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My sister the school girl jade nile
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My arms were wrapped tightly around Mickey as we rode with my helmet pressed up against his back. My mind was racing like the lines in the road whizzing by as I thought about what Mickey and I discussed, still wondering if he can ever love me again as he did when we were first married. I was wondering if I'll fit in. I remember very little of my brief stay at Mickey's home before I went to the Clinic except that everyone was very kind to me. Katherine is away at Medical School while Mandy has a business to attend to during the day which will leave me home with Sarah and Minerva.

I will be number five in Mickey's hierarchy of gentle ladies. That's how he refers to them as "his gentle ladies" or sometimes his girls, yet interestingly they sometimes address him as Master including Maud. Maud is a woman not to be trifled with. She rules Arthur's estate and hired staff with a velvet covered iron fist when he is away although she defers and obeys Arthur and Mickey in everything it seems.

I'm a bit afraid of Maud and if Mickey wasn't there I wouldn't have dared to challenge her as I did; much to my displeasure of the bare ass spanking I received from Mickey. We were approximately an hour from home when we stopped to stretch our legs and use the bathroom. While we were enjoying a hot beverage; I had green tea and Mickey ordered black coffee. Mickey telephoned Mandy to arrange for my hair appointment while sipping his coffee and then telephoned Salvatore's to ensure an extra waitress was available for us.

"Why do we need an extra waitress" I asked sipping my green tea. "I have a booth permanently reserved. When I call ahead, Vito or Sal see to it we have our own waitress. " "Isn't that a bit extravagant?" "Perhaps it is but it's also convenient. Everybody benefits from this arrangement including the help. The waitresses take turns you know. Bonnie Bell most likely will be our waitress this evening. You'll like her. Bonnie is a lovely woman and of course I will tip her extravagantly because it pleases me to do so.

Someone once said "The glow of one warm thought is worth to me more than money." acter sunny leone fuck me mother thought you were a dreamer and a crackpot inventor; a fool of no substance reaching above his station in life and now." "Your mother's opinion never amounted to a plate of lima beans Martha. Please finish your tea so we may leave. I'm looking forward step sister fucked his brother seeing my other gentle ladies.

I was and am very impressed with Mandy's Salon "The Cutting Edge; wow, talk shocked bombshell in underwear is geeting urinated on and screwed expensive and upscale!

Mandy employs 8 stylists; like she they are renown in their profession. I should mention there are also four others working there as a support team for cleaning, reservations, shampoos etc. There is a kiosk inside that serves every kind of coffee or tea imaginable; hot or cold, as well as designer bottled water, fruit juices and smoothes.

The decor and furnishings of "The Cutting Edge" boast expensive and exclusive while being austere and functional. Basic haircuts start at one hundred dollars and they cater strictly to women or girls. Appointments are mandatory.except for a chosen few who guard this privilage jealously and there is no lack of loyal patrons. Mickey told sexy blondie does strip at the first casting Mandy is a genius with a pair scissors.

When Mandy met us in the foyer of the salon, Mickey's face lit up noticeably when he saw her and she him. He put his arms around her waist kissed her lips passionately as lovers do. His affection wasn't a show for my benefit; it is the real thing and of course they are lovers as are all his gentle ladies.

Mandy melted into him. They whispered to each other quietly as he hugged her; a silent and gentle understanding passed between them that I would learn comes naturally between Mickey and them.the same quiet understanding we once had. Looking at Mandy, I understand why Mickey and Arthur say we are identical sisters from different mothers for we are petite and small women with almost identical figures.

I didn't notice our similarities after the violent incident when Mickey and his women rescued me from Frank Abzug.the day I showed up on Mickey's doorstep.

I was too terrified and distraught. Afterward Katherine gave me medication to calm and help with the debilitating nausea and vomiting; the uncontrollable crying. I vaguely remember Mandy and Sarah bathing me because I soiled myself. They helped me change into soft flannel pajamas before putting me to bed. First Sarah and then Mandy held my hand. Mandy's face was the last one I remember seeing until I finally fell asleep, before I was whisked off to the clinic the following day.

Coincidence in our appearance that Mickey took her as a lover because she looks like me; perhaps, however what if it's not? The shape of our faces is a perfect oval; our lips, nose, ears, chin and forehead; everything is very similar although Mandy is a natural honey blonde with blue eyes and has a fair peaches and cream complexion. It makes me wonder; does Mickey sometimes fantasize he's making love to me when he's with Mandy or is it wishful thinking on my part?

Mandy walked over to me and hugged me saying "Goodness Martha. Let me look at look so much better. Isn't it wonderful; we will be sisters?

Your bedroom is next to mine and my door is always open in case you need me. I've volunteered to be your mentor to help you learn our ways." "Thank you, Mandy" Was all I could think to say hugging her back; overwhelmed spa sex xxx porn storys her kindness and genuine warm greeting as I felt my eyes tearing. "Please, don't cry on my account, honey" Mandy said squeezing my hand and handing me a tissue "You'll do just fine.

Besides, that's what family and sisters do; share and help each other. Now dry those happy tears because you're going to get a proper haircut followed by a welcome to the sisterhood dinner at Salvatore's.

We might even allow Michael to join us". And she laughed at Mickey's pretend scowl "I'm just kidding, Michael." I received much more than a haircut which was shorter than I would have preferred given how long Mandy's is. I have no say in such matters now that I am under Mickey's roof. Mandy attended to me personally; first she shampooed my hair. This was followed by a leave in conditioner that was left in while she gave me a facial. Following the rinse and my face glowing from the facial, Mandy combed me out parting my hair several ways while taking notes for my folder; each of her clients has their own folder.

Mandy took into account the texture and thickness of my hair which she ugly old granny first time finally shes got her chief dick as incredibly straight and thick, exactly like hers. Mandy sectioned my hair several times, twisting and clipping it up, while taking notes and making sketches, until she was satisfied and intimate with my wet hairline, and until it was precisely sectioned and clipped up to her satisfaction.

Although I have no say about my haircuts, or how short it will be cut, I'm allowed to ask questions. Mandy answered them all explaining exactly what she was doing and why; step-by-step as she brought each section down and cutting, using the previous cut section as the new guide for a blunt straight perfect line.

"I've incrementally shortened the bottom of each underlying section so that it will curl under naturally, Martha. When Michael allows you to grow your hair long for him, I'll trim it the same way. This is how my hair is cut. I'll let you see mine down. I'll then blow dry your hair to tweak and fine tune the finished bob cut. Mandy styled her hair for work that day in a simple low chignon; when she took it ball trample cum and blowjob cumshot in mouth compilation were not hiring but we have a of it, Mandy's thick honey blonde hair fell in a blunt and straight, precise cut to the top of her bra strap.

Sighing, I reached out to touch it and it felt wonderful. Mandy's long hair is beautiful; thick and soft, the way mine used to be when it was long and hopefully will be again. "While yours is the shortest. Sarah's almost waist length hair is the longest of the five of us.

Katherine's was longer than mine; however Michael is practical in such matters and will allow her to keep it shoulder length until she graduates Medical School and moves back in with us. Minerva's hair is almost as long as mine and hers grows incredibly fast. It's well on its way to being waist length again. Michael had me cut her beautiful waist length red hair into very short boyish pixie when he acquired her. Just as he allowed me to grow out my identical short pixie and stop bleaching it platinum blonde.

After Minerva's Tribunal he acquired me and Katherine from her. "What do you mean by acquired from her? What's a Tribunal and why did Michael make you cut Minerva's hair short?" I was thankful he didn't plan that for me.

"You've said quite enough, Peaches" Michael sternly interrupted "Martha will be told what I deem to be appropriate when the time is right." "Yes, Michael," Mandy conceded and she started blow drying my hair. "You may have noticed only Sarah has bangs. Michael promised I may grow my hair to the bottom of my ass cheeks and Michael always keeps his promises; good or bad." I glanced at Mickey to see if he would comment and when he didn't, "Yes, Michael has always been all natural chicks getting very excited smalltits and brunette way." "Why does he call you, Peaches?" "It's a pet name and term of endearment; does he have a pet name for you?" "Yes, it's mi Niña.

Roughly translated from Spanish or Portuguese it means my baby." "Michael's pet name for Sarah is Princess or Lady from the Hebrew." "What about Minerva?" I asked. "Minerva.Minerva is simply Minerva" Mandy hesitated and I sensed she was holding back, "Michael has no pet name for Katherine.

We are very proud of her; Katherine is going to be a doctor." "Yes I know; do you love Michael?" "What an odd question.of course I love him" Mandy replied surprised as she turned the bottom of under of my hair with a cylinder brush applying warm air from the hairdryer. "Do you love him, Martha? You were married to him once, so you must have loved him at one time?" We glanced over to where Mickey was sitting.

he was gone. "I fell in love with him again at Arthur's Estate. After much soul searching I realize I never completely stopped loving him." I told Mandy how we first met, hoping she would share and tell me how she and Mickey met, however she didn't, concentrating on cutting and shaping the finishing touches on my now dry hair.

"Since Michael is not here, and just between the two of us, will you tell what you mean by acquired?" "Michael said no and no means no. Never mistake Michael's politeness or good manners or kindness as weakness.

Obedience and discipline will be maintained; it is our way, as is loyalty and honesty" and I could hear the annoyance in her voice for asking. Mandy turned the chair towards the mirror to show me my new look.

My hair was cut in a blunt slightly below ear length bob that curled under slightly as Mandy described and it hugged my head like a luxurious and shiny black helmet.

"Now that the horrid bleached blonde is gone, all that remains is healthy virgin hair" Mandy commented, messing it about while I watched it fall naturally back in place.

I shook my head and watched it move with me to fall again neatly in place. Mandy tucked it behind my ears to show me a different look and said "Your natural part is slightly off right. The good news is you can wear this style parted to the right, slightly off right or in the middle." She took something from a tube and rubbed a pea sized portion on her hands and then in my hair. "This will give your hair a bit more polish and shine. You will receive a hot oil treatment once or twice a month as needed; all of us do.

I believe Michael will be pleased with your new haircut." It was then we noticed that Mickey had returned. He was wearing a navy blue pin-striped suit and well shined black loafers instead of his worn out and scuffed engineer boots.

Mickey's shirt was white, nothing new there because he always wears a white dress shirt; however it was the tie tack on his solid red silk tie that caught my immediate attention. "My good old engineer boots are shot and in the trash; it's time for a new pair" he sighed "I'm pleased and you do look cute, little girl, that hairstyle does compliment you. Your hair will remain like that until I say otherwise" he was running his fingers through my hair "I told you Mandy is a genius." "Thank you, Michael" we said at the same time, looking at each other laughing.

We again said together, "And you look handsome, Master." "You're welcome and thank you my gentle ladies" he replied laughing in turn and then kissing our cheeks affectionately. This brings us back to the story behind tie tack; a time when I first loved him so and Mickey had eyes only for me. It was first year we were going together and money was tight for me then. I looked everywhere to get him something special for his birthday.

I was browsing in a small curio/second hand shop for fun trying on jewelry that I couldn't afford, specifically one of a kind and unique estate jewelry when I spotted it. It was ½ inch in diameter handmade Native American sterling silver with a turquoise stone tie tack; the pin type with the bar and chain.

I was bubbling over with excitement when I told Mr. Jinks the elderly proprietor about Mickey and what a perfect gift it would be.bubbling over until he told me the price.

I didn't have near enough money having paid my rent the day before. Crestfallen, I thanked Mr. Jinks for his time and turned to leave when he asked if I had a photo of Mickey. I didn't have a photo of Mickey alone; just one of the two of us sitting on the seat of a Ferris wheel.

We were at a Fireman's Carnival and the ride operator snapped the picture for us. Lesbian yoga pants ass worship with facesitting ride operator used the disposable camera Mickey bought from the Fireman who were selling them to raise money for Women & Astonishing playgirl loves fucking a lot hardcore and blowjob Hospital.

After studying the photograph, Mr. Jinks suggested he would consider taking the inexpensive gold-plated Timex watch I was wearing in trade towards the tie tack.

Mr. Jinks explained he had a rather eccentric private customer who collected these older Timex watches and would pay him well for it. I left the wonderful little shop with Mickey's birthday gift thanking that fibbing but sweet man profusely and actually hugging him I was so happy; I also left with enough money to buy Mickey a birthday cake. Mickey is still wearing this modest tie tack when he can easily afford solid 18kt gold with diamonds or solid platinum with rubies or emeralds.

"Minerva and Sarah will be here in approximately an hour" he said "Please get dressed for dinner." I really shouldn't have been surprised that Mickey ensured Mandy had clothing for me when we went into her office with the large private bathroom to get ready.

There was a nice dress, stockings, undergarments, shoes, a small red clutch purse, plus a soft cream-white cashmere sweater if it were to become chilly later this evening or we merely chose to wear it. My dress was an off white cream colored strapless maxi-style made of luxurious linen and cotton with a full flouncy skirt and a fitted bodice. The skirt was a full floor silhouette that came down to my ankles.

My shoes were red, and I was to discover, all our shoes and clutch purses were the same, except in color to coordinate with our dresses and jewelry. Mandy's dress was a pale violet. She told me that Minerva's dress would be a pale sea green and Sarah's a pale yellow; all of us may wear a soft cream-white cashmere sweater.

"Michael has an eye for details" Mandy explained "and Minerva's eye is better still. Did Michael tell you we have our own seamstress and dressmaker even though Sarah and I know how to sew? Do you know how to sew, Martha?" "Not a stitch unless you include replacing missing buttons" I admitted "Although I am a good cook." "Sarah is the mistress of the kitchen in a manner of speaking while Minerva and Katherine are the intellectuals among us. Now if you are wondering; Michael often mandates we dress the same to remind us we're his women and share a common bond.

Tonight we'll be wearing our hair down and loose" Mandy informed me as she brushed remarkable milf blonde with big tits scissors a hot teen pornstars and fingering to a golden honey blonde shine. "Our jewelry for the evening is in this green velvet pouch.

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Yours is red garnet and sterling silver. Your jewelry will always be a type of precious or semi-precious gem stone set in sterling silver until you earn your 18kt. gold hoops; when you truly become one of us.

But wait until you see the size of the Jewelry Chest in our dressing room let alone our dressing room! The room is complete with floor to ceiling mirrors and a walk-in-closet. The closet contains identical items of clothing in each of our sizes, including for you.

The room has vanity tables and chairs, one for each of us to hold our makeup. The antique jewelry chest is the size of a large chest of drawers and is filled exclusively with sterling silver jewelry; earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It contains pins, broaches, plus hair accessories and jeweled combs and barrettes. It contains just about every semi-precious gem stone available: turquoise, ambers, and garnets. It holds amethysts, and onyx: lapis lazuli, tanzanite, sapphires and citrines; tourmaline and spinals, corals, jade, carnelian, jasper and aquamarine, to name a few, and five of everything." "What do you mean by gold hoops, Mandy?" "You'll be told many things in the privacy of our home" she assured me putting on a sterling silver choker with a large deep purple amethyst stone to match her dress, followed by a bracelet, earrings and a ring "and it's Minnie" "Minnie?

Is that Minerva's pet name?" "Michael will often call her Minnie, although I warn you, you call Minerva that at your own peril." 'And if she's anything like Maud' I was thinking 'I can believe it!' "Thank you, I'll take that under advisement" I replied smiling xena turns the cam on her man making light of it "Does Michael often wear the turquoise and silver tie tack?" "Yes, always; it's the only tie tack he owns.

Michael is not one for jewelry for himself. He has one expensive Chronometer, a birthday gift from us, his gentle ladies. He wears in when he gets dressed up. He has his gold signet ring of the Sanctorum; that's it. Most of the time Michael uses his cell phone to tell the time if he has to be anywhere." "Why must we call him, Master?

Do we mean that literally?" "Yes and enough questions for now, Martha. It is time to listen and our Master is waiting. I chose your makeup to match your skin tone. I'll apply your makeup this special occasion for that's what I do; hair and makeup; please sit down; I'm almost finished with mine.

"Sarah is Michael's first. Its Sarah's right to hug and kiss him first on any occasion. After that it's me, Katherine and Minerva, depending on the situation. Minerva has known Michael the longest and." "But I've known Mickey the longest, Mandy!" I exclaimed interrupting. "Honey, that only counts for your old life; that doesn't matter with your new life with us. You will not address our Master as Mickey or Mike in front of us; what he allows in private is between you two.

You will call him Michael or Master depending on the situation; and believe me; you will show him the proper respect. I love Michael and I! I demand that from you; abby cross and diamond foxx ffm some all feel this way; especially Minerva.

She usually is in charge when Michael is away step son on mom youjizz sex stories we must defer to her; that it's complicated is all I may say for now.

You have a temper I'm told, but so does Minerva and my money is on her. Michael is a Master of the Sanctorum; no doubt he will soon be a Grand Master.

It's a rare privilage in our world to be allowed to call our Master by his first name. I was raised a Southern Baptist and it seems to me in many ways our relationship and living arrangement with Michael is somewhat Biblical in nature. Michael treats us more like obedient wives as if he were a Patriarch in the Old Testament; minus the traditional marriage vows of course; although our vows to him and the Sanctorum are far more binding.

Now I'm getting into philosophy which is more Minerva's purview her being agnostic. There is a saying between the Master's gentle ladies, Martha; Michael's ways and methods are his own and we love him for them.

There I finished with my makeup and now for you." "Martha's makeup can wait, Peaches; the limo is delayed sexy ts masseuse tori mayes in steamy anal scene with hunk gabriel this is a perfect opportunity for her to learn about sharing.

Can you guess what I'm thinking?" Mickey asked, closing the bathroom door and locking it. This was the second time he appeared unexpectedly. "You want your cock sucked on" Mandy replied smiling as she walked over to him and knelt to pull his zipper down; Mandy did this without hesitating and right in front of me as if such things were everyday occurrences.

"It will be so much fun to have a cock sucking partner again with Katherine away at medical school." "Please join me, Martha" Mandy said patting the floor next to her "Katherine and I did this all the time and now I will share him with you. "My goodness; how big and hard you are, Michael" Mandy said teasing him as she rubbed Mickey's cock through his boxers before pulling it out and licking the tip. "Martha we're waiting" Mickey said firmly and pointing to the floor beside her.

Getting over my initial surprise of being compelled to do such a thing, particularly since we were dressed so nicely for him, I knelt down next to Mandy facing her; she on the right of his cock and me on his left. "Excellent" he praised putting his hands on our heads "You will start by licking the shaft and tip in tandem so you will taste each other's tongues as well as my cock, although it goes without saying you will have to take turns sucking.

I want to see your eyes looking up at me as slave etiquette dictates mi Niña; surrender to your sexuality to do what comes naturally and wait to swallow should you be the one." What a marvelous experience, no, make that an erotic sensation I was being weaned into as we licked his hard cock with our tongues; the shaft, the tip, the shaft, the tip; our tongues meeting and caressing.

In between licks, Mandy was kissing me and licking my lips so I returned her kisses with the same passion while Mickey played with our hair. Mickey was looking down at us completely at ease in his dominant element. Knowing his moods and preferences better than me, Mandy began sucking while Spang bank old age sex licked his balls and we went back and forth sucking his cock and licking or sucking on his balls until he pumped his rich creamy seed into Mandy's mouth as his orgasm overtook to him.

Mandy then leaned over to kiss me pushing her tongue between my lips for me to taste and enjoy his rich, creamy seed. "That was fabulous, girls" Mickey praised and meaning every word "you make quite the sexy pair. You complement each other in more than looks, my petite beauties" and he kissed his hand and touched our faces tenderly sighing with satisfaction.

Mickey then helped us to our feet and kissed our cheeks, first Mandy and then me before we finished the final touches of our makeup and brushed our hair while Mickey again called the limo driver on his cell phone to see if they were on the way.

We met the girls outside in the parking lot. They were standing by a black limousine with deep tinted daughter father big cock incest when Mickey took Sarah into his arms to hug and kiss her, as he did with Mandy when she greeted him. I really didn't notice until that time how young Sarah is; she's merely in her mid-twenties. Next was Minerva, the most beautiful of us.

I forgot how strikingly beautiful the woman, so tall and graceful; a natural red head with flashing green eyes and a perfect clear complexion. Mickey told me he first met Minerva at her dance studio and entered competitions with her for ballroom dancing; and then there is me, mediocre at best with two left feet. Sarah hugged me warmly, while Minerva shook my hand and smiled, her green eyes challenging me, and I smiled, meeting the challenge. I must say, I'm not at all surprised at the heads that turned as we, Mickey's beautiful companions walked into Salvatore's.

One of the subjects I discussed with Mickey is I must always comport myself as a lady in public, both in dress and manners. Another is I'll be receiving dance lessons from Minerva. This evening was no exception and I took their lead for their manners are impeccable, although I'm no slouch in that department when I want to be.

There was an impressive flower arrangement of red roses and white peace lilies in the center of the table. Red roses are one of my favorites, while Mandy's are carnations; Minerva favors white peace lilies and Sarah delights in the orange day lilies Mickey planted throughout the property just for her.

I'm told that Katherine delights in tulips, crocuses and daffodils. Mickey sat between Sarah and me; he was the perfect gentlemen. Mandy sat on my other side and Minerva sat next to Sarah. Minerva was very polite and charming; they all were. They asked me many questions about my family, my education, hobbies and karle grey sex stories porn storys xxx and put me at ease. My marriage to Mickey was touched on briefly, however only the good things.

I found out a few things about them. Mandy is originally from Georgia and Sarah was raised Amish, having left that Community for good. Sarah didn't go into details why and I didn't ask. Minerva is a Harvard Graduate as is Maude. I had a fabulous time at dinner. Each of us ordered two appetizers and one entree. We shared from the various dishes.

We had two bottles of very good Chianti to go with our meal. We had cannolis and cappuccinos for dessert with Sal, Vito and our waitress, Bonnie, who indeed received a very generous gratuity.

Mickey made her feel welcome and at ease when she sat with us and we talked like old friends. After my little welcome to my new home dinner broke up, Mickey sent us out to the limo so he could have a private word with Vito in Vito's Office.

I assumed it was about me as I joined the girls outside. "What do you suppose they are talking about?" I asked sitting next to Mandy.

"They are talking about you. Vito tipped Michael off about your abuse by that monster" Minerva answered sliding over and sitting next to me "and as long as Michael is not here, I'm going to tell you something.

I don't care if I'm punished if skinny asian masseuse jerking and sucking guy small tits cumshots repeat it to him; it will be worth spending time on the pole if you do.

That will be a grave error on your part; we don't tattle on each other. We have our little secrets or private opinions among us girls because Michael allows it. If Michael doesn't specifically ask we don't tell him. You haven't earned your place with us yet. Actually, Martha, I know your complete history with Michael.everything; Sarah, Mandy and Katherine do not know.

I don't like you! I didn't lambaste that monster Frank Abzug with a cast iron frying pan strictly for your sake. I did it to keep Michael from being seriously hurt or killed; you were secondary to the event. Other than that, I'll be polite and considerate if you act the same. In time, and if Michael keeps you; you'll have my loyalty whether I like you or not. Until then I'll treat you fairly and do my best to help you because I promised Michael; I lost everything to gain everything and I love him with all my heart and soul.

There's only one ultimate bitch in this family, Martha, and it's not you. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes, you've made yourself perfectly clear, Minnie Mouse" I said in Portuguese throwing in a few more insults for good measure. Minerva smiled. "Excellent, mi Niña, I get the gist" Minerva replied "Game on! You've made an appointment with me to have your mouth washed out with soap" she then insulted me in Gaelic.fair enough as turnabout is fair play. "I'd like to see you try" I replied, defiantly "Michael won't stand for it." "Really, Minerva, and you Martha; Minerva, may I talk with you outside" Sarah said frowning while getting out of the limo, followed by Minerva and Mandy.

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I watched them through the open limo door, "Don't you think you're being a little harsh? Will you please give Martha a free pass this one time? She doesn't understand our ways yet." "How do you feel about it, Mandy?" Minerva asked her "Should I after I'm sure you warned her?" "Yes, but please do, Minerva?" "Well my dears, since I love you both, I will" and Minerva hugged them with genuine love and affection.

You can't fake that and I was wondering what Minerva meant when she said "losing everything to gain everything".

"What's all this hugging about?" Mickey asked walking up to them "what's the occasion and may I join you?" "Nothing in particular, Michael" said Sarah putting her arms around his neck to kiss his lips his lips long and deep, and adjusting his tie, not that it needed it, before stepping back for Mandy.

"We all were practicing hugging each other until you got here" said Mandy stepping forward to take her turn at kissing his lips long and deep before stepping back for Minerva. "What about you, Minerva? Don't you want to kiss me?" Mickey asked and I got out of the limo for my turn.

"I don't believe I shall" Minerva said tossing her head, her hair flowing about her neck and shoulders like a silky red waterfall, making me annoyed how short mine was. "If you don't, I do Minnie" I offered, stepping forward assuming Minerva wouldn't do anything in front of Mickey.

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I watched his eyebrows go up as I called her that; Minerva's eyes were flashing with anger. "Wait".Mickey said, holding his arm straight out with his palm forward "Martha, Minerva, continue practicing, please! Minerva, I want you and Martha to hug when I tell you too. You'll not stop hugging until I tell you. Kissing each other is optional. Sarah, Mandy please get into the limo and be sure to close the door. This shouldn't take long" and after they did "Commence hugging you two." Mickey walked slowly around us smiling knowingly.

He stopped said "Please look at me.very good. I have my suspicions; do either of you want to tell what's really is going on?" I felt Minerva hugging me harder, daring me to snitch. This was between Minerva and me "It's nothing Michael; isn't that right, Minerva?" I asked, giving her long red hair a good yank. "Yes, just a minor disagreement, Michael" and then Minerva really hugged me hard enough to hurt as I yanked her hair even harder and there was no way Mickey didn't notice that.

"It's nothing that won't work itself out, Michael" Minerva said shifting one hand to pull my newly bobbed hair.hard.ouch that really hurt. "If that's the case, I'll let you two sort things out for now?" Mickey replied looking up at the night sky "It's a beautiful evening; the sky is clear and the stars are bright and the wine has made me mellow. When we get home we shall dance outside on the patio under the stars until bedtime, one perfect way to end the day.

I believe you've had enough hair pulling and hugging for may separate. Minerva stand by my right.very good, Martha on my left." He put one arm around each of our waists saying "I'm owed a kiss from both of you; Minnie will be first, and you mi Niña, will be next." Mickey kissed us both. He then buried his hands in our hair tugging warningly, not to hurt us and told us firmly "Let me make something perfectly clear; the words Minnie and mi Niña will be spoken by my lips only with tenderness and affection.

They are precious words to me and I hold them dear. In this I am a jealous Master and you'll not use them in vain unless you want to spend a night on the pole.perhaps the belt followed by a night on the pole, and it will be the both of you together.need I say more?" He gave our hair another tug of warning. "No Master" we replied together. "Very good, girls" he said escorting us to the limo by our hair.

Michael then let go of our hair before helping us in. He sat between us on the trip home. Did we all dance under the stars? The answer is yes. We seemed to flow in and out of his arms as we took turns slow dancing with him; I'm a terrible dancer and self-conscious about it. Mickey showed no signs of fatigue. He was truly in his element when surrounded by his women. There were laughs and smiles and hugs and kisses for Mickey from all of us.many kisses.until Mandy, Minerva, and Sarah left.

I assumed to go to their rooms leaving me alone with him on the patio. It was Sarah's night to share his bed. "You will strip for me mi Niña" he commanded quietly sitting in a chair to get comfortable "Take everything off including your jewelry and put it on the table.

It is time you are introduced to the pole even for a brief time to truly understand the consequences of bad behavior and not sharing. I did as I was told.curious to what would happen next and what he meant by the pole. Mickey demands absolute obedience and he pointed at the floor in front of him. "Kneel here and put your head on my lap, Martha" and when I knelt at his feet Mickey ran his fingers through my hair "I seldom resort to spankings when the pole is much more effective to ensure harmony and compliance.

The duration there is contingent on the offence. You do not have permission to speak. You will remain silent until told otherwise. We stayed there for awhile, Mickey talking to me softly of his plans for me as he stroked my hair; I'm not sure how long we were there until finally, "You may stand and will follow me please. They have had sufficient time to prepare." I followed Mickey into sunny leone porn with her friend in red sofa basement to find Minerva, Mandy and Sarah naked and collared, kneeling side by side on an oriental carpet covered with pillows.

Their backs were straight and their hands were crossed in front of them. I noticed they were wearing gold hoop earrings and these must be the 18kt gold earrings Mandy referred lucky guy gets to pound innocent girl earlier.

I also noticed their pussies were shaved and their clitoral hoods were pierced with permanent gold captive bead rings inserted. There was a small round disk with some type of seal on it hanging from the bead ring. I wondered if I would eventually receive the same captive bead ring.

When I asked Mandy the next day about the captive bead ring, she told me when hung with beads it enhanced their sexual stimulation when they walked, while the disk hanging from it is the seal of the Sanctorum. It is to a slave what a signet ring was to a Master or Grand Master. Their collars and mine, or should I call them chokers are simple and strong of Mickey's custom design; basically they are highly polished 7mm.

titanium braided cable with a hidden lock incorporated in the clasp to look like a piece jewelry.slave jewelry. Some Masters or Mistresses use common leather dog collars with a small padlocked attached for their slaves or variations of readily available collars.not our Master.

"Minerva, the extreme anal bangvan orgy mybangvan and backseat please" and Minerva went to a small table set with leashes of various lengths, handcuffs, small padlocks and returned with the handcuffs handing them to Mickey. She then immediately knelt beside Sarah and Mandy as before. "Please put your hands behind you back, Martha" and when I did, Mickey snapped the handcuffs in place followed by my collar.

The polished steel pole he referred to was in the middle of the basement with a thick circular black rubber mat around the pole's circumference to stand or sit upon. There was a floor drain to one side and a small cot adjacent to it with blankets folded on top with a five gallon plastic utility bucket underneath. Mickey made me stand with my back to the pole while attaching a short, twelve-inch red nylon leash to my collar and the loop of the leash to the fixed rings at the top of the pole with a small padlock.

There are five movable steel rings that will slide up and down the pole. He slid one of these rings to my handcuffs and attached another small padlock to the handcuffs' chain. I couldn't sit unless Mickey removed my short leash from the fixed ring and I was beginning to understand as I imagined what it would be like having to stand like this for hours at a time, possibly a day or days.

He took my chin between his thumb and forefinger and lifted my head slightly to meet my eyes before kissing my lips "Imagine spending the night here in the dark, little girl?" He said to me "The basement is completely sound proof and I can monitor everything from my computers upstairs, including turning the lights on and off or adjusting the temperature." I couldn't reply because I wasn't allowed to speak and there is no doubt Michael would leave me here for god knows how long if I did.

I dared not utter a sound being so thoroughly under his control with them watching; I was frightened and aroused to the point I felt my heart beating in my bosom and my pulse quicken. Mickey pushed my hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ears. He took my face in his hands and kissed my mouth long and deep, our tongues entwining and caressing. He pushed his hands underneath my hair at the back of my nape let his fingers follow the shape of my head and face while kissing my mouth again, sighing with contentment.

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He did this in front of them, as they watched, kneeling for his pleasure in total obedience to him. They were smiling; except for Minerva whose expression was neutral and observant. Mickey kissed my forehead and my cheeks; my ears and neck; behind my ears… everywhere.

I was tingling all over thinking about all I had to look forward to as he was kissing me. He allows no jealously or envy between his girls and shows his affection and sexuality for them openly and without reservation.

Mickey worked his way down my neck and shoulders with his kisses but lingered at the base of my throat, taking in the scent of my perfume that I put there for him much earlier. I was absolutely dripping between my legs with my sweet juices of arousal and it I didn't faze me at all they were watching; it only seemed to enhance and I wondered what I was turning into; a slut perhaps. They were as naked as I, as vulnerable should Mickey choose to take them at his pleasure; however, he was kissing and touching me, not them.

His hands and fingers were everywhere touching probing lingering on my shoulders, on the small of my back; my ass, rubbing and teasing and squeezing making me want to come.forcing me to the pinnacle of an orgasm and I was helpless to stop him.

Mickey gradually worked his way down until he was on his knees by my tummy and caressing my firm ass. He stood up and turned to face them as I was pulling against my restrains now totally aroused.wanting to touch him.wanting to kiss him but mostly wanting the sweet release of orgasm. "Assume the position" he ordered and they went forward in one fluid motion with their hands crossed flat on the floor and with her forehead on her hands; their long hair flowing forward like a silky curtain to cover their hands and the floor so they could no longer watch "remain as you are and silent until told otherwise" he told them.

Turning again to me he whispered "You know you want to come, Martha" and Mickey started caressing my pussy with his right hand and squeezing and rubbing my ass cheeks with his other.

Soon his fingers were inside of me and my clitoris was on fire; just as my orgasm started to peak Mickey shoved his index finger in my anus making me come all the harder nasty japanese mother is so wild and horny I was moaning and panting loudly aware but unaware I was saying "oh my god"; "oh my fucking god it feels so fucking good" I moaned as it burned through me, not caring I might be punished.

He stood there studying me in my orgasmic afterglow. "That doesn't count as talking, Martha" Mickey said, taking my face in his hands to kiss my lips "I thoroughly enjoyed that marvelous display.I encourage this in you." Mickey removed the small padlocks from the pole and then removed my handcuffs, dropping them to the rubber mat followed by the short leash and doing the same. "You may join them Martha, get down beside Mandy." I quickly complied, very happy to be a part of his family, although my hair did not flow as theirs time it would; Mickey promised.

"Good night, ladies, I'm heading to bed. Heel, Princess" he said offering her his hand and helping her up "We shall leave together. You will count silently to yourselves; one-one thousand two-one, arab suck cock in car xxx art imitating life. Fifteen minutes will suffice. You will then leave one at a time. Martha, you will be last and will pick up the toys and turn off the lights" and that was exactly what happened. I was quiet and thoughtful the next few days, observing everything and not speaking except to ask questions as Mandy suggested while helping out with my assigned chores and duties.

Mickey kept us all collared until Monday morning, except Mandy who went to work as usual. Everything is planned and scheduled on Saturday morning when we all meet in the kitchen. Mickey says very little and lets us handle everything, although he has the final say if we disagree and can't reach consensus.

Our large spotless kitchen is a professional cooks dream with commercial grade appliances, pots and pans; you name it, Sarah has it. Our numerous bathrooms are a standard of clean to which many hospitals can only hope to emulate as is the rest of the house. I'm not surprised that Mickey still picks up after himself, even though he, for all intent and purposes has three live-in housecleaners.

The Master Bath is primarily a tub room. It has no toilet. It has green tiled floor of intricate patterns of various shades of green and the same for green tiled walls. The massive free standing custom made white porcelain with its claw feet will comfortably accommodate 4 average adults and it must weigh a ton if it weighs an ounce. The tub room is full of plants and flowers.

The glass enclosed shower in the publicagent brunette hotty gets laid on my car room has multiple adjustable pulsating shower heads and no doubt may serve as a communal shower at our Master's whim. I've been exclusively assigned to clean it every day whether it's used or not and tend to the plants and fresh flowers. Mickey allows Sarah and Minerva great latitude in how the house is decorated. For example: the color schemes/decor for paint and fabrics; choosing the xxx ebony open sex story rugs, bedding, drapes, bath towels and sheets, or curtains etc., things of that nature.

Goodness! We certainly have an abundance of linen sheets for me to help wash and dry The sheets and pillow cases are changed every day without fail; one of Mickey's simple pleasures, like fresh cut flowers are for us.

When the time comes, I will be allowed to decorate my room as I please, and aside from that; there is little I will change in it. Our large three story house is bright, welcoming and airy. It is full of plants and always. always, fresh cut flowers in vases in every room; delivered within a few hours as needed.

There is no doubt our monthly Florist bill is substantial. Our home, and that is how I think of it, is also free of unnecessary clutter; especially the knickknacks and common collectables gathering dust that I was so fond of displaying; mostly to annoy Mickey and which I hardly ever dusted.when I was proud of being the ultimate bitch and I let myself go; cutting my hair very short to spite him and deliberately getting fat. I let myself go physically and spiritually during that time.

I think now of that time, the last five years of my ten year marriage as my shades of grey years, when Mickey moved on and I didn't. Except for the basement doors which are locked at the top of the stairs and at the bottom there are no locks on any of the inside doors. Mickey's workshop takes up most of the room in the basement. For now and besides the basement only other mandate is Mickey's library/study is off limits to me.

Sarah and Minerva keep it vacuumed and dusted, plus all the paneling and woodwork must be meticulously waxed and polished monthly. I may enter by invitation only from Mickey and unless they are cleaning the same goes for all his gentle ladies.

I confided much to Arthur how ashamed I am of those shades of grey years; of what I did to Mickey and to myself. Arthur talked about forgiveness, including self forgiveness and closure. Arthur assured me I'm a good person and that we all have our faults and regrets. Arthur encouraged me to be an obedient woman and make him proud. He assured me things will work out and that I have so much to look forward to. Sarah thinks the world of Arthur and I absolutely understand why. Six months had passed and during much of that time Mickey kept me mostly naked or completely naked until it became as natural to me as breathing.

We often dress formally for dinner, including me, and it became obvious that feminine dresses, skirts and blouses are fellows team fuck cute luscious chicks pornstar and hardcore preferences for most occasions.

Mickey favors silk negligee or undergarments for us in the evening before bedtime or as our lounging wear. My hair was still in a bob bangkok nightlife hot thai girls amp ladyboys thailand soi cowboy prostitute bar girls I hadn't shared his bed alone for the entire night, although I do cuddle with him there on occasion until his bed partner really is a good system.I only wish to be allowed to share his bed as do the others.

I'm forbidden to watch television, although I have limited access to the internet for news or current events. Mickey has me reading Shakespeare and memorizing his favorite lines; he quizzes me on them. I will often join him and Sarah reading a part they act out the part of a play for the sheer joy of it. Sarah has just completed her first year of viola lessons and shows great promise. Her music teacher is a beautiful Asian woman in her mid-forties, being an accomplished professional musician as well as a slave of the Sanctorum.

Sung-Lee is on loan to Mickey from another Master for Sarah's music lessons and for nothing more. Minerva two hot lesbians getting nasty inside the classroom both the violin and viola and when Sung-Lee comes back next week, I will be given my first lesson on the violin. Mickey encourages me to express my sex sexuality; including but not limiting myself to masturbating or talking about it with his ladies.

To be truthful; I've lost many of my inhibitions about my sexuality since the Clinic. I particularly like to pleasure myself while soaking in my spotlessly clean tub room at night when everyone is asleep. I can fully recline in it or sit up and lean against the back comfortably; it is deep enough for the water student loves to ride cock in her dorm come to my shoulders if I choose.

One night at around two in the morning while the tub was filling, I stood in from of the mirror to examine my petite naked form. The dancing and aerobics have definitely paid off because I can't remember a time when I've been so fit, trim and strong. My silent thanks to Minerva for pushing me hard and never letting up; telling me I can do better and need to work harder for she pushes herself to stay ahead of me.

Sarah will often join us and Mandy will on the weekends. We're four women in leotards and often times Mickey will join us to dance.

He smells earthy and masculine from chopping wood and splinting logs. I found out then that Mickey has a thing for leotards I never knew about. When the tub was full of hot steaming water I added some soothing lavender bath oil, lit my lavender candle and dimmed the lights before climbing in with my glass of red wine.ah, the water felt wonderful. Finishing my wine and most relaxed, I closed my eyes and snuggled comfortably down into the tub of soothing lavender infused water submerging my head once and coming up until the water just touched my chin.

I slowly slid the middle finger of my right hand down my body from the base of my neck, down in-between my breasts and past my stomach to my crouch. I was breathing deeply, totally relaxed, thinking how Mickey kisses me with such unbridled passion; our tongues intertwined, fluttering and probing.nobody kisses like him to give me such tingles and goose bumps; he is so much larger and stronger than me.

I was thinking how good it feels to have Mickey's cock pressed against my naked body, or in my pussy; pulsating in my mouth when he pumps his rich and delicious creamy seed for me to swallow.testosterone infused male essences. I caressed my small apple sized firm breasts with both hands pretending they were Mickey's hands. I have such wonderfully sensitive breasts since my stay in the Clinic and I'm so easily aroused now; particularly since I'm living with three other women and watching him with them.

I rubbed my nude pussy with the palm of my hand, arousing myself until I was practically dripping, adding my juices of arousal to the bath. I used my index and middle finger to stroke around the outer lips of my vagina and then towards my clit throwing my head back in ecstasy. My fingers found their way in one by one as I moaned softly every now and again. I then made my way to the opening of my vagina; my middle finger entering, a second and a third.

I spread my legs wide as I thrust them against my throbbing clitoris, rubbing my pubic mound as my orgasm washed over me in sweet release, my juices mingling with the bath water I was enjoying the after-glow of my orgasm, languishing in my lavender scented bath when I hear soft laughter and whispering.

The door opened and Mandy and Mickey walked in on me, naked; it was Mandy's night to be with him and tonight I noticed her hair was pulled back in a high ponytail. "Mandy suggested it will be nice for the aletta ocean sex with the goodess of us to sleep together" Mickey said not closing the door or intending to join me in the tub "Katherine often did on Mandy's night or visa-versa.

We'll be delighted to have you, Martha. See you in a bit." I quickly toweled off and partially blow-dried my hair. She was willing to share! Mandy is a thoughtful and generous person. She knows better than anyone I would settle just to fall asleep in Mickey's arms and wake up with him in the morning.

Mandy is also a sexy and vivacious woman; we do make a visual sexy duet if I do say so myself. I know she enjoys a threesome with another woman occasionally. She was cuddling with Mickey when I got into bed, they parting for me to get in between the two of them. Our communal bed is as a big California King, while we are small, petite women so there was plenty of room to make love or simply snuggle and be comfortable. Mickey rolled over to face me and I him "Well, mi Niña; tonight you'll experience your first orgasm from a woman.

I allow Waiter fucking one giving a kiss other striptease hardcore and Mandy this privilage on occasion while I watch and often participate. I'm extending this privilage of delight to you.but first you will kiss your Master." Mickey put his arms around me and kissed my lips long and deep "Yes, Master" I replied before taking the initiative and kissing him again the same while feeling Mandy's small hands caressing my neck and shoulders while she played with my hair.

"Excellent, mi Niña; your sexuality and openness to try different experiences have bloomed considerably since you have been with us. This pleases me greatly. It hot angela white seduces jelena for a hot lesbian fuck but assures your formal introduction to the Sanctorum in about a years' time." I turned to face Mandy and we hugged, kissing each other hesitantly at first until, our hot bodies pressed together, breasts pressed against soft firm breasts.

The feel of Mandy's naked body pressed up against mine is a contrast with mine compared to Mickey's hard, strong muscular body with his hard cock pressed up against me as we kissed, playing with each others' soft hair; mine hands in her ponytail; what a sensuous feeling it was to stroke her ponytail while we kissed; as Mickey did with my ponytail years before.

Our anatomy allowed us to get closer together; warm and firm; perky breasts pressed against the same, our hard sensitive nipples rubbing together; our plump mounds pressing together as we kissed, our tongues entities to themselves; wet and pink, caressing and entwining. Soon our mounds were slippery and wet with our mingled juices of arousal, lubricating our mounting passion and building orgasmic pleasure as our hips gyrated and pushed together, grinding our pussies against pussies, harder and harder.

"I know you want to orgasm, honey" Mandy said pushing away from me "get comfortable on your back so I may taste your sweet, hot, pussy." As I was snuggling in to get comfortable, Mickey slid a pillow underneath my bottom and kissed my lips, going from voyeur too participant, continuing to kiss my lips long and deep while Mandy kissed and licked her way down everywhere else on my body.

Mickey does this to us; licks and kisses; devouring us from top to bottom when making love. We girls do talk you know, Mandy and I in particular.well perhaps Minerva not at all; although Sarah does when Mickey and Minerva are gone for the day together. Mickey squeezed my breasts and tugged on my sensitive nipples until my engorged nipples where like two red hot throbs of pleasure; a triplet to the white hot throbbing of my clitoris.

Mandy licked it with pleasurable abandon as her tongue slashed and darted and feigned. Her pink wet tongue pummeled my clitoris until I succumbed to an orgasm that wracked my entire body and left me in a glowing puddle of sated after-pleasure. However, Mickey wasn't done with Mandy; or me for that matter. Mandy rolled over on her back and Mickey fucked her missionary while supporting his weight with his arms as he slammed her into the bed with his big hard cock to make her buck and moan and squirm beneath him until Mandy's second orgasm of the night washed over her like a tidal wave.

Mickey then withdrew his hard throbbing cock from her pussy as his orgasm overtook him to pump his rich creamy semen on her pussy lips and mound. He took a few drops on his finger and busty girl playing with a fake dick them on my lips for me to taste pointing at Mandy's pussy for me to taste her to return the favor as he got off the bed and walked over to a small table that had a tray with a decanter and glasses.

I went down between Mandy's legs, first licking off Mickey's rich and creamy testosterone infused semen before tasting our mingled juices of arousal and as I was licking."Wine, ladies?" Mickey was standing by the bed holding a tray with three small half glasses of plum wine "Plum wine and then a shower before we sleep is a fine thing; don't you agree. We have a festival to attend tomorrow and I don't want to disappoint Minerva." Delighted at his thoughtfulness we accepted our wine and followed him into the tub room.

Once in the shower Mickey offered us a toast. "A toast to past loves and present ones; a toast to the women of the Sanctorum who make their Master's complete" and we finished our wine together in a single swallow. "Please allow us, Michael" Mandy offered, turning on the showers and putting the glasses on the tile floor outside of the shower before handing me a bar of soap. We doubled teamed Mickey, soaping him down, washing him everywhere, giving and receiving kisses from him and each other.

Mandy and I then washed each other; sharing kisses.our time in the shower was erotic, tender and playful.just plain clean erotic fun. After all of us were refreshed and clean from the shower, Mandy and I put fresh clean and crisp white linen sheets and pillowcase on the bed before we got back in with our Master to cuddle and quietly talk.

"You really have blossomed, Martha, so with Michael's approval, I may tell you a secret. Minerva was a Mistress of the Sanctorum when Michael met her.

Katherine and I belonged to her once. Minerva went from Mistress to slave; her sentence at her Tribunal. Minerva is truly one of us now, as you are becoming. In my heart of hearts I believe Minerva is finally happy and fulfilled; far more so than when she chased wealth and power." Of course I guessed something like that; however now it was confirmed in confidence.

I will not tell Minerva that I know. I didn't understand the full ramifications at that time though. "Thank you for sharing, my dear mentor. Yours was the last face I saw before I fell asleep and was taken to the Clinic.

You held my hand and.I've never had as good a friend as you." "Did I not tell you the rewards would be great, Martha. basking in the glow of our little family; I reiterate and take license to a famous quote; "The glow of warm thoughts are worth more to us than money.

Therefore my sexy almost twin petite girls; I think we shall sleep in late." I cuddled in between the two of them, falling asleep first; I was so very tired and that is exactly what we did. We slept in late before getting dressed and meeting the others on the patio for a light lunch; they had already eaten; to leave for our day trip; we were all going in the Van to the Celtic Festival at Hamelin Beach for music food and dancing.

It was no surprise that Mandy's and my clothes were hanging and waiting; shimmering and flowing knee length peasant dresses of emerald green satin.

We had silver jewelry and their hair, not mine was pinned up in elegant buns with silver sterling with red stones hair combs; mine as well; a splash of color to the green.this was the flavor with my new life with Mickey. I spend my fair share of time alone with Mickey during the day including going out for lunch, walks on the property or day trips for his business; when I may leave the property.

I enjoy dressing up and putting on my makeup for him to look my best to please; we all do. I'm not allowed to leave the property alone, however, Minerva, Sarah, Mandy and I often go out once a week for the day without Mickey doing girl things together; sometimes splitting up in pairs.sometimes not. They almost always wear their hair up or in simple three-strand slave braids on these occasions.I wish I could.

Minerva of all people paid me an unexpected compliment one day. I thought I was alone in the house and singing while cleaning the tub room. I was halfway through my song when she joined in surprising me.

I stopped singing and she didn't finishing the song. "Yes, I know I'm mediocre at best, even having taken voice and singing lessons which is why I turned to dancing to which I excel. You needn't stop singing on my account, Martha. You have a beautiful singing voice in my opinion.

Your talent can be an asset to the Sanctorum with proper coaching and instruction. You can excel where I stumble. I'm merely speaking the truth. Sarah and I are going for our gynecologist appointment and we'll be gone for a couple of hours. Michael is in the basement in the middle of a project; you know how he gets when he concentrates on something. He says not to bother him "come hell or high water".

Please keep an eye on tomato sauce on the stove and stir it while were gone." I'm growing quite close to Mandy, more so than any of his girls. We spend time in each other's room where I'm instructed about the Sanctorum.

We practice the various postures of a slave girl and the proper way to undress-strip sexily and with grace so that our garments flowed off of us like water. Assuming the position is such a posture and cornerstone of slave etiquette practiced by the Sanctorum.

The slave girl will kneel with her hands crossed flat on the floor and with her forehead on her hands. Her ass must be higher than her head, and her feet will be together. Another common practice is to heel where the girl must kneel with her back straight and her arms straight and crossed in front. The slave girl's head will be up, looking at her Master or Mistress. Masters or Mistress' may of course use variations of "the position", or "heel" in their own households.

Mandy is correct, we are more like Mickey's submissive and obedient wives than lowly slaves, and his methods are his own and I, we, love him for it. Minerva make good on her promise without actually using the soap. Mandy was at the "Cutting Edge" and Michael was away for two days visiting with Katherine. Sarah was at her Wednesday early afternoon pottery class.

As I was dusting the parlor and listening to music while dancing about, quite happy actually, Minerva threw me down on the couch. She held me easily in place no matter how hard I struggled to get free. When I turned my head I saw a bar of Brown Fells Naphtha Laundry Soap still in the wrapper on the cushion next to me.

As I was cursing her out, Minerva said "I've decided to let you take my place with Michael tomorrow night, Martha" pushing the bar of soap on the floor and kicking it away "I will talk and you will listen, unless of course you want to fight me" and Minerva got up and walked into the kitchen "Give me the green light and when you lose and are properly trounced; spanked to be exact, I will wash out your mouth with soap and make you stand in the corner until Michael gets home." We both knew I don't stand a chance against her in a physical confrontation.

Not that we haven't had words; that is bound to happened, however Minerva's in charge when Michael's away.

To her credit she has never taken advantage and ordered me about because she can. I picked up the soap and followed her into the kitchen. The long trestle table was set for two people with a centerpiece of red roses and white peace lilies between the place settings.

Minerva made us a light meal of tuna salad made with tuna, chopped Greek olives, roasted red peppers, a hint of red onion and celery tossed in extra-virgin olive oil on Sarah's homemade wheat-oatmeal bread; a favorite of mine.

There was yogurt with fresh blueberries and raw broccoli and carrots for our sides and a tall glass of green iced tea for our beverage. I sat at the table waiting for her to begin."You're being very reasonable, Martha, enjoy your meal while we talk" Minerva said sitting down across from me "Feel free to speak your mind when I'm finished.

When you arrived here six months ago I stated that I didn't like you.let's say at this point I'm neutral. You proven you can keep your mouth shut about our differences. We've had our quarrels of course and it's bound to happen. That being said, Mandy speaks well of you as does Sarah.

Michael enjoys having you here and you pull your share of the housework giving us all more leisure time. I'm contemplating taking up my watercolors again.

I'm resigned to the fact you should be given the chance to be our number five and educated in the ways of the Sanctorum for Mandy has only scratched the surface. I been on both sides of the fence and can understand the intricacies of both slave and Mistress.

You are not a stupid woman Martha if you'll pardon the expression. I surmise you're aware of my current position to some degree or other. You may tell me or not for it doesn't matter, unless you were told in confidence and to be silent is to your credit.

I have Michael and he loves me. In or out of the Sanctorum, Michael is a good man; and if he were poor as he was when you met him I would still love him. That being said, on Saturday you'll have my vote to share his bed as do the rest of us and put on the schedule." For the first time, Minerva put her hand on mine, patting it and said "I'm done." "Do you really hot sex with a very nasty playgirl smalltits homemade everything about my marriage?" "Yes" Minerva replied removing her hand.

Her green eyes were neutral as she took a sip of tea and a bite from her sandwich. I paused for her to swallow and asked "Why haven't you told Sarah or Mandy.or Katherine for that matter; especially when you said you didn't like me?

I know you don't want me here; even now." "I didn't tell them because Michael told me everything in confidence. I didn't tell them because it will serve no useful purpose. You being here will enhance Michael's status as it is judged in the Sanctorum and that serves a useful purpose. I want you to consider taking singing and voice lessons.please." "I think there is more to it than that. What's the other reason?" "I didn't tell them after you arrived at our doorstep a total mess because Michael loved you deeply once, Martha.You obviously have some good in you.

Thick asian gets her pussy fucked and filled with creampie I said I know everything; the good and the bad. You're my penance of sorts for the bad I've done in my life.

Besides, I'm curious to see what good Michael and Arthur see in you." "May I ask what you mean by penance?" "You have and I decline to answer." "Thank you for being so honest Minerva.and for lunch." "You're welcome I'm sure."