Sophie dee black leather storys

Sophie dee black leather storys
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(Hey guys, this story has sort of evolved for me and I'm not sure if each chapter will have S-E-X lol.

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I hope that doesn't bother much. I hope you guys have enjoyed this, I've enjoyed writing it.) Part Six Deep inside he was secretly scared shitless of that gun Ethan held, he had seen the damage a holy bullet could do to a vampire.

Hell he had even fired a few off, they could keep a vampire teetering on the edge of death for weeks. It was a feeling he had no cecilia vega gets her ass throughly pounded of feeling, however that wasn't what scared him the most. If Ethan had followed Sage here he knew she had been sleeping with him, to the Helsing group that meant treason.

The thought of his own selfishness getting Sage killed was weighing heavily upon his mind, "So Ethan what do you plan on doing?" everything seemed to moved at a slow pace, "Kill me and report Sage or just kill me and leave Sage wondering where the hell I went?" Ethan was conflicted anyone with half a brain could see yet Leon knew by the way Ethan was twitching and working his jaw as he seriously considered his options.

"Come on we haven't got all night." Leon crossed his arms and watched Ethan hoping he would make a decision that wouldn't cost Sage her life, he didn't want to die but he was more worried about her. Ethan shifted and the hand holding the gun relaxed as his body went from tense to limp with defeat, "You got twenty four hours to pack your shit and get the hell out of town, if not I'm reporting this to the council." Ethan glared, "I mean it Leon, twenty four hours and if your ass isn't gone that's my decision." he glanced towards the door and said, "Say your goodbyes and I'll keep this from the council." with that he turned and walked away.

Once Leon was sure Ethan was out of range he would sigh and his shoulder would sag with relief, however it was than he realized everything was about to come crashing down.Sage stretched on the bed and mumbled in a sleepy tone as he came back inside, "You okay?" he did his best to keep his calm and not give away his worry, slipping into the bed with her he took her into his arms. "Everything is okay baby, go back to sleep." inside his heart hurting, how ironic for a vampire to have a broken heart he thought to himself.

He pulled her against his body tighter breathing in her scent, it was always the same as the first time he met her, Vanilla and lavender, god how he would miss that smell. Something was off, she could milf alura jenson fuck virgin boy sense his anguish as he held her against his body tightly. He had been fine before slipping outside, had something happened from the time he had left till now?

Glancing at the clock she gave a light sigh, she had to be at work in an hour. Untangling herself from him she began to gather her clothing, "Can't you call in?" he asked.

He lie resting against the headboard his knees drawn up watching her, "Ethan is already suspicious enough, if I don't come in don't you think that would be the final straw?" she saw his jaw twitch and she immediately knew he was lying about something, he was hiding things from her.

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"Are you sure everything is okay?" he swallowed hard and gave a nod, smirking deviously he said, "Yeah I just wanted you all to myself, I'm a bit selfish what can I say." he shrugged as he said this.

Now he was deviating, she sighed knowing she didn't have time to dig deeper right now, once she finished at work she'd drag it from him.

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Attempting to brush her messy hair with her hands she came around the bed and kissed his lips, "I'll see you this evening." he pulled her to him drawing her down to the bed and kissing her with reckless abandon. It was something about his kiss that verified her strange feeling about his actions, he was conflicted and that worried her. Once he let her go she caressed his jaw and said, "I love you." she hadn't really said that out power rangers giga rangers xxx to him but it felt the right time.

Emotion lit his eyes up as he placed his hand over her own, "I know baby I know." taking that a good time to leave she slipped out and headed for work. "Damn it." she said with a growl, repeatedly hitting backspace she tossed the pencil on the desk and leaned back in the rolling chair.

Her reaction earned her a raised eyebrow from Ethan, "Everything okay?" "" she sighed and glanced at Ethan, "It's nothing just stressed over things is all." "Oh I bet." he said with a scoff. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" she hated when people deviated and she was getting a lot of it today. Ethan crossed his arms, "Must be hard to lie and cover up date this hot mom on forfree big tits big ass little affair." her mouth suddenly felt dry and she found herself at a loss for words, was this why Leon was acting so odd?

"I don't know what you mean?" He would laugh however the smile didn't reach his eyes, if anything he looked pissed beyond belief. "Wow Sage, I didn't think you were capable of being such a liar. You even had me fooled and I'm not easy to fool." They were drawing a crowd with their conversation and she didn't want to draw anymore attention to them, "Look I'm not sure what you're referring to but if you want to make a scene can we do this where we don't have as many prying eyes?" she stood up hoping he would follow her and much to her relief he did.

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Once outside she turned a corner heading for the alley behind the building, before she had time to react she was thrown against the wall. She felt her breath catch as she was suddenly surrounded by Ethan's massive arms, "You don't have to lie anymore Sage I know all about you and Leon." She felt her heart almost stop as she became still and swallowed hard, "How?" if he knew there wasn't much sense in lying. "Last night, I followed you to his apartment." she hadn't ever seen Ethan mad but the amount of hate and anger in his eyes was enough to make her cower.

"I told your lover he had twenty four hours to leave town or I'd report you." It all made sense now, Leon's sudden change, his need to have her stay and his deviation, "You talked to him?" "Yeah. Judging on your reaction he didn't tell you, I hope that means his ass took my advice and left." he hadn't released her and she was now becoming afraid, "Let me go." Ethan laughed and shook his head, "You scared, how rich considering you're fucking a vampire Sage." her hand flew on it's own accord and began to sting as she slapped him.

Stunned he backed up a little holding his cheek, "Guess I struck a nerve." In the next second she was on the ground as he slapped her back, she had never known Ethan to have such rage in him. Looking up at him as she tasted blood she barely had enough time to get away before he hauled her up and shoved her back into the wall, "You stupid bitch, you just had to have a dead man.if you wanted it that bad you could have had me." he would laugh again, however this laugh made her blood run cold, "Hell you could still have me, maybe that is what is wrong with you.

You've only been with a dead man and not a real man, I should give you what you're missing." "Get your fucking hands off of her." Ethan immediately stilled and released her, turning to face Leon he shook his head, "You really are a dumb son of a bitch." Leon wanted to kill the man where he stood but he stilled his urge and said, "Didn't think you had it in you to harm Sage." Sage was watching him her fear evident in her eyes, he could smell her blood and even though it was enticing he was enraged that it had been drawn because of Ethan.

With a shrug Ethan moved away from Sage and said, "What can I say nothing makes sense anymore it would make sense that includes me." Narrowing his eyes he watched Ethan, something about his movements were off. "Leon please just get out of here, if anyone see's you they will kill you." "Don't worry about that, are you okay?" he watched her nod and kept his eyes trained on Ethan, he wasn't sure if he was armed or not.

His cute teen girl kharlie stone sucks and gets rammed hard were answered as he caught a flash of silver and hit the ground as a shot rang out, sometimes it paid to be a vampire. The bullet just barely missed and he could hear it embed in the wall behind him, rolling to the side he would miss another shot as Ethan fired. This time the bullet nicked his left arm and he hissed in pain as he felt a numbing pain travel down his arm making it almost go limp.

Sage screamed to his left and tried to rush Ethan in an attempt to get the gun free of Ethan's hand. "Damn it." she was going to end up getting shot he thought. She began to fight with him but it did very little and he would get a grip of her and point the gun at her head, "Come on Leon give yourself up or I'll empty this clip into her pretty little head. No one would question my motives once they find out she was fucking a Vampire." Leon knew Ethan was right, he hated feeling vulnerable but the gun trained on Sage's head was more worrying.

His rage he had been keeping in check would surface, feeling his blood boil his la peruana arrecha se exita mirando y se toca concha would begin to have a glow as he said, "You got ten seconds to release her or I'm going to snap your scrawny neck." "Think that will scare me?" Ethan said, in Leon's head he was already counting down. If he got to one and Ethan hadn't released her he would hold true to his word.

"I'm not bluffing boy." Ethan gave a scoff and Leon could hear the sound of the trigger, time would stop for him as he moved and the sound of bone breaking was all that was heard next.

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Ethan's body slumped, lifelessly to the ground at his feet and Sage was released, "Leon." She knew the dam had burst, upon hearing Ethan's neck break she knew Leon had been the instrument of that death. She had hated Ethan in his last moments but she knew what his murder meant for Leon. He would be hunted by the Helsing group and there was nothing she could do to stop them.

A low rumble of thunder echoed through out the sky and rain began to fall around them, "Leon you have to go." she said in a worried voice. "What about you?" "I'll tell them it was a vampire attack but leave you out of it, just please go." he hesitated and she knew it was because he didn't want to leave her, "Leon please go, I can't lose you." without saying a word the next lighting lit up the sky he was gone, "What happened?" "Hurry call the council there was a vampire attack, Ethan's dead." she said in a firm tone, "Oh shit." she heard the guard speak into his com device as she stared out into the dark where Leon had vanished, what would happen now?

(Yeah sorry I know there wasn't any sex in this story but Blonde milf fucked on webcam and gets a facial think this has become more than just porn related story.

I'm sure there will be more involved in terms of X rated things lol. However I hope you enjoy the story."