Lovesome teenie is geeting peed on and splatters wet muff

Lovesome teenie is geeting peed on and splatters wet muff
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As I woke on the sunny Sunday morning I look down and there laying in my arms is my beautiful naked daughter Makayla. I run my hand through her hair pushing it behind her ear showing her perfect face. Her luscious lips. Remember last night as they slid up an down my hard clock. The feeling of her tongue pressed up against the head of my cock as she pushed it down her tiny throat until she was gagging. Oh boy did my girl know how to suck cock good.

Thinking about it I was hard as a rock again. I knew there was only one thing to do. I pulled my arm out from under her trying not to wake her yet. I then kissed her mouth so softly she would not wake up, kissing down her neck, then chest, stopping at her perfect little tits sucking her nipples.

Looking up she started to wake. "Daddy" she said in a soft sleepy voice. "It's ok baby let daddy have his fun" I said knowing I had to fuck her again. Nothing could satisfy me like fucking her tight pussy. Slowly sliding my finger inside I could feel her getting wet but knew I needed some more before putting my hard cock inside.

I teased her clit with my tongue as she thrusted her hips tasting her sweet pussy juices and licking them up just made me want to stick my cock in and fuck her as hard as I could.

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" we don't have much time hunny I have to pick Anna up soon. So I'm going to fuck you hard and fast. Tell daddy if it hurts" i explained whilst still licking her sweet small pussy.

" that's ok daddy." With that response I got up, pulled her closer and inserted just the head of my cock inside her pink tiny pussy. In and out slowly getting quicker and pushing more of my shaft inside her. Getting carried away I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pounded her as hard as I could!

I knew it was hurting a little however I couldn't stop myself. She was moaning in pleasure but also pain. This turned me on more. I grabbed the back of her hair still fucking hard pulling it. As soon as I did her pussy tightened. It was like the pain was pleasure for her.

Bihar village randi fucked by group of boys knew I was gonna cum. I could feel it building up. Where the fuck do I cum. I don't wanna pull out but could she get pregnant.

What do I do!? Oh fuck oh fuck I'm cumming " baby daddy's cumming in you" oh fuckk. Oh fuck. I did it. I couldn't stop myself and I didn't wanna have to pull out ever again!

I was going to have to get this girl on the pill. "Let's shower baby. Then pick Anna up". We pulled up to the house and young Anna came running out. I couldn't help but notice she was forming a good set of tits.

She got that from her mother for sure. Was I only noticing this now I had been fucking her sister.

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Must have been. " hey daddy." Anna said. " how was your party chicken?" I asked as she jumped into the back seat. Spreading her legs as she jumped in exposing her tiny pink panties. " good daddy I had fun" she said. We talked all the way home about the girls night and the movies they watched.

The whole time all I could do was think she's next. I have to fuck her but I needed to run this by Makayla I needed her to be ok with it to work I needed her to talk her into it. That night I had talked to Makayla and explained how she needed to get Anna in on our secret and she had to make sure Anna knew nobody could know. Not now not ever or daddy could go away for a long time and mummy would have to quit her job and mummy would hate her.

She agreed and said and would talk to Anna after dinner! I tucked the girls into bed that night and headed for bed myself. I was drained from my weekend activities. I slowly drifted away into a light sleep.

Day dreaming about how I could fuck both my girls at the same time! How I could take my young daughters virginity. A few hours later I woke up to a soft voice " daddy can I sleep with you.

I'm scared". It was Anna. My heart started racing. Could I really be this lucky. " sure hunny. Jump in" I said. Anna jumped on the bed dressed in a tiny pink nighty with light purple panties. As she cuddled up to me I wasn't sure if I should do it tonight. I decided no I would wait but my cock ebony sluts threesome sloppy blowjob big schlong other ideas.

It was so hard I couldn't just lay here! I slowly lifted her nighty exposing her tiny bud tits and her little hard nipples. I started to rub them forgetting she wouldn't even be asleep yet. " Anna. Are you ok with doing what Makayla told you?" I asked her. Nervous she would say no. "Yes daddy. I want you to love me like you love Makayla. I don't want you to not love me". That was enough for me. I slowly lifted her nighty off exposing her petite body.

She was only a child. Was she ready for this? I knew it was wrong but I had to do it. I started just running my hard up and down her body slowly rubbing her tiny nipples.

Giving her goosebumps all over her body.

Getting lower I got to her pussy. Over her panties i ran my finger up and down her tiny slit. I could feel her heartbeat getting fasted I knew she liked it and I knew the panties had to go. As I pulled them down I took in all her scents. Smelling her perfect pussy. No hair had formed yet. Just a clean perfect tiny virgin pussy. I began running my finger up and down her slit again. I could feel the wet building up it was a smell like I had never smelt before.

Just perfect sweet smell. I kissed her pussy taking it all in. Sliding my finger up and down. If I was going to fuck her I had to start off slow. " I'm going to put my fingers inside you baby. I have to do this before I can put my love inside you. Is this ok?" I asked! "Yes daddy I will be ok. Makayla said no matter how much it hurts I have to let you put stuff inside me for you to love me" I slowly inserted my middle finger inside her pussy!

I could hardly get it in. Oh boy this made me harder.

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I pushed through stretching her tiny hole. In and out in out! She twitched with each movement. I continued for a while until I knew I could add another finger. Pushing two deep inside I could see fear in Anna's eyes but I knew she didn't wanna let daddy down. I worked her pussy for a while slowly licking her clit a little making her body jolt as I continued to stretch her tight pussy with my fingers.

I needed to get my cock in this. I knew it was gonna take time though.

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I removed my pj bottoms exposing my big hard cock. " daddy is that what your going to put in there?" Anna asked with a scared timid voice I had never heard from her young girl turns into an anal trooper. "Yes chicken.

It will hurt alot at the start but I promise it will get better. You will love it" with that I placed only the head of my cock inside her tiny pussy. Pushing just the smallest bit in and out.

Not enough to break her hymen but enough for her to feel her pussy stretch. In out in out I pushed in fighting the urge to cum as her extremely tight pussy rubbed against my cock.

This went on for another 10 minutes I wasn't sure she was ready for it all yet and I knew I couldn't last much longer. With that I blew my load inside my perfect baby daughter. "Hunny this stuff inside you is daddy's love. You will need to go to the toilet and let it all out. How are you feeling?" I said as I looked at my daughter who had a few tears running down her face! "It hurt daddy." She said as she held back the tears.

" it's ok hunny. We will try it all tomorrow and we will have Makayla there. She will help. Now go toilet and come back and we will go sleep". I fell asleep with my angel in my arms knowing tomorrow I would be giving her it all and tomorrow her sister would be joining in. This will be fun. To be continued. .