Young cute teen skinny chick public gangbang orgy threesome

Young cute teen skinny chick public gangbang orgy threesome
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It was just a normal day, school holidays had just started and i was on a weeks holiday from work.

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I was staying over at my Girlfriends house for most of the week, as she still had work. One morning i said goodbye to her after an early morning session of sex. She was great, a nice tight sexy body, her tits where just a handful, perfect in my opinion. She had an arse to die for and she loved being on top or me pounding her from behind.

I had no complaints from her so far, making her cum more often then not. I stayed in her bed for a while, having a bit of a sleep in after a few months of hard work with practically no rest was hard on my body and i was planning to not really do anything for the week i had off, just to recover. Her younger sister was at home most of the week aswell. She was just drop dead sexy.

She had filled out really well. Blonde, about 5 foot 8, and amazing arse that i always loved to watch walk by whenever i was over. Her tummy was flat and well defined, it looked amazing. But the part of her body that always got me going, where he tits.

They were large for a girl her size, just a bit more then a handful. She would always walk around the house wearing short shorts, that only made starring at her fine arse even more fun.

and a low cut, mid-drift tank top, showing lustful chick gia paige fucks her hung boyfriend amazing cleavage, whether it be her normal home attire, or was just teasing me, i guess would i find out. This one morning started just like normal, after saying goodbye to my girlfriend after some morning sex, i would sleep in till about 11 or 12 and finally get up and make myself somthing to eat.

Just a normal day, until Katelyn walked into the kitchen, this time she was in her usual tanktop, but was only wearing lace panties. "Morning Jason." She said with a perky attitude. "Morning Katelyn" I said as i couldn't stop looking at her.

Surely she noticed me looking at her sexy body, but all i saw was her smiling at me.

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I took it as some sort of sign to continue to perve on her as she starting making herself something to eat aswell.

It was already fun to watch her arse in short shorts, but in sexy lace panties, my god, i could have blown my load right then and there. "Hey Jason, would you be able to help me with somthing in my room after you've finished eating?" She asked with some sort of cheeky smile.

"Yeah of course." I answered with a smile, i couldn't resist having a chance to perve on her again. I quickly finished eating my lunch and went straight for her room. I knocked and walked in. "Hey, what did you need help with Katelyn?" I asked as i entered to one the most awesome sights a man can behold. She sat there on her bed, with the same lace panties on, but only with a matching bra on intsead of the tanktop. "I need you to answer a question for me. Casey has told me how good you are in bed and I want to know how good you really are." She said, smiling the entire time, with her hand sliding up and down her sexy legs.

I couldn't resist, my cock was getting really hard just thinking about the situation i was in. She noticed the bulge in my pants, sexy blonde teen avanlon heart fucked by a big thick cock doggystyle and ponstar walked right up to me and pressed her body against mine. Her hand rubbing on my buldge. "Mmmm, you are big, I can feel it." She said as she bagan to unzip my pants and reach in to grab out my cock.

After only seconds it was rock hard and free of the pants that where constricting it. Her hand was slowly stroking it as she began to kiss me.

My hands where rubbing up and down her body, one on her sexy arse and the other on her side boob. "Mmmm, you like my tits don't you?" She asked as she reached back and unhooked her bra and threw it to the floor. Her tits where even more wonderful then i thought. They were large and perky. Then she pushed me to her bed and stood infront of me and slowly slid her panties off. She was completely shaved and her pussy was already looking soaking wet. She got on her knee's and quickly took my cock in her mouth.

I could tell she had done this before, she was amazing, best head had ever gotten. she was there for sometime, i was amazed i hadn't blown my load down her throat. She then did somthing i didn't expect, she looked up at me and placed my rock hard cock inbetween her amazing tits and started to strock my cock with her tits and licking the tip of my cock when it came up.

It felt amazing. I was still amazined i hadn't blown my load. "Ok it's time to feel your cock inside me." She said as he climbed on top of me. She sat ontop, with the tip of my cock at her soaking wet pussy entrance. "Are you ready." I said as i slid my cock deep inside her.

She was instantly cumming and my cock slid in and out of her. I couldn't believe how wet and tight she was, best sex i had ever had. I threw her over and bent her over her bed to the point she was on all fours.

I knelt behind her and started fucking her harder and faster and deeper then before, making her scream. "OOOOOOO.JASE.I'M CUMMING!!!" She screamed as i felt her tight pussy tighten up around my cock.

this pushed me over the edge. "OOOHHH KATELYN!!!" I couldn't help it, i felt my load blast deep inside her. I couldn't believe it. my fantasy actually happened. We both laid there, breathless. "My god, I can see what Casey was talking about. You are better then good. Thats the best I've ever had." You better be staying here for the rest of your week off, because i want some more." She said as she moved her and down to my now limp dick.

She was quickly making it rock hard again, she wanted round two. I was't complaining. She was so tight, i wanted her again. "You want me again right now don't you?" I asked her and she smiled as she slowly slide down the bed, to make me even harder.

I was ready for round 2.