Playing with my sisters watch part on littleseetcam online

Playing with my sisters watch part on littleseetcam online
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After I heard the car door shut, I thought about turning and running home.

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But I figured it wouldn't do any good, because Nok was still on the ground, freaking out about me cumming in her. I stood there wondering who it was and if they would come back here right away. "Nok, where are you?" Came a woman's voice from inside of the house. "I'm back here momma," Nok yelled. 'Shit,' I thought to myself. I quickly put my shorts on before I heard the sliding door open. I stood back up and looked at the house.

Nok had quickly pulled her bottoms on, but remained sitting on the towel. Suyin, Nok's mom, came down the stairs towards us. For a woman in her late 40s or early 50s she was still a sight.

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She only stood about 5'4", with long jet black hair and brown eyes. She had a fairly slender build, and somewhat wide hips, weighing 110 lbs. I would guess. I would also guess that she has a small C-cup chest. She was wearing a loose fitting, flowered blouse, a white thigh length skirt, and white 3" heels.

She walked up to us and smiled at me, "hi Derreck, how are you?" I smiled back, "I'm good, how about yourself?" She smiled and looked at her daughter, "looks like you two have been working out, out here." I looked at Nok hoping she didn't say anything to incriminate us.

Her pussy lips were still swollen, and pressing against her bikini bottoms. "You could say that mom," Nok said nonchalantly, smiling. Suyin turned towards me, "you want to come in for a visit?" I shrugged my shoulders, not sure what sex priyanka chopra xstorys com say.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the house. Nok got up and followed us to the house. Suyin lead me to her bedroom, confusing me with what was going on. While Nok headed off elsewhere in the house. She sat me on the bed and stood in front of me, "time for you to come clean Derreck, what happened?" I looked at her, "come clean about what?" I could tell she was a little perturbed with that, "you know exactly what I'm talking about, I saw you pulling up your shorts before I came out." I didn't think she had seen me do that, "well your daughter was curious and wanted to see my penis," I lied.

She looked at me sternly, "then why were you both all sweaty." I was being questioned like she was my mom, "that was from doing my yard work." I could tell she didn't believe me but she went on, "did my daughter like seeing your cock?" I shrugged my shoulders, not believing what I had just heard her say.

She grabbed my hand and pulled, "stand up," she almost yelled. I stood in front of her as she grabbed my buckle and quickly unbuttoned my shorts, "I want a closer look," she said as she pushed them down. I couldn't believe what was going on, as my shorts fell to my ankles. Suyin gasped in surprise as she whispered, "you probably tore my daughter in half." I remained silent, looking straight ahead.

I felt her tiny, smooth hand slowly wrap around my dick as she looked up at me, "you know I can have you sent to jail for what you did to my daughter." I slowly nodded, not looking at her as she slowly began to stroke my dick.

"Did you enjoy taking her virginity?" She asked lightly squeezing my dick. I nodded again, not sure what to say. "Well I will make you a deal, I won't send you to jail as long as I get this whenever I want," Suyin said, stroking faster. I just looked at her and nodded, I couldn't really tell her no. She smiled, "that's a good boy." My dick was responding to the attention, slowly hardening in her hand. I knew I couldn't have much cum left in my balls, after tight babe gets banged by throbbing dick twice earlier.

Suyin moved to her knees, looking at my dick closely, "my god, how did you get this in her." I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders. She smiled, "I'm going to show you what it's like with a woman." I watched as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slowly engulfed the head of my dick. I let out a long groan as she sucked hard, flicking her tongue across the tip rapidly, sending shockwaves through my whole body.

She started moaning as she began taking more of my dick in her mouth. I threw my head back in pleasure and groaned louder, "oh yes suck my dick." I tried pushing my hips into her, trying force it down her throat. She pulled away, "not so fast, I'm in charge here." I gave her a look of disgust as she stood back, and shoved me back onto the bed. For a tiny lady, she was pretty domineering.

I watched as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a white padded bra. She removed her blouse and tossed it aside. She then put her hands in the waist band of her skirt and began to push it down. As her skirt went down her legs, she revealed white bikini style panties. Her dark pubic mound filled the front and spilled out of the sides of the strip of fabric.

She smiled at me as I just stared at her crotch. She quickly unsnapped her bra in the back and shucked it off of her arms. Her tits sagged a little, but they were a little smaller than I thought. She had quarter sized areolas surrounding her pert, pinky size nipples. Then she started to push her panties down, revealing a hairy crotch. As she stood back up I couldn't see her slit through her bush. She moved towards me and pushed at my shoulders, trying to make me lay back.

I resisted at first, but gave in and laid on my back. She quickly climbed on top of me, as if pinning me to the bed.

I could have easily pushed her tiny body off of me, but I let her have her way. She turned herself around on my stomach and started moving her ass towards my face. Her pubes brushing across my chest as she backed up. She lifted her hips up so her hairy pussy hovered over my face. Then without warning she quickly dropped her pussy sexy ballerina pleasures her juicy muff masturbation and brunette my face.

She started grinding herself into my face. I could smell her musky pussy as her slit rub against my nose. "Get my pussy all wet now, so you will go in me," I heard her say as she moved her hips faster.

I didn't know where to start, having never seen a natural bush before. I stuck my tongue out into her hair as she froze in place. I felt my tongue slip into warm pussy lips and into her wet hole. Tasting her musty and sour pussy almost made me gag as she pushed herself up and ground herself into my mouth.

My nose was pushing at her puckered asshole as she pushed harder into me. She started moaning as I noticed pussy getting wetter against my tongue.

Her legs trembled as she rode my tongue harder. "Oh my god, it's been to long," I heard her moan as I felt her hand hitting my chin, I guessed she was rubbing her clit. "Yes eat my pussy, oh my god yes," she moaned louder, as her pussy muscles started squeezing at my tongue.

Her hips bucked up and down harder as she was almost screaming in ecstasy. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," she was yelling as she pushed hard into my face, the tip of my nose slightly penetrating her asshole. I felt her pussy clamp down hard on my tongue, as a low scream started in her.

"Oh my god, here I cum," she yelled out. Her whole body shook on top of as my mouth was quickly flooded with her tangy juices. Her hips convulsed on me as her orgasm seemed to go on forever. Her body collapsed onto me as her orgasm died off slowly, pussy juice covering my face and running down my cheeks to the bed. She breathed heavily as her body continued to tremble and convulse in aftershocks on top of me.

Finally she lifted her hips up, allowing me to breath normally again. She turned around smiling, "wow Derreck, can you tell its been a while for me?" I lightly chuckled, "yeah." She straddled my stomach, her pussy juices still seeping out a bit, "time to see if you'll fit in me now." I grinned, looking up at the older woman.

She lifted her hips up and moved down so she hovered over my, now leaking, cock. She reached down and grabbed it. She slowly lowered herself down until the tip pushed through her hair and against her lips. She rubbed it up and down her slit, taking deep breaths. I watched as she finally lined it up with her pussy and steadily began to lower herself onto it.

I felt my dick slowly penetrate her, she wasn't as tight as her daughter, but it was still a tight fit. I let out a long groan as she lowered further down. She looked at me and moaned, "holy shit you're big, how did it fit in my daughter." I remained silent as she continued down until I felt the head bottom out in her. I still had an inch left, but her small frame couldn't take it all I guessed.

Her pussy was lightly squeezing around my shaft as she took deep breaths. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the bedroom door was cracked open and Nok was standing there, totally naked and slowly rubbing herself. I smiled to myself as I looked up at Suyin and put my hands on her hips to get her to go. She put her hands on my stomach as she slowly lifted her hips up until I still had almost an inch inside of her.

She sat there for a bit then with a little force she slid back down swiftly. She started moving up and down swiftly, closing her eyes as she started moaning in pleasure. I looked towards Nok, who was now rubbing her pussy faster. I started lifted my hips off of the bed hot interracial blowjob starring delicious slut ashleah into her mom hard as I could, as Blonde stepsibling deepthroats a big dick just stared at Nok.

Nok had her eyes fixed on her mom's juliye cash lexi steele milf pornizle ass, as it moved faster and faster.

I was grunting each time I lifted my lesbian client fingers wet pussy of masseuse into Suyin, as Suyin was moaning, "yes, yes, yes." Suyin's pussy was squeezing harder as I felt it getting wetter.

"Holy shit I'm gonna cum again, yes make me cum," she yelled out as she rode my dick hard. I decided to try talking dirty to her as I reached up and grabbed her bouncing tits, "that's it you dirty old slut, cum on my black dick." I yelled as I squeezed her tits.

She slammed onto me hard, my dick now fully going into her. "Oh fuck," she yelled as her body shook in orgasm. Her pussy muscles squeezing hard as she screamed in pleasure, and more pussy juice flowing out around my dick.

"That's it you dirty old slut, cum all over my dick," I yelled. She slowly ground her hips into me as she continued to cum. As her orgasm waned she fell onto me again, breathing heavily. She looked up at me, smiling, "oh my god thank you. Did you cum yet?" I shook my head and said, "I wanna take you from behind." She slowly nodded as she pushed herself up.

She lifted off of my glistening dick and instead of moving aside she moved between my legs. She looked at me as she grabbed my dick and wrapped her lips around it sucking hard. I closed my eyes and laid back in pleasure as she moved her mouth up and down my dick, in time with her hand. She then ran her tongue all over my shaft and my balls licking up her juices. After a while she let go and moved up along side of me on her hands and knees.

As I sat up, I looked at the doorway. Nok was still there, but I could see juices running down her inner thighs. I smiled at her as I turned to get behind her mom. My dick bounced in front of me as I moved closer to Suyin. I guided my dick to where I thought her pussy was and pushed. I watched the head disappear into her crevice as her pussy sucked me in. She laid down to her chest, leaving her ass in the air, and let out a low moan.

I pushed in until I rested against her ass, letting out a groan myself. I grabbed her hips and asked, "is my dirty old slut ready to get fucked?" She moaned, slowly rocking her hips forward and back. I chuckled to myself as I held her steady and started moving in and out, fast.

Suyin started moaning louder as she reached under herself and started fondling my swinging ball sack. I groaned as I slammed hard into her ass.

"Fuck me, harder baby," Suyin moaned as she let go of my balls and started rubbing her clit. My cum was bubbling up in my balls as I fucked her as hard as I could. "I'm gonna cum soon," I groaned as I started pushing a thumb into her asshole. "Yes baby, cum in me, fill me up with your load," she yelled out as she moved her hips into me.

That was all of the encouragment I needed as I almost pulled out of her, feeling the cum rush up my shaft. My dick throbbed hard at her entrance as it shot into her. Suyin moaned as my cum shot into her, "that's it Derreck, fill up my pussy, god that feels so good." I groaned my dick throbbed and shot more into her. I heard moaning from behind me as my orgasm faded, my deflating and sore, dick slipping out of Suyin.

I turned around and saw Nok on the floor rubbing her young pussy hard through an orgasm. Suyin had moved to sit on the bed, looking at her daughter sternly. As Nok's orgasm began to fade Suyin asked her, "did you enjoy the show?" I looked back at Suyin, who was sitting on the bed with her legs spread.

A tiny bit of my cum seeping out and catching in her hair. Nok looked at her mom in shock, not able to speak.

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