Short story sex our business is private

Short story sex our business is private
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D & D ( Debbie & Denise ) By Jax_Teller Working at a strip club you meet all kinds of people. I met Denise and Debby while dancing at a strip club that had both female and male strippers. The club had two different entrances one for the upstairs female strip club and another on the opposite end of the building for the Male strippers club downstairs.

Club "V" for Victor ~ Victoria, was a popular place and was located near a major tourist area or trap as we called it. Money from tourism could bend any regulation and make most laws go away and this club was the direct benefit of such attitudes.

Sex clubs were unpopular these days and most that still existed had restrictions such as no contact between costumers, pasties covering nipples and only partial nudity. At the V most anything was allowed short of the act of prostitution. The deal could be discussed in sexy ladies pole dancing and teasing men club, but had to happen out of the club itself.

Conveniently a motel was on a different street and consuming the upper floors of the same building and there was a door way to the motel from the clubs. I finished my last dance on stage and I was done on stage for the night and grabbed my construction costume and moved off stage to floor where the patrons watched the stage acts. Two young ladies came up to me and asked if would entertain them. I took them to the private dance area referred to as the pit.

It was a dark area of booths with high backs and low tables designed for dancing on. The whole area was designed for privacy and had partition walls to keep prying eyes out. When we got seated I told them the price and they agreed.

We talked briefly as I waited for the next song to start; they seemed out of place and not the type for this kind of club. I stood up at the start of the next song and danced for them. I let my leather jock strap loose and my cock half hard fell out. Debby and Denise gawked as if they had never seen a cock up close before. I finished that dance and started to gather my things as Debby handed me the money.

The house lights flashed on for a second and back off as the DJ announced last call, last song. Denise asked if I was available for private parties and I said yeah. Debby seemed nervous and abruptly asked if I was available now? I asked what she meant by that.

She said she wanted me to come with them upstairs to their motel room and stay the night with them. I told her that this was a job I get paid to do what I do. She said ok then, how much for the night? I told her that I get $500 an hour out call with a 50% reduction for additional hours. She said ok how much then? I said ok, it was almost 3 am and I could stay the night as she requested for $1500.

I would take my time for that amount and stay until check out time if they liked.

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This was a considerable discount on my part and they looked at each other and they nodded at the same time and agreed to my price. Debby gave me her room key card and I told her I would need the money when I got to the room.

She said no problem that she'd stop by the ATM on the way back to their room. I arrived at the door to their room, a suit on one of the top floors of the motel, and used the key card given to me and I went in. D &D were on a king size bed both of them bare ass naked and were in the 69 position orally engaged with each-others' sex. Debby raised her head and looked over at me and said the money is on the top of the dresser.

I went and counted it and put it in my wallet. I turned to the bed and removed my clothes not so much stripping but getting undressed. I allowed myself to get aroused watching them on the bed as I folded my clothes and put them on a chair, Debby said don't be shy step up and put that tool to work.

We chuckled because I had been in a construction worker costume earlier when they met me. I knelt behind Debby who was on top of Denise and I pushed my cock in her pussy. Denise's tongue licked at the base of my cock as I fucked Debby. Denise played with my balls and stroked my ass and legs as I fucked her sister. I was enjoying myself and maintained my composure but it became more difficult as my cock popped out of Debby and without a hesitation Denise took it in her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds before sticking it back floozy playing with one eyed monster girlfriend hardcore Debby.

Debby began to moan loudly as I pounded her harder and faster, I could feel her getting wetter and looser. She cried out, fuck yes and she shook as her orgasm hit her. She came for a good minute straight her cunt squirting, dripping, gripping my cock and milking it although I wasn't coming.

She flopped over on the bed on her back still convulsing from her orgasm. Denise wasted no time in turning around on the bed so she was parallel with Debby and was holding her hand. She looked up at me and said make love to me please. The voice was different as if she was anxious and somewhat afraid of what she had asked for.

Debby said take it slow with her. I said no problem and I moved with direction deliberate moves placing my cock at the opening to her hairless pussy. It occurred to me looking at her that she was a virgin, at least in the traditional sense.

It also occurred to me at the same time that she didn't exactly look 21 yrs. old, the minimum age require to get into the club downstairs where I met them. It wasn't my business to interfere so I did what I was paid to do, even though I was also enjoying my job. I slowly pushed the head of my cock inside her and when I hit resistance I stopped for a few seconds for her to adjust, I kissed her on the neck and moved to her mouth, kissing her deeply. I didn't want this lovely fuck for my secretory on an office table be painful for her; I wanted her to remember this fondly for the rest of her life.

I kept up the pressure on my cock and I felt her hymen break and I eased up the pressure of which I was pushing inside her so I didn't just plunge in her. Again I waited, noticing her grip on Debby's hand was tight and they were looking into each other's eyes. Denise looked over to me and nodded slightly before returning her gaze into Debby's eyes. I pushed the rest of my cock inside her and slowly began a pace.

Slow and steady, all the way in and almost out of her. Debby turned over on her side and was handling Denise's nipples, sucking and licking one while kneading the other. Denise got this look on her face like as if she had never felt this way before and she began to meet my thrusts and I picked up the pace sensing she was ready for it and was approaching her first vaginal orgasm.

As Denise began to have her orgasm Debby leaned up to her face and they kissed. Their tongues intertwined and Debby continued kneading Denise's nipples. Denise shook and I felt her gush and squirt as she came. As her orgasm subsided I pulled my cock from her and sat back on my heels as Debby leaned into Denise's sex and licked her clean until Denise stopped shaking.

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They hugged and held each other tight, kissing and caressing for the better part of 30 minutes. I just laid next them on the bed, taking a mental nap so to speak. Denise spoke first saying thank you, and then asked can we do it again?

I said I was ready, and both women looked at me and said yeah we can tell. We all superb young woman brutal dp and dap at that.

I fucked them both several more times before they realized I had not come at all. I said I wanted to make sure they were satisfied before I came. They both knelt before me and took turns sucking and stroking my cock until I shot my load into their mouths as they kissed each other, sharing my come. We 3 lay on the bed with me sandwiched between them and we went to sleep.

When we woke it was light out and I asked them if they would like to go to breakfast with me, my treat. They gave me a look and said sure. While we got dressed and got ready to go they told me their story, how they were a couple and had been serious for 3 years. They also said that they had planned for Denise to lose her virginity on her 18th birthday and that was where I had come in.

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I said your 18? And they said yeah. I looked curiously at Debby and she said and I turned 18 yrs. old 3 weeks ago. During breakfast I learned that they had been sisters by marriage not by blood.

They had been emancipated 6 months ago as their father had been put in a nursing facility and Denises' mother had died in a car accident. I also found out that Debby was just starting college. Denise said she would be starting college full time in the fall but she was sharing the dorm room with Debby while she took pickup classes. They explained that no one knew about them other than me. Now that they were away from home for the first time in a city on the other side of the country, they were living as fun movies amateur german mature grannies fuck teen vaginal masturbation and threesome lesbian couple out in the open.

I asked them why go out and hire me instead of any one of the other million males on the planet who would have killed for the opportunity.

They said they had someone in mind that turned them down. They said I was cute and had a nice dick and that was just what Denise wanted for her first experience with a man.

I was so russain new xxx sister small I almost couldn't take it. They thanked me for being nice and gentle, using my experience. I got bold and asked them a question. So how would you like to experience more? This time without paying for it? They were curious and asked what I meant by that. I asked them how much they really knew about sexuality. They looked at each other and giggled, and I said no really. They asked what more was there?

I asked them if either has had orgasms other than clitoral or vaginal. They asked what that meant; they just came that was all.

I told them that they were capable of having an orgasm from stimulating the clitoris, from vaginal penetration, from anal penetration, from breast stimulation and many other physical stimuli as well as mental orgasms.

That perked them up even more. I explained that a woman is capable of achieving orgasm simply by thought.

I had known a woman once who could and would have an orgasm by command even over the phone. At first I would look her in the eye and tell her to come and she would have an orgasm. Later in her training I could call her from work and tell her to come and she's have an orgasm. I asked them if they knew anything of sexual fetishes. They were on the edge of their seats focused on me. To be honest they also looked like they were on the edge of an orgasm right then and there as well.

I asked if they were interested in learning more about themselves and sexuality. The both immediately jumped to answer yes.

I asked them if they could keep an open mind. They said uhm, we are sisters who are lesbians, how much more open minded? I said well lets start with&hellip.

End of chapter 1