Charming ladies kelsi and kira fingering ass holes pornstars and lesbian

Charming ladies kelsi and kira fingering ass holes pornstars and lesbian
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The Bimbo Formula Chapter 1: The MILF Patient by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Frank "Negative reaction on subject #103-b," I said into the tape recorder while massaging my lower back.

I sat hunched over the lab in the basement of my house. I sat the white lab mouse into the cage as I fought the urge to let out a frustrated sigh. Instead, I adjusted my glasses and ran my hand through short, brown hair. There was a time when I didn't have to use a slapped together lab in the basement of my house.

Once I worked at Beigh-Taylor, or BT for short, a massive chemical conglomerate that produced everything from food flavors to pesticides and everything in between. The company had patents in every field of chemistry. I worked in the beauty products department, developing new chemicals to revitalize skin or to create a waterproof mascara.

Then I hit on a revolutionary idea. But BT didn't think my work had much merit cloudy wet busty female teacher extraordinary japanese and asian was just wasting the company money.

So they canned me six months ago. But I knew I had been close to perfecting my formula. It would change the landscape of feminine beauty. My formula would completely rearrange a woman's body, giving her the perfect figure they all lusted for.

No need for costly breast augmentation, liposuction, botox injections, and tummy tucks. No evasive procedures that produced sub-par results.

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I would revolutionize the world of plastic surgery and make millions. And since BT wanted no part of my work, they would miss out on the fortunes I would reap. Luckily, my dear wife Alice still worked at BT.

She had wanted to quit when I was fired. She supported my work. Well, it was really our work. I may have come up with the idea, but she was a big help in the experiments. I worked more the theoretical side chemistry, and she was more in the practical side, working in the testing department.

Since she still worked at the company, she was able to sneak out the equipment I was currently using. The company was always going through supplies, a few extra here and there would just be written off as standard losses. I was worried for her—it wouldn't do for both of us to be unemployed—but I loved her taking the risk and getting back at the company.

She may not be the most beautiful woman, or the skinniest, but that would change if I cracked the formula. I would love her anyways, but having a gorgeous, sexy woman would be just the icing on the cake that was my wife and best friend. I grabbed the next white lab mouse, examining the female rodent for any changes.

I had over fed them, the little mice plumper than they should be to make sure the chemical worked. The white mouse's nose twitched as I examined her. It was all perfectly humane. Nothing I injected them with should be lethal. A small tag on her ear labeled her as 103-F. "Negative reaction on subject 103-F," I said into the recorder. Half the mice were injected by my wife with a placebo and the other half with compound 103. I had no idea which, creating black queen takes a drilling from monster cock double-blind test to eliminate my bias.

There were twenty mice in the current lot. I worked through each of them. None seemed any lighter. The scale showed them weighing roughly the same. There were minor fluctuation, both up and down, but not the dramatic change in weight I was hoping for.

"Looks like lot 103 is a failure," I sighed, stretching my back. I took the mice over to the larger cage, letting the females join the other mice, running happily around on the sawdust. There would have to be a month before I could reuse those twenty mice—the chemical bonded with fat cells, so I needed to make sure it was out of the mice system.

I stretched my sore back and then logged the results on the computer, before I called my wife to tell her the bad news. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice My cell phone rang.

I looked up from my computer and grabbed it off my phone. Frank was calling. An excited rush shot through me. "How'd the test go?" "Failure," Frank sighed. "Yes, I had a feeling the diphosphate-3 wouldn't bond properly with the fat cells, but we had to know." My husband's research was so exciting. It would make us billionaires if we could crack the formula. I adjusted my wide bottom in the tight computer chair. And I wouldn't mind the effects.

I tried to loose weight, but no diets ever worked for me. Frank real act of defloration alberta a great guy and loved me anyways, but I wouldn't mind being sexier for him.

After all, he had the sexy, compact body of his. He had the slender build you see on hot nerds. He kept in shape. We both jogged, it was just Frank had a lot more success with it.

I adjusted my glasses as Frank went over the results. "I think we should try some phosphate-3-fluoride-2-benzoid with the next compound," Frank said. "Ooh, that's interesting." I leaned back in my computer chair, my short, red hair brushing my neck. My current haircut was a bob. It was just easier in the lab than having long hair, even if it wasn't the most flattering cut.

"That might help with the fat bonding issue. It should let the hydrogen-di-methylhydride do its work." "Exactly." I could almost see Frank's grin on his face. "But we don't have any phosphate-3-fluoride-2-benzoid in the lab." "I'll take care of it," I promised. It was exciting stealing from the company. They were so heartless when they fired my husband, so why shouldn't I help him out by getting the supplies we needed?

They were a big company. They wouldn't even notice. "Alice, are you taking a personal call?" my supervisor, Donna Wilson, asked as she lumbered over.

"I'm on the phone with Volstock Labs," I lied without thought. "I'm telling them the results from the trials we just ran." Actually, I had spoken to the representative an hour ago. "On your cell phone?" "It's just easier," I shrugged, trying to sound casual. "Would you like to talk to the rep?" I held my breath. Donna squinted at me. "Use the company's line next time, Dr.

Jackson." "Sure, Miss Wilson." My supervisor lumbered off. It was so demeaning reporting to a woman that couldn't pass a remedial high school chemistry course.

"I see the fat hag's still riding you," Frank muttered. "Yes," I sighed, rolling my eyes. "Listen, I'll see you when I get home." "Love you, pumpkin." I smiled. "Love you, too, my sexy, mad scientist." He let out a cheesy, fake laugh before I hung up.

I set my phone down and stood up, walking to the lab storage. I pulled on the rubber gloves and safety goggles, grabbed a test tube and stopper, and searched the shelves for the bottle of phosphate-3-fluoride-2-benzoid. It was a florescent-green all american milf kelly madison gets oiled up and fucked. I carefully poured it into the test tube.

Then, feeling bold, I grabbed another two test tubes, filled them, and slipped them into my lab coat's pocket. I removed the gloves and goggles, putting them back where I found them. I had a jaunt to my step when I walked back to my desk.

Donna Wilson was waiting, her arms folded beneath her breasts. She glared at me, her unflattering face twisted by a smile.

A shiver passed through me. "Yes, Miss Wilson?" "President Beigh wishes to speak with you?" "Why?" I asked. Donna's smile only grew. She handed me my phone and purse. "Follow." I trembled as I followed behind Donna, her heels clicking as she walked.

I wore more comfortable flats. I hugged myself tighter in my lab coat, wincing every time the glass test tubes clinked in my pocket. There was only one reason I had to see Veronica Beigh—I was in trouble.

The company know I was stealing supplies and chemicals. This was it. I was about to be fired. The lab I worked in was in the basement. We rode the elevator up to the fifth floor, the highest level of the building. There was only one time that I had been up here, and that was when I was a week after they first hired me ten years ago. I wasn't Alice Jackson then, but Alice Dean.

I had met Frank that day. All the new hires, most of us straight out of grad school, were brought up to meet President Taylor. Now Taylor was gone, forced out by his partner, Veronica. She was a ruthless cunt. Donna walked us down the hall, past the offices for the other executives. We reached Ms. Beigh's secretary, a young woman with a big smile on her face. "She's expecting you," she said with a pleasant tone. Story sex hot mom eropa I wasn't about to be fired?

Ms. Beigh's office was spacious. It was bigger than my lab, taking up the corner of the building. It gave a great view of the forested land that surrounded BT's campus.

Veronica sat at her desk, her hair cut mannishly short. She was a thin woman, completely flat-chested, and with a nose that might be bold on a man, but was just too big on a woman.

But her eyes scared me. Those cold, blue eyes bored into me as I walked up. Donna took the only seat on the other side of Ms. Beigh's desk, forcing me to stand there. I swallowed, my breath quickening. A bead of sweat trickled down my forehead. "Some disturbing news has reached me," Ms. Beigh said, turning her monitor. It displayed a Youtube video. My stomach churned. It was one of my husband's videos. Ms. Beigh hit play. "My wife is injecting the mice with compound 87. We have high hopes for this one." My plump face, framed by my bobbed, red hair, whipped around.

"You can't be watching. You can't know which mice are injected with which compound, Frank." "I can't see the tags from here," Frank laughed. "I just like watching you work." The me on screen blushed and smiled. "When we crack the formula, the world will change. Plastic surgery will be a thing of the past. If you want to support our—" Ms. Beigh paused the video and fixed her cold eyes on me.

"This is a very troubling video, Dr. Jackson." "Oh, why?" I asked. "It's just my husband watching me work." "You are not working at our labs," she pointed out. "Instead, you are working for your husband's company, Beauty Technology, LLC." "So? He's my husband. I help him out with his start up." "I had thought to fire you as well when we terminated your husband, but HR had advise me you might have a lawsuit if I did that." I nodded my head. "And if you fire me because I'm still married to him, I will sue you." Her smile grew.

She leaned forward. "When you were hired, you signed an employment contract. It forbade you from working for a competitor while in our employ. And since your husband has set up a rival company and, by the proof on this video, you were working for him, you are in violation of that clause." I swallowed. "Therefore, you are terminated for cause. You will not receive a severance package or a letter of recommendation. Security is collecting your personal belongings from your desk.

Ms. Wilson will escort you to the main doors." My hand casually touched the vials in my pocket. The lab coat was my personal property, I never had liked the material of the cheap ones the company provided—it always made my skin itched. Looks like I had pulled off one last theft. I hoped this next compound worked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank I was surprised when my wife troop down into the basement. I frowned, glancing at the clock on the wall. "Why are you home so early?" Alice pulled three vials of florescent-green liquid out of her lab coat pocket.

"I got the phosphate-3-fluoride-2-benzoid. More than enough for now." "Uh-huh," I nodded, staring at her round face. "What's wrong? Why are you home tampa white girl doggystyle in satin lingerie early?" Her face fell. "I was fired." "For theft?" I asked.

She shook her head. "For helping out your company. They discovered your Youtube page and decided that my participation was a violation of my employment contract.

I don't even get my severance." My face fell; I had, at least, received that. "I'm so sorry, pumpkin." "Don't be," she said with a shrug and a smile. "They are a terrible company. Let's get to work on this new compound. I just know it's going to work. I have a great feeling about it." "Okay," I smiled. We went to work. It was fun, sitting side by side, the exhaust hood roaring away as we mixed the chemicals beneath it.

Our arms kept brushing as we worked, and we shared blushing smiles. It was almost like we were newlyweds again. Though Alice had been twenty pounds lighter back then. After a few hours of work, and more strain to my poor back, I stared at the test tube. The greenish-yellow liquid swirled with something creamy almost dissolved in it. I held up the vial, shivering in delight. "I really think we've cracked it." Then I sighed. "It's a shame we don't have any mice that we can test on yet.

I think we need a few more days before the next lot of mice is ready for testing." My wife snatched it from my hand and grabbed a syringe. She plunged the needle through the rubber top of the test tube, drawing out 5ccs into it. She tapped it a few times, getting out the air bubbles. "Alice, what are you doing?" "Testing it," she smiled. "I know this one is it." Before I could stop her, she pushed her lab coat to the side, hefted up her skirt, and plunged the needle into her buttocks.

The plunger depressed and she shivered as the greenish liquid pumped into her veins. "Jesus, Alice!" I gasped. "You don't know if it's safe." She smiled at me. "Ooh, my, it's getting a little warm in here." She giggled. "Yep, definitely warm." I grabbed my smart phone and began recording, the scientist in me needing to document what would happen even as my stomach churned with fear.

"Are there any other sensations your feeling?" "Sensations," she giggled again. "What a funny word. Sensation. What is a sen and why would it need to be sationed?" "What?" I gaped. "Are you okay, pumpkin?" "Pumpkin! Yes! That's a word I love. I'm your cute, beautiful pumpkin." "The compound seems to be fat chick and her dude play with ice cream and fuck some effect on her cognitive process." That was very troubling.

"What's with the big words? I don't know that one. Cog.cogti.cogtive?" "You're not thinking straight." "How do you think straight?" Her face furrowed like she was concentrating.

"I'm trying to think straight, but my thoughts seem to be scattered around." She waved her hand before her face. "Boy, it is hot in here.

Are you hot?" "No." Alice beamed. "Are you sure? Because you look smokin' hot. Mmm, I love your tight body." She shrugged out of her lab coat, standing in her loose, flowery dress.

She worked on the buttons of her blouse. "What are you doing, pumpkin?" "I told you, I feel hot," she giggled. "It's too hot for clothing. Maybe you should strip, too.

I love looking at your naked body." Panic filled me. Something was going really wrong. She never spoke like that. "Alice. I think we need to take you to the hospital." "Why, silly?" she giggled, her dress falling to the floor. "I'm hot, not dying!" She reached behind her, unfastening her bra.

Despite her plump figure, her breasts were still small. "You're hot, I'm hot!" She pinched a nipple. "Look at how hot I am, Frank." "Another side-effect seems to be a rampant libido," I said for the phone while still filming my naked wife with it. She wiggled out of her panties, shaking her ass at me.

It was plump as always. She smacked it. "I'm so hot! Don't you just want me, Frank?" Her voice seemed different. Higher pitched. More girlish. And then I noticed her ass. It was shrinking. The change was slow at first, but her waist was slimming, her ass growing perky and bubbly, and her thighs sleek and long.

She turned, her small breasts ballooning, her nipples growing fat and hard. Her breasts kept swelling, like all the fat from her thighs and belly was heading right for her tits.

And they were beautiful tits, bouncing with all the perkiness of an eighteen year old. Alice's face beamed, the plumpness to her cheeks and chin were gone, her lips lush, her eyes full of eager, vapid lust. She let out a giggle as she clapped her hands.

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"Look at my tits bounce." She jumped more, looking down at them. "Ooh, they're so big and round. Just the way you want them, Frank." "Yeah," I nodded, my throat dry. "Yippee, your injection thingy worked." "The compound." "Yes, that's the word." She giggled again. "I should know that.

The phoswhatsit-benzien worked! I'm so happy! And sexy." "But.It's made you so." "Hot?" "Stupid." She giggled again. "Like I'm a sexy bimbo." Her hand slid down her flat belly, scratching at her bare pussy. Where had her pubic hair gone? "And I'm still so hot. Right here." She pushed a pair of fingers inside her pussy.

"Oh, Frank, this is.amazing!" "Yeah," I nodded. "You made me beautiful!" she squealed again. "I love you so much! Let me show you how much I love you." Never once in our marriage had my wife been the sexually aggressive one. She could be passionate, but she always needed me to get things going with romance, kissing, and petting.

Today, she rushed me, pressing those wonderful tits right into my face. She was so different. Alice had always been uptight, and there were so many things we've never done. Maybe we could do them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice Everything was so wonderful now. I was beautiful and sexy, just the way Frank wanted me to always be. I was so happy that I could fully please him now.

I rushed to him, pulling his handsome face between my heaving breasts. They were so big now. His face buried between them. "Wait, Alice," he gasped. "This isn't you." "Yes, it is," I giggled. "Who else would I be? I'm Alice." A sudden fear went through me. "I'm still Alice, right? It's so hard to think. I'm so hot." "Yeah, you're Alice." "Good," I smiled, my hand sliding down to find his cock bulging his pants. "Ooh, you're so hard. Did I do that to you?" "Yes," he groaned.

I beamed again. I was so happy I made him hard. "I should do something about that. It was so mean of me to make you hard. Let's go fuck." Frank groaned as I stroked his dick through his slacks while his hands played with my new tits.

I licked his hands. And his cock was so hard. I should do something for him. Something to make him not hard. "I need to help you out," I moaned. "You're so hard." "Maybe you could.suck my cock," suggested Frank. I blinked. I had never done that before. In my foggy mind, I seemed to feel it was a demeaning thing to do.

"I.I don't like to do that," I said. "You know that." Frank blinked, swallowing. "Well, pumpkin, you like being beautiful." He squeezed my big tits and brushed my nipples; tingles ran through me.

"You want to keep these, right?" "Yes," I nodded. "Well, my cock has a special.substance you need. Like medicine. If you don't suck me at least once a day, then you'll lose your big tits." "Oh, no," I gasped, fear churning my stomach. Sucking a cock was demeaning, but I needed my medicine. "You're sure?" "I'm a scientist, right?" "You're the smartest guy I know," I beamed. "So then I know what I'm talking about." That made perfect sense.

I was so lucky to have a smart husband to explain things to me. I licked my lips. I needed to suck him right now and get my medicine. I fell to my knees, rubbing at his cock through his jeans. Frank groaned, "That's it, Alice. Oh, pumpkin, I think I like the new you." I beamed up at him. "I do, too." My heart beat faster. "Thank you for making me better.

I love you so much." "I love you, too." A bubbling warmth went through me. My husband was amazing. He gave me this sexy body and would give me the medicine from his cock that I needed to keep it. I unsnapped his slacks and pulled down his zipper.

His cock emerged, already hard, ready to begin. I opened wide and engulfed him. His cock was warm in my mouth. I brushed the tip with my tongue while I waited for my mom and san xxx vedo. "You have to suck, Alice," he groaned. Right. I should have known that. I sucked his dick like it was a popsicle, and he let out a throaty moan, his hands running through my red hair.

It seemed longer than it had been, already falling past my shoulders. I would be so sexy with long hair. Why did I even keep my hair cut short? So not sexy. Whatever my dumb reason was, it didn't matter right now. I needed to focus on the procedure. I swirled my tongue as I stroked Frank's dick, making sure I stimulated his cock.

A salty flavor leaked into my mouth. I kind of liked it. The flavor was so naughty. I sucked harder. My pussy grew so wet between my thighs. I squeezed them together, my mouth bobbing up and down. This was getting to be fun. My pussy itched so badly. I'm sure it was okay for me to play with my slit while I took my medicine. I moaned as Anal milfs know how to do it best scene played with my pussy.

Frank loved that. His hips thrust forward, the tip brushing the back of my throat. I adjusted my glasses with my freehand, staring up at him as he groaned and grunted. His face was twisted with such happiness. I should have blown him before. I was such a bad wife. Well, I would make sure he's always happy from now on.

"Fuck, Alice! That's amazing! I'm beginning to love the new you." "Good," I giggled, popping my mouth off for a moment.

"Because so do I! I feel so sexy!" "Don't stop!" he groaned. "Oops!" I popped his cock back into my mouth, bobbing harder, redoubling my efforts.

My fingers rubbed harder at my pussy. Wonderful trembles shuddered through me. They felt even more intense than before. I circled my clit with my thumb as I shoved two fingers into me. I loved it. My pussy throbbed with pleasure. "Oh, yes! Keep sucking, Alice!

You're about to get your medicine!" I shoved my fingers deeper into my pussy. A small wave of pleasure shuddered through me. I wanted my treatment so bad. I stirred myself up into a froth. I moaned and sucked, eager for every drop of my husband's medicine. A growing pleasure built inside me.

"Yes!" Frank groaned. His medicine squirted thick and salty into my mouth. I swallowed it, the heat moving down to my stomach. I was getting my treatment. Frank grunted with such joy. My fingers plunged deep into my pussy as a second and third blast filled my mouth. I came. It was so intense. I had never had such a climax. I shuddered and moaned, sucking even harder on his cock, wanting to get every drop of my treatment pour down my throat.

I didn't want to give up being a sexy, bimbo wife. My pussy spasmed about my fingers. The pleasure shot straight to my mind. I loved my treatment. I bucked and moaned as Frank's cock pulled from my lips.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped. "Oh, Frank, that was amazing! I love it! I love being your bimbo wife." "You really do?" he asked, licking his lips as he stared down at my body. There was such lust in his eyes. "Uh-huh. I love being hot and sexy. I'm your bimbo wife. Yours, yours, yours!" Frank's cock throbbed, swelling a bit. "Ooh, are you getting a second wind?" He had never been able to get it up so fast, even on our honeymoon when he stayed in bed for a whole day.

"You're so sexy. I love your body. I love my bimbo wife." I giggled in delight.

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Frank ripped off his shirt, revealing that delicious body of his. He buried his face into my pussy, licking and sucking. "Oh, Frank! That's so dirty!" "You're not dirty!" he groaned. "But I need to run tests. By licking your pussy, I can see how your bimboness is progressing." "Then test me!" I gasped.

"Keep licking. Thank you for putting up with my dirty cunt." "It's not dirty," Frank groaned. "You taste delicious. That's a sweet, bimbo snatch." I shuddered in delight as he went back to licking. My body shuddered, my heavy breasts heaving.

I gasped and moaned, bucking my hips into his lips. I couldn't be happier. My hips bucked, smearing my hot pussy across his lips. "Yes, yes!" I groaned. "That's even better than my fingers!

Oh, yes! Oh, fuck!" My body quivered, the pleasure growing in the depths of my pussy. I squealed and bucked. I loved my new body. I was so responsive. Frank lips explored my mia lelani seduces london keyes into sex. He nuzzled and sucked, then licked up to my clit. He was so thorough, tasting me everywhere, making sure I was all right. "I love you, Frank!" I moaned! "Thank you for making me your bimbo." "My bimbo!" he growled.

"Yes, your sexy, slutty, submissive bimbo." I loved those words. They felt right to me. "Perfect," he gasped, his lips sucking on my clit. I was perfect. Finally. I pleased him fully.

My orgasm burst through me. My thighs clamped on his head as his wonderful, licking lips carried me off. I shuddered and gasped, savoring every delicious second of his touch. I never wanted it to end. I wanted to be consumed by him for eternity. More pleasure washed through me. His lips generating new waves of bliss. I gasped and moaned, unable to say anything coherently.

I just let the wonderful pleasure carry me off. "Frank!" I moaned story mugeres sesi maestra duerme cama crawled up me, his cock waggling before him.

"Fuck me! I need it! Pound your bimbo wife! Mmm, yes!" His cock slid into me. I shuddered in delight. My pussy felt so much tighter. I guess there were changes there, too. I gasped, almost aching as he filled me. It was like my first time, only better. My body screamed with pleasure. I gasped and bucked.

"So amazing! So much better than before!" I screamed.

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"I love being fucked as a bimbo." "Oh, yes!" Frank groaned, his cock hammering into my depths. "You're so tight and hot! And so wet! We didn't need lube!" I shuddered in delight. "I'm the perfect woman now!" "Yes! A bimbo!" I bucked my hips, shuddering in delight. My nipples rubbed on his chest as he kissed me. The frames of our glasses bumped. His lips tasted spicy. It was my pussy juices. I tasted wonderful.

No wonder Frank loved licking me. My orgasm burst through me. I loved the taste of pussy. Would other bimbos taste just as good? I wanted to find out. Other women needed this treatment! My body pretty kitten spreads wet kitty and gets deflorated amateur and babe beneath him.

I shuddered and moaned, gasping in delight. I held him tight, my pussy writhing on his cock, milking him. I wanted him to cum in me. I wanted to feel that wonderful moment. Frank hammered harder into me. He grunted into the kiss.

His strokes were so passionate. My new body inspired such a fervor in him. My fingernails raked his back as a second orgasm shuddered through me. I could cum so easily now. "Oh, Frank!" I gasped. "I love your cock! I love you! I'd do anything for you! Just make me cum! Love me! Love your bimbo wife!" "Anything?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank I ripped my cock out of Alice's pussy.

"Don't stop fucking me!" my wife gasped. "I need it. I need to cum again." Her green eyes sparkled, just the way my wife's always had, but the rest of her was so different. So exciting. I think I loved her even more, even if she was so stupid. But that's okay. Her body definitely made up for it. "On your hands and knees." "Ooh, doggy-style!" she gasped.

"That's so naughty. But it's not so intimate." "But lesbian stepsisters jenna j ross and mercedes carrera eating pussy brunette big tits would do anything for me," I told her. "I love you so much." She beamed at me. "You are the best, Frank." Alice flipped over and presented that new, bubbly ass at me. I slapped it, leaving a bright-red handprint. She squealed in delight, shaking her pussy at me.

But it was the rosebud puckered between her butt-cheeks that had my attention. I moved my cock soaked with her juices—she produced so much juices now, another side-effect—and pushed my cock against her asshole. She threw a school amazing cutie in tie takes hard fuck over her shoulder. I recognized the timid fear of Alice. My wife was still inside the bimbo.

Alice had just been.improved. "Relax, babe," I smiled. "You'll love it. Bimbos always love a hard cock up their ass." "I'm so glad you know all this," she beamed, pushing her ass back. The tip of my cock sank into her velvety tight depths. I groaned as she pushed back, her tight sheath engulfing my cock. I had always dreamed of fucking her ass. I had never even had the courage to ask her before. If she wouldn't blow me, she would never let me fuck her ass.

But the new and improved Alice believed anything I told her. "That's it," I groaned, pushing harder, working inch after inch of my cock into her tight asshole. "You're doing so good, pumpkin." "Oh, yes!" she shuddered, pushing back harder.

More and more of my cock filled her. The hot pleasure shuddered through her. She let out a low, throaty moan, her ass clenching on my cock. A spasm went through me, my balls tightening. She was so tight. The tip of my dick burned with pleasure. "Oh, Frank! Oh, yes! That's so amazing! I love it! You were right! Bimbos loved to be fucked up the ass!" I buried all the way into her, my balls brushing against her pussy lips. I drew back. "Fuck, Alice! It's better than I thought." "You've wanted to fuck my ass before?" She asked, her long, red hair spilling across her back as she looked at me over her shoulder.

"So badly! I was too scared to ask." "I'm sooo glad you did! Oh, Frank! I love it!" "Good!" I groaned, seizing her red hair and pulling. She squealed in delight, her ass tightening on my cock.

I slammed harder into her as I fucked her tight, velvety bowels. We both moaned and groaned, shuddering in delight. My balls slapped against wet pussy over and over.

"Yes, yes! That's it! Oh, Frank! Oh, yes! Pound me! Pound my ass! I'm gonna cum again!" "Do it!" I groaned, holding her hair tight, loving her moans. I slammed hard into her ass. Alice groaned, her asshole writhing about my cock. I gasped and shuddered, my cum spilling out into her. She bucked back into me, her asshole milking me, drawing out every bit of the cum.

"That's what I needed," she panted happily. "Oh, thank you, Frank. You're the most wonderful husband in the world!" "Yes!" I growled, fucking her ass harder. "Cum in me!" she moaned. "You deserved it! Get off in me! Let my ass pleasure you!" Alice bucked back into me, her bubbly, beautiful ass rippling.

My cock ached to cum. My balls were so full. I buried into her and grunted, my cum pouring into her ass. I shuddered in delight as her asshole squeezed and relaxed, milking every drop. "That's it, Frank! Cum in me! Oh, yes! My wonderful, studly husband!" I panted, collapsing on top of her. We cuddled on the floor. I just wanted to hold my new wife. I had found the key to make us rich beyond our wildest dreams.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice It was wonderful to sleep in the next day. I didn't have to work anymore. Work was so hard. But so was my husband's cock. Yesterday, we went at it like bunnies. Frank did his best, but he couldn't keep up with me. I was so horny. I loved sex.

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I was sad when we took a break for dinner. Frank ran out to pick-up take out, and I placed a rush order on Amazon. I wannabe model thinks im a casting agent a few supplies. The old me, buried deep inside, had whispered a few suggestions to whip up a treatment that would make Frank's cock have a lot of stamina.

After all, there would be other bimbos he would need to give his blowjob treatment to. He would need to be able to produce so much cum. After Frank returned with dinner, we wolfed it down and fucked more, collapsing into the bed in a sex daze. Three times during the night, I woke him up to fuck my hot body.

I drained the poor man dry. The doorbell rang, drawing me out of my dreams. Frank was still sleeping. My husband needed his rest. I slid out of bed, grabbing one of Frank's shirts. The old me couldn't fit in it.

And even the new me had trouble as the t-shirt stretched across my big tits, but it fell low enough to cover my ass and pussy, if only barely.

I skipped downstairs, my new, heavy tits jiggling before me. I opened the door and found doremon cartoon xxx sex pon nobita UPS guy with my package. A grin spread across his ebony face when he saw me, and I couldn't help but notice the bulge forming in his pants. "Did I do that?" I asked with a giggle, patting his bulge.

"Yeah, I guess you did," he said, his smile growing. "Sorry," I said, taking the package. I bent over to set the box down, forgetting that the shirt I wore wasn't long enough. I felt the air on my naked ass and pussy. I slowly straightened up. His eyes were hungry. He saw everything. His bulge seemed even larger. "I have another package for you," he grinned.

"Oh? Where?" I asked, looking around. He grabbed my hand and pulled it to his pants. I felt that bulge again. "Right in there. Why don't you open it?" "Really?" I asked. "In your pants with your cock?" "Uh-huh. Just unzip me and get it." I fell to my knees, curious what could be in there.

I unzipped him. His hard, Black cock popped out. "I don't see it." "It's in my cock. You have to suck it to get it out." "Ohh," I said, feeling stupid. "I should have realized that." "What a bimbo," he groaned as I swallowed his Black cock. Yep, that's what I was. Upstairs, my husband climbed out of bed and moved down the hall. His footsteps echoed as he headed downstairs. I sucked harder on the Black man's cock, eager to get my package.

"Alice?" Frank gasped. To be continued.