Hot cosplay sex with katsuni risi and a friend full story

Hot cosplay sex with katsuni risi and a friend full story
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I am a teacher and coach at a High school, Just 24 and out of college this is my brazzer sexy and hot mom real Job my coworkers are real nice and the women are drop dead nice, but the 13-19 year old students are the best thing about this Job. They are just full of energy and ready to do new things and break the rules. When the bell went for the last time and school was dismissed the students for Detention came to the Detention room where i was waiting.

I had Training with the Athletics team at the same time, so I had let them know that they should go through their normal warm up and what they where to continue with until I finished with the Detention.

Now the room was almost empty as just seven students had detention all of whom I had already had sex with.

When I realized I decided that i would let them know as I had a control over them. present were Jason 16, Aleena 16, Sonya 15, Nora 19, lavern 14, kenisha 18 and Allan 18. now the boys were athletic but where not apart of the team at school. the girls where all those types that didn't like sports but watched and fucked the winners and I as coach was the young won who brought success to their sports campaign. I sat on the table at the front of the room and said to them in total confidence as I had locked the detention room and further more tha only ones left on the campus were my athletes training, 'So the room is full of my bitches the girls said nothing until the boys said what and then i said yeah you too don't even get started then Nora said well I'm glad i ain't the only one.

I said ton them follow instuctions and begun to give them my punishment for the day. Ladies stand and take off your panties and guys urs too the girls took them off quickly as they were in skirts but the boys had to take off their pants then Jason took off his brief and Allan took off his g stirng all the ladies had on strings.

I called jason first and when he came up to me I spun him around flexed his trunk forward and spat in his ass crack and wiped it and begun to finger him as he sighed I told the rest to begin jacking off and they all had their hands in their holes the girls one more than the guys. I called Allan forward and let him assume Jason's position and then told jason to straddle Allan he got his cock up to Allan's ass and forced it into allan's ass hole allan kitnep 13eyar school girl fuck story to push back and soon they were slowly fucking Jason had his hands rested on the ass cheeks of Allan, I called up Aleena and Kenisha and kenisha got under the boys and sucked on Jason's balls as he rode allan's asshole and Aleena sucked on the tip of allan's cock as it grew she took it deeper and kept at it blowing him well.

Left were just three all for me they opened their shirts and pulled up their skirts and got rid of the bras.

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Sonya leaned over on the table and I went in to this girl who just had a really strong body round ass and firm young breast, Nora went under and between my legs and sucked on my balls then from behind lavern opened my ass cheeks and licked my ass so sensually witth her stiffening tongue.

I rode hard on Sonya's pussy as she wept not beong able to steady my strokes as my balls were being massaged by Noras lips and tongue and that had me flooding with sensitivity as lavern tongued my ass and sucked at it too. Sonya was growing weary and so I changed her for lavern who had a smaller body than Sonya but her ass was way bigger and sexier too, I entered her pussy and sank it deep she shaked and pressed off I jerked her and steaded her and rode away her sighing got louder and her breathing deeper as she bounced against me fucking out her pussy as Sonya began to lick out Jason's ass while under there she exchanged kisses with Allena who was sucking Jason's balls and soon aleena left the and was at Kenisha sucking her pussy till she squirted her cum in aleenas facethen Jason folowed and blew his cum in allans ass then Sonya went to allan's ass and sucked out the cum then put it in lavern's moouth who used it to lube my ass then lavern moved to sit as I called Aleena who came and took position on the table I spread her pussy and fucked away then came Allan to my back he rubbed me and then took his well sucked cock and pierced my ass good and rode my ass like a real driver Petite blonde beauty has her asshole destroyed cumshot facial whimpered as the !8 year old fucked me hard and slapped my ass.

I took the dick out Aleena's pussy and rammed it up her ass and drove hard as I did she screamed out so Kenisha came in and swithed and I rammed her ass and she bled as I rode away on her ass she cried and whimpered then Jason came and the sixteen year old rode on my cock like a horse as he ensured he gi=ot my full 8 inch up his ass. I shot off and pulled out and all came in front me as they took a bit of my cum in all their mouths.

We cleaned up and I opened the door and let them go home to their beds to rest. As I got to the track i saw my athletes still working I went across to my hurdlers and saw the girls streching on a three foot high bar they had their legs fully extended it was three, Karen Suzan and Shelly my best chances of all to get all three medals in one event. The one in the middle was Suzan a half indian girl 17 the best of them all.

I got up behind her and told her to take the leg down from the barand asked how has training been going aloud and I got a big response from my 33 athletes all prsent all with posibilities of medaling at the nationals in April.

Suzan was in a Spandex tights long to her ankles I told her to lean against the bar as the others continued streching. I pulled down her spandex to her ankles and she was without panties and well shaved ass I thought all my athletes to always be shavedI pulled out my cock and pierced her pussy as she sighed and told me welcome coach I rode her steady as she gasped for air and struggled to take all my 8 inches soon I alanah rae punished and fucking very hard off her Sport top which she held in her hand as I fondled her breasts.

'Yeah coach ride me like a bike ride me coach ride me '. She whimpered and sighed and gasoed as I continued at her for minutes she flooded my crotch with cum as she unloaded on my cock. All this time my athletes were still working as they klnow what is important I eased out of suzan's pussy and got karen and shelly to clean her up with their tongue.

Without putting my cock group of beauties get nailed pornstar and hardcore in my pants i go across to the High jump area another place where i was sure of gold but not the silver This time the athletes were male a sixteen and seventeen year old Collin and Brian I got off my pants and got unto the Spunge after seeing Collin clearing 2m 15 and Brian the older athlete only clearing 2m 05 I was pissed at him I lay on the spunge and called to Brian who I slapped in the face and spat on U r so weak.

i say to him it had been his fourth year representing us and no gold medal just bronze I pulled his shorts down and teencreeper kylie quinn stalked and tied pornstars and spanking in his ass an fingered his asshole until he got a bit loose then i pushed my cock into his asshole and he shouts out "no no no" "shut up i say", please please.

He whinopers as I fuck him hard and the other watches as i do this I call over Collin and let thick asian girl gets anal creampie wmaf stick his dick in Brian's mouth i rode his ass til he bleed but was going to do worse until he made Collin cum and i saw Collin clsoe his eyes he3 was so handsome i told Brian to go clean up and to suckoff my shitty cock before he wenthe did and i was there with Collin.

"so you think you deserve to be romanced todat you really doing well" "yes coach it would be an honour to have you cum in me" ok whatever too much of the begging. I blew my whistle and all my athletes came in to the high jump area they surrounded Collin and I, My captain was Lisa for the girls two gold medals in the 100m and 200m last year she earned her spot and my vice captain Sophia who got the gold in the 400m and the silver in the 200m were the girls who i had made love to the others had only been fucked.

The boys had never been so fortunate as two silver and a gold and a branze where the best the boys there at the time had given me.

The Nationals had not yet been kept but Collin had broken the record for the high junp and pole vault in warm up meets so he was like sure gold. So I got them into their positions and each passed him and kissed his cock then he got naked and I got naked and we went to the spunge.

Colin and I embraced adn our lips joined as we got into our time and alleyes were on us the class 4 had never seen me make love and didn't blink as it was the dream of each one to one day make love to coach and not just be fucked. Colli opened my lips with his tongue put it to the back of my throat and freched me like a woman never did he carresed my back and sucked my nipplees I was stiif as a tree trunk all precum ozing out my dick hole he went don to my cock and deep throated me not for too long before he lubed his ass with saliva and my precum he got up on me and sat down to put his ass at the tip of my cock he rubbed my abdomen and hips with one hand as he guided my cock to his love hole, he inched me in his asshole and I felt his heat rise as I pushed up in him he trembled as he inched down and inched me up his ass, "fuck me coach fuck your boy, " wine on my cock Collin make coach cum in ur ass.

when he got me totally in. he began to ride bouncing on my cock driving me up and out up and out him going up and down my thick shafted cock as his ass spreads open he leans forward and kisses me deeply with passion as he rides me so gemtly I push back and he rides fasteer and soon he is bucking on me like a nice pussy feeling so good, "ride my cock Colin ride it baby", ohh fuck me coach stroke me in my tight ass.

He kisse me again and rides faster as he feels me bucking inside him.

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"Give it to me coach let your cream go in my ass." as he goes on I go faster and level off heaving my hips up into his grion as he takes me up his ass. all this time his cock laying on my belly. I shoot my cum into his ass as I shake and he keeps riding." yes coach cream me cream me" My cock softened out and slid out his ass I get on top of him now all begin i suck on his neck and then move to his nipples while stroking his cock it stiffened and came up well nine inches, he stiffened and relaxed as i went down and took his cock in my mouth and kissed and sucked his dick he ordered me up and I got to sitting on his huge cock, "ride that cock coach" "ohh I'll ride you baby I'll ride you I wine on his nice dick as he inches up in my ass and fucks me." Get up coach I want to get on you he puts me on my back puts my knees back and hold them with his shoulders as my ass rises up he sticks his cock in my ass and I feel like a cock has never been so deep in my asshole.

he works vigorously at my ass as he fucks me and shouts, "take my cock sexy doxy really likes fucking a lot homemade and hardcore take my niine inch up you butthole", I cry out as he sinks his cock bucking on my insides yes Collin fuck my baby fuck me fuck your coach. he bucks and shakes and I feel him cummin it is nearing the end of his love making with me he withdraws and blows my face full of cum as I lick up as much as I could get.

" OK athletes thats it for today tomorrow same time same place we are getting closer to the nationals." They all go hit the showers hoping they wont dissapoint at the natinals and get to make lovfe to the coach.