Taming a naughty and moist cunt hardcore and blowjob

Taming a naughty and moist cunt hardcore and blowjob
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"Room for three please" the voice said. I was sitting at the computer looking at a blue screen with Fatal Error written on it and hatching a plan to assassinate Bill Gates when I heard her voice.

I was in such a disbelieving state that I hadn't even heard her come in or the car pull into the drive. I almost said "Do you?" but I refrained. "Sorry." I said swivelling around. "Bloody computer just carked it." "Always at the most inconvenient moment." she said.

"Bloody oath." I said, "So you'd like a room for three?" "Yes please." "No worries." I had only just noticed how splendid this young lady was. She was about 24 and had long blonde straight hair and a sensational slim figure. She was about 5'8" and cute, very cute.

She was wearing a short wrap around skirt and a short top that revealed her pierced belly button. God I love summer. "Room 6 is the only room left I'm sorry," I said "it has a double and a single is that OK?" "Yeah that's fine," she replied, "we are a pretty flexible group." "OK that's $80 per night with a deposit of half now thanks." "Visa OK?" she asked "Fine" I said.

We went through the payment/booking procedure and I snuck a few glances at her admirable body and the two blokes sitting out in the car. Her name was Sue and she was from Melbourne visiting the town for a friends wedding. "Ok the room is adorable bitch is craving for fresh semen pornstar and hardcore across there and if you need anything just give us a call on the phone." "I'll remember that" she said and with a flirty smile and a flick of her hair she was gone.

I certainly enjoyed watching her climb back into the car and so, it would seem, did Sharon my wife who watched her as she came back from checking the pool. "She was cute," she said walking into the reception. "I never noticed." I said in a mock serious tone.

"Now that's bullshit," she laughed "you've probably thought of giving her a rogering already." "Never" I said maintaining my mock seriousness "I would never interfere with a guest no matter how much I'd love to fuck them senseless." We both had a good laugh and I returned my attention to the fucking computer.

"This thing shits me," I said hitting the well-worn reset button for the umpteenth time.

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"I knew I should have bought another Mac." We went back to work organising the day's activities and after about 30 minutes of serious work the internal phone rang. "Hello reception" Sharon said. "Oh yes" she said "Did he now?" She looked at me smiling. I looked at her with a furrowed brow wondering whom she was talking to. The conversation seemed to be along the lines of some ums and yeses from Sharon and a big grin. "That seems like a good idea, Ok I will send him over" she couldn't help but smile.

"You are needed in room 6" "What's the problem?" I asked "Umm they are having problems with the air conditioner." She said. I couldn't help but think she was having me on.

As I walked out she gave my arse a squeeze and I looked back at her cheeky grin once more. I hot amteur babe dildo her pussy on cam creampie blowjob across the car park to room 6 and I gave the door a tap. "Come in." said a male voice. I opened the door and lo and behold here was Sue sandwiched in between the two blokes she arrived with. She was on the double bed with the dark haired bloke below her with his cock fair up her cunt and the blonde bloke on top of her fucking her arse.

She flicked her hair to the side and smiled at me. "You told me to call if I needed anything." she said. "Um shit, oh" was all I could really muster.

"Sorry." What was I doing?

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I was dumbfounded. I was told about people like this that came to motels to get down and dirty but I never really believed it. I soon enough realised that Sharon had known what was going on in here, which is why she sent me over.

"How can I help you?" I finally asked after a moments thinking. "I think you know what she needs." said blonde man. The growing member in my pants knew what she needed even if I was still flabbergasted. "Well get it out" said Sue. That was all it took. I took my shirt off and stripped my daks off. Sue flicked her hair back out of her face and I knew where she wanted it.

I pulled my undies off and went over to the bed and crawled across to her waiting mouth. She reached over and grabbed at my hardened cock pulling it to her mouth.

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Her tongue did a quick swirl of my knob and then she slipped it into her mouth. The other two slowed down a bit so that she wasn't rocking as madly as before. They had become two slow pistons gently sliding alternately into her arse and cunt. She sucked my cock almost fully into her throat so I took the initiative and began to fuck her mouth solidly but slowly.

The dark haired fellow below began smacking her right cheek and Blondie smacked her left. Her arse started to glow red from the attention. She let my cock fall two sexy lassies and one massive boner group sex brunette of her mouth and started to lick all around and under the knob.

Blondie pulled his good sized cock out of her arse and said "Your turn" He hopped of the bed and went and sat on the lounge pulling his pud as he went. I slipped around was about to ram myself home up her poo chute when she hopped of Darkie and said "Time for a change" She pushed me back on the bed and with her back to me she squatted down onto my cock filling her arse with my pulsating cock.

Darkie stood up and began feeding his cock into her mouth. Her arse was divine and I reached around grabbing her pierced nipples and squeezing hard. She leant back onto me and began fingering her pussy and sticking fingers into her cunt as she held her back up so that I could easily set the pace into her arse.

Blondie climbed off the lounge and came over to the bed and positioned himself so that he could slip into her cunt. As he did so she quickened the friction on her clit and as soon as I could feel him enter her she started moaning and screaming as an orgasm swept over her body. Blondie and I slipped into a slow rhythmic pattern and I grabbed her knees holding her legs wide apart. Her orgasm slowly subsided and she came back to earth slowly rubbing her clit and resumed sucking Darkies cock.

Darkie held the back of her head and he was gently pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. I wanted to cum but I hadn't had a piece of her pussy yet so I took to thinking of the Queen and the cast of Keeping Up Appearances. My cock was fit to burst and on occasion it fell out of her arse slapping onto my stomach.

I really, really needed to cum so I took the opportunity to slip out from under her to ease the pressure on my cock.

Blondie quickened the pace as soon as I was out of the way and her pussy was making some really wet and soggy noises as he pumped into her.

I moved up to the top of the bed and grabbed some pillows and put them under her head. This made it easier for the two of us to kneel next to her as she pulled and alternately sucked on our cocks. Darkie and I both grabbed a tit and began squeezing her nipples. Blondie was rubbing at her swollen clit and rubbing his cock all over her clit and pubes. "Oh fuck I'm cumming again" she cried at the same moment that Blondie pulled his dick out, gave it a few pumps, and spewed his cum all over her belly, cunt and her tits.

Darkie followed soon after and sprayed cum onto her face and tits. I pulled on my cock and inadvertently sprayed it into my hand and splashed some onto her tits. Sue licked and sucked on Darkies tool whilst Blondie continued to rub his still firm cock over her dripping pussy. "Never interfere with a guest my arse" Sharon said as she entered the room removing her clothes. "I hope you guys have left some for me?" She was completely naked and she came over to Sue and began foxy lesbian centerfolds are gaping and fist fucking anal holes the cum off her tits and belly.

I moved my cum filled hand over to Sue and she began to suck my fingers clean. Sharon noticed this and also moved up to begin licking on my hand. This was truly erotic as both girls licked and sucked my fingers clean.

Blondie moved around behind Sharon as she knelt doggie style on the bed and effortlessly slipped his cock into her wet pussy.

Sharon let out a slow groan as Sue moved around and opened her legs for Sharon who without hesitation dove down into her snatch. Sues head was hanging over the bed and Darkie knelt on the floor and rubbed his cock onto her face and then popped it in her mouth.

I leant back on the bed head and enjoyed the show. Here was Sharon, my slut wife, being fucked by a man she hadn't met, licking a pussy that had just been fucked and cum over whilst the girl she was licking was sucking a good hard cock down her throat. Here I was, her slut husband, lying back pulling on my cock enjoying the performance.

My last orgasm was a bit of a disaster as I had tried to hold back a bit. As a consequence I was ready to fire all over again. I was good redhead teen blindfolded and banged hard by black boner hard and I went over to where Sharon was busy licking the delicious cunt.

"Lick that cunt." I said, "Suck that clit." The three of us blokes started to egg the girls on as they worked themselves up to a frenzy. I was busy pulling my cock and Sue was playing with my nuts. Sharon had one hand under herself rubbing her clit.

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Sue suddenly slipped a finger part way up my date that set me off and I sprayed a better load of cum onto Sue's lustful chick nikki knightly gets her bumhole ruined and into Sharon's waiting mouth. The four of them continued and I got dressed and went back to the office. I met Gina the cleaner who had been looking after the office. She gave me one of those flirty 'what have you been up to?' looks but I was totally shagged and I ushered her out of the office.

Pity really. She is one hot Asian lady. About one hour later Sharon wandered back over to the office. She was remarkably well presented. Her hair was neat and her clothes tidy. "Hello" I said, "You look well" "I feel fucking fantastic," She said as she gave me a long passionate kiss.

She popped her right leg up on a shelf under the desk and lifted her skirt revealing her matted pubic hairs. I stuck two fingers into her pussy feeling the cum of the other men and her own juice coat my fingers. I scooped some up and offered it to her and she licked it off my fingers. For some reason I looked to my right and I saw Gina the cleaner watching through the little window in the door out to the restaurant.

She saw she was noticed and disappeared. I hoped she would come in and suck my cock but she never did. A car pulled into the drive and we stopped our groping. Work was calling.