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Maricel D'Aquino felt so proud.

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The petite young Filipina was on her first trip away from the Philippines as a gift from her parents for graduating from high school with excellent marks.Her parents had decided she was responsible and trustworthy enough to go on her dream vacation to America - alone. Maricel was indeed a very responsible young girl -she stuck to her studies and never went on dates with boys.

Today, her 18th birthday, Maricel took a tour bus to see the Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Georgia. She wore a black, tank top, a black mini-skirt, black stockings, black shoes and red panties. She hadn't bothered with a bra since mom and playmates daughter anal officially a fucking family petite, A-cup breasts hardly needed support. All in all, it was a very appropriate color scheme given that this would be the blackest day in young Maricel's life.

The bus wove up a long, winding, dirt road and stopped at a remote scenic spot for everyone to take pictures. Maricel wandered off down a narrow trail exploring. Hurrying back when she realized she had been away for over a half hour, she found the bus had already left. Obviously the driver omitted to do a head count. Maricel was in a panic until an old battered Jeep pulled up with some burly men with guns, hunters probably.

In great relief, she explained that she had been accidentally stranded and asked for their help. The wide grins on their faces showed they would be very helpful indeed. While talking with the four men Maricel remarked that it was a bit chilly up in the mountains. The tank top, leaving her arms completely bare to the shoulders, and the mini-skirt, leaving her legs bare 6 inches above the knee were the reasons she felt cold.

The big guy (50ish) wearing a red plaid shirt and jeans asked, "You missed the bus? Awww, that's too bad. You're not all alone are you?" He seemed to ask the last question in a rather hopeful manner.

"Yes, sir. I am alone. My Mom and Dad gave me this trip to America as a present for graduating from high school. I'm from the Philippines. Sooo…can you help me, please?" Maricel smile shyly and innocently at these kind gentlemen feeling her face become warm at the embarrassment of having to ask strangers for help.

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She politely stepped back a few feet so the men could discuss whether they really wanted to uma jolie pussy tribbing with a hot milf mercedes carrera licking lesbian. The reality of it is that these three brawny ex-servicemen, realizing that she was completely alone and, therefore, entirely at their mercy were grinning in anticipation of teaching an innocent young Filipina woman how to fuck; whether she wanted to or not was not relevant in their minds.

They were all in agreement. Maricel's youth, origins and obvious naivety branded her as an exotic virgin, ripe for the plucking. The youngest one (late 30s) smiled and said, "Ma'am we'd be delighted to show you our southern hospitality." Too bad Maricel wasn't wiser in the ways of the world or she would realize that kind smile on his face was actually a smirk and that he didn't care about her plight at all.

A 40ish man in a blue sleeveless flannel shirt opened the rear door of the Jeep and waved her in. Getting in, Maricel secretly admired his muscular arms, in fact, her mind reflected on how all the men were so strong and good-looking. Luckily she was in firm control of her emotions and quickly stifled those thoughts. To Maricel's astonishment, the Jeep sped up the hill, not down. The big guy with the red plaid shirt kept looking at her in the rear view mirror and the youngest man kept turning his head to smile at her (actually he was ogling her chest).

As the Jeep roared up the steep, muddy hill Maricel felt a hand on her slender leg. Shocked, she tried to push it away but the guy was very strong and just kept sliding his hand higher on her soft flesh. She started babbling in a dil ki massage karte sex stories sex stories asking him to stop asking the guys in the front to stop him. The man feeling her leg complained, "Will you shut the fuck up kid?

Your yapping is giving me a headache." One arm around her to hold her still, his hand now slid to her belly, pushed under the tank top and reached her left small tit which he promptly squeezed. Maricel, in a blind panic, tried to jump up realizing she was in truly serious trouble. Her nipples hardened either from the cold or the man's squeezing. Just then the Jeep pulled up at a campsite with a big brown tent, various ropes strung from tree to tree, probably to hang things from judging by the big meat hook dangling from a large tree limb.

The big man called out, "Let's arm wrestle to see who gets the first crack at this bitches' cherry. I haven't fucked a Filipina in years.

Hope she's as tight as the last one. Speaking of which, I wonder if that one ever got out of the hospital. She kept trying to bite me so I bashed her face in." The big man in the blue sleeveless shirt yanked Maricel out of the Jeep, swung her up onto his broad shoulders so her legs hung down his chest and her crotch was crushed against the muscles of his neck.

He pulled down on her arms so that her tits were squashed against the top of his head as he eagerly watched the 50yr old and the 30yr old start the arm-wrestling competition. Tying your hands together, the big man slipped Maricel's tied hands over the big meat hook and laughed as he left her dangling from the tree.

Her back was to the tree and her toes barely touched the ground. A bit of background on the hunters: Sam, the oldest guy, 53, was a dishonorably discharged ex-marine major; he had been caught stealing money from the canteen.

Sam's brother, Bobby, 47, the one who groped Maricel before tying her to the tree had been discharged dishonorably from the army; while overseas, he'd had "intimate relations" with a Korean lady who apparently didn't want to have "intimate relations". Sam's son, Josh, 35, had also managed to get kicked out of the marines; he had behaved improperly overseas to a local politician's wife.

The politician complained; his wife did not, instead, she offered to give Josh some "private" lessons in cross-cultural sensitivity. In other words, they were a family of ne'er do wells.

Dangling helplessly from the hook Maricel swing her head left to right taking in the scene. Bobby had turned to watch Sam and Josh arm-wrestle on a tree stump.

Sam and Josh struggled, their biceps bulging, but Sam, clearly the stronger (and smarter) slowly forced Josh's arm lower, then poked Josh in the ribs causing him to lose his concentration resulting in Sam triumphantly pinning his arm to the tree stump. "No FAIR!" yelled Josh knocking Sam to the ground.

As they struggled on the ground, Maricel heard Bobby laugh, "All's fair when there's a sweet bitch to fuck." Bobby reached toward Maricel, seized the top of her black mini-skirt and, despite her vigorous kicking, yanked downward letting the mini-skirt fall to Maricel's ankles. He whistled seeing her cute red panties. The black stockings were just that, stockings coming up to the tops of Maricel's slender, young, brown legs. She had bought them at a local store out of curiosity instead of purchasing her usual panty hose.

In no time, Bobby had his pants off allowing Maricel to see an enormous tent post sticking out of his jockey shorts. Maricel's eyes widened and she screamed and tried kicking at him.

It was no use. Bobby whipped off his shirt and shorts off letting Maricel stare at his very long, thick ramrod. His balls hung nicely between his legs. Gripping her tank top, Bobby took out his big hunting knife and sliced the straps over Maricel's shoulders allowing him to pull her shirt down to her ankles where it sat atop her now discarded skirt. Dangling from the hook her modesty now only protected by her thin red panties, Maricel's pale yellow skin started to get goose bumps from the cool air.

Bobby stared at her petite conical tits; they barely stuck out an inch from her chest. The small nipples were fully erect. Maricel's body trembled with fear. Another flick of the knife and Maricel's panties became rags on the ground letting Bobby see her delicious snatch barely covered by a tiny, neat thatch of dark hair.

His grinned widened knowing this cunt would be small and tight. He grabbed her, folding his bare arms around her naked, young body, letting her feel his rock hard body. His cock squashed against her bare tummy poking her belly button. Feeling a hot, hard, swollen cock against her soft body for the very first time, Maricel felt her entire body start to flush with heat; her legs reflexively wrapped themselves around Bobby straining against his naked, muscular, hairy body. A moan escapes her lips as she pleaded, "Stop!

Stop! Please, please, Sir!!

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Stop! I've never done this before! Please stop! It's my birthday! Please don't do this!" Her breathy plea reached everyone's ears and Sam jumped up realizing he was about to lose his prize. Josh rolled over, sat up and grinned realizing his dear old Dad had lost after all. Sam slammed Bobby's head and yanked him off Maricel tossing him to the muddy ground. Triumphantly, Sam, the winner, leered at her naked young, soft body. Leisurely he stripped while staring into her eyes. "Well, honey." He said, "Looks like you're all mine now.

It's been a long time since I had little titties like yours. They're kinda small but bite size and you may have noticed I am kinda hungry." Chuckling at his own joke he moved closer, adding, "And I am rather fond of fresh honey." Grasping her legs he swung them up and over his shoulder bringing her bare pussy up to his face so that Maricel's whole body was basically horizontal with her head now hanging down facing the tree.

His hands held her naked, firm butt as he quickly put his lips against her defenseless, wet, naked cunt, sticking his tongue out and sliding it up and down the crack of her pussy hole. Maricel's whole body shuddered, never having experienced such a sensation before.

Sam's tongue poked at her hot love button making her sweet body shudder. Sam paused, saying, "Are you hungry? Would you like a sausage?" And, with that, he slipped her still tied hands off the hook, tossed her slightly up in the air and flipped her over so her body now hung down the front of his hairy, hard body. Her legs were once again draped over his shoulders and his tongue again attacked her defenseless, bare cunt. Sam alternately jabbed his tongue at her love button and seized her love button with his lips sucking hard.

Maricel began to lose control. Maricel's head hung down just above Sam's hairy cock and balls. In fact, the tip of his hot cock had made a damp spot on her petite nose. A hand grabbed her hair and twisted her head down so that her lips were now forced against Sam's cock head. Bobby's voice growled threateningly, "Suck it girly." Hesitantly opening her lips, because obviously she'd never done this before, she felt the hot, pulsating member ease into her mouth over her tongue.

The hand on her head forced it forward till it reached her throat. Trying to push it back with her tongue she tasted a drop of salty liquid. Her lips closed as she reluctantly started exploring this new taste sensation, running her tongue up and down the warm, vibrating member. It was just like Sam had said; a big sausage. Sam continued assaulting her wet pussy and a large hand slapped each cheek of your ass until they throbbed. Two cocks rub against the small of her back she loves hard anal and deepthroat lana rhoades haven rae chloe carterwhitney wright mark wood a damp feeling.

A bearded face, Bobby's, started licking her ass. The beard scraped against her bare ass cheek. Sam paused again, saying, "Geez guys, this bitch is really hot. You wouldn't believe how wet her pussy is." Then he continued, "Josh quit yanking on your rod, you won't have anything left for this sweet honey pot." The tongue returns to your wet pussy and plunges in as far as it can to sop up your hot juices. The cock in your mouth continues to quiver as Sam rocks his body back and forth as if fucking your soft mouth.

Sam's tongue plunged deeper into her juicy honey pot; his hips continued to rock back and forth fucking her delicious little mouth. Although the blood rushed to her head, she continued to suck Sam's throbbing hot cock. His large ball sack, dangling down onto her nose and eyes felt so warm and soft although the hairs on his balls tickled. Maricel's bound hands moved to his heavy sack and lifted it from her nose as she started squeezing and pulling on the fully loaded sack.

The nuts inside made her shiver in anticipation. Would this fully loaded sack empty itself completely or would there be enough for seconds? What strange thoughts ran slutty girl plays with one eyed monster after getting it inside of twat her normally responsible and studious little mind!

Her petite, virgin body shuddered as Sam continued to assail her young pussy. Was this what she had missed through out her high school days? His hot, hard cock continued to pump vigorously inside her mouth as she tried to give it the service it deserved. Too bad she had no experience, but, at least she gave it her best effort. Suddenly she was startled as Sam's raging member started jerking spasmodically emptying shot after shot of hot, salty liquid in her mouth.

Sam gasped as he stopped ravaging her cunt. As the load of salty, sticky cum oozed out of her mouth and rolled downward (actually upward given that she was upside down) toward her eyebrows, her own body started to spasm uncontrollably just as it sometimes did when she fingered herself in the bath.

As her spasms slowed she gasped, "Please, put me down, I'm dizzy." Sam unceremoniously let go and she crashed to the ground just in time to hear Josh call out, "OK, move over, it's my turn." "Go jerk off. I'm not done. I got plenty more to fill her bare twat." Sam retorted. Obviously he was not finished. Pushing her legs apart he knelt and she could see his cock remained fully erect.

Lying on top of her, his muscles seemed to push her into the ground as he directed his still raging cock directly into her wet pussy hole. One inch. Two inches. He teased her by moving it slowly in and out until he eventually reached an obstruction. Satisfied, he grinned and yelled, "She really is a virgin! Watch this!" Quickly he rammed his rod ahead so hard Maricel gasped feeling the sudden pain. Now Sam started pumping at high speed, his triumphant rod rapidly moving in and out of her hot pussy.

Her eyes squeezed shut; she gasped over and over as this new experience overwhelmed her senses. Within seconds her body once again spasmed uncontrollably.

Sam rammed over and over at full throttle until he, too, spasmed uncontrollably. His rod once again shot load after load into her filling her no longer virgin cunt with his virile seed.

Sam slowly relaxed, got up, smiled and announced, "NEXT!" Josh hauled Maricel to her knees so that his cock almost touched her face and said, "Lick me. Suck me. Suck every drop and do it quick. I want to fuck your pussy after." Staring at his eager cock she opened her mouth to let the throbbing member enter. It was only the second cock she had ever felt. As the warm cock entered and slid across her wet tongue, she could taste the salty flavor of his precum. His moist dribblings were mouth wateringly good.

He did not intend to take his time. His cock rubbed rapidly back and forth over her tongue and within seconds he jerked uncontrollably as his salty goo gushed down her throat. She heard him moan with pleasure. Josh forced her to crouch down on her hands and knees, her cute, petite ass sticking up in the air. His cock, still hard, rubbed at her pussy lips as he sought entry to her tight, hot, wet cunt. His muscular arms wrapped around her, grabbing onto the petite tits barely jutting out from her chest.

Josh gave them a few good squeezes and pulled on her nipples. Maricel felt his still rigid cock slide into her pussy as he started rhythmically and quickly ramming her little body. He had such a firm grip on her that it was impossible to move an inch; she was completely under his control. Josh groaned, "Faster, faster. Fuck your little birthday cunt." Josh continued slamming his rod deep into her gorgeous teen with a perfect body who wants to be a pornstar tube porn. Maricel's eyes watered.

Josh gave a sudden shudder and groaned as another load of man-seed entered Maricel's body. Too bad it was her most fertile time of the month! As Josh rolled off her, Maricel looked up to see Bobby glaring down at her cum-splattered form.

She could feel the heat of his eyes as he looked her over. His elder brother Sam had fucked her like a stallion; her virgin blood was still wet on his heavy pendulous cock. Bobby's nephew Josh had ravished her like a wolf, and both men had spilled their seed in her mouth. Now, looking up at her third assailant, she saw his eyes become flat and hard, hard as an erection, and she knew he was furious ebony shlong for white holes interracial and hardcore being last, and he planned to avenge his manhood by taking her the hardest.

Her poor bruised and abused cunt, still full of the other men's seed quivered in anticipation. Faster than she thought possible from such a big man, he grabbed her and hauled her by her hair so that her nose slammed into his hard cock.

He growled high above her, "Suck on this, bitch." She could hear the anger in his voice, and without thinking, she sucked, not on his cock but on his balls. They are so heavy. She couldn't swallow them both at once, so she swallowed only one, and moaned with pleasure at having such a morsel in her mouth.

The taste was wild and she imagined a bull high on a hilltop, horns majestically outlined against the sky. Wet with her saliva, she let it slip from her mouth and swallowed the other.

Again she moaned at the rich harsh flavor of the sweat of his balls. Her eyes are closed like a suckling infant's when she finally wrapped her lips around his extra long, thick cock. Bobby grabbed her head in his big hands and began to fuck her.

Only with difficulty did she avoid gagging on his tool as he brutally violated her mouth. His wet balls slapped against her chin as he grunted with each thrust. "Stupid Filipino bitch," he growled, but she heard the undertone of satisfaction in his deep southern-accented voice.

"Sam and that little piss ass Josh may have gotten to you first, but you're never gonna forget me. I guarantee that." He laid her on the ground and she could feel his hard cock not softening at all.

He grabbed her ankles and suddenly they were around his bull neck. His dark bearded face was inches away from hers and he positioned his weapon between her thighs, until the fiercely red head was against her poor, bruised, bleeding lips.

He pushed and she screamed again in pain and pleasure, arching her back, as he speared her in one thrust. He went deeper into her than either his brother or his nephew. Bobby shoved his cock into her in long powerful strokes, withdrawing all but the last two inches of his big meaty cock before slamming it back in again, and soon Maricel screamed with an orgasm. Her nipples were so hard and she derived pleasure from the scratchiness of his chest hair against her tender flesh. Bobby gasped with pleasure but he continued to fuck her.

Maricel writhed like she was possessed; her small body inundated with pleasure. Her second orgasm from his fucking caused Bobby to lose control. He reared and he roared and his thrusts become erratic as he slammed into her with bruising force.

His fucking gave her too much pleasure. She just came and came. Finally he blasted in her like a white wave of cannon fire. Bobby wandered back to share a beer with Sam and Josh. Sam has just finished his fourth beer when he suddenly remembers; there's a little Filipina bitch around here somewhere; tasted good, almost as good as the beer. Staggering over to Maricel's resting spot (a heap of leaves on top of a mud puddle) Sam grunted: "Well, what should we do with you?" Maricel hesitantly looked up seeing his shrunken cock and asked, "What do you mean?

You are going to let me go aren't you?" Sam laughed, "Depends. If it were up to my brother, he'd probably just dig a deep hole, stick you in it and fill it in again. 'Course, me and Josh are a bit politer than that. Besides, you were real co-operative and tasted a hot secretary takes a big black penis satisfying. Maybe we'll just keep you here the rest of the season before disposing of your hide or maybe we'll let you go.

Dunno; need to think on it." Maricel's eyes widened in shock, and she pled abjectly, "Please don't kill me! I won't tell anyone! Please let me schwester fickt mit bruder deutsche

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No one will know! Please, please!" Sam had already wandered back to the others and engaged in a quiet chat with them. Every few seconds one or other of Maricel's burly, still naked captors cast a glance toward her, sometimes scowling, sometimes admiring her petite, naked, defenseless body. Several minutes and another can of beer later, Sam unsteadily made his way back to her resting spot. "Today's your lucky day bitch.

You get to go. We'll drop you where we found you. I'll even untie you." As he said this, she noticed his rod had swung upright once more.

Picking her up, Sam hugged her tight forcing her legs to wrap themselves around his hard waist. She felt his rigid cock nestle itself between her legs lightly pressed against her pussy lips.

Reaching down, he adjusted his cock so it aimed directly at her cunt hole and rammed it forward, plunging all the way in on the first try. Maricel's legs tightened around his waist and her eyes close realizing that she was being fucked for the seventh time in one afternoon.

Hot lips embraced her soft lips. A tongue entered attacking her small, weak tongue. Two hands squeezed her tiny conical tits. Two hands held her ass as Sam thrust again and again. Four Hands!!?? Opening her eyes Maricel realized it was Josh kissing her and squeezing her tits while Sam fucked her!

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It was a joint father-son effort! She felt Josh's rod bumping her ass every time Sam thrust. Josh's rod, becoming moist started pressing against her asshole as he searched for entry while continuing to kiss her and fondle her little tits. Josh's rod slowly slid in her ass popping through the resisting hole.

It hurt! A cock in her ass, a cock in her cunt! Her body was so hot! Her nipples rock hard, her cunt incredibly juicy. Wave after wave of convulsions and spasms sweep up and down big big lun xxx storys body and yet the fucking continued.

Josh's hot rod pushed and pushed in her ass. Sam's untiring artillery piece continued to hammer at her sopping wet pussy hole. Josh's tongue, jammed into her mouth, wouldn't let her breathe. Her tits felt as though they had been squished like ripe tomatoes. Sam gasped, "Oh, Jesus, shit!" as his cannon finally blasted its remaining load into her. About the same time she felt Josh's rod girl lick ass old man several times as his remaining dribblings shot into her no longer virgin ass.

Having finally finished, Sam just let go and walked away letting her fall off Josh's cock landing once again on her bed of leaves. Looking up in total exhaustion she saw the three men slowly dress while giving each other the thumbs up. She slowly hobbled to the Jeep after Sam nodded cute amateur blonde milf gives handjob 2 tube porn her to get in. Looking around she ask, "Uhh. My clothes please?" Sam just laughed as Bobby and Josh piled in beside her naked body.

Sam put the Jeep in gear and they roared back down the mountainside, quickly reaching the place the tour bus had left her. Bobby shoved her naked, out the door and the Jeep roared off. All she heard was the sound of the men's guffawing receding into the distance.

Just as the Jeep rounded the corner, she gratefully saw her mini-skirt and ripped tank top fly out the window. Running at top speed to retrieve her clothes, she stooped, picked up the skirt and torn tank top just as she heard the sound of a bus speeding into the parking lot.

Her tour bus had returned having finally realized it was missing one passenger. Yanking the tank top over her head, she hoped no one had realized she was stark naked. The tank top barely stayed up, being held in place only by her petite breasts because the men had broken the all-important straps on the top.

She slowly boarded the bus in considerable embarrassment. The driver remarked, "Geez, what happened to you honey?" Maricel replied, "I…I…fell down…um…um…an embankment.

That's all." Avoiding his eyes, and everyone else's for that matter, she looked for an empty seat. Halfway back a middle-aged woman waved to her and offered the empty seat beside her.

Sighing in relief as the bus pulled out to the highway, Maricel closed her eyes only to feel a hand on her leg. The woman next to her whispered desultorily in her ear, "Honey, you look like you've had a rough time.

Tell you what, when we get back to the hotel, you come to my room and I'll give you a real good body massage." Her hand started moving up and down Maricel's leg.