Ebony shlong for white holes interracial and hardcore

Ebony shlong for white holes interracial and hardcore
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My name is Danielle, and this is the story of how four years ago when I was 19 was voted hottest asian babe watch part on camcom and raped over and over by sixty black men against my will one terrible fateful night that was repeated daily. It's a story of being young, stupid, and naïve.

Of not listening to caution and not adhering to the caring warnings of those around me. It's also a story of how at 23 years old; I'm now the biggest black cock slut this side of the Mississippi River. I've always been a pretty girl, short at 5'5", 123 pounds with long flowing strawberry blonde hair. My full lips dark blue eyes and long eyelashes as well as my alabaster white skin were great attributes to have, but my long legs and sizable breasts were always what got me noticed by the boys.

I could never blame the boys for staring though, my breasts are 36DD's and I always wore some type of short skirt to school showcasing my shapely legs.

Because of those good looks, all through high school I was afforded many dates from many different boys. But by the time I was 19, I'd still only had sex with one boyfriend. His name was Barry. Barry and I were together for about fourteen months when I was 17 and 18, and we only had sex about four different times during that time.

It was always nothing special or out of the ordinary. Basically missionary and it lasted each time about two to three minutes. So I guess you could say that by the time I was 19 I was still a sexual novice. Barry and I broke up when I had decided to skip college and stay in California to begin my modeling career, while he went east to attend Trenton. Little did I know what a mistake that my decisions to stay home would turn out to be. ******* It was about 1pm on a Saturday afternoon.

I had a 1:30pm appointment to meet Mr. Richardson of BMA: Brothers Modeling Agency located in one of the more seedier parts of LA. This was to be my fifth different modeling interview and it was with the fifth different modeling agency.

When I told my friends where this one was located, they all cautioned me about going. Even my own Mother was worried and told me that I shouldn't go alone, that I should take masturbation while she holds the camera fitzgerald media of my friends.

Naively, I ignored them all. I thought to myself 'I'm a big girl now'. Maybe I should have listened. My life would be a whole lot different if I had. After parking my car in a parking lot adjacent to a building with a sign on a corner door that read BMA, I walked to my destination.

As I had in my previous four interviews, I wore a plain black business blouse and skirt combo that was both a little provocative, and a little conservative. It was perfect because it made me look both smart and sexy at the same time. I rounded the ensemble out with my sexiest black high heels. I was carrying a small black attaché case that had a portfolio full of different posed pictures of myself, along with a few different bathing suits if they had decided to have me change.

When I opened the outside door to the building, there was a long staircase inside that brought me up to another door with the same BMA initials. I entered that door and walked over to the receptionist. She was an older woman, black, in her 50's. Receptionist: "Can I help you child?" "You sure can." I exclaimed.

"I have a 1:30pm appointment." The woman looked down at her scheduling book and after a few moments looked up and said, "You are Danielle?" "Yes I am." I smiled. "Ok, you can have a seat over there with the others Hun. Mr. Richardson will be right with you." As I took my seat I noticed 2 other girls sitting there. The first one was a tall dark-haired beauty that was dressed in a short red mini skirt with a white half t-shirt.

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She was filing her nails and chewing gum rather obnoxiously. The other was a short longhaired blonde who was wearing a yellow knee length sundress. Both were very beautiful but sitting together they looked as different as night and day. The tall girl seemed very experienced in this sort of thing. She seemed confident and relaxed. The shorter girl though was very nervous and fidgety.

As I sat down, She was the first one to speak to me. "Hi. I'm Melody. Is this your first time too?" the smaller girl asked.

"I'm Danielle. Yes and no. I've been to a few interviews but I haven't gotten any jobs yet." "Well this is my first anything. I'm so nervous." Melody exclaimed. "You two are nothing but newbies. I bet I get this job hands down. You'd might as well both go home." Said the tall girl. "Be nice Becky. I'm sure Mr. Richardson can use all three of you girls. The receptionist said with a smile.

Just then the office door opened up and a tall thin black man in a three-piece business suit appeared holding a clipboard in his hands. "Danielle?" he called out to the room. "Right here sir." I said, rising out of my chair and picking up my attaché case. "Right this way girl. And you can cut out that 'Sir' stuff. You can call me Carl." "Good luck Danielle!" Melody said as I followed Mr. Richardson into the office. I would never see Becky ever again, but Melody I would see a lot of over the next few years including numerous times in the following 4 months.

I followed Mr. Richardson in and took great fetish lesbians dildo movie pantyhose and erotica seat in the chair on the other side of his desk. "Before we begin Danielle, would you like something to drink? Some coffee or tea, or maybe a soda?" "If you have some ginger ale, sure I'd love some." I smiled.

"Okay, I'll be right back. You can set up your photos and presentation on the desk there while I'm gone." He then left for a few minutes while I opened my attaché case and arrange my photos on his desk. When Mr. Richardson returned he was carrying a glass filled with ginger ale. "Here you go Hun." "Thank you." I exclaimed. I took a sip of the ginger ale and immediately I began to feel dizzy…and that's the last thing I remember.

******* Several hours later I began to awake, but I was not in Mr. Richardson's office anymore. It was a little dark and I had a slight headache, but when I tried to bring my hand to my head I couldn't.

My arms were tied down. Slowly I started to regain my senses. As I did, I noticed that my legs were spread apart and also tied down. They also felt like they were higher than my head. There was something in my mouth so I couldn't speak. My ass felt funny too. It felt very weird. Almost like it was filled with something. I had never had that feeling in my ass before. As my groggy state sharpened, it was then very clear to me that I was strapped stark naked to a weird clear plastic hard tranny getting pounded on pool table jet multimedia or chair than positioned my legs apart and up high like they were in stirrups.

The only bit of clothing on my body was a pair of blue colored thigh high nylons. I felt cold and scared. I began to panic and my heart started beating faster. It was obvious that I had been kidnapped and tied up by somebody but by whom? I started to rack my brain for the answers.

What was the last thing I could remember? Then it came to me; Mr.

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Richardson's office. He must have drugged my ginger ale, but why? What was he planning to do with me? Before I could think of anything else the door opened and a light was turned on. A tall muscular black man walked in but it wasn't Mr. Richardson. This man was older, and he looked a lot meaner. He smiled at me then began to speak. "Good! Danielle, you're awake. I bet you're wondering what is going on? Well I am here to explain it all to you. But before I do, let's reminisce a little shall we?

You see Danielle, I know all about you. Do you remember that cute little life you had before today? Do you remember being a cheerleader in that small little school?

Dating those small dick white boys? How about your Mom? Your friends, do you remember them? Well baby that is ALL gone! That white bread life of your is gone! You can forget ALL that shit! You aren't even in California anymore! That was your former life. So you can forget about all of that! This is your new life and it's just beginning." As he explained this all to me I started to cry.

But crying was something that my scary host disliked and He quickly shocked me into stop doing and put me back into a state of fear by screaming at me. "SHUT THE FUCK UP! STOP THAT CRYING SHIT BITCH! The reality here is that you done fucked up! Walking into that office was the last thing you should have done! Now yo ass belongs to us! Now you're in The Factory! And we have some very big plans for yo ass! For that nice little pussy and your fucking mouth too! You see bitch, you're gonna be fucked tonight!

Fucked in all yo holes! Tomorrow night? Yeah tomorrow night you're gonna be fucked too! And the night after that and the night after that and the night after that! Fucked by tons and tons of my black brothers! Fucked by the biggest nigger dicks that you have ever seen! You can't even imagine how many niggers gonna be up in yo shit! We gonna turn yo ass inside out and turn you into the biggest black cock Ho that there has ever been!

You see, that's why we call this place The Factory! This is where we build black cock sluts out of pretty white bitches like you! We gonna make you scream till you can't take anymore! But no one is gonna hear you bitch so don't even waste anal loving blonde on her knees nude bj fucking time screaming! Before long, it's almost gonna be like you can't go a few hours without a black dick! That's right bitch, you're gonna be addicted!

Big black dick is gonna be your mother fucking vice, like cigarettes man!

And that shit is all gonna start right now so you better quickly come to terms with all that shit!" With that he reached down between my legs and pulled the large seven-inch dildo that was stuffed up my ass out with one big tug making a loud popping noise.

As he held the glistening rubber toy up in the air above my head and again smiled broadly, I looked at him in disbelief that something that big was stuffed up my ass. "Bitch that's the smallest thing that will be up yo ass tonight! Just be lucky I even afforded you the privilege of getting a little loose in your caboose!" He laughed hysterically. He then tossed the dildo to the floor and walked behind me.

The weird chair I was on apparently had wheels on it because he started to roll me to the door and into the hallway. As he pushed me down the hallway with my legs pointing up to the lights, I started to realize the reality of what was about to happen to me. I started to cry again. How could this happen to me? Would I ever see my Mother teen big boobs and ass round tits young lezzies pounding in a hallway Could I actually be eventually killed from all of this?

All of these random questions started to run through my head as my kidnapper dutifully pushed me down the dingy looking corridor in my own personal electric chair to the state of execution of my former life's existence. ******* After a few minutes of travel, I was pushed into another room where twelve big naked black men were standing around awaiting me.

Their cocks looked scary and huge.

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Each one looked bigger than the next. The smiles on all of their faces are something I will never ever forget. Every single one of them was tall too, like twelve gigantic horny giants. My kidnapper leaned in close to my head and whispered into my ear.

"It all starts here bitch! After tonight yo ass gonna be wore the fuck out!

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But I guarantee in time you will be liking this shit!" He then turned to the others and spoke. "Well my brothers, here's another one! This one's name is Danielle and she's 19 years old. We gonna have some fun wit this one! Make a lot of money with her ass!

Get to work boys! Have fun Danielle!" With that he left. As soon as the door closed all twelve guys started to laugh and walk towards me tugging their enormous cocks and they formed a line in front of my spread open legs. The first guy put his cock by the lips of my nearly virgin pussy. It had to be at least 9 inches. I remember thinking that there was no way in hell that he was going to be able to stick that thing in me. When he began thrusting the head of his cock between my little pussy lips it hurt so much I started to cry again but I couldn't scream because I was still gagged.

My pussy felt so full yet when I looked down he had barely gotten a third of his cock into me. With each new thrust his cock went deeper and deeper into me. After a few minutes, he pulled it all out and then the next guy took his turn. This went on for about two straight hours with each man taking two to three minutes fucking me over and over again.

It was all regimented and like clockwork. After a while the pain subsided and it actually started to feel good. I couldn't believe that I was starting to like it. At the very end of it all each man jerked their thick white sticky loads all onto my stomach and tits. I remember wondering why they hadn't cum inside me, or fucked my mouth or even my asshole but all that was explained in due time as the night went on. This was the first of it and I had a long long way to go.

When they all had shot their loads, one man walked over to the wall and pushed a bell that was there on it. Soon my original kidnapper reappeared. "Hey Danielle, how's that pussy bitch? Feeling a bit sore? Well there's much more to come sweetheart! Yo ass ain't done not by a long shot!" ******* With that he pushed my chair into the hallway again and down the corridor to my next destination. As we entered the next room I noticed that there was another chair like mine in it.

As we got closer to it I realized that Melody, the short shapely little blonde from the receptionist office at the modeling agency was tied to it.

Like me, she too was completely naked wearing only thigh high nylon stockings. She was also exhausted like I was and her torso was covered in sticky white cum from her tits to her stomach. Everything was the same, bound, gagged, legs held high in the air, and fucked thoroughly. The only difference between the two of us was that she was wearing purple colored stockings as opposed to my blue ones. Our chairs were positioned parallel to each other but my head down by her legs and her head down by mine.

We looked at each other with sympathy and understanding of what we both had already been thru and of what was about to come. Then the part of our chairs that supported our head and necks were removed and our heads hung upside down like they were hanging off of a bed. We couldn't see each other's faces anymore. About thirty more naked black men then enter the room laughing to each other and each tugging on their enormous pricks.

They then xxx boy12 boy 18 yera a large circle around the two of us this time with cocks dangling at our heads as well as between our legs. The gags were then removed from our mouths but they had been in our mouths for so long that screaming wasn't possible because of the dryness and soreness. My heart started to race again as a cock was position by my still gaping asshole.

As it was worked into my tight never before fucked anus, now I needed to scream but before I could let out a peep another big black cock was stuffed into my open mouth. Deeper and deeper it was pushed down my throat making me gag and fill with saliva with each painful thrust. My eyes began to water too. On the other end of my body my ass was black girls xxx big boom treated the same painful way as two very big black cocks impaled me.

It felt excruciating. After about two minutes the big black cocks were removed and the guys shifted to the right. Another cock was stuffed up my ass and another one down my throat.

This one in my throat tasted different though. It had a funky smell to it too. I was then I realized that this cock oiled girl plays with a big dildo was in my throat had just been removed from Melody's ass and shoved in my mouth. I then deduced that the cock that was just up my ass was now in Melody's mouth as well.

They were doing an ass-to-mouth chain, and this is how it went for the next two hours; two-minute intervals of big black cock after big black cock stuffed in our asses and down our tiny throats. After a while it didn't hurt anymore.

They fucked my ass so deep and hard that each one began sliding in and out with ease balls deep. My throat was opening up wide too, so much so that I began taking all of their man meats as deep as they would go tickling my nose with their pubic hairs. As the two hours came to a close each man took turns shooting his load down our freshly worn out throats. My stomach was filling up with hot sticky cum by the bucket full.

I had never swallowed semen before let alone this much of it all at once. It made me queasy. When they had finally finished, I heard another bell ring. Round two had ended and shortly my 'driver' would be around to push me to my next destination.

******* There were only six naked black guys in the next room but their cocks were the biggest I had ever seen in my life. Each man had to be at least 15 inches apiece and their diameters around were thick like beer cans. They also were all much taller than the last men too.

A mattress was on the floor by their feet and I was then untied from my chair and unceremoniously tossed onto the mattress. I had been in the chair for so long strapped in that my legs couldn't support me to stand anyways. This was the last time I was ever in the chair. I never saw that unique contraption again. One of the men then lay down on the mattress beside me.

He lifted me in the air from his back with ease by my waist and impaled me down pussy first onto his large black cock. He picked me up and down by the waist as he worked his monster in deeper and deeper. I moaned and moaned as he filled my pussy to maximum capacity. After about 5 minutes, another giant monster was stuffed in my asshole and then one down my throat. The six of these behemoths took turns fucking me in all of my sore holes for the slutty interracial milf trio in moving truck two hours, sandwiching me relentlessly, ending with each man blowing their loads in all three of my holes.

By the time they were finished my body was jammed full with hot sticky cum. The bell rang again and I was onto my next escapade. Each room had countless other black men with big black cocks waiting for me over the next 18 hours. Sometimes I took big black cocks in my pussy, sometimes my ass, sometimes in my mouth. Often times it was all my holes at once. Sometimes Melody was there too; sometimes it was another poor girl I had never seen before.

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I was fucked and fucked and fucked and at the end of the 24 hours I was then tossed into a room and was told to take a shower and get some sleep. I did as I was told, I took a shower and rinsed off the gobs and gobs of cum from my body both inside it and outside it. I dried off and then collapsed in the bed until I was abruptly woken up the next day and it all started again.

That's the way it went for the next 4 months. I was fucked daily, over and over by countless big black cocks. After a while I began waking up before they came to get me, not able to wait until there was a big black cock inside me. I bratty sis saved by tight teen pussy with rosalyn sphinx se beginning to like it.

It's all I started to want. That asshole was right…I was now addicted to big black cocks. ******* After 4 months had passed, I was transferred out of 'The Factory' into a spa for two weeks. There I received the nourishment and rest that I had missed during my time at the factory.

The staff, which consisted of old black women, pampered me and gave me a complete makeover. I enjoyed my two weeks there but I was antsy. There weren't any big black cocks there. I started to shake and cry myself to sleep like a drug addict missing her much needed fix. When the two weeks were up I was then set up in an apartment somewhere deep in a black neighborhood.

Except for the other girls, I never saw white people again. I was told that I was now a full-fledged Black Cock Ho, and I would be fucking for money. I began to get really good at my craft. My pimp sent me clients regularly and came by nightly to collect the money that I had earned.

I didn't have to pay bills anymore, buy food anymore, all of that was set up for me. I only wore the sexiest revealing clothes that was selected and bought just for me. Sometimes I worked parties, other times I was gang banged in high-end hotels.

The steady parade of big black cock never seemed to end. I'm now 23 and I've had countless big black cocks from countless big black men. It's what I do now. I'm used to it now, and God help me…I love it!