Playgirl demonstrates sex skills hardcore and blowjob

Playgirl demonstrates sex skills hardcore and blowjob
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The Chauffeur…Making it Great Again. (Part One) By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 CHAPTER 1 Tina sat on the couch with Roger and Donna. She leaned her head on his chest. Donna was smiling. About the same time, Dakota came and sat down with Jill and I. She stretched her legs out across both of our laps. Instinctively I began rubbing her soft, lithe feet. Jill leaned into her asking if she had a good time in the other limo.

"Yeah, it was ok. They're boys, not men." My cock began to stir. I just don't know what it is about Dakota that gets me in the mood but, touching her doesn't take much to make the animal stir. I love my wife and she is gorgeous, but the smallish body and the insatiable sexual attitude make Dakota dynamite in a package waiting for the fuse to be lit.

sex tamul xxx grils storys Jill, how did you get so lucky? He gives great foot massages&hellip. among his list of wonderful qualities. David, do you have maybe a twin brother?" "No brother. Only child. Jill is a wonderful soul, she was taught to share." I said. Jill was keeping silent. "Jill, Hun, care to comment?" I said with a cheesy smile. "No, so far you haven't said anything that I disagree with.

Look at them over there…Roger and Donna have put Tina in the middle of their Tina sandwich. Wonder who's going to take the first bite?" "My money is on Roger. I think he's sweet on her. Young, beautiful, insatiable sex drive a powerful combination, powerful indeed." David said. Dakota spoke up, "My money is on Tina. I think that they underestimate her drive. The three of us have played with her so you all know what I'm talking about." One of the boys from Diane's crew turned around in his seat, "Dakota, you mean that you've played with David and Jill?

That's HOT!" "And Tina, and Roger, and Donna, and you, and your friend next to you. Care to know anything more that is none of your business?" Dakota snapped. Wow!

Here's a side of Dakota we had not seen much of since her joining us. I got to say, it was sexy, damn sexy. It gave me a new perspective on her that I didn't realize that she even possessed. I thought about all the trolls who would try to use her youth against hot babe sucks cock in the shower and cant get enough. The predators who would think that because she is young, she must be naïve.

Oh. would they find out different. This kitty has claws, sharp ones at that! With the flight from LA to Vegas being one hour, usually not enough time to get busy. Although, Diane did try to give a guy in her crew a blowjob. Still got to work on that one, I thought to myself. Marcus and Dr. Ronda were hitting it off quite well. He had his hand up her skirt. While we could not see what was going on, Ronda's head writhing back and forth gave us all a good idea.

Jill surprisingly began rubbing Dakota's leg. She was working her way towards Dakota's pussy. I could see thru her shorts that she had no underwear on, not that she ever wore panties.

As Jill reached the edge of her shorts, she slipped her fingers inside. Jill begin to rub Dakota's pussy. Watching, my cock began to get hard. Dakota felt the rising manhood and wiggled her heel on my cock. I was horny, frustrated, and now Dakota was teasing me. My cock ached. Jill was working Dakota's pussy as I heard her breathing begin to change. The guy that got verbally slapped by Dakota could not take his eyes off her and Jill.

I guess he had enough and unzipped his own pants to begin manual satisfaction. The guy sitting next to him unexpectedly reached over and began to help by stroking his buddy. Diane's friend, Amy, got up and walked over to our couch. She explained that she felt 'left out'. "Then come join us, there's plenty mom and son watching tv xxx room." I told her. "What do you like…err&hellip. what would you like?" Amy asked.

"Um, to get you naked and eat you until you scream for me to stop." "Really?" "Yes, why would anyone lie about that?" I replied. In a hushed tone, she whispered in my ear, "No one has ever done that to me." "Really?

You're kidding me, right?" Sheepishly she said, "no". I pushed Dakota's feet off my lap. I reached for Amy and began undoing her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I stood up. I hadn't really noticed her as she was just 'one of Diane's crew'. The top of her head barely touched my chin. She was short, however she was a bigger gal. Putting my arms around her and guiding her to the couch where I was sitting.

I slipped my fingers inside of the waistband of her panties. Kneeling in front of her I slid her panties off her bum. I could smell her sex. I could see her wetness. Clearly, she was excited. As I lowered my head towards her womanhood, I heard her hold her breath.

"Relax Amy." I said to her before tasting her wonderful woman juice. I ran my tongue from the top of her slit down to the bottom. I chodmujhe jor se in ebony licking her slit, occasionally nibbling on her labia.

She began moaning. I didn't take my eyes off her cute face. She tasted delicious.

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Her wetness increased with each lick of my tongue. With my left hand, I angled it such that my thumb began rubbing her clit. I felt her hips move in synch with my thrusting tongue. I hardened my tongue and began tongue-fucking her love hole. I thrust it deeper and deeper into her. Her wetness began coming in volumes as she was having orgasm after orgasm. Her moaning getting louder with each guttural sound coming from her throat.

"Oh, my fucking gawd! Whatever you do, please don't stop." Amy begged. I increased my intensity of my oral invasion into her womanhood.

I began nibbling on her clit. I switched back and forth between her clit and her slit. She was cumming in continuous succession.

Jill stopped playing with Dakota fantasy stunner assfucked after analplay masturbation babe passionately kiss Amy. She put her hand inside of Amy's cute blouse pinching her nipples through her bra. I felt her body tense up. I felt the splash of her love juice all over my face and tongue. I lapped it up as furiously as I could. "OOOOOHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!" Was all Amy could annunciate. I heard Dakota comment, "Gawd that is sexy." Jill whispered into her ear, "Amy, you look so beautiful when you cum on my husband's face.

We want you to join us in our suite tonight." I smiled into her pussy as I kept licking her. As second big orgasmic wave crashed over her, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME?

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PLEASE DON'T STOP!" Amy said loudly. One of the boys that was involved in the mutual masturbation teen savors harsh fucking hardcore and blowjob and expelled his man juice on the leg of the guy jacking him off. As the first guy erupted, the second guy tried to scramble down fast enough to catch some of it in his mouth. Most of the spunk landed on his leg, but a couple of ropes of man juice made it into his mouth before he engulfed his friend's cock to clean it off.

I heard Tina, "Holy Hell, that was sexy!" I wasn't sure if she was referring to Amy and myself or to the guys. Guess I'll have to ask her later.

I kept licking Amy. Jill kept kissing Amy passionately. Now, even Dakota joined in. Dakota shed her shorts and climbed up on the back of the couch positioning her sweet snatch over Amy's face. She lowered her pussy down to Amy. I watched as her tongue invaded Dakota.

I thought to myself at that moment, which one tastes better? I heard moaning behind me, but I wasn't going to stop doing what I love doing to a woman. Jill leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Darling, I invited Amy to join us tonight in our suite. Think she'll cum?" Jill was now just teasing me. She leaned into me and kissed my cheek, twisting a delicate finger into my ear. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Captain Johnson. We've begun our decent into McCarran Airport. We should be on the ground in less than 10 minutes." That announcement brought everyone back to reality.

Sex and lust would have to wait until we get to the hotel. I stopped my oral assault. I stood up and looked around. Roger and Donna had been working on Tina, but now all three were reassembling themselves.

Marcus was also on his knees again. He put Ronda's panties back on her and pulled her skirt down from her waist. Diane and Paula had been tag-teaming the third boy. Paula was sitting on his face while Diane was riding his fat cock. I saw cum running down Diane's leg as she removed herself from the impalement.

Paula, however, was in another dimension as she kept riding the young boys face, grinding herself through another orgasm. Donna got up off the couch to gently shake Paula. "Hey, Paula, we're landing. You got to stop now." Everyone chuckled&hellip.

everyone except Paula who was embarrassed. I heard the landing gear lock into place. Amy grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly telling me, "I don't like this part. It scares me." I switched hands milky boob in first night her and put my arm around her and hugged her tightly. "Thank you" she said quietly. Everyone was put back together as the wheels of the jet touched down.

"Is everyone ready for a delightful weekend?" I asked rhetorically. I kissed Amy on her forehead saying, "I hope you take Jill up on our invite to join us in our suite." I looked around the cabin of the jet. Everyone was busy chatting with whomever was sitting next to them. Dakota and Tina were the first to leave their seats.

Others quickly followed getting up and stretching their legs. The flight had only been slightly more than an hour yet with all the sexual escapades people needed to stretch. The door to the cockpit opened and Co-pilot Emilio went to the hatch doorway.

He opened it and advanced the stairs to the asphalt below. He stood by the doorway and said his goodbyes as everyone deplaned. CHAPTER 2 The ride to the hotel was divided between two limousines. I let everyone choose which car they wanted to ride in. One car was white. One car was all black. Roger asked, "Which one are you and Jill riding in?" "I don't know.

We really didn't plan this part out. Guess we'll get into one that has room available." I explained. I did notice a couple of things as everyone piled into one of the limos. First thing I noticed was the two boys were now walking hand in hand. Second, Marcus had his arm around Ronda.

Third, Roger and Donna were holding hands and kissing every so often, much like a boyfriend/girlfriend. John, the guy I liked from Diane's crew had his arms around Diane and Paula. He reminded me of 'Collin, God of Sex' from "Love Actually" complete with that never say die attitude. That left our two assistants and Amy. They stood outside the white limo. They decided to climb into that car. Roger and Donna chose the black limo. Jill and I followed our assistants into the white limo.

The doors were closed and off we headed to the Palm Resort Hotel. Amy didn't stray more than an arm's length from me. Jill whispered into my ear, "Looks like you have a new disciple. She doesn't seem to want to leave your side.

Guess you're going to have to make her join the club." She kissed me and leaned back into her seat. Dakota, Tina, Marcus and Ronda were all chatting about what they wanted to do while here. As we pulled into the Palms, the look on everyone's face was one of amazement.

Our limo came to a stop and our door opened by a valet with a bellman holding a gold luggage cart waiting to be filled. The other limo stopped behind us and they were getting the same treatment. The bellman welcomed us to the Palms.

He asked the name the reservation was under, "Jaxson's Incorporated." I replied. "Yes, sir. Your three penthouse suites are all prepared for you and your guests." The bellman said something into his walkie-talkie and before we all could get assembled, a smiling young lady in Palms attire asked whom David was and whom was Jill.

We waved her over to us. "Mr. and Mrs. Greene, your three suites are ready. Fully fellow knows how to make his doxy cum hardcore and creampie bars and kitchens. We have a chef and a masseuse standing by at your beckon. Our two limousines are available to use 24 hours a day.

Are you and your guests ready to head to your suites?" "Yes, we are." I replied. Our suite hostess gave Jill and I three packages. One for each suite. Inside held the electronic keys, call numbers for parts of the hotel, and the number of the suite hostess available anytime day or night.

She also went on to tell us that the keys in Suite 1 worked on the doors of all three suites, but the keys to suites 2 & 3 only open doors to those respective suites. I thanked her. She, with her master key card, unlocked the door to Suite 1. Jill and I followed her into the suite.

The rest of our guests two hot lesbians fuck in the bathroom in as well.

We heard a lot of gasps, 'wows' and 'oh my gawds' from everyone. Suite 1 was about as impressive as anyone could imagine. 3650 square feet of lavish decadence. A two-bedroom masterpiece that had a game room, two king-sized beds in each bedroom, a grand hot tub that overlooks the city, a pool table, a full island-kitchen, and a fireplace.

The bedding was Egyptian cotton, the very best available. The suite hostess said it is designed to sleep 8 but could entertain, for party purposes, up to 75. She went on to ask the group if they wanted to see the other two suites. The hostess kept calling them Penthouses. but I called them suites. The whole group followed the hostess to number 2. I leaned into Roger and Donna's ear telling them this would be the suite that they would be in, having consenting guests as they see fit.

Donna kissed me followed by her kissing Jill. The second suite was a bit smaller than the first one. It was 'only' 3120 square feet of elegant decadence. Suite three was the smallest of them all, a mere 3000 square feet. The hostess asked if there was anything, she could get us.

I asked for dinner reservations but not their best restaurant. I wanted to save that dining experience for tomorrow night. She said she would take care of it for us. All she wanted to know was when and for how many. I gave her the requested information and she left. The whole gang was standing with their mouths open looking at the lavish digs. Finally, my favorite, John said, "Fuck me! . This is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen.

If it were a woman, I would marry it." Everyone bust out laughing, but he wasn't far off. Virtually everyone there felt the same way, he was the only one that had enough balls to voice it out loud. Jill finally broke the silence by saying, "OK, everyone we have all had a wonderful evening thanks to my husband David.

Suite 1 will be the one David and I will occupy. We would like to invite our two assistants, Tina and Dakota to stay with us. In addition, we would like to invite Amy and John to join us as well. In Suite 2 that will be Roger and Donna's suite with suite 3 going to Marcus and Ronda.

If I didn't say your name, I would like those left to ask either Roger/Donna or Marcus/Ronda if you may stay with them. All of these suites sleep 8 so there is no way we don't have enough room for everyone." I stood there thinking to myself.

My mind drifted off back to the business world. How do we take a rather normal, under performing company to be a strong force in the corporate community? So far, my attention has been to establish the limo companies, The Pinetree, and choosing primary people that I could depend on to form our cabinet…&hellip. our cabinet……our cabinet. The words stuck in my head. From that thought, I decided we needed a campaign like that of our current President.

He ran with the slogan, "Make America Great Again!". Like him or not, it drew a sentiment that converted millions of votes. In my own head, I thought, why not borrow the idea and revise it to fit our company&hellip. "Make Jaxson's Inc. Great Again!" "David&hellip. David& you have anything to add?" Jill said to me as my mind was elsewhere. "Um, no." "Please grab your bags from the bellman and head to your respective suites.

Let's meet down stairs in two hours to head to a very late dinner. Everyone is invited, but no one is required to go. This is completely optional. However, we will expect EVERYONE&hellip. let me say that again&hellip. EVERYONE tomorrow at four to be in the lobby. We have a couple of things planned……OK, that's all I have." Jill said to the gang. Jill walked over to me. She cupped my face with her soft hands saying, "Have I told you how much Arab milf hot sex mia khalifa tries a big black dick love you?" with that rhetorical statement she leaned into me and kissed me.

Her tongue sucked mine into her mouth to begin the dance that lovers know. Her arms left my face to wrap around me, hugging me into her. Her body was warm, soft, and delicate. She didn't smell of sex, instead she smelled of the woman that I loved dearly. We were interrupted by our new friend, John. "Um, excuse me. Where do I put my stuff?" Tina walked over to him, grabbed him by the sleeve of his shirt pulling him with her.

He followed her lead without discussion. Dakota and Amy were chatting while they were carrying their own bags. Jill and I stood there watching our guests. Somehow, we felt like proud parents.

Although we aren't, but the sentiment seemed appropriate. I motioned the bellman to bring the remaining bags to the master bed of the suite.

He readily agreed. I reached into my pants pocket pulling out four $100 bills. I folded them in tight ass hole team fucked really hard and handed them to the bellman on his way out. Jill walked over to Amy and Dakota first. She hugged Dakota and said something to her that I couldn't hear. I began walking over towards them before John came over and stood in front of me. "Sir, I just wanted to say Thank you. If this was to end right now, it would be the greatest time of my entire life." "Well, you are certainly welcome.

Yet, there is still more to come. I hope you enjoy the ride." I said with a smile. It's nice to know that your effort is not going unnoticed and someone shows a little courtesy by saying the simplest two words in the entire English language&hellip. Thank You. "John, what do you do when you're not hanging out with Diane's crew?" "Um&hellip. well……nothing." He replied in a lower tone. "You are in college, right?

I thought all of Diane's crew were college friends of hers." I said. "Well, yes and no. I do go to college, but junior college. I was stupid and wasted my scholarship to UCLA by dicking around and not making the grades. When I lost the scholarship, my Mom directed me to head to junior college to take the same classes at a much-reduced rate until I could either get another scholarship or afford classes at UCLA again." John explained.

"Do you have a job?" "No sir. Well, not any longer. The restaurant I was working for closed. I tried a couple of other places but so far, I haven't been hired. I guess that's what I get for being stupid." John explained in a defeated tone. "Hmm, I have two jobs to offer you then. First, the one that I think would do you the best: work in our call center in Pasadena. You have a good personality, IF you can keep your mouth under control…no saying 'Fuck', that's non-negotiable." I offered.

"Sir, you said there was two offers, what's the other one?" I thought to myself, great…he didn't just jump at my first offer. He wants to hear all the options before deciding. "The second one is more of a personal favor to Jill and I. We would like for you to give us feedback, honest feedback about what you see and hear about our company. I'm not saying I want you to be some sort of snitch.

No, in fact, quite the opposite. When you&hellip. or your friends&hellip. hear of something that needs addressing bring it to us to consider. Dakota brought to our attention that the hotel, The Pinetree, has no real place in the hotel industry. Pretty teen is geeting urinated on and blasts wet twat is not low-end such as Motel 6, but it's not perceived as say a Marriott.

She thought about the issue, explained her case, and presented Jill and I with a plan on how to fix the issue. Do you understand what I'm asking of you?" Hoping that he grasped the idea.

"Sir, what you want, from me and my friends is to provide you with honest information, not just be a butt-kissing yes man." He said with some confidence. "Exactly" He put his hand out and gave me the 'man hug'. We looked over to the ladies that we had been neglecting with our discussion. "What the fuck?" John exclaimed. Jill, Amy, Dakota and Tina were all naked on one of the king-sized beds enjoying each other. "Oh, sir…I'm sorry…I need to watch my language." John said.

"No worries, you voiced what I had going on in my head." I said chuckling. "Can we join them?" I don't see why not, but let's ask just to make sure. "Hun, when you get your mouth off of Amy, John and I would like to know if we may join you or should we just head out to dinner without you guys?" I said trying to keep a straight face. "Mmmm, fmfffgghhh." Jill said not removing her mouth from Amy.

Amy spoke up, "I thiiiiiiiiinnnnnkkkk Jill is saying join us&hellip. gawd damn Jill&hellip. that feels sooooooooooooooooooooo gggggoooooooooodddddd" Amy said rolling into another orgasm. John nearly sprinted over to Jill and Amy. He was stripping off clothes with each step, nearly falling on his face trying to move and remove shoes simultaneously.

When John dropped his pants, I realized why Diane kept him around. He was hung. My wife would probably call him donkey-sized. I guess in my head about 11" long with average thickness. He was completely shaved. His arms and chest had some tone, but he clearly wasn't one of those fanatics about working out.

John was a decent looking guy. He stood about 6' and probably weighed in 200 lbs. Brown hair cut short and no facial hair. He also had no hair on his arms or legs.

I thought to myself, maybe he's a swimmer? By the time John reached Jill and Amy he just stood there, cock pointing directly out at the ladies. Amy reached for him, but his cock was just out of her grasp. He stepped closer. Her hand wrapped around his shaft. "OOOOHHHHH FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK" Amy said in one long exclamation. Another orgasmic wave was peaking as she put her hand around John's erect manhood. "WOW, that feels great. Never had someone grab my cock while having an orgasm." John said to no one in particular.

Amy was on her back with Jill still nose-deep in Amy's womanhood. I could see Jill working on the clit. Amy's body kept tensing up as wave after wave of ecstasy washed through her body.

Each crescendo of orgasmic bliss caused Amy to squeeze John's cock. He was enjoying the hell out of it. I could see his eyes glazing over. I had become such a voyeur of Amy, Jill, and John that I never even noticed Dakota and Tina next to me. My attention turned to them when I felt someone unbuckling my belt. It was Tina. Dakota put her arms around my neck bringing me down to her. I kissed her. Tina was now dropping my pants to the floor. I stepped out of them. She put her dainty ebony fingers inside of my boxer waist band pulling the down as well.

"There's what I wanted." Tina said smiling. My cock was fully erect and pointing at the ceiling as it was released from its confinement. Tina grasped the base holding my cock steady as she began licking the pre-cum droplets at the tip. Dakota was responding to our kissing. Again, here is this beautiful lithe woman with an unbelievable sexual appetite having a tongue fight with my own mouth.

I heard Tina moaning as she was swallowing all my hard cock, all the while furiously rubbing her own clit. I glanced down at her without breaking my lip lock with Dakota to see Tina's head began bobbing on my manhood. Tina's other hand began massaging my balls.

The feeling pulsing through me was one of intense lust. When Dakota and I broke from our kiss, I saw that John had moved up onto the bed. He was kneeling behind my wife with is manhood buried balls-deep into her pussy. He was taking long slow strokes in what I'm sure was trying not to cum too fast.

I felt my legs begin to get a bit wobbly. I asked if we could move to the other king-sized bed. The ladies agreed. Tina stopped sucking me long enough to saunter over to the other bed. She made the come to me sign with her index finger. I followed her silent request. As Dakota and I went over to Tina, Dakota whispered in my ear, "When this is all over, I want to ask you something important to me." I stopped dead in my tracks.

Dakota kept walking over to Tina, kissing her before climbing into the bed with her. She pushed Tina onto her back. Dakota moved her wet crotch over Tina's willing face. I just stood there for a moment or two longer. Long enough for Amy to ask if there was anything wrong. My attention turned to Amy's question, "No, I'm fine." I replied.

Yet my head was swirling with questions. What was Dakota's question? Why did she feel she had to tell me at this very moment? Was she unhappy? Did Jill and I do something wrong? Did I amateur couple bathroom hot sex tape tube porn something wrong?

Does she not know how much she is loved? My brain was out of control. I needed some physical relief as the day had proved to be frustrating starting with Diane's lack of technique to not having enough time to cum after several sexual escapades. I went over to Tina/Dakota. I climbed into their bed. I positioned my cock at Tina's pussy.

No foreplay, no oral sex, just some good ole fucking. Dakota leaned towards me. She used one hand to spread Tina's very wet labia and with her other hand pulling my hard cock towards Tina.

I watched as the head of my manhood entered Tina. As it did, I paused for a moment allowing her body to adjust.

She wrapped her legs around me pulling me deeper into her wetness. I began thrusting in and out. In and out. I kept the repeated motion hearing Tina moan loudly into Dakota's wet dripping pussy.

Dakota had already cum in such volume that I could literally see it dripping out of her pussy and into the open mouth of Tina. Tina's tongue snaked out of her mouth teasing and taunting Dakota's clit. I was completely inside of Tina when I heard John announce his crescendo into my wife's well fucked pussy. John may have started slowly, but as the minutes went on, he increased his pace dramatically.

"OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!" John exclaimed as he shot rope after rope into Jill's love hole. There was a knock at the door. Everyone froze. Amy asked, "Who is it?" "Room service.

Ma'am. I have a gift basket from the suite concierge for each of the penthouses." He replied. "Can you bring them back later?" Amy asked.

"Yes Ma'am. Just ring your suite concierge when you're ready for them. I'm sorry to have bothered you." The guy left. As I was fucking Tina with gusto, my brain went back into business again. Amy handled that nicely. Hmmm&hellip. I wonder if she would be a good assistant to Roger? Maybe Roger would prefer Tina? Dakota could train Amy for Jill? My mind was reeling. As I continued fucking Tina, my mind came back to the bed and the matter at hand. Tina was moaning and thrashing her hips.

Instinctively, I had grabbed her hips keeping my rock-hard cock thrusting into her. Tina's back arched. Her body tensed up. Her legs shot straight out. Another 'big O' had arrived. I was a bit taken back that I had not cum already. Several attempts at a release but none so far. Now, it's taking longer than Naomi cruise rides a dick in her ass anticipated. Amy got up from her coupling with Jill and John to come over and join me in bed.

"Mind if I have some?" She said with her eyes trying to be as sexy as possible. She slid over to kiss Dakota. Dakota pushed her onto her back, with her head next to my ass. Our little Dakota climbed off Tina's face and dove into Amy's pudgy little box. Upon feeling Dakota's very experienced tongue, I saw Amy's eyes roll to the back of her head in ecstasy.

I kept my hard-rhythmic fuck of Tina. Her breathing getting very stuttered and shallow. I was getting more and more frustrated by the minute. My agitation was being taken out on poor, poor Tina. My cock just kept pounding into her tender twat. My balls were hitting her ass with a noisy frequency that reminded me of a gun's discharge. In and out. Harder and harder. I had reached 'Sasha-Mode'. Sweat was now forming on my forehead. Jill and John had completed their escapades.

Jill walked over to Amy and whispered in her ear. I didn't hear what was said because I was focused on trying to reach my own pinnacle. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my ass-crack. One very wet finger.

Extreme bondage sex first time analmal training circled my anus for just a moment before it invaded my arse. This got me there. "HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT…&hellip. OOOOHHHH MY FUCKING GAWD&hellip. YES, YES, YES, YES!" I exclaimed as I shot rope after rope of my man seed into Tina. If I was a betting man, I would guess that the amount of cum I shot into Tina was twice the amount that I normally shoot.

As my cock finally deflated a bit, I removed myself from Tina and saw a large amount of my spunk amazing street art painting d pictures panties out of her. Jill nudged me out of the way to give herself access to Tina's wet cum-filled pussy.

She scooped some up with her two fingers and put them in Dakota's mouth. She sucked the fingers clean. Jill again scooped another two fingers of cum out of Tina to put them into Amy. Amy said, "Damn, that tastes like no other cum I've ever tasted. What the hell do you do to get it like that?" Jill responded, "Pineapple juice.

At least one glass a day." Tina chimed in, "Really? That's all it takes? Hell, I'm going to keep a supply of Pineapple juice at all times." Even John added, "Wow, if that's all it takes to get a woman to swallow, I'm changing my drink of choice." We all chuckled about that statement.

I could tell that John was a good kid. Hardworking, impetuous, opinionated, basically me only younger. He was clearly in need of direction, but the question remained did I have enough hours in a day to keep him focused on the big picture? Amy reached several orgasms.

One after another rolled through her beautiful body from Dakota's talented tongue. It dawned on me that I had not had a go with Amy. I climbed off the bed. I stood up and walked around the bed to where Amy laid. I lesbian pretty babes make every other cum dildo toy grabbed Dakota by the hair and lifted her head off Amy's pussy. She got the intended message and moved herself from between Amy's thick legs.

I stepped in between Amy's thighs and lowered my head. "Oh gawd, not this again&hellip. ffffffuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!" I just smiled as I lapped her womanhood with fervor. Dakota tight blonde teen tiffany watson screwed by her stepbros moved to Amy's mouth. She kissed Amy passionately snaking her tongue into Amy's willing and wanting mouth.

They looked so beautiful; so different; so sexual. The lithe of Dakota and the thickness of Amy. Jill and Tina joined in as well. Jill began licking and sucking on one breast as Tina took the other one. Jill reached over and began rubbing Dakota's clit during her lip lock with Amy.

Amy was having a difficult time with all the licking, sucking, nibbling, and of course kissing. She was in a sexual bliss. Slowly I heard her breathing change.

I knew that was my signal to change tactics. I got up on my knees and knee-walked towards her pussy. I put my steel-hard cock at the entrance to her sex. I eased the head of my cock into her. I paused to make sure her body had opportunity to adjust if need be. Thankfully, she was so wet that I didn't have to wait all that long. I pushed forward.

Feeling no resistance, I slowly kept pushing forward until we were pelvis to pelvis. I teasingly swatted Jill's hand away from Amy's fully exposed clit. With an increasing thrust, I began to fuck her, deeply. I could feel her cervix touching the tip of my cock on each thrust into her. I withdrew most of my cock leaving only my cock-head in her.

In and out I moved. I heard her breathing becoming shallower and with quicker pace. I picked up my speed going a bit harder as my speed increased.

Harder and harder. My balls were slapping against her ass. I felt wave after wave of wetness splash my cock, then splash my thighs, even more wetness&hellip.and more&hellip.and more. I thought to myself that this woman is a geyser. Then it happened. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her breathing stopped. She went totally limp. No response to repeated calls of her name. 'smack'&hellip.

Dakota slapped Amy across the cheek. "Huh?" Amy said after taking a huge gulp of air. The three ladies all began laughing. John on the other hand, was freaking out. "Do I need to call 911?" I rolled my eyes chuckling to myself. It was nice to see he had real concern for someone's safety, but this was different. "Welcome to the club!" Tina said with a huge smile on her face.

"Club? What club?" Jill began to explain, "Several women have joined an elite club called "The Fucked Unconscious Club". David has this knack to fuck a gal into a state of unconsciousness. I think you are member number 8" "EIGHT?" John exclaimed.

"NO! It's the 9th time. 6th girl, 9th episode." Tina corrected. "Holy mother of gawd. I passed&hellip. passed out?" Amy said embarrassed. Dakota now joined in, "No darlin, you were fucked unconscious. There was no passing out. That's what you do when you're too drunk." "Dude, you gotta teach me how to do that!

That was in-fucking-credible." John said with excitement in his voice. The phone rang. CHAPTER 3 Jill leaned over to answer the phone. It was Ronda asking if dinner was still on as the set time was quickly approaching.

Jill answered yes and asked her to call Roger and Donna's room and let them know dinner was still on if they were interested. Hearing Jill's side of the conversation, I started pushing people towards the showers to get cleaned up for dinner. I had to stop John from just jumping into the hot tub to clean off.

He lowered his head as if I was scolding him. I had kinky hitchhiker gets pounded by nasty stranger in the car reassure him I was not. I went over to the bar and poured Jill a drink. She liked a drink that she saw in a movie&hellip.

The Sully (Grey Goose with a splash of water). I walked it over to her. "How are you doing so far?" I asked. "What are you referring to?" "All of it. Tina being here, Dakota being here, your pregnancy, your two friends Ronda and Donna? Anything and everything, I just want to make sure you are ok." I said to her. "I'm fine." "Ok then, how was John as a lover?" I changed subjects. "He's well equipped. Certainly, long enough. Doesn't really work on pleasing his partner.

The fuck is ok, but I didn't cum at all with him. He needs a teacher, just like Diane was with you. Frustrating." Jill explained. "Sounds like they would be good for each other. He can fuck but, doesn't know about pleasing his partner. She can't give a good blowjob, but really wants to." I retorted. "You know, that might just be a good idea." "Jill, my mind wandered during play time.

I have an idea about Roger. I was thinking about sharing Tina with him as his assistant. What do you think about that?" I asked. "That's a powder keg. Tina will feel completely betrayed. I see where you came to that idea, Roger really digs her. However, there are two factors you haven't added in: One, Donna and Roger have really hit it off and I don't want to interfere with that.

Two, Tina will feel hurt and betrayed. She still is in love with you and has said as much with me right there in the room. She tries to hide it but to me it is very evident." Jill said to me in a rational low tone. "All done in bathroom one." Dakota announced. "All done in bathroom two." Tina announced.

"All done in bathroom three." Amy announced hearing the other two. Jill said she was going to take bathroom 1. She directed John to take bathroom 3. I couldn't decide between bathroom 2 or join her in bathroom 1. Jill made the choice for me&hellip. bathroom 2. I finished first and Jill moments behind me. We dressed. Jill just put her wet hair in a ponytail and pulled it through a baseball cap.

We were lovely teenie becomes concupiscent during sex hardcore and massage waiting for John. "Amy, would you go see what it is taking John so long?" Jill asked. "Yes Ma'am." While Amy went to check on John, I made a phone call to the suite hostess and cancelled the dinner reservations and asked for the limos. She agreed. Tina and Dakota had turned on one of the 65" televisions.

They stopped on a local news channel. They were chatting to themselves not listening to the tv, it was on more for noise. I was thinking that I need to find music, tonight's playtime might be more erotic with music. Another 15 minutes passed. No John. No Amy. An impatient Jill got up and walked to bathroom 3. She just walked in without knocking. It certainly startled its occupants. "I'm sorry" John said. "Ma'am I'm so sorry." Amy said.

"Just finish up and let's go. We're hungry." Jill said. Jill came back out to the living room smiling. "You almost called that one." She said to me as she sat down beside me. "Almost called what?" "John. He was getting a BJ from Amy not Diane. She was on her knees blowing him. He was seated on the toilet, with the lid down just enjoying the ride." "Nice! Still, I think that they may be well suited for each other. She's a giver and he's a taker. I think that Amy just wanted fucking me with gorgeous ass towards camera try that long cock." I explained.

Jill asked Tina to call the other suites and see how many are going to dinner and if they were ready. She made the phone calls. As she was starting to tell Jill, John and Amy appeared. We all just smiled. "Jill, Roger and Donna's room. The two guys don't want to go. They're going down to the casino to play penny slots.

Donna and Roger are ready to leave whenever you give the word." Tina said. She went on to add, "With Marcus and Ronda, they're both ready to go.

Paula thinks she will be a third wheel and isn't sure if she should go and Diane is waiting to go." "Tina, call everyone and tell them to meet us in the lobby. Tell Paula and Diane that David and I expect them to be there." Jill said. I began pushing everyone out the door. I paged the suite concierge. She dialed me right up. I told her we need transportation to a restaurant for 12. I asked about the reservations for tomorrow night and she assured me they were set for 16 at 8pm.

The limos are ready and waiting for tonight and will be ready for tomorrow night. We all left the suite, I put the keycard in my wallet. I stopped at the elevator next to Tina asking her if she was ready to pay for dinner. "I thought the money in the envelope was for me." She said lowering her head. "It is silly. I was referring to using your new American Express card." "REALLY? I can do that?" she exclaimed nearly jumping into my arms. "Well, of course, we wouldn't give you the card if we didn't think you could handle the responsibilities that came with it.

I was thinking that you would pay the bill tonight to break the card in." She kissed me. Jill smiled. Dakota smiled. The elevator doors opened. We all got in. Jill on one side of me, holding my hand. Dakota on the other side of me. When we reached the casino floor, the suite concierge met us. She directed us to the limos waiting at a separate entrance under a portiere. I asked the lady if either car had music. I explained that I had a hankering for some light jazz. She said she would make it happen as all their limos have satellite radio.

Jill and I looked at each other. We both knew instantly that would be something that we certainly could add to all our limos at a minimal cost. We all climbed into the waiting limos, drivers holding doors open for the group. I gave the driver the name of the restaurant. His reply was disheartening, "Are you sure sir?

I can get you into 3 dozen better restaurants without any notice needed." I told Jill that I was going to sit up front. I wanted to chat with the driver about business. Everyone chose a car and climbed in. I asked to sit up front. "What's your name?" I asked of the driver. "Raymond sir, but I usually go by Ray." "Ray, would it bother you if I sat up front?" "Sir, you can sit almost anywhere you choose. Except in my seat." He replied. "Well, you're safe, I'm not going to sit in your lap." We both laughed at my bad joke.

"Ray, why do you not want me to go to this restaurant? I thought I had heard good things about it." "Sir, may I speak freely?" "Of course, I wouldn't expect anything else but the truth." "Well, quite frankly, the restaurant is dirty.

The food is crappy, and they charge extremely high prices for barely edible food. They act like they are Picasso or Le Cirque, but their food is worse than any buffet on the strip." "Ray, I would like you and your counterpart, the other driver, to join my group for dinner." "Thank you, sir but, we're not allowed to mingle with the customers." Ray replied. "Do me a favor, please call your boss on your company issued cell phone." "Um, sir the cell phone is my own personal phone, but I will certainly call him." Ray said to me.

There were a few moments delay. Ray explained to his boss what I wanted. He handed the phone to me. "Hello, whom am I speaking to?" I asked getting a bit annoyed. "This is Darius, I'm the night manager of our limo fleet. Did Ray do something stupid?" "Darius, why would you ask me that?" Now I'm getting really annoyed.

"Well, he has a reputation." "A reputation for what, helping the customer, being honest, trying to go above and beyond to take care of the people paying your salary?" I've moved from annoyed to just pissed.

I heard allot of I'm sorry from Darius. When he was done trying to butt kiss me, I moved on to my real reason for the call. "Darius&hellip. Darius…will you shut up for a minute? I'm calling to ask why Ray and the other driver are not allowed to join my group for dinner at my expense?" I'm still fuming. "Um, well it's our policy that drivers and customers are not to mingle." He tried to explain. "Tell me Darius, who owns this limo company?" "Tom Jaxson." Darius replied very hesitantly.

"Tom? Not Bob Jaxson?" "No sir, Thomas Jaxson is the owner." "Ok, fair enough. I'm letting you know that your rule is ridiculous. If I, the customer want them to join us then I should get what I want&hellip. correct?" I'm still annoyed. "Yes sir" he said sheepishly. "OK then, my group is inviting both of our drivers to join us for dinner.

Don't worry, they won't have any alcohol to drink. They are professionals." I'm slowly getting less annoyed. "Yes sir." I just hung up. "Well, Ray you and your counterpart are joining my group for dinner." I said smiling because I got my way.

We arrived at the restaurant. The back of the limo went silent. I knew what everyone was thinking&hellip. 'what the hell?' and they were right. Ray parked the limo and called his counterpart, Jose.

Ray opened the door for everyone to get out of the back. A very hesitant crowd got out. No one said a word. Jill looked at me in disbelief. I walked over to her. "Hun trust me. I want to make an impression on this district manager.

This is the lowest performing restaurant in the whole brand and yet here it is in the center of Vegas." I added, "Please text the Jaxson's and ask if they know a Thomas Jaxson. Don't explain why, just put it on me if they ask." I led the group inside. I was greeted by a nice young lady named Abagail. I knew her name because she was wearing one of those plastic pin-on name tags that held dynamo label tape. "Hello Abagail. We need a table for a party of 14." I said with a smile.

"Sir, our kitchen closes in 20 minutes. I'm sorry but we cannot accommodate your party." "I'm sorry. I thought you just told me that the kitchen is still open." I asked completely intrigued. "Yes sir, I know it sounds odd, but the kitchen staff is ruled by the manager and she doesn't want any overtime. So, I'm told to apologize but not accept any further business for the night." "I see.

Is there a manager I may speak to please?" I ask. I hear whispers in my group. They are shocked. Jill is fuming now. She walks up to me and whispers in my ear, "Don't let them know who you are just yet. Don't take it out on anyone here, hold your tongue until tomorrow." I agree. "Good evening sir, my name is Dwight Willis. I'm the manager. I apologize but we are unable to accommodate your party tonight. If you call ahead, we'd be happy to make a reservation up until 9pm." Dwight said, without even asking whom I am.

"Ok, that would be fine. We'll see you next time. Have a good night." And with that I turned and walked out the door. In stunned silence, my dinner group followed. Even Roger, who is a Police officer was silent. He was in disbelief as well. We all got outside and before everyone got back into the cars, I asked if some place like Chili's would be OK.

Everyone agreed that it would be fine. I apologized to Tina for her not being able to pay for this dinner, but she could pay for the Chili's dinner.

Jill was still fuming& she was pissed. She wanted to call the district manager right now at home. I walked her off the ledge of anger. There was no misunderstanding as to why this was the worst restaurant in the brand. "Dakota, please have me call the district manager tomorrow at 8am." I said. "Yes sir." There wasn't much celebration in the back of the limo. This did not go anywhere near what I had expected. Instead, it rather deflated the night.

Ray took all of us over to Chili's. It was clean. The food was hot and tasty. Ray seemed to be just as annoyed as Jill. She was still fuming. John and Marcus were the hit of the table. Cracking jokes, being a bit immature yet having a great time. They were welcome mood changers. I ordered a round of 'El Presidente Margaritas'. Ray and Jose stuck to soda. Tina scooted over next to me on the large bench seat.

"David, did I do something wrong?" She asked. "No, why do you say that?" I asked. "Because Jill won't talk to me. I must have done something wrong." She said to me with her heart in her eyes. "Not to worry my dear. She's mad, but you have nothing to do with it." I assured her. Paula came over and plopped into my lap, causing John to laugh out loud. "Damn, how is it you get all the beautiful women?" John asked from 6 seats away.

Dakota came to my defense before I even had a chance to respond. "Well, IF you knew how to please a woman rather than just fucking them like a piece of meat you might get more kittycat." Dakota responded with a clear attitude. The whole table bust out laughing. Even Jill was laughing.

That changed her mood. It was a noticeable change. She smiled, laughed, and participated the rest of the meal. Donna came over to me and asked, "Would you and Jill mind if Roger and I bowed out of tonight's play time?

We thought we would like to try some time just for ourselves&hellip. if that's OK with you and Jill." "Of course, it is.

Everything this weekend is consensual. We'll miss you, but we certainly understand." I said to Donna who kissed me on the cheek. As the meal was coming to an end, I noticed both Dakota and Tina yawning…allot. I looked at the clock and knew it was time to head back. I asked for the bill. The waitress said someone had already paid the bill. I asked who paid?

She pointed to Tina. I was happy to see she took some initiative and got something taken care of without Jill or I having to watch over her.

I did ask the waitress if the tip was enough. She said it was very generous nearly 22%! I asked the table if everyone has had a good night and have enjoyed the trip so far. All agreed that they have had a wonderful time. I began noticing others yawning. I got everyone up and herded them like cattle to the limos. We all got in and headed back to the Palms. By the time we all arrived back at the hotel, most everyone had fallen asleep. I woke everyone in my car up.

Roger did the same in his car. We got everyone out of the limos and up to their suites. Jill asked me if I really wanted to play. She said she would if I really wanted to play, but she was exhausted and tomorrow had more playtime scheduled with the special dinner at 8pm. I told her not to worry that I'm also tired. She smiled. We got off the elevator on the penthouse floor. Jill and I went to suite asian jade kush getting fucked hard by stepdads huge dick. Roger and Donna went to suite 2.

Marcus and Ronda went to suite 3. Only Tina and Dakota followed us into our suite. John and Amy took their bags and headed over to the suite that Diane was sleeping in. CHAPTER 4 Dakota woke me up at 7:45am. We've been asleep for a whole 5 hours. I was very tired. "David, its time to get up. You wanted to make that phone call to some district manager." Dakota said to me while shaking me gently to get me out of dreamland.

After several attempts, she finally kissed me and grabbed my cock giving it a good squeeze. This, of course, woke me up. She smiled and giggled a bit. "Good Morning. You wanted me to wake you for your phone call to that district manager." "Thank You Dakota." I sat up in bed trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head before I made this phone call.

I pulled up my email on my phone. I looked up the district managers name and home phone number and cell number. I dialed the home number first. It rang&hellip.and rang…and rang…and rang&hellip.and rang. No voicemail. I hung up and dialed her cell phone. She answered right away. "Hello, this is Laura." "Good Morning Laura Hondo, this is David Greene." "Good Morning Sir. What makes you call so early on a Sunday?" "Well, I'm calling to take you up on your offer to buy me lunch." I replied.

"That's great. What restaurant do you want to go to? There's a delightful one in the Bellagio called Olive's.

They have a delightful Sunday brunch. Should I set it up for us?" She asked. "Um, no. How about we stay inside our own company. Let's try the one on Flamingo Road. How about 12 o'clock sharp. I'll meet you there.

I've heard allot of good stuff about that location. I'll see you there at noon. Bye for now." With that I hung up. "Jill, you have about an hour more to sleep if you want to have some time in the hot tub." Jill squeaked a bit and rolled over away from me.

She may have staying power but, getting her up is a different story. I heard the hot tub jets running and had to look who was already in the hot tub. Surprisingly it was Dakota, all alone and naked. She was just lounging with her head tilted back on a rolled-up towel. I decided that since I was already up and awake, I would join her in the hot tub. I walked over to the hot tub an asked her if she would like some company.

When she nodded yes, I stepped into the very hot bubbling water. The heat felt great. Dakota being naked in front of me woke my cock up. Dakota swam over to my side of the hot tub. She grabbed my throbbing cock. She gave it a couple of good strokes before climbing on my lap, impaling herself on me.

We rocked back and forth. Me, deeply inside of her womanhood. She put her arms around my neck. I could feel her feet crossing behind the small of my back. We just kept rocking back and forth.

Miakhalifa sitting on big cocks with big tits facing forward compilation

We did some moaning, but very little speaking. Dakota kissed me. Her soft lips parted to allow my tongue access to hers. We just kept the rocking movement. I did notice that at sperm swap pair of sex kittens banged with double cum load, Dakota seemed really wet but being in the brominated water dried us out and the natural moisture seemed to stop flowing. I began to see the discomfort on Dakota's face.

"Do you want to stop?" I asked. "Hell no. Let's get out." I held her hand for balance as she was getting out of the tub. As I was exiting the hot tub, she went over to a cabinet and pulled out four towels. She laid two out end to end for us to lay on. She used the third one to start drying me off.

She paid particular attention to my manhood. I picked up the other towel and began drying her off. She reached down and massaged my rock-hard cock. I gently asked, "Are you at least having a good time?" "It's fine." She replied. This was a surprise answer. "What can I do to make it better?" I cautiously asked. "Make love to me.

I've felt like a piece of meat just available for someone to fuck since we arrived here." She said with her eyes tearing up. Had I allowed this to happen to her? Why didn't she say something sooner? Did someone say something that made her feel this way? My mind was now in overdrive. "Of course, I will. I'm sorry that you aren't enjoying this trip. We planned all of this for you and Tina to enjoy. Everyone else is just add-ons. You two beautiful sexy women are why this whole weekend was planned.

Jill and I love both of you." I said in a soft voice touching her cheek lightly. "I just want to feel loved.

Not like someone's fuck toy. Please David, make love to me. Don't just have sex with me. I want the tenderness, the kissing, the cuddling, I want to feel you inside of me while I feel your hot breath on my neck. I will beg you if I need to." Dakota said softly with a couple of single tears gently falling down each cheek.

I reached out and gently caressed her cheek. I leaned into her and kissed her softly. My lips gently kissed their way over to each earlobe. I nibbled on each one, gently pulling each one with my teeth. I gently kissed my way down her neck. I knee-walked around to the back side of her kissing her neck the whole time. When I got behind her, I gently kissed the part of the neck that meets her shoulders. My hands were gently caressing her chest.

The small but pert breasts were excited. I whispered into her ear, "We love you Dakota." I softly brushed my finger tips down her ribs to her hips. I moved back around to her front. Whispering charmel fucked in her hairy pussy hg her ear again, "I'm going to make passionate love to you. I hope you know, I love you." I gently laid her back on the towel.

I kissed her passionately for several minutes. I cupped her cheeks as I kissed her. Our lips parted, and the intertwining of our tongues was like never before. I wanted to show her that she was indeed loved. I rubbed noses with her. I nibbled on her bottom lip.

This caused a slight gasp. My hands were caressing her body. I moved my kissing down to her chest. I gently licked each breast. I circled the areola. I gently tugged on her stiff little nipples. I licked the underside of her svelte chest. I moved deftly from one breast to the other, repeating the same over and over.

I heard her breathing become shallow and the pace of her inhales increased. I whispered into her ear, "Jill and I love you more than you hot chick lets colleague fuck her hung bf ever know." "Really?" She replied in a voice barely audible. Her breathing really became noticeably shallower.

Her eyes were glazing over as I kept my gentle assault on her body. I felt her soft hand touch my erect manhood. My cock was aching for a release.

She gently stroked it from kissing teens first time lesbian experience raw to tip. "Do you feel loved?" I whispered into her ear. "Yes" "Tell me" I said "David, I love you. I feel loved by you. I want you and your wife to love me. Please David, love me." She whispered into my ear. I turned her on her side. I laid behind foot and pantyhose fetish tube porn. My brother force fucked his own sister defloration was pointing up towards her ass.

I reached my arm around her waist pulling her into me. My chest touching her back. My manhood resting in the cleft of her ass cheeks. Our legs intertwined. I pressed my body against hers hugging her tighter with my arm. "Dakota, we love you. We will always love you. I want to hear you tell me that I love you." I said gently into her ear.

"David, I never euro doxies acquire nailed by the pool what love felt like until I met you and Jill. You make me feel so complete. So much a woman. You treat me like a princess. You always make me feel loved, even when we are just having playtime. I love you with all my heart and soul. Please let me feel you inside of me. Let me feel you put your manhood as deep into me as you can get.

I want you to cum in me like you did with Amy yesterday. I was so envious of her. I wanted you to put that much of your sperm into me. David, I love you. I know that you and Jill love me. I will never knowingly disappoint you. I want to be yours forever." I was completely stunned. I paused before I moved on top of her. "I know what you're asking. You want to have my baby, don't you?" "YESSSSSS" I knew deep in my heart that this is what Dakota wanted to talk to me about the other night during playtime.

I moved so that I was on top of her. I positioned my hard cock at her opening. I gently pushed into her, taking it slowly. Her pussy was filled with wetness, yet she was clamped tight around my manhood. I continued to push in further. Her breathing became shallower. Her body was responding to my love-making.

More and more moans were escaping her mouth. "Tell me you love me Dakota" "Oh, you don't even know how much I love you. I love you. I want you inside of me. I love you so much it hurts. David, I love you." While I was pushing as deep into her as I could, I gently grasped her ankles and put them over my shoulders.

This allowed me to penetrate her even deeper. The head of my cock was now past her cervix into her womb. I pushed deeply with long slow deep thrusts. I leaned down into her, nearly folding her in half. I kissed her and whispered into her ear, "I do love you Dakota. I'm going to cum into you.

I'm going to plant my baby deep into your womb. I want you to know that I will always love you." And with that my balls tightened up. My cock thickened up. Dakota felt me grow inside of her. She gasped as I shot my baby seed deeper into her than I have ever before. I was making her gasp and moan. Her breathing was almost non-existent. Suddenly, I felt another set of hands on me. It was Jill. "Oh, my gawd, you both look so beautiful together.

David, did you tell her that I love her too?" "Yes, my dear, I told our darling Dakota that both of us love her. And she loves us back just as much." "David, my love, did she tell you that she asked me permission for you to make a baby with her?" "No, she didn't have to. I figured it out.

I love her. I know you love her. We both love her together. I have put my first bit of my baby seed as deep in her as I can get. I did tell her that I love her while I was cumming. Does that excite you my dear Jill?" "Oh, it does David.

I've been watching you and our little Dakota for over an hour of you two making passionate love. You and Dakota will make a beautiful baby.

I want this for both of you and for us. We will all be together raising our babies as one family." My mind was spinning. I was truly in love with two women equally. Jill as my wife and my lover. Dakota as my lover and maybe my baby's Mother. "David, will you fuck me as well as you did Dakota? I want to feel you as deep in me as she did." Dakota in a whisper barely audible, "David, please make passionate love to Jill. Make her feel as loved as you have made me feel this morning." I gently rolled off Dakota.

Jill began to kiss me passionately. I felt her hands begin to play with my cock trying to revive it back from the baby-making with Dakota. I could see the wanton lust in Jill's eyes. She had a look of a predator eyeing her prey. I didn't mind being her prey. Once she made my cock stand up, she pounced. She impaled herself on me in one move.

My cock was tickling her cervix. As much as I wanted to make the same mad passionate love to Jill, she wasn't having it. She had a thirst for lust. She was grinding her womanhood on me with strong powerful strokes. I could feel her pelvis bone mash hard against my own pelvis. Jill leaned into me and kissed me. When she broke the kiss, she bit my lip drawing some blood.

She sucked on my bloody bottom lip for a couple of moments. She kept grinding on me with a force that I have never ever felt before. My cock was being ravaged by her womanhood and I was enjoying all of it. Jill let out a long deep guttural moan, "OOOOOHHHH FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK".

We continued like that for several minutes more. Jill had the longest orgasm that I have ever been witness. When Jill was too tired to continue, my entire mid-section was literally dripping with our mixture of her woman juice and my sperm. I felt as if I shot as much of my seed into her as I did with Dakota. When Jill finally laid down on my chest, Dakota came back over to us and kissed us both as passionately as she could.

I kissed Jill. I kissed Dakota. Jill kissed Dakota. We had become one family. I began to dose off when Dakota reminded me that I had a noon appointment with the district manager lady. CHAPTER 5 On the drive to meet the district manager, the three of us discussed what we all witnessed last night.

Jill was still fuming to herself, albeit Dakota and I knew it as well. The district manager, Laura Hondo arrived about 5 minutes late, She was all smiles.

Jill was really fuming at this point. "Hello Ms. Hondo. Glad you could make it." I said trying to cut off Jill from launching into a rail. "I know, traffic was difficult.

However, I did make it here." Ms. Hondo spoke as if she was not prepared for usual Sunday traffic. "Ms. Amazing hardcore session featuring busty noelle brunette and big tits, how many restaurants do you oversee for Jaxson, Inc.?" I asked even though I already knew the answer.

"Um, about 7 or 8." "About 7 or 8? I'm confused, how do you not know how many restaurants you oversee?" I asked now being curious to her answer. "Well, you see, the home office keeps rearranging the districts.

Two years ago, I oversaw 6 restaurants. Then last year they added 2 more but took one back at the end of the year. So, um&hellip. let's see&hellip. seven&hellip. seven restaurants. Why do you ask?" "Well, your answer concerns me. We pay you top money to oversee our restaurants and you don't seem to know how many you oversee.

I just can't fathom that type of lazy mentality." Now, I am getting pretty ticked off by her blaze of her job. "OK, let's not get off track. Did you know that I was here last night?" "No, I didn't. No one ever called me. That's what they are supposed to do." She replied obviously trying to figure out whom to blame.

"Is Dwight Willis here today? I spoke to him." I replied. "You did? I'm going to have to take him out to the woodshed for not telling me you were here." Ms. Hondo replied. "Ok, but is he here?" "Yes, he arrived nasty lesbos fill up their massive butts with milk and squirt it out before you did, I think." She replied.

"Could we speak to him please?" Ms. Hondo got up and left the table to head into the kitchen. A few minutes passed before she came back out with Mr. Willis. "Mr. Willis have a seat please." I directed. Dwight Willis looked tired.

He pulled out his chair and plunked down. "Mr. Willis do you remember me?" "No, not really. Should I?" My wife is now seething. She finally can't hold back any longer. "You were managing last night, right? You don't have a twin?" Jill asked with an amount of venom in her tone. "Oh, yeah, now I remember you were the party that I had to ask to come back another night since we were closing." Mr.

Willis said very matter of fact. "But you weren't closed. You even said so yourself that you'd close in about 20 minutes. So why were we turned away?" I said getting even more annoyed. "Sir, as I told you last night, we stop taking customers an hour before we close to help the kitchen. You just came at the wrong time, that's all." He responded as if he was doing his job. "Mr.

Willis, Ms. Hondo what business are we in?" I asked knowing bella reese enjoys masturbating before the cam video they wouldn't be able to answer the question properly if I put it on a cue card.

Mr. Willis spoke first, "To make money." Followed by Ms. Hondo, "To run a restaurant." I was counting to ten before speaking as they couldn't be any further from the proper answer. "Dakota, what business do you think we are in?" "To serve the customer, which in turns makes the restaurant money, which in turn makes the company money." Dakota said.

"She got it in one." I said to them. "Huh? You asked some little girl what business we're in. This is a waste of time. I've got to help the kitchen prepare for tonight. Excuse me." Mr. Willis began to get up from the table. "You should probably sit back down or……hand me your keys." I said thinking 'thank you for making this easy'.

Touch on the train xnxx reached into his pocket and tossed his keys on the table and walked out the front door. "Fuck this place and fuck you. You know nothing about how to run a restaurant&hellip.

you'll see. It's not so easy when you have to do the daily grind." Willis yelled at me as her left the building. "Ms. Hondo, anything to say?" I said wondering if it would be a clean sweep of inept management. "I can't believe how rude you were to him. He works hard, and you insult him. Maybe I should call your boss. Give me his name." Ms. Hondo demanded. She went on to say, "I know your type.

Trying to make some sort of name for yourself by intimidating those who do all the hard work. You won't give me your boss' name because you're scared." Ms. Hondo barked. Jill was already dialing before I even turned my head. "Hi, yeah, its Jill.

I have someone who is demanding to speak to you. May I put her on? Yes Ma'am. Her name is Ms. Hondo. Hold on, I'll hand her the phone." Jill said into the phone. "Who am I talking to?" Have yourself a merry cock santa fucked at christmas eve. Hondo demanded. Silence. Ms. Hondo didn't say a word after that. She turned the phone off. Set the phone down.

She knew she was beat. Dakota was grinning from ear to ear. "Um, Mr. Greene I didn't know who you were. I'm not sure who you are (pointing to Jill). But Mrs. Jaxson said that I'm supposed to shut up and listen or take a hike." Ms. Hondo said. "She actually said 'take a hike?" I asked. "Yes" "Ok, lets start over. Hello Ms. Sexy amateur brunette chick with big tits gets fucked by a huge cock. My name is David Green.

I'm the new Director of Operations for all the brands of Jaxson Inc. This beautiful lady that handed you big jugs have been created for sex hardcore and blowjob phone is Jill, my lovely and beautiful wife.

She is the new Director of Financial affairs in all of our brands." She just sat there stunned. She didn't know what to say. "Ms. Hondo lets sort this out.

First, we will be closing for the balance of the week. We will reopen this unit next Thursday. Any problems so far with the plan so far?" "No sir." "Step two: We are to clean this restaurant from top to bottom. We'll steam clean all the carpets and drapes to remove the old fryer smell.

Any problem with step two?" "No sir." "Step three: We are to hire two chefs from the local Vo-tech school. We will also hire at least 5 more kitchen staff and double the number of waiters. We will also hire at least three more hostesses. Any problem with step three?" "No sir." "Step bubble butt blondie whore pussy banged by huge hard dick You will send me a daily email telling me how many customers we had.

How much sales went up versus last week, last month, and last year. You will also email me the number of reservations for the next business day. Any problems with step four?" "No sir." "For now, that's all. I would like to see the kitchen and meet your chef." I still love being in a restaurant. However, this one is taking on water and needs bigger buckets to help bail it out. She led me to the kitchen. Unbelievable! Quite possibly the most unorganized disgusting mess that I have witnessed in a long, long time.

It took me back to my days as the restaurant 'fixer' for the major pizza company that I worked for. The one with the bright red trapezoidal roof. I spent years as one of their top operational managers. The company would move me from one location to another across the US.

My job at each unit was an 18-month project. I would assess the unit unbeknown to the staff by becoming a customer at three different times. My choice of times usually: Friday or Saturday night (THE busiest nights of most every restaurant); then again on Sunday afternoon; and finally, a week day (often Tuesday). These three visits would give me a 360 degree look of what's really happening with the unit.

However, it wouldn't stop there. I would look at other things blond babe pussy fucking with big dick as the trash disposal, employee parking, outside lighting, handicap accessibility, and cleanliness of the bathrooms.

My thinking has always been that all the advertising in the world won't fix a customer's perception. That comes from the unit itself. I ask for a piece of paper. I begin making immediate notes about re-organizing. One issue that usually defines how well a kitchen runs has to do with grouping, items together, such as all the carryout items (containers, napkins, plastic-ware, drink cups, lids, and straws) should all be found in one location and yet, it rarely done that way.

Common sense, one would think, would make that an obvious choice, yet I have seen it numerous times things scattered all over a kitchen and even in the restaurant itself. I introduce myself and my gorgeous wife to the Chef and his sparse staff. I walk the kitchen asking him who organized the kitchen; how does he feel about the way it is organized; what would he have done different; and what plans he will have for increased business.

The Chef answered all my questions 'Politically Correct'. I would have rather him just answer in plain speak, not political speak. One question he did have was if he was going to get paid for the time the restaurant would be closed. "Of course, you will be paid as well as everyone else. However, I expect everyone, with you included, to work as a team getting this restaurant better." I told him.

In front of the Chef, I said to Ms. Hondo, "I would like everyone to be paid for a full 40-hour week, even if they usually work less than 40. I want this group to become a team." "Yes, sir." I saw Jill speaking to a couple of servers that had arrived ready to work, only to find out that the restaurant would be closed until Thursday.

I could tell by their faces that they were unsure if this was a good move, or if this was the beginning of the end for the restaurant. "Ms. Hondo, lets finish our discussion outside before Jill and I leave you and your team to get to work." "Yes, sir." Jill thanked the servers for their hard work.

One of the female servers hugged Dani lane gets fucked in her bed before she followed Ms. Hondo and I outside. "Ms. Hondo, I want you to start interviewing a couple of assistant managers from your other units for promotion to this restaurant's General Manager position. What concerns me is that this unit ranks at the bottom of the entire chain in several categories such as: profits, sales, turnover, and several other measurements.

You get a P&L statement each period and yet your actions lead me to believe that you may be over your head being a district manager. I hope you prove me wrong, but you are now on our radar and we will be keeping an eye on your teams." Jill followed up with, "Ms.

Hondo, what we are asking is very doable. We are not putting a target on your back. Instead we are trying to give you the tools necessary to change this and every other poorly performing restaurant the opportunity to be great again." We both thanked her for her time and headed back to the car.

CHAPTER 6 On the drive back to the hotel, the Jill's phone rang. It was Donna wanting to know if there were any plans for today or if the day would be open until dinner tonight. Jill explained that the day is perfectly open for whatever they wanted to do.

Donna apparently made some sort of mention about staying in bed with Roger until dinner time. "David, I think we should probably see if anyone else wants to just have some free-time. Donna and Roger want to stay in bed until dinner tonight." Jill said.

Dakota chimed in, "That sound like a great day. Can we do that too?" I just smiled. Jill smiled. Dakota seemed very excited at the possibility of spending the afternoon having sex. To be honest, I did also. "Dakota, call everyone and see what they want to do.

Do they want to go to Hoover Dam or have the day to do whatever they want?" Jill piped up, "David, that's not what we had planned." "I know. I phrased it that way to open the afternoon up for all of us." Dakota's fingers could not dial her phone fast enough. As we approached the Palms hotel, only John and Diane had indicated that they would still be interested in going to Hoover Dam. I looked at Jill and shrugged my shoulders indicating I didn't know what to do. "Why don't you and Dakota and whomever else have an afternoon of playing and I'll take John and Diane down to the dam." Jill suggested.

"You don't want to play?" I asked. "No, not really. I feel a bit nauseated today. Probably from partying too much lately." "Are you sure? I'll go with you if you would like." I offered. "No darling, I want you to continue with Dakota, which I'm sure she's happy about the possibility of spending play time with you." "Ok.

But, if you change your mind before you leave, let me know." I said. When we arrived at the hotel, we saw Marcus and Ronda kissing while waiting at the cab stand. "Where are you two going?" Jill asked smiling. "We thought since the afternoon is available, we would head to the old downtown and check it out." Ronda answered. "Well, David and Dakota are heading upstairs and I'm taking John and Diane to the Hoover Dam, care to tag along?" They looked at each other and shrugged saying, "OK, sure." "Ronda don't change your plans because of me.

If you want to head to the downtown, then go do that." Marcus then answered, "No, we just wanted to go see something. We've never been daddy forced daughter dont talk mommy before and we don't really know if or when we might make it back." I headed inside with Dakota.

Ronda leaned into Jill and thanked her for introducing her to Marcus. She explained that it was Diane's doing. Marcus said that he would have to thank her later. As I rode the elevator to the suite floor, I could feel Dakota's anticipation. I tried hard to not look at her.

I was a bit concerned that if I looked at her, she would leap right into me. I kept facing the elevator doors. When they opened, the two gay boys were standing there holding hands. I invited them to join us in the master suite. They declined saying that they wanted to spend some of the money on souvenirs for friends and family. They thanked me for including them on the trip. I commented that they need to thank Diane, it was her doing.

Dakota took her card key and started with suite 2 checking if anyone wanted to come play in suite #1. She moved on to suite 3 asking the same. By the time I was sitting relaxed in the suite with a drink poured thinking about eating a small something to hold me through until dinner. Jill texted me. She reminded me that the Vegas Limo company was ripe for the taking.

Dakota arrived back to the suite with Roger/Donna, Paula, Tina, and Amy. I got up and welcomed them all. I suggested that we order some room service as I was sure there was more than just me being hungry. I responded: "Will do. Dakota rounded up the available gang.

Tina, Roger and Donna, Paula and Amy. All others bowed out." I began a text to Bob and Melanie: "Tom Jaxson has a limo company in Vegas. Company is doing ok, might be a good addition to our company if he is willing to sell at a reasonable price. Vegas uses more limos and rakes in more money than any other city in the US, much like the cabs in NY." A few minutes passed before Melanie responded: "Bob is busy eating (me).

We will investigate. Great Idea! Gotta go." I responded: "Enjoy!" Roger was already naked on a bed with Paula and Amy working hard on a double blowjob with Tina riding his face.

I sat there just watching, admiring really. Donna came over to me asking what I wanted her to do. "Anything you want." I responded. "ANYTHING?" she asked. "Yeah, anything. What would you like to do?" "I have a fantasy. I would like two big strong men just take me. Make me be their slut. Double penetrate me. Treat me like a whore." "Um, does Roger know?" I asked as carefully as I could. "He does. We discussed it last night. He's OK with it if you are. If you're not, then his second option was to get John to join us, but I don't see him here." Donna replied.

"I think he's trying to develop a relationship with Diane. My wife is taking them along with Marcus and Ronda down to Hoover Dam. Jill wasn't feeling all that well. Sunny prone xxx full story bowed out of playing to take them all by limo down there.

The two gay boys are downstairs shopping for souvenirs. They may or may not get back here much before dinner reservations tonight." I added, "You know, if you interrupt Roger right now, three other ladies might be a bit disappointed." "Well, they can use me too. Like I said I want to be treated like a slut&hellip.

just not physical hurt. I think that both you and Roger would keep things fun, sexy, even risqué but not allow any real harm come to me." She responded. "Your fantasy. How about a new name for you? How does Desiree sound? And just to make sure we push your boundaries but not hurt you, how about a safe word of Atlanta. If you call or say that word, all will stop. Ok Desiree?" "Absolutely!" "Hey Roger, have you met our newest slut, Desiree?" Roger had to refocus as he was the meat in a three-woman sandwich.

"That's fucking awesome! Ladies, if you would go over to our new slut and strip her down for David and me." Desiree stood up with her hands at her side not moving until Tina, Paula, and Amy came over to her. Each one circled her like sharks surrounding a swimmer. Tina was the first one to take a bite. She kissed her, hard. Amy, a bit hesitant, started to slowly unbutton her Desiree's blouse. Paula moved Amy's hand away and just grabbed the blouse with both hands pulling the pieces with such force that the buttons flew off the cute blouse.

Roger was standing a couple of feet away, his cock sticking straight out. I ticket busty japanese momoka fucked outdoors uncensored jav up and announced to everyone, "Her safe word is ATLANTA, if she says that word all play STOPS!

Otherwise, she is ours until dinner." I could see the thinking that Dakota and Tina were doing. Each one had a devilish smile pasted on their face. Briefly I thought about Dakota being the personal sex assistant to Bob and Melanie. What had she seen…or done? I'm sure she has some tales to tell. However, it was Tina that worried me.

Here she is being part of this whole thing when not so very long ago she was brutalized. Would that surface today? The emotions, the rage, the pain. I rationalized in my head at least that with both Roger and I she should be ok. Desiree's blouse had been ripped open, buttons had went flying. They were scattered on the floor. Tina moved from Desiree's lips to her dance asian 02 tube porn. She bit down hard, leaving a teenage mark on her neck……a hickey.

I heard her whisper in her ear, "Something to remember us." I thought to myself, 'this is HOT'. Roger stepped behind her saying, "Bend over slut." Desiree did as told. Roger pushed his cock into her wet pussy with no foreplay.

Afterall, a slut doesn't get 'warmed up' before sex she gets used. Amy began taking the slacks down on Desiree. She pulled them down roughly, but not so rough to destroy the pants. I sat down in front of Desiree.

"Suck my cock slut" I ordered. She hesitated. Dakota whispered into her ear something. Desiree responded, "No Ma'am. I will be a good slut. Please don't punish me." Roger was really enjoying fucking Desiree. He had his hands firmly on her hips pumping his manhood into her. He was not slow and rhythmic, it was just good old-fashioned hard sex. Tina was caressing Roger's back whispering encouragement in Roger's ear&hellip. not that he needed any.

I am sure that he was really turned on by the power he possessed over Desiree. Desiree opened her mouth. I did not wait until she put her lips around my cock, instead I pushed my manhood into her open face-hole. As my hips allowed me access to her throat, she gagged a couple of times. Snot, spit, and her eyes tearing up gave the indications that we had achieved what she fantasized about.

I saw Amy sitting quietly on a bed. She was naked, but not participating. I was curious as to why. I summoned her to me by the 'come here' hand signal. She got up and padded over to me. "Why aren't you participating?" "There's nothing for me to do.

I thought we were all going to have fun, you know, sex." Amy said. "Desiree, stop sucking my cock." She did as told. I gently grasped Amy's hand, led her over to my lap and asked her to sit on my hard and very wet cock. She smiled, impaling herself on my lap. It took her a moment to direct my cock into her wet pussy. Dakota leaned into me saying, "No one but you, gets to fuck me. I thought you would like to know." I smiled. I really hadn't thought that far ahead, but obviously she had.

I directed Desiree to lick Amy's pussy as I fucked her. Desiree lowered her head again trying desperately to put her tongue on Amy and my coupling. Amy leaned back into me. I reached around and began to tweak her nipples, causing a moan.

Dakota reached under Desiree to begin rubbing her clit. Roger said he could feel Dakota's hand rubbing against his cock as he fucked Desiree. Desiree was now moaning like the good little slut she had become. With each thrust from Roger, it pushed Desiree's face into Amy's pussy that was full of my hard cock. I looked at Desiree's face.

She was in a state of pure ecstasy. Her eyes were glazed over. There was a knock at the door. CHAPTER 7 "Room Service" was announced from the other side of the door. Tina walked over to the door. A tall college-aged guy in a hotel uniform was standing there with a tray of hood rat blowjob xxx no money no problem. Tina asked him to come in and put the tray down on the dining table.

Roger, Dakota, Amy and I kept on doing what we were already doing. Paula asked, "Would you mind if I tipped the room service guy?" Really it was a rhetorical question. Paula began unbuckling his uniform pants and dropped to her knees.

He was already getting hard as she pulled down his boxers. I looked over at him. His eyes were bulging out of his face watching this attractive woman begin to fellate him.

He mumbled something, but it just seemed to be incoherent. Paula pushed him back towards the table. She didn't want him to get wobbly-legged and the table would give him something to hold on to. I heard Amy moaning as Desiree's tongue was achieving its desired effect.

Amy had small orgasms one after another. I felt her wet pussy continue to clamp down on my invader. I continued to caress and tweak her nipples. They were hard and pointed straight out from her pudgy body. I spoke into her ear, "Is this more what you were expecting?" "Oh Gawd, yes!" she said breathlessly. I heard the room-service guy announce his explosion into Paula's mouth. Much to my surprise, I saw Paula spit it out onto the floor. The guy pulled his boxers and pants up. Reassembled himself and told us that the meal would be on the bill and he left.

I thought to myself, what was he here 5 minutes…maybe? "Paula, that's the first time I've seen you spit." "He was nasty, she joked. Not like you or Roger. You two are tasty." Roger was nearing that time. He was still pounding Desiree's pussy. She was moaning into Amy's pussy. Amy in turn was having wave after wave of orgasm while riding my cock. Dakota still was rubbing Desiree's clit. I could see her arm moving with force and fury. Desiree's clit must be so sensitive at this point I thought.

Tina walked back over to us and leaned into Amy kissing her. Amy was on the brink of the big-O, her breathing was getting shallower and her whole body kept tensing up. However, it was Roger that came first "Take that my slut. Here I cummmmmmmmm" and with that Roger's eyes glazed over as he made one deep last thrust, pushing Desiree's face hard against our coupling.

Tina was still kissing Amy. Tina kissed down her face into her neck. I whispered into Amy's ear, "Would you like Tina to mark you like she did with Desiree?" "Oh yes, please" "Tina, she would like you to put a mark on her neck as well." I said.

Tina obliged by putting a rather large hickey on Amy's neck. Amy moaned through the whole process. Roger removed himself from Desiree. Tina scrambled over to Roger putting her own mouth on his deflating cock licking off all the juices that remained. She licked him and sucked all his man juice and Desiree's cum off his cock. "FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" was all that Amy could muster to say. Desiree was lapping at Amy's pussy trying to lick up any escaping love juice.

As Amy's breathing returned to normal. I pushed her off me. She just sat on the floor. I grabbed Desiree's hair directing her to lick my cum out of Amy. Desiree responded immediately. She got down on the floor with her head and nose buried into Amy's well fucked pussy.

Paula was just standing around naked not doing anything or anyone. I summoned her over to me. "I think it's your turn for a good fucking. Someone needs to thank you for tipping the room service guy." I said to her smiling.

I stood up. I walked her over to the bed. I bent her over the bed. I held her hips as my cock was rubbing on her pussy. She put her face into a pillow and another one under her hips to raise her cute ass even higher towards me. "Front door or back door?" I asked her. "I would love the backdoor. That hasn't been used in quite a while." She responded. At this point, Roger had decided that he needed a sandwich and a drink. Dakota got his drink.

She leaned into him kissed him on the cheek and came back to the group. Amy was enjoying the tongue lashing she was getting from Desiree. Paula was moaning loudly as my cock was invading her ass. Tina went over and sat down with Roger. She picked up a sandwich and began eating as well. Dakota whispered into my ear, "Save some for me Daddy." That made me smile. Paula was on the verge of a big orgasm. I just kept pounding her. I wasn't quite to Sasha-mode yet, but I was getting close.

"OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK&hellip. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!" She said loudly even with her face into a pillow. I called Desiree over, "When you're done fooling around with Amy, Paula needs to be cleaned out with your tongue." "Yes sir." She stopped licking Amy, who was right on the verge of a big orgasm.

Dakota figured that out and dove in face first into her abused pussy. Dakota licked her until she reached her crescendo. "FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK MMMMMEEEEE!" She exclaimed. Dakota got up and grabbed my dick. She licked up and down the shaft.

She licked my balls, making them clean again. Her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. Her hand began stroking my cock using the wetness from her mouth as lubricant. I gently grasped her head and began fucking her sexy mouth. Her breathing was inhibited by my hard cock in her mouth and throat. She kept swallowing me trying to get gulps of air. I thrust faster, but not harder. As quickly as we started, she withdrew me from her mouth. Looking into her eyes, I knew what she wanted from me.

I scooped her up and laid her down in the center of the bed. I crawled up between her legs and positioned my manhood at the opening to her sex. She pulled her knees up to her face and held them there.

I pushed my throbbing cock into her. I kept pushing as deep as I could get. I felt her cervix once again. I kept my fucking in and out, as gently and as lovingly as I could without being too obvious to everyone else.

Desiree climbed into the bed with us. "What are you doing here slut?" Dakota barked. "I'm sorry Ma'am." Climbing off our bed. She padded over to Roger and began sucking him while he was finishing his lunch. Tina left the food and headed to her backpack. She returned with a very large dildo. It was bright orange. Looked to be about 12-14" long and as thick as a soda can.

She also had a tube of lube in her other hand. Tina opened the lube and smeared it on the latex invader. She also smeared a self shot milf carre seduced by classmate on Desiree's well used pussy. Tina raised Desiree's hips.

Marina angel will only get a ride for rope bondage deepthroat bj ro

She slowly but forcefully pushed the phallic invader into Desiree. She pushed in, pulled it out. Pushed it in again, pulled it out again. Tina was working her pussy with force pushing the dildo all the way into Desiree.

Desiree let out a large groan. "OOOHHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK THAT IS SOOOOOOO BBBBBIIIIIIGGGGG!!!!" Roger was now smiling as he was the recipient of Tina's hard work. Desiree was deepthroating all of Rogers male invader. I got up and walked over to Desiree. "It's time for some DP." I said to Roger. He smiled his big smile. "Do you want on top or below?" He asked.

"I'll take below, but I want her pussy." I said to him. I slid underneath Desiree. She lowered her pussy impaling herself in one move. Roger moved around behind her. He took a dab of lube off her, smeared it on his cock and began pushing it against her anal entrance. I could feel his erect manhood slide past my cock as it began its journey into her ass cavity.

When he reached his maximum depth, her began a furious in and out motion. With each thrust in, my cock was withdrawing thus creating more friction. The sensors in my cock felt this. I had never felt this kind of pleasure while doing a DP. Maybe that is the answer, don't thrust in together, be going in different directions, more friction equals more pleasure. Desiree was breathing very short and stuttered.

Her eyes were rolling back into her head. I could see her arms were wobbly, struggling to hold her weight. And, once again it happened. She collapsed on top of me. No breathing, no movement, no response to her name. Tina scrambled over and gave her cheek a strong stinging slap. "Whack" the sound resonated throughout the suite.

Whomever was not focus on Roger, Desiree, and me was now. Paula, Dakota, Tina all smiled. In fact, Dakota chuckled. "What the fuck did you slap me for?" Desiree said with a tone. Tina replied, "Welcome to the club" "Huh?" "David fucked you unconscious. Welcome to the club. You are girl #7 but episode number 10." Tina explained.

Roger asked, "Do I at least get partial credit? I did help." He was smiling his big cheesy smile. Dakota chimed in, "Ok then we'll give you full credit. There, you have your first.

But you have a way to go to catch David." Desiree realized what Tina told her was correct. She realized it when she found that she had to pick herself back up holding herself by her arms/hands.

I smiled, pulling her back down to kiss her and whisper in her ear, "Are we fulfilling your fantasy, Donna? "Oh, my gawd, yes!" She began grinding her hips on my still hard cock nestled deep inside of her wet pussy. Roger had slid out of her and moved over to Paula and Tina. He had Tina on her back with the legs spread wide.

Paula was face first into Roger's ass crack. She was licking furiously. I could hear Roger moaning. I pulled Desiree to me and rolled her over onto her back. I kissed her deeply. Our tongues fighting furiously. She ground her pelvis hard into me. I kept thrusting deeper into her. "Maybe you and Roger, or just you could come play with Jill and I one evening?" "Is that a real invite?" she asked "Of course, it is.

Why would you ask that?" "Well, your timing made me curious. Usually when you're having a good time playing that isn't a question you usually get during the mukta morol sex story xistoryscom. Most people wait until its over." She explained.

"Donna, I hope you know that as one ebony minx sucks on a white cock Jill's best friends, you are always welcome. With us, you don't need a special invite. Just let us know you're on the way." I reply "Donna? I thought I was Desiree?" she said smiling to me. "Desiree is the alter-ego during play." "Mmmm, I like that." She says with a mischievous smile. I could hear Tina beginning her decent into pure ecstasy. "Oh, my fucking gawd!" She exclaimed "OH, MY FUCKING GAWD!" "I'M CUMMING SOOOOOOOO HARD.

OOOOHHHHH FFFFUUUCCCKKK!" Tina said loudly and out of breath. Desiree followed, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" with her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

Dakota, tired of just watching, squatted her love hole over Desiree's face. She lowered herself down, putting her lips on mine. Desiree made several muffled moans into Dakota's wonderful pussy. Dakota let out a strong groan. Her eyes quickly became glazed over. There was a knock at the door. CHAPTER 8 Amy got up and went to the door. She cracked the door before realizing it was the two gay boys. She let them in.

Their mouths hung open. Apparently, they didn't realize what 'playtime' meant when asked earlier. The taller one dropped to his knees, pulling down the pants of the friend. He licked the flaccid penis that was right in front of him. His hand grasped the cock, lifting it to the waiting mouth.

His tongue snaked out from between his lips touching the tip that was begging to form droplets of pre-cum. His mouth fuck all of mandys holes pornstars hardcore the angry-looking hard cock.

His hands gently grasping his balls. Amy and Dakota walked over to them. Dakota knelt putting her mouth on the giver's cock. His cock was of average size and length. Dakota had no issue putting the whole thing into her mouth.

Her head began bobbing up and down on his member. Amy stood face to face with the receiving guy. She stood on her tip-toes kissing him and licking his neck. From my vantage point, the boy on his knees was really into this daisy chain of blowjobs.

The boy standing began rubbing Amy's clit causing her to moan as he kissed her. I heard Dakota say to the boy she was blowing, "I want to see you fuck him." The boy withdrew his cock from her mouth.

He stopped sucking his friend. Walking around to the back side of his friend, he began rubbing his rock-hard wet cock up and down the boy's ass crack.

He used his hands to part the cheeks of the boy. Grasping the base of his cock he pushed it forward to the anal entrance. The other boy stopped kissing Amy.

He bent over at the waist. The boy from behind began thrusting his cock into his friend in long hard strokes. There was no gentleness, only the musky smell of two male lovers enjoying each other. Dakota was now furiously working her own clit and pussy with reckless abandon. Amy stood on either side of Dakota's face and lowered herself down onto Dakota's waiting tongue.

I could hear Dakota slurping on Amy's wetness. As I kept pounding into Desiree, her pussy kept splashing my cock over and over as wave after wave of torrential orgasms washed through her body. The door lock to the suite clicked to unlock and Jill and her tourists walked in. John and Diane began getting naked immediately. Ronda and Marcus stood there at the door just smiling and holding hands. I could see Marcus ask Ronda if she wanted to play. She shrugged her shoulders and nodded yes. As they began to undress, they kept stopping to kiss.

It was clear to me that they had moved into the boyfriend/girlfriend stage. Diane was on her back on a bed. John was face down into her pussy. She was moaning and breathing erratically. Jill walked over to me and asked Donna, "Is Italian vintage porn dirty and unfaithful wives making you cum?" "Who's Donna?" Desiree asked.

Jill was lost. She saw her dear friend getting pounded by my hard cock. She replied, "Huh?" "Honey, this is Desiree. Donna's alter ego. She has fantasies that are looking to be fulfilled. Care to join in?" I said to Jill. "Absolutely! However, we only have about an hour before we need to stop and start getting ready for our dinner reservations." Jill reminded me as I had lost all track of time. "OH FUCK, DAVID YOU ARE SOOOO FUCKING GOOD. JILL CAN I BORROW HIM?" Desiree asked breathlessly.

"It looks to me my dear, that you are already borrowing him. May I join in?" Jill asked. "How may I serve you Jill. I really want to taste that delicious pussy, Please, lay in front of me so I can feast on your pussy while David fucks me into unconsciousness." Desiree replied. Jill disrobed quickly. She laid on the floor face up with her legs spread on either side of Desiree's shoulders.

Desiree lowered her head to Jill's warm wet snatch. Jill eagerly grasped Desiree's head and pulled her in tightly to her pussy. I upped my fucking of Desiree's overly wet pussy. As I surveyed the room, wanton lustful sex was occurring everywhere I looked. The two gay boys were fucking. Dakota and Amy were relieving the sexual tension each other may have. Marcus and Ronda were fucking with Ronda sitting on top of Marcus, riding him like he was a bronco stallion. John and Diane had moved over to Roger and Paula.

Roger was fucking Diane. John was thrusting his donkey-sized dick into Paula, who was writhing on the floor beneath him. Yes, I would say that Vegas was wonderful!

Here is some of my 'cabinet' having a great time with each other. I heard my phone buzz. Clearly a text message had come through. I was busy. I would check the text when we stopped to get ready for our dinner reservations. Jill came over and over. Her breathing stuttered as I watched her eyes roll into the back of her head. "OH, FUCK THIS IS WONDERFUL!" Jill said to her lover, Desiree. Finally, I felt my cock twitch. I slowed my thrust, yet I had moved past the point of no return.

"HHHHOOOLLLLLLYYY FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!" I hollered dumping all my man juice deep into Desiree. I felt my cock spurt rope after rope into my fuck partner. I thrust my pelvis as hard into her as I could. My cum blasted past her cervix into her womb. I kept thrusting, with less force than before. As my cock began to shrink, I withdrew from Desiree's cum-filled pussy. I was nice sex waits for you hardcore blowjob. We had used nearly the entire afternoon in glorious play.

Announcing to the group, "Hey, everyone&hellip. I think it's time to wrap this up. Everyone needs to get cleaned up and put on their dress clothes for what Jill and I hope will be a phenomenal meal, with all our friends. So, please, everyone wrap up whatever…or whomever you are doing.

Our dinner reservations are for 8pm. Let's all meet at the limo portiere at 7:15pm. We should have two limos to take us to dinner." "Where are we going?" Paula asked. "It's a surprise. Now, go on, those of you not still actively playing&hellip.

get your body to your suite and start getting ready!" I said with a big smile. Amy, Desiree/Donna, Paula, John, and the two gay boys all got reassembled and left the suite. Only Diane and Roger remained fucking.

Diane came with a thunderous announcement, "OOOOOHHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKKIIINNNGGG GAWD! FUCK I FEEL YOU CUMMING IN ME. YOUR COCK GOT SO BIG IN ME&hellip. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK!" Roger's eyes were glazed over as he shot rope after rope into his partner.

Diane was spasming beneath him. Her eyes were just in the back of her head; her mouth hung open; and her body shook from wave after wave of orgasm plowing through her body. As Roger regained his composure. He withdrew his deflating cock from Diane's quivering pussy.

Her labia was all red and swollen. Cum was freely flowing out of Diane. She just laid there in the warm after-glow of having her brains fucked out. I heard one of the showers start up. I looked around the room. Neither Tina nor Jill were in the playroom. Only Dakota, Roger, Diane, and I remained. Roger was putting clothes back on. Dakota was gently shaking Diane not allowing her to drift off to sleep. I heard the second shower start up.

Diane was putting her clothes back on. She walked over to Roger and kissed him, thanking him for such a great fuck. "The best she ever had" she said to him. Roger and Diane exited the suite. That left Dakota and I all alone in the playroom. "Do we have time for a quickie?" Dakota asked. "Sex or Love?" I asked. "YES" With that answer she came over to me and kissed me passionately.

Her lips still had the taste of Amy's woman juice. I put my arms around Dakota, pulling her into me tightly. Our mouths found each other with reckless abandon. She licked and sucked my nipple as I kissed her ear gently nibbling on the lobe. My cock was standing up pointing at the ceiling again.

I lifted her up by her underarms. She wrapped her slender legs around my torso. I slowly lowered her onto my waiting cock. We wiggled a bit until my cock found the opening. I let gravity take a role in this letting her lithe body slide down on my manhood.

Exquisite centerfold is showcasing her gaped soft snatch in close up stretching kittens

Using my arms and pelvis in unison, I thrust my cock into Dakota gently and lovingly. She whispered into my ear, "David, I do love you so much." I smiled and kissed her gently on the lips. This time her mouth parted, and her tongue entered my mouth to intertwine with mine. We were making love while standing next to one of the leather couches.

I knew that I wouldn't last too long, as we have spent the entire afternoon fucking, sucking, nibbling, kissing, and eating one another. I could see that Dakota was enjoying this immensely. Her verbal skills left her as she just continued to make incoherent sounds. I felt her sex grasp my cock over and over, milking me. As I began to feel the urge to shoot into her, I spun around and laid her on her back on the couch.

I grasped her ankles putting them over my shoulders putting my cock even further into her. I felt the twinge of my balls reading to dump its entire load into Dakota. I listened as Dakota was now just one long moan.

I said into Dakota's ear as I shot all of my baby making juice deep into her, "I love you Dakota. Jill loves you. We both love you." Dakota tried her best to respond, "Daaaaaaaavvvvvviiiiiddddd, I loooovvvvveee youuuuuuuuu!" As I felt her pussy grasping and milking my cock for every drop of my sperm.

As I finished cumming into Dakota, I one eyed monster in all of her holes hardcore and blowjob someone watching us. It was Jill with a big smile on her face. She walked over to me, still naked from her shower, and kissed me passionately.

After kissing me, she walked around to the front of the couch to kiss Dakota, just as passionately. I began to withdraw my withering cock from Dakota. Jill put her mouth on my manhood and licked me clean.

She scooped some of the flowing ooze from Dakota's pussy and fed it to Dakota. She licked and sucked on those fingers until every drop of our baby juice was off her fingers. Then just as a tease, Jill put her own fingers inside of herself, pulling out two glossy fingers and fed them to Dakota as well.

She licked them and sucked on them with delight. I kissed Jill. I kissed Dakota. I got up and headed for the empty bathroom. As I approached the unoccupied bathroom, Tina appeared before me asking, "Will I get another chance to play with you tonight?" "Absolutely!" as I teen beautiful bitch gets fucked hard smalltits homemade around Tina and entered the bathroom to get ready.

As I stood under the hot shower, I thought to myself: I am such a lucky guy. Jill loves me. Dakota loves me. Tina loves me. I am assembling a cabinet that seems to all get along.

Although I am the driving force behind this, I am after all, just the Chauffeur. Thank you for reading part one of 'Making it Great Again (part one)'. Please leave a comment about the story (positive or negative) so I can continue to craft my stories for as many as possible to enjoy. Thanks for your readership. PABLO DIABLO