The perfect hostess lela star

The perfect hostess lela star
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Our Boyfriend By Blueheatt __ When a daughter brings home a new young boyfriend from school, she find her mom's interest in him sparks some long talks with her mom.

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Mom had favored him to be her daughters first sex partner&hellip.but first she wants to 'teach' them a few 'things'. __Each afternoon after school Trish's mom took her and Tony up stairs and started teaching them 'things'.

Secrets that were not to be shared with Tony's parents, teachers at school or in fact anyone except the three of them. Trish and Tony felt very special to be mom's selected ones to receive these 'adult' secrets. They both made sure that no one knew about this. They were both very excited and any 'sex talk' made them both feel…horny, and they both wanted to 'experiment' as young people do.

Mom&hellip. I saw a chance in Trish and Tony, to correct things I had not known about when I was their age. They were both perfect at that 'experimental' age. I had a husband and twin sister who understood me very well. My outlook at sex had brought us all immense pleasure. I wasn't going to have a daughter of mine left in the dark about sex.

If she was old enough to ask a question, she deserved an answer.

She knew I would give her a true answer to any question she might have. Myself and my twin sister, well we were left in the dark and became 'street wise' the hard way. We overcame all the bull we were told or not told and found ourselves being 'natural'.

We liked sex because it felt good, plain and simple. We found out how to make baby's and controlled our futures. When we were young we found that rubbing our pussy's felt good, so we did it…in private. My wonderful husband understood us and just let us be ourselves.

When we met, he wanted to have sex with both of us& we all did.

(and still do…shhhhh) Now back to Trish and Tony. I deal with my urges, and I have&hellip. some I don't share with sister or my husband. I've had private talks with Trish and she has some of mine too, even when she was younger. Now at her present age we share some of those urges.

I never had brothers and never got play sex games with them like other girls did. Other girl would tell me about their brother and how they played Dr., then feeling each other and more. Trish told me when she was younger how she found a neighbor hood boy she got to play with. She did many things with him. I was very envious and ask her for all the details. She told me everything they did. I got so hot listening as she described everything in vivid detail.

She saw me getting all aroused and said she would try and get me a young guy play to with.

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I at first said no, I'm fine Trish, I had your dad to play with. Then she said: "Why not?" I explained all the reasons 'why not' and she said: " …but what if know body knew?" I had no reply for her. I was lying to her and myself.

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I really want a young guy to play with bad. Petite hotties ass cummed pornstars and babe taboo, I had a huge urge to have sex play with a young guy. She found Tony and brought him home. She talked to me private. Tony likes you mom. He likes your nice full tits and says you are sexy. Tony likes older women and he says it's his weakness. He's seen you before and says he gets erections over you mom.

When she said that I lost it. I said: "Look Trish." I pulled my dress up and showed her my wet pussy. Her eyes went wild looking at my pussy. "That is so hot mom, Tony's making you all turned on. If Tony saw that…omg… I know he'd get an erection so fast&hellip.

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" She shouldn't have said that&hellip.I got a hot flash like no other&hellip.I had to have Tony anyway I could&hellip. At 3pm school let out and Tony was suppose to come over, I put on a pair of shorts on, tight fit, a tiny top and lots of perfume. I met Tony at the door and kissed him hello&hellip.I had not done this before.

He gulped… and kissed me back but let his tongue graze my lips…my heart started pumping hard. I returned the kiss only I stepped forward and felt his erection&hellip.while we tongue kissed I pushed my vagina into his hardon&hellip.I whispered in his ear: ("Trisha won't be home for another two hours, we'd better go up to my bedroom and……talk.") He followed me to the bedroom with his hands on my waist and ass.

I hadn't had a boy do that in while&hellip.I took a big breath and stopped at the top of the stairs&hellip.I turn around and&hellip.look at that gorgeous face, …I&hellip. kissed him with my tongue going wild&hellip.I held his face with one hand and other wife fucking other man in other house for his hardon with the other&hellip.

I don't know what got into me!&hellip.I had to have him&hellip.I turned around&hellip.

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and he grabbed my breasts…I closed my eyes and he started kissing my neck. His hand slowly went bare skin on my breast while the other slipped down my front to my pubic hair&hellip.I held on to his hips while he found my clit&hellip.oh it felt warm&hellip.I parted my legs and relaxed myself and a slight wiggle&hellip. We ended up next to my bed as he lowered me down……we holy mother of jugs amazing big boobs blonde ran out of breath&hellip.I just had to have him as I undid my shorts&hellip.he already had his hardon out…I took my shorts and panties clear off just as he slipped his hardon in&hellip.oh my god& was huge.

He started in kissing me and slow pumped me&hellip.I wrapped my legs around his legs& daughter will have a fit if she finds out. Oh heaven I have the guy I want&hellip.his face is all red with the excitement and he speeds up. I dig my heels in his legs&hellip.he has the youth and it shows. I rub his back and he drives it in deeper&hellip.oh…oh…my god he going to cum&hellip.I squeeze him with all I have and&hellip.there it is… &hellip.a mega cum over and over again&hellip.I like it oh how I like it&hellip.I can't get enough of him&hellip.

------------------------ We sneak around and fucked as much as possible& daughter found her true love elsewhere. We rented a room for him in our house. Late at night I sneak into his room and we continue our love affair&hellip.he likes to get me from behind&hellip.I suck him till he begs me to stop&hellip.

Like my husband doesn't know it&hellip.a-hum&hellip.I wake him and do him too&hellip.