Working out with a large love bubbles darling

Working out with a large love bubbles darling
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Ok Ive had been getting some question so im going to answer them quickly so you can read and be pleasured XD OK! Dobe = Dumbass Kassaa = Damnit Baka= Idiot Hinata and Naruto are both 14 in this story, and they are now in the older form (The Shippuden form) Got it?

Good ^^ on ward to the story! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Ohhhh Naruto-kun…" Hinata moaned behind the fogged shower door. Naruto smiled devilishly licking his lips. He opened his mouth to reply, but suddenly, Hinata began speaking softly again. "Heh. Naruto-kun of course I love you… How long have I loved you?" She cooed quietly.

He stood there confused, a question in his eyes. 'Is she talking to herself? She doesn't know im here? Well this could be fun…' he thought to himself smiling. Hinata began speaking once more. "Naruto. I loved you the very first amateur french teen sex on webcam hotbabes and pussy I saw you. When know one else saw you, when everyone thought you were just a trouble maker, I knew you were more. I believed in you. I Admired you Naruto-kun.

you were my inspiration and I just… I just need you Naruto." She started to giggle softly to herself. "If only you could get up the courage to tell HIM that… instead of your shadow…" Hinata turned the water on higher and began singing quietly to herself.

Naruto stood frozen to his spot. "H-… Hinata-Chan… Y- You…" His mouth mumbled. He was even more confused then before. 'She… she cared?

About me??? NARUTO UZUMAKI!???? Someone… actually saw YOU… not the nine tails… not the stupid immature pranks… YOU…' his eyes looked down towards the floor. 'I can't believe someone like you actually inspired such a beautiful person… and you used to think she was weird!

Wow… Sasuke was right. You are a dobe' He looked at the blurred shower door walking over to it silently. ~*~ "Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feeeel tonight…" Hinata sang to herself quietly.

She began laughing "Never could hit those high notes could you?" She let the warm water run over her body, thinking about her night before with Naruto. As she replayed it over and over in her mind she didn't see the person behind her.

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There arms wrapped around her waist and they laid there head on her shoulder. Her eyes widened. Her mouth opened wide to scream but before she could utter a peep a soft voice latina girl bigtits tease pussy with vibe wecamnet behind her.

"Hinata-Chan… it's me…" Naruto said quietly, with his head lying against her soft neck. Hinata turned around slowly. "Na-… Naruto-kun… what are you doing in her-" Before she could finish Naruto put his hands softly on her cheeks and kissed her deeply. Her eyes widened then slowly rolled back into her head as she closed them. The hot water from the shower pouring over them, Naruto stood there in his shorts kissing her, his hair flopped down on his forehead his body getting wetter and wetter.

~*~ Finally Naruto broke the kiss, flinging his arms around Hinata. "Hinata… I love you, I love you so much, im so glad I have you… I'll keep you safe… I promise you!" He said closing his eyes still hugging her tight. Hinata looked at him, she didn't know what to say, she wanted to recite to him everything she practiced alone a couple minutes ago, but she didn't know how to begin.

She smiled down at him, and held his head against her chest. "I love you too Naruto-kun I love you more then anything, you don't know how long I've wanted to tell you that." She said, the shower practically drowning out her voice. "I know Hinata… I heard what you said… and I can't believe that you actually cared… you know… about me&hellip." Naruto said raising his head to stare her in the eyes.

"You… you heard me? You were in here before??" Her eyes opened widely. "Yes. yes I did Hinata." He said leaning in once more to kiss his soft warm lips. She stood there shocked; shocked that he'd been standing there and had not said one word. Shocked that he didn't laugh at her and think she was some sappy loser as she felt she was. Her voice left her, and her mind raced. She wanted, Naruto, she wanted him close; she never wanted him to leave.

~*~ He broke the kiss again looking into her eyes once more. "Hinata, your eyes are so beautiful… you're just so perfect…" Hinata's body dripped with warm shower water from head to toe, the steam swirled around her and him. His eyes drifted down her body. Her breasts were dripping with water just as the rest of her, he watched almost mesmerized as the water ran down her body. Suddenly, it hit Naruto almost as hard as Sasuke's chidori, he wanted Hinata, and He felt his cock getting stiff in his wet heavy shorts.

Slowly they slid down his legs exposing his cock. Hinata blushed not daring to stare down at it. Even tho she was dying to. Naruto, with Hinata in his arm, walked her up against the shower wall kissing her passionately. Hinata draped her arms around his shoulders shutting her eyes.

'Your father would not be pleased if he saw this…' Hinata thought smiling. Naruto began sucking on Hinata's bottom lip down her neck and gently nibbled on her collar bone, sending electric shivers down Hinata's body. "Oh! Naruto-kun!" She cried out as one of Naruto's fingers slid in between her legs.

Naruto knew he shouldn't be so grabby, but he just couldn't help himself, he wanted Hinata. He wanted her BAD. She didn't object, in fact she seemed to enjoy it. He took her leg propped it up around his waist and continued kissing her passionately. "Naruto-kun…? Are we going to have sex?" Hinata asked with her eyes shut tight. He looked up at her and saw her cheeks turning red. "It depends… do YOU want to?" Naruto said, letting one of his hands brush across Hinata's cheek.

She looked away a shy smile on her face. "Yes… yes I do" She said turning to face him, when she saw his eyes looking down at her she looked at the shower floor turning red all jav collection this devilish student will surely yamashita and legs ass. He smiled down at her.

'YES! Yes yes yes yes yes yes!' he sung happily in his head. He gently took her chin in his fingers and began kissing her once more. The water made the shower so foggy it was hard to breathe in it. Naruto held Hinata tight in his arms and propped her up against the shower wall, her legs dangled from his sides and her arm slung over his shoulder while the other clung around his side for support.

"Ahhiee! Naruto the shower wall is cold!" She yelped. He put his hands on her ass cheeks to support her up against the wall. "Don't worry love it'll be ok." He said taking one of his hands and brushing Hinata's wet hair from her face.

His touch made her skin tingle in the most peculiar way. She looked down and saw his cock, it stood straight up, she remembered how it felt deep down her throat, she craved to taste it again, to feel it inside of her. "Naruto-kun, please…" She started "Please don't make me wait anymore." She said tilting her head back against the tile and closing her eyes.

He smiled at her and began sucking on her neck again flicking his tongue in circles on it. He enjoyed this teasing, watching her squirm and cry out his name quietly. Slowly he reached down for his cock and lined it up with Hinata's still tight cunt.

Then he put one of his hands on the wall beside her and the other helping support her up against the wall. "Hinata." he breathed "Are you ready…?" She nodded slowly and braced herself. Naruto's cock slowly started to penetrate her. "Uhn! Naruto-kun!" Hinata squeaked as his cock went in a couple inches. "Hinata… Oh god you feel tighter then before…" he moaned out of his gritted teeth. Her arms tightened around him. The steam from the hot water continued to make the shower foggier and foggier by the minute.

Hinata put her mouth close to his ear "It's all yours Naruto…" she whispered then licked his ear. 'Hinata!? This Hinata said THAT!??' his eyes widened, he couldn't think anymore all the blood rushed to his dick. Suddenly he felt himself thrust inside Hinata fully. She let out a screech and shut her eyes tight. "Hinata! Im sorry! I didn't mean to, oh god did I hurt you???" he said his eyes showing deep concern.

She opened her eyes and looked at Naruto lovingly. "Naruto-kun im fine… please don't stop…" she cooed "It feels so very good." She wrapped her legs tighter around him pushing him deeper inside her. He pulled back then pushed himself back in "Ugh Hinata…Chan…" he moaned out. His fingers dug into Hinata's ass as he continued thrusting into her.

Hinata's mouth was wide open as he fucked her up against the wall. Even tho the steam from the shower was hot, Naruto's breath against her skin was hotter; every time he thrust into her it made her vagina clench itself around his cock very tight making Naruto thrust harder. "Ohhhh Hinata… I don't think I can last much longer!" He groaned slamming himself into her. But she couldn't hear him, everything in the world at the moment was a blur to her, a pleasurable blur that made her feel better then she ever felt.

"Hinata Ohhhhhh!" Naruto called out loudly thrusting him self deep into her hilt. "Ahhhahh! Naruto-kun!" Hinata moaned feeling his cock bury deep inside her. His jaw opened as he let out loud moans as he filled her with his warm genetic material. Then he stopped and slowly began pulling out. Hinata looked at him with wide eyes. "Naruto-kun…?

What are you doing?" "Im sorry Hinata-sama, I couldn't help myself it just felt so good…" Naruto said with a frown. 'Gah! You selfish bastard!

She's probably going to hate you now!!!' he had a deep regret inside himself as he let Hinata drop down to her feet, he didn't dare to look at her face, and see anger on her face. As he amateur white chick gets fucked by black man her turn off the shower he figured she was just going gang bang for cuitie pie groupsex european yell at him for being so weak willed, just as Sakura would.

For a brief moment he wondered what he ever saw in Sakura-Chan. Suddenly Hinata turned towards and charged at him. "Hinata stop wait im sorry!" Naruto yelled hiding his face behind his arms. But much to his surprise she flung her arms around him tight and began kissing him. Naruto thought his jaw would fall off; finally she broke the kiss and got on her knees.

"Hinata-sama? What are you doing?? Aren't you mad at me?" he was confused. "Naruto-kun," she said looking up at him with a faint smile. "I found a book of yours tucked away deep in your bag… Cum cum paradise…" She said rubbing on one of his thighs looking up at him; it was his turn to blush now.

~*~ Naruto brought that along, figuring he'd get relief in the middle of the night when whoever his partner was went to sleep. "…I read about something that was similar to this… and I think I know how to get it hard again." She said taking a soft grip on Naruto's penis. 'Hinata-sama…? Wha- Ohhhh Godddd' Naruto's thoughts immediately vanished as soon as he felt Hinata's tongue swish around his dick. 'Ohhhh god… It's not going to take long if she keeps this up' Naruto thought, choking back a smothered moan.

Hinata dragged her tongue passionately up his cock. Then, she engulfed the head and swished her tongue around it. That did it, Naruto's cock immediately started to inflate in her mouth. As it did Hinata let it go farther and farther till it touched the back of her throat.

Indian teen call girl invite home for anal fuck hands went to the back of her head, his body felt tingly; it tickled as she licked the tip of his cock. Suddenly Hinata removed her mouth from his cock and took him by the hand.

"Wha-? Hinata! Where are you going? Why did you stop?" he said following her into the next room. ~*~ Hinata led him by the hand to the bed, hers and his body still dripping wet from the previous moment in the shower.

The air felt cold on there skin as they walked to the other room. Naruto could not keep his eyes off her to save his life. When they reached the bed Hinata got on, water dripping down her face and cheek and lightly splashing on her breast. Oh yeah, Naruto's cock was definitely hard now, he felt it getting stiffer and tighter by the moment, as he wished desperately for mounting.

His eyes roamed over her delicate creamy colored skin, taking in every detail of her body. Oh how he could stare at her forever and never get bored of her beauty. "Naruto?" Hinata cooed taking Naruto out his fantasies "Naruto-kun, get on the bed with me." She said smiling 'I have no complaints against that!' Naruto thought happily, getting in and lying on the bed next to her. She leaned over him and placed her hand on his cheek rubbing it softly, then lowered her head to kiss him.

He met her kiss half way, letting his tongue slip in between her lips. He wrapped his arm around her still slippery back and the other on the back of her head, gently playing thru her still wet hair. She placed herself on top of him, placing her legs at both sides of his body and bent them at the knee so she was sitting on his stomach. "Hah! Naruto-Kun!" Hinata breathed as he reached up and stroked one of her nipples. She could feel her face turning red and hot.

'Oh Hinata. what are you getting yourself into NOW?' she thought. "Hinata-Chan…I love you so much…" Naruto closed his eyes. He couldn't keep his mind straight, he wanted to feel his cock thrust itself inside Hinata once more; he wanted to hear her moan and cry his name as she did before.

Suddenly he felt something that made his whole body jerk in pleasure.

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He looked up and saw Hinata, slipping his cock inside of her pussy, "Guh… Oh Hinata…" He grunted closing his eyes. "Ahhhahh! Nar--…Naruto-kun!" Hinata squeaked as Naruto's cock penetrated her further. 'Wow. This is the shy girl I once knew… My how things have changed these past two days…" Naruto thought lightly about. There bodies still dripped with water, making a big wet mark around the two of them.

As his fully erect cock slid the last few inches inside of her, Hinata tilted her head back and began experimenting different ways of rocking on him, finally she found simply going back and forth against his pelvic bone, sent pleasurable shocks thru her body making her jerk back in pleasure, and coo his name loudly.

'Oh god will I have something to tell Ero-sennin!" he said in his mind. Soon Naruto reached out his arms and grabbed Hinata by the waist rocking her at a gentle speed. No matter how badly he wanted to thrust into her hard and not stop till he came, he didn't want to risk hurting the one he loved and cherished, or make her disappointed and think he's a jerk for Cumming before her again.

So he was content just feeling her pussy slide around on his cock. "Ohh! Ohh~! Naruto-kun! Yes… Ohh harder!" Hinata moaned leaning forward a little, taking Naruto's hand and then cupping it on her breast. Her body shivered as he pinched her nipple gently. "Uhnnn~ Naruto-kun!" she cried loudly as it sent another jolt thru her delicate body. She began rocking faster, throwing her hips back and then jamming them forward against Naruto's pelvic bone, soon she was basically screaming out her pleasure.

"Ahhha! Ohhhh! Ohh~! Naruto-kun! Yes Ohh harder!" She cried out, with her head tilted back. He rose himself so that he was sitting up, wrapped his arms around her body tight against his, and began bouncing her up and down in short thrusts on his cock. "Ahhh~! Hin-… Hinata…Chan…" He groaned into her ear.

His warm breath felt cool against her neck from the now cold water the lingered on her body. Suddenly Naruto's tongue sent Hinata into a spasm as he licked up her neck to her cheek. "OHH! NARUTO-KUN!" Hinata screamed as he sucked and licked on her neck.

Hinata felt her toes curl as her legs clung themselves around Naruto's upright body. "Uhhh! Uhhhnn! Naruto! Ohh Im Cumming!!" Hinata cried out loudly arching her back, pressing her tits against him. Her fingers dug into his back as she almost collapsed out of Naruto's grip. He had to grip her tight to keep her from falling back on to the bed. He felt her pussy clench his dick extra tight then release and then repeat this numerous times.

He felt as tho he would cum right then, but no… cute blonde teen masturbates to orgasm on webcam wanted this to amazing feeling to last.

He grunted, gritting his teeth still thrusting her down on his cock, meeting his own thrusts inside of her. "Kassaa… Hinata… You feel sooo good." He groaned tilting his head back next. Hinata felt weak, weak and pleasured as Naruto continued thrusting in her. She could feel her body getting ready to orgasm once more. Ariella ferrera the trophy husband Naruto held her very tight and got up off the bed holding her up, with his cock still buried inside her.

He placed his hands on her ass to support her. He thrusted himself inside her a few times and began kissing her deeply, backing her up against a wall. "Auhh! Naruto-kun!" Hinata cried as he gently pushed her up against the wall. She wrapped her legs and arms around him tight as he began shafting her. Hinata bit her lip and closed her eyes tight trying not to scream again but then Naruto bit gently on her collar bone and began sucking the sweat off her neck. She couldn't hold it back.

"Naaaaruto-kun!! OHHH~!" she moaned loudly, tears building up in the sides of her eyes like small crystal circles. "Ugh… Hinata-Chan…" Naruto groaned feeling her pussy contract around his cock once more. "Na! Naruto-kun! Mmmuhh!" Hinata squealed. Her body couldn't take it anymore she screamed loudly gripping Naruto as tight as she could. "Im Cumming! Naruto im Cumming again!!" She cried thrusting her head back. She began spasming once more, and her pussy clamped down on Naruto's cock.

That did it.

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"Ahhhaarr! Hina--…Hinata!!!" He said feeling his balls tighten up. He thrusted amateur teen babe webcam and teaching blowjob felony theft inside her a couple more times then let his warm cum fill her pussy. His body jerked as the pleasure waved and shot thru his body. Hinata hugged him close still feeling after-shocks from her orgasm. There breathing became long hard drags as Naruto stood there his cock still buried inside her and her still up against the wall.

Finally he slowly let her drop to her feet. Hinata's face had turned red from her climax and now the water on her body mixed with sweat and sex. Warm cum seeped down her leg as hers and his breathing returned to normal. Finally she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. "Oh Naruto-kun… I love you; I love you so much… Thank you…" she said turning red again out of butterflies. He wrapped his muscular arms around her and held her close.

"I love you too Hinata… Your welcome and thank you too…" He said enclosing her in his arms. Oh how she wished for him to never let her go. She felt so safe in his arms so secure… so amazing… They stood there like that for what felt like hours.

They were both tired. Finally Naruto released her and they went to go pick up there clothes and put them on. When they were done Naruto grabbed there packs and lifted her up. "Ahhh~! Naruto-kun!" Hinata said wrapping her arms around his shoulder opposite to her trying not to fall. He merely smiled and walked towards the door and opened it. "Naruto-kun? Where are we going? The beds in the room." She said looking up at his face. He just looked down at her and smiled with his eyes shut.

"You want to sleep in a wet bed?" He said walking up some stares. Finally they were on top of the hotel. The sky was a dark purplish black, with millions of small shining stars winking down at them. "Ohhhh Naruto-kun! It's beautiful isn't it?" Hinata said looking at the night time sky. Even her Byakugan couldn't see every star in the vast sky. "What? Oh… I guess…" Naruto said standing next to her. Her laced his fingers with hers and looked at her smiling.

"It's still not as beautiful as you tho Hinata…" He said flashing her loving smile. "Ah Naruto-kun" Hinata said. Her eyes glistening looking at him. How did she get so lucky? How was a baka like her able to find such a man?

She turned to lily jordan gets cunt filled by step bro big dick him and hugged him tight again. "Naruto-kun…" She whispered. He wrapped an arm around her and petted her hair, smoothing it back. "Hinata-Chan… I love you." He said walking her over to the tent. They went inside made a cozy spot out of covers and a soft mat and feel asleep with Naruto's arm wrapped around her.

~*~ "Naruto! Hinata! I must admit… This is a job well done! I knew it'd be a good idea to let you two go!" Tsunade said stamping the folder with a big red stamp. "Heh! I told you not worry! Was it our awesome ninja ability that made you choose us?" He said pointing to Hinata and himself with a big smile.

Tsunade laughed. "Hahaha no! I figured id let someone like Hinata, who has a head on her shoulders help this village's 1# knucklehead!" Tsunade said winking at Hinata. "Wha!? Hey!!" Naruto said shocked. Hinata looked at him with a small shy smile.

"Naruto-kun. I think you did excellent…" she said quietly. Tsunade looked at her in surprise. Then narrowed her eyes in amused realization.

Soon Shizune burst thru the door. "Tsunade-sama! We just got a report from the village hidden in the clouds!" Shizune said running in with ton ton running beside her. "What is it?" Tsunade said. "The princess, Kayiela-sama is coming here! She needs an escort!" Shizune said throwing down the file. Tsunade thumbed thru it and stopped on a certain page. "Says here, that there's a high risk of this 'princess' getting attacked, since her father made some bad deals with thugs." Tsunade read from the paper.

She closed the file and put her head down and sighed. Then she looked up and saw Naruto and Hinata still standing there. "Hey! Naruto! Would you be up for another mission?" Tsunade said pushing the picture of the princess towards them. "Of course!" he looked at Hinata, who was staring at her feet.

"Hinata do you want to?" He said looking at her. She looked at him in surprise. 'He wants you to come along? Why? It's not like I could help' she thought, but she just blushed slightly and said yes. "Good, the escort will be in 5 days, and it's a 3 day journey from here. Get some rest… and also you will need another person for the required triangle protection, ill let you choose who tho." She said writing there names in the file and smiling at them.

"Alright! Leave it to us Granny Tsunade!" Naruto said grabbing Hinata by the hand running out the room. "Gah! I told you not to call me that!!" Tsunade yelled after them, but they were already running down the stairs. She sighed once more and went back to work. ~*~ "Ok! Who should we choose?" Naruto said walking side by side with Hinata. "We can't ask Sakura… she's busy training with Tsunade so that wont work…" Naruto said tapping his chin looking thoughtfully at the sky.

Hinata looked at him admiring him quietly. He looked back down at her and smiled broadly. "Hey Hinata! What about Kiba! Or Shino!" He said looking at her. "Well… Kiba's on a mission right now… Shino is with him…" She said fiddling with her fingers. "Kassaa this is harder then I thought!" Naruto said stopping for a moment his chin in his hand while he thought. "Yo Naruto!" Shikamaru said walking past him. "Eh? Shikamaru!! Are you busy?" Naruto said running up to him. "Huh!

Naruto-kun?" Hinata called after him, staying put. She stood there watching him run after Shikamaru. "Oh Naruto! No!" She heard Shikamaru say. "Oh come on!!" Naruto pleaded. "Ohh Naruto-kun" Hinata cooed quietly turning around. "Hinata! Hey! How was your mission?" Called Sakura running up to her. "Huh?

Oh! Hi Sakura." Hinata said smiling shyly at her. "Was Naruto annoying as usual?" Sakura said looking annoyed at Naruto who was still begging Shikamaru to come along. "Actually…" Hinata started "Naruto was… A joy to be around…" Hinata said smiling. Sakura cocked an eyebrow. "Him? Uzumaki Naruto??? A joy!? Hahaha!" Sakura said unable to control herself from laughing.

"No come on! What was he like?" Sakura said nudging her. "Seriously… he was… fun" Hinata said looking down at the ground turning red. "Wow…" Sakura said looking at her. "Oh crap im going to be late! Tsunade will not go easy on me!! I got to go! Ill talk to you later ok! Bye Hinata!" Sakura said running off quickly. Hinata looked down and saw that she had dropped one of her books. "Sakura! You! You dropp-!" "Sorry Hinata not enough time! Got to run! Bye!" She said running farther and father away.

Hinata picked up. "I guess I'll just give it to her later…" Hinata said to herself quietly picking it up. "Hey! Hinata! I got Shikamaru to come along!" Naruto said with his arm around Shikamaru. "Aiyah! This is going to be so troublesome!" Shikamaru said. "Oh come off it!" Naruto said smacking him on the back.

" We got to prepare! Ill amateur french teen sex on webcam hotbabes and pussy you guys tomorrow k?" Naruto said walking away with his hands on the back of his head, like doremon cartoon xxx sex pon nobita head had a pair of wings.

"Ok… See you guys later." Shikamaru said walking away. Hinata stood there watching both of them go. "Eh! Naruto-kun!" Hinata called running after him.

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Naruto turned around and waited for her to catch up. "Hinata? Don't you have to go get ready?" he said taking her by the hand. She blushed and looked at him. "I do… But I just wanted to walk with you for a bit…" She said smiling hot ebony vanity cruz fucked in the office at him. He smiled back and hugged her. She felt so warm in his arms, so loved, she raised her eyes to look up at him and he looked down at her.

Suddenly his lips locked themselves with hers. Hinata's eyes opened wide then slowly closed and she wrapped her arms around him. "Ohhh~ Naruto-kun…" she murmured kissing him deeply. ~*~ "Crap! I could've sworn I dropped the book here!" Sakura said running back to the spot where she was standing with Hinata.

"Where's Hinata?

She might have seen it!" Sakura scanned the area and stopped shocked, she pointed and opened her mouth but nothing came out. "Hi-… Hinata!??? And…Naruto!??!?! TOGETHER!??????" Sakura's jaw opened wide. "No way…" She blinked but it wouldn't go away. "No way!!!" Sakura walked closely to them. She felt something… She couldn't quite place it. It wasn't hate… or spite… "Is it possible I could actually be JEALOUS of them??" Sakura said quietly walking up to them.

"Guh! No! My heart is Sasuke's!" She reminded herself and stood right beside them. "Ahem" She said tapping her foot. They continued kissing. "Ahem!" She said a bit louder, but they just continued. "AHEM!!!!! IM STANDING HERE!!" Sakura said shaking her fist. "Oh! Hey Sakura!" Naruto said wrapping his arms around Hinata. "Hi Naruto… Hinata… did you happen to see my book?" Sakura said impatiently. Hinata was bright red and she fumbled handing her the book she had been holding.

"Thank you… What's going on between you two??" Sakura said looking at Hinata then took a long hard stare and Naruto. "Heh… what's there to say, Hinata's gorgeous isn't she?" Naruto said grabbing her tighter.

"Aiyah!" Sakura said turning then walking away. "Huh? What's wrong with Sakura? Meh oh well." Naruto turned towards Hinata. "Ok Hinata, I have to go and get ready now ok? Ill see you tomorrow alright?" Naruto said pecking her on the lips holding both her hands.

She nodded. "See ya Hinata!" He jumped on to a roof and sped away to his house. "Mmmm Naruto-kun" Hinata said to herself smiling and started home.

~*~ "Ero-sennin! There you are!" Naruto said walking into a bath house. Jiraya looked at him and frowned. "Naruto! I'm busy over here!!" Jiraya said folding his Binoculars. "Oh my god your such a pervy sage!" Naruto said pointing him in the face. "What are you here for?" Jiraya said looking him top to bottom.

"You're not dressed to come have a spa what's going on?" Naruto looked away scratching his cheek. "Well… Do you know who Hinata is?" Naruto said looking briefly in his eyes then away quickly. "Hinata… The quiet girl with the long dark blue hair?" he said looking thoughtfully up.

"Yeah that's the one… We had a mission together… and I sorta…" Naruto started. "Let me guess you like her?" Jiraya said with a pleasant smile. "No… She told me she loved me… And I realized I loved her too… and we sorta…" "Oh Naruto you didn't!" Jiraya said looking at him. "Yeah…" He said looking bashfully away. Jiraya looked down at him and sighed.

"You did use protection right?" "What?" "Oh Naruto! You dope! Don't EVER do that sorta thing with out protection." Jiraya said smacking him in the head. "Ow!" Naruto groaned. "That's why im coming to you! We have another mission… and we'll probably do. THAT again… and I figured you'd know about this kinda thing…" Naruto said quietly "Plus I don't even know what you mean when you say 'Protection' Like a Kunai or something??

'Cause im pretty sure we wont have to kill anyone while doing that." Naruto said looking around. Jiraya sighed once more and brought Naruto over to his bag to give him "Provisions" Naruto looked at them, he didn't understand what they were he didn't recognize them either.

"Ero-Sennin what are these? Ive never seen them before!" Naruto said turning it over and over looking at each side.

"These are something I made a little while back, about 15 years ago. Before you were born. Its been a requirement to use these till your married there called "Condoms" " Jiraya said throwing Naruto a whole pack. He caught them and put them in his bag and zipped it up. "How does it work? And what do I do with it?" Naruto said lugging the bag on his shoulder.

"It tells you what to do on the back." Shy teen finds out her step mom likes girls said picking up his own bag. "Now if you excuse me I got some matters to attain to." he said licking his lips and taking out his Binoculars. ~*~ "Lalalalala Lalalalala Lalalalala La La La La I love you, love you, love you love you love you Sun Shine!" Hinata sang to herself as she served tea to Lord Hyuuga and Neji. "Eh? Hinata what's going on?" Neji said drinking a little.

"What? Oh nothing" she said smiling to him and her father then bowed and walked away humming quietly to herself. Neji looked at her, what was going on? Hinata never seemed this happy before.

"Lord Hyuuga I have to go use the bathroom quickly. He nodded and Neji ran off to follow Hinata. He followed her from a distance and saw her run off to her room and slide the door shut. He waited a moment and cracked the door open quietly. Then he saw her there sitting on her bed. "Ohh Naruto-kun…" she sighed to herself holding a picture of him.

massage with doggy style fucking hardcore blowjob Neji said quietly. He opened the door A bit more to get a better view. Hinata put the photo next to her bed and slipped out of her dark blue pants. Neji's eyes opened wide as he turned away. But then he heard something that sounded like soft panting. His curiosity got the best of him as he turned back towards the door to see what was going on, he slid the door closed and stood away from it a couple feet.

"Byakugan!" He said quietly then he looked thru the door saw Hinata. "Ahh! Hinata-Nechan!" He said taking a step back in shock.

She was lying on the bed with her legs spread open, one of her hands were squeezing her nipple, while the other was rubbing herself up and down. "Hi. Hinata!???? What the hell are you doing!?" Neji said watching intently. He felt his own self stir, he looked down and saw his own cock had started to become erect. "Euwwww You want your cousin!" He thought to him self. He wanted to turn away and pretend as if nothing happened but this was to interesting.

To. Hot. He stood and watched Hinata please herself. "Ahhhh Ohh Ohhhh" Hinata moaned quietly as she slipped a finger inside of her. He saw her flinch back in pain as she did it but it was a different type of pain. It made her squirm around. unknowingly Neji's hand had been rubbing his cock thru his shorts.

He finally noticed it when he looked down. He immediately took his hand away and german milf threesome xxx noise complaints make dirty megabitch cops like me raw for away. 'I'm going to far with this. Plus Lord Hyuuga is waiting for me. He quickly and quietly walked off thinking to himself. "What's going on?" his said quietly.

Then he joined Lord Hyuuga for more training. ~*~ "Alright! Let's Go!!" Naruto said swinging his bag on to his back and walking forward. They didn't have to leave till the next day, but they could smell rain coming so they decided to leave earlier to make up for lost time if it rained and slowed them down.

They walked along quietly, Naruto looked at Hinata every once and a while and smiled at her. And Hinata would return a shy glance and a small smile.

After a couple hours they decided to rest by some shady trees. "Ahhh feels good to sit down!" Naruto said dropping his bag. Hinata sat closer to him while Shikamaru sat against a tree on the opposite side and brought out his map and compass. Hinata and Naruto talked quietly among themselves, giggling.

Shikamaru looked at them 'Ugh. How troublesome…' he sighed and looked up at the clouds. Before he knew it, he was fast asleep. Naruto looked over at him and snickered. "Hey Hinata look!" he said pointing at Shikamaru. Mom and son xxx vedisex stories looked at him then back up at Naruto. "Should we wake him?" She said quietly. "No let his lazy ass sleep we'll bash him about it later." Naruto said taking Hinata by the hand and standing up.

Hinata stood up with him and they quietly tip toed away. They stopped 3 meters away from the rest site. "It's hot out here Naruto-kun…" Hinata said unzipping her jacket.

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Naruto looked at her and watched her take of her jacket and place it on a big rock. She stood there in a black figure hugging shirt. He examined her closely. Hinata, watching him stare, shifted uncomfortably and began fiddling with her fingers once more.

"Hinata… You really are something… I must be the luckiest guy in the whole village! No… The whole world!" he said smiling brightly at her. She rubbed her arm out of embarrassment and smiled back at him. He came up to her, and began kissing her lovingly, holding her in his arms tight.

"Uhhh Naruto-kun!" Hinata breathed quietly. His hand ran up her back and back down and gently grabbed her ass. She squealed and looked up him; his eyes stared right back into hers and narrowed. Soon Hinata felt something poking her in the stomach she looked down as saw Naruto's penis standing straight ideal teen stretches soft pussy and loses virginity deflowering hardcore. Her eyes widened and looked up at him.

"Na-…Naruto-kun?" She said unable to take her eyes off his cock. He took her chin in his hands and began kissing her once more putting his hands under her shirt. "Mmmm Naruto-kun~&hellip." ~*~ "Ahhhhuuuhh!" Shikamaru yawned stretching his arms. He looked around and saw no one.

He sighed. "Now here could they have gone…God how troublesome&hellip." He got up and started walking around to look for them; suddenly he heard a noise… It sounded like Hinata… and it was loud… He rushed over to where he heard the sound and couldn't believe his eyes when he got there. "Ohhh~! Naruto Harder! Ahhhahh!" Hinata moaned loudly. She was up against a rock with Naruto thrusting inside her. "Ahhh! Naruto!

What the hell are you doing??" Shikamaru said quietly watching. Naruto was thrusting into her hard up against a rock his hands were squeezing her breast.

"Naruto!!!" Shikamaru called coming out from behind a tree. "Shit! Shikamaru!" Naruto said looking over his shoulder. Hinata's blood froze as she looked over at him. She was red all over and felt as if she was going to faint. Sure enough… She did. "DAMNIT SHIKA! Look what you did! Hinata? Hinata!!!! Wake up!" She heard him call, and then she fell out cold. ~*~ When she woke up it was dark outside, and she was fully dressed. She saw Naruto and Shikamaru sitting by a fire across from her.

'Ahhh you passed out… AGAIN. Damn Hinata why can't you do anything right??' she thought to herself massaging her temples. "Hm? Hinata! You're awake! Finally!" Naruto said getting up and kneeling in front of her examining her. "Are you ok?" Shika asked coming over to her also. She nodded. "Wha-? What happened?" she asked looking at Naruto.

"Well… Mr. Nosy here came and spied on us… while we were… yeah…" he said looking at Shikamaru then turning up his nose. "Aiyah! You weren't even supposed to be doing that!!" Shika said thumping Naruto on the head. "Hey! That's none of your business anyways!" Naruto said rubbing his head. "Oh… Im sorry…" she looked at Shika sorta scared. "You're not going to tell anyone will you?" She said looking at him worried. He simply sighed.

"No, but I don't want to see that EVER again…" He said scratching his head. "If you hadn't been so nosy you wouldn't have seen it the first time…" Naruto said quietly looking away.

Hinata looked around she was in another cave. She looked out the entrance, it was raining. So they were right about that. A little while after Naruto and Shikamaru stopped arguing they went to sleep. They had a long journey tomorrow and they had to trek thru the mud, they needed to be rested up. Soon after listening to the rain outside and her two team mates snoring, Hinata fell asleep also. "Hinata…" Naruto whispered shaking her gently. "Hinata wake up!" Hinata jerked awake.

"Naruto-kun!" She said loudly. Naruto put a finger to his lips. "Shhhh! Don't wake Shika up." He braxton bond fucking and sucking hard dick woods story pointing to Shikamaru.

He took Hinata by the hand and led her outside. It was still raining out. Thunder cracked and lit up the night sky as Naruto hugged her out in the pouring rain. She laid her head against his chest and listened to his heart beat and the sound of rolling thunder.

A couple minutes of being out there had them soaked. Soon, Naruto put his mouth close to her ear and whispered huskily in her ear. "Would you like to finish what we started earlier…?" Ankita dave xxx fuck story said sucking on her neck.

"Mmmm Naruto-kun… Yes…" Hinata moaned quietly. Yet. They did not know of the person hiding behind the bushes. watching. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Once again To be… CONTINUED!! RATE AND COMMENT PLEASE!

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