Russian small teen blonde first time sometimes it takes a stranger to show us exactly

Russian small teen blonde first time sometimes it takes a stranger to show us exactly
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Thank You everyone for supporting my stories. I'll take suggestions (and sorry for taking so long the July 4th weekend was pretty intense ;) ) **************************************************************************************************** As the the slurping sound of my ass consuming the cock, I could feel the familiar pressure building in my balls. Almost like I needed to take a huge piss, and as that thrusting cock continued to poke, prod, and rub my prostate I came.

The first shot landing by the side of my head, the next shot landing across my mouth, the third shot right on my nipple, and the rest shot on my chest and pooled in my belly button (I have an innie). I felt the cock still thrusting into me, prolonging my orgasm, and making my cock drool even more cum.

At this point I started to feel an extra pressure pushing against my sphincter, at first I thought it was just my dad's balls but now I was starting to realize that in fact I wasn't being fucked by my dad at real sleeping sister fukeng brother but our dog Bruce. At that moment his knot entered me and I screamed. I just heard my dad laughing, as Bruce's knot entered me. He thought that it was so funny that I was being fucked by our dog.well I would get back at him I thought to myself.

I put up with the pain of Bruce's knot, feeling all of his doggy cum sitting in me, though probably not right, started to turn me on again. My dad seeing this clicked his tongue, like he did when I did something naughty.

"You've been a bad boy, but it looks like I can punish you again though," he said with a wicked grin. By now Bruce was trying to pull out his knot and stretching my ass, I moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the knot finally left my slutty ass. Cum was leaking in a small dribble, only to be licked up by Bruce, being ever considerate to cleanup his mess.

My sarcastic thoughts abandoned me though as soon as i felt that rough tongue start lapping at my ass, the rough almost sand paper stimulating my already used ass. Soon I was moaning begging to cum again, but it fell upon deaf ears as Bruce just kept lapping at my ass. I was writhing as his tongue would dip into my ass and as suddenly as it would appear it would be gone. Soon my ass was out of his cum and as soon as that happened Bruce was off the bed and out of the door. I just laid there and panted as my 6' cock started to soften, and the cool air nipped at my nipples.

As my cock went back into it's softened state of 2' I heard the front door slam shut. I start to panic because the only person it could be was my 28 year old brother, who lived with us ever since he got out of the military.

I started to panic and I struggled against my restraints trying to get my hands around some form of knot. As I lay there naked I hear my brother's heavy footsteps get closer, coming up the stairs, and turn down the hallway. I hear the door creak open as Austin (my brother) opens the door. His footsteps seem to come closer till suddenly I felt hands undoing the knot that's position session with a slut hardcore and blowjob my head, holding the blindfold in place.

The light blinds me and I squint only to see Austin's outline. His 6" 5' frame towered above me. I slowly could start to make out his features, the wide shoulders, the muscles seeming to ripple, and that's when I noticed it. He had no pants.and definitely no underwear. His soft 6' cock was growing rapidly. "I see Daddy Dearest got to you too little bro." Austin casually states. I look at him in surprise and then horror as I realize that my dad had raped Austin too.

Seeing this look he smirks, "Yeah he's been getting some of this since I was 11, and I really missed it when I was deployed, that's why I moved back. There's no fucking that feels quite the same as your own dad violating your ass." While he was telling me this his cock grew to it's optimum hardness an awesome 11', even bigger than dads but maybe not as thick.

Seeing this and hearing what he was telling me my cock grew to it's full 6'. "I see you like what you see.or do you like what I've been telling you?" I just nod to both his questions and he smiles even more.

"You want some of this? Want some hot brother cock up your ass?" I just nod more enthusiastically. I was still loose when Austin put 3 of his fingers in my ass scissoring them, then curling them hitting a very sensitive spot in my ass. "Holy shit your loose!" he says in an almost amazed voice. "Bruce fucked me," I respond. At this my brother moans and decides to remove his fingers.

Putting his cock head right at the entrance to my ass. I mewl like a cat in heat begging to be fucked again. And Austin obliges he shoves all 11' in me and I scream in pain, almost all pleasure was absent. But as he kept rutting into me my anal walls massaged his cock, and every inch of my body started to be filled with pleasure. I close my eyes reveling in the pleasure that seemed to surround me at that moment.

When I start to notice that Austin was thrusting harder, to the point where it almost hurt. I open my eyes open and I see that Austin had a fire in his eyes. Not the fire of lust or passion but a fire of anger and wrath. His rutting starts to become an almost painful stabbing, and I start moaning in pain.

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He moves his hands, which had been holding my legs, and wraps one around my throat and puts one on my shoulder. With every thrust he pulls me onto his cock, penetrating even deeper. I start to hear his mumbling and soon they turned into full blown shouts.

"Why the fuck did he wait for you?!

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I lost my friends and virginity to that asshole, and he waits for you and YOU WEREN'T EVEN A FUCKING VIRGIN!" with those last few words he stabbed his cock into me. At this point I was sobbing, the pain was intense and was overriding the pleasure by three fold. He kept this pace up for a good 5 minutes, and it didn't even cross either of our minds of where I father was, the man who started this.

As Austin thrust his long cock into my ass one last time, and probably the deepest yet, he came. I could feel his cock bloating and shooting a good 10 shots of cum into me. Even after he had cum he still thrust into me, though not with the same vigor he sunny leone sex vedidounlod su before. That's when we hear the clapping at the door.