Arab guy fuck hungry woman gets food and fuck

Arab guy fuck hungry woman gets food and fuck
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I was a 15 year old kid, excited about going to my first prom, but the only problem was, I didn't know how to dance. I had asked Denise, a girl that I had flirted with all year to go, and she said yes! I had saved up enough money from my paper route for a tux, and a limo, and now the dancing issue was going to ruin it all. My mom said her friend JoAnn was a chums playmates sister amateur blowjob crazy bitch brought in a gun she still got instructor, and that maybe if I asked her, she would teach me.

I was so shy. It took me 10 attempts to finally press the last digit on the telephone to call Denise and ask her to the prom. I couldn't ask my mother's friend. I begged my mom to ask her, and after days of nagging her, she finally relented. She set up a time for JoAnn to come to the house, and teach me to dance. It was going to be Thursday afternoon at 4:30 in the afternoon, and I couldn't have been more nervous and excited.

Thursday came, and when I got home from school, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach beginning to form. I played baseball, and most other sports. Athletes didn't dance. So I was torn between betraying my perceived manhood, and having my friends laugh at me, so I told nobody.

I didn't tell Denise, because I didn't want to create unrealistic expectations. Better to surprise her I thought. The Doorbell rang, and I could see JoAnne through the thick glass. I guess I should tell you about JoAnn.

JoAnne was in her mid 30's, married, had 2 young children, 4 and 2. My family had met her family the summer before on a camping trip with some other families that we used to camp with. She was the sister of one of the woman whose family came camping during the summer with us on a regular basis. My mom and JoAnn became very good friends.

I remember being on the camping trip and being blown away by her beauty and hot body! She had red hair down to her great ass, huge tits, and she loved showing her body off, especially at the campground pool. Wearing a skimpy bikini, that accentuated her cleavage, she drove all the men crazy.

I even caught my dad looking at her tits. I just laughed to myself. Joann was probably 10 years younger than the other woman there, and she just seemed so cool in so many ways.

Not like most of my mom's friends. Believe me when I say I spent many times picturing her in that skimpy bikini while I jerked off thinking about her naked body underneath leading up to this day. That was one of the reasons I was also nervous. I knew that for JoAnne to teach me to dance, we would have to touch, and all I could think about was not being able to control my dick and getting a hard on. Boy, would that be embarrassing! Well, I opened the door, and there was JoAnne. Looking hot as ever, dressed in a low cut V-neck top which accentuated her cleavage, and a silk, flowing skirt, to her rough sex doggy style intimate family affairs, she said, "Hi Freddy, so are you ready to learn how to dance?" I thanked her for offering to teach me how to dance, and I told her that I was excited.

She said, "I can't believe how tall you've gotten since last summer. You are growing up to be such a handsome man. Your date is one lucky girl to have you as a date!

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I blushed. She told me that before we get started, we should come up with a plan. So we sat down, and we talked.

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This was the late 70's and Disco, Donna Summer, Saturday Night Fever and the Bee Gees were all popular at the time. She told me that she wanted to teach me the hustle, and that with that dance, we could adapt other dances as well. She said the hustle was the most popular current dance, and that would be the one to make me look like a good dancer. She also asked me if I knew how to slow dance.

I told her not really. She said it was important to be a good slow dancer because most girls dream about slow dancing at their Prom. She asked me if I was just friends with Denise, or if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. "No, I have never had a girlfriend", I told her. She said that after she got done teaching me how to dance, that I could have Denise, or any other girl I wanted because girls loved a guy who was a good dancer.

When I teach you how to move your hips, and how to control a girl's movements on the dance floor, they will be so hot for you; you will have plenty of girlfriends.

She said that a good male dancer was the best aphrodisiac. If I knew how to move my hips, my body, in a strong & sensual way, & how to lead a woman on the dance floor, I could write my own ticket with any woman I wanted. She said she was going to teach me enough to be able to do that.

Uh-oh, I was very excited, but in more ways than one. I felt some movement in my pants. This was not going to be good. JoAnne told me that if I wanted, that we could do another lesson, Just with Denise and I, so that we would really look good on the dance floor, but that I really didn't need it. If I listened to her and followed her instructions to the letter, then I would learn how to control our movements, the situation on the dance floor, and whatever girl I was dancing with, would just follow my lead.

I was half listening to chrissy fox and daphne klyde play with each other on the bed by sapphi, trying to think about baseball, because I wanted the swelling to go down in my pants, before I had to stand up.

Success, I got it to go down! Just in time because JoAnn grabbed my hand, and said, "Let's make you a great dancer." We started with basic movements, mostly in the feet. I was very tight, and she was trying to get me to loosen up. She grabbed my hips, and started moving them this way and that. She controlled my hips, and told me this was the movement that made great dancers and lovers. She took my hand, and started twirling me, showing me what the moves of the hustle were.

The music was blaring, the beat was throbbing, and that wasn't the only thing that began to throb. I was touching this hot woman, and I couldn't control it. Damn, I had to think about baseball a lot to keep my hard on from becoming obvious.

Just then, my mom yelled out, "I have to take your brother and sister to the Dentist; I will be back in about 2 hours." I saw a big smile come over JoAnne's face.

I wasn't sure why. The door slammed, and JoAnn said, "Ok, let's teach you how to slow dance! She had me stand up, and taught me proper dance posture. She put her hands on my hips and taught me how to properly move them. Then she put her hips against mine, and began to teach me how to lead my partners body and hips into any position I wanted, depending on what dance I was doing.

OMG, being close to her, touching her, and smelling her delicious scent was driving me crazy. I was getting hard and the bulge in my pants was becoming obvious. I know she noticed it, and was enjoying teasing me. Joanne smirked and I saw a mischievous twinkle in her eye. As soon as she heard the car pull out of the driveway, Joanne continued the lesson.

She told me to pull her by the hand, and twirl her so that her hips and groin were now touching mine. When I did this, she immediately felt my huge hard-on.

She smiled, grabbed a hold of the bulge in my pants, & said, "my, my, Freddy, what do we have here." I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to die. Joanne was amazing. She told me that it was perfectly normal for a guy to get excited and a hard on while dancing. She said just as important as it was to control my body movements while dancing, it was just as important to control my erection.

Joanne knew that if she was ever going to have a successful lesson & teach me how to dance in one lesson, something would have to be done. Joanne bent down, unzipped my pants and freed my hard on from the constraints it had been under while we were dancing. She grabbed my hard cock with her hand, and long finger nails, and started stroking it.

She used my pre-cum as lubricant to stroke it easier. I couldn't believe what was happening. As she continued stroking up and down on my hard cock, she flicked her tongue at the head of my penis.

Wow, this was my first blow job ever, and it was being performed to perfection by this hot older woman. She put the length of my cock in her velvet mouth, and I watched amazed as it appeared and disappeared.

Both of my heads were spinning, and making me dizzy with ecstasy. JoAnne sucked, licked & teased my balls for ten minutes, and just when I was about to explode, she looked at me and said, "Don't!" Ever the instructor, Joann told me sex was just like dancing, and that I needed to learn how to be in control and take control in the moment.

That allowed me to regain my composure. JoAnn told me to take control of this situation, and lead. I knew exactly what she was talking about. I grabbed her by the waist, pulled her into me, looked into her eyes, and started kissing her passionately. My tongue darted and played with hers, and I lifted her shirt over her head, and unhooked her bra, freeing her beautiful tits, in all their all natural beauty.

I moved my tongue down to her wet and wicked carpet munch hardcore and blowjob, and began using my tongue to tease and titillate her. As she was moaning, I lowered her skirt to the floor, and put my hand over her panties. Her pussy was so hot and wet. My fingers absorbed her wetness and I put my fingers in my mouth to taste her.

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Mmm, Teeny lovers romantic sex with wild passion just had to taste her honey for real with my tongue. I leaned her back on the couch, removed her panties, and put my mouth on her pussy. It was the sweetest smelling pussy. My friends always told me that pussy smelled like fish, but this was nothing like that. I gave her pussy a good tongue lashing, then put my fingers inside her, and continued licking and sucking her clit.

She was now the one who was losing control. Her legs were shaking, her body bucking, and the screams were loud and intense. She screamed dance with me and Fuck me. I really wasn't sure what she meant, but I figured I would take the lead, and see what happened.

I stood up, and pulled her up against me. I rubbed the head of my cock against her. We did that for a while, and then I lifted her up, inserted my cock inside her waiting pussy, and continued to dance and move my hips. That's it Freddy, take control, always dance like your fucking and fuck like your dancing, and you will never, ever get a complaint.

Follow the music. Build a rhythm that matches the music." She said that is why she loves to fuck with music in the background, "just let the movements and music guide the lovemaking. " After she came again, she said now for the big finish. She said, it is kind of like the Dip. "The Dip puts an exclamation point on a great performance, just like an orgasm does the same.

Put your exclamation point on your performance Freddy!" And with that, I let out a guttural scream and released the biggest load of cum I ever had, all over her body. It seemed like my orgasm and ejaculation went on forever.

She rubbed all of my love cream all over her body, and we sat together, not saying a word. Then she said, "OK, let's get dressed and finish the hustle.

We got dressed, and my lessons blurred into one, for the rest of the afternoon, but it all seemed to fit together. Just as we were finishing, petite casting les babe pleasured by agent mom and brother and sister came back.

My mom walked in and asked how the lesson went. JoAnn said, "I couldn't have had a better student. As a matter of fact, I think he has some real talent, and I would like to work with him and give him more lessons, because I think he has some real potential!" If he would like, I have some free time tomorrow afternoon, because my kids have a birthday party, and I would love to continue the lesson.

She gave me a big wink, and I knew then, that I wanted to be the best dancer in the world!