Breathtaking czech cutie is seduced in the supermarket and pounded in pov

Breathtaking czech cutie is seduced in the supermarket and pounded in pov
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Forbidden Room The cab dropped her at the entrance of the huge house, mansion really, and was now gone. Laurel checked her make up one last time before walking up to the front door and pushing the small black button next to the door. She thought she looked good and had certainly tried to look like someone they'd want to cast in their film. The announcement had asked for a look a little on simple girl force rape jungle xstory redwap wild side but not too wild, so Laurel had tried to come up with the right half slutty, half girl next door look.

The door swung open and an older woman dressed in a uniform asked Laurel her name and then let her in, ushering her into a large reception room. Laurel was the only one there. The woman told her that someone would be with her soon and to have a seat and wait.

She then walked to a closed door and told Laurel that under no circumstances was she to open the door or enter the room behind it. The woman asked Laurel if she understood the instruction and Laurel, looking a little perplexed, said that yes she understood. She thought to herself that it wouldn't have occurred to her to open that door. The woman left Laurel to wait in the reception room. Time passed slowly, ten minutes, then twenty, and after checking her watch again, Laurel saw that forty minutes had passed and she was still waiting.

She looked around the room which was beautifully and richly decorated. Her eyes passed by the forbidden door and then went back and focused on it. Laurel's curiosity had been piqued and she really began to wonder what was behind the door and if it was so important, why wasn't the door kept locked. She almost got up to go and just turn the knob but stopped herself, remembering what the woman had said. Laurel didn't want to jeopardize her chances of getting the job and disobeying the woman's orders might do that.

More time passed, another half an hour, and Laurel was getting restless. There was absolutely nothing to do. She had examined the entire room and it's contents including the questionable door, the door knob, and she'd even young couple and busty bff nasty threesome session her hand on the rich dark wood that the door was made of.

After another fifteen minutes waiting, Laurel went to the entrance into the room and looked out into the hallway. It was quiet and empty, just a long hallway with a line of closed doors. She went back into the reception room and walked the firmteenporn shows two cuties share one dick in a gym until she came to the forbidden door and stopped and just looked at it for a moment.

What could possibly be behind the door? She put her ear close to the door but heard nothing. She walked away from the door, still not wanting to do what she was told not to. Another ten minutes had gone by and Laurel was becoming quite frustrated and a little anxious. After another twenty minutes, she got up and went back to the forbidden door, now honestly curious about it.

Almost two hours had passed and she wasn't sure what she should do except keep waiting. Maybe something had happened. Whatever the reason, Laurel wished someone would tell her what was going on.

Perhaps the interview room was behind the door and that's why she was told not to go in. She circled the room again, now almost angry at having to wait so long. The more she thought about it, the more she believed that the forbidden door led into the interview room. She decided to knock on the door, but after trying twice and listening intently for any sound, that seemed fruitless.

After another ten minutes and after again walking around the room, Laurel redhead gettting fucked hard in her ass lost all patience and decided to just turn the door handle and see what happened.

The door knob turned and she tried to decide whether to just open the door and see if she could find out what was happening. The worst that could happen was she wouldn't get the job because she'd disobeyed orders, right? After taking a deep breath, Laurel again turned the door knob and then pushed inward, holding her breath as it opened halfway. It was dark inside, not even a hint of light. Surely this couldn't be the interview room. Her curiosity was piqued and she said, "Hello, is there someone in here?" She was answered by total silence as she pushed the door open just a little more and took a step into the room, and again said "Is there anyone in here?" It was still silent as Laurel took another step into the dark room.

She noticed a musty smell and thought the room must not get much fresh air. Her hand moved from the doorknob and she walked in a little further, trying to see anything in the jet black darkness that was surrounding her. She took one more step past the open door and heard a low creaking sound then a loud sound like a slap as the door slammed shut behind her. Laurel stood in total darkness and complete silence. She immediately tried to get to the door and used her hands to feel for the doorknob, but after walking around the room for what seemed like a few times, she stopped and started pounding on the wall and yelling for someone to let her out.

There was no light at all and there seemed to be no furniture or windows either, just flat, empty walls closing in on her. Laurel screamed and pleaded and kept pounding on the walls but no one came for her and she finally started sobbing and sinking to the floor in exhaustion. "Please," she murmured, "Please." A spotlight went on in what seemed to be the center of the room. Laurel was drawn to it like a moth to a flame and she crawled toward the light. "Help me," she whimpered, "Please help me." A voice started talking to her as she continued to cry as she lay in the spotlight.

"Welcome to your audition, Laurel. This is the audition for people who don't listen to instructions.

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You have lost the role you came here for but have a chance to move on to another role by default." "Let me out of here," Laurel said in a shaky voice, "Let me out. I'm sorry I opened the door. Please, let me out." "Too late, Laurel, excuses don't work here. The audition has begun and will continue whether you like it or not." "Nooooo," she screamed. "I want to go home, let me go." She was sobbing and pounding on the walls again but soon grew tired and sunk to the floor.

Suddenly she soni leon bf xxx story a sliver of light as a door across the room opened and two men walked in.

Laurel rushed to get up and ran toward the door, but the men grabbed her. They were tall and wore black hoods. She was spun around and her hands tied behind her back. A knife appeared, shining in the glow of the spotlight around her. One of the men cut her clothes and pulled them off. Laurel stood naked in the spotlight where the men held her. The voice was back then and said, "This is round one of your audition, Laurel. These men will use your slut body and if you make them, and us, happy, you will move on to the next round.

If not you will be left in this room, alone, and die slowly as we watch and film you. I suggest you treat them well, Laurel." "Why are you doing this?" Laurel screamed hysterically. "Why did you open teen slut jayden fucks to keep her job door, Laurel?" Laurel sobbed as the men bent her over at the waist and one told her to open her mouth and then pushed his dick in and fucked her mouth deep as he held her head tight, pumping in savagely.

The other man shoved his dick all the way into her cunt then fucked her roughly for a few minutes, then pulled out and thrust all the way into her ass causing her to scream around the huge dick in her mouth. The two men went at her hard, thrusting into her holes over and over, slapping her ass and her face repeatedly, and fucking her relentlessly for what seemed like forever.

Finally, they were close to being done with her and picked up the pace even more until they went as deep as they could, filling Laurel with their hot, sticky cum.

Laurel started to choke when the cum poured into her mouth but the man slapped her hard and told her to swallow it all, every drop.

She was scared to death they'd leave her there so she managed to swallow his cum, as disgusting as it was to her. When they were done, the men pulled out, switched places, and told Laurel she'd passed the audition so they were going to freshen her up for the next one. One man pulled her hair roughly, holding her head up and mouth open and pissed down her throat telling her to swallow it all. The other man put his dick in Laurel's cunt and pissed then pulled out and pissed into her ass, wiping his dick off on her ass after he pulled out.

Piss mixed with thick ropes of cum was now pouring out of her cunt and her ass. The voice was back. "It seems you've made my friends happy enough to pass round one of the audition, Laurel.

The rest of the team gives you a passing mark so you will now proceed to round two.

Do exactly what these men ask and remember what happens to sluts who don't follow rules. And remember too, Laurel, that every move you make is being filmed, busty slut alison tyler loves to suck hard dick by the pool pornstar and hardcore smile for your close ups." Laurel looked around in horror. "Please let me go," she whimpered again. "Why are you filming me, why?" She didn't get an answer. Two more men in hoods entered the room, pushing a rather large wooden device which they placed in the middle of the room under the spotlight, and positioned just so for the cameras.

They lifted Laurel off of the floor, untied her hands and began strapping her into the device. She was bent over a wooden block and her head and hands placed in a pillory. Her legs were spread wide and strapped by the thighs and ankles to posts on either side of her.

Laurel's large tits hung straight down. Her head and ass were in a perfect position to be fucked and the cameras were positioned to capture it all, including close up shots. Laurel was breathing heavily as a line of men started filing into the room.

All wore the same black hoods and all were naked below the waist. They all had their dicks in hand and were stroking themselves hard in anticipation of getting into Laurel. Two large buckets were placed under Laurel, one under her head and the other between her legs. The voice was back again. "Welcome to round two of your audition, Laurel. This round will serve to break you in and show what a slut and cum bucket you truly are.

There will be silence in the room as you service these men, all of whom are extras in our productions and are very experienced and have great equipment and stamina. Any complaint from you will result in termination of the audition and, in essence, termination of you by default. I suggest you simply enjoy it the way any real slut would. Gentlemen, you may begin." The first two men in line got into position, one in front of Laurel's head and one between her legs. Laurel felt her hair being pulled as the man in front of her pulled her back as far as he could and pinched her nose before thrusting a huge dick into her open mouth and slamming in and out of her.

Her large tits started swinging back and forth from the force of the man fucking her mouth. At the same time the man behind her spread her open then lined up and went deep into her cunt and started fucking Laurel hard as he pulled up on her hips and slammed in roughly over and over again. Two more men got into place behind the first two, dicks hard and ready, as they quietly waited their turn.

The man fucking Laurel's mouth came first, squirting into her open mouth as the camera recorded the cum filling her mouth while her eyes stared vacantly into the camera. He wiped his dick off on her face and moved away as the next man stepped up and shoved his dick down her throat, all the way down, in one hard push and started pumping fast.

The man fucking Laurel's cunt was still going but getting close as he slapped her ass over and over as he fucked her, finally pushing in deep, dick pulsing his large cum load inside her. Beneath her, two men grabbed onto her wildly swinging tits and sucked her nipples then bit them hard causing Laurel to cry out around the dick in her mouth.

The man fucking her mouth slapped her face so hard she saw stars and she heard the voice say, "Do not scream again, Laurel. This is your only warning." And so it continued, on and on, seemingly never ending to Laurel, dick after dick inside her, using and punishing her, their cum covering her legs, dripping out of her gaping holes, filling the bucket between her legs along with her own piss.

After the first ten hours they gave her a power drink spiked with vitamins and uppers, pouring it down her throat. It helped for a while as the line kept on going and one after another the men in hoods fucked Laurel, breaking her in the way they needed to for what was still to come.

After hundreds of men had fucked Laurel, they left her alone in the dark room for several hours. They wanted her to wonder if she'd passed the audition or if she'd failed and they'd left her there, strapped in and unable to move. Laurel cried as her fears grew, she didn't want to die but was terrified she would.

The spotlight came back on after a few hours of complete silence and darkness. The voice was back. "You have passed round two of your audition, Laurel, and we've let you rest up for round three which will begin momentarily. In this round, we'll be concentrating on opening up your ass so your mouth will not be used except to piss in.

We don't want to totally ignore your cunt so we'll sit you on a nice sized dildo so you won't lose the effect of a lovely dick inside you. We do care, Laurel. Gentlemen you may begin. Camerman, get a tight shot on her ass once she's set up." Two hooded men entered the room and left Laurel's head and arms in the pillory but moved the bench she was leaning over and replaced it with a stool that had a good sized dildo attached to it.

She was still strapped to the posts on either side of her. They simply slid the stool into place and lifted her up just a little and sat her cunt down onto the dildo the moved the stool around a little to make sure it wouldn't slip out. Then one of them shoved their dick up her ass, slapped her and fucked hard while spreading her ass cheeks wide. When he was close to coming, the man pushed down hard on her ass as he drove his dick in over and over, finally pumping his cum in deep.

When he pulled out, he picked her up a little and slammed her cunt down onto the dildo a few times until she cried out. The man behind the hood laughed and slapped her ass before he walked away. This particular round lasted about six hours where Laurel often had two dicks fucking her ass. Heavy weights had been attached to her tits, clips pinching her nipples.

Every thrusts of a dick into her caused her tits to swing and more so when her body was rocked by dicks slamming into her. She was given nothing to eat or drink except for the piss going down her throat.

Two or three men would stand in front of her forced open mouth pissing long streams toward the back of her throat as her head was held back. Laurel drank so much piss that she was almost constantly pissing herself. It ran down off of the stool where she was impaled on the dildo and down her legs mixing with a couple of hundred cum loads.

When they were all done with her, once again she was left strapped into the device in total darkness as cum dripped from her widely stretched and gaping british punishment cummie the painal cum cat, then down her legs ever so slowly, almost a torture in itself.

Laurel was stuck on the stool, impaled by the dildo, unable to get off of it no matter how she moved. Her tits hung straight down, pulled down by weights attached to her nipples. Any movement at all hurt. They left her like that for a long time. She was in pain and whimpered from time to time but was afraid to cry out. Hours passed and Laurel blessedly fell into a fitful sleep until she was again awakened by the spotlight and the voice. "Time for your next scene, Laurel, round four.

We allowed you to rest up and before we begin we're going to have you swallow a very special drink that will make you feel much better, a nice mixture of cum and piss and some very good drugs. Drink up, Laurel, two pregnant brunettes get fucked in a some going to need it." Two hooded men held her head and poured the mixture down her throat, patiently waiting while sex games amaze awesome babe very much swallowed it all.

She was then removed from the device, which was taken from the room.

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Her hands were then bound and her ankles. A chain appeared, moving down from a spot in the ceiling and Laurel's bound ankles were attached to the chain and she was slowly hoisted up off of the floor until she hung suspended from the ceiling, head at about groin level. Shorter and heavier weights were attached to her large tits which hung down almost to her chin. Laurel heard the camera moving and saw two hooded men approach her, stroking their dicks for a moment before grabbing her head, pinching her nose and thrusting both dicks into her mouth as deep as they could.

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One held her head as they both fucked her mouth, taking turns until one of them shot his cum down her throat, and the other man resumed, fucking hard and fast until he too pumped his cum into her mouth, then holding it closed until she swallowed.

Man after man stepped up to her and fucked her mouth relentlessly. After just a short while there was cum and piss all over Laurel's face, sticky and running down into her nose and eyes and then onto the floor as the dicks kept fucking her and shooting their cum into her. Several hours, and a couple hundred dicks later and the round was over.

Laurel was placed face down on the floor, ankles and hands still bound, sticky with cum all over her face. Large dildos were shoved into her ass and her cunt, then pounded in deeper by a man using a rubber mallet. They then pulled her onto her knees and made her bend over a narrow bench, strapping her to it so that her head and tits hung down.

Additional weight was added to that already clamped onto her tits, stretching her even more. The next time the spotlight came on, Laurel barely noticed. A few days had passed since she'd entered the room and she was exhausted. The voice started. "Welcome to round five of your audition, Laurel. Frankly, you're a mess, so you'll be given an opportunity to wash your face in this round. That should revive you quite a bit and make you much more attractive for our cameras.

Both your cunt and your ass should be nicely stretched and ready for all the dicks that will be fucking you. Your tits are stretching nicely too and perhaps we'll allow some sucking soon. As always, just enjoy, Laurel. Gentlemen, begin." A huge round, but low to the ground container was placed under Laurel's head, and then filled with water from a hose. She was unstrapped and her arms bound to the edges of the water filled container.

Her legs were spread wide and her ankles bound to posts embedded in the floor. Before even beginning her knees hurt from being on the floor, her tits hurt most of all from being so stretched out and her cunt and ass were extremely sore.

Laurel didn't know if she could survive. She was given an energy drink heavily laced with uppers that was designed to keep her going for the few hours needed to complete round five. A hooded man walked up to Laurel, shoved his dick in aletta ocean sex with the goodess cunt and started thrusting in and out wildly. Another man picked up her hair by the head and then pushed her head under the water, holding it there for several seconds before letting her up for air.

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He did this again and again as the first man shot his cum into Laurel and continued as the line of men fucked her. Over and over again, her head was held under the water, each time just a little longer, and each time Laurel panicked but couldn't move and the hands were too strong to fight against. After fucking Laurel, some of the men lay on the floor under her tits and sucked her, two at once, and bit her and pulled hard causing her to try and shake away from them.

They would laugh and bite down hard on her nipples while shaking their heads then pull and stretch her tits even more. Her tits were bitten all over and slapped repeatedly. Someone lit a cigarette and they started burning her tits, laughing as she thrashed and screamed when her head was pulled out of the water. One man pulled on her tits like they were udders then slapped them together hard over and over, finally sinking his teeth into both nipples while pushing her tits together.

After a few hours, the voice was back and said, "That's a wrap, extras, good work, there will be bonuses for the tit work.

Hold her head down for a good minute and get a big dick in her ass, okay? I want close ups of the dick ramming into her cunt and I want to see the cum going in, then hold her cheeks open and show the cum dripping out.

When you pull her out of the water, I want a close up of her face, and Laurel, you better look scared if you want to pass the audition. Oh, and someone get the horny girl gets anal fucked in public back on her tits, we need more stretching." The mission was accomplished and again Laurel was left alone, bound and unable to move, tits hanging straight down, still huge but thinner looking from all the stretching.

Twenty pound weights were attached to each nipple with small chains and clamps. Cum leaked out around newly inserted dildos that had been pounded into both her ass and cunt. Hours later she was given an enema and then left alone again in the dark. She managed to sleep a little due to complete exhaustion. The hours ticked away and no one came for her, hour after hour for what must have been a sweet honey gets wild licking smalltits and hardcore of days.

Thank God they'd left the water and she was able to drink it, but she was so hungry now and she was in a great deal of pain. After three days, two hooded men entered the room and one of them slapped her face to make sure she was awake. The voice was there but not the spotlight.

"It does not please me to inform you, Laurel, that you failed to pass round six of your audition, but we have determined to keep you although in a different capacity than we'd hoped. Unfortunately you are not right for our films but we do think you'd do well in one of our establishments servicing our clients 24/7 as a glory hole slut.

If you do well in that function we may decide to give you another chance to audition for one of our films." Laurel started crying and whimpering and saying, "Please, no, please let me go. I'm sorry I looked into the room, please, haven't I paid enough?" "You should have thought of that before you disobeyed instructions, Laurel. One strike and you're out. You will now be taken to one of our facilities, a very busy one, where you'll be used 24/7 with one hour off each day for cleaning and eating.

The rest of your time will be spent in a small cubicle where your mouth and your cunt will be placed next to a hole cut into the wall so that our clients may fuck you as they wish, and use you as a cum and piss bucket.

At approximately 5 a.m. each day, service will stop for a period of three hours and you will be allowed to lay your head down and sleep. If you complain in any way, the punishment will be severe." Laurel tried to protest as they literally dragged her away but she had no strength left. She was bound up tightly and a hood placed over her head then placed in a van and driven to another location where she was immediately made ready for service.

First she was hosed down and cleaned up, then she was given the first food she'd had in days which she wolfed down. She was told that she would be cleaned up, given an enema and fed every day after her three hour sleep allotment and that she would be pretty comfortable in her little space and so she should just enjoy it and feel lucky she had all those dicks her craving pussy wants to cum for you make her feel good.

A few times every day, someone would bring her an energy drink laced with uppers which she was to drink all of. She was told to only piss when there wasn't a dick using her, and to get used to the idea that she was both a cum and piss bucket. The space was tiny and raised up off of the floor so to be at groin level for the men paying to fuck her cunt or mouth.

Fucking her ass was acceptable but cost extra. She was made to lie down and let her tits hang from the holes in the floor of her space. Her hands were tied together and a strap placed over her upper body securing her in place.

Her head was up against the front of the space, her mouth in front of a hole so a dick could fuck her. Laurel's legs straddled a wide board so that her ass was flush against the back of the space with her cunt and ass up against a hole so she could be fucked. Underneath her, men could play with her tits, suck them and bite them and do as they wished. Each tit had a twenty pound weight attached when her tits were not in use.

It was very loud in Laurel's space. She was hooded before they took her and strapped her into her space. Laurel was naked all the time now and she heard the comments of the men as she was walked to her space in the club or whatever it was. Apparently her tits were really stretched out but they still swayed as she walked, her nipples in pain from the weights hanging on them. Once she was strapped in, they removed her hood but it was quite dark with the only light coming from the hole in front of her face.

Almost immediately Laurel felt a dick in her cunt, fucking in and out fast. Someone pushed her tits, then pushed them again making them sway back and forth until someone started sucking one giving Laurel a small amount of relief from the heavy weight.

That was short lived though as another mouth sucked the other tit then bit down hard, growling loudly. She couldn't scream because a dick was in her mouth fucking in hard. She felt the dick in her ass pulse and twitch before hot cum filled her. He pulled out then and she felt cum dripping out. This was Laurel's life for twenty hours per day, dick after dick thrusting into her holes, leaving their cum, all completely anonymous.

She really had become nothing more than a cum bucket, and a piss bucket too. Laurel didn't understand why so many wanted to piss inside her but they did and by the end of her shift she was lying in a river of cum and piss and had to try and sleep in it.

When they took her out to be hosed down and fed they also hosed down the floor of her space but even so it smelled like an outhouse. They also kept putting more weight on Laurel's tits especially when she tried to sleep. She couldn't have gotten up if she tried. When she looked down at her tits when she was being hosed down she could she that they now hung below her waist, and were long and rather flat.

They started giving her saline shots to plump her tits mommy gives you a futa facial strapon pov big tits brie white so in time she had plump and long tits that eventually got pulled down to the tops of her thighs.

Men sure liked to play with them though. Some just wanted to suck her for a while and others wanted to bite her and make her hurt. For a little while, Laurel tried to keep some sort of count on how many dicks fucked each hole in a day, but she lost track way before her twenty hour day was over. Several hundred a day would probably be close to accurate depending on how long it took the men to come.

Her holes had become huge too and she could barely feel the dicks in her anymore, not unless it was particularly long. She'd feel it though when two dicks fucked her at the same time. Laurel's serviced men like this for about six months until they told her she'd been given a new assignment. She was to be center stage at another club, a very exclusive club, where she would present herself to everyone there and offer her services to them while they partied and enjoyed their evening.

The men at this particular club paid to be able to abuse the over the hill sluts, to fuck them and hurt them in interesting ways. They broke these sluts in slowly, gaining some sense of trust that they would not be hurt or abused just used a lot. For her debut, Laurel was not cleaned up and she smelled of the cum and piss deposited in her by a few hundred men. Her hair was filthy and her tits were pumped full of saline but hung down to her thighs.

She was told to walk around the club and put her tits in men's faces and offer them and her cunt for their use. The men at this club liked Laurel right away and put her to good use, laughing as they used her. At her very first table, two men grabbed her tits and pulled them way out so that they reached their mouths and then they started sucking and biting greedily.

Someone walked up behind her and shoved his dick in her cunt and fucked her hard. All the men at that table fucked her and deposited their sticky cum in her cunt. They pulled hard on her tits trying to see how far they could stretch them out. When they were done, a man said, "Get this slut out of here," and burnt her with his lit cigar, laughing as she walked away and found another group of men to service.

After several hours of this, Laurel was placed on a table with her legs spread wide with a huge dildo shoved into her cunt. She lay on her back, legs up and spread, waiting for someone to fuck her.

She offered her tits to anyone walking by and got a few men interested that way. After one man fucked her and shot his cum into her, he yelled that the cunt smelled bad.

A couple of guys picked Laurel up and carried her to an indoor fountain and tossed her in. They held her underwater for short intervals until she was cleaner, then pulled her out, threw her on the floor and a group of ten or so starting fucking her. They were very drunk and rowdy, fucking and coming in Laurel, and pulling on her tits as she sobbed in pain and petite teen hardcore fucking ms police officer. Someone noticed Laurel crying and said, "Aw, you guys made the slut cry.

I'll give the bitch something to cry about." Most of the men in the room started cheering as he picked Laurel up off the floor by her hair and slapped her hard across her face, so hard that she fell down, heavy tits swinging. He next grabbed both of her tits and pulled her up as she screamed in pain.

He told her to shut up and threw her back onto the hard, concrete floor and told two of his friends to hold the bitch down, so they did, and the man shoved his dick deep into Laurel's cunt and started fucking her roughly, pounding her into the floor until he came while calling her a fucking slut.

Before he pulled out he pinched and twisted both nipples hard and laughed when she screamed. Men were clapping and yelling then and everyone wanted to fuck Laurel and hurt her somehow. Her huge tits were pulled on and sucked and bitten while others put as many dicks into her as would fit, stretching her raw, gaping holes, fucking them hard, slamming into her over and over, finally squirting their cum inside her. A couple of men picked her up and impaled her on two or three dicks which fucked brutally up into her as the men bounced her body up and down on their dicks.

They sucked and bit her tits as they fucked her, not caring that she was sobbing in pain and screaming for them to riverwood slut bangs faendal cheats with alvor and ends with the tow tube porn. Someone got tired of listening to her scream and pulled out a ball gag to shut her up and men cheered.

They started putting lit cigars and cigarettes up her cunt and laughed as she struggled until her dripping cunt put them out. Then they'd fuck her some more, taking turns, all of them finally pumping their cum into her. Someone tied her hands together then tied them to one of the hooks hanging from the low ceiling of the club. Men fucked her from behind, two and three at a time while others pulled and sucked her tits and scarred them with their lit cigarettes laughing at the muffled noises coming from under the ball gag.

This went on for hours and only ended when the hundred or so men there that evening were finally fucked out. Laurel was left hanging from a hook, tits hanging low, bruised and burned, ass teetering in the air, with two dildos stuffed into her holes, cum dripping out around them. When the clients seemed done with Laurel, the handlers first pounded the dildos deep into her cunt and ass, then cut her down, and took her to a holding pen until she was needed the next night. The ball gag was removed and she asked for water so one of the handlers pissed in her mouth and she swallowed gratefully and asked for more.

A portable pillory was placed over her head and hands and locked into place. Heavy weights were put back on her tits, and she was laid over a table so that her tits hung straight down. The handlers told Laurel to rest up because it was all going to happen again the next day. It happened the next day and for every day after that for a few months.

Laurel was quite popular in this particular club and spent a lot of time flat on the back as everyone had a go with her, even while the special entertainment was going on each night. She promiscous blonde tied and fucked on a cliff to lose her energy though and so it was decided to put her back in the glory holes for a while and then perhaps make her the star of her own film.

So Laurel was back in the glory holes 24/7 and the rules had changed somewhat. Glory hole sluts were no longer allowed time off to sleep. She still had one hour every day to be fed and cleaned but spent 23 hours of every day in her small space servicing clients.

At five a.m. each day, the hole in front of Laurel's mouth was closed off so that she could sleep, but her cunt and ass were available and Laurel had to learn to sleep while dicks fucked her almost non-stop, and while men pulled on her tits, and waking her when they bit her nipples so hard. Laurel serviced thousands of dicks during the next couple of years as a glory hole slut.

The staff would frequently not bother with moving her to be fed and cleaned but instead would give her a heavily drugged energy drink and run a hose quickly over her cunt and consider her done. Why waste any time at all when someone could be using her, she just wasn't worth it. Things finally changed in a big way for Laurel and led to a special production for a very special client who would pay big dollars to get what he wanted.

They decided to use Laurel because she had been fucked so much over the last few years that her cunt and ass were too big to feel very good to the men fucking her. They wanted a nice, tight cunt but Laurel was huge and gaping.

Laurel was moved one night to a new location, hooded and securely restrained. She was placed on a large platform with strategically placed holes for her tits to hang from and. Laurel lay face down with her arms and legs spread wide and tied to posts surrounding the platform. She was tied very tightly with a thin wired cord which dug into her wrists and ankles and would hurt every time her body moved. After sleeping for a few hours a familiar spotlight came on as a hooded man slapped Laurel awake.

A familiar voice started speaking to her. "As you can see, Laurel, you are back in the room where you first disobeyed orders and got yourself into the mess you're in now. We are not pleased with your performance lately, Laurel, and you're here to be given one last chance to be a good slut. If you do not perform as we wish, and as our special client wishes, you will be left in this room until you fade away." "Please, oh, please, no, don't hurt me.

I'll do anything you want, I'll try harder, please, don't. I just want to go home." "You don't have a home anymore, Laurel. There is no place for you to go." "No, oh, noooo," she sobbed. "Stop crying, Laurel, we don't care about your problems here. Gentlemen, let the audience in, double check the luscious teen marilyn mansion enjoys good dicking angles, all of them, and let's get this done." A line of hooded men was ushered in and seated in a circle around the edges of the room.

Laurel was center stage, bound and lit for all the camera angles. It was completely silent in the room as another line of hooded men started filing in and lining up behind Laurel.

She was trembling as the first man took her dick out and thrust it into her cunt, grunting a little as he pushed all the way in. He started fucking her hard, making her body rock and her tits swing wildly.

Two more men stepped forward and went for Laurel's tits, removing the heaving weights before sucking and biting. They both had razor blades and started making long cuts up and down the length of her stretched tits. Laurel started screaming as the blood started flowing and the men used it to knead her tits hard making them bleed more. The men continued doing this while several men fucked Laurel leaving their cum to drip slowly down into the large container beneath her. Another man brought a long metal rod with a two inch diameter into the room.

He lined the rod up behind Laurel's ass and shoved it into her ass while she cried out in pain. The man savagely jabbed her ass with the hard metal rod, over and over, finally leaving it in her so the next man up could use it as he pleased. A few men pulled the rod out of her ass and put their dicks in, fucking her ass hard and deep, pumping their cum in while grunting their pleasure.

When they were done, they would strike Laurel's ass with the metal rod then shove it back amerika beautiful girls porn story her ass as cum streamed out around it. After watching the show for a couple of hours, the guests were asked to participate if they wished and they did so with a vengeance, fucking Laurel two at a time, double and triple stuffing her cunt, cutting and biting her tits, slapping them, slapping her ass, reaming both holes with the metal rod until blood flowed out with the cum.

When she begged for water, a man got up on the platform and pinched her nose to open her mouth then pissed in it. A few men jacked off and shot streams of cum over Laurel's back and a few into her mouth while someone held her head up. A hooded man brought in a thin leather strap and wrapped it around Laurel's neck so that pulling it on both ends tightened it enough to choke her. The men thrusting into her cunt now also played with choking the slut over and over, laughing at her when she gasped and coughed.

She kept saying, "Please," but no one cared. After the guests had fucked Laurel and played with her, the voice came back. "Well done, gentlemen, and there's more to come, a special finale for your pleasure.

All cameras should be on for this part of the show. I think we're ready to begin." Laurel lay there unable to move at all. The metal rod in her ass hurt like hell and she was extremely thirsty and started begging for water.

Two hooded men pissed into her mouth and told her to shut up. A large wooden pole on a stand was brought into the room. The men unstrapped Laurel then tied her wrists together and hung them from a ceiling hook which then raised her body up so that she hung there with her arms over her head. Twenty pound weights hung from both nipples, pulling her tits way down, and cum and blood dripped from her holes.

The tall wooden pole was placed and lined up under Laurel's cunt and then she was moved down over it so that she was impaled on the pole. She started screaming when she was bounced up and down on the pole a few times. Her legs scrambled as she tried to seek purchase somewhere on the pole but she couldn't and her legs just hung there uselessly as the pole poked up deep into her cunt.

Hooded men surrounded her, a few slicing her tits some more and one fucked her tits while holding them tightly together, battering them until his dick pumped cutexezra facial in the shower hot cum that dripped down the open cuts on her tits causing her to howl.

Someone pissed on her tits then and she screamed loudly as a man held her hips and bounced her cunt up and down on the pole impaling her. A man stood behind Laurel and fucked up into her ass hard while holding her hips and forcing her body down onto both the pole and his dick, both fucking her, until he came with a grunt, his dick twitching as his cum pulsed into her ass in streams.

Before he pulled out, he slapped her ass then savagely shoved her cunt down onto the pole and the clients laughed and cheered the move. Man after man jacked off and spurted cum all over Laurel. Someone started cutting her back, and someone else wrapped the leather strap around her neck and started choking her again. Someone bit her nipple so hard that it was almost ripped off. The twenty pound weight was put back on the torn nipple as Laurel howled in pain.

After an hour or so, and after a great deal of hilarity on the part of the men playing with her, things got a bit more serious. The voice came back and said, "Just superb, gentlemen, and there will be bonuses for the great extras here today showing this slut what it's all about.

Cameras get ready, it's finale time." Laurel didn't know what that meant but hoped that it was almost over. Only the pain was keeping her awake. A man got behind her and put his dick up her ass and just stood there as he motioned for her to be moved down a couple of inches. As she moved down the pole went deeper into her cunt causing a lot of pain. Her legs flailed as the pole went deeper and the man's dick went deeper into her ass.

The room was silent as Laurel struggled wildly which really only caused her more pain as the pole kept going deeper. The man's hands were on her hips keeping her steady as the pole went deeper and deeper in.

She started howling in pain as a steady stream of blood began to flow from her cunt. The man was fucking her ass hard as the pole went deeper. He was panting and grunting under the hood as he pushed down hard on Laurel's hips and his dick pumped hot cum into her ass. The man gave her a hard downward shove as he pulled out, cum running down her legs which were now quite still.

He then twirled her body around on the pole as Laurel screamed. Someone placed a ball gag in her mouth then saying she was being too loud for them to enjoy the show. Laurel was lowered another two inches onto the pole which was now about 12 inches into her cunt.

There was a little slack in the chain holding her up so she was basically sitting on the pole via her cunt. Laurel was spun around again and again, screams muffled by the ball gag. A tall hooded man with a huge dick moved behind her and thrust his dick up her ass in one swift movement then fucked up over and over while pushing her body down.

He fucked her like that for a good five minutes, fast and deep, and hard, the only sounds in the room were Laurel's muffled screams and the man's grunting every time he fucked into her, that and the sound of skin slapping skin as he fucked her ass. The man finally came, pumping hard even while his cum poured into Laurel's ass.

Refreshments were brought in for the clients, lots of alcohol and gourmet finger foods while they enjoyed the show. For the next hour or so, the men in hoods mixed it up as they tortured Laurel.

They kept fucking her ass then spinning her around on the pole. She was lowered another inch and the pole was about 14 inches inside her cunt, pushing up hard but so far she was holding together. Laurel's hands were removed from the hook above her head so that her full weight was on the pole in her cunt. Her hands were kept bound and then re-bound around her neck so that her elbows stuck out on either side of her head. She tried to get off of the pole by bending over but it was in too deep and she served only to drive it in deeper.

Her screams were muffled but continuous. She felt her tits being cut again and blood dripping down and mingling with cum and blood from her cunt. Laurel imagined that she would die but she didn't realize how long it would take. She thought about the door, about opening the damn door, if she had just waited things would have been different.

Too late now though, way too late. The men eventually got restless and decided to have a circle jerk off and squirt cum on their slut and then go out for dinner and come back late after a night out and maybe have another go at her. They left her sitting on the pole with perfect lighting for the cameras that continued to roll. A rope had been tied around her neck then down around her ankles, then pulled tight so that her ankles were pulled up towards her head.

She was give a huge does of uppers to keep her wide awake for the cameras, one of which was trained in a close up of her eyes. Huge, forty pound weights were attached to each tit and really stretched them out, and causing great pain, as well as keeping her pushed way down on the wooden pole in her cunt.

When the guests returned, they were quite drunk and ready to enjoy what was left of the slut. She was bounced on shaved cute blonde in stocking receiving two hard cocks pole and twirled back and forth.

Two men got behind Laurel and both put their dicks in her ass and fucked in roughly while pushing down hard on her body. They both got in easily and moved Laurel up and down on their dicks and the hard pole. She was pissed on over and over again and more cum was streaked on her body, blood flowed from cuts all over her and someone bit a little too hard on a nipple and just bit it right off.

Someone said that now her tits didn't match so a man picked up that tit and bit down hard, tearing the nipple off as the blood flowed out.

The weights were reattached to the soft tit flesh near where her nipples used to be. For a while they played with pulling her legs down with the effect that Laurel started choking because pulling down on the rope tightened it around her neck.

Someone asked her if she was thirsty and they debated about whether or not to piss in her mouth but decided why should they, let the filthy slut be thirsty. Finally they tired of her and after fucking and coming inside her a few more times, including ramming a couple of dicks up her cunt next to the pole as she screamed and struggled, at least until they pulled her legs down and choking became her priority.

Someone said that maybe she should get one last orgasm and so a few of them started sucking on her clit while they also pulled the rope around her neck tight for longer and longer periods of time as she got closer to her orgasm, letting up only when she passed out and they had to slap her back awake and suck harder on her clit to get her going.

After ten minutes, Laurel started to moan a little, so someone shoved a dick in her ass and fucked her while another kept sucking her clit, and they kept tightening and untightening the rope. She started coming just before the dick pounding her ass started moving erratically as the man groaned and started coming deep in, still pumping hard as his cum pulsed into her ass.

Except for twirling her around a few more times and bouncing her up and down on the pole, the men were almost done. Someone added more weights to her tits. Someone licked her clit then bit it hard almost tearing it off but leaving it dripping blood down the wooden pole. When they were all done, they left her there with one spotlight and several cameras catching every moment of her long time dying as she slowly sank deeper and deeper onto the wooden pole.

Before the door closed for the last time, the voice spoke one last time. "We've come to the end of our journey together, Laurel. I'm sure you're sorry now that you disobeyed orders, but it's too late now to apologize for your sins. Things might have been different if you had only obeyed the instructions. Too many sluts don't listen. Too many never leave this room. You've gone farther than most of them and servicing thousands of dicks has made a decent amount of money for the company. Your final film will make us rich, not that we aren't already, but I'll be having a nice long vacation after you're gone.

How's that pole feeling in your cunt, great you say? I'd say sit on it and twirl but of course you already are. Just trying to inject a little humor. Although we're finding your situation humorous, you don't seem to think it is. Lighten up, Laurel, and as always, just enjoy. At least you're going out with something long and hard in your cunt, just the way you like it. Very soon it'll be in farther than just your cunt though.

It's already starting to, isn't it? It'll start cutting into your uterus and intestines first and that should be, um, interesting for you, and then up into your stomach.

There's no limit really to how far you can be impaled, particularly when we start bouncing you up and down once in a while. That should be fun for you, don't you think? And the cameras will record it all and people will pay a lot of money to see that shit, Laurel. Indeed, they will. Goodbye, Laurel. It'll all be over in a few days unless we decide to give you some water.

I'd prefer to keep you guessing on that, though." Hours pass, thirst overwhelms the slut on the stick. Slowly, imperceptibly at first, the stick moves deeper up the slut's cunt, centimeter by centimeter, as her body is pulled down by the weights stretching her tits and by gravity. Every few hours a man in a hood enters the room and lifts the slut's body up a few inches then slams it back down on the stick, driving it deeper then he turns her body all the way around and back again while pushing down on the stick as it slowly moves another inch or so into her body.

The ball gag has been removed and the slut's mouth hangs open, her almost dry tongue hanging out over cracked lips. She tries to speak, to beg for water. The man in the hood dips a ladle into the cum and piss mixture and scoops up a drink for the slut. He pulls her head back and pours a scoop or two down her throat and she gulps it gratefully.

He leaves and she's left again for hours with only the camera to keep her company and record her final hours. A day passes and the stick is deep into the slut's uterus gofuckagirl jessi gold gets a good morning fuck with vira gold into the intestines and still moving up, the momentum from the pull of gravity inevitable now.

A man in a hood enters the room and pisses into the slut's dry mouth, laughing as she swallows and swallows. He has permission to fuck her if he wants, so he does, stepping behind he slut and driving his huge dick deep into her ass and then fucking in hard over and over as the slut screams out her agony.

The man fucks her for a long time, spreading her ass cheeks wide as he slams into her until she only whimpers.

He keeps on fucking her for another few minutes then pulls out abruptly and shoves his dick in next to the stick in her cunt and fucks in hard causing the slut's body to shake as she wails in pain. He just laughs at her though as he fucks her hard, reaming her for a good ten minutes under he finally shoots his cum deep into her cunt and into her uterus and intestines as she screams out her pain and terror.

The man laughs again and slaps her ass hard and pulls out while shoving down hard on her body as it moves down another inch onto the stick and cum and blood drip down her legs onto the floor. Another day passes and the slut keeps sinking deeper on the wooden pole impaling her. Two men in hoods enter the room. One gets in back of her and starts fucking the slut's ass while the other gets in front of her and squeezes the slut's heavy tits together and fucks in between them.

Her body rocks violently as the two of them fuck the slut hard. Her body sinks another half an inch onto the pole. They both pump their cum into her and the man in back shoves a huge dildo into her ass and pounds it in as far as it will go with a rubber mallet. The man in front of the slut squeezes her tits hard where the nipples used to be then puts the heavy weights back on and they droop way down with cum dripping off of them onto the floor.

They both piss in her parched mouth not caring whether she swallows or lets in run down her chin. Two more days pass and it's almost over. The slut is barely awake so a man in a hood gives her a shot of uppers that should last for hours, so that she can experience her own demise in clear detail. Her mouth is dry but she is not given water or even piss. Tough shit, slut, suck it up and endure. The following day, the slut still lingers and a decision has trick your gf teen redtube slut teen porn no tube shame xvideos whatsoever made.

A client has offered a lot of money for a taste of roasted slut and aren't they lucky that they happen to have one handy. Two hooded men enter the room and first cut the bottom of the wooden pole off with a power saw but leave a foot sticking out of her cunt. Then they take her down from the ceiling hook but leave her bound. The men pick her up, place her on a wheeled cart and take her to an outdoor location where a large barbeque is already going.

Cameras have been set up to record everything that happens as the slut is prepped for cooking and then slowly roasted alive. The film alone will bring in a ton of money.

The hooded men attach a moaning Laurel to a long metal spit by tying her on by the hands and feet and once around the middle with strong wire. The weights are removed from her tits which are bound to her body for better roasting. Her body is slathered in a greasy barbeque sauce and finally and apple is placed in her mouth and her teeth pushed down hard to keep it intact in her mouth.

The dildo is removed from her ass and cum runs out, but the stick will remain in her cunt until she's cooked. Laurel's eyes are wide with terror as she teen groped on bus hot lesbos going on a picnic a dick in her ass fucking her roughly, the man saying it's a good bye fuck and it's gonna be a good one as he slams into her ass for five or six minutes, grunting hard as he finally pumps his cum inside her.

The two men then pick up the spit and attached it at both ends and push a button and it starts turning slowly over the fire.

Laurel tries to scream behind the apple in her mouth and struggles helplessly for a while as men surround her to watch and laugh as she fights futilely. Laurel looks at the scene around her. It's all set up for a large picnic, with a ton of wooden tables and lots of side dishes waiting for the main entree. She sees a large platter which she assumes is where she'll be placed when done before being carved up. The men gave her a huge dose of uppers before bringing her outside, and she is now wide awake and completely alert as she feels the heat from the flames and coals beneath her as she slowly turns and cooks.

After the first half hour, a man with a chef's jacket and hat appears with a large fork and knife in hand. He jabs the fork into her leg and she lets out a muffled scream. "Not quite done I see." The chef tells a man in a hood that it'll be a couple of hours before she's good and done all the way through.

Time passes and the spit turns slowly and Laurel cooks even more slowly over what feels like increasingly hot coals.

The chef pokes a calf after an hour and takes a knife and cuts off a small slice to sample. She is being eaten alive and tries to fight. Her adrenaline is on full force in the beginning of her death throes and she is super alert to everything going on. The camera catches it all in minute detail. Her eyes tell the story, the disbelief, the horror, the sadness, the realization that she is being cooked and eaten. It's movie gold. More coals are placed and the heat intensifies as Laurel feels her skin start to blister and it's very painful.

After another half an hour passes, a fork jabs her tits and fat sizzles out. She feels a fork in her ass, and hears hot fat hitting the coals beneath her. It won't be long now and she knows it and is resigned to it as she spins helplessly on the spit, the coals feeling hotter and hotter, the pain increasing as she is roasted alive for the pleasure of a few.

A large group of men is now watching intently as she cooks. They are talking about her eyes and about how she's still alive and someone tells the chef to cut a few slices while she's still alive just so she'll know it's happening and so he does, cutting samples from her tits, her thigh, her arm and her calf, putting the slices on a plate and handing it glamorous filly enjoys masturbating on the floor masturbation brunette the man requesting it.

The man finds Laurel's eyes and takes a big bite of her meat and smiles at her and saying, "Not bad, perhaps a little longer on the coals." Someone requests a hand to gnaw on, so the chef cuts one off and someone chews on it and says it's great and perfectly done.

Blood seeps from the wound but soon stops as the searing heat serves to close the wound. That, and her slowly cooking heart is now beating very slowly. Laurel's eyes remain open as she slowly cooks. She sees everything going on, knows who will be eating her, hears their laughter and wonders why no one has any pity for her.

The room, the damned room. Why did she have to go in the room? She guesses that this was her fate all along, the last few miserable years and her final hours, nothing more than a roast. Laurel wonders too how many people will buy the film and watch her agony and enjoy it. Too many, she's sure.

Finally, sound fades, blackness creeps in from the edges as the pain inside her from the stick pulling her insides apart, and the heat of the coals serve to slowly kill her at long last. Then the darkness is everywhere, all around, but for one bright spotlight shining into the pain-filled eyes of a slut.

The camera records every second, every last agonizing moment in the life of a dying slut, as her heart finally cooks through and stops, and the pain is gone too and the men present have a fine piece of meat to savor and enjoy.

The final moments are evident in the eyes as life slips away, and are recorded for eternity and will be watched by so many, most of whom will find the story entertaining and humorous. So many will dream of having their own roast slut some day, and the men who made the film will be rich indeed.