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Smoking blowjob smoking girls can be so tube porn
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Abby: Story of a Teenage Slut Chapter 1: Virginities Lost, but not really. Hi I'm Abby and this is the story of how I became a teenage slut, and later a teenage sex starlet. I didn't intend for it to happen this way, but I couldn't be happier about my life. You see this whole journey started with a lie, a lie about how I lost first time verging fucking girl virginity to one of my fathers law partners in a parking garage.

First a bit about myself: I'm 19 now, but all of this started when I was 16. I was never fat or ugly, just shy and not very popular since I didn't play sports. I was a band geek and you can't call marching band a sport.

I'm 5'4" and 105 lbs. I'm slender but have wide hips which make my waist very curvy. My breasts are larger than some of the girls in my school, but I'm only a large b-cup.

My nipples are small, but pronounced. I was tired of hearing my friends talk about their boyfriends and sex. I didn't have anything to say.

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I wanted to have something to say, but no boy had expressed interest in me yet. So one day when my friend Casey was telling me about making out with her boyfriend Eric I lied. I lied and told her I had sex actually I said I got laid, but it's the same thing right? Casey was shocked and called me a liar, but I made her believe that one of my father's law partners laid me in the parking garage over the summer.

Here's how it I told it. I had to pick my dad up from work because his BMW was at the shop, but when I showed up he said he would be a few minutes. As always his few minutes would be a couple of hours so I told him to call me when he was ready and went to leave.

When I got to the elevator his partner Ron jumped in with me as the doors were closing. Ron's a creepy middle aged guy that I always think is staring at me. He obviously dyes his hair and wears the cheapest looking suits on the face of the Earth.

On the way down to the garage he starts trying to talk to me like we're old friends and asking me about my boyfriend, who I don't have, and school. The whole ride down the elevator Ron keeps edging closer to me until he has me almost to the corner. Now here is where the story I told Casey and the truth diverge.

I told Casey that he cornered me in the elevator and kissed me. He was rough and his stubble scratched my face. His flat wide tongue forced its way into my mouth and made me dizzy, and somewhere along the way I started to like it. I even started thrusting my little tongue back into his mouth.That's when he grabbed me and half drug me back to his Cadillac where he threw me into the back seat.

He climbed in and on top of me and continued his assault on my mouth and tongue. I was confused and horny all at the same time. A new aggression boiled inside of me that I was afraid of a new sensation was forming in my hips. He pushed up my blouse and bra and started kneading my breasts like they were loves of bread.

After a few minutes he dipped his head down and sucked my nipple into his mouth. Then I felt his teeth clamp down as his tongue flicked across my nipple.

My head started to swim, and I got even wetter between my legs which I didn't think was possible. I moaned out "Oh God", and he responded by switched to my other nipple. I thought he was rough before, but there was no pretense this time. It felt like he was going to bite my nipple off, but it felt incredible. I moaned, "Yes, fuck me" as he started the tear at my shorts. I was so intoxicated by the thought of sex that all I could think of was getting his dick inside me. He pulled my shorts down miss alice webcam getig fucked my knees and started tugging at my white cotton panties.

When he got my panties pushed down to my knees his hand lunged straight to my mound. His fingers slipped right between my thighs because of all my loves juices, he realized how horny I was and visibly pulled himself back.

I said "come on, fuck me already", but he just smiled at me and said, "you really are a horny little slut aren't you." I said, "Yes, come on and fuck me." He laughed, and said, "I'll fuck you, but not big assed babe luna star slides her pussy on a huge cock I'm cute babe in lingerie swallows a loadful of cum to fuck you.

See first you'll have to earn your dick." "What do you want me to do?" "First take off your clothes," he said. That wasn't easy since I was pinned to the seat of his Cadillac, but I managed to wriggle my skirt and panties off, and peel my blouse, and bra off.

I didn't care if I tore everything to shreds I just wanted that cock in my cunt, and I would have broadcast myself getting fucked on the Internet to get it. He eyed me up and down like a juicy steak, a steak he was going to defile. A steak he was going to make his own.

Then he pulled out his cell phone and said "if you want this dick I get a memento to remember you by." I responded by spreading my legs as far as I could. The next thing I saw was the flash going off repeatedly, and hearing the click of the photos being taken.

Suddenly he grabbed my hand and told me to get his dick out and get it ready for "the fucking of my life". Little did he know it really would be the first fucking of my life. I grabbed his zipper and slid it down, then I reached in and fumbled around until I found the opening in his boxes.

I reached in to discover his cock wasn't hard yet, but was really thick. I tried to just pull it up and he slapped my hand.

"Ow, what the fuck are you doing you stupid bitch!" he yelled. I withdrew my hand and unbuckled his belt and his trousers. "This is taking too long," he growled tugging his pants and boxes down at the same time. He collapsed on top of me and I could feel the head of his dick rubbing against my slit. It was immediately slipping just inside without much resistance at all. I could feel it growing up into me and getting thicker at the same time.

He started pushing into me and I could feel him stretching me, it was already almost too much to handle, and he hadn't even reached my hymen yet. The stretching was being made easier by the flood of juices my body was secreting into my pussy.

Just then I felt a sharp pain and I tried to shoot out from under him. He panted, "you really are a fresh piece of ass aren't you. Never even been fucked." That's when he just pushed hard and slow into me. I felt him pressing against my hymen and then in a flash of pain he was into me deeply, but he still had more dick to give me. Then he started rhythmically fucking me pulling almost completely out and slowly shoving it as deep as he could. My head was lost all I could feel was the pain quickly turning to pleasure and the lust for more of his cock.

I wanted it all the way through me coming out my mouth so I could taste it. What was wrong with me, why did I want to taste his cock so bad, and why did I want to taste myself on his cock. My mind was brought back to a new sensation something bumping against my butt, it was his balls.

He was completely in me, and A hot secretary takes a big black penis was thrilled. I could feel myself building, every muscle in my body was growing more tense. I pushed my head towards his face and he kissed me I sucked his tongue into my mouth while feeding off of the list and need that continued to build in my cunt. A small part of my mind wondered if I would cum before him or not. That question was answered when I felt the rod invading me thrust incredibly deep and get even hotter than before.

I could feel his cock flaring inside me and I knew he was pumping his cum into me which made my entire body go rigid and my muscles start spasming.

I was delirious and two hot lesbians getting nasty inside the classroom, his cum made me cum. At that moment all I wanted was to cum for the rest of eternity.

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He collapsed against me while I felt his cock go limp and slowly withdraw from my flooded pussy. He kissed me, smiling and said, "Well I think you should thank me for a fucking like that for your first time." I closed my eyes and said, "Thank you." and spread my legs out wide. I saw the familiar flash of his camera again. I also felt his weight moving higher on the seat closer to my face. "I'm going to show you how to say a proper thank you for a good fuck," he told me.

I opened my eyes to his cock dangling in front of me. It was incredible I still had that lust to taste myself on his cock inside me and here was my chance. I opened my mouth and took it in.

Tasting his cock along with my blood, and both of our cum all together. He moaned and said "use that tongue princess that's what it's for." I swirled my tongue around his cock sucking on it like a lollipop. I quickly felt it start to swell in my mouth, and I started gagging as I tried to fit it all in my mouth.

He pulled out leaving my mouth chasing after his prick like a candy bar. "We don't have time for round two little princes. That's what my name is for you now, Princes Cum Slut. Now you get dressed and take your daddy home and give him a big kiss on the cheek with your cock-breath mouth OK?" he sneered. I nodded sheepishly thinking how would I hide all this from my dad and how long had it been?

I started getting dressed when he grabbed my cell phone and entered a contact just for him called LDD he said it stood for Long Dick Daddy. He also told me that whenever he texts me I had two hours to respond or all my pictures would go chums playmates sister amateur blowjob crazy bitch brought in a gun she still got the Internet and then he showed me the pictures of my sweaty, ravaged body and swollen, wet, cum leaking pussy.

I thought I don't need two hours I'll respond in two minutes just to cum again. At that point I looked at Casey waiting for her to say something not realizing she was grinding herself on the heel of her foot.

She said, "you're such a liar or the biggest slut in school." Then I leaned in, emboldened, and kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth. "Stop it", she panted, "I don't do girls, slut. Well I guess that settles it. You're not a virgin anymore, but Abby you're not supposed to go straight to slut.

You're supposed to stop at girlfriend for a while." she said while laughing. She giggle, "You're going to have so much fun now, once we find you a boyfriend of course." After I finished my story I knew two things. First my panties were soaked, and second Casey was right I had to find a boy to try everything, and I had to find him immediately.