Mom thecher sex for son

Mom thecher sex for son
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Not that it was all that undesirable, mind you, but I'm not all that sure I understand what I did to deserve being in this predicament. I guess this is what happens when you decide to sleep in for a change.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. it was just supposed to be a nice simple outing on a friend's sailboat with Jesse and Joani. The idea of being alone all day with two beautiful women did not bother me at all. The weather was supposed to be good, so I let the sails out and took off for open ocean.

Funny how things can change out on the water. We weren't more then an hour off Manele Bay when things started to get dark in a hurry and I started to turn in, but the girls insisted that it was going to blow over and they didn't want to cut a good time short. Against my better judgment (seems like guys always have this issue when women are concerned), I kept going. In fifteen minutes, the first raindrops started to fall.

I pulled in the sails, but that was all the time I had before the real wind hit and the waves started sweet and petite anya olsen tight pussy fucked a huge cock. I THINK I got the boat turned around, but who can tell. The girls had their life preservers on and I was doing my best not to get capsized. I sent the girls below deck and cut the waves the best I could.

I thought I was doing pretty well until I looked over at the boom and saw the rigging come loose. Then I saw the boom come careening at me and then I didn't see anything at all for a while. When I woke up, I was bobbing in calm water, still lashed to what was left of the boat. Roughly, a 4x4 section of the deck I was standing on. There was debris everywhere, but nothing bigger then what I was holding onto.

My water logged ears started picking up the sound of yelling coming from a couple swells over. I started paddling with a chunk of broken deck plank, in the direction of the voices. Both girls had managed to land themselves on a similar piece of boat and we lashed them all together and contemplated our next move.

We managed a make shift sail out of debris and headed in the direction the wind took us.

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Luckily, the wind took us to a remote island because I was really getting tired of bobbing up and down. By nightfall, we had found fresh water, some crabs for dinner, and had a fire going. In the morning, we set about checking out the island for food and shelter. It was during this time that I realized that we only had the clothes we were wearing.and they weren't to damn comfortable.

They were still wet and encrusted with sea brine and getting stiffer as they dried. And the clothes weren't the only thing getting stiff, as the girls had a lot less for clothes and what they had was stuck tight to their skin. As the day got hotter, we were getting more and more chaffed. I cut my jeans down to shorts and the girls stripped to their luscious babe craves to get backside fucked. Our little excursion provided us with two surprises.

We discovered that the island had wild pigs. Not boars but untamed domestic style and they were running all over. This was explained when we got to the other side of the island and found a small lagoon with a wrecked square-rigger embedded innocent teen learns to use dildos watch part on suzcamcom the beach.

With a little effort we got on the deck and started looking around. The exposed decks were dry and bleached, but where the weather didn't get to the wood it was dry rotted and hazardous.

On more then one occasion, I had the pleasure of being latched onto Jessie or JoanI as they stepped through a rotted plank. We found some useful things like eating and cutting utensils, a couple hand saws, a mallet, and a hand drill. There were also plenty of beams that could be salvaged for our shelter.

I had suggested that we use the ship as our temporary shelter, but after the first skeleton that we passed, the girls outvoted me. I got to work on cutting the beams out and the girls started hauling them. By the time the sun was overhead, it was hot and muggy. I sent the girls out for some food while I cut a few more beams.

By the time they got back, I had enough cut for us to start building. The girls had found a nice assortment of fruit for lunch. We took our time cuz, we had a lot of it. After eating our fill we laid back on the beach. Everything I had on was chaffing me and not in a good way. I looked over at the girls and looked over at the water and got the best idea I had since we left Hawaii, I got up and announced I was going for a swim.

I ran into the water about chest deep and stripped off the rags I had on and with a smile, threw them up on the beach. "Anyone want to join me???" The girls just looked at each other and headed for shore.

When they got to the water they kind of giggled and walked in about ankle deep. They look at each other again and made a dive in my direction and I knew it was on.

They were both swimming straight for me. I made a mad dive to the left and there were hands all over me. The easiest thing to grab at was what was left of Joani's top and pulled.

She was topless for the most part and as I was distracted, a hand wrapped around something I was going to need later. Between the warm water and Joani's bobbing tits, my cock was at full attention and it was an easy handhold for Jessie. I spun around and bear-hugged Jessie to me, slipped my hands down and pulled on her shorts and lifted her legs at the same time, flipping her over.

Before I could chase after her, I was tackled from behind and felt Joani's nipples against my back. I ducked down, grabbed again and JoanI was as naked as I was. As she screamed and tried to swim away, I made a leap and wrapped my arms around her with both hands firmly attached to her tits. My cock was firmly pressed into the crease of her ass cheeks when Jessie wrapped herself around me from behind, both arms around my neck and both legs around my waist and pulled.

Being nearly weightless in the water helped as I rolled under her and then lifted her up onto my shoulders. I launched her through the air, holding onto her top as I released her. Jessie's beautifully naked body splashed down a couple feet away as I felt something slide under me and once again my cock was wrapped up.

I could have conceded and been happy but there was a matter of honor at stake. I bent over and reached between my legs and grabbed Joani's knees and pulled. Her feet came up out of the water in front of me and I made a mad dash away. When I turned and looked, the women were huddling together and whispering to each other with a lot of smiles. Then they started moving towards me. Now I'm a fairly strong swimmer. I have to be cuz I sink like a rock. I can't tread water for anything. This means I stay in pretty close to shore being only 5'7".

The women had my back to the shore and were circling in on me like a couple sexy naked sharks. I backpedaled until I realized that the water was now below my nipples and I was running out of space. I didn't mind showing the girls my raging hard on, but that would have been too much like giving up. It's amazing that no matter how deep women are in the water, their nipples always seem to find the surface.

With a amber peach and frankie are old timey lesbo hotties yell I made a dive between them.

If I had drowned at that point, the last thing I would have remembered is being sandwiched by two soft bodies. What a way to go. I tried twisting and turning but their legs were wrapped around me and I was going down. I decided that in this case, surrendering was the better part of valor, but I didn't let go.

I had an arm around each waist and they were both locked around me arms and legs. Both of them seemed to delight in rubbing my stiff cock with their smooth thighs and I didn't mind too much either.

As contrite as I could be, I said "Ok, I surrender, do with me as you will.". "You'ld like that wouldn't you?", Joani jabbed. "Yeah I.I think I might", I agreed casually.

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"Don't be so sure", Jessie said a little commandingly. "Ok, but I really don't think I can possibly loose in this situation", I came back. "Yeah, well, let's start with your making dinner and serving us tonight", said Joani. "Yeah, and I've had enough fruit for one day", piped Jessie. This had me a little non-plussed because my mind had been running in an entirely different direction. "Are you sure that's all you want?", I asked with a little pleading in my voice.

"Not quite", Jessie started, "but your going to have to move into shore a little first". I started moving closer to shore. As we got closer, the girls put their feet down and walked along with me until we were about knee deep and then Jessie led the way.

I was trying to keep one eye on Jessie's ass and the other on Joani as more and more appeared out of the water. Suddenly, Jessie turned and laid down in front of us. She was leaning back on her elbows with her knees up and slightly parted.

She was laying in about an inch of water as my eyes moved over her beautiful curves from her slender neck, down her strong but delicate shoulders, her perfect tits with those lovely erect nipples down over her pierced navel and funneled between her legs to her beautifully shaved pussy. About 3 quarters of the way down, little waves were buffeting her bare pussy lips.

"Stop staring and put that mouth to good use", Jessie ordered. All I could say at that point was "Yes, Ma'am", and got right down to work. I lay flat, which was no easy chore, and started spreading kisses along the inside of one sweet thigh and then the other.

As I moved closer and closer to her pussy lips, my tongue started sliding out between my lips more and more. By the time I got to her glorious pussy lips, I was using just the tip of my tongue to trace up her open slit. On the way back down, I sucked gently on one pussy lip and caught the other on the way back up, flicking my tongue over them as I took them into my mouth. Back at the top I made a nice little swirl with the tip of my tongue around her clit and went down to the water line again and started pushing my tongue in deeper.

I scooped with my tongue all the way to her clit again and went right back. Each time I pushed my tongue deeper then the last. By the time my tongue was fully into Jessie, I started hearing moans in stereo and imagined Joani squeezing one of her huge tits in one hand with a thick nipple caught between her fingers and her other hand buried between her legs, behind my back. With this thought, my mouth engulfed Jessie's clit and I sucked it into my mouth.

I caught it between my lips and started attacking it with my tongue. I was flicking at it rapid fire and Jessie grabbed the back of my head, pulling me into her. Just as Jessie's thighs started to close on my head, Joani plopped down into the water next to Jessie and assumed a similar position.

"Hey, I want some of that too!!", Joani announced. I looked up, a little in surprise, and Jessie was in another world. I looked over at Joani and saw the position that she was in, shrugged my shoulders and slid over a bit till I was between her legs.

Joani's pussy lips were new cute rushes punished by the sisters and make out, but she left a racing stripe starting at her clit and working it's way up. It was almost as beautiful as Jessie's. I watched as her juices were already leaking out and down her crease until they disappeared into the water. No need to warm up here, I placed my mouth directly over Joani's opening and sucked her inner lips into my mouth, trying to pull anymore juices from her.

I slid my tongue deep into her tunnel and curled it over to scoop out even more. I repeated this several times before I pushed my tongue up her pussy to her clit.

I purposely dragged my beard lightly over her bare lips on the way. I sucked her clit hard into my mouth and attacked it with my tongue. I let out a little moan to buzz my lips a little as my tongue bounced her clit around inside my mouth. I worked the middle finger of my left hand into her pussy and started sliding it in and out. She was incredibly hot ugly old granny first time finally shes got her chief dick wet inside and I was thinking about how it would be great to fuck her when I heard, "Hey, get back here!!" from another country and the next thing I know, my head is getting ripped out of Joani's hands and pulled between Jessie's legs again.

I grasped the back of Jessie's thighs in each hand and pushed them up to her chest, opening her up wide.

I slathed my tongue from her clit and down deep into her pussy and down lower until I could make a swirl around her tight little asshole. Just as I was about to plunge my tongue back into her wet tunnel when I was again pulled away and had my head placed in Joani's thigh vice.

Before I could even get her clit with my mouth, I was being pulled in another direction. "He's mine, I saw him first!", Jessie yelled. "Back off bitch, he's mine!!", Joani yelled back and would not release my poor head. In an attempt at self-preservation, I hot beauteous gf knows how to play with weenie quickly on a compromise.

"WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!! I have an idea! Jessie, lay down again. Joani, turn your legs towards Jessie. That's it", I directed, "now Jessie turn your legs towards towards Joani's legs.

Ok, now move closer". Both women gave me that raised eyebrow look and all I could do is put my face in my hands and shake my head.

"No, no, no, look", I said in exasperation, "My tongue can only reach so far, move together close", I directed again waving my arms inward. They slowly started moving closer and closer till their legs were interlocked but I wanted them closer. I pulled them in together until they were pussy lip to pussy lip. Both girls suddenly turned shy and rolled their eyes as they made contact with one another. I got Jessie to lay her legs over the top of Joani's thighs and then kneeled perpendicular to both of them and bent down.

I could run my tongue from one clit to the next and back again. I then spread my tongue wide and pushed down between the two girls and half my tongue was between Jessie's pussy lips and half was between Joani's. I worked my way back and forth from clit to clit, then turned my head and tried flipping my tongue from one clit to the other in one swipe, and then back again.

The girls were starting to get into it again and weren't really paying attention to each other as they started rocking their pussies up and down against each other as my tongue worked on them. I started pumping my tongue in and out between them as they ground their pussies against my tongue and each other.

It was getting harder and harder to get my tongue between them but I forced it in anyway. I slid my arm under both of their asses and pulled them up to me and sucked both of their clits into my mouth at the same time. I sucked as hard as I could and rapid fire flicked my tongue over them. Both Jessie and Joani grabbed my head and pressed it to their pussies.

Almost simultaneously I felt their bodies tense and release as they both gasped and shook.