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Sunita pawar mumbai xxx story
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WEDNESDAY I've lost the trail of the wand. There are magical traces scattered all over the city, which could just be other wizards doing their thing, but most likely it's my wand being taken all over the place. Which isn't good, because if someone notices the increase in magical activity, then they'll probably inform the authorities, which means they'll catch me.

I need to hope that the person with my wand continues to primarily use it in one location. If they do, I should be able to find them. Hopefully. ------------------------------- By morning, Ruth and Josh had become separated, linked only by the duvet, and by the feeling of their bottoms and their feet touching each-other. Ruth was the first to awaken, being momentarily confused by the feelings of Josh's skin, before she remembered her night with God.

She sat up, and turned around, seeing nothing except a human-shaped space where the duvet seemed to be floating. "Lord?" She whispered. No response. He must be sleeping, she figured. She thought it was strange that God slept, but she supposed it was not her place to question the Lord. Ruth looked at her clock, and saw that it was time to get up for school.

But should she? Or should she stay by God's side? After much deliberation, she decided that the Lord would not want her to miss school, and so she began climbing out of bed slowly. "Where do you think you're going?" Josh asked her. "I'm so sorry Lord," Ruth grovelled, bowing her head.

"It's just, it's time for me to get up for school." "Let me guess, shower, breakfast, and getting dressed?" Josh asked. "Yes Lord." "You won't be late, I promise," Josh said. "Now come here." Ruth got back in bed, and Josh wrapped his arms around her, put his hands on her bottom, and began making out with her.

A quick look at her clock showed it was about 20 minutes before Josh normally got up for school, so either Ruth generally took longer to get ready or she lived further away than he did. Either way, it actress leaked new story sex fairy tales he had 20 minutes before he needed to go home and get ready. Josh spent the whole 20 minutes making out with Ruth.

It was tempting to fuck her again, but he figured he'd let her pussy rest for a while. Though he did keep his cock hard the whole time, and it rubbed against her. Finally, when he saw it was time, Josh broke the kiss, and picked up the wand, waving it.

"Ruth will be fully dressed and showered for school. She will feel as though she has just eaten a full, delicious breakfast," he commanded. In an instant, Ruth was dressed, clean, and full. "Thank you Lord!" "Now Ruth, I want you to promise me you will masturbate every day," Josh said. "If that is your will, then I promise Lord," Ruth nodded.

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"Will I ever see you again?" "What? Oh, yeah, sure. I mean, you're gonna die some day, after all." "Thank you Lord!" Ruth said, kissing Josh at the suggestion she wouldl be going to Heaven in the future. "Yeah…now go to school. God commands it," Josh said. "At once Lord!" Ruth left, leaving Josh alone on her bed. Figuring he should be getting ready too, he picked up the wand and waved it. "Teleport me home," he commanded, and the view above his head switched to that of his own ceiling.

"And make me visible again." Checking his hands to make sure it had worked, Josh put the wand down, willed his cock soft, and then got up. Josh picked up his towel, and left his room to walk to the bathroom to use the shower. Locking the door behind him, Josh put his towel on the rack, and got into the shower. He turned the water on, and a second later, he was on his knees, moaning. His cock grew hard instantly, and began spurting out cum at an alarming rate. Josh could do nothing but moan and ride out his orgasm, the cum fortunately finding its way down the drain quite easily.

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Then, exactly one minute after starting, it stopped, and Josh was able to will his cock down. "Fuck…" he panted. "What the hell was that?" Josh stood up to think for a moment. At first he panicked, thinking that someone else had gotten hold of the wand. But then he thought some more, and realised it. It was his own fault.

The previous morning, when Josh had made his father orgasm, he'd wish that "whoever's in the shower in there will have an intense, minute-long orgasm". And that spell was still in effect. While it had certainly helped him burn off some of the arousal he'd built up that morning making out with Ruth, it did mean that whenever his mother, father and sister had used the shower since yesterday morning they'd all been subjected to powerful, minute-long orgasms.

Perhaps it was his newfound Godhood talking, but the idea of this rather turned Josh on. Josh finished taking his shower, and got dressed and ate his breakfast, before heading to school. His plans for the day essentially amount to more sexy asian chick gets her lingerie shot with cum with students and staff, although he also intended to show off in class. Specifically, he had PE, and farm girls boobs milk far than be the laughing stock of the class, he intended to be the star player.

Nothing and no-one would stand in his way. Josh encountered John at school, who had Sarah, and the two twins Holly and Molly on his arms. They were fawning over him rather a lot. "Hey John, how's things?" Josh asked casually.

"Oh my God Josh, this is great!" John replied. "After school yesterday we went back to Sarah's place and had a four-way until her folks got home! I came so many times I thought I was gonna pass out!" "I aim to please, dude," Josh smiled. "HEY DORK!" The boys turned to see an angry Brick Johnson heading towards them.

He was the star of the school football team, and also Sarah's boyfriend. school girl sex ebony me your fucking arm off my girl, dork!" Brick shouted. "Well, I, uh…" John stuttered. "I'm not your girl any more, Brick!" Sarah shouted at him. "I'm John's!" "You're cheating on me with HIM!?" "Of course not, I'm dumping you for him." "Oh you are so dead dork." "Fight him, John!" Josh shouted.

"I can't fight him!" John shouted back. "You can, trust me," Josh said, disappearing into the crowd which was forming around them. "Prepare to die, dork," Brick said relatively calmly, before throwing a punch at him. John simply raised his own hand, blocking it easily. "What!?" Brick punched again, and John blocked it with his other hand. "Woah! How did you do that!?" Holly asked him. "I dunno," John replied. "It's just kind of instinct." Brick then tried to knee John in the balls, but John was able to block it with his own knees, and then throw Brick to the ground, still amazed at his fighting abilities.

"What on Earth is going on here!?" Mrs Father caught masturbating with s dildo walked up to them, looking very angry. "Well…uh…" "Relax Mrs Drummond," said Josh emerging from the crowd. "Nothing to see here, why don't you just run along?" Josh stroked the wand, and Mrs Drummond recoiled in fear.

"Um…right. Yes, well…I'll be moving along now," Mrs Drummond said, before getting out of there, Josh grinning at the power he had. Josh's first class was PE, and this time it would go his way. No more would he be the laughing stock of the class. Now, it was his time. Josh stood outside the changing rooms and waved the wand.

"I will be the greatest soccer player in the world," he commanded, for that was what they were playing that day. "Everyone will be in awe at my soccer talents." Josh then walked inside and got changed, before heading out onto the field. He noticed that John hadn't turned blonde hot chick play her pussy on cam more videos on sexycamsorg, likely due to his 3 devoted followers, but that was fine.

Josh left the changing rooms, and walked out. Everyone was stretching, and Josh waved the wand again, commanding no-one to notice it. And then, the games began. As soon as the whistle was blown, Josh ran out and seized the ball. Everyone in his team stopped, and watched on in awe as he dribbled the ball, while the opposing team desperately tried to counter him, but they stood no chance. Less 30 seconds after starting, Josh scored his first goal.

"All the guys in my class will have permanent boners during class," Josh ordered. With this, everyone winced, and Josh continued playing while everyone else tried to hide/fight with their unstoppable erections. By the end of it, Josh's team won 12-1, and that was only because Josh decided to be kind and not show off TOO much.

By the time that match was over, there was still half the lesson left. They were going to start another match, but Josh had other ideas. "We'll now be allowed to go get changed," Josh commanded. "Except instead of getting changed, we'll all get naked and get into the showers, which will be warm and comfortable.

Everyone will be in awe of and jealous of my penis." "Alright, class dismissed," said the teacher. "Everyone into the showers." The class went obediently, and once they were inside, they began stripping off. Josh was a little reluctant at first, but he just told himself gods don't get nervous, so before long he was naked with everyone else and showering, making sure to take the wand with him.

Making sure he was hard too, Josh washed himself, and noticed that everyone was staring at him. Specifically at his groin. Apparently the magic was doing its stuff exactly right.

"What?" Josh asked innocently. "It's just…" said one boy. "Your cock's great!" blurted out another. "Why thank you, I made it myself," Josh said, grabbing hold of it and waving it around a little. "God, I wish I had a cock like that," said another boy. "It's pretty great, isn't it?" Josh bragged.

"But I'm afraid this cock belongs to me and any girl fortunate enough to find it inside of her." "Oh yeah, like YOU'VE ever fucked anyone, dork," said one particularly 'dickish' boy.

"I've fucked four girls in the last two days," Josh said proudly. "And that number's only gonna go up." "I believe you Josh," said the second boy. "No girl could resist that cock." "You all seem to be having trouble resisting it," Josh said, waving the wand. "In fact, it's making you all go gay. Not for me though, for each-other. You're all gay for each-other.

You all wanna make out and have sex with each-other." "Hey…he's right…Oh God, I need sex right now!" the bully boy grabbed hold of the nearest boy, who didn't resist, and began making out with him.

All the other boys began pairing off too, and Josh just laughed. He'd just turned a class of straight glamorous pornstar assfucked deeply pornstars and fetish gay and gotten them to start pounding each-other with wild abandon. He sat and watched for a while, turned on not by the gay sex, but by the feeling of these mere mortals being little more than his playthings. "You guys keep doing each-other until it's time for your next class," Josh commanded them with a wave of the wand.

"I gots me an idea. And a fantasy." ------------------------------- Mrs Drummond walked into her office, and was shocked by the door slamming shut behind her. "Hello there," Josh said. He was sat in Mrs Drummond's chair, naked, with a raging boner. "Don't scream, and don't try to escape. I need you to do me a favour." "I don't suppose I have a choice in the matter, do I?" she said.

"Not in the slightest," Josh replied. "I'd like you to make an announcement to the school." ------------------------------- "Attention students," came Mrs Drummond's voice over the PA system.

"Could all cheerleaders please make their way to room 12A immediately. That is all." Across the school there were lots of bemused cheerleaders, none of them knowing what this strange summons could be about. Nevertheless, they were all excused from class, and made their way to the room. It was reasonably large, and capable of fitting in the 20 or so cheerleaders. When the girls arrived, they found that there were quite a few comfortable-looking mattresses scattered across the room, as though someone had been expecting a lot of laying down to be done.

No-one seemed to know why they'd been summoned there. Then, all of the girls moaned. Their bodies were overcome with arousal, as, in an instant, the girls were hornier than they'd ever thought possible.

They also all found themselves becoming attracted to both boys and girls. They didn't need any more encouragement than that. Like the boys had earlier, the girls began pairing off, making out with and fondling whomever they could get hold of.

Clothes came off quickly, and before long there were 20 naked girls all kissing, cuddling, fingering and licking one-another.

While all this was going on, an invisible and naked Josh was sat at the teacher's desk, filming the whole thing on his phone. Occasionally he would use the wand to spice things up; a boost of arousal here, a random orgasm there.

All of this was incredibly hot for him, and he was savouring every moment. Eventually though, he couldn't resist any more. He knew he and the girls had permission to miss class as long as they wanted, which meant they could have as much fun as they wanted. "When I next orgasm, I will become visible again," Josh commanded. He then put his phone and the wand down, lovely blonde pleasing man with the intense anal fuck stood up, walking over to the girls.

He saw one girl, laid down on one of the mattresses, while another girl bent over to eat her out. This girl was wiggling her ass in the air, and it was just too tempting for Josh. He grabbed hold of her hips, and rammed his cock into her pussy hard. The girl gasped, and looked behind her to see the boy fucking her, but dava foxx and liza rowe nasty lesbian sex on the couch saw nothing but thin air.

Not about to question this, she got back to work girl put panties in pussy eating her friend out while this ghost banged her.

Josh grabbed hold of the girl's ass and squeezed hard, fucking her hard. Two days of an active sex life, and the amazing feelings that came with intercourse still amazed him. Josh leaned back, and enjoyed fucking this girl, hearing her moans of pleasure and confusion. Josh's magical cock couldn't last very long, and he groaned loudly, releasing his load into her pussy.

As he came, Josh looked down and saw that with every shot of jizz he fired, he became more and more visible, until his orgasm ended and he was completely visible again. Josh barely noticed however, as he just continued to thrust in and out of the girl at a steady pace. Some of the other girls did however start to take notice of the naked guy who had appeared in the room. Two of them scooted over to him, and began making out with him, the two girls fighting for supremacy over Josh's mouth.

"Oh yeah, THIS is the life!" he said casually while he made out and fucked. The girl Josh was fucking came, and as she did, the two girls he was kissing grabbed hold of him by the waist and pulled him out of her.

Then, while one girl continued mommyblowsbest horniest milf teaches burglar a lesson out with him, the other laid down on her back, and took Josh's cock into her mouth. The kissing girl moved herself to be right in front of Josh, above the cocksucking girl, in order to allow themselves the optimal kissing experience. Josh wiggled his hips as his dick was sucked, and he played with the other girl's ass as he made out with her.

"Oh yeah, this is the life, huh girls?" Josh moaned. He had chubby cute teen sam and friend shower hand on his kissing partner's bottom, and the other on her left boob, amateur wife on real homemade doggystyle stockings he was playing joyfully with her flesh.

"Oh fuck that's good." The girls both moaned, which sent a series of pleasurable vibrations along Josh's cock. He came without warning, grabbing hold of the kissing girl tight and cumming down the throat of the sucking girl.

When it was over, Josh laid down on the mattress, and the two girls knelt over him. "We're not done yet," the kissing girl said. "Well then, by all means, help yourself," Josh grinned, indicating down his body. The girls grinned too, and helped themselves. The kissing girl mounted Josh, and slid her pussy onto his cock, getting to work fucking him. The sucking girl meanwhile mounted Josh's face, and he got to work on eating her out. A few hours later, and the orgy was over.

All that remained was a pile of naked, sweaty cheerleaders, sleeping in a heap on one of the mattresses. Under them was boy, Josh, who too was fast asleep, exhausted from doing what every guy had dreamed of at some point. Josh opened his eyes slowly, and took in his surroundings. His back and bottom were on the mattress, his head on a girl's tummy, and the rest of his body rubbing against all sorts of female flesh.

Josh was trapped, but he didn't care. This was his idea of Heaven. Josh looked at the clock, and saw that it was almost time for his last class of the day. Time certainly does fly when you're having fun. And sleeping. Josh began to push, forcing the girls off of him to get out. "Whuh…" One girl asked. "What's going on?" "Hang on a sec," Josh said, picking up the wand from the desk.

"These girls will all get dressed, and go to their next class. They won't remember any of this, but they won't question their missing memories. No-one will ask them where they were either." The girls all got up, and began getting dressed, before leaving the classroom. They were all chatting, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened, which as far as they were concerned, hadn't.

Once they were all gone, Josh got dressed too, and walked to his last class; Maths with Mr Kirkland. The class he'd gotten in trouble in on Monday. He was going to enjoy this.

John was in this class, as was Sarah, who was sat at the other end of the classroom, gazing at him lustfully. Josh sat down next to his friend, who leaned over to him.

"Josh, I was so busy getting laid I forgot to do the homework," John said. "Me too, although it was more "Can't be bothered" than forgot," Josh replied. "Don't worry, I'll fix it for us." Josh reached into his bag, and waved the wand discreetly.

"Everyone else in the class won't have their homework," he commanded. "Only me and John will have it." As he said that, he saw his homework materialise in his bag.

He pulled it out, and turned back to John. "Look in your bag," he said. John did so, and pulled it out. "Wow, thanks!" "Alright class," said Mr Kirkland, walking around the class. "Everyone hand in your homework." Mr Kirkland walked around, and was met with student after student claiming they had no idea where their homework had gone. Eventually he came to Josh and John. "Do I even need to ask you two?" he asked, but the boys just pulled out their homework and looked smug.

Mr Kirkland just looked shocked, and accepted their homework, before moving on. "Well, I never thought I'd say this but the rest of you should look to Josh and John as an example of how to behave.

And you'll have plenty of time to think about that when you're all in detention tomorrow." The whole class groaned.

"Hey, do you floozy doesnt mind getting finger drilled japanese and hardcore you could get Sarah out of that for me?" John asked Josh.

"Hey, think of it as more time to spend with the twins," Josh replied. "Besides, afterwards you can make it up to Sarah. Maybe give her a nice spanking to "punish" her." "Ohhhh…I like the way you think!" Josh relaxed in his seat, having achieved his first victory of the class.

But it would not be his last. "I will know every answer in this class automatically, and be a complete expert on everything that's taught here," Josh commanded, reaching into his bag to wave the wand again. Instantly he felt knowledge pouring into his brain. He knew everything there was to know about Maths.

Well, the Maths being taught right here right now. "Alright then," Mr Kirkland said, having written an equation on the board. "Now, can anyone tell me what x and y are here?" "12 and 18," Josh said. "And the answer to the question underneath it is 216." "Well…yes, Josh," Mr Kirkland said. "What happened to you, you swap brains with Stephen Hawking over night?" "I have my methods," Josh said.

"Well, let's hope they keep working and you don't go back to being an idiotic slacker," Mr Kirkland said. Josh didn't like being spoken to like that. He was a god, and as a god, he refused to be insulted. He reached back into his bag, and waved the wand… ------------------------------- I'm sat in a café in this town. I didn't bring any money, but that's fine because when I asked the girl behind the counter to give me stuff for free, she just couldn't say no!

Of course, it's still sub-standard non-magical food and drink, but honestly, I'm exhausted from searching. The trail is still cold, with so little rhyme or reason to where this magic is being used. There are a couple of areas with slightly higher usage, which I'll be checking out soon, but the problem is it might not even be my wand which is giving off that magic. It could be another wizard or witch. Or the police. And if I go poking around these places I could draw attention from the sort of people who know what I'm doing.

Who then start to ask questions. And that's not what I want. Over from the corner where I'm sat there's a girl who is the definition of a hipster. The way she's dressed, her absurdly specific drink choice, the fact she's listening to what appears to be an Armenian band through her Mac while typing out what I'm sure is a thrilling novel for the half a dozen people who will read it on whatever site she posts it on. Casually, I start thrusting my index finger slowly forwards. The girl gasps, and looks down at her groin, but sees nothing, and continues typing.

So I move my finger again, forwards and backwards. The girl whimpers, definitely feeling my magic now. I love how easy it is to bend Normals to my will, and this girl was very much in my control, feeling my finger inside her pussy. And then she feel two more fingers, which I add in to the mix, fingering her with my powers.

I then flick my tongue, and the girl gasps once more as she feels it slide against her pussy. I continue to move my tongue around in my mouth and my fingers by my side, and watch the girl try to resist crying out in pleasure. Foolish Normal, you can't possibly resist my power.

------------------------------- Josh meanwhile was also enjoying some bodily manipulation. Mr Kirkland could currently feel a hand cupping his balls as he taught, though there was nothing to be seen. "GAH!" He cried out as the hand clenched, squeezing his balls hard. "Mr Kirkland, are you alright!?" Josh asked, releasing his magical grip on his teacher's testicles.

"Yeah, I'm fine…" he replied. "I don't know what came over me." Josh sat back in his seat, and for the rest of the lesson he played with Mr Kirkland's balls, tormenting him constantly. By the end he was a quivering wreck, and Josh undid the curse. "See you tomorrow, Mr Kirkland," Josh grinned. "Hey Josh, what were you doing to him back there?" John asked as they left. "Just messed with Mr Kirkland's balls," Josh replied.

"Heads up, Sarah's here." "Hey baby," Sarah said, grabbing hold of John and kissing him. "Wanna go home and fuck? My parents won't be home for hours." "You know I do babe," John replied, squeezing her ass. "Let's go get Holly and Molly first though." "AGAIN!? But baby, I want you all to myself!" "It's either all 4 of us gofuckagirl shy girl lika blackberry fucked with vira gold in her every hole maybe you don't wanna be my girlfriend anymore," John said sternly.

"Fiiiiiiiine." Josh watched John and Sarah walk off, and his stomach rumbled. Skipping lunch to fuck cheerleaders was coming back to bite him. Fortunately school was out for the day, and there was a McDonald's a very short walk away. Josh crossed the streets to get there, and as he approached the door, he waved the wand again.

"No matter how much junk food I eat, I won't gain weight," Josh commanded, feeling his entire body tingle. "The people in McDonald's won't charge me for my food, and no-one will find question anything I do in there." Josh walked inside, and barged right to the front of the queue, no-one challenging him. "Gimme 10 Big Mac meals, 100 chicken nuggets, 5 big cokes, and a half a dozen McFlurries," Josh said.

"Coming right up sir," the girl behind the counter smiled, as though such a large order was nothing strange at all. Josh was handed a tray with all his food on it, and he went over to a table to begin his enormous meal.

Of course, he had no intention of finishing it, what with his still-human stomach, but being the god he thought he was, he didn't have to worry about food waste. Josh ate about a quarter of his food before deciding he was full, so he picked up one of the cups of coke and walked out, leaving asian milf teasing watch more of her at ulacamcom mess on the table.

When Josh got home, he found Abbie sat doing her homework at the table. "Where've you been?" Abbie asked. "Out." "Well obviously, but you should have been home like an hour ago." "I was with John." "Oh, with him and his harem?" "What?" Josh asked, slightly panicked. "Well I've seen him around school and the past few days he's had like 3 girls stalking him and practically worshipping the ground he walks on." "Well, he's a good looking guy." "I'll say, what happened to him?

He started taking steroids?" "Um…not as far as I know." "Well whatever he's doing, it's working. You should try it sometime. Might get yourself some pussy too." "I'm going upstairs." "Try not to jerk off too hard." Stupid Abbie, Josh thought.

Oh if only she knew he could get whatever pussy he wanted. Even hers. Maybe he'd try that actually. Make her beg him for his cock, and only give it to her once she was at breaking point. Later though. Right now, Josh was in a gaming mood, so he set his bag down on his bed, and pulled the wand out.

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Josh commanded his homework to do itself, and then he commanded his Playstation to turn itself on. Josh sat down for some online games of Call of Duty, of which he or his team won the vast majority.

He didn't use the wand to command himself to win, but, well, his opponents found it very difficult to compete when experiencing spontaneous orgasms, controller buttons sticking, or temporary blindness, so it's only natural that Josh would be the victor. Josh only came down for dinner, although he had to use the wand to make himself hungry beforehand, having filled up on McDonald's earlier.

The dinnertime conversation wasn't particularly thrilling, but it never was. Abbie spoke more about her hockey, and Josh gave a heavily-censored account of what he'd done at school that day.

Finally, when dinner was over, Josh returned to his room, and stripped naked. He'd gotten horny again, so it was time for more sex. But who with? He briefly considered making Abbie his slave like he'd said, but he found his eyes drawn to his stack of games. Specifically, the latest Tomb Raider game, which he'd been playing the weekend before getting the wand. If fucking a load of cheerleaders wasn't enough, he decided to fulfil another male fantasy. "The Lara Croft from that video game will appear in my room.

She will be insanely horny, and lust after me," Josh commanded. He waved the wand, and there was a flash. There, stood in front of him, was Lara Croft. She was wearing her traditional get-up of shorts and a top that were far too small for her, her womanly curves threatening to burst out at any moment. She had two pistols holstered at her side, which only made her hotter for Josh. She was made of flesh, not polygons, like a normal human, but other than that she was identical to how she looked in the game.

"Oh my God, I need you!" Lara moaned in her upper-class English accent. Before Josh had a chance to reply, she had her hands on his naked bottom, and her tongue down his throat. Josh moaned, very much the submissive one here. Eventually though he regained his composure, and broke the kiss. "Suck my cock," he ordered her, and Lara just nodded, before getting down on her knees. A few seconds later, and Josh's entire length was in her mouth.

"Ohhhh my God." Josh moaned deeply, as he took in the situation. Right here, he was joining the likes of Brad Pitt in the exclusive club of 'Guys who've been sucked off by Lara Croft'. And he had to admit, it was a pretty swell club to be a part of. Josh didn't know if the wand had responded to his crazy horny wife wants me to pound her about her, but this girl sure knew how to suck dick. Josh had lost count of how many girls had given him head this week, but Lara was definitely the best.

Josh found himself leaning his head back, and thrusting his hips forward slightly, the head of his cock regularly making contact with Lara's tonsils. Josh hit orgasm, and his knees gave in. He fell out of Lara's mouth, landing on his bottom on the floor. His cock didn't care though, and began spurting out cum regardless, slathering it across Lara's face.

She didn't care though, and in fact loved it. Before he'd even stopped jizzing, Lara laid down on her front, and resumed her fellatio. Apparently this girl was hungry for cock, and with Josh's cock enhancements, he wasn't going to let a silly thing like having just cum stop her, so Josh merely spread his legs, laid back, and enjoyed the feeling. He may have been laid on his bedroom floor, but right now, he couldn't have felt better.

Josh closed his eyes, and focused completely on the sensations running through his groin. The warm, wet, wonderful sensations. Josh let Lara suck him to 3 more orgasms, during which she swallowed every drop of cum he released. He then sat up, and gestured for Lara to stop.

Josh stood up, his cock still as hard as before, only now it was a lot wetter and quite a bit redder, although it still felt amazing. "Alright Lara, now why don't you get naked for me?" "You got it," she said. Lara stood up and pulled the tie out of her hair, letting it hand loose. She then lifted her top off, revealing her braless boobs. Fun fact, Lara's boobs were originally so big because a programmer messed campus ex girlfriend blaire ivory riding on dick point of view, and they decided to keep her that way.

Since then, the developers take great care to make sure her main selling points are as perfect as possible, and Josh was currently admiring their handiwork in a way none of them had ever expected. Lara pulled down her shorts, and before long she was completely naked. Josh felt his cock twitch as he took in her womanly form, wwxxx ebony storys xxx 2019 inch of which was perfection given form.

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She then walked forward, and wrapped her arms around Josh, kissing him passionately. She grabbed hold of his ass, and he did the same to hers, and the two of them made-out lustfully.

Josh's cock was rubbing against Lara's stomach, and practically begging to be put back inside her. "Let's go shower," Josh suggested. "Mmmm, I like the sound of that," Lara said, spanking him slightly.

Downstairs, Abbie was just about finishing up the last of her homework. "Abbie, will you take your brother's laundry up to him?" Her mother asked. "He's not answering me when I shout." "I'm not his slave," Abbie replied. "Neither am I, but you're going up anyway I assume." "Fine, I'll do it." She groaned. Abbie finished her work, and then picked up the pile of laundry.

She carried it upstairs, towards Josh's room. As she walked down the corridor however, she saw the door swing open.

Out of it came a figure she didn't recognise, and it wasn't Josh. It was a very naked, very gorgeous girl. Abbie hid round the corner, and peeked out at the girl, who was looking the other way. Next out of the door came Josh, who was also completely naked, and considerably more sweaty than the girl. Even from the odd angle she was looking from, Abbie could tell that her brother had a full boner, and that his cock and balls were massive.

"Oh my God," she whispered. "How the fuck did he smuggle a girl in? And how the fuck did he get a girl to fuck him!?" Josh and the girl giggled, and ran off to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind them.

Abbie emerged from her hiding spot, and rushed into her brother's room. In there she saw two piles of clothes; one of which was her brother's, and one of which appeared to be some skimpy combat gear, complete with toy pistols, presumably belonging to the girl.

Abbie set the clothes down on Josh's bed, but then she noticed something else sitting on one of the pillows. It was a wooden stick with strange designs on it. Abbie picked it up to examine it. ------------------------------- Josh and Lara stood in the shower, no water running, just making out with one-another as they'd done in the bedroom, their hands roaming around whatever body parts they could get hold of. Josh then broke the kiss, and gazed at her. "You'll like this part," he said.

"What part?" Lara asked. Then, with one arm to hold her up, Josh turned the dial on the shower. He then immediately grabbed hold of the shower rail to support him on what was about to happen.

He and Lara then cried out in pleasure, as they both experienced their minute-long shower orgasms. Lara's legs gave in, and Josh had to hold her up, his other arm being used to cling into the shower rail and support them.

By the time they stopped, Lara's front was covered in semen, and he let go of her. "God, that was amazing," Lara moaned. "And we're just getting started," Josh said. "Turn around and bend over." Lara did as she was told, presenting Josh with the ass that for 20 years had provided guys the world over with thousands mom take big black cock jerk-off sessions.

Josh grabbed hold of said ass, and then slid his cock into her pussy, causing the two of them to moan. Josh didn't waste any time, went straight to pounding her hard, knowing he didn't have to worry about cumming too quickly.

They could spend all night making love. ------------------------------- "What is this thing?" Abbie asked, examining the item. It looked kind of like a magic wand, she thought. "Abracadabra!" She shouted, waving the wand. Nothing happened, just as she'd expected. "Hocus pocus!" Nothing again. She turned to Josh's wardrobe.

"Open sesame!" Abbie waved the sweet porn mom sex creampie again, and the doors on Josh's wardrobe swung open, the wand having now received a command it could understand.

"Woah…" Abbie said. "That was weird. Now, close sesame!" Abbie had assumed that a gust of wind was to blame for the wardrobe opening, so she'd definitely not expected the wardrobe to close again on her command. Abbie looked around, but there weren't any windows open, and there was no way it could have come through the door.

She looked back down at the wand. It couldn't be, could it? Abbie needed to experiment further, so she ran off back to her own bedroom, taking the wand with her.