Super hot mom and daughter decide its time to share a cock

Super hot mom and daughter decide its time to share a cock
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Michael was a good looking 17 year old. He did run track, but was far from having the amazing muscular body that a football player. He had hair that was black as the night, and stood at 5'6". Michael's real adventure started when he said yes to date a girl named Jenny, a very attractive blonde girl, with 32B sized breasts.

She was very popular, and she and Michael seemed to be the perfect couple. Class eventually ended, and Michael sped to his locker. The school day was over, and he was eager to get to track practice. He was an amazing long distance runner, and was the schools prized possession, when it came to various track meets.

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Michael headed to the locker room, and changed into his running clothes. Since it was the last day of the month the entire team did what they called "The Curse".

The curse was a 2 mile run through the trails in the woods near the school. Everyone would go with a partner, in case of an emergency.

Michael enjoyed this, and was eager for it to happen. Just as he exited the locker room, Jenny approached him. "Hey, want to be my partner for the curse?" "Sure". As all the pair of runners made there way to the edge of the woods, the coach said they could.

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They had 2 hours to do this. So Michael and Jenny set out at a fast, but reasonable pace, setting them far ahead of everyone. When they were about 45 minutes into the run, Jenny tripped on a stump.

Michael stopped immediately. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's take a break though" Michael sat down beside her, and for about a minute they sat in silence. Michal then felt Jenny's smooth hand on his leg, and she moved closer to him. He mom take big black cock over at her, and she leaned in and kissed him.

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Michael was surprised, but did not deny the kiss, but opened his lips to allow her tongue entry. She put her smooth hand on his face, rubbing it. He then lowered his legs, so they were straight out, and Jenny didn't hesitate to get on top of him.

He sat with his arms behind him, to hold up his body. She was facing him, her ass hovering over his crotch area. He knew that she wanted to have sex with him, and he was completely ready. "Let's go deeper into the woods", Michael said. She jumped up off of him and he stood up, and they jogged deeper into the woods. When they had jogged about 5 minutes in, they stopped. Jenny took her jacket off, and threw it on the ground. She lay on top of it, and he lay on top of her.

They kissed a bit more, and them Jenny started to pull at Michael's shirt. He sat up and removed his shirt, and she did the same. She unclasped her bra, and her boobs seemed to call Michaels name. He had a very hard dick by this time, and he grabbed her right breast and put it in his mouth.

He flipped his tongue on the firm nipple and sucked.

Jenny was moaning in pure pleasure. Michael decided it was time to start to fuck her. He removed her very short shorts, and her underwear. Right before him was her tight, wonderfully shaved pussy, and he leaned it to get a taste. The smell was amazing and Michael couldn't get enough of it.

He then started to lick up and down her pussy. She moaned and yelled "Yes Michael, yes!!" He took his finger and rammed it inside of her americas got whores scene pure filth productions opening. She cried out, and started to vigorously rub her naked breasts. After fingering her pussy for a bit, he decided to use 2 fingers, to start to loosen her up.

She was still moaning, and rubbing her breasts. He then pulled down his tented shorts, and boxers, and lined his 7 inch cock up with her tight opening. He pressed against it, and the swollen head of his cock entered her. He slowly pushed all 7 inches into her, and she cried out, and grasped his tight asscheeks. He started slowly, to enter in and out, and she started to enjoy it more. He started going faster and faster, hammering her tight pussy. She started to push his ass cheeks, trying to get his cock deeper inside her.

She started to moan louder and faster, and breathe heavier, and he knew she was close to having an orgasm. Seconds later, she yelled out, as the muscles in her pussy clamped down on Michaels cock. Fluids oozed out, and dripped on onto her jacket. The lock on her face, and the sounds of her moaning sent Michael over the edge, and he thrust in roughly, and released his sperm into her. "Oh yes, oh yes!!" is all Jenny could yell. Michael waited until all of his cum had drained inside her, and he was flaccid, until he pulled out.

When his cock was soft, it slid out, and he rolled over next to her. "That was so great Michael", she said still breathing heavily. "Yeah it really was". Eventually stood up, and wiped her pussy clean with her jacket. He wiped his cock clean with her jacket, and they both got dressed. Jenny jacket was wet with cum, and pussy juices, and if she brought it back, everyone would know they had sex. So she threw it away from her. "I hated that jacket anyway, but let's hot brunette bethany benz cares only about getting her ass fucked back." Jenny pulled out her phone, and noticed they only had 15 minutes to complete the run.

Since that was nearly impossible, they decided to run as fast as they could out of the trails, the way they had come. When they had gotten back to the field, everyone was heading back to the locker rooms. The coach told them they were all free to go. After Mike showered, and was dressed in his normal clothes, his phone buzzed. It was a text from Jenny that said, my house 8:00.