Group session with naughty doxies smalltits and homemade

Group session with naughty doxies smalltits and homemade
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Subject: I Meet Beca III Beca had left me with Master and Lady as she had to go back to work. I was told I would spend the night in the Castle and Beca would return the next morning. I looked at my hosts and thought I was probably in for a very interesting night. Master asked one of the attendants if dinner was ready and was told it was so we headed for the dining hall.

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I haven't said anything about the attendants. I had seen probably a dozen while I had been there, all ages and all races. But they all had one thing in common, the ladies were very fair and the men very handsome. And they all dressed like Master and Lady, in cloths that were very beautiful, very revealing and very accessible.

They were all touched and nibble and felt anytime they were within reach of the two. And they all acted somewhat subdued, almost like they were drugged or something. We entered the hall and it is a big hall. In one corner is a three sided table with a place set on each side.

About two feet in around all sides is a raised and padded area about three feet off the table. Very strange I thought. Standing behind the chairs at two of the places are two attendants.

One is a man about 25; probably part Negro tall and very well built. His open trousers display about 10 white girls in daytona beach of semi hard cock.

Behind another chair is a very beautiful 16-18 year old oriental girl. Large boobs and shaved pussy. "Oh my dear, we need to get you a server," said Lady. "What flavor do you desire?" I sort of blurted out, "Both," before I thought. "No problem," Lady replied.

And talking to I don't know who said, "Please have Lyna join us." And she did. A very beautiful black girl came up to me and said, "My name is Lyna and I will be your servant." Lady looked and me with a big smile and said, "Lyna is truly both. Behind that very functional cock is a most delicious functional pussy." Lyna held my chair and we were seated.

Our personal servants poured us water or coffee and did other things for hollywood xx movie in ebony dubbed comfort. I noticed that both Lady and Master were very busy with their hands while their servant was within reach. I thought that I'd better get with the program or Lyna would think I didn't like her. As she stood at my side with her cock rubbing my bare arm I looked up at her and smiled and took the head in my mouth.

Both Lady and Master applauded me. This preliminary activity continued thru the soup and salad. When the servants had served the main course, Lady clinked her water glass with a spoon. The three rotated one place and my new server had been with Lady. Now I had his big hard cock starring me in the face.

Master was busily gulping down Lyna's hard cock and Lady had her new attendant bent over and was licking her cunny and rosebud from behind. Our meals were getting cold but it didn't seem to bother anyone. The way my server was breathing hard I was sure I was about to be rewarded with a big load of cum.

Master had laid out Lyna on the platform on the table and was licking her cunny to climax and Lady was finger fucking her charge to a similar ending.

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And oh my oh my what a load of cum I was rewarded with. Very shortly the others activities also ended and we settled down to dinner. Of course the food was all cold so Lady had new plates delivered.

We chatted while eating, our servers had disappeared. When we were thru eating, Master stood up and order after dinner liquor. Lyna appeared with three glasses and served each of us. Other servers cleared away our dishes and chairs and brought in a large love seat, easily capable of handling three or four people. I was invited to join Lady and Master and took a seat between them. Then the lights of the room dimmed, a spot light was focused on the raised platform of the table and three people appeared.

They bowed to us and then took their place on the platform. Two girls and one guy were there to entertain us and boy did they. It was as if the had a script because they never hesitated to change positions or what they were doing. No hole ever was without a tongue, finger or cock in it and the cock was never with out a mouth or cunt on it. And there was never a time that I didn't have at least two hands or a mouth on me.

Finally Lady got down on the floor and was giving my cunt such a work over I squirted my juice all over her. And just about then Master filled my mouth with his seed. The guy on the state noticed that Lady was the only one that had not been fulfilled so he did his duty, hoped down to join us and fucked Lady until she had a mind boggling climax. The actors or whatever you would want to call them retired and Master announced that he and Lady were going to do the same thing.

Their servers left the area by Lyna stayed by my side. Her cock was naughty mom gives son handjob watch part on camcom her nipples were firm and inviting.

I asked her if she knew where I was supposed to sleep and she smiled and took my hand. She led me down the hall to a set of double doors which she opened. Inside was a probably double king size bed, several other chairs and love seats and a sort of strap seat hanging from the wall.

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When my gaze stayed with it Lyna asked if I wanted her to show me how it worked. I said sure.

Lyna picked up the control from the seat and sat back putting her feet in stirrups and spreading her legs wide. Then she motioned me to join her and as I approached her she raised her chair until I was staring into her hot wet pussy.

I moved in and kissed her clit, then gripped it with my teeth. She tilted her chair back so my face and her pussy were exactly aligned. Her beautiful cock began to grow but at that point I was only interested in her cunny. I thought I had given her a big face full a little earlier but when she started squirting it made mine look small.

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I loved it and drank as much as I could, then I took the control from her hand and lowered her back to the floor. I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the bed. "Come on lover," I smiled, "I want fucked by that beautiful boy tool of yours. Cunt, ass and mouth in that order. When cruelty party stephani moretti part 1 cum shoots out of your cock like it did out of your pussy I want it right here, putting my finger in my mouth and sucking it.

We laid their in the huge bed, cuddling and kissing and playing for about 20 minutes. Finally I pushed her over on her back, straddled her and lowered my cunt down on her cock. It felt sooo goood I just sat there, with it all the way in me and enjoyed the wonderful feeling.

Then I slowly rotated my hips, while not lifting them at all. And then moved them front to back and side to side. I rode her hard meat this way for 5 minutes or so and then started slowly lifting my hips up so her cock was almost all the way out and then lowered back down again. It was sooooo goooood, fucking this young thing. She was moaning as loud as I was and then she whispered, "you better get down on it if you want a mouthful cause I'm about to blow." Lyna and I cuddled on the bed, both completely exhausted from our love making.

Then into my mind came the vision that it wasn't Lyna I was laying with it was my beautiful Beca. I so wanted to make love and glorious sex with that beauty. I asked Lyna if it was alright if I left and she said NO, but why would I want to. I told her that I had really enjoyed my time with here but now wanted to get back to Beca. Lyna said that as long as it was in service to me she could do anything I asked and if I wanted Beca she would go get her.

I kissed her and thanked her and promised she and I would be together again before I left England. She returned my kiss and smiled.