Hot threesome fuck reena sky and jill kassidy pornstars hardcore

Hot threesome fuck reena sky and jill kassidy pornstars hardcore
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Sleepover My daughters BFF, Jaz, likes to watch porn too.

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I'm Dan and I have a daughter young asian plays with herself in an empty pool Emma. She's just turned 14 and to celebrate she is allowed to have her BFF over to spend the night.

I'm 36, and retired from every day work due to my luck doing day trading. I still dabble and enjoy it as a hobby now. Emma's Mon is a corporate lawyer in the City and is rarely home before 8 on a week night.

Lately I have been bored and watch porn late at night when Emma has gone to bed. Emma is a petite little girl with short brown hair and a cherub like face.

Jaz, the BFF, is taller by 5 inches, with coltish long legs and blond hair that she keeps in a long ponytail that stretches down to her slim waist. They both share Emma's Double bed and tonight they had the radio on long and loud till I had to tell them that it was way to late and to go to sleep. I was just stroking my hard-on through my boxers when the porn show got to the best part so I released my cock through the hole. I gave it a few strokes it's then that I heard a sharp intake of breath behind me.

I immediately stood up and turn around with my dick poking straight at Jaz in her short T shirt holding one hand to cover her mouth and the other hand down her nickers.

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We both stood and stared at each other as the video continued to play with moaning coming Porn video. "It's not what it looks like." she said. "I was just getting some water. Is that porn?" Caught I flopped back down on the couch and reached for the remote.

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Jaz rushed forward and grabbed the remote from me. "No I want to see this." "No, at 14 your too young to see this." She stood in front of me now, between me and the TV and I could see her silo-wet through her nightie and long slim legs.

I started to get hard again after the shock of being caught.

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She turned when she heard me moan from and saw that I was staring at her short nightie and long legs. He had a pair of her nickers on the couch near my stiff cock. "Are those mine?" "I. well.that is." "I think they are and you took them." I'm going to tell unless you do something for me. "What?" "I've never seen a real one. Show me." Mouth agape he tries to think of the right thing to do. Then smiling he says "I need a fresh pair of nickers to get me proper hard.

Hmmm she thinks. "OK." and reaches up under her T to pull down the knickers she has on. They fall to her ankles and she deftly flicks them to him with her foot and they land on his cock still sticking out of his boxers.

"Now show me." he looks down voyeur free voyeur porn video tube porn the panties and notices that they are his daughters.

"These are Em's. "Oh, I didn't look before feeling around in the dark for a pair. I didn't want to turn the light on and wake Em." "So you sleep without panties?" "Totally naked when I have a sleep over with Em. That's how I mixed up the nickers." I brought the panties up to my nose and took a big sniff. This sent a rush of blood to my groin and my 7" cock started pulsing and waving through the gap in my boxers with each sniff of the nickers that both my daughter and her girlfriend have had on.

Caught up in the images in his head I didn't notice that Jaz had knelt down and was inspecting my cock so closely that I could feel her hot breath on my mushroom head and balls.

She slowly reached out and touched my cock, wrapping her tiny hand around the shaft. "It's so warm and so hard." She brought up her other hand and wiped the Precum off the hot pink nob and inspects it closely. Sniffing it and feeling the slickness of it.

Then to my surprise she licked her finger. Wrinkling her nose at the taste. "Different, but not bad." she said. I said. "It tastes better if you lick it off the head of the cock." She turned her head to a sound on the TV.

The girl in the porno was moaning and going down on a big black guy. "Wow. I gota try that." She turns back and envelopes the head with her o so soft lips and sucks gently.

Lifting her head she said. "No, it still tastes same but warm now." "Try some more." She now tries to fit the whole of the head of my cock in her mouth. "Hmmmm. Yes It's starting to get nicer, I think." "Isn't this called a Blow job? Right?" "Yes and I think you've done this before. Cartoon mom sleep son fuk really good." She blushes, "I've talked with the other girls at school and some of them have done this with there boyfriends.

Did I do it right?" "With some practice you'll be the best cock sucker in the whole school. Better than all your girlfriends." "Wow. You think so?" "Try it again and I'll give you some tips to make you great." "Oh yes that's great. Now watch your teeth. You don't want to leave any teeth marks. Slowly take as much of it as you can in your mouth. Now relax your throat muscles and take as much of it as you can down your throat.

Nice. Real nice." She came away coughing and had to sit down on the couch next to me. I put my hand around her waist and patted her on the back until she stopped. "Lets just sit here and watch the video and maybe learn some tricks." While watching I pulled her closer to my side and she rested her head on his chest. From this position I could rub and fondle her pert little A cup tits making her moan and cuddle closer.

She had her hand on my chest but lowered it down to my cock. She started stroking slowly, producing more Precum and bringing it up to her lips and sucking it off. She moved her head down to rest it on my stomach where she could suck and lick my nob and still watch the video. When a sex scene came on her sucking would increase. She saw a couple on the scene where he came in her mouth and got really excited when I came in hers.

She sucked it all up like a pro. Not the best but with the proper training. Jaz brought her head back up to my chest but left her small hand around my shaft. We cuddled like that for a bit.

The video went on to show some girl on girl action and Jaz giggled. "That's what we do when we cuddle in Em's room," I moaned and asked what exactly did they got up to?" "Well we kiss, of course, and cuddle and tonight we rubbed each other and we got all tingly, down there." On the video the two young girls had moved into a 69 and were happily munching each other.

"Wow." said Jaz. "What are they doing? "Licking Pussy." "Is it good? They look as if they are having fun." "I think that girls enjoy it a lot and it makes them cum." Have you ever had an orgasm?" "Ummm.

I Don't think so if what my friends at school say. It's supposed to rock your world. So no. I get all tingly and very wet down there and so does Em." "I'll show you a little trick I know." I knelt down in front of her sitting there on the lounge and slowly spread her legs.

She resisted at first and I kissed her inner leg, slowly moving up, she opened her legs and gave a sigh as I reached her mound. I kissed and licked all around her snatch but delayed her honey pot. She brought both of her hands up to my head and mashed my face in to her crutch. I licked her tiny lips and drove my tongue in to her hole as deep as I could, bring groans from her and getting her to spread her legs wide like only a young and flexible girl can. I ran my hands along her flanks and held and pinched her tiny breasts.

All this action made her organism and come in my mouth. I sat on my knees and lapped at her pussy till I could stand it any more. My erection was as stiff as It could be. I knelt and pointed my cock at her moist hole and inched it inside. It was tight but with the Precum and her moisture I was able to get the head in and maybe an inch more, but that was it.

She college teens first dick and takes cum in pussy sleepwalking stepbro around slowly to the sensations of having her first cock and smiled up at me. "I like this." she said. I moved my hips back and forth slowly giving her the chance to get used to the pressure of having something that large inside her.

My cock was rubbing on her little clit and she soon had a small cum and another but bigger one soon after. Soon she was coming and coming and I had to release my seed into her hot young pool of warm, pumping muscle. Her eyes popped open and she smiled. "That's nice and warm." she said. "I like that. Can we do that some more." "I'm not to sure that we can do that tonight. But soon.

You had best clean up and pop back into bed." We kissed and hugged and she sped off.

I heard the tap in the bathroom come on and new she was doing it. I had just cleaned myself up when the wife came in and sniffed the air, and with a knowing smile said. "I hope you left something for me and didn't waist it all on porn." "No my sweet I saved the best for last." And swatted her arse. "How did the girls like the sleepover?" "I know Jaz enjoyed herself and will want to come back again.

In fact, ask Emm if she wants Jaz to stay again tomorrow night. It's school holidays and they can spend all day in bed and lounge around if they like. I'll be home and we'll have a late dinner." "Sounds like a plan." she said. Yes, I liked that plan too.