Shoot your cum all over my cute face joi dirty talking cocksucker

Shoot your cum all over my cute face joi dirty talking cocksucker
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I stood behind the counter just waiting for customers to come in, I wanted to just wait for my boyfriend to come and get me and take me home. Let me rephrase that, I really wanted my boyfriend to pick me up and take me home and fuck me along the way!

I had a rough day; I had fought with my teachers in class I had fought with my boss. I just needed some stress relief and my boyfriend and his big hard cock would be the one to handle my stress. Finally, it was quitting time I made my way out to the car; my sexy boyfriend was sitting deepthroat anal of carter cruise by john strong mark wood manuel ferrara waiting for me to get off.

He kissed me when I slid into the car. I started to ramble about my rough day when he interrupted me and wanted to know where I wanted to go before going home. Being thoughtful and quiet I know that I had a sheepish smile on my face.

"The Park," is what I told him. He looked at me at first in disbelief and then a huge smile lit up his beautiful brown face. He drove toward the park; it was located in the middle of the city.

Usually at this time of the evening there was very little traffic running around inside of the park. People were finished dog walking, and jogging, and playing with their kids. But still it was public, and I loved getting fucked in public places. He pulled into a parking spot, and I began to get wet at just the prospect of taking my clothes off and getting fucked somewhere on a picnic table or on a park bench.

He said he had brought something and he got out of the car and walked to the trunk, before I knew it he was holding my door open for me with a black bag in his hand. Now I was the curious one about what was in the bag. However, I did know that it was no use to ask him because he wouldn't tell me; he loved to surprise me with things&hellip. We walked to the playground it was dark and not really but one street light illuminated the area around the playground. I sat down on the slide and watched him with his black bag.

He turned around and looked at me watching him intently. petite teen hardcore fucking ms police officer my love are going to do exactly as I tell you tonight," he paused, "understood," he questioned?

I nodded my head and felt a thrill rush through me, I loved sex games and he was definitely the best at them. "Take off your clothes, "he ordered. I looked around to make sure there really wasn't anybody that could see what we were about to embark on.

Feeling reassured that we were alone; I began to take off my shirt, then my jeans. I stood in my lacy red tight panties, and red pushup bra. Not that I needed to push them up they were huge to start with. He smiled at me and gestured to continue with his hand.

I slid the panties down over my long slender thighs, and off my feet. I reached behind me and unfastened the bra. I stood now over by the slid totally naked in the park in the middle of the city.

Very well aware that if I was caught I could go to jail for indecent exposure at which time my father would punish me far worse than he had been of late.

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He walked over to me with something white in his hand, I wasn't sure but it looked like rope. "Lay down on the sliding board, "he said sternly. I did as he said it was cold and took my breath, but I knew to be quiet. He took the white think in his hand, it was indeed rope and he began to wind it very tightly around my body. He tied very tightly binding my tits so that I could hardly breathe. He walked back to the bag after he tied off my body so that I couldn't move.

The interesting thing was he only tied my upper body to the sliding board, the legs he left free. I suppose he wasn't too worried I would kick him if he hurt me. He walked back to me with a ball gag in his hand he secured it in my mouth and fastened it behind my head. He had been to the sex toy store, it was obvious. I was the only girl he had ever been with so I know this was something he thought long and hard about before going to purchase these items.

He took his place between my legs, he began to gently stroke my slit, and it was smooth as I had freshly shaved it this morning as he liked it. Totally slick and smooth, he opened my legs and ran his fingers just along the inside of my lips, he parted them a little more each time until I could feel his fingertips flicking my clit each time.

I felt my breath catch in my throat as the feeling sent chills down my spine; I could feel him getting hard against my leg that pressed into his cock. I felt something very hard and cold pushing into my xxx story sex stories fak me little waiting hole. He pushed it in and I felt cold liquid pouring into my cunt. It was something bubbly, and it felt very cold, yet it turned me on.

I felt him pull the bottle out and I felt his tongue begin to lap at the liquid, it foamed and bubbled, I assumed it must be some type of sparkling wine. When I felt the bottle enter me again, he began to fuck me harder with it, with each stroke the cold bubbles filled my pussy until it was running over. "Hold it," he instructed.

I tried hard to hold it, just as his face was between my legs I let lose all the bubbly coldness into his face and mouth. He came up from between my legs cable sex story grile man kissed me on the top lip around the gag.

He smells of champagne, I assumed that must be what he was fucking me with. Pulling his cock out of his jeans he began to stroke it as he pulled hard at my nipples, they hurt from being bound so tight, when I heard a voice, I instantly froze, it was another man. Fuck was all that ran through my mind, I was naked tied to this slide, and my boyfriend has his cock in his hand and there is another man around, then I heard two more voices speaking low to my boyfriend.

He had told one no loudly so I knew something was amiss. I was right, I heard my boyfriend become pissed, from the angle on the slide I could not see what was going one, or how many men were around me.

I was in trouble and I knew it. I heard a scuffle and I was then aware of two men standing over me. My mind raced, as I felt one start to pull at my tightly bound tits. He pulled at the right one, and the other guy began to suck the left one. I was also aware of one between my legs starting to touch my pussy. They had to have knocked my boyfriend out for him to allow some men to touch me. The one between my legs had opened my pussy up and was banging his rough hand into my pussy two and then three fingers he fucked me hard, then I felt his cock I felt it brush over my slit, and then slip into me.

The other two continued to suck and squeeze my tits. I closed my eyes so I didn't have to see what was happening. Feeling it busty eva angelina loves bbc dogfartnetwork big black cock enough. The guy between my legs had a small cock, and if I wasn't gagged I would have told him so. He fucked me, and then I heard the other guy say something to him. He walked to the end of the slide where my pussy was being fucked, and he reached his hand between the guy and my pussy and began to finger my ass.

The other guy chucked and pulled his dick out of my pussy and rammed my asshole, I inhaled sharply. He continued to fuck my asshole until he came in me.

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The other guy then stepped in and stuck his cock into my pussy. The other guy had his dick out and had begun to stroke it standing over me while he played with my nipples. The 2nd man had a bigger cock and he was far rougher than the 1st man.

He fucked me hard never slowing until he pulled out and shot his load onto my little quivering mound. The 3rd man continued to jack off over my tits. Until he came all over my chest. I knew that it was over, and perhaps messy after school fuck schoolgirl and hardcore boyfriend would wake up and get me out.

When I felt something cold between my legs yet once more. I was aware that an animal had been brought to my pussy I just wasn't sure what kind, yes I had been fucked by the dogs and horses on the farm, however, I wasn't sure what these guys had. It didn't take me long to find out that they had a huge Great Dane with them. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I knew one thing, these dogs had huge fucking dicks, with even bigger knots to get hung up in me.

I was in trouble, and I knew it. The dog got up with his paws on the slide, the other man at the end of the slide had the dogs dick guiding into my cum soaked pussy.

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He slid it in, and I knew what was happening was wrong but it felt good. I loved to fuck dogs, and I guess even though maybe I was being forced here it felt good. The man let go of the dog's dick and let the dog begin to bang me hard. I felt his knot slam in, and I gasped again. He was cumming actually he was filling me up and it was pouring out with each pump. I lay with the dog knotted into me and the man pulling hard to get him out, it hurt and I was starting ticket busty japanese momoka fucked outdoors uncensored jav scream around the gag.

His huge knot was hung inside my cunt, hung under my pubic bone was my guess. Finally, it popped out. I came when it popped out, the guys watched as my pussy squirted and quivered. I lay panting on the slide and closed my eyes. When I opened them my boyfriend was standing over me trying to pull the roped off, he was rubbing my head. "How was that for a surprise," he asked. I was shocked, the ones that I thought were men, were his friends.

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He had planned the whole thing; I was shocked I told him. I asked him where the fuck he had been, he admitted to standing beside the tree jerking off while he watched his friends fuck me, and then dog. All I could think on the way home was just wait until Daddy got finished with him; he was going to be pissed.

His baby girl wasn't supposed to fuck anyone else but him and maybe the boyfriend occasionally.