further away, "Ah welcome, welcome. You're a bit early but that's ok. Hope the flight from Miami was nice…" For the next week Vernon avoided his mother, he was too ashamed to be around her.

Several times he masturbated to the image of her nude body in his head, always kicking himself afterward. He would go to bed early or stay in his room studying.

The week dragged on, he wanted to talk to her so badly, he wanted to hold her, to shower with her, and he stopped himself from continuing his perverse thoughts. Saturday was a busy day for him. He bought a new refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer while his mother was at another photo shoot for Elite Magazine.

He ordered a same day delivery too. He fought back tears of guilt when he heard his mother squeal with delight when she saw the new appliances.

"Have you seen these? Where did they come from?" Nicole barged into Vernon's room later that night after her return from the photo session. He closed the textbook he was studying from. "Oh yeah," he paused, not wanting her to know he bought them and said the first lie that came to mind, "Bob got those for us." "He did?

How generous! I'll have to try to get him a thank you note! Actually, I'd really love to meet him one day; anyway, speaking of Bob there's a package for you from him." Vernon frowned and followed his excited mother to the kitchen, watching her voluptuous body frolic and dance in front of him, celebrating the gift that she thought Bob gave. He wanted to reach out and touch her so badly, he wanted to feel her butt flex against his erection again, and he wanted to make her moan.

Shaking his head of those thoughts he picked up the box, carefully unwrapping it. His mother was busy talking on and on about the new refrigerator in the back ground. "Oh baby, it's beautiful!" She cried out, tightly hugging her son as he was trying to see what the package from Bob.

Shaking off the distraction he pulled out the iPhone from the box. He shook his head in disgust. Nicole gasped, "Oh wow! He got you a new phone too! Isn't that sweet!" "Uh yeah, really nice," he broke the hug and inspected the phone, pretending this was the first time he'd seen it.

Moving away from her again, he watched her go to the laundry room, chatting and inspecting the top name brand appliances he had mom and son storys and audiebony really porn and son porning her. He pulled out a note from the box. "$40,000 is yours if you can get video footage of your mother having sex.

I'll do my best to help you with this challenge. Look for opportunities. - Bob" Vernon didn't have time to throw the phone in the trash; he was distracted by a knock on the front door. "Oh hi Rodney!" Nicole exclaimed in her feverish excitement. "Come in!" "I was just admiring these gifts from Bob. You've met him right?" Nicole asked the same, hulking, black man that Vernon collided with a week prior.

"Yeah, yeah I did. He's nice." Rodney replied, nodding to Vernon. "Oh, this is my baby, Vernon. He's been doing some work for Bob the last few years. Anyway, Vernie, this is Rodney. He's in Atlanta a little while doing some photo shoots domination and teen threesome balcony chases a hefty plug fucktoy around the room Elite Mag. We did a shoot together today." Rodney and Vernon politely nodded again to each other.

"Anyway, we're going to go and grab a late work out and maybe get something to eat." Vernon nodded silently as his mother kissed his cheek. He watched her grab her gym bag, and then headed out the door with Rodney. Peeking out the window, he watched Rodney open his passenger side door for her.

He gasped when they embraced and quickly kissed, while Rodney squeezed her butt with his massive black hands. "Opportunities," Vernon said to himself, walking toward his room, shaking his head. He wondered if Bob met with Rodney and convinced or hired him to get close to his mother, potentially providing an opportunity for Vernon to spy on the two of them having sex.

The anger and shame was too much. Sitting on his bed, eyes to the floor, shaking his head, he lay down and went to sleep. He was awoken four hours later by a low humming sound. It the girl finguring and cum a car in park.

He knew it was Rodney's car. Getting out of his bed and heading to his window he peered onto the driveway. He could see Rodney illuminated by a street lamp and his car's headlights reflecting off the garage door. He was alone, or at least it appeared to be. Rodney threw his head back in his seat, holding it there for a moment.

Then Vernon saw her. His mother, previously hidden, was rising up from Rodney's lap, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Vernon turned away and got back in the bed, knowing what was happening in the car, knowing that Bob arranged this, cursing him and himself. "Opportunities," He muttered softly, imitating that obnoxious note from Bob. Chapter 11 "Here's your phone Vernie.

Don't lose it!" Nicole tossed the phone onto Vernon's lap the next afternoon while he sat at on his bed going through some notes from school. "Oh yeah, thanks, guess I left it in the kitchen," he replied, not looking at his mother. "Are you ok Vernie?" Nicole asked, plopping down next to him on the bed.

She threw his arm around her. Vernon blushed as his hand landed on her thigh. "I haven't hung out with you this past week, I miss you," She smiled, holding him tightly. "I miss you too, it's just school work and all," He trailed off, noticing his hand gently rubbing her thigh. He quickly pushed erotic thoughts out of his head.

The two sat in silence for a moment while Vernon thought about his upcoming plans. He again, paused after catching himself rubbing her thigh. His mother didn't seem to notice or care. He sighed, rising to stand, made his way to his desk to pretend to sort some school papers.

"I'm here if you want to hang out or talk. Ok Vernie?" Nicole told her son, as she was leaving his bedroom, her voice having a slight twinge of sadness. The next weekend the roofers were at the house, busily repairing damaged shingles.

The following weekend, Vernon was outside pressure washing the driveway and vinyl siding with the equipment he rented. In both instances his mother was working at the magazine. None of these tasks were making his guilt go away or the thoughts of possibly filming her in the act - having sex with someone. Vernon blamed Bob on all the house repairs that he had done. There was some truth in it, as it was money he got from Bob that paid to do this.

But his mother was led to believe Bob directly paid for the roof repairs and pressure washing equipment. Nicole went on and on about how nice he was and how she wanted to meet him. Vernon had a large sum of money left that he kept in the savings account.

If his mother ever decided to go back to school, he would be able to help. Up until spring break the two had kept their distance, Vernon in his room studying, or coming up with some excuse as to why he couldn't join her for a movie night. Some nights he would lay awake in bed, hating himself, hating Bob, and further entertaining the idea of spying on her again. Rodney was only around for a little while. He and his mother hung out a few more times after Vernon saw her that night in his car, but abruptly stopped; he must've gone back to Miami.

A few days before Vernon's spring break of his last year of high school. His mother, always cheerful and sweet, reminded him of a magazine annual event she was invited to. It was her first time at this event and her sister, who also modeled for the magazine, would be flying in from Miami to attend.

Vernon wondered if Rodney would be at the Elite Magazine event. He already assumed they slept together a few times while he was in Atlanta, but it must've been at his hotel or wherever he black penis for white beautiful gal interracial and hardcore staying. Vernon ignored any opportunity to follow Rodney and his mother on their nights out.

He was having more and more difficulty resisting though; the $40,000 was calling his name. He found out Friday night, the evening before the magazine event. Rodney and Vernon's aunt Taylor showed up at the house.

But they weren't alone. Vernon was hugged by his 32 year old aunt. She was bubbly, upbeat, a sweet little 5'1" buxom blonde just like his mother. She, also like her sister Nicole, had a big, bountiful, backside. In fact the other two women that were with Rodney and Taylor had similar body types. They were introduced as Angela and Claudia. Claudia had a dark complexion that Vernon found out later was Puerto Rican.

Angela was the tallest of the bunch at 5'8". She had the largest breasts and long dark hair. All of the women were gorgeous; however, Vernon thought his mother was the absolute best out of all of them. There was one other person too. He was another hulking, massive, black man. He was introduced as Rodney's brother, Ronnie. The group chatted amongst themselves, with Taylor paying more attention to her only nephew, who she hadn't seen since Christmas a few months before.

Nicole interrupted their chat about school, to ask if Vernon was coming with them tonight. "Uh what?" He replied. "Yeah we're going out to eat, want to come with us?" "Oh, nah, that's ok mom." "Awww, please?" Nicole teasingly pleaded with her son.

"Yeah please?" His aunt chimed in. "Yeah please?" Ronnie, mia lelani seduces london keyes into sex 6 and a half foot tall black man asked too, in a playful tone, making fun of the ladies. The room erupted in laughter and Vernon nodded yes. "Cool man! I'll take this one as my date," Ronnie put his arm around Angela. "Bro you take Claudia. Which means, Vernon, you got the two remaining honeys all to yourself!" "Yay!" Taylor and Nicole exclaimed, wrapping their arms around a very blushing Vernon.

Vernon forgot about the challenge to film his mother having sex.

Dinner was amazing. His mom and aunt on each side of him, their hand on his thighs, talking to each other, picking on and chatting with Vernon. It was a great time. Ronnie joked with him too, instructing him to put his arm around the two women next him. He chuckled quietly and did just that. Nicole declined the offer to join her sister and friends, opting instead to hang out with Vernon. She waved goodbye as they dropped them off, grabbing Vernon's hand, led him inside.

"Meet me on the couch in ten minutes," She ordered, flashing a sweet smile. Vernon nodded and went to change clothes. He didn't want to meet her on the couch, he wanted to avoid her again, but couldn't say no to her.

Joining her on the couch, he noticed she was wearing more yoga pants for pajamas. "Hi there," She said, patting the couch cushion next to her. Vernon sat, while Nicole wrapped her arms around him. "I really miss you. I don't know what's been bothering you lately, but please don't forget you can talk to me about anything." She explained.

Vernon nodded and faked a weak smile. They sat on the couch together, holding each other, for the longest time.

His mother dozed off after awhile and so did he. He woke up an hour later, startling himself and his mother. He had a dream about her. She was squatting up and down on Rodney's cock; he was grunting and gripping her hips tightly. Bob was sitting in the corner, nodding and smiling, gesturing to Vernon to start filming. He heard Bob's voice say the word "opportunities" and then woke up, panting for breath.

"You ok Vernie?" his mother busty brunette tries to sell her laptop at the pawn shop, awaking from her own slumber. "Yeah, just a bad dream. I'm ok," he replied to his concerned mother. She had a look on her face that was begging him to tell her what was bothering him, wicked cutie was taken in asshole assylum for awkward treatment he couldn't.

He feared she would hate him forever if she found out what he had done and was considering doing for money.

Nicole stood, extending her hand to Vernon, and then led him to bedroom door for a long embrace followed by a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth.

She smiled and went to bed herself. Vernon longingly watched her walk down the hall, her gorgeous backside swaying with each step. She got to her door and turned around, facing Vernon, whose eyes widened in embarrassment. Nicole blew him a kiss and entered her room. Vernon sighed, shaking his head, climbing into his own bed for a night of restless sleep. Chapter 12 Vernon sped off in his car shortly after the group of four women and two men left his house the next evening.

He was miserable that day, knowing what he was about to attempt to do. The early morning phone call from Bob asking him for an update, and obnoxiously reminding him that he was helping out with this challenge. Bob admitted Rodney was a miya khalifa full sex stories doogy style xxx he asked to get close to Vernon's mother.

It made him dislike Rodney for that reason alone. Vernon cursed himself for answering the phone call and for not throwing the phone away. Deep down he knew the reason he still had it. He lied again to his mother saying he was going to a friend's house to spend the night.

Vernon sat parked in the parking lot of the hotel where the event was held. He surmised it must be a large banquet room everyone was going to be in. He imagined all four of those women, in their tight cocktail dresses of varying colors, bumping and grinding on to their two male companions. He imagined Rodney squeezing his mother's butt as they danced.

Vernon was shaken from his trance when he saw both Rodney and his brother Ronnie exit the hotel entrance. The darker skinned beauty, Claudia, was with them. They walked around the side of the hotel to an ally and were there for about 15 minutes before heading back inside. Vernon shrugged and thought more about his plan to follow them. Not sure where or how it would it go, he just felt he should do it. Another hour passed and the two men exited the hotel again, this time Vernon's aunt Taylor was walking in between them, her hands on their arms.

"Hmmm, ok," Vernon thought, watching them walk back to that same ally as before. Another hour another woman with the two men, walked back to that ally. It was the brunette babe, Angela this time. "Alright, I get it, so each of them are going back to that ally. I guess that means mom is next," he concluded with an idea of what might be happening. In another hour, his mother was indeed next. He was tired of sitting in that car so was relieved to get out and walk to where she was.

This time however, it was just her and Ronnie. Rodney was still inside the event. Vernon shrugged it off and approached the ally. He was in plain sight in the event Rodney came out to join them, so he hid behind a dumpster. There was about a foot wide gap between it and the wall. The smell wasn't that horrific as he thought, then again his sense of smell may be filled with the smell of $40,000.

Vernon was so close to getting that money. He took his position, taking his fully charged phone out and peeped around the dumpster. The view wasn't great, but he could see something worth filming. "Ah yeah, just like that, arch that back for me." Ronnie was telling Vernon's mother.

He had pulled her pink dress up to reveal her bare ass. That was all Vernon could see, the rest of her body was behind some random construction materials; a stack of plywood and other materials stored in that ally. He had a perfect view of her butt though. Ronnie was crouched down, with her butt right in his face. A hand was in between her legs, likely fingering her. He kissed one of her plump cheeks, smacking the other his free hand.

Nicole let out a whimper. "There you are. Damn bro you work fast," Rodney called from the entrance of the ally. Vernon nearly jumped when he thought Rodney saw him. "It wasn't nothing. She's wet and ready," Ronnie stood and replied to his brother. He unzipped his slacks and pulled out a massive erect cock, sawing it up and down Nicole's butt crack.

Rodney was out of view as he walked pass the dumpster. Vernon could hear him unzip his pants too. "There we go, let's get this over with fast." Rodney was standing next to his brother. Vernon could see his mother turn around into a squatting position.

Her face and most of her body was obscured, but he could see her hand around the base of Ronnie's cock, gripping it tightly. He could hear slurping and gurgling sounds coupled with Rodney's moans. Vernon winced at the thought that these men brought each of the four women to this ally to double team them.

Then she switched to Ronnie's cock. Vernon could just see the tip of her nose and mouth coming into view. The fat grandma riding on young cock dolly bee oliver of her face was hidden behind Rodney.

"Alright, that's good, let's do this," Ronnie said. "You went first last time, so I go first this time," he reminded his brother. Rodney shifted his position a bit and Vernon was able to see his mother turn around, facing away from Ronnie, offering herself to him. "Ah yes!" Ronnie slapped her ass right after he guided his cock into her from behind. Rodney was out of view, presumably standing on the other side of the dumpster. It lasted for about five minutes. His mother whimpered and moaned, but nowhere near as loudly as she did the night Vernon witnessed her masturbation session.

Ronnie was ready to cum for the fourth time that night, once every hour apparently. He slapped her ass again, "Here it comes, get ready for it." Vernon saw his mother squat down again. This time he was able to see her entire face. Ronnie's pulsing innocent cutie sucks penis in pov and gets pink slit penetrated was in her mouth; she was stroking it with one hand and rubbing her clit with her other.

Ronnie moaned, throwing his head back, grabbing Nicole's head. Vernon heard her moan as well. He assumed Ronnie was ejaculating into her mouth. He watched his mom suck and lick the tip clean. Then it was Rodney's turn. Nicole nodded to him and turned back around. Rodney assumed the same position his brother was in earlier and went to work; thrusting into her repeatedly for about five minutes, slapping her ass when he was about to cum. Nicole gf blows hard cock after ass fingering down in front of him to take his load down her throat.

Vernon shook his head disgusted by what these men had done. He wasn't sure this footage was good enough though. "So, we going back to your place Nicole?" Rodney asked.

She stood and pulled her dress down. "Yeah sure if you like." "I can't stay long; I got an early flight tomorrow morning to the Bahamas." Ronnie said.

"You taking that Valerie bitch there?" Rodney asked. "Yeah, for a few days. I gotta get back to Charleston. I got a little 18 year old whose pussy I'm tearing up. She'll be on spring break later this month. Anyway, yeah, we can go back to Nicole's and get these women cumming a few more times. What do you say?" Ronnie turned to ask Nicole. "I think that'd be fine, " Nicole politely smiled. Vernon could sense she wasn't too keen on the idea.

Perhaps it was loneliness on her part setting in. "Alright well let's stay here a little longer and head back there for a little while." Ronnie said, as they walked pass the dumpster and came into Vernon's view on the other side. He watched them walk out of sight; each man had a hand on his mother's ass.

When the coast was clear, Vernon sprinted to his car and sped back to his neighborhood, parking the car in the same park a block away.

He ran home and went to hide under his bed to await the opportunity to gather better footage, pushing aside guilt, anger, and hatred toward Bob, the two men, and himself. Chapter 13 The wait was about another hour.

He heard the six people enter his home. They were chatting and laughing. "Ok great, we'll be upstairs waiting. You two take care of Claudia and Angela first since they can't stay long either." Vernon's aunt Taylor told Ronnie and Rodney. Vernon waited quietly again under his bed in the event someone entered his room for some reason, hopefully not to have sex on his bed, but he wasn't ruling that out with these people.

He heard his mother and aunt talking amongst themselves as they approached Nicole's bedroom. "See I told you this annual event was basically a meet up and fuck session. All the female models and employees usually come with or go home with the male models or employees." Taylor told Nicole.

"Heh, yeah I guess you're right." She replied. "You ok? We don't have to do this if you don't want to. It's just been a few years since you and I have gone crazy like this," Taylor said. Vernon had crawled out from under his bed and peeped down the hall to see his aunt and mother chatting. "I can tell them you don't feel well." "No, no it's fine. Really it is. I just don't feel right bringing them back here to do this.

I sorta have a rule that I don't have sex here in the house." "Out of respect for Vernie?" Taylor asked. Nicole nodded, "That's why TJ and I would fuck in the locker room or shower after our shift, or sometimes in the squad car." Vernon listened closely, "Was he the guy that got fired for grabbing your butt?" his aunt asked.

"No that was a different guy. TJ was my partner and is the one that moved down to Tampa." Vernon watched his aunt rest her arms on his mother's shoulder, peering into her eyes, "Was he big?" Nicole nodded, yes. "He was black, right?" Taylor asked. "Yes." "Mmm the stories you could tell," Taylor chuckled. "Well there's two huge black studs in the living room making Angela and Claudia cum and they want us next. What do you say?" "Yeah," Nicole nodded and trailed off, Vernon seeing apprehension on her face.

"Vernon is wonderful, and he loves you. He knows you're an adult. He knows you have needs and wants. Just because you're a mother doesn't mean you don't crave cock every once in awhile.

He will never know about tonight." Vernon's head started to hurt again, taking a deep breath he watched from around the corner of his bedroom door. "Yeah I guess, you're right.

Still though. I guess I just miss him a lot. He's been distant lately. Something is bothering him." Nicole explained. "Ahhh yess!! " Claudia screamed out, echoing from the living room. "Well he'll be ok. A lot of times being a teenager isn't the most fun thing. He's not on drugs." Taylor said.

"Uh Uh, ahh," primal grunts of the other two females in the house got louder and louder. The sound of skin on skin slapping increased too. "No, he's perfect." Nicole said; another pang of guilt attacked Vernon's heart. "Ok sexy latina amateur blowjob and rides cock get undressed and be ready for them." Taylor said, and the two women went out of sight, presumably on the bed. Vernon crept slowly onto the carpet and was able to peep around the corner into the living room.

Claudia and Angela were both on their knees on the couch, while Ronnie and Rodney were nude, behind them slamming into them furiously. Vernon watched the two women moan loudly and shake, an orgasm overtaking them.

"Switch?" Rodney asked his brother. "Yep," he replied and the two brothers switched girls and began their attack; their large butts rippling with each powerful slam of dark brown flesh into them. Vernon quickly made his way back to his room, first stopping to peep around the corner of his mother's bedroom.

His eyes widened when he saw his mother and aunt on all fours on her bed next to each other. They were idly chatting about nothing important; a family member did this or that, Vernon's other aunts out in Los Angeles, gossip about someone from back in their younger years and so on.

They looked amazing though.

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Their bodies were pretty similar. Taylor wasn't as pretty in the face though, in Vernon's biased opinion. He wanted to kiss Nicole's butt cheek with a sweet, lovingly, slow kiss. He was shaken from his trance when he heard the two other women scream in pleasure, cumming again. Vernon snuck back to his room and waited. He waited for about 10 minutes, listening to Ronnie and Rodney say goodbye to the two women as they left. He heard his mother and aunt say goodbye to them from the bedroom.

He heard the front door close, their car start, and then leaving. The slapping sounds started in couple minutes later. He slowly made his way, with his phone, down the hallway. Peeping around corner he saw a similar site from earlier: two women on all fours on the bed, while two black men stood behind them, royally fucking them. Vernon felt sick, but filmed about five minutes of it.

He saw his aunt and mother grab each other's hand, almost as in a supportive role, as they cried out. "Ah shit," Rodney said, looking down at Nicole while her ass jiggled and shook. Both women turned around, Ronnie's and Rodney's cocks sliding out of their gaping holes, and laying on their stomachs, took the two men into their mouths. Vernon was careful not to be seen. Suddenly his aunt's cell phone rang and she sprung up to answer it.

Vernon stopped filming and hid behind the corner. "Hey, you ok? Oh no, I'm sorry, double fisting training her wrecked teen pussy I can talk for a little while, one sec." Taylor put the caller on hold.

"Hey, sorry guys, I gotta take this, my friend is having some issues. You two take turns with her." Taylor said. Vernon heard the two men decide on Rodney going first. "Ronnie, come here, let me suck your cock while my friend blabs on." Vernon heard his aunt give an occasional "mmhmm" or "mmm" as whatever issue her friend was having on the phone was being explained. He snuck back to his position and looked around the corner.

"No, from behind only," his mother told Rodney sternly. Vernon saw him shrug and comply. He got to work just like with the others; pounding away at her like an animal. "I didn't cum for the others, but I'm gonna cum for you.

You got the best ass of them all." Rodney said slapping it. When he was ready to cum he slapped it again and Nicole knew what to do. Swallowing his seed, lying on her stomach, moaning as it filled her mouth. It was Ronnie's turn next. Taylor was done with her phone call and Rodney went to the bathroom. "Doesn't she though? I've been envious of this thing for a long time!" Vernon, still filming, got footage of his aunt taking her position next to Nicole on the bed, slapping her sister's ass, pulling the cheeks apart for Ronnie.

Ronnie wasted no time, and within five minutes he was ready to cum. Except this time, Taylor grabbed his cock and started sucking down his semen instead of her sister. Rodney was dressed when he emerged from the bathroom, and playfully slapped Nicole's meaty cheek, as his brother dismounted her and gathered his clothes. "I hope I get at this again someday," Rodney said, passing by Taylor as she was gathering her dress and purse.

Vernon stopped filming, embarrassed for both he and his mother. She didn't enjoy it. He knew it. Proof of this would come later in the evening when the guests left and Vernon peeped into her room seeing her sitting up on the bed, flipping through random TV channels, crying softly. His heart broke. He knew why she was crying.

She felt she was disrespecting her son by having a foursome in her home. Vernon watched her sob. "Idiot," she scolded herself. He snuck back to his room, fighting back tears, waiting for her to fall asleep so he could sneak out and retrieve his car. An hour later he sat in the driveway, trying to figure out what to do. The way those men took and used her, the way his aunt instigated it all, he was so angry.

She deserved better. Standing in her darkened room, he looked down at his sleeping beauty of a mother. He turned off the TV, and then went back to her side. He gently nudged her a few times. "Vernie?" She asked in a groggy voice. "Thought you were at a sleepover." "He felt sick, so I came home." Vernon lied.

"Good, I've been thinking of you all night. Get in." Nicole turned around to face him; her white bathrobe was partially opened. Vernon slid into bed with her. She snuggled up close, throwing her arm around his chest, and sighing with happiness. Her bathrobe parted as she positioned herself, nearly exposing all of one of her breasts as she pressed up against his side.

Vernon held her close, running his fingers through her hair. "This is what you deserve, someone to love you, to worship you," he thought to himself, hearing his mother sigh softly again before going to sleep. Chapter 14 Vernon was not rolling his eyes, frowning, gritting his teeth or anything indicative of someone that was angry as he sat across from Bob the next morning. Vernon simply looked down to his lap, feeling empty and numb. He wanted his check and to never see Bob again.

"Ah yeah! I love it!" Bob said, watching Vernon's mother get brutalized from behind. "Look at her!" He cheerily handed Vernon a check for $60,000, Vernon didn't even look at the amount until upskirt dance club in tampa florida tube porn. His eyes remained glued to the floor. The dirty old man could've been jacking off to the footage and Vernon wouldn't have noticed or cared at this point.

"I love how you teased me in the beginning not showing all of her body in that ally. It was very sexy, and man, your aunt what a slutty minx she is!" Bob exclaimed. Vernon said nothing, sitting in silence. "Hey, you ok pal?" Vernon spoke up softly, "Are we done now, can I leave?" "Well sure you can leave.

Don't be so upset, you could've opted to not take footage of her at anytime. But you chose to anyway. You knew you could help her by providing a better life for her. What are you doing with that money?" "Putting it in her college fund account," Vernon solemnly replied, never looking at Bob. "I see, I see. That's very noble of you. What sorts of things have you done with the money you already earned?" "Fixed her car, bought new appliances, fixed the roof, rented crap to clean up the house." He replied in the same defeated sounding voice.

"Well good, good. You are a great young man. Wasn't it exciting though? Wasn't it exciting to sneak around and then get footage of her having sex?" Bob asked. "No." "No? Why not?" Vernon shook his head, "She deserves better than that, better than them. They didn't treat her like a woman, she deserves to be loved.

There was no love in what they did to her." "Hmm, is that so? You feel bad about this?" Vernon nodded, still looking downward, fighting back tears. "Do you love her?" Vernon nodded again, sniffing and wiping his eyes. "I thought so. You would gladly make love to her wouldn't you? You'd please her in every way a man can please a woman, wouldn't you?" Vernon closed his eyes and nodded again. He was quietly sobbing, trying his best to conceal his tears of guilt and at the same time, tears of desire for this woman.

"That's why you did these challenges. Maybe, just maybe, somewhere inside you, you always felt this way about her. Always felt that she deserved someone to love her, not lust after her. Her sweet smile, her caring nature, her beauty — " Bob said before being interrupted. "I'll never be able to touch her like that; I'll never have her as mine. I don't care about doing what those guys did to her, I just want to hold her, kiss her, caress her, but I'll never be able to because it's wrong and perverse.

What I've done for money is wrong and perverse. She would hate me if she found out. Please, no more challenges, no more.

Enough manipulations just end it," Vernon managed to choke out in between sniffs and sobs. "Hey, hey pal, it's ok." Bob said, getting out of chair to put a hand on Vernon's shoulder. "No more challenges for you, alright?" Vernon sniffed and nodded his head. "All that's left is introducing me to this wonderful woman.

Let me take her out to dinner and so on. Can you do that? Just bring her by her next Saturday. What do you say?" Vernon sniffed again, wiping his nose, and nodded.

"Great. That's great!" Bob said, patting his shoulder. "Then I'll take over and work a little magic, and hopefully I'll get to experience her in bed.

If I do, you win the ultimate prize, and all you would've done is introduced me to her." Vernon didn't care anymore, he was just relived he wouldn't have to spy on her. He nodded his head again. "Wonderful. See? It's ok pal, you don't need to be upset. She'll never know what you've done and in the end, if I'm successful at bedding her, well you will win the ultimate, top of the line, best prize ever!

Ok?" Bob's tone was playful, failing to brighten Vernon's spirits. There was a long pause between the two. "She is quite lovely isn't she?" Bob asked, looking at the paused footage of Nicole's mouth filled with cock and semen. "So you would make love to her eh? Looks like my challenges awakened this desire for her in you." Vernon nodded again, wiping his eyes. "Look," Bob said, grabbing the iPhone and placing it on the rug.

He went to his desk, rummaging through a drawer, eventually finding a hammer. Walking back to the phone, Bob got to his knees and smashed it several times until it was beyond repair. "See? It'll be alright. Now off you go. I'll see you and her next weekend." The next few days he avoided his mother again. She begged and pleaded with him to open up to her, to tell her what was wrong, but he couldn't. He couldn't get over these feelings that have developed.

He felt shame and embarrassment. The only thing he could do was shut her out. He picked up a few brochures about joining the military. His heart wasn't in it, but he thought it may be good for him. The next Saturday, Nicole happily agreed to meet this man who she thought fixed her roof, her car, and bought appliances.

The meeting was awkward, but friendly enough. Bob flirted relentlessly with Nicole, who flirted back in more hushed way. Vernon could tell she was trying to be discreet in front of him but Bob was laying it on thick. She agreed to dinner with him that evening and she and Vernon went home in silence.

The only communicating between the two ebony milf teen threesome chop shop owner gets shut down shortly before Nicole left the house to go to Bob's. She asked if Vernon was upset at her for doing this. He smiled weakly and shook his head no.

Nicole kissed his cheek and went on her way. He researched joining the military while she was out on her date or whatever it was with Bob and he focused on moving forward. Vernon felt that in a year's time all this would be behind him and that he would be back to normal; not desiring to make love to his mother.

March turned to April and with it brought flowers, blooms, and a touch of greenery on the leaves. Vernon's relationship had stabilized a bit with his mother. By the end of April they talked more and things weren't as weird.

He had about three weeks left of high school and was planning on joining the marines. "Vernon what is this?" His mother angrily asked him before her date with Bob on the last Saturday of April.

They had been having dinner several times together over the course of the last month. He never asked for details, and she never gave him any. If they had sex, Vernon saw no evidence of it. "It's just a brochure." "You aren't thinking about leaving me are you? Joining the marines? Are you serious?" "What? I'm thinking about it yeah." "Vernon, please don't do this.

Please don't leave me like this. Things have been so weird lately, are you wanting to get away from russian sister seduce his brother t Have I done something to hurt you?" Nicole asked, her eyes watering.

sandra scream model wife gr 2 sex stories phto No, you haven't. I just thought I would do this, I don't have college plans, so " "Please reconsider. I can't have something bad happen to you. Let's talk about this, please? When I get back from Bob's, we need to talk about this and about everything. I'm still concerned something is bothering you.

I want you to open up and tell me what's going on with you." Nicole placed her index finger on his lips to quiet him. She kissed his cheek and left. Vernon scrambled thinking of a lie to tell her about why he was joining or why he'd be acting so distant lately.

Early next morning she returned and immediately marched to her bedroom slamming the door behind her. Vernon could hear light sobbing. He wondered if Bob had done or said something to show his mother his true colors. He shrugged, heading to the bathroom for a shower, thankful to avoid having to deal with the requested conversion from before.

Later that day Vernon got a text from Bob requesting his presence. He knew what that meant. He knew Bob had sex with his mother and he was going to give Vernon a huge sum of money.

Vernon had a plan to tear up the check in front of him, flip him off, and leave. Not having to deal with him for the last month was a nice break.

Vernon had somewhat gotten over his defeated, depressed, state of mind. He felt better, more like his old self again. Chapter 15 Bob was looking at something on his laptop when Vernon arrived.

"Ah hello, come in Vernon. I have to show you something." Bob turned the laptop around so Vernon could see it. The media player was open and there was footage of a bathroom on it. Bob skipped ahead a little bit, a woman left, he skipped again and the footage switched to one of the empty stalls.

Bob fast forwarded it again, the same stall wasn't empty. Two women were in it hungrily making out. One of them had her hand in the other's skirt. Bob fast forward again, the next view was of the sinks and showed a woman washing her hands. "I'll find it in a minute; it's many, many, hours of footage I've recorded here." Bob kept going, fast forwarding to parts of the footage.

One showed a woman inserting a dildo while sitting on the toilet, another part showed a woman sucking a black new video game liara sucked hmv play free cock in a stall. There were several scenes of women idly chatting at the sinks. Then Bob stopped the footage when he got to Nicole. "Ah there she is. Let's listen." Bob said to a quiet Vernon. "So yeah, the washer and dryer are pretty much useless now. I mean, they sort of work, but barely." Nicole was telling the other women as they two reapplied makeup.

"The roof is leaking too. So needless to say I'm quiet annoyed," She laughed. "Sorry to hear that. Did you say you were taking night classes?" The other woman asked. "Nope, don't have the money for it." She said. "Cops don't get paid enough sadly. This modeling gig here at the magazine helps out some, but it's still not enough." Vernon looked on in shocked, putting the pieces together.

This was how Bob knew about the financial challenges they had been going through lately. This is how he was able to manipulate him. Vernon stood and backed away from Bob. "These cameras are great and easy to hide," Bob said, taking out a small camera that looked somewhat like a web cam.

"Hey don't leave. You should be thanking me for helping you. I had a goal, of sex with your mother, and you've surpassed all my challenges. With my goal in mind, I knew I had to help some, to push you. This allowed me to bed her. You've won the ultimate prize now!" Bob opened up another file and it started playing.

Vernon kept moving back, toward the door, afraid that he would attack the old man if he was too close. father and son mom daughter xxx story oh oh yes! Yes!" Vernon heard his mother's moans coming through the laptop speakers. "Ugh, I'm gonna cum Nicole!" Vernon heard Bob cry out, followed by a slap across her ass. Vernon turned toward the door to leave. "Wait! I have to tell you about the ultimate prize!" Bob went to follow him.

"Fuck you!" Vernon angrily shouted at the old man, stopping him in his tracks. Vernon hastily turned around and continued until he was at his car. He punched the seat next to him several times, before speeding off. He was fuming.

He had no idea Bob had the audacity to spy on people in the bathroom, much less use the information against others. He wondered how many people Bob was manipulating. He was angry at his mother for giving in, but more so angry at himself for bringing this on the both of them. The next two weeks he and his mother avoided each other like the plague. He occasionally heard her quietly sobbing in her room. He desperately wanted to comfort her, but he was afraid and ashamed, and didn't feel like opening a can of worms.

He assumed she was crying because Bob admitted he had spied on her in the bathroom. "I bet she thought that's why he got her the appliances. Because he spied on her," he thought to himself as he listened to her start her shower. Vernon was dreading his high school graduation.

It was 4 days away and he and his mother were in a depressed funk, avoiding each other as best they could. That evening there was a knock on his door. "Come in," Vernon said flatly. He was laying on his back looking up to the ceiling. His mother entered his room, sitting on the edge of the bed.

She was quiet for a moment and then spoke up. "Vernon, I was thinking that you and I could go on a trip. Like weeklong graduation present.

Maybe to the Bahamas? I was thinking the week after you graduate, we can leave Sunday," Nicole said in a somewhat rushed tone, looking to Vernon's carpeted floor. "Uh, I don't know, I mean " "Please?" Nicole asked, looking to Vernon's face, her eyes filled with hope, but also urgency. "Mom, I don't know. That's expensive," Vernon said, knowing he could easily afford a trip to the Bahamas, but didn't dare tell her how he got the money for it.

"I got a pay raise," his mother blurted out. "Please? A trip for just you and me," again there was a sense of urgency with her request. Raising up on his elbows, he thought for a moment, "Sure, I guess." Nicole grabbed his face, planting a hard, long kiss on his lips, ending it with a loud smack.

Vernon's eyes widened, she had never kissed him like that. "Great. This'll be great." She said, getting off his bed. "I'll see you later. Goodnight." A few days later Vernon watched with his friend Ray while their mothers chatted a few feet away after their high school graduation ceremony.

Ray's mom, Julie, had been giving Ray odd glances here and there. "Bahamas eh? That'll be great. Ray and I went during spring break." Julie explained to Nicole. "Yeah it'll be a nice graduation present I think," Nicole said. "Yes it will," Julie moved over to Ray, placing her arm around his waist, "We had an amazing time, didn't we?" "Sure did." Ray replied. "It's hard to beat a mom and son trip," Julie said, hugging her son closely. Ray seemed different lately, but Vernon couldn't put his finger on it.

They wrapped up their conversation and Julie offered one final suggestion to Nicole, "If your room has its own hot tub, be sure to take full advantage of that!" Julie winked at Nicole and her and Ray walked off. Vernon cocked his head to the side, thinking he heard his mother quietly watching west indies beautiful girl xxx sex stories storys "I will." Chapter 16 The resort was an immaculate, newly renovated, vacation spot.

It had its own staff and the rooms were basically villas each having their own back courtyard with a bubbling hot tub. sex slaves dani and alenna enjoys wild fuck wow, this is amazing, Vernie!" Nicole placed her bag on the bed, and checked out the bathroom. The shower was huge large enough to fit two people. "Look out here! Oh my…" Nicole looked into the small courtyard, noticing the hot tub. Vernon joined her, standing next to her; she put her arm around his waist.

"I'm so glad I was able to book this place on short notice!" "Yeah mom, this is amazing, it really is. Thank you," Vernon still ashamed for his past actions, looked downward. Nicole smiled, grabbing his face, bringing it to hers, kissing him on the lips again.

This kiss was slower and there was no sense of urgency behind it. Vernon was confused by this, but enjoyed it either way. Nicole giggled when she was done, which caused Vernon to giggle too. They shared a long gaze into each other's eyes. They said, in unison, "I love you," causing more giggling and laughter. Vernon felt better for the first time in months. He felt things were going back to normal finally. They ended their exchange and head back out to the bedroom.

"Maybe later tonight, I can have some wine delivered, and we can get in there," Nicole turned around and tickled her son. Nicole went back to her bag, "I'm changing into my bikini and then we'll hit the beach." Thirty minutes later, Vernon sat on the beach, attempting to conceal his hard on, while watching his mother frolic in the water in a red, micro-string bikini. Several women looked at her with contempt; the men looked at her with desire.

The staff flirted and talked with her more than other women at the resort. Vernon thought it was hilarious, but couldn't blame them. Nicole exited the water, slowly walking toward Vernon. He watched her hourglass figure sway as she walked his way. Extending her hand she led him out into the calm water.

She straddled him as he waded out into deeper waters.

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"Hold me up, Vernie," Nicole said. She grabbed his hands, guiding them under the water, guiding them to her meaty ass, placing them on her cheeks.

"You have to hold me up, ok?" Vernon's mouth nearly fell open as his horny stepma is looking for fresh meat rested on his mother's perfect ass. Nicole simply smiled at him, and then leaned into kiss his lips once more; another long, sensual kiss.

Wiping his lips of her saliva, she whispered, "I think we're going to have a wonderful week." The rest of the afternoon was spent in the water, talking, laughing, and sharing long embraces and stares.

All the while Vernon held onto and massaged her butt. That evening they went to dinner. Nicole was wearing another tight cocktail dress.

It was white, strapless, and came down mid thigh. Big but babe ari sawada bouncing well on a large dong looked like she was attending another Elite Magazine annual event. Vernon was wearing dress khaki pants and a tucked in dress shirt. They complimented each other, causing slight blushing. Her long blonde hair was straightened, looking sleek and sexy.

Holding hands on their way to dinner, smiling back at one another on their way, Vernon felt at peace. Sitting across from this beautiful woman at a candle lit dinner table for a couple hours was nice too.

They held hands while they ate, occasionally playing footsy under the table. They shared a desert at the end.

Taking a nice walk around the resort, still holding hands, Vernon thanked her again. Nicole smiled, "No, thank you." "Me? For what?" Vernon asked. "For being you," She replied. Vernon blushed and smiled weakly, not sure of how to respond without making himself feel guilty from his past dealings with Bob. "Let's go dancing," Nicole said, gesturing to the night club on the resort grounds.

"Oh no, I don't think so. I'm no good at that." Nicole laughed, hugging him, running her hands thru his hair, "Relax, I'll do all the work." The nightclub was extremely crowded with guests and staff members. Vernon and Nicole struggled to find a spot to dance, but once they did, Nicole proved she was telling the truth she really did do all the work.

Vernon basically moved back and forth, slightly dipping at the knees. He felt like an idiot, but no one was paying attention, and his mother didn't mind his lack of dancing skills one bit. About an hour into their stay at the club the lights went out. The music kept playing but it was practically pitch black. "Sorry folks, don't panic, just having some electrical issues. We're looking at the circuit breakers for the lights.

Hang tight, enjoy the music, keep dancing people!" The overly enthusiastic DJ explained over the microphone to the audience. Nicole did just that. Her hands, which were mostly on Vernon's shoulders two hotties in the bathroom have fun to cover his hands on her waist, then they moved off his hands and slowly pulled her dress up to reveal her bare ass.

She slid Vernon's hand there and flexed her glutes. Vernon was in shock but went along with it, grabbing her butt until the song ended. The next one started up and Nicole turned around. Her bare bottom was now against Vernon's crotch. She was grinding, gyrating, and flexing up against an uncomfortably hard erection. His hands were on her hips, but she slid them up to just below her large breasts. She moved her ass up and down against his erection.

Vernon moved his hands upward to gently cup her breasts. As soon as he did that, Nicole turned around, pulling his face close to speak into his ear over the loud music, "Let's head back to the room.

Shall we?" Chapter 17 Vernon waited patiently in the hot tub located in the courtyard of their villa. He was a bit nervous, thinking that his mother had plans for the two of them.

They held hands in awkward silence on the way back from the night club. She told him to get in the hot tub and wait for her. He had no idea what to expect but he knew what he wanted. He asked himself if he could really go through with something sexual if his mother initiated it. Nicole joined Vernon a few minutes later wearing the same string bikini from earlier in the day.

She had a glass of wine in one hand and the wine bottle in the other. Vernon smiled awkwardly at her when their eyes met. She immediately sat on his lap and quickly gulped down her wine. She filled her glass up again, placing the bottle on the edge of the hot tub, rested her arm around Vernon.

"Would you like a sip?" She asked her son. "Um, sure I guess." Bringing the wine glass to his lips, he sipped from it, slightly wincing from his first taste of an alcoholic beverage. Nicole chuckled and downed the rest of the glass in a few large gulps.

Filling it up again, this time sipping on it slower, she sat in Vernon's lap; her nearly bare butt resting comfortably on his thighs. Time passed, along with another glass of wine for Nicole, and a few sips for Vernon. He had no idea what was going on, but was glad to have this wonderful woman in his lap. The reasoning for them being in the hot tub would be revealed soon. After a few more sips of wine, a few more brief smiles and glances to one another, and a few more quiet moments Nicole stood.

Vernon looked into her eyes; Nicole looked down to his. Standing in the middle of the hot tub, she reached around to her back, unclasped her bikini top and let it fall into the water.

Not taking her eyes off Vernon's shock filled, widened eyes, she bent down and removed her bikini bottom, pulling it off her toes and letting it drift in the bubbling hot water. She stood before Vernon, nude, all for him to admire. He was speechless and unable to look away from this perfect hourglass figure that stood before him.

Before he could ask why or what was happening, Nicole slowly made her way to him, sitting on his lap once more. After a few minutes of more awkwardness, she took a few more sips of wine and spoke up, "I know about everything Vernie. I know about the things Bob asked you to do and I know about the money he paid you to do them." Vernon's mouth dropped, unable to respond. His mother continued, looking down into the bubbling water, "He told me everything." Vernon's heart rate increased, he felt anger building up inside, he felt like running away.

He was looking down to his lap. His mother's thick, juicy thighs were on top of it, but he wasn't looking at them as his eyes were darting about, thinking a 1000 things in a few seconds.

He couldn't lie his way out of this. Then it hit him and his darting eyes stopped. His mother was caressing the back of his neck with her fingers. She was sitting on his lap, naked in a hot tub, caressing the back of his neck. He closed his eyes, the panic fading just slightly. He felt a finger on his chin. Nicole gently brought her son's face up to meet her gaze. "It's ok. It's ok," Nicole softly said. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, it got carried away and all that money he " Vernon pleaded, the panic returning to his voice.

"I said it's ok, Vernie," She reassured him, interrupting his babbling. "I don't understand," Vernon said, attempting to maintain his composure. "Bob filmed everything. He said he's placed cameras all over the place; his house, the magazine head quarters, other businesses he's run in the past.

He's a pervert. He had a camera hidden in his office, on the bookshelf next to his desk and he filmed his interactions with you. He showed me the footage. I saw how he manipulated you using information about me and our financial status." Nicole explained, her voice starting to tremble.

"Vernie," she started to tear up, "I would never exquisite and wet asian oral stimulation japanese and hardcore you." "You aren't mad at me?" he asked, his own voice trembling.

"I'm mad at Bob! I think you're a victim here too. What he did to you, how he used you in his perverse taboo game. He's a voyeur, he likes to watch women do things like what he had you film me doing. I heard everything you said to him, all those wonderful things. He showed me footage where you told him what you did with the money you got. I can't believe you thought of me when you could've bought yourself a new car.

You put money aside for me to go back to school. No one has ever been so sweet to me," She sniffed and wiped her eyes. "You said I deserved to be worshiped and loved. Did you mean that?" Vernon looked down and nodded. "It broke my heart to see you sitting there, miserable with guilt, and miserable with something else desire. You did these tasks for money and in the process, you came to desire me.

Is that true?" Nicole asked. Vernon, still looking down, nodded again. Newest jav star super cute had forgotten she was sitting naked in his lap. "Did you mean what you said when you told him you wanted to hold me, kiss me, caress me?" She lifted his face once more to look into his eyes.

"Yeah," was all he could get out. They stared at each other for a moment; Vernon's longing gaze meeting his mother's sympathetic one. "Oh Vernie, my poor baby." Nicole leaned in and kissed Vernon once more, her tongue gently lapping at his lips, "You deserve me more than any of them. Bob, those two guys you filmed me with, anyone." Nicole twisted around in Vernon's lap so she could straddle him and continue her kisses.

He placed a hand back on her butt, squeezing gently. She grabbed his other hand and placed it on one of her large breasts. Vernon's eyes shot open, looking at his mother's closed eyes, while she continued her kissing assault.

Nicole broke the kiss and got off his lap, standing once more in the middle of the hot tub, her hand extended awesome brunette babe has a huge dildo Vernon. She pulled him up standing there with him, kissing frantically.

"Why, did you have sex with him?" Vernon managed to ask between kisses. "Because he paid me $100,000 to spend the night with him." She said, continuing to kissing on his lips, jaw line, and neck. "I put that money in a college fund for you too. So you don't have to leave me and join the military." Vernon chuckled softly. "See I have done stupid things for money too. He's a scumbag though, I found out he's engaged to a woman in Jacksonville." Nicole said, starting to tug at Vernon's bathing suit shorts.

"Wait, wait, mom, hold on," he stopped her. "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Yes, no, I don't care!" She laughed, grabbing his face for another kiss. "No man has ever treated like I deserved, you would, and you only got shame and despair from these challenges. I don't think you deserve that." Nicole pulled down Vernon's bathing suit. The two stood nude together in each other's arms as the steam from the hot water rose. "Are you ready?" Nicole asked. "I am," Vernon smiled, moving behind his mother, rubbing his erection against her butt.

"No, no sweetie, not like that." Nicole said, turning around to face him. "I thought you like it from behind." "For sex yes. But for making love, it has to be from the front, so we can look at each other. Any man I've slept with, it's only ever been sex and it's always been from behind. I told myself if I ever find a man to make love to, we'll be facing each other, looking into each other's eyes. Do you understand?" "Yes I think I do," Vernon answered. "Good, let's go," Nicole took his hand and they stepped out of the tub, walked through small back entrance hallway, and made their way to the bedroom.

"Does this feel like a dream come true?" Nicole said, sitting on the bed, looking up to Vernon, grabbing his cock. "Um, uh, yeah it is." He nervously replied, watching her gently stroke him.

"Don't be nervous, it's just me," She said, kissing the tip of his cock, licking the sides of the shaft. "Oh wow…wow," Vernon moaned. Nicole giggled and slid further back on the mattress, laying on her back, she gestured Vernon to climb on top of her.

"Make love to me Vernie, like you've wanted to since Bob started these challenges." Vernon climbed on top, smiling awkwardly, guiding the tip of his cock to her waiting pussy. She encouraged him to slide it in. She was so warm and soft, "Oh wow, mom," He whispered. "Wow indeed, come here," She pulled him in close for another kiss.

"All the way in now, ok?" she instructed. Vernon let go of his shyness and pushed in as far as he could go. Nicole moaned, caressing his face, kissing his lips. "Very good, Vernie. Now then, I think you know how this works, right?" Vernon smiled and nodded.

He slowly began moving his hips up and lovely brunette whore in her pink lingerie te, with each homecoming of his keiran lee with many girl against her cervix, she moaned.

He loved hearing that sound, and loved it more that he was causing her to do it. "Bob is the loser here. I may have spent the night with him, but in the end he lost. You won baby, you can have me every night if you want," Nicole explained as Vernon worked his cock slowly in and out; taking his time, savoring her warm, wet, pussy walls along his shaft. "You're the real winner," She winced in pleasure as Vernon started picking up the pace.

"Faster, look me in the eyes, yes," she said, they both were starting to huff and puff. "You have beautiful eyes," Vernon blurted out in between thrusts. "You're so beautiful, you're perfect!" "So big ass on slutty blonde fucks missionary masturbate you my Vernie. You feel so good too." She said. The bed was rocking back and forth now; Vernon had picked up his pace and was really laying into her.

Their eyes never looking away, their faces inches from each other, she moaned just like she did the night Vernon filmed her masturbating.

"All those times, I made noises with those guys, I was faking it. It wasn't a real orgasm," Nicole explained in between breaths. "Really?" "Ah yes! Yes baby!" She cried out, "If you keep going just like this, in about 10 seconds or so, I'm going to have a real one!" Vernon kissed her lips and nodded.

"Think you can have one with me?" Nicole asked. "I'll try!" Vernon grabbed her meaty thigh, clutching it tightly, Nicole locked her feet around his butt, and he clinched his own glutes with each thrust, never looking away from her eyes.

They were cumming, they couldn't stop it, "I love you Vernie!" Nicole cried out. "I love you too mom!" He cried. "Yes!" they said in unison, shaking and convulsing, Nicole gripping his back hard, crying out in ecstasy as his testicles released their semen and injected it directly into her. Vernon collapsed on top of her. Nicole ran her finger through his hair, sighing, smiling, with happiness.

He thought about Bob, never being able to make love to this woman, never seeing her face as she climaxed, and never touching her again.

She was his now and she would be loved and treated like she deserved. Rolling off her a few moments later, she rolled over to lay on his chest. He ran his hand up and down her back all the way down to her ass and back up again. He ran his fingers through her hair, kissing her forehead. "It's Mother's Day isn't it?" Vernon asked. "You're right, I forgot. Well then, now that you've reminded me, this has turned out to be the best one ever!" Nicole said.

Chapter 18 Shower steam rose as the two lovers kissed each other, running their hands all over the other's body, grabbing, caressing each other in the hot water.

"I planned this to happen, Vernie. When I learned all that you've done with the money and the feelings you have developed for me as a result of Bob's challenges, I knew we'd be doing this here. I knew we'd be making love. In a way it'd be making the damage he did to you right, it'd be justice." Nicole explained, going to her knees in the missy martinez arrested and jerks cops cock with cumshot on her big tits. Vernon smiled down at her, "I uh, I didn't use protection." Popping his cock out of her mouth and licking at the tip Nicole said, "I'm on birth control.

So it's ok." "That night with those two guys, you didn't really want to do that with them did you?" Vernon asked. "Nope," She said after licking the side of his cock, "but I was besties enjoyed kissing fingering and licking each others pussies of horny, and my sister was there and I let her talk me into it. Things just got carried away. I'm not as wild as she is." She sucked and cleaned Vernon's cock in the shower.

The rest of the day they barely left their room. Lunch consisted of an hour long exploratory session of Nicole's pussy by Vernon's mouth. They only left their room to grab some dinner. Sitting on the same side of the table, Nicole casually stroked Vernon's cock underneath the table cloth. When they got back to their room, they began ripping their clothes off, jumping back into bed. Nicole was straddling Vernon, bouncing up and down on his cock as he held her tightly, sucking on her breasts, kissing her madly.

She pushed him back on the mattress and began squatting up and down, milking his cock dry, giving them both thunderous orgasms. Nicole was the one to collapse on top this time. Vernon just held her, running his hand down to her ample backside. The following morning Vernon was crouched down in the shower. Looking up, he saw his mother's arched back; his eyes followed the streams of water flowing down the center of her spine.

He watched them flow into her ass crack. Staring at her butt in front of face, he was reminded of that night in the ally. One of the guys she was with was in this very same position, fingering her from behind. "You ok down there?" Nicole asked. Vernon slowly planted a kiss on each cheek and stood, "Yeah, it's just that I saw you in the same position in the ally that night. I thought about what you said about making love. You'd rather do that from the front. I don't want to do what they did to you." "I understand and that's perfectly fine.

You can do whatever you want to me. " "Good," Vernon turned off the shower, stepped out, grabbed a towel, and then wrapped it around his mother. He smiled at her as he patted her dry, sharing a couple kisses as he worked. Releasing the towel, he bent down and picked her up much to her playful squealing.

He carried her naked, curvaceous body to the bed, placing her on it gently. Smiling up at her, going in between her legs, he kissed all the way from her stomach down to her blood engorged clit.

He couldn't take his eyes off her face as he watched her cum over and over again from his clit sucking, tongue fucking, pussy licking breakfast. That afternoon there was a knock at the door. Nicole had been screaming as Vernon was furiously pumping away into her pussy, loudly slapping against her thighs while kissing and licking her feet which were resting on his shoulders.

Nicole got up, didn't bother dressing, and answered the door. She stood there nude in front of one of the resort's employee. The young, black, Bahamian looked thoroughly embarrassed and tried to cover his eyes. "Hello ma'am. We have received a noise complaint. I am asking politely that you and your companion please keep it down." The employee explained. "Ah yes, I'm sorry. We were a little busy. Care to join us?" Nicole joked.

"No ma'am, as much as I'd love to, I could get fired for that. I have a good day." "I think he wanted to join us mom," Vernon said, watching his mother rejoin him the bed, straddling him. "Yeah? Well too bad!" They laughed as she began riding him again. After a few more days of sweat and sex in every possible position they could dream up, the two lovers headed back to the US. They decided to stay in Miami for a couple days, staying with Nicole's sister, Taylor.

The last night of their stay with her, someone showed up to take Taylor out for an evening of fun. It was Rodney. Nicole looked fairly shocked to see him, but was polite and friendly as always. Vernon gave him a quick nod hello. He still didn't like him, but didn't care much anymore. "So you want to come out with us tonight Nicole?" Taylor asked.

She looked over to Vernon who shrugged. "You know, I think I'll pass. I'm still a little tired from our trip, I think I want to have another night of rest before we fly home tomorrow." "Ok, sounds good.

We'll be back late. So I'll see you tomorrow I'm sure." Taylor said as she and her date left. Nicole winked at Vernon. Getting up to make sure Taylor's car had left the apartment complex parking lot, she went to her knees, crawling over to Vernon, unzipping his pants and proceeded to suck him dry.

Later that evening, Nicole and Vernon were wide awake in Taylor's guest bedroom. Taylor's muffled sounds of orgasms wouldn't allow them to sleep. She and Rodney attempted to be quiet but were failing.

So instead of sleeping they were making love, making their own noises of pleasure, lost in their own world, lost in each other. Taylor's cries of pleasure faded away and it was just Nicole and Vernon, gazing into each other's eyes, their hearts beating as one. Chapter 19 It was the first weekend in August. Nicole had quit her job as a police officer and was busy packing.

They were moving to Charleston, SC. A few weeks back Nicole ran into Julie at the grocery store. She was glowing and noticed Nicole looked great too. The two women complimented each other and chatted a bit. Julie explained she and Ray were moving to Charleston at the end of July and suggested Nicole check out the area if she's curious.

Nicole thought it'd be a great idea to get away from Atlanta, the chance of seeing Bob, and their life here. She wanted to start a new one. Vernon was confused, not sure how long they'd be able to make nearly $200,000 last.

He had other concerns too. "Mom, if we're living in Charleston, what if a bunch of guys come around and want to date you all the time?" Vernon asked, pulling Nicole's t-shirt up, bending down to suck a tit. "Well then I'll be a busy woman! Maybe Julie and I can go hang out somewhere and pick some young men up! That is if you give me permission of course," She replied running her fingers through his hair. "Mom I'm serious. There could be tons of guys that want to get with you," He said, switching to sexy gia providing us with double pleasure other breast.

"Hmm. You're right. Well I suppose you'll just have to hide somewhere and watch me in action again! Would you like that? Watching me, maybe even filming it?" Nicole joked, jabbing his side, pulling her shirt down.

"I don't know about that," He replied. He chased after her, pulling her shirt back up, grabbing her breasts. "I could put on a great show for you," She said, pulling him in close, nibbling his ear.

"Ha! I'm sure you could," He said, grabbing her butt. "You say the word and I'll fulfill every fantasy you can think of! I'd bring home someone, bend over, and let him go to town on me!" "Oh yeah, from behind eh?" He asked, pushing her up against the wall, licking along her neck. "Pardon my language, but yes, when fucking, it'll be from behind," she said, helping Vernon slide her pants down.

She wrapped her legs around his waist as he picked her up, slamming her against the wall again. "If I go off the pill, maybe some guy will knock me up!" Nicole said in between Vernon's hard thrusting.

"Ha! If that happens then I'll move down to Florida with Aunt Taylor. She's got a body almost exactly like yours!" He joked back with her, gritting his teeth as he pumped his cock in and out. Nicole was moaning and crying out, "Ahh! Say they word! I'll make you a daddy!" "Maybe one day. Not now though!" He was getting tired and backed away from the wall to slam her down on the couch, continuing his assault, looking into her eyes, watching her face contort from pleasure. That evening Vernon smiled at his seemingly constantly nude mother as he passed her in the hallway to wash his hands for supper.

They ordered Chinese take-out; mostly sushi. When he came into stud is favourable to have sex and massage kitchen, Nicole was laying naked on her stomach on the small kitchen table. Her back was lined with a row of sushi. Her butt sunby leone xxx full story several pieces on it.

This was typical when they ordered out. She would arrange food on her body, Vernon would eat it off her, and then she would eat his cum for desert. Close to midnight, in the bath tub, Nicole collapsed onto Vernon's chest. She had been slowly grinding into him for the last 45 minutes. The soapy water was nearly room temperature. Vernon was running his fingers up and down her butt crack, lightly circling her anus. "It's yours tonight if you want it, Vernie," Nicole said, squeezing his fingers with her powerful gluteus muscles.

He thought for a moment, "I'm not sure. I'd like to but, I don't know." Thoughts of the men she's been with in the past, including the ones he filmed her with, went through his head. He wondered in her horniest of states of her younger days if she had anal sex. He wondered if his aunt instigated it with men they would go home with. "No one has ever been back there before. I told myself long, long ago that no one would unless it was true love.

Well, I'm offering it to you if you want it," His mother explained. "I do." "Then come get it," She said, rising out of the tub and heading to her bed, not bothering to dry off.

His mother was on all fours, wiggling her hips from side to side. "It's beautiful," Vernon said gripping her ass with his hands.

"It's yours," she replied. Leaning in, he licked her crack in one long lick. He slowly kissed her puckered anus, then swirled his tongue around it. Carefully pouring copious amounts of KY jelly he retrieved from a drawer on the bedside table onto his cock and her anus, he began to slide himself in. It was slow going, but he was being as careful as he could.

Nicole talked with him as he got in deeper and deeper. She let him know to slow down or if it was ok to push in harder and so on. Vernon smiled and laughed when saw his cock was in up to the base, embedded in her ass.

Running his hands all over her cheeks, he began sliding back and forth. It was so tight, so good, and so beautiful. Reaching around to rub her clit, Nicole placed her hand on his. He began going faster and faster. Soon Nicole was climaxing again. He felt her anal wall contract around his shaft, causing him moan and fill her rectum with sperm.

"I'm yours in every way now, Vernie!" Nicole said with a trembling voice, as her orgasm subsided. Vernon pulled out, smiling, observing a gaping hole, oozing with semen.

The next day was Sunday; they had more packing and cleaning to do. Vernon forgot to check the mail the day before so he headed out to the mail box. His heart stopped when he saw a package from Bob. Taking it inside, he opened it in private, dreading what he might find, taking out the contents. It was a small USB jump drive and a note that floated to the floor. Vernon inserted the jump drive into his laptop before packing it. There was a single file on there a video file. He double clicked to open it.

The video was footage Bob recorded of himself telling Nicole about Vernon. She looked shocked and appalled. Vernon's eyes widened when she slapped the old man hard across his face. She threatened to get a lawyer. Bob, in his smugness, claimed he was prepared for that. He handed Nicole a slip of paper, it looked like a check. Vernon watched her reaction when she looked at it, sitting in the chair, covering her mouth.

"It was for $30 million Vernie," Nicole said, standing nude in Vernon's doorway, slightly startling him. "Why didn't you tell me?" "I was waiting for the right time. I was planning assfucking with hot girl hardcore and blowjob telling you when we were settled in Charleston. When you see the size and location of our house, you no doubt would wonder where the money came from to buy it." She walked over to his desk, sitting on his lap again.

Vernon ran his fingers up down her back as she played with his hair. Vernon shrugged and laughed. "Fair enough, mom!" "I'll be in the bedroom waiting for you. Don't be too long," Nicole said, kissing Vernon's lips. He watched her naked perfection leave his room heading down the hall to wait for his cock. Vernon nearly forgot about the note that fell out of the packaging. Looking to the floor, he reached for it to read. It was a hand written note from Bob.

"Thank you for playing my little games Vernon. I hope you are enjoying your ultimate prize. She's a wonderful woman. Take good care of her! Sincerely, Bob"