Jovencita tetona violada en el sillon por dos tos

Jovencita tetona violada en el sillon por dos tos
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By the time Sam had finished her story I was really horny and desperate for her to carry on telling me more. "Go on tell me about more of your previous sexual exploits" I said. "Well" Sam replied, "The next proper lover I had was a mate of Bob's, it was not long after Bob and I started fucking. Bob came to me one day and asked if I would be interested in doing some babysitting for a mate of his at work.

Naturally I was always on the lookout for earning a few extra bits of money so I agreed. A couple of weeks later it was time to go babysitting and Bob said he would take me there.

Before he took me he told me to wear something sexy and revealing which I found a bit odd to go babysitting, but Bob promised me I wouldn't be disappointed and it may earn me a few extra pounds. So I slipped on a fairly sexy white blouse, which was slightly see through, together with a little tartan pleated mini skirt which I owned.

Underneath these garments hard dong acquires inside tight pussy hardcore and blowjob underwear consisted of a little frilly front fastening bra and little silky bikini style panties. Bob told me that his mate's name was Dave and his wife was Jennifer and they were both in their forties. On the way to Dave's, Bob asked me if I had wondered why he had asked me dress sexily. I told him I was slightly curious but as I needed the cash I wasn't that bothered.

He then shocked me by confessing that he had told Dave about our frequent fucking sessions and that Dave was keen to see what I looked like as Bob had spoke well of me. I was taken aback that Bob had told someone of us but then I began to get a little turned on by the thought of him and Dave discussing what a sexy little bitch I am.

I began to wonder what exactly Dave was expecting from this arrangement and I was a little apprehensive when we arrived at his house. Dave answered the door and I could see he was quite an attractive man and when he introduced me to his wife she was fairly pretty as well. Throughout the introductions I could see Dave staring at me looking me up and down and a dirty smile was now etched on his face.

Bob said goodbye and said he would see me later as Dave promised to take me home. Dave then showed me upstairs to the baby's bedroom who I was there to look after, she was a 6 month old girl called Jessica, who thankfully was asleep at the moment. Once we were inside the bedroom Dave closed the door slightly and moved closer to me. "Bob was not lying when he said how stunningly sexy you are" he said. As he did so he reached behind me and patted my arse through my skirt.

"What about your wife" I replied. "Don't worry about her, we have a very open arrangement and can both fuck other people if we like" he said. With that he led me back out of the bedroom and down to the living room and 10 minutes later he and his wife were leaving.

I settled down to watch some telly after making myself a drink and had just started to watch a film when I heard a key in the door and the front door opened. It was Dave. "Have you forgotten something" I asked. "No, I've come back to be with you. I have dropped Jenny off and she thinks I'm getting a bottle of wine and fags from the off license. With that he came over and sat next to me on the settee.

"You are beautiful" he said, and as he did so he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips very softly. He continued and I slowly responded by opening my mouth to let his tongue inside me.

His kissing became more passionate and as it did so I felt him place his hand on my thigh and move it slowly up my leg as it began to disappear under my skirt. I instinctively opened my legs to make it easier for him and also because I desperately wanted him to touch my pussy. I felt his fingers reach my panties and they slowly stroked my pussy through the silky material.

I could feel my pussy juices starting to make my panties damp and he sensed this too as he then eased a finger inside them to stroke my pussy.

I started to moan with pleasure as Dave's fingers stroked my pussy lips and then moaned louder as he slowly slipped a finger inside me. He eased his digit up me until it was in right up to his hand and he began to finger fuck me.

He then sent me over the edge of my orgasm as he slipped another finger into me and was now furiously working on my pussy with two fingers. I moaned loudly as my orgasm fresh legal age teenager knows how to make her studying time more thrilling me.

Dave slid his fingers out of me and presented them to my mouth to lick clean. I eagerly lapped at my own juices. Once clean Dave leaned back in the chair and started to undo sexy teen pussy streched taylor whyte 4 43 tube porn trousers.

He released his belt and slowly eased down the zip. I watched as he then pushed his trousers down and off. He looked at me and then down at his boxer shorts and said to me "O.K. help yourself, I'm sure you know what to do" I did not need to be asked twice and leant forward to start to stroke his cock through his pants. I could feel it getting harder in my hands and I was now really keen to get a look at it and more importantly get it inside my mouth and eventually my pussy.

I slipped my hand into the waistband of his shorts and took a firm hold of his cock and then pulled it out over the top of his pants. The tip of it was slightly wet as a little bit of pre come has found its way out.

I started to wank his cock gently as Dave relaxed into the settee. I lowered my head and gently licked the tip of his cock with my tongue. He looked at me and smiled. My mouth let more of his member into it until it was nearly all inside me and I was sucking and licking for all I was worth. I was becoming a bit of an expert at this with the regular sessions me and Bob were having and I was beginning to develop a real taste for cock and loved having one inside my mouth.

My sucking was having the desired effect on Dave as he was moaning nicely now and I thought he was going to come in my mouth. But he had enough restraint to push my head away as he said "No, I don't wanna come, we haven't fucked yet" Dave then instructed me to stand in front of him and slowly strip for him.

So I stood up and began to undo the buttons on my blouse. Once undone I eased my arms out and threw my blouse onto the floor. I turned around so he could see me slowly unzip my skirt. Once free I let it fall to the floor. I was about to turn back around when he said "Stop, wait there" He then lent forward and grabbed my arse cheeks in both hands and started to massage them and squeeze them firmly. It felt wonderful and I wanted him to carry on but he had other ideas.

He held my waist and five girls one boy brazzers me around to face him. He then reached up and started to squeeze my tits through my flimsy bra. I felt him pinch my nipples firmly and then he unclasped my bra and released my tits from their silky home.

My bra dropped to the floor and he then resumed his massaging of my breasts and this time when he pinched my nipples it hurt a little and I let out a slight yelp. He smiled at me as I did so and then turned his attention back to my pussy. He put his thumbs into the waistband of my panties and slowly eased them down revealing my pussy.

I stepped out of my knickers to leave me stood in front of him completely naked.

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Dave grabbed my arse and pulled me towards him. My pussy was directly in front of his face now and this invitation was too much for him to resist.

He leant forward and I felt him touch the edge of my pussy with his tongue. He slowly licked my lips and I parted my thighs to allow him to get closer in the hope that he would ease his tongue up me. I was not to be disappointed as the next moment his tongue had found its way inside my pussy and was licking inside me. I automatically bent my knees as if I was fucking his tongue as it probed deeper into me. Once again I was on the verge of coming and grabbed the back exposed beauteous gal craves to fuck right now hardcore blowjob his head to push him deeper into me.

Dave sensed this and his licking and probing became more frantic until finally I let out a cry of pleasure and my second orgasm of the evening hit me. Dave pulled back, smiled at me and said "I think you're ready for a fucking now, don't you" I nodded urgently because by now I would have agreed to anything I just wanted to get some cock inside my cunt.

Dave then pushed me back and instructed me to lie on the floor. I was grateful to be on my back as I think my legs were about to give way after the orgasms I had experienced. Once on the floor Dave wasted no time kneeling between my legs. He started to stroke my pussy to see how wet I was but need not have bothered as I was flowing like a river between my legs and was well and truly ready for him to shove his cock inside me.

He then took hold of his dick in his hand and began to rub it to get it back to its firmness it had been before. Once stiff he lowered himself on top of me and I then felt him edge his cock into the entrance of my pussy. He slowly eased his first couple of inches into me and then once it was secure he was a little rougher as he shoved the remainder up me almost knocking the wind from me. As he was mature domination gina valentina is one sugarysweet teen dish and shes no stranger to full inside me he began to pound into me really giving me a firm fucking, but thankfully one I was used to as Bob too had also been known to fuck me roughly which I really did enjoy especially if I was soaking wet as I was in this instance.

Dave's grunting became more frantic as his speed increased and I was beginning to get friction burns on my arse from the firm fucking I was receiving. I was then surprised as Dave withdrew his cock from me and I was more than a little upset, but thankfully he had not finished, he merely wanted to alter position and instructed me to get on all fours so he could fuck me from behind.

I turned over and presented my pussy back to him and I cried with pleasure as he slammed his cock back into me. He firmly held onto my hips as he pulled me back to meet his thrusts forward and this had the effect of pushing his cock deeper into me.

After a few frantic moments of shagging Dave stopped, whipped out his cock, and sprayed his come all over my arse cheeks and up my back. We then collapsed in a heap onto the floor. After a few minutes Dave got dressed and left to rejoin his wife. I then cleaned my self up and resumed watching the television wondering what would happen when Dave drove me home later that night and also what I would tell Bob.

As Dave drove me home later that night I didn't think he was going to mention it at first but he then pulled the car into a back lane and stopped. "Did you enjoy the session we had earlier" he asked. "Yes" I replied. "Will there be an opportunity for more in the future" I enquired. "Definitely, and on that subject my brother is looking for a babysitter, are you interested" he asked me.

"Yes I certainly would be, especially if it was busty anissa kate prefers huge black cock to be babysitting like this evening" I said.

My new foreign step brother

He then restarted the car and drove me home. When I got home Bob was waiting for me as Mom had not yet returned from work. He then made me tell him in exact detail what had happened and as I did so he sat there with his cock in his hand wanking it.

As I was relating the story I found that I too was also getting horny and so crawled over to Bob and began to wank his cock for him. As the story got more intense so my hand worked faster on Bob's cock and as it neared orgasm I quickly inserted it into my mouth and allowed his come to shoot down the back of my throat.

I then went to bed and slept very soundly but before nodding off I fingered myself to another orgasm on the memories of the evening's events.