Housewife raped by stranger storys

Housewife raped by stranger storys
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The Breeders Life 3: Molded Working for Stephen made for an interesting life, when I wasn't being bent over a table or worse as it turned out. The job itself kept me busy and it paid well. I'm not the pay had much to do with the job of being secretary and more to do with.

but still it paid well and I do enjoy the work and I mean all of the work that I do here. I'd been at the company a nearly two months, I'd managed to secure life at the apartment for myself and my room mate. mainly me, mainly because Kelly could see her way through most of her expenses. Still it was good to finally contribute to our apartment in some way. "Sarah I need you to come in here for a minute please." Stephen said over the intercom linked to my desk.

I stood up and walked to his office, I was still extremely sore from yesterday when I was passed around during a board meeting.

I wasn't the only one to be passed around. They had girls brought teen with glasses pleasuring the cock of her professor for just such an occasion.

I however had been asked to take the minutes, of course it was a ploy on Stephen's part as he and the others never allowed me to start such a job. When I had first entered the board room I had been shown to a seat which had been modified.

Not modified exactly, I think it was designed to be like that. It was like a miniature saw horse with a rubber vibrator in the middle. It had raised ridges either side of the vibrator designed to be quite evil I suspect.

Also a way to make sure that who ever sat on that thing got off whether they wanted to or not. You are kidding yourself if you tell yourself that none of the women in the building don't want to quench their pussy's insatiable appetite. The drugs they have you on leave you horny all of the time, whether you are at home or at work the damn things never had an off day. Most of the time you won't hear me complaining at all, but after yesterday I sexy desperate babe mariah fucks pawndudes cock for money going to feel that for a while and what is more most of the people in the office knew that I was.

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"Sarah I would like to thank you for your help yesterday. As a reward for such excellent service, my father and I have agreed to treat you." Stephen said to me I stared at him dumb founded. wondering what he defined as a treat. "I have made an appointment down at the local piercing mods place for you this morning along with an apointment with my mothers personal stylist. You will be rocco facials and ass fucks super horny babes after your treatments, which I have already selected for you.

You will not have to worry about a thing." He informed me, and there it was. It was not hard to spot women in here who had piercings and or mods, in fact with no underwear allowed you could see them coming a mile off. I'd seen some pretty disturbing things, his fathers secretary was a shadow of her former self. The mod's were not just physical they were mental, they had people that could hypnotise you change the way you think and so on.

When in the presence of his father the secretary was on all fours, she was collared, she couldn't have been more than nineteen years old. She had been seen in the street as a teenager and the moment she left school she had been hired here. purchased by the man who run the firm. that was a year ago. Dark bags under her eyes, the way she shied away from human contact or flinched if he looked at her wrong.

Yes she had the fear of god in her, when it came to her boss. I'd heard the girls down the hall talking about it, saying that he had wanted her afraid of him, she would always go to him willingly when called, it was in her programming.

By the time he let her go though she was bruised and under the impression that what she had just been doing was far from consensual.

Rape play at its most extreme, the girls would laugh at her and tell her she is imaging things. Like you would want to imagine something like that. Stephen accompanied me to my appointment that morning, we just looked like your every day couple. Both of us dressed well, both of us looking like professional's. That was was the way that he wanted me to look most days, unless his wife at home was giving him a hard threesome fuck party for horny grandpa tube porn about something.

Then he would bring in something slutty and tell me to go change. I had been made to wear something that was no better than cling film really. It was mostly see through the material, okay by mostly I don't think anybody would be able to forget that dress as it showed everything perfectly. The dresses that I was made to wear were different to the ones I had started there wearing. For instance the bottom half of the dress was little bigger than a belt. I wore high heel shoes that would give most people a case of vertigo.

I wasn't plugged any more, he had let up on that, which I was glad about, I had enough problems at work and at home without that damn thing. Occasionally he would leave one on my chair and leave instructions to wear it. It was a reminder of who was in charge of who and who had the control. Not that I needed that but I was fairly sure that he did. We arrived at the piercing and mod shop. It was darkly lit and there was no one in there waiting when we entered the shop it self.

There was one man tattooed and pierced, his face was littered with piercings, it was actually gross to look at. I wondered why anyone would do that to their own face and had no answers.

"You must be Stephen and this slut must be Sarah, come this way I have a private room for my more wealthy paying customers." The man said escorting us down the hall. We walked through the back of the shop there were a couple of people out back, all heavily tattoo'd jez that was not a good look. At the back was one woman, she was naked except for a collar and leash, heavily pregnant.

She was plugged in all three holes, gagged with a thick rubber hood covering her face. you couldn't see her eyes. Nipple clamps the vicious kind, that tighten the more you play with italian mature seduced young boy. They were attached to a chain that stretched taught across the room to a hook of some sort, this would on occasion go up or down and you could hear her moan in pain when they did. She had a tail plug in her ass the curly kind, like a pigs tail.

I couldn't see how big it was but I could see the tail itself. The plug in her cunt was big however it had a metal loop in the bottom of it which was hooked up to the floor and taught so if she moved she was in pain from one of several ways. "This is my personal bitch Shelia. She has been with me for what five years." He said to me as I stared at her. "I never let her see what's coming, I have not taken that hood off her during the day for months.

Before breakfast and before dinner, she doesn't need anything but a liquid lunch." He explained gropping himself. "Well bitch time for you to lose your dress." He said to me I glanced at Stephen who nodded his head in consent. I needed help to get out of it, it was that tight and form hugging. Not that it didn't fit, it was a perfect fit, it was just that it was one of those you were meant to struggle to get in to and out of. Once it had hit the floor I was told to get into the chair/table.

not sure what it was meant to be but it could have been dual purpose.

It had stirrups for some reason and my feet were placed into them. Then my legs were forced as far apart as the table would allow and my body would allow for that matter.

"Like all bitches you are a natural when your legs are spread." He said laughing with Stephen. "Now I believe we have a vibrating implant to put in today, a clit ring both nipples to be pierced and oh yes.

now I remember." He said then looked at me. "I wouldn't worry your pretty little head off to much about it, you won't remember a thing." He said to me. When I was next aware of my surroundings I was on the same table, resting. The two men were not in the room, Shelia was still on the floor still gagged and plugged.

I was incapable of feeling sorry for her, this was her lot in life. She had decided this was what she wanted after all. well she would have said yes in the beginning not knowing this would be the end result. My clit throbbed with pain and something else, my nipples were in the same predicament but a whole lot more painful.

I glance down and sure enough my nipples were pierced. gold rings that were far thicker than I would have liked protruded from them and sat neatly on my breasts, underneath them were barbells running in opposite directions to the rings also made of gold. I reached up to touch them and felt a sharp vibration as my hands neared my nipples. The vibration in my pussy, my hips might have bucked but the pain was intense the wound still fresh no doubt. I hear a chuckle from the door way and look up to see the man who had done this to me standing there with Stephen.

"I wouldn't do that for a while if I were you. the bars through your nipples act as sensors. the closer your hands or mine or any males hands get your nipples they activate the vibrator down here." He explained his hand moving in close to my nipples I cry out in pain and pleasure all at once.

the vibrator is close to well that spot my hips buck as the pain in my nipples and down there is intense. "Misbehave and you can be punished, behave well and you can be rewarded. Like right now you have a low vibration going on." He explained upping the anty and intensity of the vibration my hips buck and I moan the throbbing african man and american girl my pussy has gone up a notch and my hips are moving off their own accord.

"It can be word activated to. so if I say." He explains holding the little control up to his mouth. "Pussy." I scream pleasure ripping through my body Stephen presses my hips back down to the table. "Bitch." He says I scream now as a sharp shock runs through my pussy and this time it is from pain.

"Slut." He says and makes me squeal holy shit. "This thing right here has fifty different settings. You are now a remote control whore." He says the vibration down there is the worst it has ever been and in that same moment its the best its ever been. "Oh we will be testing it out at work, you can be sure of that." Stephen said to him. "I may even suggest to the old man that he has all of his women employees go through this if it works." Stephen said.

My tormentor, pleasurer or however you want kitchen sex mom rep san sex stories see it goes over to his mate and begins to detach her from the wall and floor. leaving the chains in place he walks lovely teen gives a blow to an old dude to the table which he lowers so I am now at ground level almost.

He takes the gag out of her mouth before telling her to climb up on the table which she has been put up against. "Face forward you stupid whore." He snarls at Shelia, I feel for her as we both cry out.

So he has done this to her as well. Her swollen belly is in the way and she requires help to get on the table. Then shuffles down the table so we are face to face. Stephen walks around the front of me placing the chain from her nipple clamps in my mouth. "Use that as a pain killer." He tells me. "Do not move." He snaps. I cry out in pain as the vibration grows in my pussy. Throwing my head back with a moan, the woman above me cries out in pain.

kinky ashley gets screwed in a threesome breasts now the centre of my world and hers for the same reasons. She grunts I don't know what they are doing to her but she shoots forward a little bit.

I can't see her face except for her mouth which has just formed the shape of an o. "Please master no more please." Shelia says to the men at the other end of us. "Oh please." She cries out. "Shut up you bitch." He snaps at her I scream in pain as she does. "No master please your cock is hurting me." She cries. "Good, be a good little whore and enjoy the ride." He says both men laugh as we cry out with pleasure.

"Your note the whores can come without being touched, this is the best part of what is done to them. One pregnant cunt and one soon to be pregnant cunt, both unable to do anything.

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any time you say a word like bitch or whore, slag will work to. but whore well you can tell. If they could get their clits together you know full well what the dirty little sluts would be doing right now." He said to Stephen, we were both screaming incoherently the bastard knew what he was doing to us he just didn't care.

He was fucking his wife or slave or whatever she was to him. I could tell by the grunts and moans from them both and the way she jerked forward with every stroke of his cock. I was so close to my orgasm and I couldn't get anywhere near the parts I wanted to play with. Even the pain was making me hot. "I like what you done." Stephen said to him then he was by my head.

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His cock out and pointed down at my mouth, I opened it like I know he wanted me to and he slid his cock into my mouth. I was used to his girth and length by now and I knew he must be close to going over the edge.

"I am going to breed your whole hole as soon as it is healed bitch. you will know what it is like to be my personal whore since I pay you to be one. you will know what it is like to carry my child in that whore body. I will breed you for the world to see. You are mine owned by me and a slave to my whim whore nothing more." He said I was crying incoherently as I tried to suck his cock and tried desperately to cum. His words were having the desired effect on my body and the modifications he had made to it.

I closed my eyes as I felt his balls start to retract he pulled out of my mouth shooting all over my face he laughed called me a whore again and that was me over the edge. It was the first time I had come without any kind of penetration at all. I came all over my piercer and his slave. When I can think straight again, Shelia is back in her corner crying through her gage, I am no longer confined to the table unable to move.

Stephen is in the room paying the man. "Time to get you back into your dress Sarah." He says to me. "You will be allowed to heal before this goes any further bitch." He says I moan. "Till then the other men in the office will know you are off limits." He adds I manage to get back into my dress and my heels. Looking down at my body as it is now its obvious that my nipples are pierced and I am no longer vibrating so I know he has turned that function off for the curly babe loves to do some anal being.

He had it on a moment ago now it isn't. I am truly his remote control whore, I am paid to open my legs for him mostly and I knew it. It didn't matter if I was okay with this, I was just an object to be used by him and anyone else he deemed could have me.