Privateblack young girl linda sweet does double buttfuck

Privateblack young girl linda sweet does double buttfuck
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So let me know what you all think. It was a Friday night and I had nothing to do. My nickname is Sparky and I was sixteen at the time this happened. Rebecca my older sister was eighteen and had a friend over and she was also eighteen and they were in her room.

I sat in my room playing video games when my sisters friend Brittany walked into my room wearing nothing but her bra and thong and sat in my chair and wanted to join in the game playing because my sister fell asleep early that night.

So i gave her a controller and let her join we played for about a couple hours and then i told her i was going to go to sleep. But I really wasn't going to sleep. Brittany just got me really horny and I was planning on jerking off. So she said ok and left after we finished the level we were playing.

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I got outta my bed and walked to the bathroom to take a piss first and Brittany snuck into my room and hid in my closet. So when I got back and stripped down to just my boxers and laid in my bed. I pulled my eight-inch cock out of my boxers and started to stroke it nice and slow and heard something in my closet so i put it away quickly and walked slowly over to my closet to see what the noise was. I opened my closet door slowly holding a small collectable bat in my hand i turned the closet light on and saw Brittany surprised sitting on my closet floor.

I asked her what her deal was and she just got up and left. After she left I laid back down in my bed not as horny anymore and just thought bout the look on Brittany's face. After bout five minutes I heard a knock on my door so I got up and unlocked my door and opened it a crack to see who it was.

When I saw it was Brittany, juvenile beautiful chick teased by old crock I let her in and went back and sat down on the edge of my bed and she sat in the chair. I didn't know what to say so i just turned my PlayStation two back on and started playing crash bandicoot two. And we played for another hour or so before she asked me what I was thinking. And that's when I began to explain how she was super hot and how I had a crush on her forever.

And she laughed and i could feel my face getting warm so I knew I was getting red. After she stopped laughing she got up and walked over to my bed and kissed me on the cheek and left my room.

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It was now twelve o'clock and I was ready for bed. So I pulled my cock out once more and started to jerkoff and as I was just about to hit my climax Brittany walked into my room again and i sat up and shot my load all over her. It was the biggest load I have ever shot out in my life.

She was so shocked that my cock was so big and left to get cleaned off and when she finished she came back and told me to pull my cock back out so she could see how big it was fully hard.

So I pulled my cock out and she grabbed it and said damn this is the biggest cock I've ever seen when its soft. Then said it must be huge when its hard while she was saying that she started to stroke my cock.

When im hard it measures eight inches long and three inches in girth. After she saw it fully hard she got up and left with a half surprised half dazed faced. I got up and lock my door and went to sleep. The next day i got up at five am and went for my regular morning run. And when I got back took a shower and got ready to go to my football practice. I'm a running back so yea I'm bibi noel is a very sensual blonde who has an amaz of short.

I'm only five foot eight inches. After I got home from practice Brittany was still at my house. But she was leaving and she told me I should come to her house later.

So I was in my room thinking about if I should go to her house. I turned my PlayStation two off and got off my bed and left telling my parents I was just going to a friend's house. When I got to Brittany's house she had even more of her and my sisters friends over.

So I rang the doorbell and she answered and let me in. Her parents weren't home. So she must have told them about my cock because all they were telling me to do was pull it out. So I pulled my cock out and Brittany and the two other girls were so hot for my cock.

They all got on their knees and started to play with my cock Brittany started to suck my cock slowly while the other two girls were getting undressed and playing with my balls. I took my shirt off and they started rubbing my abs and then Brittany started to suck my cock faster as it started to get harder.

Now being fully erect the three girls were all naked and on their knees sharing my cock with each other. It was the best blowjob I ever had. After about ten minutes of them sucking my cock they sat on the sofa and I started to eat them out. They tasted so good I didn't want to stop until I made them cum and boy did I. While I was eating them out i was also fingering them and all three of them squirted and it was hot. The floor was soaked and I was ready to stick my hard cock into all three of them and cum all over them.

I was jerking off when they started to argue over who I stuck my cock into first. Well while they were arguing I decided to just take the lead and I stuck my cock into Brittany's tight pussy first. It felt so good it was tight around my cock but not super tight it was nice and wet so it was easy to polish milf mischa cross tag teamed by two horny beasts my cock in and out she started to moan softly and then i started to fuck her faster and faster till she squirted all over my dick and the floor and then I moved on to fuck Samantha and I stuck my cock into her wet tight pussy it was a little tighter than Brittany's but still very workable.

It felt like she was fucked only a couple of times. Her pussy felt so nice and her skin felt like silk. Her breast was nice and big she had a very nice ass to grab onto. And I fucked the shit outta her and she squirted so much it was so hot.

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And then I moved onto Katie, which was a little harder to fuck. It felt like it was just her second time and her first time was with someone not as big. But i finally got my cock in her slowly and started fucking her faster and deeper opening her little pussy up more and more.

I got her pussy so wet and she also squirted over my dick. I was fingering and rubbing the other two girls clits while fucking Katie. After she squirted I went back to fuck Samantha and Brittany again. Samantha had the perfect body, she was tone and had great measurements, her breast were 36c and her ass was big round and firm, I was fucking Samantha most and was feeling the cum build in my balls and shaft, I pulled out ripped the condom off and started jerking off to cover the girls faces with my cum as the kneeled on the ground in front of me.

I thought the night before I had a huge cumshot, but was i wrong my cock exploded a huge load covering all fuckfests amaze euro harlots very much hardcore groupsex girls' faces. I then fell to the sofa and sat there dazed from the best cumshot I've every had. The girls cleaned their faces a little and crawled over to each take one last suck on the head of my cock. This was only part one.