Wacky czech cutie stretches her narrow slit to the unusual

Wacky czech cutie stretches her narrow slit to the unusual
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I was happy about spending time with my Uncle Ron and Aunt Linda. I could not wait until I got Uncle Ron alone again. I had dreams every night about him. We left for DC on Monday. I heard Unlce Ron talking to Aunt Linda about her business trip.

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I was very happy that she was leaving. I cannot call him Uncle Ron anymore. I feel after what happen it's wrong. Ron take care of my baby she is still recovering from Jim leaving.

Sis don't worry about Tina she will be fine. Tina you call me every night before you go to bed ok. Mom don't be such a worry wart I'm not a baby.

Amy you take a few days for yourself. Tina and Linda get in the car. I want to miss the rush hour traffic. I love you sis don't worry about her. I have a lot of great things planned for her. She will get a mom and son gd story education while she is with us.

Tina remember your DS so you can play on the way there. I got it mom and I will miss you. We finally pulled up to the house 2 hrs later. Tina told Uncle Ron that she was hungry.

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Tina put your stuff in the bedroom while and Linda fixs lunch. I was unpacking my bags when Ron stuck his head in my door. Hey meet me in bathroom in 2 mintues. He kissed as soon as I walked in. We have to be careful but I needed that.

I went down to see if Linda needed help with lunch. Tina get the plates out of the rack. What are we having for luch? I hope you are ok with leftover Ham sandwich's and potato salad. I have to leave a day early, so you might need to help Ron with laundry.

I will do what every you need. I can fix dinner for the 2 of us while you are gone. I think ron will be ok for a couple of days. Ron is in the shower. We will eat when he gets out. I need to get ready to leave after lunch so Ron is taken you sight seeing. I hope that is ok?

Ron said you are a history buff. I don't like history as much as I let on @ home. I just wanted to come so mom could get some time alone. She has been very sad since dad left. Linda yelled lunch is ready. I felt Ron's leg on mine @ the table. Aunt Linda that was great. I will clean up the dishes. Thanks Tina I need to get ready for my trip. Tina I though we would go sight seeing.

Tina go get in the car while I say bye to Linda.

Uncle Ron do we have to going sigh seeing? No! We are going somewhere, so I can eat your pussy. I need to stop and get some brouchers. Why do you need to do that? Tina people are going to want to know what you did. We cannot very well say you fuck me. You are pretty sure of yourself. Do you mean that your not going to fuck me? Ron don't worry I want your cock in every way possibly. You are going call me Ron now why? Ron you are my lover not my Unlce, so hurry up with those brouchers. Ron where are we staying?

I hope it's not one of those hotels that charge by the hour. Tina do you think I would take my neice/lover to a ass rimming deepthroating milf slut in stockings like that? How should I know, do you have many woman on the side? No but a friend of mine does and we are using his sex pad.

Ron that's risky he might tell. He had only one request that we make him a videotape. Great!! I go to DC to learn about history and become a Porn Star. Tina here is the key it's until 12. I will park the car and you go get naked for me. I finally heard the door open and Ron came into the bedroom. He was already naked and hard. You must have undressed @ the door. I'm so fucking horny. Tina are you a virgin?. I'm a virgin is that a problem.

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Tina that is a gift and I cannot wait to unwrap it. Ron I like unwrapping others gifts. I threw the covers off my naked body. My god Tina your body is lush and full. Please just let me look at you for awhile. Ron come over and give me a kiss. He then took my nipple in his mouth and licked it. Ron that feels soooo gooood. Ron pushed my legs apart and licked my pussy up and down very fast.

I came almost right a way. Ron what is the rush we can take our time. We don't have people in the next room. I need to be inside of you. Tina I'm sorry if you feel rushed.

I'm just very horny. Ron your dick seems bigger than before why? Tina you have me so horny it's super hard. Tina I need to know your ok.

Honey it's going hurt you when we fuck. I want you to be my 1st, so deflower me baby. Tina come over closer to the edge baby. Sweety wrap your legs around my hips.

He gave me a huge kiss and I felt his hand rub my clit.

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He then pushed his dick up against my pussy. Fuck baby your pussy is so hot and wet. I'm going to go slow so it won't hurt. I felt his dick push in futher but he was going so slow. Ron I'm sorry but I need you to go faster. Tina it's ok baby it will be worth the wait.

I pushed up my hips as Ron was pushing down. Tina my god don't it will hurt you. I don't care I wanted your dick. Tina I'm going to start pushing. Ron don't worry just make me cum. We fucked for along time and it felt great. Ron I'm getting ready to cum please fuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaarder.

I can't belive this horny bitch is mine. Tina I'm getting ready to cum, so I need to slow down. Tina get up on your knees and turn around. Baby I love doggy postion. I will get more of your pussy this way. I grabed her hips and went a little crazy. Tina I'm pulling out so you can suck buddha bang introducing the big booty originally diamond cock.

I'm CUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMING SUCK IT DOWN. Tina went to work and got all of it. The blood on the sheets made me feel like a caveman. Tina your pussy is mine and don't forget it. I was talking as I was licking her pussy. Ron please dont stop I only waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant you.

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Tina pulled my face into her grinding pussy. I loved being covered in your cum. We need showers before we go home. Tina go ahead I think I hear the phone. Jack what the hell do you want? I told you I needed privacy. I just wanted to say great show.

I have not gotten off like that in awhile. Have you been watching us? Yes and our deal needs to change. Change in what why Jack? I want a piece of the under age slut. She isn't a slut you piece of shit. Ok Ron don't get your panties in a bunch. I'm sure the police would love to get a hold of this video. Jake I cannot make her fuck you. Ron don't worry just make the arangements.

Ron my dick is 6inch soft and 10inch hard. She will love it most girls do. Ron my dick is so big I have turned straight men gay. Jack what are trying to say? I sure you can figure it out.Ron I have been looking for a way to bring it up. When you asked to use the apartment I knew it was my chance. Ron read up on given BJ's and also buy some lube.

Jack please don't do this but all I heard was a beeping sound. I heard Tina yelling for me to hurry up. I went and got in the shower. I kissed Tina and felt her great body.

Shit being Gay would be a small price to pay. Tina got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. Tina I'm cummmmmmmmmming geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll. I hope Jack is as good as Tina.

Tina looked up @ me with cum all over her. She smiled and said she loved me. Fucking her is worth anything even sucking another guys cock.