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Sexy latina amateur blowjob and rides cock
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Haunted by the Futa Ghost Chapter Twelve: Fucking the Futa Ghost By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 My joyful night had turned to ash. Hangetsu, the great Kami of change and transformation, took an entire cycle of the moon to remake me. So I wasn't there at the shrine to dance the Kagura and bolster Kanshu-no-Kami in his endless battle to keep the dread yokai Yokubō-no-Tako imprisoned. It was my most important duty as the miko of the shrine.

My father was dead, and the yokai had escaped, possessing Daimyo Tōdō Hidenaga, the father of my love, my Ōjo-sama. I had gained a cock, but the price was so high. Too high. I had just wanted to marry Mitsuko-hime so we could be happy together. But now. My father dead, and hers may well perish if I couldn't exorcise the yokai from his soul. The samurai escorting me said not a word as we marched to the Daimyo's castle upon the hill. A bulwark of earth and wood surrounded the towering structure made of stone.

I had stared at it all my life, but had never been inside. If my Ōjo-sama had not gone to the onsen to bathe, we never would have met. Never would have fallen in love. The yokai never would have escaped. I wanted to cry, to collapse in grief, but my duty was clear. I had to make restitutions for my actions. Mere apology was not enough to wipe away the stain of this dishonor. It required so much more than mere words.

"I hope you can do this, girl," grunted the Samurai as we passed the outer bulwarks and climbed up the hill to the castle. "My Lord is possessed by the yokai." I gripped the wand in my hand. A gohei with a two shide, chains of paper diamonds, dangling from the tip. It was an implement of exorcism. My father had tried to use it to stop the monster, but it killed him. "I will cleanse the Daimyo." The guards at the entrances carried long pointed yari, the spears' long blades of steel glinting in the torchlight.

They bowed to the samurai as we strolled into the castle, boots thudding on the floor. He led me deeper and deeper. We turned down a corridor. There, courtiers and their wives knelt along the hallway, fear on their faces.

"Through the door," the Samurai grunted. A rice paper door lay at the end of russian slut jill aka toma hallway. Shadows moved through it. I walked down the hallway, trembling. I could feel the yokai in there, see its tentacles move around the Daimyo's outline. A woman moaned, deep and sexual. I shivered. This was all my fault.

Emotions overcame me. Tears fell down my cheeks as I passed by the courtiers and their fearful faces. I struggled to master myself. I couldn't fall apart. I had to exorcise the yokai and protect Mitsuko-hime's father. I couldn't fail her like I had mine. "Pussy," the Daimyo groaned. "Bring me more pussy!" And then my Ōjo-sama appeared out of a side room. She fell to her knees before me, her face painted white, lips bright red.

Her silky, black hair was gathered in an intricate bun and held in place by her favorite comb, the alabaster one her father had given her. "You have to save my father, Sayuri-chan," she gasped. "Please!" "I will," I said, kneeling before her. "I'm sorry I took too long to return. This is—" "You're here," she gasped. "That's all that matters. I had hoped your father would come, too. I saw the fire. I feared. Is he.?" I nodded my head. "I am so sorry, Sayuri-chan." "No, I am the one who must apologize." I bowed myself before her, pressing my face to the stones, my tears forming small puddles.

"For taking so long." "Where have you been? An entire moon cycle has past. Searchers went into the cursed woods looking for you." "My Lady, your father suffers," the samurai said. "You can.reminisce with the miko later." "Pussy! Cunt! Twat!" bellowed the Daimyo. "Need more! One isn't enough! Pussy!" I lifted my head and whispered, "I did it.

But. the kami held me for a month, and. I am so sorry. This is all my fault. I wasn't present to dance the Kagura. That's how the yokai became free." "But you can help my father?" Desperation shone in Mitsuko-hime's dark eyes.

"Please, Sayuri-chan, you can help him." "I can help him," I said. My dishonor would be corrected and atoned tonight. I rose, standing straight and tall, the bells dangling from my haori tinkling. "Do not enter until it is over." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 500 years later. "No," Chris shouted, banging on the wall where the tentacle monster had vanished, dragging Ms. Lindon, Kat, and Lori to another dimension—Yomi.

"Please, please, don't be closed." Yoshiko's heart beat in fear as she stared at the desperate Chris. The blonde, gender-swapped futa fell to her knees before the walls, large breasts bouncing, and cried. Cum leaked out of her body, dripping down her thighs. Yoshiko's cum. Only moments before, the pair had been caught up in the lust churned by the demon's slime.

Consumed by the lust, they hadn't cared that the monster had carried off Lori, Chris's girlfriend and Yoshiko's best friend. She saved me and then the monster took her while I just fucked Chris.

Yoshiko hugged herself, her large breasts pillowing against her arms. Cum leaked out of her, too. A mix of Chris's and Kat's. Watch bambi destiny linda shane and viktoria blonde in action Chris and Lori arrived, Yoshiko had fucked her bully, Kat, turning the girl into a futa, too.

Then Ms. Lindon, their English teacher, had caught them just in time for the monster to seize her. It all became a blur of sex after that, her body poisoned by the monster's lust.

She hadn't even cared what happened to her let alone around her. She had even been seized by the monster, its tentacle-pussy sucking on her girl-dick while its tentacle-cock fucked her snatch. "What is going on, Sayuri-chan?" Yoshiko asked, her legs buckling. Chris's cries echoed down the hall of their school, Redwood Academy. It was after classes, the place deserted.

"What was that thing?" .A yokai called Yokubō-no-Tako. A dangerous monster kept imprisoned at my father's shrine. "What's it doing here? Was it trapped in the tree with you and Princess Mitsuko?" The futa-ghost touched Yoshiko's shoulder, the spirit of Sayuri unseen. Then the ghost hugged her, the tingling presence comforting Yoshiko.

She tried to hug the ghost back, but her arms past through Sayuri's body. .I don't know how Mitsuko-hime nor my soul ended up in your land. Everything is a haze before I sucked your cock and you sucked mine.

Then it all became clearer. I was impulse until then. An idea. I wanted to find Mitsuko-hime, I think. "And turned me into futanari in the process," Yoshiko sighed. She glanced at the main doors. Beyond lay the Japanese Pine Tree that graced their school's ground.

Once a magnificent specimen, reddish branches spread wide, pine needles a vibrant green. But a storm had raged last night and lightning had struck it, freeing the ghosts and the monster. "How did it escape your shrine?" Yoshiko asked. "You said it was imprisoned." .I know not.

My last memories of my life is the day my Ōjo-sama took my virginity. "That is not the last memory you have." Yoshiko turned around in the ghost's embrace, trying to find Sayuri's eyes. She had no idea if she looked in the right direction, but she felt Sayuri's smaller tits against her large breasts.

"I saw past it when I entered your soul. You were fixated on that day, so happy, but I saw things that happened after the day you lost your virginity. Memories from when you were a futanari. I saw the fire." .NO!.

Yoshiko flinched from Sayuri's outburst. It rattled through her mind. She thought her ears would bleed. .I am so sorry. gasped Sayuri. .It's just that word make me shiver. .I don't want to remember. "But you might need to. I saw it, Sayuri-chan. The shrine was burning. And your father." Yoshiko swallowed. "He was dead. And then you were walking through a castle surrounded by retainers. I saw shadows moving, like tentacles." Sayuri-chan trembled in my arm.

"And then, you were running through these dark woods, chasing Mitsuko-hime and." Yoshiko shivered. "You were so scared, so frantic." .No, no. My last memory was happy. We must have died shortly after. "That really doesn't fucking matter," screeched Chris. She whirled around. "Lori is in there with the monster. Miyu told me the thing will fuck girls to death. Lori! So I need help right now.

It doesn't matter how the thing got freed." "But." Yoshiko swallowed. "Maybe it does. How did that thing get trapped into the tree, Sayuri-chan?" .Someone could have bound it in there, lesbian secretaries do pussy fingering during business trip pornstars hardcore there had to be something.holding it in.

There had to be more than just the tree holding it in there. The tree is a natural object. Unless you saw it ringed with ofuda and a miko constantly dancing around it. The shrine in my village required two Kagura to be danced a year and it was blessed and contained a sacred statue. "Maybe that was you and Mitsuko," Yoshiko said. "Maybe that's why you were in it.

And when the town in Japan gave our school the cutting fro the tree, it happened to hold you three.

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And then when the lightning hit it, the thing was set free." "Along with a pissed off Mitsuko," grunted Chris. "But that still doesn't help us get Lori back.

Please, Sayuri. How do we cross over to Yomi to save her." .The yokai fled to the World of Darkness?. Sayuri-chan shivered worse against Yoshiko. .That blonde model masturbate with sextoy and vibrator freesexcams and webcams very bad.

I do not know how to enter that place. It is the world of the dead. It is almost as bad as Jigoku. "So you can't get me to her?" Chris deflated, slumping against the wall. "Then she's gone. We can't rescue her. That thing will just fuck her to death." .I am so very sorry, Chris-chan. "Fuck your apology." Tears fell from her blue eyes. "It won't bring Lori back." Irresistible sex offer from excited guy hardcore and european banged her head back into the wall.

Sayuri-chan gasped. "What?" Yoshiko asked, her heart quickening. Her own tears beaded her eyes. She didn't want her beautiful, redheaded friend to die. Especially not fucked to death by a tentacle monster. It was something straight out of a filthy hentai.

.The wall. Sayuri-chan pulled away from Yoshiko. .There is something strange about it. A barrier. Chris lifted her head. "A barrier. Like there's a doorway?" .Yes. Sayuri-chan let out a wanton, lust-filled moan. .Oh, my, it is brimming with the yokai's ardor. I think I can open this. "I thought you didn't know how." .I am a ghost now. I'm not alive. Things appear to be different. Chris was on her feet in a flash, big tits bouncing. Yoshiko scrambled upright a moment later, rushing over.

Hope burned in her as she reached her gender-swapped friend. Chris looked so familiar to how she did as a boy and yet so different. "How, Sayuri-chan?" Yoshiko asked.

.Lust. .The doorway is sealed by lust. I need your help. You two are closest to Lori. I can feel her energy. It is similar to your own. I need you to channel your lust through me, and then I can open the doorway. "How do we do that?" Chris asked, her eyes so wide.

.I need you to fuck me. Your lust transmitted through my body can open the door. I hope. "You think?" Chris demanded. "You're not sure. You want us to waste time fucking you when it might not save her?" "Chris," Yoshiko said, shoving her hand down to her pussy. She stroked her clit, making it tingle, sending arousal fluttering through her body. "Do you have any other ideas?" Chris opened her mouth and then closed it. She shook her head. "Then we have to fuck the ghost." Yoshiko shivered, her pussy clenching, and then her dick sprouted, growing from her small, pink clit.

The olive tone of her skin appeared, the tip flaring into a dark, throbbing, spongy crown. The folds of her pussy wrapped about the ever-growing base until a hard, thick girl-dick bobbed before her. "Let's do this, Sayuri-chan," moaned Yoshiko. .Yes, please fuck me with your wonderful girl-cock, Yoshiko-chan. Yoshiko looked around, searching for any sign of the ghost, her dick throbbing, aching. Residual lust from the monster's slime pumped through her veins, slamming into the futanari hormones that had ramped up her sex drive.

Her pussy clenched, juices and Chris's cum leaking down her thighs. She wiggled, letting out a whimper as she stroked her cock. She had no idea where Sayuri was in the intersection. Not even hearing Sayuri's moans in her mind helped.

They didn't come from any particular direction but from all around the busty futanari. She blinked, giving Chris a look, her futa-dick sprouting now.

.Why aren't you enjoying me, Yoshiko-chan?. "Well." "She doesn't know where you are, Sayuri," Chris answered. .Oh, yes, my apologies. I forgot. Turn to the right, Yoshiko. She did, her dick and boobs swaying.

She faced the wall where the monster had vanished. "Are you right in front of me?" .I am. Yoshiko reached out with her hands waving them before her like she walked through a dark room and couldn't see anything. It was so surreal, searching for a hidden body. Her fingers wiggled, stretched wide apart and— She slapped an invisible ass. .There I am. "Yes," Yoshiko said, her hands exploring the round shape of Sayuri's ass. Her fingers dug into unseen flesh, bringing a moan and whimper from the ghost.

A shudder ran through Yoshiko. "Oh, your ass feels reel nice, Sayuri-chan." .Thank you. .I like your ass greatly. Yoshiko's sphincter clenched, still a little sore from Sayuri's recent fucking. "I know. You've fucked mine a few times." Yoshiko fell to her knees, raunchy orgy session with fantastic sex bombs large tits and thick girl-cock bouncing, the shaft slapping her thighs.

She pulled apart the futa-ghost's invisible butt-cheeks, leaning her face in, tongue outstretched, questing. She brushed Sayuri's thigh with her cheek, a tingle racing through her skin.

She moved upward, finding the ghost's pussy. Licked. .Yoshiko-chan. gasped the futa-ghost. A amateurs cocksuckingin ffm threeway pov trimmedpussy oldvsyoung, sweet musk coated Yoshiko's tongue as she licked through the ghost's pussy, Her tongue wiggled out into the air, probing Sayuri's hole.

The ghost shuddered, her hips undulating and butt clenching beneath Yoshiko's fingers. It was different than eating Chris's or Lori's pussies. The ghost's juices vanished almost as quickly as they coated her lips and chin. She could feel them evaporating away only to be replaced by fresh ones a moment later when she licked again. But Yoshiko loved it. At her heart she was a lesbian, and though she had never been with a girl until today, she loved pussy.

She used to masturbate to yuri hentai, cute lesbians loving each other. And now she could love Sayuri. "That is so wild," groaned Chris, slowly stroking her cock, precum beading the tip. "You're holding empty air and wiggling your tongue like you're licking her pussy." .She is licking my pussy, Chris-chan. And it is so wonderful. Mitsuko-hime would do this to me all the time when we bathed in the onsen. And I would return the favor. "Damn, I would have loved to see that," Chris groaned.

She looked around, nervous. "I hope she doesn't find us." Yoshiko was too busy licking hot ghost pussy to care. She nibbled on labia, feeling ghostly hair stickle her face.

Sayuri, even as a spirit, had the same thick bush Yoshiko had witnessed when she fell into the ghost's memories. She loved the silky feel on her lips, tickling her as she licked and lapped and devoured sweet pussy. Her nose pressed into Sayuri's taint as she feasted. Her hands kneaded the ghost's ass. A shiver ran through Yoshiko. Feeling naughty, she took a long lick, flicking the futa-ghost's clit before sliding up through Sayuri's taint and between the cheeks of her butt. .Yoshiko-chan, that is so dirty.

"You love it," Yoshiko moaned between licks and swirls of the ghost's invisible, puckered sphincter. The faint, sour musk sent a hot surge of delight down to her futa-cock and dripping pussy. She clenched, forcing out more of Chris's cum to dribble down her thighs and the length of her dick. .I do!. Yoshiko wiggled her tongue into her ghostly lover's asshole, the futa-ghost moaning in her mind.

She savored the thrill of probing Sayuri's bowels, swirling, teasing, returning the pleasure the futa-ghost had imparted throughout the afternoon. .Yoshiko-chan. .Going to cum. "Good," moaned Yoshiko. …This doesn't help Lori-chan. I need you to fuck me. Please, Yoshiko. I. .Cumming!. The futa-ghost's asshole clenched on Yoshiko's probing tongue. Sayuri moaned and gasped, bucking and humping. Yoshiko wished she could see the pleasure on the ghost's face, the simple joy brought about by an orgasm given by a friend and lover.

She's my friend, realized Yoshiko. "This isn't helping, Yoshiko," Chris groaned. "Fuck her. We don't have time." Yoshiko flushed. "Sorry. I got carried away. Is being a futanari like being a boy? Just so horny you can't think." "I'm far hornier as a futa than i was a girl or a boy," Chris groaned. "Fuck her, Yoshiko.

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Give that futa-ghost a taste of your girl-cock." .Yes, yes! Please, Yoshiko-chan, fuck my wet pussy and make me cum!. Yoshiko rose, keeping her hands gripping Sayuri. They moved, sliding up to the ghost's waist. Yoshiko was half-afraid if she let go, she would lose the ghost. Her hard dick nudged invisible, wet pussy. Heat flowed down her dick. A wanton moan echoed through Yoshiko's thoughts.

She reached down, dragging the tip of her dick through hot folds, searching for the ghost's entrance. Yoshiko gasped when she found Sayuri's hot, sucking hole.

The futa-ghost undulated her hips, pushing back, engulfing the tip of Yoshiko's dick. "Oh, Sayuri-chan, that's so nice," Yoshiko moaned as she slid into the hot, tight embrace of the ghost. She looked down, seeing through Sayuri's body and staring at her dick wrapped up in hot pussy.

Her dick angled upward, guided by the hot hole. It looked so unnatural. Her cock shouldn't thrust upward to that degree. Her body shivered and her dick hardly moved, trapped in pussy. Yoshiko drew back, fascinated by the skin on her dick sliding over the erect flesh beneath, gripped by the ghost's pussy.

Friction rippled through Yoshiko, heating her pussy. She groaned and thrust in again, her dick sliding upward at the same angle. "Shit, that is so hot," Chris groaned. "You're fucking her pussy." "I am," Yoshiko moaned, feeling the silky grip around her dick.

"Oh, Sayuri-chan, I'm in you." .You are. Oh, Yoshiko-chan, your girl-cock feels so wonderful in me. So innocent teen learns to use dildos watch part on suzcamcom. Fuck me and let's rescue Lori-chan!. "Yes!" Chris and Yoshiko moaned together. Yoshiko's big breasts bounced as she thrust over and over. Her crotch smacked the invisible butt-cheeks of the ghost while her dick slid in and out of hot pussy. Yoshiko shivered, hands gripping Sayuri's waist as she drove her dick harder and faster.

Precum leaked out of her dick, coating the insides of Sayuri's pussy, leaving glistening streaks behind outlining the shape of her snatch.

The more Yoshiko fucked her ghostly friend, the more precum stained the pussy walls. "Oh, my god," Chris groaned. "It's like you're taking a cast of her pussy. Jesus, that's hot." "Uh-huh," Yoshiko moaned, leaning her body against Sayuri as her hips picked up the pace. Her breasts pillowed against invisible flesh, nipples pressing into her boobs as they rubbed on Sayuri's back. Yoshiko's hands reached around the ghost, one squeezing a small tit, the other finding a thick, long girl-cock.

And stroked. .Yoshiko-chan!. moaned in the busty half-Japanese futanari's mind while the ghost's pussy clenched on her thrusting dick. .Your hand. "You like my hand stroking your girl-dick while I fuck you?" Yoshiko moaned, sliding her hand faster and faster up the ghost's dick. .So much!. Yoshiko could see her hand through Sayuri's body, gripping empty air.

Shudders ran through Yoshiko. She fucked harder, hugging the ghost, feeling her incorporeal body, her dick throbbing in hot, wet, incorporeal depths. The pressure built in her pussy, growing, swelling. It had to burst out of Yoshiko. Busty bikini glad blonde rubs her pussy by the pool groaned, her head tossing back and forth as the sweet friction of the ghost's pussy massaged her cock.

Her strokes grew faster, slamming soundlessly into the ghost. There was no smack of flesh-on-flesh caused by passionate fucking, just Yoshiko's moans and her tits slapping together as her back arched.

She slid her hand faster and faster up and down Sayuri's dick. The futa-ghost groaned, pussy clenching hard on Yoshiko's girl-cock. The friction burned hotter and hotter. Her snatch clenched, juices flooding down her thighs. "Sayuri-chan!" Yoshiko moaned. "I'm going to cum in your pussy!" .Yes, yes, please do! Cream my pussy with your seed! Let me feel that connection to Lori-chan through you!.

"Cum in her, Yoshiko," Chris moaned, her face twisting with hopeful passion, her large tits heaving as the blonde shivered, rubbing her pussy with one hand, jerking her dick with the other. Yoshiko slammed into Sayuri's pussy. A groan shuddered through the half-Japanese futanari as she buried into the depths of hot, ghostly snatch. Her head snapped back.

Her pussy clenched. Pleasure burst in her depths. And exploded out her cock. Rapture shot through Yoshiko's body, riding on the waves of ecstasy washing from her pussy. Her cunt spasmed as her dick fired blast after blast of jizz into the futa-ghost. Her moans echoed through the room, mind inundated with passion. Her cum spurted against the ghost's cervix. It pooled at the depths of her pussy, a thick, creamy load of cum swelling with each spurt from her dick.

She could watch it splash and swirl, floating in empty air as the pleasure shuddered through her body. "Sayuri-chan!" she moaned, the pulses shooting rapture through her body. .Yoshiko-chan! Yes!. Sayuri's pussy spasmed about Yoshiko's cock, milking out the last drops of cum. The pearly girl-jizz floating in the air suddenly moved, flowing through the ghost's body to her dick throbbing in Yoshiko's hand. The spunk raced up the futa-ghost's invisible shaft and exploded out the end, shimmering with purple energy.

The jizz splattered against the wall. Waves of violet and purple rippled along the wall, outlining the shape of a portal, a misshapen oval the size of the tentacle monster. It rippled, almost becoming clear as Sayuri-chan fired the last spurt of Yoshiko's cum on the wall. "Holy shit, that was amazing," Chris groaned. .Yes!. the breathy Sayuri moaned in Yoshiko's mind. .But we need more. Chris-chan, fuck me!. Yoshiko groaned, sliding her still-hard girl-dick out of the ghost's pussy, her body reeling from the force of her pleasure.

She sucked in breaths, her large tits heaving as she stumbled out of the way so Chris could line up. The blonde moved into place, her ass curving and round and oh, so enticing to Yoshiko. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chris moved up to the ghost, her dick on fire. The outlines of Sayuri's pussy hovered in the air, painted by Yoshiko's precum.

The silvery, glistening smears shifted and swayed as the ghost shivered, still moaning in Chris's mind from her orgasm. .Fuck me, Chris-chan!. moaned Sayuri in eager need. "Yes," she answered, bringing her dick to the ghost. The blonde futanari was so eager to ram her dick into the ghost's pussy, she didn't aim well. She just thrust forward. Her dick, dripping copious precum from her slow masturbation, grazed the ghost's bubbly ass, sliding into her butt-crack and right against her sphincter.

Chris thrust hard, the gender-swapped futanari eager to save her girlfriend. And speared into Sayuri's hot, tight bowels. .Oh, wow. gasped the futa-ghost. .Chris, that is my butthole you're fucking. Not my pussy!. "Sorry," Chris groaned, her dick sliding into the hot, tight asshole. She stared at her dick spearing into nothing.

Feeling the velvety flesh but not seeing it save for the streaks her precum painted along the ghost's bowels. "Oh, Sayuri-chan, you'll love it. I loved it when you fucked my asshole. Only fair it's your turn to get reamed." Yoshiko let out a giggle.

"Fuck her ass, Chris." "Yes," Chris moaned, drawing back, her big tits bouncing before her, ass clenching as the friction shot hot pleasure down her dick to her pussy then through her body. Her nipples ached. Chris was loving being a futanari. She kept saying she wanted to go back to being a guy, but she had a huge cock now and a pussy and big tits.

Lori loved her this way. Maybe this isn't so bad. She drove her dick deep into Sayuri's asshole, the friction igniting fires in her pussy. Juices and the last of Yoshiko's jizz dripped out. The pleasure made Chris throw her head back, loving the feel. It wasn't bad at all. "Mmm, you have a cute ass, Chris," groaned Yoshiko.

"However you became a girl, it is sexy." "Mitsuko-hime did it," groaned Chris, leaving out the part of the ghost trying to kill her right after.

.She made you into a girl?. gasped Sayuri, her ass clenching. .Why?. "She also took away Lori's futa-cock. Making her into a normal girl." Chris hesitated. .Oh, that's so sweet. I was trying to find her and she was trying to find me. "Sure," Chris groaned, her dick wrapped up in hot ass making it hard to explain.

Now she had to save Lori. They would deal with the murderous Mitsuko afterward. Yoshiko's hand stroked Chris's ass as the blonde futanari fucked the ghost hard. A shiver went through Chris. Her butt-cheeks parted. Yoshiko's girl-dick pressed at Chris's sphincter, smearing precum on the tight asshole. When Chris drew her hips back, her dick sliding out of Sayuri's ghostly ass, her own asshole pressed back against the tip of Yoshiko's dick. The blonde's sphincter widened, stretching around Yoshiko's crown.

Chris groaned, a shiver running through her body as the tip of her friend's dick popped into her bowels, stretching her out. "Oh, fuck," Chris panted, shuddering. Her dick ached as it slid through Sayuri's asshole, her bowels taking more and more of Yoshiko's girl-cock.

"Yes!" Yoshiko moaned and thrust forward. "I'm fucking your ass, Chris." The thrust forced Chris's dick deep into Sayuri's asshole. The blonde futanari's own brazzers jennifer white cheats on her bf with stud bodypaint and dick filled with Yoshiko's shaft.

Hot, rippling friction shot out of Chris's bowels and merged with the heat coming from her girl-dick. They mixed and swelled in her pussy. Her blue eyes widened.

The gender-swapped futanari clenched her bowels down her friend's thrusting cock. Yoshiko fucked hard, ramming her dick deep into Chris's bowels over and over. The rhythm had Chris's cock sliding in and out of Sayuri's asshole, matching Yoshiko's strokes. "Fuck, this is so hot," Chris groaned. "Never thought you'd like it up the ass, eh?" Yoshiko moaned, her large tits so soft on Chris's back. "No," Chris groaned, her pussy clenching.

Juices flooded down her thighs as the duel sensations mixed in her body. They swirled and churned. They built, her dick aching and throbbing in the futa-ghost's asshole. .This is so hot. Sayuri-chan moaned. .She's fucking your ass, Chris-chan, while you're fucking mine.

"Uh-huh," Chris groaned, seizing both of Sayuri's small tits. They were firm and pliant. She found the ghost's nipples, pinching and rolling them, making Sayuri moan and gasp. Her asshole clenched harder and harder on Chris's girl-dick, the friction increasing, bringing her closer and closer to erupting. Yoshiko's crotch slapped into Chris's ass harder, the half-Japanese futanari picking up steam.

Her hands found Chris's big boobs, fingers pinching nipples. Chris rolled Sayuri's nipples as tingles raced from her own down to her pussy and cock. All the sensations mixed and swirled in her. Chris's eyes rolled back into her head. She writhed between her invisible lover and her visible. Her asshole clenched down on the dick reaming her while her cock ached in Sayuri's hot, tight bowels. "Oh, god," Chris groaned. "I'm going to. Shit, this so hot!" "Cum in her!" Yoshiko moaned, voice so throaty.

"Let's open a way to save Lori and Ms. Lindon and even Kat!" "And Mariah," Chris groaned, remembering her Black art project partner taken a few hours ago by the monster. .Yes, we shall save them all and defeat Yokubō-no-Tako.

promised Sayuri. .So cum in me, Chris. Let's all cum together!. "Yes!" moaned Chris and Yoshiko. Her dick throbbed. Her pussy clenched. Her asshole burned. Chris slammed forward, Yoshiko's futa-dick plunging deep into her asshole, propelling the blonde all the way into the ghost's tight bowels. Rapture shuddered down her cock. The duel delights of fucking and being fucked mixed, swelled.

Erupted. "Yes!" Chris groaned, her bowels clenching on Yoshiko's dick as girl-cum erupted into Sayuri's bowels. Chris shivered, writhed, her body convulsing while pussy juices gushed down her thighs.

Pleasure screamed through her body. Her cum spurted over and over into the depths of the ghost's bowels, pooling in the air, the pearly jizz swirling with each new blast of cum. "Chris!" Yoshiko moaned, pinching Chris's nipples hard as her girl-dick unloaded.

Chris savored the hot flood of futa-jizz into her bowels, her convulsing flesh milking her friend's dick. A moment later, Sayuri's asshole clenched and spasmed. Chris's cum moved through the ghost's body like Yoshiko's had, racing to the invisible cock and then exploding out with violet luminescences to splatter the wall. The barrier groaned and wavered.

Glowing, purple cracks radiated out from her cum sizzling against the wall. The air shimmered, and then a portal into a yawning darkness appeared. "We did it!" Yoshiko gasped. "SAYURI-CHAN!" Yoshiko screamed. Her cock ripped out of Chris's asshole. The blonde futanari whirled, her dick popping out of the ghost's ass. Miyu had arrived, her face a mask of fury, fingers about Yoshiko's throat.

She threw the busty futanari to the ground. Yoshiko rolled, coughing. "SAYURI-CHAN!" the ghost screamed again, fixating on Chris with fury.

She spat something in Japanese then seized Chris. The blonde tried to run, but Miyu moved so fast. In a blink of the eye, Chris found herself thrown onto her back, the wind knocked from her lungs.

Before she could move, Miyu slammed her pussy, full of Lori's final load of girl jizz, down on Chris's cock. Bliss shot down Chris's dick as she coughed for breath. Then she groaned in pleasure as Miyu pumped her hips, her glasses slipping down her nose. Moans and gasps escaped her lips. She spoke with two different voices—her own and Mitsuko's. Hands grabbed Chris's tits, squeezing hard. .What are you doing, Mitsuko-hime?.

Sayuri gasped. .Why are you saying those horrible things?. "She's mad," Chris groaned. "She's angry at you, Sayuri." .Why? Talk to me, Mitsuko-hime. "Chris?" Yoshiko groaned, rolling upright. "What's going on?" "Mitsuko will turn me into a girl," Chris groaned, "then kill me." "But that's Miyu, not the princess's ghost." .Possession?.

gasped Sayuri-chan. Miyu, the Japanese schoolgirl who had just transferred to their school, moaned, her body lithe and petite, her eyes slanted, hair black silk like Yoshiko's. She wore a gray skirt and vest, a white blouse beneath, her school uniform from Japan. Her hair was done up in a complicated bun, held in place by an alabaster hairpin.

"She's going to kill you, Chris?" Yoshiko gasped. "Yes!" gasped Chris, face twisting as she fought her pleasure. .Mitsuko-hime, why are you possessing her?. Chris groaned. Miyu's pussy so tight, so wet. .Please, Mitsuko-hime, I'm right here, that's not me. Why are you so angry with me?. The fabric of Miyu's uniform moved like unseen hands touched it. Hope surged in Chris as Sayuri tied to pull off Miyu.

Then the blue ball of light, the hitodama, appeared and light exploded. Sayuri screamed through Chris's mind as the blonde fought the pleasure of Miyu's pussy sliding up and down her girl-cock. .Mitsuko-hime. Shock thickened Sayuri's words. .You've become an onryō! Why?. "Onryō?" Yoshiko asked. .A vengeful ghost. Someone who died by violence or suicide, and now their spirit can't let go. They kill. "I know," Chris groaned.

"She already killed Phil." Yoshiko gasped. Then she scrambled to her feet and raced towards Chris. Her big breasts bounced as she darted forward, long hair sweeping about her shoulders. Yoshiko's round, blue eyes shone with determination. The hitodama surged forward. Yoshiko gasped, thrown back and falling on her backside, rolling into the wall. She groaned, shaking student loves to ride cock in her dorm head, rubbing her ass as she struggled back up.

The hitodama danced around Chris and Miyu, a shield. "Please, Gorgeous brunette babe sucks dudes big huge cock for money Chris groaned, staring at the portal. It was open. It was right there. They were so close. "You have to stop her. You're a miko." Chris grit her teeth, fighting the pleasure of Miyu's pussy sliding up and down her dick.

But it was so hard. Miyu's fingers found Chris's fat, pink nipples, pulling and pinching them, sending shivers of pleasure through her body. "Please! I can't hold out forever!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yoshiko's ass felt bruise as she gained her feet, her heart thudding. She didn't know what to do. Miyu moaned and gasped in Japanese, speaking with two voices. They sounded so angry, so cruel. She had to do something. She looked around for the paper seal Chris had used on the monster.

It had driven it back. Instead, the wand rose, the chain of diamonds fluttering behind it. The wand floated across the room and then lashed out at the hitodama. Sayuri's chanted, her voice sonorous and stately, sounding like traditional, Japanese music. Bells tinkled through Yoshiko's mind. "Yes, yes, save her," Yoshiko groaned. "Please," Chris panted, her face clenched. "Can't cum. Don't cum. Think" "Yes," Yoshiko cheered, bouncing up and down.

"Don't think of sex." "Don't bounce those big tits up and down," Chris groaned, wrenching her gaze away. Yoshiko flushed, glancing down at her tits.

The chain of diamonds flared white as Sayuri struck the hitodama over and over. But the ball of glowing light, resembling ball lightning, didn't flinch away. It met each lash with pulses of blue light, strobing the room. .I can't affect it. I'm a spirit, not alive. And Mitsuko-hime is hiding in the girl's body. "Miyu," Yoshiko said.

" should possess.Yoshiko," Chris groaned. "Fuck. Don't cum. Don't cum." .How?. Sayuri asked. "Mitsuko did it by sucking Miyu's cock and making her cum," Chris groaned.

The wand fell to the ground. A moment later, Yoshiko gasped, hot lips sucking at her clit. In her fright, her dick had shrunken back to the little nub.

The ghost's tongue swirled about her clit, making her ache and throb. Her head snapped back, pussy clenching. Her dick sprouted. Yoshiko didn't fight it. She had to cum as fast as possible. Her girl-cock swelled before her into the ghost's unseen mouth. Yoshiko shivered, eyes rolling back into her head as Sayuri sucked and swirled her tongue.

"That's it," Yoshiko moaned. "Mmm, make me cum. I want to flood that naughty mouth of yours." "Yes," Chris groaned. "It's so sexy. Cum in the ghost's mouth." "SAYURI-CHAN!" bellowed Miyu, back arched, riding Chris harder and faster.

Don't focus on that, Yoshiko told herself. Focus on Sayuri's mouth sucking your cock, Yoshiko. Come on. You have to cum. Her dick blossomed to its full girth and Sayuri sucked with a hard, sloppy passion. She deep-throated Yoshiko's dick, bobbing up and down, sucking, tongue swirling, doing everything she could to make Yoshiko erupted.

Pleasure fluttered down her dick to her pussy. It clenched, growing a big cock fuke a laedy and juicer.

Yoshiko tried to concentrate on the sucking, on cumming. She tried to force the futa-jizz out of her. She squeezed her eyes shut, the pleasure so hot and thick. "Cum, Yoshiko!" Chris groaned. "Please!" There was so much pressure on her. Yoshiko whimpered. She had to focus on her pleasure. She had to cum. Her hips moved, sliding her dick in and out of the ghost's sucking mouth, increasing the pleasure shooting through her.

But it wasn't enough. She needed more. "Sayuri-chan. I need something." .This!. Fingers reamed Yoshiko's pussy. Three of them, spreading her flesh apart. Her blue eyes widened, pleasure shivering through her. Her fingers pinched her throbbing nipples as Sayuri wiggled in her depths, stimulating her. The pleasure shot to the tip of her cock.

She thrust harder into the futa-ghost's mouth. She slid down Sayuri's throat. Hot, tight pleasure engulfed the entirety of her dick.

The ghost sucked hard, soundless moans humming around Yoshiko's dick. Her orgasm swelled. "Hurry!" Chris groaned. "That's not helping," panted Yoshiko. She rolled her nipples harder, concentrating on her pleasure, trying not to focus on poor Chris. If I don't cum, the ghost will strangle her. I have to cum. Please, cum. She shivered, so close to erupting. But something held her back. She kept reaching that pinnacle, her body tensing, her cum wanting to spurt out of her dick.

But it just didn't happen. Chris would moan or Miyu would hiss angry Japanese and snap her out of the moment. Tears beaded Yoshiko's eyes. She strained so hard, focusing on the fingers reaming her pussy and the sucking mouth on her dick. Both throbbed and ached. They drank in the sensations. Her snatch clenched on Sayuri's fingers. Her dick throbbed. Her cum swelled. Swelled. She tensed, ached, throbbed. "Please," she whimpered. And it retreated. "No," she groaned. "I have to cum." "Yes," Chris gasped.

"I can't.hold out. Shit, her pussy feel so good." .Yoshiko-chan!. Three ghostly fingers shoved into Yoshiko's asshole. The sudden penetration shocked the futanari. The friction from her pussy and asshole being penetrated by the ghost's fingers raced to the tip of her dick.

In a heartbeat, her orgasm exploded through her. Cum shot into Sayuri's mouth, vanishing, merging into the ghost. The outline of Sayuri appeared like it had had when the ghost drank Yoshiko's pussy juices during lunch.

The impression of hair appeared looking like an artists rough sketch. Every pulse of cum filled in more and more of the details. Black stained the hair. The pale-olive complexion of a Japanese beauty tinged Sayuri's flesh. Nipples dark brown. Eyes slanted and shining. Lips pink. And then the ghost, solid, real, flowed into Yoshiko. She didn't resist as Sayuri invaded her soul. Yoshiko gasped. Her body felt fuzzy, tenuous. She swayed, loosing all control over her body as the ghost flooded her soul.

Her knees buckled, about to collapse without her will, her entire body going limp. And then Sayuri took over. To be continued.