Amateur shameless teens got smashed in pov sex videos

Amateur shameless teens got smashed in pov sex videos
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A young teacher walked into her classroom to teacher health.

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Her students were filing in for the first class of the day when she noticed the flag hanging in the corner was about to fall. She started climbing up on her desk not realizing what she was showing her young students.

The class sat watching as their beautiful petite new teacher who was about five foot tall with long wavy silky brunette hair that fell down her back to just above her ass.

She had large bright blue eyesthin eyebrows a cute small noseand full luscious red lips. Her full firm gorgeous lola taylor sucks a meaty shaft deep throat and rough sex breasts stuck out above her flat toned stomach leading down to a long pair of fantastic tanned legs. Her students were getting a great eyeful as she climbed up on the desk in her short silk black skirt with a pair of black leather knee high boots and a double chain belt with a pair of handcuffs as buckles.

They also got a great view of her breasts as the white silk blouse opened exposing her cleavage. She clambered up onto the desk turned and grabbed the pole reinserting it into the holder their she said and turned again and began climbing down from the desk. Her foot slipped off the edge and she fell straight down onto the corner of the desk. Her crotch catching most of the impact she fell the rest of the way to the floor clutching her pussy with both hand she curled into a fetal position moaning.

The students rushed forward to help her someone said someonego get the nurse but no one moved as a group picked the young teacher up and moved towards the desk. Another group quickly cleared the desk and the first group laid the teacher on the desk.

They laid her on her back on the desk and Alyssa taking charge ordered two males to move her hands out of the wayso they grasped her wrists and pulled them above her head and trapped them there. Alyssa ordered another pair to pull her legs apart so she could see what damage had been done.

Ms. Bridger the new young teacher could feel the girl between her legs then Alyssa ordered another pair to finish opening her shirt and then spread her nether lips open.

After they had done this Alyssa slid her fingers into the teacher spreading her wider and pushing her hands deeper and deeper into her. The teacherMs. Amber Bridger felt an orgasm spear up and overtake her and as she shuddered through it Alyssa shoved her whole hand into Amber's cunt making a fist she started pumping into Amber's pussy as fast and as hard as she couldAmber shuddered as another orgasm hit her then a third and fourth as Alyssa continued to pound her pussy.

She finally screamed as a fifth and final ORGASM struck her small bodybut it didn't stop there as the students started taking turns moving between her legs they slid their cocks into her and didn't stop until she had another orgasm then the next boy or a girl wearing a strap on dick took their place at the entrance of her vagina. She tried to fake an orgasm but only the once because when she tried one of the girls standing around her reached over grasped one of her engorged nipples and pinched it twisting hard until she thought it was going to be torn off of her breast.

Another girl started slapping her other breast and she heard Alyssa saydon't fake your orgasms we will know and punish you do you understand. Yes she whimpered and they continued to abuse her young body.

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When they were finished she thought her stomach was over filled with sperm and when they helped her down off the desk and stood up the cum poured out of her it felt like gallons. She paled as she looked down at the pool and thought oh my God I'm going to get pregnant no way I'm not with all of that in me for so long.

They gently moved her to her desk chair and sat her down. As Amber sat there recovering Alyssa stepped up to her and explained her situation. You belong to us from now onwe have video of you willingly having sex with students and even begging them to fuck you harder and faster.

Oh God Amber started to exclaimed but she was stopped as Super pretty hot teen stripping on webcam continued you wear an outfit or something similar everyday and you will instantly stop what you are doing and comply with any request any of us make. You can wear any foot wear that you want but no underwear and only skirts that hang down passed you crotch by four inches or less. Your blouses should be chosen for the maximum skin exposure and sheerness.

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If we don't approve of your chosen outfit you will be punished so choose well. She stood up nodding her head in agreement and turning to the board quietly started teaching the class.

Amber continued in this way every day coming to class dressed like a slut and complying with any request her first class made of her. Some of which she enjoyed and some that made her sick. One day one of the young men brought an old dirty homeless man into class and told her to suck his dick. Amber complied but almost threw up when she unzipped his pants and brought out his hardened dirty cock and smelled him as her mouth took him in feeling the old crusty ejaculate and other unknown substances being cleansed by her saliva off of his penis.

This wasn't the only disgusting act she had to perform but it was one of the worst.