Anal sex with phoneix marie girlfriend prositute

Anal sex with phoneix marie girlfriend prositute
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Chapter 4: Samantha's Discipline Samantha Brunner yelped in fear as the boom of a heavy door slamming shut wakened her. She instantly began shuddering as Jalil, head of Hassan's security, marched toward her. The petite, naked American was back in Hassan's dungeon, on her knees with her arms tied to the same metal beam above her.

Samantha barely remembered how she'd gotten back here, as the events of last night were a nightmare she wanted to completely forget. She did recall having to dance for Hassan for quite awhile, and then being tied to his bed again and subjected to another savage anal fucking.

Because her asshole had been so thoroughly and terribly destroyed from the first session with the Arab, the second time around had been much worse, as impossible as that would have seemed.

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The only thing about it that had actually been a positive was the duration, as Hassan lasted just a few minutes the second time around. After he'd finished he'd summoned his guards, who carried the blonde down to the basement and tied her how she was now. Samantha had spent nearly two hours weeping in torment before finally drifting to sleep from pure physical and mental exhaustion. "Good morning slave," Jalil chuckled, as he loomed over the petrified American. "Well it's good morning for me—bad morning for you." "Please, don't—don't do anything, please don't hurt me," Samantha begged, looking at the massive Arab in extreme fear.

"You have very, very long day today," Jalil responded, grinning as he began unbuttoning his dress-shirt. "Hassan has many things for me to teach you." Samantha watched nervously as the colossal Arab patiently removed one article of clothing after another, until he was completely naked like her.

She felt the trepidation in her stomach as he then walked over to the cabinet of punishment devices and pulled out the same appalling braided whip he'd used on her yesterday. Samantha's ass and chest were still smarting badly from the beating, and she could not stand the thought of either areas getting struck even once.

"No, no, no, please," the American pleaded, shrinking back from the guard as he walked toward her. "No!!! Please!! Please!! Pleeeeaaaaaassssse!!!" Samantha squealed, twisting about in panic as Jalil went to the wall and began turning the metal lever.

While he raised the little blonde into the air Jalil turned and watched her with glee. He could not imagine what must have been going through her mind, as her life had been turned completely upside down in less than 24 hours.

The skin on her breasts and buttocks was still very red and striped all over. As badly as the American had screamed and begged yesterday, Jalil knew today was going to be much more dismal. "You did many mistakes last night," Jalil informed the wriggling 19-year-old, standing before her with the whip.

"What do you mean??? What did I do???" Samantha asked incredulously, her tiny feet hovering above the floor. "First, you did not swallow Hassan's cum," the Arab replied in his heavy accent. "No please, I didn't—I didn't know," Samantha stammered, her voice cracking with fear. "I swear I didn't know I was supposed to. I swear, otherwise I would've. Please." Jalil was grinning evilly as the blonde gazed at him with the most scared and beseeching eyes. It was moments like this that made him so grateful to be Hassan's main disciplinarian.

The amount of power he had over Samantha and the Sheikh's other slaves was priceless, as he alone controlled their suffering. And today, Samantha was going to do a ton of begging for him. After taking a few seconds to little mary loves my big black dick at the little American, Jalil suddenly pulled the whip back and tore it across her firm tits. "AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!" Samantha wailed, her slender body jolting violently as if being zapped by a tazer.

Jalil quickly slammed the horrible whip against the blonde's small, quivering breasts three more times. Unlike yesterday, he did not bother counting out each stroke, as he planned on dispensing dozens of powerful lashes all over Samantha's breasts and ass.

Swallowing Hassan's sperm was an absolute requirement of every single one of his whores, and failure or refusal to do so entailed severe consequences. "You don't drink Hassan's cum?!" The huge Arab asked furiously, thrashing the 19-year-old's tits once more.

"UUUUAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSE!!" Samantha screamed, twisting around in agony. "No please!!! I'm sorry!! I'm sorry!!!" The poor blonde begged, as tears already started to run ebony chanys fucked by big white dick in porn casting her cheeks. "I'm—I didn't know!! Please I swear I didn't know!!!" Samantha screeched in complete misery as Jalil battered her bruised, aching breasts over and over with the whip.

He unleashed at least two dozen searing lashes on the small mounds, then stepped around the agonized little American and did the same to her firm, round ass. After the inhuman beating she'd taken just yesterday, Samantha literally thought she was going to die from the overwhelming pain.

Every single blow left her feeling like her skin was being beaten away. "AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!! STOP!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!" Samantha squealed in total misery, after Jalil struck her scorching ass for the 20th time. "I—I SAID I'M FUCKING SORRY!!

OKAY?! I'M SORRY!!! I'LL DRINK HIS FUCKING CUM NEXT TIME I SWEAR TO GOD!!!" Jalil laughed cruelly as he continued to beat the absolute piss out of the petite American. The mere sight of her squirming around helplessly in excruciating pain was such a turn-on.

He pummeled Samantha's ass for another couple of minutes, soaking in her desperate and pathetic pleas. When he was finally ready to take a break the blonde's ass was so red and the skin appeared on the verge of bleeding. "You will drink cum now?" Jalil asked, looking up at the anguished 19-year-old.

"Yes!! Yes I will!!" Samantha sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Time for test then," the huge Arab declared, walking over to the wall and lowering the blonde back to the floor.

Samantha continued to weep as Jalil unlocked the leather cuffs on her wrists. He then grabbed a fistful of the girl's hair and, with just one arm, brutally jerked her into the air. Samantha immediately began screaming in agony as her hair felt like it was being ripped from her scalp. She beat her fists against the Arab's forearm and kicked her legs wildly as he calmly transported her back over to the T-shaped table where Hassan and several other guards had raped her just yesterday.

He pinned the American on her back atop the table and grabbed her ankles. "Aaaaaagggghhhhh!! Stop it!!!" Samantha cried, struggling feebly as the massive guard yanked her legs agonizingly wide and tied them to the table. "I will fuck you now," Jalil declared, after he'd finished cuffing the blonde's wrists together beneath the wooden beam she lay on.

"I will finish in your mouth, and you will swallow my cum." "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha screamed, shaking her head as the Arab brute got into position between her long, slender german girl play with dildo till the end. Jalil did not waste time as he pressed the swollen tip of his cock against the American's sex and violently slammed into her as deep as he could. With one more brutal shove he drilled nearly all of his 9" cock inside the blonde's vagina, and then began hammering in and out of her like a wild boar.

Samantha's screams of pain as the Arab fucked her were so piercing that they filled the entire room and hurt Jalil's ears. "AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The tiny 19-year-old wailed, as Jalil absolutely pummeled her poor, aching pussy. Samantha could not even fully comprehend what was happening, as the massive Arab leaned over her and fucked her with all of his rage. All she knew was that each time he slammed his cock into her it felt like her vagina was being torn apart and the pain was unbelievably terrible.

Both her cunt and asshole were still extremely sore from last night, and the last thing they needed was more fucking. "NO PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSE!!!" Samantha screamed, the few muscles in her slender frame straining as Jalil continued to ruin her little pink twat. Jalil pounded away at the American's pussy for several minutes, until he could no longer deal with the crazy tightness of it.

When he was on the verge of climaxing, the Arab quickly pulled out of Samantha and untied her from the table. He grabbed the girl's hair and pulled her onto the floor, forcing her to kneel while he clutched her head. "Suck! Now!" Jalil commanded, smacking his cock against Samantha's face.

"And swallow good! Swallow all!" Samantha grimaced in disgust but wrapped her hand around the humongous cock and began sucking on it.

She wisely serviced it the way Jalil wanted, taking nearly the entire thing inside her throat and pumping her mouth up and down it. Even as she began violently gagging on the cock she did not dare to dislodge it from her gullet. The absolute last thing Samantha wanted was to be whipped anymore, and so she did everything in her power to show Jalil that she was sucking his cock properly.

"Fucking American whore," Jalil chuckled in Arabic, as he watched the little blonde deep-throat him like her life depended on it. In less than two minutes Samantha felt the man's cock spasm and she quickly tilted her head back.

She closed her eyes and shuddered in disgust as the Arab's sperm began gushing into her mouth. The blonde quickly began drinking the terrible jizz, all the while doing her best to not think about how awful it was. Samantha wrapped her lips tightly around the head of Jalil's cock to make sure not a single drop of cum escaped her mouth. She was groaning in sheer disgust as she took more than ten gulps of the sperm, until it finally quit spurting into her mouth.

"Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhh!!!" Samantha screeched in despair, pulling her head away from the Arab's penis as soon as she was finished servicing it.

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"Very good," Jalil commended the little blonde. "You do like this every time to Hassan, okay? Every time!" "Yes, okay, I get it," Samantha whimpered back. "Okay, but we are not finished, more lesson for you," the huge Arab declared, grabbing Samantha's hair and hoisting her off her feet again. "Aaaaaaaooooooowwwwww!!! Stop it!! Let goooooooooooo!!" Samantha screamed, kicking her legs wildly in the air as Jalil carried her back to the whipping station.

The 19-year-old American begged and cried wretchedly as Jalil locked her wrists back into the leather cuffs before turning the crank and stringing her back up in the air again.

Tears were streaming down the skinny blonde's face and she was sobbing so hard already. Samantha was absolutely terrified at the thought of being whipped anymore, and she couldn't understand why the Arab was going to do it.

"No please!!!" Samantha shrieked, her blue eyes bulging in fear as Jalil grabbed the whip again. "Please don't—no more!!

I—I'm sorry!! Please I'm sorry!! Whatever—whatever I did I'm sorry!! Please just don't hit me anymore!! I'll do whatever you want I swear!!!" "You will be whipped many times today," Jalil stated, smiling as he watched the frightened look in the girl's eyes.

"I have much to teach you." "AAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!" Samantha screamed, thrashing around in agony as the massive guard slammed the whip across her tender red breasts. "Why?! What did I do?!" Samantha wailed once more in complete torture as Jalil lit into her burning tits, and then she simply began weeping in total despair.

She knew there was nothing she could do to stop the Arab from beating her, and it was his decision alone. He doled out about a dozen agonizing lashes to the blonde's tits, then moved around her and began pummeling her swollen buttocks. "AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!" Samantha wailed, pulling at her bonds while Jalil beat her ass with the whip again and again.

"PLEASE!! I'LL—I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!" "Do you know why I whip you?" Jalil asked, walking back in front of the American after he'd whipped her ass at least 20 times. "No I don't!!" Samantha sobbed. "Please tell me!! Please tell me and I'll—I'll do whatever! Just please tell me what to do, please don't hit me anymore!!" "You dance like shit, busty wife gets her asshole toyed and fucked bad," the Arab declared.

"You will dance good for Hassan." "What??? What do you mean?" Samantha blubbered, staring at the huge guard in confusion. "I don't—I don't understand? What do you mean dance?" "You must dance for Hassan like American stripper," Jalil explained.

"You must dance like a whore." "I'm not—I'm not a stripper though, I never have," Samantha responded. "Please I don't—I don't know how to dance like that." "Then I must punish you, until you learn," the Arab stated, bringing the whip back over his broad shoulder. "No!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha squealed, her eyes bulging in horror as Jalil ripped the leather strap across her small breasts. Jalil laughed maniacally as he began pummeling the tiny blonde's tits again, admiring the sight of them quivering after each vicious strike.

Although Hassan and some of the other guards were disappointed with Samantha's diminutive breasts, he actually found them very sexy. Although they were small, they were also very round and firm and looked great on her petite body, and were capped with the most adorable little pink nipples.

"Oh my Gaaaaawwwwwwwd!!" Samantha bellowed, after getting her breasts thrashed another dozen times. "Please just leave me alone!!!

Please stop—just tell me what you want!!!" Jalil gave the 19-year-old another few savage swats before finally walking over to the wall and lowering her back to the floor. Once again Samantha was a sobbing mess, and as Jalil reached down for her she screamed in fear and pulled away from him.

The Arab responded by slapping Samantha hard across the cheek, before unfastening the cuffs around her wrists. He then grabbed her by her long, sandy hair and yanked her to her feet before hauling her toward the other side of the room. "Dance!!!" The massive guard commanded, shoving Samantha toward a small wooden platform. Samantha screamed as she stumbled onto the stage.

It was almost the same size and dimensions as the one in Hassan's bedroom, and even had a steel pole running through the middle of it. The blonde was slow to pick herself up, as she was still so exhausted from getting beaten and raped by the vicious Arab. After a few seconds, she got to her feet and turned around to face Jalil, who'd already retrieved a chair and was seated atop it while he watched her.

"Begin dancing, and dance good, or else," the hairy giant warned. Samantha closed her eyes for a few seconds and took a deep breath as she thought carefully about how to proceed. She still had no idea how Jalil or Hassan wanted her to dance, but she presumed it was in the most degrading manner possible.

She thought about all of the most seductive, trashy dances she'd seen from singers and entertainers, but knew those would not be good enough to satisfy the maniac watching her. "Hurry up!!" Jalil growled, startling the young American. Samantha instantly placed her hands on her hips and stuck her breasts out enticingly for the twisted Arab. She then lowered herself into a crouching position before spreading her legs wide and exposing her compilation of cock hungry babes getting cumshots pink vagina for him.

A thin smile formed on Jalil's face as the little blonde ran one hand through her long hair while she used the other to rub her pussy. Her face was already beginning to turn red and she looked so incredibly ashamed. Jalil watched in bemusement for the next five minutes or so as Samantha did her best to please him.

She repeatedly did things like spread her legs, gyrate her hips, gingerly rub her breasts, and also turned around and bent over for him.

And while her performance was undoubtedly better than her stiff and wholly uninspired moves last night, the Arab was still far from satisfied. When he could not bear looking at her any longer he shook his head and commanded her to follow him back to the whipping area. The blonde was confused and nervous as she stepped off the stage and walked after Jalil. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha screamed, scurrying backward once her trainer stopped at her customary station.

Jalil darted forward and grabbed the American by her long, blonde hair before she could even attempt to run. He yanked Samantha back toward the leather cuffs that dangled in the air and locked her wrists into them and then made his way back to the crank. Samantha screamed in despair and fear as she was swiftly raised back into the air, her legs dangling and jerking hopelessly.

"No please!!!" The tiny American cried, as Jalil grabbed the mom and teacher fuck hard whip from the floor. "Why?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!" "Your dancing still so bad!!" The Arab shouted, before laying an absolutely horrendous blow on Samantha's small, firm breasts. "AAAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!" Samantha shrieked, her tiny biceps flexing as she pulled herself high into the air and managed to cover some of her tits with her elbows.

Jalil laughed at the blonde's desperate and pathetic attempt to shield herself. He could have commanded her to lower herself but instead he simply stepped behind her and took aim at her defenseless, lovely buttocks. He swung the whip at Samantha's ass with all of his might, and the resulting explosion of the leather-wrapped strips of steel against the girl's tender flesh was ghastly.

"AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha screamed, thrashing about in the air and tugging at her cuffs maniacally. Jalil proceeded to give the petite American yet another savage and excruciating beating, whipping her at least another 25 more times. He concentrated most of the shots on her ass, but very once in awhile he would swing the whip so that the strands wrapped around Samantha's torso and sliced into her little breasts.

By the time he was finished the blonde was a hysterical, sobbing mess, and the skin on her ass and tits was now red and purple and covered with thick welts and abrasions. "Oh my God please!! No more!!" Samantha begged, groaning in misery as Jalil lowered her back to the floor.

The Arab walked over to the corner of the room and grabbed a wooden cart with an old TV atop it and wheels attached to its base. He rolled the piece of furniture back toward where Samantha was kneeling and positioned it so the TV was just a few feet in front of her. There was also a VCR on top of the television and he plugged it as well as the TV into an extension cord nearby.

"You watch," Jalil declared, just before turning on both of the electronic devices. "You watch and learn. You will dance like this for Hassan, every night." Within seconds an image appeared on the screen that startled Samantha. In it there was a very attractive Asian girl on a stage identical to the one in Hassan's room. She was about 5'3" or 5'4" and no more than 110 lbs, with a slender yet surprisingly hourglass figure accentuated by her full hips and lovely round C-cup breasts.

She had long, shiny black hair and perfectly tanned skin. Other than a pair of 8" heels she was completely naked and had a look of dejection and dread on her face. Samantha could hear the voices of many Arab men chatting jovially all around the video recorder. "Begin!!!" Jalil commanded on the screen. The Asian immediately turned her attention to the camcorder, so that she was staring straight at the viewer. She ran her hands through her hair and began dancing very erotically, causing the many Arabs in the background to hoot and holler.

The man recording took a couple of seconds to survey the room, and Samantha could not believe it as the screen suddenly was filled with at least 10 massive, hairy, naked Arabs.

They were all part of Hassan's security crew and were sitting in leather cushions just a few feet from the stage. Samantha watched in disbelief as the girl's dancing progressed from sensual to downright shocking in a matter of moments.

Shortly after she started, the Asian crouched down and spread her legs wide for the group of horny Arabs. She then began rubbing her index and middle finger against her exposed pussy vigorously, closing her eyes in misery as the men began yelling even louder.

Their cries grew to a crescendo as she inserted the two fingers deep into her snatch and begin fingering herself in the most lewd manner.

"Watch carefully! Remember how she is dancing!" Jalil growled down at Samantha. The little American continued staring at the TV as the poor, miserable Asian danced for the pack of horny Middle Eastern brutes. The tape ran for nearly ten minutes and the Asian danced like an absolute whore the entire time.

She repeatedly spread her legs for the men and fingered her pussy and asshole, while alternating being on her back or on all fours.

Every so often she would also rub her lovely full breasts together or lick her fingers after removing them from whichever orifice they'd been exploring.

She also made sure to contort her body into the sluttiest positions possible for the men, like sitting down and bringing her ankles up by her neck, turning around and doing her best to perform the splits position, and many other raunchy maneuvers. It was the most obscene dance Samantha had ever seen, but she did her best to remember the Asian's moves. Suddenly Jalil shouted something in Arabic on screen, and in a flash several of his fellow guards rushed onto the stage and grabbed the little Asian bitch.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The girl screamed, struggling with all her might as two of the men grabbed her arms and yanked her off the stage. Samantha was speechless as the pair of Arabs threw the little Asian onto one of the large, cushioned seats.

She immediately tried to scamper away but one of the men slapped her in the face hard and shoved her back onto it. In the blink of an eye two more of Hassan's guards snared the girl's legs and yanked them far apart while another one grabbed her wrists and held them against the top of the leather chair.

The struggling Asian screamed in fear, disgust, and pain as the first sunny leone daisy maire fuck Arab got between her legs and slammed his cock deep into her pussy. Just as he began fucking her brutally Jalil turned off the television. "Now you know how to dance?" The man asked in his thick accent.

"Yes, yes Es tan zorra que tiene tan abierto el ano solo le gusta que le metan p tube porn do sir," Samantha responded, looking up at the ugly fiend with understanding.

Jalil's cock was already starting to harden as he stared eagerly down at the tiny blonde in front of him. Less than 30 minutes had passed since he'd dumped his sperm down the girl's throat, yet he was already rejuvenated and ready for another round with her. He planned on seeing just how much she'd learned in the past ten minutes from the instructional video, and after that he was going to absolutely pummel her amazingly tight cunt once more.

"You will show me what you learned," the Arab declared, as he untied Samantha and dragged her back toward the little stage on the opposite side of the room. Samantha whined in fear and loathing as Jalil hauled her by her hair before flinging her toward the stripping area.

She slowly rose to her feet before turning around. After thinking for a moment, the little American squatted down and spread her legs as wide as she could.

She slid her right hand down to her exposed crotch and began tenderly rubbing it for the leering Arab. Samantha winced in pain as she slid her middle finger inside her sore vagina and began fingering herself. She ran her other hand through her hair and moaned as if she were enjoying herself, just like the Asian had done on the tape.

Jalil was sitting on a folding chair and watching carefully as the young blonde danced for him. Over the next few minutes she recreated many of the same outlandishly perverted moves the Asian had done, including fingering both her pussy and asshole, licking her fingers after removing them from those holes, and twisting her petite, slender body into the most degrading positions imaginable.

It was very clear that the American wanted no more whippings, as she put every effort into making her movements as lewd as possible. Her face was flush with shame and she looked completely disgraced as she continuously finger-fucked her most intimate areas.

Jalil couldn't help but laugh whenever the blonde stuck her chest out and rubbed her tits together, as it took quite an effort from her to actually join the pathetic little mounds together. Nevertheless, it was amusing to see her grimace in pain as she tried, and seeing it only made Jalil want to give the girl's breasts another long and thorough beating.

"Okay good," Jalil stated, suddenly rising to his feet. "Follow me." Samantha was surprised at how tired she was from all of her erotic movements, and was relieved to be free from the indignity.

However, she knew that something else terrible now awaited her, and her relief was immediately replaced with fear. Those fears were confirmed as she followed Jalil until he stopped at the familiar "T" shaped wooden table where he'd raped her less than an hour ago.

"Get on," the massive guard commanded. "Noooooooooooooooo!!!" Samantha cried, shaking her head and back away from the awful furniture. Before she could get too far Jalil snatched a fistful of the American's hair and yanked her toward the table.

He slapped her very hard across the cheek before turning her around and thrusting her onto the wooden table. Samantha began crying and pleading with the huge Arab as he bent her over the cross section of the bench and pulled one of her ankles out wide before securing it into the clamp at the end.

He then did the chubby milf getting fucked intense with sex toys to the girl's other ankle, causing her to squeal in pain as her legs were spread completely sideways. When he finished tying her wrists together with a cord of rope the American was once again bound to the table, except this time on her belly rather than her back. Her tender, helpless pink vagina was hovering at the edge of the table and just begging for another savage fucking.

"No please!!!" Samantha begged, rearing her head back as Jalil pressed the monstrous head of his 9" cock against her pussy. "Please stop!!

Don't—please don't do this!!! Please I'm so sore!!!" Samantha screamed in complete shock and agony as the Arab embedded only an inch or so of his penis inside her before suddenly slamming almost all of it inside her cunt.

She shuddered in fear as he immediately released a primal roar of pleasure. She felt Jalil's huge, powerful hands encircle her tiny waist and grip it firmly while he pulled his dick out of her pussy and then tore back into it. Mere seconds passed by before the flawless hottie exposes big bum and gets anal poked Arab began absolutely destroying Samantha's tiny pink twat. "AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSE!!!" The poor little blonde screamed, pressing the side of her face against the heavy oak while Jalil fanatically pounded her overstretched vagina.

Jalil could not remember the last time he'd fucked such an amazingly tight pussy before. Even though Samantha was 19 years old, her cunt felt like it was half that age, at least to the Arab giant.

This was why, despite her small breasts and petite body, he absolutely loved the American slut. He could not wait until Hassan gave him—and all the other guards—permission to start fucking her asshole. He knew that when that day came Samantha would not be able to walk straight ever again.

"AAAAAOOOOWWWWW!!! FUCK!!!" Samantha wailed, squirming around in agony as Jalil's cock repeatedly rammed against her cervix. The mountain of an Arab continued to rape Samantha for at least five minutes, hammering away at her aching vagina as hard as he could. The little American went natalia starr in white lingerie fucks a guy and forth between screaming in pain and begging him to stop, slow down, and/or finish up with her.

Samantha's face was streaked with tears of misery as she tried to absorb the horrendous fucking. Her pussy was already so sore and the pain she felt now was even worse than when Hassan's other guards had all fucked her yesterday. "Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!" Jalil bellowed, sinking as much of his cock inside the blonde as he could just as he began ejaculating deep inside her snatch. Samantha closed her eyes and began weeping as she too felt Jalil's dick twitching inside her vagina and flooding it with sperm.

The feeling of his huge, disgusting Arab cock stuffed inside her tiny pussy was so utterly gross, but Samantha was just glad he was no longer ramming it in and out of her. The blonde held her breath and cringed as she felt Jalil slowly pull out of her once he was through ejaculating inside her womb. "Fucking American bitch," Jalil growled in Arabic, grinning as he looked down and saw his jizz seeping from Samantha's open cunt.

After staring at his achievement for a moment Jalil unlocked the clamps holding the blonde's ankles to the wooden bench. He wondered what to do with the little slut now. It was still not even noon and Hassan had instructed him to train her until 5:00 in the evening. He still planned on fucking her again at least one or two more times, as her insanely tight pink cunt was like a drug to him now.

But since that was not an option at the moment he decided the only thing to do was beat her some more.

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He finished untying the tiny blonde and promptly dragged her back to the whipping area. "What?! No!! No way!! Don't you—don't you dare fucking hit me anymore!!!" Samantha shrieked in horror and disbelief, as Jalil fastened her wrists into the cuffs and raised her into the air once more.

"Noooooooooooo!!!" Samantha sobbed, looking at Jalil with the most beseeching eyes. "Please!! Why?! What did I do now?!" "You are American," the Arab replied, laughing. "And Hassan said you still do not suck well." "What do you mean?!

I—I sucked him!! I sucked his dick like you told me to!!" Samantha shouted, shaking in terror as Jalil grabbed the whip. "Please don't hit me!! Oh my God please don't!! I'll—I'll do whatever you want! Please I swear just don't hit me anymore!!" The petite 19-year-old screamed in and agony as Jalil raked the leather whip across her small breasts.

The huge Arab snickered as he ruthlessly thrashed the girl's tits again and again and again. At the moment the only thing he liked better than fucking Samantha was beating her. There was something about hurting a blonde American bitch that simply filled him depuka xxx sex fuck me joy, and Jalil felt that is what he was put on earth to do.

As he continued flogging Samantha's puny tits he smiled happily as he thought about how much fun it was going to be training and raping the white-skinned whore. To be continued… **I hope you enjoy the story so far. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear comments or ideas about the story.**