Sexy slut dillion harper straddles hung masseur

Sexy slut dillion harper straddles hung masseur
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My friends aunt. Me and a friend of mine from high school reunited after 8 years. We talked on the phone everyday before we the day we had set to meet. It was good talking to Amber. Her and I were close all through school and then afterwards we never talked.

Once I got a facebook page it wasn't long till she had found me and we were talking. The day came we were gonna meet .

A little about myself I'm 27 married with 3 children. I'm 5'11 with a husky build. Brown hair brown eyes and eyelashes that always catch the womens eyes. I do a pretty good job of talking my way into alot of panties. I work wierd hours and alot of them . This weekend I was gonna be off. Well as luck has it I had to work later thursday than I thought I would and didn't get to leave town till around 5pm.

Now its a 4 hour drive to Amber's so the dinner and drinks was gonna be cut to just drinks. I made it about 9:30 and we went out and had to much to drink and to much fun but thats another story. We had to get a hotel so the next morning I took her back to her aunts house. Where she was stayin after her split up with her husband. To my bad luck her aunt wasn't home. But a few months later I gave Amber a ride home from visiting her grandma. We arrived at about 4am she had her 2 kids with her so I helped her carry them in and to my surprise there was the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

Her aunt Jane. A real women. With beautiful curves long red hair with blonde highlights, soft green eyes, beautiful shaped breast and a smile fucking my sopping pussy with a handle could get her anywhere. She was in a nighty that showed those beautiful legs and just enough cleaveage to get me going. We talked or a few minutes she hugged me and thanked me for bringin her home. The whole way to work all I could thinkof is her aunt.

Now me and Amber had fooled around a little and I thought alot of her but she was gone out of my mind from the time I laid eyes on her aunt Jane. I thought alot about that night for days. About a week later I got a text from a wierd number. "Hey there MR. Trouble." I thought to myself who in the world could this be so I slow played it and started talkin to her.

Finally after 2 hours of guessing games I come to realize it was Jane. We text and talked to each other everyday all day for a few weeks.

Always flirting and talkin dirty to her and she seemed to like it. then my wife found out about Amber and that was that. I was in trouble. So no more talking to her or her aunt Jane. This went on forever. Then one day about a horny guy bangs hot bbw fat girlfriend bbw blowjob an a half later I got a friend request on facebook it was Jane I added her and once again started talking.

After a few days of talking she told me that she had shit canned her worthless old man. When I heard that I started again dreaming about that night I seen her in the nighty. I began talking a little dirtier to her. And to my surprise she was giving it right back. I tested the waters by telling her she should let me take her out like I did her niece.

She said "just give me a few days notice when your gonna come." When I heard that I was bound n determand to get over that way.

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I thought for a week on how to get that way. Then I seen where they were haveing a an event over by there that I like to go to. So I let her know it was on. It seemed that the conversations got dirtier and dirtier and more intence. By the time that Thursday came I was walking around with a full time hard on.

But then I thought to myself what the hell am I thinking she don't want a guy that's 17 years younger than her.

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But I convinced myself to go for it. I called and let her know I would be there around masseuse squirts as man licks her pussy. She said she had to go to a baseball game and that we could go do something after that. So I met her at her house. And OH MY GOD. She hadn't told me she had lost some weight and toned up since last time. I didn't realize she had anything to loose before. Seeing her now I seen that she did have a little but all it did is cut the curves even deeper those big deliouse breast stuck out seemed to be a foot farther and that sexy ass was shape only the way a artest could do.

But the same sexy smile and those ever so beautiful eyes were shinning in the sun. I hugged her and helped her gather her things for the ball game. We made it to the game and to have this woman walking beside me was more than a dream. The wayguys checked her out and then gave me bad looks was priceless.

We made small talk and I had never realizedit but I lost alot of courage without that cell phone and the 220 miles that had been between us. I couldn'thardly talk to her with out getting red.

She talked to some of the other moms and boy was they checkingout her "PLAYBOY". Her Ex didn't have any good looks to throw my way either it seemed. The whole whilewatching the game I kept grabbing at her ass and rubbin around on her she didn't seem to mind.

But I wasstill not forsure I was gonna take this beautiful real women to bed. She asked where I was staying the night and I told her a hotel there local. And to my surprise she said. "NOnsence." "I have that big olhouse all to myself I'm sure you could find somewhere to sleep." That was music to my ears. All i could do is pray her bed is where she was talkin about that somewhere to sleep would be. The ball game ended about 10 or so and by the valentina rossi gets nailed in a threesome we left and it was 10:30.

I had planned on takingher some where fancy but at that time what could be open. We drove down the road and seen Stud is favourable to have sex and massage was still open. We went in and the greater set us in a booth. I took a bold move and sit beside her the whole time we were waiting for our food I gently rubbed her legs. "oh my god is this really gonna happen?" I thought to myself.

We talked alot while waiting and then after we finished eating. We got the tab and headed back to her house she didn't care to go drinking for the fact that she had to work the next day. So we decided on going back to her house to hang out. We got inside and I went for the kill. I thought to myself its now or never.

I leaned in for a kiss she met me halfway. Our tongues danced, I crest her back and slowly worked down towards her ass. Once there I squezzed softly. It was amazing a women with as many moons as she has seen to be so toned. We broke long enough for me to follow her to her room. She started undressing. I just sit back and enjoyed the view. Her body was even more that I had imagined with those clothes on.

She took her blouse off to reveal her silky red bra. Holding those two beautiful girls up so tight with just enough hangover to create some nice cleavage. I pulled off my shirt and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her softly just barely letting our lips touch teasing her into excitement.

Finally I let in and kissed her passionatly. Deep with the most lust I have ever felt with a woman. The whole time running my hands all over her soft skin.

Finally colpsing on her bed. I slip her bra up and took her big breast into my mouth while squezzing her other one from time to time switching. I was like a infant after a week without momma. I just couldn't get enough.

A few minutes went by and I had a hard-on that was almost painful hard. I let up my latch on her breast and kissed my way back to her lips. No teasing involved this time just straight to deep long kisses that lovers kiss. The whole time I was working on her crouch rubbing up and down through her clothes. It wasn't long till she broke the kiss long enough to slip her capri's off and reaveal those sexy black lace panties.

We continued our passionate kisses for a short while.

I could feel her juices starting to leak through her panties. And thats all the que I needed to go for a taste. With soft warm kisses I made my way down her body. When I got to her navel I grabbed one hand on each side of her panties and down I went. I followed them all the way to her feet with those same soft kisses. And then tossed them behind me.

I kissed my way back down her legs looking her straight in the eyes. Not even realizing that this milf was prepared for this. She had shaved her beautiful pussy bare. First time verging fucking girl was by far the prettiest pussy I have ever seen. I wasted no time getting in for a taste.

The first lick went from bottom to top enjoying the sweetness with every tastebud I have. When I made it to the clit her juices were running down the side of my mouth. Her clit was more than ready to have some attention. All swollen and red. I flicked it slowly at first with my tongue.

By her reaction she wanted more cause her hand went straight to the back of my head pushing me closer. Which I didn't mind. It wasn't long till I could hear soft moans. I looked up to see her eyes closed and enjoying it as much as I was. The more I licked the louder the moans got. You would think this woman had went 42 years without having her pussy super sexy blonde pervert plays p hd. Just when she was about there I stopped and stood up and pulled my shorts down along with my boxers showing her what she had did to me.

He was as hard as I have ever seen him. I leand down and kissed her softly and eased my hard cock inside of her. Now let me tell ya something. I have been with a few older females andnever did I expect her pussy to be so damn tight. It was almost painful to me going in. And she was well lubed. As I slid deeper the tighter it got.

After a few minutes of slowly working my way in and pleaty of kisses I had her right where I wanted her. I increased my pace and she increased her grip on my arms. I thought I had died and went to heaven. A beautiful seasoned women right hear under me enjoying what I have to give her.

This went on for a while till I rolled her over and got behind her and convenced to fucking her. The passion was gone.

We weren't loving anymore tiny babe charity crawford and her sexy feet were like animals. I wanted it to last all night but with her building me up for the past 2 weeks I couldn't hold back anymore I filled her tight little sweet love hole up with rope after rope of hot steamy cum.

The next thing knew I could see light coming in the window. As I looked around I didn't realize where I was till I looked next to me and seen a sleeping anjel. I had to pench myself a time or two to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Once I realized it wasn't I started to kiss on her again. It wasn't long till this beautiful anjel was waking up.

She didn't slap me so I kept doing what I was doin I felt bad for the animal behaivor the night before so I kissed her and loved on her like the queen she is. Wasn't long and I was on top of the world again. Making out and pleasuring a REAL WOMAN. With slow long deep strokes she was moaning and closing her eyes again. I enjoyed every stroke untill I once again filled her whob with my seed.

She got up for her morning shower and I gathered my things and when she was out I said my goodbyes and I was off to do my thing. Still to this day I don't know why in the hell I didn't get in the shower and help her wash. With the way my luck had gone I may have convenced her to call in sick. I still talk to her daily and hope in the near future I can enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with such a beautiful woman.

I can't sleep at night without dreaming of that smile and those eyes looking back at me. THANKS FOR READING WE GOT A WEEKEND AHEAD OF US LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANNA HEAR HOW IT GOES> BE NICE PLEASE.