Daughter fingering step mother under table

Daughter fingering step mother under table
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This complete story revolve around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don't mean to offend anyone so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn't sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won't be offended if you stop reading.

Everyone else, ENJOY! HOUSESITTING DAY 0: The Day Before Chapter 6: Naughty Boys Don't Get To Cum Slap! Madison hit the girl with a smack across the face, sending a splash of cum spattering to the floor followed by the young cocksucker.

Madison raised her arm back for another slap making the poor young girl recoil and lose her balance completely. She crumpled sideways onto her ass and whimpered with her head down and her eyes focused on the floor. "Bitch! That was my cum!" Madison yelled as she brought her hand up to her luscious, ruby red lips. Her hand was now also coated in cum from the slap, and she began to lick it clean.

"Did you enjoy my boyfriend's hot cum?" The girl whimpered and shook her head. "Yeah you did, you little whore. I bet you love it dripping all over your sweet, lil' face. Do you want some more?" Madison raised her hand and I'm sure the crumpled brunette was unsure if she was referring to my cum or another slap.

In any case, she shook her head again with fear in her eyes. Madison snapped her arm out like a viper and grabbed hold of the girl's hair. Pulling her violently up, Madison hissed, "Don't fuckin' lie to me, slut.

Everyone wants more of my boyfriend's delicious cum." Madison pulled the brunette by both her hair and the collar of her white shirt. The poor girl had started to cry as she was dragged across the dirty floor over to where I stood.

I had no idea what Madison had in mind, and a part of me was concerned for the weak, little school slut. I put my hands up in surrender and tried to plead with my hot amazon girlfriend, "Madison, it wasn't her fault. It was all me.

I made her suck me off." Madison just ignored me and continued to speak to the disheveled girl, "Here's some more cum, bitch. Why don't you suck Adam's cock clean?" With both hands, Madison forced the girl up and towards my crotch. I felt those amazing lips and that warm, wet mouth envelop my oozing manhood. I was completely flaccid by then but it still felt incredible having the young girl lick and suck my dick.

"Yeah! Suck that limp cock! I bet you can take it all now." Madison pushed on the back of the girl's head and forced her all the way into my pubes. Even flaccid, it was a lot of meat for the girl to take in. After a couple seconds, the girl started to choke and cough on my dick, but Madison held her firmly.

"Good little slut," she cooed with pleasure. Finally, Madison jerked the girl's head back off my cock and pulled the slutty girl in for a wet kiss. Madison had the occasional girl-on-girl craving and I always enjoyed the show. This time, I watched stunned as her tongue slid into the younger girl's mouth as she stood in dominance over the girl. They kissed for a full minute in the classic "Spiderman kiss pose" before Madison moved to licking my cum off the girl's furiously blushing face.

I noticed smudges of Madison's dark red lipstick all around the girl's lips and some on her pink cheeks from Madison's licking. With a mouthful of gathered cum, Madison pulled the whimpering schoolgirl up for another sloppy, cummy kiss. I could feel my dick lightly twitching as the cum-saliva mixture flowed out of the corners of the girl's sweet lips. With all the cum emptied into the younger girl's mouth, Madison said, "Good girl. I bet you want even more." She grabbed a firm hold of her brunette locks again and started dragging her across the floor to where some cum had spattered from the slap.

Madison pushed the girl hard to the floor. There was a big glob kerala sex pine tihgt facking under the girl's face and Madison commanded, "Lick it up." The floor wasn't the cleanest and this made me even more eager to see the girl lick up the mess. "I said, lick it pink pussy spreading with asian sex slave Madison grabbed the girl's head and pushed it down to the drops of semen.

I watched a tear roll down the girl's rosy cheek as she slowly lapped at the creamy mess. "That a girl. Ooo, that's a very good girl. Make sure you get it all, you little whore." My beautiful girlfriend smiled wickedly as she stood and placed one of her heels on the girl's back. Again, the little girl whimpered and Interracial foursome session with two blondes cumshot said, "Dirty, filthy floor cum is what dirty, filthy, little sluts get when they steal my cum." She lifted her heel and spun around so quickly that her purse spun out.

She walked swiftly and coolly towards me before saying, "Pull your fucking pant up, babe. Let's get the fuck out of here." I glamorous milf lisa ann enjoys a hot interracial fuck as she said and then she grabbed my arm and led me out into the hall. I glanced back over my shoulder to the sad sight of the little, messy girl, covered in cum, sobbing on the floor where she continued to lick up my cum. I felt really guilty, but on the other hand, she had made me cum so good all over her adorable little face.

Plus, it was really hot seeing Madison completely dominate that little slut. *** Madison had hardly spoken on the way back to her house. The only time she had opened her mouth was to ominously tell me that my punishment would come later just before she got into my car. I also stayed quiet during the drive. Madison had given me permission to fuck whoever when she was busy but it's not like I couldn't have waited the few minutes for her to get out of class before blowing my load. We pulled up to her place.

I paused in my seat while she got out. Noticing, she spun and bent to look in.

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"You coming?" "Do you want me to come?" I asked genuinely uncertain. She scowled, "Don't be an idiot. Of course I want you to come in. I have you for the whole afternoon before you have to give your sis a ride to that party," that wicked smile reappeared on her lips, "and you haven't been properly punished yet. And I just thought of the perfect discipline for you." She giggled and I really wasn't sure what to make of that.

*** The incredibly sexy dominatrix licked her deep red lips and look at me with her beautiful, piercing eyes. With a wicked sneer, she commanded me, "Crawl over here and lick my fucking cunt." She snapped her immaculately manicured fingers and pointed a long, dark red nail down at her glistening snatch, "Now!" *** After Madison had led me into her room, she had ordered me to sit on the love-seat against the wall and wait for her to "get ready".

Ten minutes later, she had flung open her closet door to reveal her new black clad self. She had on shiny black three inch pumps, fishnet stockings, sheer lace panties and bra, and the most seductive red lipstick I'd ever mother puts her mouth on my cock. She jabbed a finger towards the empty corner in her room, "Stand in the fucking corner for what you did, you bad boy!" She gave me a fierce look and I obediently did as I was told as she sat and lay back comfortably on the edge of her bed.

That was when the command to lick her cunt had come. I got down and started to crawl between her spread legs. I was excited to taste her sweet pussy and she must have sensed my eagerness because she quickly ordered, "Stop! Start with my stilettos!" She raised a sexy leg adorned with black fishnets. Dangling her spiked shiny black heel inches from my face, she commanded sternly, "Make sure you give them a good licking before moving to my ankles." On all fours in a submissive position, I began licking her incredibly sexy 3-inch heels.

I didn't mind. They were clean and I was enjoying this new control Madison was asserting over me.

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If this was my punishment, I was all for it. She watched with a wicked, luscious red smile across her face as my tongue slid along the shiny leather of her shoes. Drawing out the words as if speaking to a dog, Madison said, "Good boy." I took this as a sign to move up her ankle. I kissed and licked her ankle making her giggle a little.

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She quickly regained character and asserted her dominance by pulling sharply on my hair. "Don't neglect the other one," came her breathy whisper in my ear.

She dangled her other leg back and forth in the air. I took the cue and shuffled over to her other leg and started kissing her ankle but she quickly pulled it away and I felt her hand slap my face. It wasn't all that hard but still stung. "Now, now pet. My right heel needs your attention first before you rush to my legs." She shoved her shoe in my face and ordered sternly, "Lick it!" I knew this was all part of the role and power Madison was playing so I smiled and said, "Yes, Mistress." She bit her lip with glee at my words.

I had no idea this was such a fantasy of hers. I could see the excitement in her beautiful green eyes and I noticed her breath quickening as I dragged my tongue along the toe of her shoe.

This carried on for a while with me alternating back and forth between Madison's sexy legs, giving each the same tongue treatment. Slowly I worked my way passed her ankles and up her calves.

As I approached her knees leading to her wonderful thighs, my cock began to twitch in my pants. She had such sexy legs, and with them spread right in front of my face, I was dying to feel Madison tighten her thighs around my head while I tongued her snatch.

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With great fervour I got to work on her inner thighs. I lapped at the soft flesh as if it were my last meal. My breathing became heavier and I had the strong urge to pull out my cock and stroke it while I ate my way to Madison's sweet nectar. Madison sensed my desires and again tugged on my hair, lifting my eager tongue off her beautiful skin. "Don't you dare touch that cock! That cock is mine and maybe if your good, I'll let you touch it.

Now lick my fucking pussy!" With her hand still gripping my hair, she forced my face between her thighs, smothering me with her dripping snatch. She still had her panties on but I could feel her wetness soaking through the lacy fabric. Holy shit! This was really turning her on. The pleasure she was clearly getting from this drove me on.

I buried my face deep in her camel-toe and nibbled at her through her moist panties. The scent of her pussy drove me wild. Caught in the euphoria of her cunt in my face and her legs wrapped around my head, I licked and munched on her crotch with incredible desire. I was starting to wonder why we hadn't done this sooner. After a few minutes of being thoroughly smothered by her snatch, Madison opened her legs, releasing me, and commanded, "Ooo, be a good slave boy and take my panties off with your teeth." The pleasure was getting to her and I noticed she was getting less aggressive with her commands.

I nipped at the black panties trying to get at the elastic to start pulling them off. Finally, I caught some in my teeth and slowly pulled the left side down. I looked into my amazing girlfriend's eyes before moving to the other side. Her face was the face of a kid on Christmas day. Her green eyes were lit up with passion and her deep red smile was spread from ear to ear. I felt warmth in my heart as I bit her elastic on the other side.

A little over eager, I caught a bit of the skin on her hip. I felt her hand smack my head as she said, "Careful, fuck pet." As soon as I had her panties completely off and dropped to the floor, she lashed out with her hand and pulled me back into her wetness. Before I knew it, her juices were dripping down my face. I couldn't remember her ever being this wet before. Not being able to pleasure myself, I instead sated my lust by drinking in every drop of her pussy nectar.

I felt her legs clamp around my hunger in climax as she moaned and howled at the ceiling. She was holding me deep in her cunt with both her hand and her incredible thighs as she arched her back, shook and cried out with her pleasure.

Once her orgasm had subsided, she used a foot to push me away. One of her heels had fallen off and she used her stocking adorned foot to press me down on my back as she removed her other heel with her free hands. "Now, I want you to take off your clothes and lay on the bed, and don't you dare touch that cock!" She removed jayden simone tricked into fucking a fat dick foot from my chest and I quickly jump up onto my feet and tore off my clothes.

By the time I was naked and lying on her warm bed, she was standing at the head of the bed bracing herself with her hands against the ceiling. Her legs were slightly spread with her pussy hovering over my face. Looking down at me she looked like a goddess.

She still had on her fishnets and her black sheer bra but now her tits were pulled free of the cups and exposed. I saw her voluptuous chest rising and falling with her high state of arousal as she slowly started to shift and gyrate her hips, hypnotizing me with her naked, wet pussy. Her nipples were unbelievable hard as I watched her chest heaved.

Her gorgeous, dark, wavy hair fell down around her shoulders as she stared down at me with those piercing green eyes. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth and licked her red lips. I thought she might explode with how revved up she was. Her voice was breathless as she told me, "I'm going to sit on your face, dirty boy. Do you want me to sit on your face?" She asked with a raise eyebrow. All I could do was nod. My cock was at full attention and the thought of Madison's ass on my face made it twitch.

"Oooo, you are a dirty boy. Just look at your cock twitching. I bet you'd love to smell my little, puckered asshole, nasty boy." I nodded again and my cock gave another involuntary twitch. Madison fell to her knees fuck marathons my mom captured on spy camera with agonizing slowness, lowered her pussy over my salivating mouth. I saw and felt her asshole press against my nose and I sniffed deep the scent of her forbidden hole.

Her ass cheeks pressed against the sides of my face as she put her full weight on me. I moaned with desire and my cock twitched hard up at her. I could feel my cock throbbing in time with my pounding heartbeat. I reached up with my arms and grabbed hold of Madison's hips and forced her harder down on my face, burying my tongue in her dripping snatch and my nose in her wicked brown eye. Feeling her ass on my face, I fell into a blur of sensual passion.

My head spun with the sweet taste of her cunt and the wild, dirty smell of her ass. *** Madison couldn't believe what sitting on Adam's face was doing to him. She stared in awe at his iron-hard dick pulsing and throbbing each time she pressed her ass into his face.

"Dirty boy. You love sniffing my ass, don't you?" She wasn't sure what made her say it but she knew it was true and almost came at the dirtiness. She felt him moan his answer into her cunt.

She couldn't remember ever being this turned on, and she also couldn't remember ever seeing Adam's cock so big and hard. It looked to be nearly nine barzzers xxx sex stories vedis as it continuously throbbed and twitched.

Madison loved Adam's tongue.

He was very skilled with it. This time things were different. Better! His cunnilingus was up to its usually incredible standards, but the extra sensation of his nose pressed into her asshole was adding so much to her arousal.

In an attempt to focus, Madison leaned over and began to lightly tease and caress Adam's poor, raging cock, all the while grinding her ass in circles on his face. "Eat it! Eat my fucking cunt! Lick it nice and deep!" She hissed, "Do you like it when I tease your hard cock? How about your big, swollen balls?" She slid a hand down to cup and rub his large, purple balls.

"I bet these are so full of cum. I bet you wanna cum really bad." "Mmmhmm," came the ass smothered response. "Too bad. I'm not gonna let you. Naughty boys don't get to cum. Naughty boys get my pussy and ass all over petite kharlie stone destroyed by a giant cock hardcore and blowjob faces." She rocked back hard on Adam's face and raise herself up so she was fully sitting on his wonderful face.

Like this, she could really feel him munching on her vag and sensitive clit. She started to gyrate her hips and ass like she was at a rodeo and was rewarded by the wild feeling of his nose moving deeper in her asshole. Madison still couldn't believe how arousing it was to have Adam's nose pressed against her puckered ass. She suddenly wondered for the first time in her life what anal sex might feel like. Before she had always thought it was dirty, wrong and pointless when you had a nice pussy to fuck.

Now, she wasn't so sure as she was secretly dying to feel even the slightest brush of Adam's tongue against her forbidden tunnel. Just the filthy, wrong thoughts of having her asshole tongued and eaten out was enough to send Madison into another shuddering, crashing climax. She shook almost violently as she felt her cum gush down Adam's chin and all down his strong chest. Her hips bucked forward, and then she felt it.The most amazing feeling ever. Adam's tongue circled arab woman caning ass fuckawesome wobbling buttocks the rim of her anal cavity which kicked her way past her usual pleasure limit and into her first ever multiple orgasm.

She convulsed on his face, forcing his tongue deeper into her dirtiest hole, as she spurted great gushes of female ejaculate all down Adam's chest to his twitching, throbbing beast. Like a feral beast herself, she screamed and howled, "Yes!

Fuck yes! FUUUUUUUUCCCKK!" as more and more of her cum surged out of her quivering pussy, drenching her amazing boyfriend. Once she finally came down from the most powerful orgasm of her life, her eyes focused, and along with the incredible, sopping, dripping mess she had left all over her man-slave, she noticed creamy pre-cum leaking down Adam's wet, pulsing cock.

She knew he hadn't cum yet as she would have clearly noticed a geyser of jizz erupting up at her out the tidal wave of her own, but he was seeping a good amount of pre-cum. It leaked down his stiff, engorged shaft in rivulets of milky spunk. She knew that just a couple strokes would finish him off but part of her was still pissed at him giving away his cum to that jailbait cumwhore. Madison reached out and gripped a firm fist on his cock and said, "Hey, remember? Naughty boys don't get to cum." He let out a strangled cry of pain and Madison couldn't help feeling a little bad at what she was doing to him.

She got up off his face, released his throbbing, aching, purple cock and said, "Get dressed, I want to go shopping now." and then in a sickly sweet voice she said, "Don't worry, baby.

I'll let you cum eventually. Just think my dirty hobby carocream blaest dich wach how good it'll feel when you finally get to blow your big, hot load." She leaned in and whispered the last part in his ear before sucking on his earlobe. *** During the last moments of Madison's domination of me, I was sure my cock would just go off on its own.

A spontaneous eruption of release and bliss, but unfortunately, no such thing occurred. Instead, I was left twitching, throbbing, swollen and very frustrated. Madison had never teased me so bad, let alone deny me an orgasm. She was usually so hell bent on getting my hot load of cum for herself because she loved cum all over her, or in her mouth, or dripping from her pussy. But this time, she was willing to give up her insane addiction to cum just to torture me.

And, to top it all off, she made me get up (sans release), drive her to the mall, and help her try on clothes. For the rest of the afternoon I followed Madison around with my balls completely blue and my cock permanently stiff. It would have been embarrassing having my cock so hard that it was impossible not to notice it, but I was so horny that I really didn't care who noticed my hard cock.

It was occasionally amusing when a girl noticed my large bulge and either got embarrassed or got intrigued, but for the majority of the afternoon, Madison had definitely punished me and thoroughly. My cock was so incredibly sensitive that I was afraid of it going off in my jeans whenever I had to adjust it. Madison would have loved it if I went off in my pants, so I resisted and made sure that didn't happen.

Madison took her sweet time at every clothing shop and knew I was getting impatient. I kept looking at my watch and I knew exactly what her evil plan was. She wanted to waste enough time so I'd have to drive my sister to the party with my big cock bulging in my pants for my sister to see. I sat back in the chair I was in, sighed and just tried to relax and enjoy the fashion show. At the time, I had no idea what Madison's relentless cock teasing would make me do to my sister later that day.