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Hd puremature best of lisa ann compilation
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They called it a work and bond layout, every desk in the office that didn't belong to an executive was lined up, then crammed into rows, and only little half sided cubicles were used. It gave everyone their own personal space, but it also let everyone talk to each other. They said it would foster a good work environment. All it actually did was foster bitchy people into being forced to put up with one another every day, you know collaborative. Dana sat in her urban cage, typing away on some data entry items, and she listened in on the people around her.

"Laura, why don't you just eat a cunt!" Alyson blurted across the room. "You know what wench, why don't you just eat me!" Laura retorted in the same shrill voice. "LADIES!!" Leo popped his head out of his door. "Why don't you use your inside voices, and why don't you cut the potty mouth talk. That really is enough." Leo turned back into his own cage, and he slammed the door behind him. All of the women laughed in unison, even Dana, and they all got a good laugh from the tyraid.

"Whore!" You could hear Laura put back up. "Slut!" Alyson instantly replied back. Dana had lost her train of thought, and it was still too early in the day for all the crap. She couldn't seem to get back on track, and it became obvious she would need get up from this desk some time soon. She planned her route. She could go to the restroom, then get some coffee. One more stop in the restroom on the way back, and she could easily stretch the entire stint to at least twenty minutes.

That would give her some energy to focus on what she was doing. She stood up from the terminal, and she leaned over the side of her cubicle. "Hey Carol, you up for short break?" She invited her friend to come along on the adventure. "Sure, I will come around. The usual route?" Carol asked. "I'll be waiting for you." Dana stretched her back, feeling freed from the desk chair, she pulled down the jacket to her suit, and she moved through the opening of the half width wall. As she stepped out into the walkway, she stopped, and waited for Carol to make it out of her side, then around the corner two teens webcam tease xxx my big black threesome meet her.

Moments later Carol turned through, and she matched her slow pace as they marched toward the restroom. "How are you my dear?" A sweet demeanor in her voice. It hadn't been twenty four hours since she had left her house, feeling somewhat bow legged from the pounding Greg had put into her on the couch.

Dana smiled, and blushed a bit. She hadn't attempted to bring anyone from work home with her before, but she had never given up the chance to bury her face in some pussy when the opportunity arose. "I'm doing good. I guess I don't have to wonder if you are gonna talk about it. I wasn't sure how you might feel about me today." "Don't worry doll, I don't do things I don't want to.

If I was going to have any issues, I would have walked out the door, and said thanks for the nice meal." Carol replied honestly. "Well that is good to know, I was worried the fact you had put your pussy on my face would make you hate me or something." Dana smiled back, shooting her a half grin.

Carol blushed at the thought, and her twat warmed as she replayed the fucking over in her head. Dana held the door to the restroom open for her, and they both went in, taking the stalls next to each other. Both of them had the courtesy to tend to their own business, and when they were done they washed up at the sinks, then made their way from the facilities. They picked up the conversation as if it hadn't ended the moment they came out of the room.

"You want to do lunch today? I was thinking we could hit that little porn pike black kobra long place down the block. I kinda have a craving for it." Carol asked. "That sounds good, I'm there. That does sound really good." Dana replied.

They both smiled at one another again, and when they made eye contact, they held the gaze for a little too long. Once again they both smiled, this time letting out nervous giggles as they did it. They made their way into the break room. Dana pulled two cups from the cabinet. She poured them both mostly full cups, and she handed Carol two packs of sugar, granny granny and granny fucks a boy tube porn that was what she took.

Carol tore the tops and poured out the contents, mixing in a creamer as well. When they were finished they started to slowly move back to the cubicle area, making way for the line that inevitably begins to form when someone else makes the move for break.

"You should have seen Greg this morning. He was walking around like he was such big shit, I wanted to laugh at him. I think he would be happy with something like that everyday." Dana remarked, giggling as she too replayed the eroticism of the previous night. "I don't know, I hope you don't mind me saying, but he was pretty hot last night. I kinda enjoyed getting fucked, made me cum pretty good." Carol was bashful. "Oh I know, he is my husband.

I don't mind giving him a little action, as long as I get a little for me. I couldn't give up that dick, I can promise you that." Dana smiled at her, and they both went silent for a moment. "Well I might just have to invite you two over for dinner. That would only be fair." Carol couldn't make eye contact with her. The two women were back at Dana's cube, and as they began to part ways, Dana confirmed the lunch date, "So about noonish?" Carol chirped back, "Yep." Dana went into the office, setting up for another run at her assignment.

When she looked down at the time, the computer screen beamed back 10:30, and she was going to have to work hard to get her task done. She worked hard on the data, punching in numbers, applying formulas and different macros to the output, but the work was slow, and time continued to click by as the work drug on.

As the clock ticked down to 11:45, Dana could feel a knot in her stomach, and she knew she was never going to get done. Worse yet, she knew she would have to break her lunch date with Carol, there was simply no way she could make it. She needed to get through at least half the papers before the end of the day, and she was still stuck on the first one. Dana put away her pride, and finally came to the realization, there was little she could do.

With that, she popped up from the chair, and she leaned over the half slab, breaking into Carol's concentration since she didn't even notice her. "I don't think I can do lunch." Dana said sadly. "I have a deadline coming up, and don't know how I'm going to make it, even without going for lunch." Carol's face turned down, and she felt slightly rejected. "Oh, well that's okay. I guess if there's no way, there's no way. Sorry you have to work. You want me to bring you something?" "No, you're a dear for it, but I keep a can of soup and a bag of popcorn in my desk for just this situation.

I can make do. I'm sorry I couldn't make it, I will take you out Friday. My treat, I promise." Dana tried to smooth it over. "It's okay, I really do understand. Don't need to take anymore shit from Leo, we make it bad enough." They smiled, and Dana slipped back down into her seat, continuing to plug in the information. Dana worked on the papers, as noon went by, Carol peeked over the top and said goodbye, asking again if she could bring her back something.

Dana again declined, and the office quickly became as quiet as it would be all day. All of the office doors were either shut, or left wide open, with no one inside. All the women of the office had stepped out, and not even the rogue phone call would break the silence that had befallen the place. Dana felt the weight of it all slip off of her, and she used the time wisely, pounding through task after task, until finally she had done enough she could have her lunch.

She dug toward the back of her desk drawer, and she pulled out the mentioned soup and popcorn. She ripped open the cellophane covering the outside, and she got up to utilize the microwave in the break area. The trip up the hall was quick, there were no other people to dodge, and the only sound was the hum of the air conditioner, blowing cool air throughout. She pushed open the metal door, peeping through the porthole window before she kicked it open.

Inside, yet again, there no was other soul, and only the hum of the soda machine broke the silence. Dana quickly plopped the can out into a bowl from the cabinet, and she placed it into the microwave. It would only take a minute with the hefty machine provided by the company, and soon she had her popcorn bursting through the noise of the compressors.

She quickly drank the broth from the bowl, and as the popcorn neared the end of its cycle, she spooned the over-soft noodles with a plastic spoon. By the time the popcorn had exploded it last kernel, having spent an extra minute in the contraption, Dana took it out, and headed back toward her desk.

After crunching into a few of the corns, she cobbled together the command to print, and then she was out of the office again, heading to the copy room. Back along the same route to the restrooms and break room, she hustled up the way, and before reaching either, she opened the white door to the room, which was simply labeled as "Copies".

Inside the work table was closest to the door, the supply shelves lined the back wall, and the laser printers and copiers lined the opposite wall. Above the work table hung the obligatory cork board, and pinned into it were all the company wide memos, notices, and HR required material, there for your convenience while your waited for the lasers to finish their magic.

Dana came in, checking which machine had been queued up to take her request, and she checked the paper tray to ensure it would be able to complete the task. She turned and leaned against the table, unwilling to face the bulletin board of regulation. She stood there long enough to begin to phase out, listening to the monotony of the printing machine waltz, when the door flew open, and Carol stepped inside.

"OH SHIT!" Dana screamed out, startled by the sudden entry of anyone. "Back from lunch already?" "Been gone about thirty minutes, but I thought I would just get it to go." Carol smiled to her. "And, I brought you back something too." She moved into the room, setting down the white plastic bag, and flipped the straps down to the side.

She then lifted out two rectangular plastic containers, each with a smokey white top, and she set them down. After pulling the tops, she splayed open the sauces, and the two containers were full of the best looking sushi Dana had seen in a long while.

"Aw! Thank you so much, that's just too nice. This looks delicious." Dana was touched, and she appreciated her taking the time to think of her. Carol picked up one she knew was Dana's favorite, and she floated the piece toward her mouth, taunting her to open up. As she got there, she allowed her only half of the sticky rice with tuna, and she placed the other half in hers, partaking in the same tastes Dana was about to enjoy.

They both chewed up the morsel, relishing the delicate flavors of fish with the chewiness of the rice, and just a touch of bitter from the green kale wrap. It was a delicacy for them both, and the mutual connection only made the experience more intense. Dana chose the next one, and she repeated the process, giving Carol the other half, and they once again shared the same profiles, savoring the flavor as each one would come. As Dana completed her bite, and her pallette was cleared, Carol jumped for her, like she had been ready to pounce, and she kissed her deeply.

Dana was surprised by the assault, but soon she could feel the passion, and she began to kiss her back. The passion between them was hot, and now that they had broken the ice, and the facade of the lunch was over, they kissed even more deeply, twisting their tongues around one another's, and washing their saliva back and forth between them. Dana pulled Carol into her, and the warmth of her body penetrated through the polyester knits, and their embrace felt like a ball of fire.

Carol's breasts pressed into Dana's, and Dana moved her hand onto her hip, cupping over it, pulling Carol in. The kiss melted into more, and they made out standing next to the table, with no care of where they had chosen to tryst. As they consumed one another in complete love, Dana moved over her back, sending shocks up Dana's spine as she went. Carol moved over Dana, and ended up with a handful of ass of her own.

Dana wanted more,and she loosened her grip on the woman, only to pull her back enough so she could get one hand over her tit, taking her by the handful.

Carol purred at the attention, and more tingles rode her body in waves. They couldn't bring themselves to part, and the simple stimulation of kissing the other, made them both insatiable. Carol was the one forced to relent, and she broke away from Dana, panting as if she couldn't breath. She was once again wearing a tight fit skirt, which didn't really offer great access, so she pulled hard on the thighs, stretching it upward, and she scooted up the dress. As the bottom rode up her thigh, her luscious figure was revealed again, and once it was up over her waist, Dana could see she wore no panties.

Carol's gorgeous cunt was on display, and her smokey black stockings gripped delicately to her pale white skin. The sight of her girlfriend, now bare before her, made Dana's vagina shudder, and she felt weakness creep into her knees. She dropped to the floor with no prompting, she knew exactly what she was wanted to do, and she slipped her face between her legs, placing down the softest of kiss.

Carol moaned as soft as the kiss, and she began to slip toward the table, losing the strength in her knees as well. Dana helped guide her down, as soon as Carol had the slightest support from its edge, she quickly slid the tip of her tongue up the outside of her slit. She made sure not to go too deep, and as soon as she reached the end, hardcore group sex scene in a van moved back, wisping a soft plume of her hot breath over the recently moistened area.

Crawling waves of tiny fingers danced up Carol's back, and she arched out as Dana came in again, and she buried her tongue deeper in this time. Dana wouldn't miss the chance to make her jolt, and she aimed for the clit, smashing it with the stiffened tip of her tongue. Carol moaned loudly at the strike, but she only wanted it more, and she couldn't help but place her hands on the back of Dana's head. Dana took the queue, and she pulled on her slit, suctioning her button out, and she sucked on her clit like it was a mother's teat.

She held the pressure for a moment before she released the pressure harshly, but the response she got was just a louder moan. Carol's hips edged backward to gather more support, and she lay back on the table, pulling her legs up to her chest. Dana inched forward with her, and she lay her lips on the outstretched pussy. Carol gripped her own tits, and she squeezed, pinching the tips in the laced fabric.

The harsh pinch of the lace, combined with the sweet touch of Dana's lips, sent ripples sexy babe gets cum shot on her face eating all the love juice her body, and she longed for her to make her cum. The harsh faux carpet of the copy room floor made Dana's knees ache, but the sight of Carol's cunt in her face allowed the sensation to melt away. Dana placed her lips above her clit, and she sucked her button up once again, this time forcing her tongue between the slit.

Dana released her grip quickly, and let her pussy swell to the attention. Then again she pushed in, as she wrapped her hands around her hips. As she lapped on her clit, she stretched her flaps back with her hands, and her nub rose up at the attention.

Dana wagged her tongue across the protrusion, hitting only the top, and she increased her speed, working it in rapid aggression. The quick and sudden hits made Carol shiver with every collision, and soon she shuddered in unison to each strike to the tip. Before she could bring her to convulsions, Dana slipped down the center, and rode deep down her slit.

Carol was lubed from the anticipation, her juices washing over her tongue, and Dana marveled at the sweetness. The nectar drove her wild, it worked as an aphrodisiac, forcing her to pull open her pussy, and she slipped her tongue deep inside. Dana pressed into her, covering her face in spent saliva, and she followed the circle around her creaming vagina.

Over and over, she forced passed the opening, plunging into her pussy with every inch of her tongue. As she pushed into her cunt Carol began to moan with every push, building in the excitement as she was fully eaten out. Dana couldn't stop herself from burrowing in even further, her nose banging against her clit, pushing her ever closer to climax.

Carol's moan intensified, and she gripped the edge of the table, giving herself leverage to push Dana in even more. As her rhythm came to it's peak, her pussy clamped down on Dana's tongue, pulsing tighter with each spasm, and she gushed her thick cum over the the entirety of Dana's buried face.

Dana didn't stop face fucking the woman until her vagina unclenched, and Carol lay on the top of the table, her hands finally loosening their grip on the edge.

Carol's tits heaved up and down with her breathing, and the intensity of the orgasm made her gasp for air. Dana continued to play with her flaps, and she lapped up her cum, enjoying the experience of giving her such a vigorous tongue lashing.

Carol couldn't take the constant abuse, and she sat up, pulling Dana to her so she could taste her own pussy on her lips. The women twisted and curled their tongues together, once again making out as their cheeks slid across each other from the slickness. Carol ran her hands up Dana's back, then back down again, as she ached to feel her soft skin. Finally the passion was too much, and she pushed her away, breaking the entanglement in order to catch her breath.

She looked into Dana's eyes, and she could see the love she had for her, the utter wanting in her face. She moved her hand over her cheek, and pushed back a lock of hair behind her ear. She placed her palm against her face, and she caressed her for a moment, moving down the side of her neck. She looked at her perfect neck, and she gripped it in her hand, using only the slightest of force to lovingly choke the muse.

Carol's hand around her neck drove Dana horny brunette slut jenna reid gets fucked for cash the edge, and she slammed her hips into her, bucking for attention of her own. Carol released the pressure, but moved down just a bit more, and once at the top of her blouse, she released the first button, letting loose the clasp.

She ran her fingers against her chest, the little bit that was exposed, and when stopped by the next, she worked to release it as well. Once again the button slid from the hole, and she coveted the newly exposed flesh, working her hand further in each time. Dana closed her eyes, leaning her head back while pushing out her breasts. It was the invitation Carol longed for, and as the buttons broke away the blue lace of her bra became exposed, letting blonde street whore gobbling down penis point of view flower motif slide out from each fabric panel.

When the final button was undone, Carol softly pulled back each side, and Dana's encased mams sat at perfect attention. Carol leaned into her, kissing her on the collarbone, delving into the crevasse that linked her neck and torso.

The soft warmth of her lips made Dana whimper at the touch, and she sway back as she did it. Carol could see she would need to give her some support, and she hopped up from the edge of the table, no longer needing it as the aggressor. She charged at Dana, pushing her across the room, and in the short distance, backed her against one of the large printers on the other side. The contours of the machine made Dana's back bow, and her tits pushed out in the contortion.

Carol pulled down her bra straps, and Dana's tits sprang out of the holsters in great relief. Carol loved the image, and seeing her bouncing breasts only made her more ravenous.

She took the far mam in her hand, squeezing hard around the curving globe. Her mouth fell upon the other, and she slipped the woman's nipple into her mouth, licking swirls around it with her tongue. Dana moaned at the force, loving the way the insatiable woman wanted her so furiously. Even as the unforgiving cabinet of the machine gouged into her spine, she tingled with the sensations of the suckling frenzy. As Carol licked her tit, Dana bent at her knees, bracing herself on the printer.

Slowly she worked her loose fitting skirt upward, rubbing her thigh with her hand, and pushing her hips out in wanting presentation. Carol could feel her urgency, and she began to kiss her way down the woman's body, building up her anticipation even more.

Finally Dana couldn't take the tease, and she lifted her skirt around her waist, revealing the matching floral panties to her bra. Carol slipped down to her knees, feeling the same harshness Dana has experienced from the floor, but there too was a wanting pussy for her, and the sensation slipped away.

Carol kissed the side of her thigh, still building up her lover's anguish as she throbbed in the intent. She spurned Dana away as she attempted to grip the sides of the panties in an effort to pull them down. Carol placed her lips over the satin fabric, savoring the scent of her salivating twat, and she pushed against her pussy, soaking the pale blue to dark wet.

Dana moaned at the attention, swaying her head back once again, and Carol lapped at the barrier like she was waiting for consent. Carol wanted to draw it out, to make her beg for every touch, but she could see on Dana's face the longing, and she felt a bit of remorse. She kissed her pussy one last time, and finally she grabbed the tops of her panties, and slid them down her hips. Dana was more than wanting, her pussy was bright red with swollen bliss.

Dana stepped out from her panties, and Carol tossed them on the floor, but just when she thought Carol would taste her, she stood up, kissing her some more. Dana kissed her back, confused to why she had left her without treatment, until Carol grabbed the lid of the machine and pushed it clear.

Carol then wrapped around her hips, and helped her hop up on the clear glass, and like in so many fantasies, she smiled, hit the button, and took copies of her ass. The both smiled and laughed at the situation, and as each flash of light went by, a new picture of her pussy popped out.

Carol picked one up with a grin and a wink, "Souvenir!" Dana was amused by the setting, but she wouldn't be going without, and she pulled the back of Carol's head to her snatch, "Flip book?" Carol smiled at the thought before she buried her face in the her pussy, and Dana moaned loud as the machine printed out the movie. Carol didn't tease her anymore, and she licked her clit with single intent, entrancing doggy style fucking hardcore and blowjob make her moan some more.

Dana braced herself on the back of the machine, and Carol lapped on her cunt. She stayed directly on her slit, needing to bend over slightly with the height of the top. Dana grunted as her clit took the abuse, and Carol was unrelenting.

As she neared climax, she slid two fingers deep into her, pushing them to knuckles depth, and then she added more to it, curling in on her G-spot.

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Dana began to squeak with pleasure, each slam in her cunt in time with each stroke of her clit. Just as Dana was ready to burst, they heard the door click. "OH MY GOD!". It was Laura, and they were caught. Carol popped up from Dana's crotch, turning to shield her from view, and Dana pulled closed her blouse, attempting to latch the bottom button.

Laura had walked through the door without thinking, and the piston on the door closed it behind her, latching the door as it shut. Carol began to slip her skirt down a bit more, as it was obviously up when Laura had walked through the door. Laura stood there, not knowing what to say, and she was like a deer in the headlights. "You can't tell Leo!" Carol broke the awkward silence, the machines having long stopped their intended operations. "Oh fuck Leo!

I wouldn't begin to tell that moron anything." She paused, "You guys know this door locks, don't you?" She turned and demonstrated. Dana spoke up nervously, "You can't tell anybody." She continued to try to button her shirt, but she was shaking so bad, she couldn't get the buttons together. "Really all I was coming in for were my papers." She walked toward the woman, reaching around them for the stack on the printer.

Laura started to look through the stack, and as she did, it was Dana's ass, and Carol's chin, copied like animation cells of some adult Disney film. "Oh wow! That's kinda hot. Nice ass Dana!" Carol snatched the papers from her hands, "Laura, I'm not fucking around. You can not tell anyone. We could lose our jobs!" "Hey!" Laura snapped back, seeing the women didn't trust her. "I don't care what you two do with each other, and I'm sure no snitch.

Seems like the only way you two are gonna believe me is if I'm just as culpable as you are." She paused for a minute, looking over the disheveled women, "Why don't we do this. I'm a voyeur at heart. You two put on a show for me, and finish up.

If we get caught, we get caught together." Laura instantly put on a smile, and Carol looked over at Dana, Dana looked back at Carol. Finally Laura broke into the silence, "It's win win for all of us.

The door's already locked. What have you got to lose?" Laura walked over to the table the two women were previously using, and she laid her bag down, then leaned up against it.

"Oh, could you do it on the floor or something? It's kinda hard to see everything from here." Carol helped Dana down from the machine, and Laura propped herself up on the edge of the table. As they stood in the middle of the room, both women stared at each other, then they stared at Laura who had an ear to ear grin of approval on her face.

The two women weren't much of performers, but the deal didn't seem all that bad, and finally Dana pulled Carol over to her. Dana placed a soft kiss on her lips as she slipped her hands behind her.

Carol did the same, and slowly their lips made more contact as they grew more comfortable with the arrangement. Soon the two had their eyes closed, and they were making out as if no one were there. They swayed back and forth as they began to build heat between them, and slowly their hands began to move over one another, caressing and consoling the other as they became willing to make love. Laura watched with intent, it wasn't common place for her to be treated to live porn, and the two women were gorgeous in their own right, exacerbated by the fact they were her coworkers.

Carol kissed Dana's cheek, and started kissing lower as they progressed. Next she kissed below her ear lobe, driving Dana wild, and she let out a soft moan. She kissed on her neck, sucking on her slightly, but making sure not to leave a mark. At the end of her neck, she kissed into the bow of her shoulder, which was barely covered by the blouse she was never able to refasten.

She then pushed inward on the flap, sliding it further and further out, until she reached the impression of her bra strap, which now dangled to her side. As Carol moved ever lower, she placed her hand on the side of Dana's neck, moving the other flap away as well, and as her lips caressed the top of her chest, the blouse fell away, revealing her ample tits once more.

Laura watched as she progressed ever so slowly, and when the shirt fell away, she was noticeably excited by the view, and she leaned into the table more, as if she needed the extra support.

Into the center of Dana's chest Carol placed soft loving kisses, until finally she slipped her right nipple into her mouth, and swirled the tip against her slick warm tongue.

Carol reached behind her, sliding her hand into the small of her back, and she continued to suck on her tip, pulling in her entire areola. Dana let go of another soft moan, and the presence of an audience seemed to whisk away from her mind, and she was fully engrossed in the supple touch of her lover. Carol moved her other hand over her exposed breast, and she cupped the tit as she softly moved her palm over the top. Laura was beginning to enjoy the show, it was certainly better than turning the ladies in, and without much thought, her own hand began to move over the top of her own breast.

Each time Carol would make another pass over it, she mimicked the motion, and she began to feel a warmth of her own building between her legs.

Dana had gone into a trance, enjoying the sensations, and only staying upright by the unconscious bend in her knees. Once again she began to rub her thigh, adding loose friction to the advance that pulled her skirt ever higher.

Carol left her mam, now setting an even lower course, in which soon she was required to return to bended knee. When Carol dropped down to the carpet, Dana was ready, her skirt already high enough to allow her easy access. Carol placed her lips again to her thigh, and she sucked hard, not caring if a mark was left in the unseen delicate spot.

Dana moaned, not soft this time, but with great anticipation as if this was the second time she would be left without coming to fruition. Laura watched with delight, the sight of her lust making her own grow without control. She now had a handful of her own tit, and she played with her nipple, sending swafts of tingles down her spine, and more importantly her clit. Carol was ready to taste Dana's twat, but instead of just taking it, she pulled down on Dana's hands, inviting her to join her on the floor.

Dana obliged, and she bent down as Carol held her hands, bracing her until her ass reached the ground. Dana pulled her skirt high, tucking it under the top so that it would be secured, and so Laura would be in full view of the action. Once more Carol kissed her thigh, now closer to small breasts blondie babe gets pussy railed by pawn keeper knee, and she worked her way down.

As she bent in closer, her ass raised up, and by the time her face met the awaiting slit, she was presenting her amateur teen sex and french young wife she young didnt interrupt their love games to the open air. Laura could see between her legs, and the sight of her exposed gash made her pussy clamp tight, and she had the sensation as though she were in the midst of Kagels.

The heat in her thighs started to become unbearable, and she wondered what the women on the floor would think if she were to touch herself. Carol wasn't paying attention to Laura, and Dana lay back with her eyes closed, preparing to receive her oral pleasure. Carol shifted for a better angle, and when set, she slipped her tongue into her slit. Dana groaned at the end of the anticipation, and pulled in a soft deep breath as her clit received her touch once busty girl katarina masturbates with her favorite toy. Carol took her time, rambling over every contour of the terrain, while Dana arched her back, purring as her kitty earned a pet.

Laura put herself in her position, now using her mind as the ultimate aphrodisiac, and she was no longer watching Carol lap at Dana's pussy, but in her mind, it was her.

Carol continued to punish Dana, toying with her slit, never giving her a option of full release. Laura began to rub her thigh, and as the woman teased the other's pussy, she grew creamier by the moment. Laura couldn't take the imagery anymore, she wanted too much to be a part of it, and she undid the top of her slacks, uncaring whether the women would find it a faux pas. Laura was a plump woman, her large breasts sat upon a fucking three dick pic crazy girls in a row befitting the luxury of ample mams.

While her unflat torso would roll into a doughy ball, she was blessed with the wide hips, and an equally fat ass, which kept her figure as enticing as any others.

As she unhooked the front of her pants, having to lift a bit to slip her hand inside, she slid over her thong panties, and even her own touch was enough to send shivers throughout. She didn't agitate the situation, but simply placed her hand down, pressing ever so soft against the ridges of her twat. Neither of the other woman knew what she was doing, but it was obvious they also had no care. Carol licked into Dana's folds, slipping her tongue down as far as it would go, then back up again she press harder, catching the pulsing tip of her clit.

Dana began to moan in rhythm, and she could feel her vagina begin to compress. Carol's ass began to sway in the motion, and everytime she came up, her ass went down, and then vise versa.

The women began to move like well lubricated machines. Laura pressed into her thong in time, and the tempo of her fucking became the step of each note played in Dana's moans.

Carol began to focus on her clit, moving less and less down, but more in as it started to stiffen. Laura could see the action increasing, and she pumped more vigorously on her caged twat, pressing her own button each time Carol lapped.

The intensity grew, over and over tongue came to clit, and fingers slammed inward harder. Dana braced as her clit cute japaneses lusty oral job stockings hardcore at attention, and Carol slammed into her with unrelenting precision. Finally the mountain had been tamed, and as Dana reached the top, she climaxed with an immense explosion, writhing against the harsh carpet as Carol took her pulsing clit into her mouth, sucking against it hard as her cervix rammed her insides with unstoppable timing.

Dana stifled her cum as much as she could, knowing it was inevitable more people would be returning from lunch. As Dana tried to regain her composure, Carol worked to gain her breath as well. In the new silence of the printing room, the two women continued to hear a consistent measure of heavy breathing. As the looked up they could see Laura on the table, her hand in her slacks, pumping her pussy up and down.

The hot latina rides a stiff meat pole brunette and cumshot women didn't see it as audacity, and they watched as she played with herself unapologetically. Laura stopped when they noticed her, as if being caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and she pulled it out quickly with a look of embarrassment on her face.

Carol looked over to Dana, and they both smiled to each other. "Don't stop." Carol commanded. Laura looked confused, not knowing how to respond to the thought.

"You've seen us naked. It's only fair we see you, right?" Dana playfully quipped to Carol, who was in complete agreement. Laura thought for moment, knowing they were playing a game with her. She just didn't know if it was one she could win. "Make sure to do it sexy, so we can see." Carol smiled, pushing it one step further. Laura blushed, there was little she could do but comply, and she figured she was already in for a penny, she may as well be in for a pound.

She placed her feet on the floor, leaning again on the table, looking down at her massive tits.

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She reached to the top button shaved cute blonde in stocking receiving two hard cocks her blouse, and with a quick look at each of her audience, she pushed the button through. The women came to attention in the process, in a new found inphatuation, they waited for the stripe tease to proceed.

Laura moved to the next button, this time not waiting, and she released it as well. One by one she completed the task, but she never revealed any skin, always pulling the blouse tighter each time she let another button go. Carol was sure she could make out maroon satin under the top, and she stared in anticipation for the answer.

Laura began to enjoy the process, she didn't really see herself as some sort of pole dancer, or temptress, but the women in front of her seemed to appreciate her form, and the thought that they wanted her made her take on the roll completely.

With the blouse hanging in her hands, controlled by her own motions, she popped one side open, and then closed it again quickly, teasing the girls with her luscious body. Dana and Carol watched with glee, and they loved that she was so playful. Laura popped open the other side, and Carol was sure she wore a maroon bra, but it was confirmed for sure when she dropped the blouse to the floor, and her breasts bounced with the sudden display.

"Come on girl, show us those titties!" Dana begged, grabbing her own bare breasts while tweaking her nipples. The girls all laughed, and Laura felt the need to obey. She reached behind her, easily unlatching the bra, but adding to the dance, she swung one arm across her chest, and slipped the strap down.

In a quick motion, she swapped her arms, not losing the brasier, and she slid the other down as well. Now the top was held only by her hands, and the underside of her boobs, and she slipped it down slow, letting her tits come free. The women again wowed at her body, and Laura gave herself a hug, holding them up as she squeezed them together.

Just as quick as she had given the women a grand look at her breasts, she turned, and took away the sight. If it wasn't for the voluptuous ass that came around, the audience may have turned on the performer. Once she had her back turned, she made use of her other gifts, and she bent over the table, pressing her tits into the cold top, pushing out her rear.

Her slacks strained to contain the contents, and every ridge of her body pushed against the seams as she worked her thighs closer together. She pulled her arms behind her, and she rubbed her cheeks both hands. Dana and Carol could only cat call, and whistle as she continued on the tease. Next Laura stepped wider, allowing the fabric to ride higher into her crotch, and by the time she was done, the women stared at the most scrumptious cameltoe they could have hoped for. Laura placed her hands on her hips, and slowly she worked the pants down, taking her maroon satin thong with it, and her pale ass became the focus.

She made it to the bottom of her cheeks, and reached back, snapping herself with the swiftest of slaps, leaving an outline out of a red mark. Dana and Carol looked on in lust, and the more she was allowed to fill the roll, the more they wanted her to keep up the show. As Laura was about to slip the bottoms off completely, she stepped back, bending down even more, and out popped her pussy, ready to be explored. Carol couldn't help herself, and she reached up, slapping her ass as well, and she watched as it bounced back to her advance.

Laura pushed down until her hips let go from the fabric, and reluctantly she dropped her slacks and panties to the floor. As she stepped out from the bands, she slipped her hand into her bag. Now completely naked, she slowly slid back up, and seductively, she turned to the side, giving the women a view of her curvaceous profile.

If she had only had long red hair, she would have easily passed for Jessica Rabbit with her pose. Dana and Carol looked at her in awe, nothing close to a stick figure could have matched the beauty of this woman, and they were now privileged to gaze upon her truly remarkable body. The women could also see she was hiding something from them, and as she turned, she kept it hidden away.

Laura slid her bare ass atop the table, and she used her form to lure their eyes as she moved. It wasn't until she was completely set, the object in her hand was revealed, and she pulled a hot pink dildo up to her lips.

She smiled to the girls, happy in her deception, and the women were pleased to have been so slyfully deceived. Laura didn't seem to want to play the game much more, and her urge to slip the toy into her cunt was now her motivation. She slid the tip of the phallus between her lips, kissing it delicately, and the tease was everything they had hoped for.

Further she pushed it in, and as the unforgiving tool pushed forth, she moisten the tip liberally while playing with it on her tongue. Slowly she lifted one leg up to the table top, and she hooked her heel in, locking her leg in place. For the first time, the audience was met with a full view of her pussy, and her phat cat lay in open on perfect display. Laura was a bit more plump, and her twat was as well, and as the women looked into the folds, they were greeted with something in dire need of relentless pounding.

With the tip of the tool ready for use, Laura flipped it around, and aimed for mom teaching son in ebony wanting vagina. She slipped it into the top of her slit, rushing along her unfulfilled clit, sending tremors of rough anal fucking with big cocked stepbrother and blonde stepsis in stockings through her entire body.

The grazing contact to her buzzer made her grouse to the agitation, and she whimpered softly as she worked her way down. Back up she pulled lightly, glazing the tip with her already copiously wet labia, and back down again, this time just a little deeper. Dana and Carol looked on, and as she began to entice them, the women unconsciously found themselves moving closer together, unknowingly seeking the warmth of the other.

Laura repeated the motion, up again, but deeper, and down again, even further in this time. As she worked the dildo in, she pushed a little harder each time, until finally she was stroking the entire outside of her cunt. She whimpered a little more, aroused by the attention, each time making eye contact with one of women at the show. As she moved in again, she slipped passed the opening of her pussy, and pushed in with intention, soft, deep, and slow.

Carol studied her every move, it was as if she were the one doing it, and as cronys daughters and in law the olympic interchange performance progressed, she leaned on Dana even more. Laura kept up the game, sliding the dick in to it's hilt. Then back out again, and her excitement rose. She picked up the pace as the cock rode in, and soon the sound of liquid suction came with every stroke. Faster and faster she moved, varying the motion every other pump, and soon she was moaning and groaning in time.

Each slam went deeper, and as she built up in every moment, her arm would bang her clit, and it only added to the flow. The women could have enjoyed the show forever, the sight of her jiggling tits, and the wet slap of each blow, but Laura wouldn't last long enough if she continued to go. They could see it on her face, the anguish of every penetration, and the thought of her self love made every pussy flow.

Laura was ready to cum, it was building in her fast, and she worked her pussy harder, as she was on the edge of climax. They could tell the time was close, Dana and Carol without any prompting, jumped up from the floor, and started to close.

The sudden jump held her back for the moment, but each woman took a side, and they both grabbed up a tit, taking their mouths for a ride. Laura banged into her cunt, as fast and hard as she could, each woman suckled a breast, and in that moment she began to explode.

Laura moaned long and hard, and her pussy clamped down on the dick. Each women sucked harder on the nipple they licked. Pulsing with uncontrollable convulsions, Laura muffled her cum, and with more pleasure than ever, she gushed on the floor. Laura's chest heaved up and down, but she still slowly slid the dildo in and out. Dana and Carol caressed her lush body, and the glow on each of their faces showed they were thoroughly spent. As they each gained their composure they pulled on their clothes, and prepared for the return to work.

Carol gathered up the photocopies of Dana's cunt, Dana offered Laura her panties to clean up, and Laura worked her gorgeous hips back into her slacks. It was a real adventure, and as the women gathered themselves, they giggled about the scene. When they returned the room to as normal as it could be, they walked out as if nothing had happened at all. As the ladies embarked for their desk, they ran into Leo, returning from lunch. Laura dislike him most and felt the need to be mean, "Hey Leo, the copy room smells kinda funky, why don't you make yourself useful and go give it a clean."