Obedient star gets big cock in her petite mouth

Obedient star gets big cock in her petite mouth
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Jack and Jamie Jack was a strapping young man of twenty. He was 6 foot 1, had wavy chestnut hair of a fashionable length, hazel eyes beneath brooding brows, a chiseled face, with a small cleft in is chin.

All the girls at the college he attended thought he was delicious. Many were not averse to demonstrating this by giving him great blow jobs and every now and then a decent ride on their magic carpet. For Jack life was grand. During the summer break of his sophomore year Jack returned home to do a bit of part-time work with his uncle at the sawmill and help Mom and his younger brother around the house.

Jamie, his younger brother, idolized him and his mom doted on him as the baby. Mom was a widow of many years and was proud of Jack.

She fussed over him at every opportunity.

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She even tried to set him up with her friends' daughters for dates. It didn't take Jack long to figure out that the girls of his hometown were not as forthcoming with their favors as the girls at college. After the third date where he came home frustrated with a bulge in his pants and no joy Jack was ready to jerk off till the cows came home, as the saying goes.

Unfortunately, he thought, he had to share a bedroom with his 14 year old brother, Jamie. It was their old bedroom they had shared for many years before Jack went away to college and had two twin beds separated by a small nightstand. Jack entered the room at about midnight and as discreetly as he could disrobed for bed. His cock was wet and still half hard. Slipping between the sheets he lay there with his hand gently caressing his cock into another full erection.

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He moaned slightly with the teasing he was giving himself as he thought of that nights date. "Is that you, Jack," Jamie asked with a sleepy voice. "Yes, Little Brother, it's me. I'm sorry I woke you. Go back to sleep." "But, Jack, you don't sound well. Are you alright?" Jack could feel his hard-on swelling to a hardness like granite and wanted Jamie to quickly go back to sleep so he could finish his fantasy.

"I gotta go pee," said Jamie as he bounced out of his bed and headed out. By the dim hall light that shown in as Jamie opened the door Jack could see the slim contours of his little brother's physique.

He wore briefs that did a wonderful job of accentuating his tight little boy's ass and the silhouette of his lithe, almost girlish legs was rather sexy. 'Geez,' thought Jack. 'Here I am looking at my little brother and getting harder.' Jack knew he couldn't finish what he had started until after Jamie returned and went back to sleep.

Instead, he slowly massaged his wet cock keeping the motor running so to speak. Upon Jamie's return, he didn't go to his bed but came over and sat on the edge of Jack's bed.

'Oh, damn! Now what does he want?' thought Jack. Tentatively Jamie spoke. "Jack, do you ever play with yourself? Mom and the coach at school say it's wrong. The only thing is, I get hard and can't help myself.

Is it wrong if I jack off?" "Wu., well, Jamie, I'm not sure how to answer that for you little guy. Yes, I've played with myself before but I don't know if it's really wrong. I know it makes me feel good. Do you play with yourself a lot?" With his head slightly lowered Jamie answered, "Almost every night. Sometimes twice." What could Jack say. "That's okay, Jamie. I don't think you're gonna go to hell in the near future for that." "But, Jack, there's something else." Curious, Jack asked, "What could that be?" Jamie blurted out, "I think about guys when I'm doin' it." "You mean you don't have a little girl you think about that makes you hard?

Have you ever made out with and touched one of your little girlfriends at school?" asked Jack bewildered. Sheepishly, Jamie answered in a lowered voice, "No. When Teen sex jav guzel turk sikici benim got sikiyor go to the showers after gym, though, I like to look at the other boys.

Sometimes I get a hard-on right there and have to hide it." As Jack pondered this revelation he noticed that sometime during the conversation Jamie's hand had come to rest on his upper thigh. The heat of his small palm burned through the sheet and was beginning to rattle Jack's thinking. Jamie was slender, hairless, and had such an angelic face. His full lips were pouty and he had a flirty feminine way of looking up at people with his long lashes almost fluttering. Jack found his deflated cock to be rising again.

"Jamie, have you ever had sex with one of those boys?" "Not yet. But, I want to. I was kind of hoping that while you were home this summer you would show me how." "Oh, geez, Jamie! What are you saying?" Jack was definitely flustered now. Jamie was ever so slightly caressing Jack's thigh and getting closer to finding out his big brother already had a hard-on.

"I want to get in your bed and hold you, Jack. I want to kiss you and hold you. Please," begged Jamie with almost a tear in his voice. What could Jack do. His sexual desire for his little brother was about to boil over. "Okay, Jamie," he said with a catch in his breath as he raised the sheet to allow Jamie in beside him. Like an energetic little puppy, Jamie scooted beneath the sheets and snuggled up close to his brother. He put his slender arm across Jack's chest and held his face up to be kissed.

His brief clad loins were directly against Jack's hip and he could feel his slender cock hardening against him. Jack cupped Jamie's beautiful face in one hand as he lowered his lips to meet those of his little brother.

Gentle, kind kisses he gave him at first. Soon Jack introduced his tongue to Jamie's mouth and things heated up. Jack moaned and Jamie gave a quiet whimper as his hand went from Jack's chest to his naked loins. Jack stiffened slightly as Jamie's hand grasped the girth of his cock. "Umm. It's so much larger than mine," breathed Jamie as he began to stroke it.

They kissed and held one another tightly with Jack stroking from Jamie's back down to his underwear covered ass. He squeezed a ripe cheek.

Jack pulled his face away from Jamie and whispered, "Don't you think you should take those drawers off?" Jamie almost fell out of the small bed in his haste to shed himself of his underwear. Immediately he resumed the position of kissing and stroking Jack. Jack reached down and nearly engulfed the hard young cock of his little brother with his hand. It truly was rather small and slender. Never the less, it was as hard as a number 2 pencil and beginning to leak pre-cum.

As Jack stoked it he elicited numerous more little girl-like whimpers from Jamie. Jack gave an almost brutal squeeze to Jamie's cock and asked him if he would like to taste big brother's cock. "Yes, Jack. I've wanted to for a long time." With that Jamie wriggled himself lower without ever releasing his hold on Jack's cock. When his face was at the tip of that engorged cock he slipped the head in his mouth tentatively.

He made kissing motions until Jack instructed him, "Suck on it like you would a Tootsie Pop. Move your mouth up and down on it." Like a veteran, Jamie began to inch his way down the swollen shaft until it came to the back of his throat where it made him gag.

Jack held his head and wouldn't let him come all of the way up off of it.

Gently Jack fed his swollen member back into the depths of Jamie's mouth, once again eliciting a slight gag. He held him there feeling the motions of Jamie's throat and then let him back off. "That's how the girls suck my cock, Jamie. With practice, I'm sure you'll be very good at it. Do you know what cum is, Jamie? Do you wanna taste my cum?" With all of that cock in his mouth it was hard for him to answer but he managed to say, "Um huh." Now Jack began to truly fuck Jamie's mouth as he held his head.

Soon he felt the rise of cum in his balls as it was ready to erupt. He held Jamie's head tight and let his load gush. Jamie gagged, swallowed, gagged some more, and let almost half of his brother's cum flow from his mouth and coat Jack's balls. Jack shuddered and pumped on. Soon his strength was exhausted and he let Jamie's head come up. Jamie lay his head on Jack's stomach and clutched at his hips. He breathed heavily for a few moments and then said, "Oh, Jack, I love you so." Jack sighed and said, "Yes, little brother, I love you too.

I think we will have a very happy summer together. You have so much more to learn and I have so much more to teach you."