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Old man big tit girl maximas errectis
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By the time I was exiting the bathroom, both girls were exiting the bedroom. I smiled at them both and they returned the smile but Amber quickly changed her expression to a questioning look. I continued to smile knowing I knew something they didn't. "So," I said as they came closer. "Are you ready for your sleepover?" "You betcha daddy," Amber said winking.

Jessica nodded but didn't say anything. I was about to question them more when the door bell rang interrupting us. "Well, it looks like your guests are here," I said with a big grin. Amber was instantly happy and she quickly gave me a quick kiss then ran down the stairs.

Jessica started to follow but as she passed me she hesitated. She seemed to not be sure if she should ask me something or not. So I broke the ice. "Do you have something on your mind Jess?" I wasn't sure if Jess would be acceptable.

"Actually Mister Thom—um, Nathan," she said with a very meek voice. "Amber said you help her with losing her virginity and um, I was wondering if you would do the same for me." I smiled a predatory smile. She stood as high as my chest so I knelt down, more to make myself not seem so intimidating and I grabbed her hand.

"I'm sure that won't be a problem." I was real excited. Mother i would like to fuck adores fucking around a lot hardcore and blowjob I had this twelve year old girl with a nice curvy body. I had already seen her pussy and wanted to taste it. I almost suggested we go to my room right then and there, but remembered Amber had guests.

"Would you mind if Amber joined us?" she asked shyly. I never imagined her to be so shy. When she was in my class last year, she was one of the few kids that were always the first to raise their hands and answer the questions. So it was rather intriguing to see this hot, young girl standing before asking me questions in such a timid way.

"If Amber would like to join in then it will only be more fun for us." Her face lit up with a matching smile. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek then turned to run down the stairs.

As she reached the top she spun and said, "Can you fuck my ass too?" I was still knelt down when the question came and I nearly fell over from the shock of it. It was as if she knew my earlier thoughts of romi rain is wonder woman I wanted to do to that tight little ass of hers and sought to please me. I put the biggest grin I could on my face and said, "It will be my pleasure." She giggled then went down the stairs.

I stood up and took a few moments to let the stiffness in my cock to settle before following downstairs. I didn't want to shock any of the girls after all.

Besides up until now I didn't know how many of Amber's friends knew of our special relationship. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw my daughter and Jessica standing with a small group of girls and an older woman, presumably one of the girls' mothers. They were huddled in a circle chatting when the older woman noticed me first.

"You must be Nathan," she said with an accent. She had school girl sex full movis black hair and very nice breasts. The first thought that entered my mind was whether they were real or not.

"Yes," I said trying hard to look at her face and not her chest. "And you are?" "I'm Sandra's mom," she answered pointing to the single red head of the group. "Donna." I thought back to my earlier conversation with Amber. This was the girl with the larger breasts. I could see where she got them. And my daughter was right. Even for a red head she was absolutely beautiful.

"The, um, hair," I said pointing finding that a little odd. Donna laughed. "It's from her father." "That explains it," I said.

"Your accent seems familiar." I was very curious about this woman. "I was born in Spain," she said. "Married her father when I was twenty, had her two years later." "Well, you are a very beautiful lady, just like your daughter," I said trying to compliment both without looking like a pervert.

She blushed a bit and smiled. "You had better watch this one, she can be quite aggressive." I stepped back and waved my hands in the air. "I'll do my best to resist." She laughed for a few heartbeats then said, "Well I do need to get going. I just wanted to meet you and say hi." "Well it was nice meeting you," I said.

She turned and talked with her daughter briefly then left. I noticed Amber and the other two girls, one a blonde and the other a brunette were looking at me giggling. "What is so funny?" I asked.

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"We saw the way you were looking at her," Amber said. "And what's wrong with that?" I asked defensively. "Nothing daddy," she said still giggling. "I just know when you to fuck someone." My face reddened. I guess I was still getting used to this side of my daughter. "So are you going to introduce me or do I need to guess who everyone is?" I said changing the subject.

The girls giggled a little more before Amber composed herself enough to do so. "This is Renata," she said pointing to the brunette. "She's the one with the piercing I told you about." "Amber!" she shouted, her face turning a deeper red than mine. "Oh hush," horney light brown hairy anal penetration said. "And this is Cindy." The blonde.

"Nice to meet you ladies." "And this is Sandra." Amber wrapped the youngest girl there. "Well," I said clapping my hands together. "I'll leave you to your party." "Oh come on daddy, you ain't going anywhere." "I'm not?" "No, you're not," she said firmly. I do believe she was enjoying having the ability to be in charge. "Renata brought a couple of movies for us to watch." The grin on her face that followed told me it wasn't your average movie.

The girls all piled into the living room while Amber helped me carry in the snacks. Once everyone was comfortable and settled I hit play. The first movie was Pirates, a porn movie starring Jesse Jane, Carmen Luvana, Evan Stone and a few other stars.

After some questioning I found out Renata took the movies from her parent's closet. According to her, her parents didn't think she knew where they were. I almost put a halt to the movie, but all the girls assured me they had seen it before. That movie was followed by the second, Pirates Lesbian hegre art massage tribbing Stagnetti's Revenge.

By the time they were over, my cock was as stiff as a board and I was breathing heavy. I had a room full of very young girls and all but Amber was a virgin. I wanted to take every one of them right then and there.

I didn't know what to do. Amber had a solution. "Daddy?" she said as she crawled up between my legs. "How would you like it if we put on a show for you?" I swallowed hard, forcing the lump in my throat down just a few inches. My mouth was dry and I was a bit speechless. Before I could say anything the girls were taking off their clothes right there in front of me. In my living room!

Cindy crawled onto the couch with me and worked my pants loose, pulling out my hardened cock while Amber got undressed. The other three girls got started on the floor. Cindy quickly put her twelve year old mouth around my cock, while my daughters wrapped around my balls. I about busted as the two warm mouths covered me.

Below me Renata was bent down between the little red head Sandra. Her pussy popped through smiling at me, her piercing glinted in the light. I licked my lips wishing I could play with that ring with my tongue.

Jessica knelt over the youngest girl's face. Her pussy lips were like rose petals, the kind that you grab with your teeth and gently pull on. Her clit was fat and prominent, just begging to be played with. Renata began to kiss along the inside of Sandra's thigh as she rubbed her clit with her thumb. I moaned at the combination of excitement I had and the feeling of a twelve and fourteen year old sucking my cock.

As Renata went to work on Sandra, Sandra already had her tongue buried deep into Jessica's pussy. The preteen was moaning already engrossed with an orgasm; her juices quickly pouring over the sides of Sandra's mouth. I looked down at my daughter and her friend. Both were twisting their tongues around my cock, giving extra attention when their tongues touched. Precum was running down the length of my shaft and the girls fought to lap it up for themselves.

Sandra squealed and withered on the floor, breaking her attention on Jessica for a moment. Renata seemed to be taking quite a bit of pleasure at having her tongue buried in Sandra's tight ass. I came. Cum shot out over the faces of my little helpers. They tried to catch it all, swallowing it quickly so that they could get more.

What was missed and landed on their faces they licked off each other. I thought it was over for me, but before my cock had a chance to go limp, both girls were back on it, bring it back to life.

With Sandra moaning in ecstasy, Jessica walked jade aspen sucks and fucks many guys cumbang dogfartnetwork interracial to Renata and without warning plunged two fingers into her pussy.

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The older girl jumped slightly, but she soon was moving against Jessica's fingers making them plunge in and out faster. Now with my cock back to full health, Cindy got up and stood over me. Her pussy was staring me right in the face. On her mound sat a wisp of golden hair matching that of her head.

I licked my lips once more, this time expecting to taste the young girl's pussy. To my surprise she had other ideas. Amber held my cock straight as the twelve year old slowly slipped onto my cock.

Her pussy was so tight; it felt like I was trying to squeeze it into a hole the size of a hole in a shampoo bottle. When it did finally pop in, her eyes got big and she let out a loud moan. After a moment she began to move up and down. Her undeveloped breasts looked like little more than mounds. I wrapped my hands around her tiny body and pulled her in popping one of them in my mouth. This brought a whole other series of moans from her.

Meanwhile, Amber dropped back down between my legs and began to like my balls. Jessica was pumping furiously into Renata while the other girl continued to lick Sandra's sweet ass. Sandra rubbed her clit, withering under both the feeling she was making and that of the older girl. Then she suddenly went rigged and juices flowed freely from her pussy, running down into her crack and onto Renata's tongue. At the same time Renata let out a long moan and a stream of hawt legal age teenager fulfills fucking dream girlfriend and homemade spurted out of her pussy.

Jessica's hand was instantly soaked as was her body. Her response to it was a giggle. Then she slipped down and began to lick the juices up. Meanwhile, Cindy continued hard fuck for this hot lovely chick pump me. She was bouncing so fast, every time her ass hit I heard a squishing sound. She had orgasmed so many times I had already lost count.

Because I had came so many time today it was making it hard for me to have another. My daughter must have realized the fact because I suddenly found a set of fingers being drove in deep into my asshole. Before I could react she began to thrust them in and out and within seconds I was filling this little girl full of my cum. Cindy's bounces stopped and she grabbed the back of my head pulling it in tight into her tiny breasts until my cock stopped pulsating.

When it was over the three girls lay entangled.

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Cindy came in to kissing be deep and passionately. "Thanks you Mister Thomas!" I was about to correct her when my daughter got between us and dove into a long hard kiss with the girl. —— Shortly after the little show the girls retired to the spare room I had. It reality kings anal sheena shaw two beds which they decided to take three to one and two to the other.

I retired to my room, exhausted and weak. I was almost asleep when my door opened a bit and a brown headed girl stuck her head in. "Nathan?" I peeled the blanket off my head. "Yes?" "We're ready if you are."